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07/23/2018115 Comments

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In this first installment of the #PropagandaWatch series, James breaks down the latest advertising/conditioning campaign from Kia preparing us for the driverless future. Who will save the residents of Neverland from the perils of traffic jams? Why, Peter, Kia, and driverless technology, of course! Blecch.

Episode 341 – Welcome to Your Driverless Future!

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  1. Duck says:

    My mom used to tell me the story of the King of Prussia (or bavaria depending on how much she had drunk) and how he wanted his people to eat Potatoes because they grew fast and were cheep but people flat out wouldnt touch them.
    So he built a garden with a wall that was low and guards to watch it but they were told never to catch anyone and then he forbade poor people to eat potatoes… rapidly the stolen potatoes were planted all over his state and people were happy to give “the man” the finger by eating the rich mans potatoes ….. lol

    • manbearpig says:

      Yea… the “You are absolutely forbidden to have what we’ve already planned for you” tactic seems to get us clamouring for it every single time…

    • NES says:

      This is a very old story. It originated in Ireland in circa 450AD but has been repeated, changed and used all over the world by governments. In fact, it is taught in specialized intel military classes to illustrate points that are used in practice. The reason? It is completely true in humanity: denial = demand. Populations can and are moved to do as governments desire through this illustrated “fairy tale”.

  2. manbearpig says:

    Wow! I just got out of a class with a guy who sells steel to car companies etc. and who sees car model blueprints 5 years before they’re on the roads.

    He told me all about the driverless cars he’s seen models for… the thing that marked him was that they’re full of screens, he says… to make people forget that they’re afraid of not being in control of the car themselves.

    He says that the car companies claim that these driverless cars will be prevalent in 5-10 years but he personally doubts that’s possible.

    I spoke about TED TALKs to him, he’d never heard of them and his knee-jerk remark was that they’re “Dangerous”. ‘They’re dangerous propaganda’ he says. Which of course sounds pretty accurate to me…

    So with that in mind, the first propaganda piece I can think of here without straining my vacationing brain is Sam Harris’ TED TALK that insidiously demonstrates that humanity must adopt brain-computer interfaces as quickly as possible before getting stomped on by AI while appearing to say that he personally has no solution except saying “we need something like a Manhattan Project…not to build AI ’cause we’re gonna do that anyway, but to find a way to avoid an arms race and build it in a way that is aligned with our interests.”

    So basically he’s suggesting we’re in a war with AI? And so must quick quick find a way of putting it into our heads so that its survival instincts include preserving us humans who are graced with a limbic system?

    Anyhow, I hope Mr Harris gets his sales cut on his buddy Musk’s neural lace…

    Back to the hamster wheel now…

  3. generalbottlewasher says:

    Thanks James, you at lest opened the door to the esoteric visual clues that this crowb of want to bee a honey harvesting beelivers can enter. Boadswell for tough times ahead. 5g commercials started today here in OK. Enagadget (end-all-gadget) 5g antenna roll out for your phones ready,get yours today. What an pshy-op on the the blind. Beautiful story Duck! Here’s one. The one- eyed man is King in the land of the blind. That’s how it works. Draw them out. Then see who has sight. Use-um-or looze-em! James you are one of the best at this. Lets see how many can count the priesthood penis envy images in the K ia ad. Tizz a puzzel James wants you to solve. Go 2 it me mate-eez. Brilliant work James!

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      P.S. wake up. Where are you right now? This very second. Ok where were you in 1970?
      Here is some one eyed poetry or music from then.:
      By Ian Anderson. See(its already started)
      Title “Inside” tells a story he lived or was living at that time.
      One verse : Take a walk in the park
      Sound like music to you?
      Well Im thinking it does to me.
      Another: Counting lambs, counting sheep
      We all fall into sleep
      And awake to a new day of living
      and loving you so.
      That was 48 years ago you were put to sleep. Get ready for your make-up call. The they will be loving you (oh) so ! Now why are you here in this honey pot and not out working to fix it like you have been fixed? You where lead here by a master of his time like Ian (Mr.) Anderson. Prob. React. Sol. Oh me brothers its all esoteric. Wake up! MBP U R CLOSE. Hint: so is (oz) os.
      Cause we are forced to use a crafted language. ENGISH!

      • manbearpig says:

        Listened to “Inside” – didn’t “know” that song…seemed vaguely familiar…

        Reminded me of how, as a child, everything one does from the most exceptional to the most banal is infused with a magical promise, the promise that anything is possible steeped in the wonders of existence…

        and how adult life when savouring the moment, the early morning, the golden evening, smell of the neighbor’s dinner cooking, is unconsciously seeking, almost…relaxing into the echo of that promise, breathing in that immortal promise,…diluted… the fragmented memory of anticipation, and a singular pulsing of eternity…

        on this gorgeous sunny summer morning…

        • manbearpig says:

          The following song always made me achingly nostalgic even as a little kid…

          perhaps not quite as…profound…but from the inside…

          …and nsotalgia from the outside like Bye Bye American Pie…

          oh and Abby Yoyo and the bells of Rhymny… and Alice’s Restaurant!… and…

          • manbearpig says:

            and shimmering flashes of reflections on the future off a Black Mirror in the form of

            San Junipero…

            now I’m late for the ever-present Hamster Wheel…

            when I was jung…

  4. I Shot Santa says:

    Thanks James. I always love it when cultures clash in marketing crap like this. You’d think these companies would learn to use culture specific marketing techniques, but nope. Not gonna happen. At least I’ve learned one more reason to never step into a driver-less car; locking the doors on me and driving me to prison! I could see that situation happening. Though I’d rather walk than ride in one of those. JimBob who’d like to go walking more often but this danged rain just keeps on coming.

  5. mkey says:

    Loved the narration, you could do some trashy movies, that would be fun.

    Other than that, if propaganda is the name of the game, you can do the Childish Gambino’s “This is America” which I won’t be linking here because I find material such is that sickening.

    There must be better examples, but I’m sleepy.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Thanks mkey, what with my plummeting karma here, I had completely forgotten to add my propaganda favorite: Adam Curtis – The Trap! I just love how they keep using the same model which shows a paranoid schizoid’s perspective, even after knowing it is so flawed (but it’s simpler to do it this way!). I especially love it that the originator of this model is the only one screaming about the flaw. JimBob who is enjoying his fall from grace as it just demonstrates how karma is just as fleeting a fame.:

      • pearl says:

        No kidding, JimBob! What’s going on?! Since yesterday, each time I check in, your karma points are lower. There’s a hell of a lot of passive-aggression going on and for no good reason. Not cool.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Hey Pearl! I think it’s funny. After all, I’m still breathing in the same as before. It’s almost as if this karma thing doesn’t mean squat in real life. What I find so funny is that someone is going to all this effort to achieve something that doesn’t make any difference at all. Well, I guess it matters to them, but if just makes me laugh. I actually just tried to down-vote my own as my new goal is to hit zero! Imagine going from 98 to zero. Like from hero to zero! JimBob who directs some of that laughter at whomever is doing it just because he knows they’re so childish.

          • pearl says:

            I knew you didn’t sweat the small stuff. This passive-aggression merely illustrates the absurdity of the karma system.

            Hero to zero – love that!

            • I Shot Santa says:

              Well, the hero to zero has been the story of my life! Even when I never even knew I was a hero to start with! JimBob who is about as much a hero as Deadpool.

      • mkey says:

        I know what we need. Universal karma system, UKS.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      mkey says: Loved the narration, you could do some trashy movies, that would be fun.

      Yeah. Good idea. Dub the voice over.

      That reminds me of the days of Mystery Science Theater 3000
      …tonights feature…
      The Brain that Wouldn’t Die
      Shhhh! The film starts at 6:25

  6. zyxzevn says:

    The is technocracy propaganda:
    “This new technology will make much life better”
    I also notice that many engineers and scientists are getting more stupid every day.

    Videos or articles that can be broken down:

    1) Article on “reationalwiki” (the center of stupidity) that tries to debunk Corbett’s white helmets video.
    And what about “WHs rescued by Israel”?

    2) Any report of “russian hacking”. I can do it myself if necessary. The media is in full psychosis. And 10/20 people that post memes are changing elections? Pff.

    3) Will Thorium safe us?

    4) The Intercept. Is it a possible anti-whistleblower as newsbud claims? And how is wikileaks doing and Assange?

    5) Is Reuters controlled by Rothchild?
    How much of media is controlled by dual-state Israelis?

    6) Qanon.

    Additional stuff:

    1) Vox on deepfakes and false memories:

    2) We need update on climate change.

    3) What companies and institutes are now manipulating the news and social media? Correct the Record? Team Israel? Team Pentagon?

    4) Chemical attacks? What is real or propaganda? Whitehelmets seem to have staged it all. The UK Skripal seems to be about other stuff.

    5) Newsbud talks about Iran with either war or revolution.

    6) Tommy R. UK activist.

    7) 21 Trillion missing.

    8) John McCain ties with Soros and Russian Oligarchs

    9) Kevin Shipp. CIA Officer about the Shadow Government.

    More on

    • m.clare says:

      Climate Change. Climate Change. Climate Change. Climate Change. Climate Change.

      “…. a lie so colossal that no one would believe that someone could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously….”

      For $hi!s & giggles, count the number of times you read or hear “Climate Change” in the media today.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Also, what about the things they are NOT talking about? While all the people are obsessed with the obvious things like Q; things like RealID required for all domestic flights soon in the US are not being addressed. After all, most of these propaganda points (not climate change, that is a whole ‘nutter can of worms, and a good point to bring up) are out there merely to distract us from what is actually going on. Pokemon, being one of them. JimBob who also finds it amusing that the Q guy has left enough clues for a hacker to figure out who he is, but they’ve all been so busy following his bread crumbs they haven’t bothered.

        26? Unacceptable! It’s supposed to go to zero! Not up again.

    • zyxzevn says:

      Additional topics on health and environment:

      Plastic pollution (in the oceans). We get blamed, while the 3rd world and china are putting everything they can in the ocean. India is full with poop.

      Plastic micro particles

      How bad is what agriculture? For climate or for environment. It seems that the big industrialized farms are bad, while the small farms are doing well.

      Waste from military (and their bases)

      Nuclear fallout from nuclear Waste and nuclear plants.
      Video: Fukushima is killing 90% of sealife

      Exporting waste to 3rd world countries and China.
      China did not want our “recycled” waste any more.

      Opioid crisis

      Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression
      (Most scientists dont understand this, but I can explain why)

  7. robert.t says:

    I’d keep an open mind.

    They used to say that you can’t make a building free-fall into its footprint with office fires and that car upholstery can’t last longer than seconds in a vacuum at cooking temps (alternating with freezing temps). They also used to say that Steven Seagal would never win an Oscar.

  8. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Hello James,

    I am happy that the flooding in Japan is behind you now, and yourself, family and friends are all safe and back into rebuilding mode…

    Talking of rebuilding.. I would like to address the issue of Data collection from your members (including Unique Machine identifier) every time we engage the comments system. I understand you don’t keep the data, but Akismet are collecting the data on your behalf, and we don’t actually know what they are doing with this data.

    I have 3 suggestions which you can implement to stop this if you choose. (i have mentioned these before, but you had a lot on your mind.)

    1- Stop Akismet immediately, and appoint few human moderators on volunteer bases. This will ensure no spam, and no inappropriate language on the site.

    2- Stop hosting your site on WordPress which forces you to use their tools, and start hosting your website on your own server using GoDaddy or alternative and that way you can control what data to collect or not without any interference.

    3- Tell your members that you don’t plan to do either, and they can like it or lump it. which is also fine, and then we have a choice to vote with our feet. But from that moment on, stop having a go at Google or Facebook for collecting data, as this makes you the same as they are.

    Just remember, I am not criticizing just for the sake of it. I have implemented security for myself from day one and I am safe, but many members on this community don’t understand IT enough to secure themselves, and they could end up on some watch list, or travel ban list without being aware.

    If the risk is low today, you know well it is increasing everyday as authority deem Corbett Report site as “fake News”

    • mkey says:

      Corbett has already answered your baseless inference.
      Just saying.

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        Hello mkey,

        Why do you say it is baseless? you can read it in black and white if you click the link below. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

        Why are you holding a grudge?? come on, we had a difference of opinion… we both stated what’s on our minds and now that subject is closed.

        Let us move on to new topics… Stop ganging up on members who don’t agree with your point of view…

        it is called bullying!!

        And when did Corbett appoint you a spokesperson?? do tell

        I am not going to play nice from now on!!

        • mkey says:

          I could link you to his answer, but you are not worth the time.
          Just saying.

          • VoiceOfArabi says:

            Grow up you stupid child….

          • VoiceOfArabi says:

            and keep in mind… I can be as civil as you are or as dirty as you are.. I too can look up curse words and use them against you… it is neither clever or fair for other members of this community..

            However, if you continue your attack.. I will hit back 3 times as hard!!!

          • VoiceOfArabi says:

            OK… I actually figured it out…

            Your role on Corbett Report is to divert attention from the real issues by starting silly childish fights…

            The Real Issue here is: Corbertt Report Website is collecting data on all of US…

            You don’t wish for that topic to be discussed…

            You want people to stay away from this thread by Poisoning the well…

            I got it… we have people like “you” working in “my region” on social media also. I am not going to fall into this trap, and I will push forward to secure my data from anyone including Corbett Report.

            • mkey says:

              Corbertt Report Website is collecting data on all of US…

              Every website collects information on everyone visiting it. Leaving a footprint can not be avoided. It’s technically impossible.

              For further details on his intentions I refer you to Corbett’s reply in which he clearly refuted your previous baseless accusations.

              You act as if you have firstly encountered internet this morning and yet I am the one who needs to grow up. Incredible.

              • VoiceOfArabi says:

                You say…

                Leaving a footprint can not be avoided. It’s technically impossible.

                STOP LYING

                I own my own website… I can choose to collect data or not.. and I can choose how long to keep this data and what to use it for..

                However… The problem here is NOT James Corbett.. as he is not keeping any data..

                The problem is “Akismet”, which was authorized by Corbett to collect our data, and we don’t know what they are doing with it, or who they share it with.

              • mkey says:

                The footprint is in the request.
                Ignorance is a bliss.

              • VoiceOfArabi says:

                Look you ignorant idiot… The “Request” does not contain Unique Machine ID… anyone can spoof IP address.. But Unique Machine ID is there to stay, and will not change…

              • mkey says:

                It’s a good thing you warned me for insulting you while you’re the only one throwing insults here. In my view, that’s always an indication of a feeble mind.

                I’ll again direct you toward Corbett’s reply to you baseless insinuations. If he states he himself does not collect data, considering his body of work, considering the manner he uses to express himself, I’ll take his word for it. Especially considering you are the one making claims to the contrary. Completely baseless claims.

                The Real Issue here is: Corbertt Report Website is collecting data on all of US…

                This is a lie and you are a liar.
                Just saying.

              • mkey says:

                You may find this to be relevant to yout ramblings. In this post Corbett requests for people to vote on removing Akismet completely. Three people (more) voted for the proposition.


              • VoiceOfArabi says:

                You are right mkey… we still did not receive final decision from Corbett..

                All James needs to do is tell us what he is going to do…

                Continue the same…

                or Stop collecting our data.

              • mkey says:

                Here’s Corbetts’ reply to you. Knowing the man as much as I can over the web I don’t think he’ll waste any more time on you. I’m also done with ya, “Voice of Arabi” which is an incredibly sanctimonious screen handle, when you think about it.

                My only hope is to halt your propaganda nonsense, but my effort stops here.


              • VoiceOfArabi says:

                Off course you will run away….

                I have figured you two out….

                All James Corbett needs to do is address his members..


                (in fact, I am the least effected… There is no Watch list (yet) in my region… There is no Fly Ban (yet) in my region..

                Majority of members here are from USA and Europe.. they will be effected.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Hey Drunky! Your fake question has been answered ad nauseam here. You sound just like our MSM who keeps going crazy about this Russian Collusion thing. Did their madness spread to all their dis-info; or are you just a natural dis-info be virtue of your mental instability? JimBob who notes that the Drunken Arab is probably being rescued by the Israelis along with his other friends in white and that’s why there is no no-fly zone where he is at. Which is not in any desert as deserts have low humidity; not high. Saudi being about as humid as west Texas.

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        OK… I actually figured it out…

        Your role on Corbett Report is to divert attention from the real issues by starting silly childish fights…

        The Real Issue here is: Corbertt Report Website is collecting data on all of US…

        You don’t wish for that topic to be discussed…

        You want people to stay away from this thread by Poisoning the well…

        I got it… we have people like “you” working in “my region” on social media also. I am not going to fall into this trap, and I will push forward to secure my data from anyone including Corbett Report.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Voice of Alcohol, once again you just call people dis-info because you don’t like what they say. Mkey is correct; you are again just being a jerk about it. But speaking of roles; let’s see how your character looks to others.

          1- You have placed yourself as an expert on Desert Storm/Shield despite your being wrong on so much of it. However, the following points were observed by me.

          a- You base your info on getting drunk at a bar with pilots and from skulking around King Fahd airport during the conflict. And of course, you remember trivial details like water brands, but always skip important details like massive troop buildup times. The methods you employed are those of espionage agents. Not saying you are one, just pointing it out.

          b- You constantly twist words around to suit your purpose and confuse the issue. You then claim you don’t speak English well enough which is an obvious lie.

          2- You call everyone here; from James Corbett to Pearl, Mkey, and myself dis-info for no other reason than we don’t have the answer you want. Which is rather childish.

          3- You offer only problems with others while providing no solutions.

          4- You have stated how suspicious you are of the people you deal with. Indeed, you are suspicious of everyone here as well. This harks back to the old adage of noting what type of people someone hangs out with in order to determine their own character. Obviously, you have given all of us very good reasons to distrust you on that basis.

          5- You are the only one here using these dis-info tactics you are so critical of. Calling All Corbeteers! Remember?

          I’m not saying you are a paid dis-info; I just think you’re a lying little putz. I certainly wouldn’t pay you for any info if I were an intelligence agent. JimBob who really just as no respect at all for anyone who acts in such a ridiculous manner as old Drunky from Saudi who lives in the highest humidity desert this old redneck has ever heard of.

          • VoiceOfArabi says:

            Get stuffed you imbecile….

            you will not change my focus….

            Currently… Corbertt Report collects data on users… we want this to stop.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              Dear Drunky, once again you are lying. Also, who is this we you reference? And why are you using all the tactics you rail against? JimBob who finds stupid and lying go well together.

              • mkey says:

                Santa, “someone” is going through much of your posting here and dowvoting it lol

                You really are very immature, JimBob. Grow up, in the grown up world people waste time on downvoting manually and sistematically.

              • VoiceOfArabi says:

                What does this have to do with OUR data being collected by “Akismet” which is authorized by Corbertt Report to collect our data???

              • I Shot Santa says:

                mkey, how else would it go down so quickly? Yes, I know you’re kidding. I think it’s great that who/or multiple losers would take the time to go back and downvote them. At least it keeps them from actually doing anything productive. Note how the voice of alcohol has blown up this entire section? Maybe his “handlers” are in the place of fortress (or whatever that funny needle was called) and don’t want it discussed. After all, it seems a lot like the wolf is crying wolf as he is the only one here who meets the criteria he keeps screaming about. Not that I think he is any paid dis-info. I think he is an idiot and possibly suffering from paranoid scizoiphrenia, but that won’t stop me from poking him with a stick. After all, I’ve known a number of PS people and they weren’t all jerks. Just because you are a head case doesn’t mean you can’t be a decent person.

                Hey Drunken Arab, why didn’t you respond to my observations? Is it because they are true? Why have you hijacked this section? Are you dis-info? Why don’t you want us to talk about driver less cars? Don’t you want to allow people to think about controlling their own direction in life? Their own destiny? Why are you shilling so loud? JimBob who can question all day long about drunken arabs.

                25! Awesome!

              • mik says:


                That creature should tell us how he got 80+ points in one day at the beginning of karma-stuff.

              • mkey says:

                Mik, I gamed the system and gave him at least 20 total to date. I even toyed with the idea to give everyone the same amount (i.e. universal karma system) but it really is of no importance to me. I ignore the whole shebang, the only one really hurting here is the confusing post order.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                mik, I not only don’t know how it went up, I don’t care. After all, little twits like you who just go and call others creatures; are hardly the sort I care about. I’m not sure how your little ass even thinks it’s important. Don’t you have enough faith in yourself to not need external validation? Or are you less than a man? Creature? Really? from a mik? JimBob who has a good bit of mick in him, but not one drop of mik.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          We call them the Voice of Arabia. JimBob who notes that this drunken arab is the one starting all the stuff he whines about. Again, never a solution.

          • VoiceOfArabi says:

            Now you want to turn it into a race fight….

            I am an Arab and very proud Arab.

            What is next… Sunni via Shia’a…

            You are a true imbecile 🙂

            • I Shot Santa says:

              Dear drunky, Arab is a culture, not a race. After all, you are Semitic. Just like the Jews. So please get your insults right. Can you get anything right? So far, all you’ve done is call others liars and dis-info when you are the one guilty of both. JimBob who is a true redneck but wonders just how stupid this makes the Voice of Alcohol since he is obviously far less intelligent than the supposed imbeciles he is practicing his dis-info with.

              • VoiceOfArabi says:

                What does this have to do with OUR data being collected by “Akismet” which is authorized by Corbertt Report to collect our data???

              • I Shot Santa says:

                What does the Akismet issue have to do with this comment section? And once again, I see you deflect. Typical tactic of the dis-info. JimBob who thinks that the drunken arab is confusing himself with being a real man. Real men DO stand by what they say and don’t deflect like a dog.

              • VoiceOfArabi says:

                Stop changing the subject….

                What does this have to do with OUR data being collected by “Akismet” which is authorized by Corbertt Report to collect our data???

                If you don’t know yet… go to the bottom of this page, and click on the link and read about what data they collect from “OUR DEVICES”, which include things which will make you go WTF

                p.s. I know “you know already”… but it is your job. Is your job rewarding??

                By the Way, you keep protesting that you are a REAL MAN… are people telling you otherwise???

                Just saying…

              • I Shot Santa says:

                What does you ignorance (knowingly?) of how the internet works have to do with the subject of this section? Oh wait! You ARE propaganda! My Bad. JimBob who notes that the drunk never answers anything, just deflects like a lowly dog.

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        OK… Now I figured out that both “I Shot Santa” and “mkey” are a team “working” on the same agenda…

        So, i was not far wrong when i said “you both are one and the same!”

        Out of interest… How much do you get paid for this type of work?? and do you enjoy it??

        And where you bullied when you were kids??

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Yes, the same agenda of telling you the truth and noting your bs time after time. You have proven yourself to be a liar, drunky. Your own words have done this. Now what do you have against the REAL topic which is supposed to be addressed here? You know, PROPAGANDA. After all, you could have started up your non-argument in the same section you finally became “aware” of your data being captured on the web (Oh say it isn’t so!) the first time. That would have been appropriate. However, you’ve chosen to go full retard here. Are you unable to get your meds where you are at? JimBob who don’t even know mkey or this idiot drunken arab, but he definitely doesn’t like the drunk cuz he’s a proven liar.

    • Octium says:

      Yes, I don’t like it either. But in a way it it is good. It reminds me I should cut down on my online time too. Even on the Good sites.

    • mik says:

      What the fuck is “inappropriate language”?????

  9. m.clare says:

    Regarding the epic holy war between Santa and the Arab:

    1) Popularity contests and beauty pageants are won by the biggest arse-hole. Call it karma, air-miles, carrots, rewards, votes, points.. A rose is a rose is a rose. The gaming experiment is amusing but distasteful to at least one “Corbeteer”.

    2) Requiem for the Suicided…. people eliminated for doing precisely what Corbett does to earn a living… Is it possible that Corbett is (unwittingly or not) a Pied Piper: identifying the rodents and separating them from the masses so they can be studied and accordingly dealt with…? If there are powerful people who will make whistle blowers disappear, why does this whistle blowing site persist? Would our comments be of interest to TPTSB?

    • pearl says:

      The gaming experiment is amusing but distasteful to at least one “Corbeteer”.

      There’s more than that, but apparently not enough to persuade James to trash it.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      m. claire, I’m not in a popularity contest. I’m just smashing the voice of alcohol. Is it mature? No. But I never said I was. If you had paid attention to what I wrote about the karma, you might have noted that I find it hilarious. After all, I know none of you here, so why would the opinions of people whom I don’t even know matter to me? Even in the real world, very few people’s opinions of me matter. However, I did get tired of being called dis-info and a liar by someone who has proved that to be true of their own damn self. And as to the powers that cower on a whistle blower site; 1- this isn’t a whistle blower site. That is a whole separate matter. 2- I seriously doubt anyone of those powers that cower worry about Mr. Corbett or any of his subscribers. I suspect they are far too busy actually doing whatever it is they do. JimBob who ain’t got nothing really to do since the rain just keeps on falling all through July.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      m.claire & sweet lamb pearl,
      I was only off the boards a few days…

      What a bar fight!
      That long haired redneck JimBob and Croatian Hacker and Arabian old man can sure sling the words! Bloody noses and all. Chairs through a couple windows.

      It’s a hot summer.
      I guess we were due for another bar fight.

      They will be at the table together, telling jokes & drinking beers, next week.

      • I Shot Santa says:


        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Like hell ya say!
          Let’s take this outside.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            HRS, there are certain traits which I don’t accept. Dishonesty and cowardice. If one cannot be honest with someone, then one cannot trust anything they say. In that case, there is no further reason to talk with them; only to them. The cowardice is associated with passive aggressive behavior. This is a trait I always associate with weakness. As no chain is stronger than it’s weakest link, I don’t allow such weakness to associate itself with me. While others may call me rude, crude, and socially unacceptable; I don’t care. I know who I am, and I also know what sort of character traits I will allow to associate with me. Weakness is one of the worst sins a person can commit. While a strong person might be wrong, they at least have the strength of their convictions; a weak passive aggressive person lacks this conviction. Think back to any involvement you’ve had in your activism that went south. Chances are, that failure was stemming from people like that. JimBob who CAN be polite; but only to those who are themselves polite.

      • pearl says:

        They will be at the table together, telling jokes & drinking beers, next week.

        I’ve always admired that ability of ya’ll men. This was truly a sad development. Calling someone a liar ought to be a sober, thoroughly proven, final conviction, not a casual suspicion lacking evidence, the latter being VoA’s habit.

        Even so, I attribute his habit of suspicion to being immersed in a totalitarian government, together with his self-education illustrating the truly disturbing nature of our world. A mind already given to question everything (which is itself a good trait and one I beseech my own children to do) could easily begin to unduly suspect every unfortunate person and thing. Wisdom must accompany knowledge.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Pearl, to be suspicious of all is a sign of one’s own character, not a society. What we find most appalling in others is usually the weakness in ourselves. To question authority is good, but to be suspicious of all is a character flaw. But to associate with such people is to allow them the ability to infect you with their short-comings. The passive aggressive aspect is an important part of this equation. Passive aggressive (in redneck it’s called someone who comes at you all sideways) is a distinct trait of the so-called beta personality. This is the weaker person who always snipes at others while pretending to be holier than thou. They always remind me of those annoying little ankle biting dogs that are never going to be friendly, but are simply always seeking an opportunity to bite your ankle. They do this because they are too lazy to develop themselves, so they prefer to tear down others so they can have company in their self-created muck of an existence. After all, if you refuse to stand on your own feet like a real man/woman, and you want to be higher than another; you must either find someone lower than you or tear someone down to your own level or lower. They are poison. Me? I know I’m an asshole, but I’m okay with that. JimBob who notes that those people who call others liars all the time are generally the biggest liars in the group.

          • pearl says:

            …to be suspicious of all is a sign of one’s own character, not a society.

            As usual, JimBob, you always have a good grasp of human behavior, yours included. I’ve always appreciated your honesty and ability to see/say it like it is. As I mentioned to VoA last week, I know a man who sees a demon behind every bush; it’s exhausting and defeating. Because of my own experience with such, I should’ve known better than to blame such behavior on society (or education, or upbringing etc) and thereby play the enabler.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              Don’t worry Pearl. I often do things that I should know better than to do myself! People in those societies don’t speak up. They remain quiet for a good reason. As to where he is from, no one here knows that answer. After all, it’s just a screen name. While mine is I Shot Santa, his reindeer were simply too quick on the hoof for me to get that shot! However, it could just be what they term a mental illness. Paranoia and all that; though I distrust the entire field of psychiatry. I think those trusted fields have been corrupted long ago. Now is this paranoia on my part? I think not, but one must always question oneself first. And that can get so tiring! 🙂 JimBob who tries to only get suspicious of people/things/events when they touch on him or his directly. Otherwise, he’d have to break out a sweat and that ain’t happening!

              • pearl says:

                I know you’re enjoying your descent in that trusty wingsuit of yours, but I just up-voted your comment. 🙂

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Oh no! This karma roller coaster is giving me motion sickness! 🙂

      • mkey says:

        This case is just a bit too far out there. I really dislike being called a liar without some solid proof. I backed up the information I had to provide and in the end it’s down to each individual to choose whom to trust. One person with a sizable body of work and quite a positive worldly reputation, or the other who has a tendency to ignore easily accessible information and throw insults while bemoaning how others are doing the same.

        Reminds me a bit too much of associations such as the anti-defamation league with their hit and cry tactics which appears to render most people completely defenseless. Well, not this subscriber.

  10. I Shot Santa says:

    By the way, since RussiaGate is such a big deal; and the FISA memo is such a big deal; here’s the link to the Nunes fisa memo that has everyone in an uproar. As if this tells anyone anything really different:

    JimBob who also notes that no one is talking about how the home builders Association is going to have a hard time creating all those jobs they keep committing to in that 4 million job commitment gala that trumpy just had if mortgage applications are going down so much.

  11. oliver.d says:

    this one here freaked me out last christmas…
    LIDL is something like ALDI… like a smaller Walmart in Germany…

    empathy with intelligent machines, please…

    while we raged war upon us…
    and now live in litte cabins out in the woods…


  12. NES says:

    Besides the obvious propaganda about the vehicle–you are being “denied” this technology, becoming the “hook” that makes Normies want it even more, what a forum to reinforce marketing negative gender stereotypes. Helpless, hapless female. Swashbuckling, hero male. Further, if anyone remembers, the heads-up display was first seen worldwide on Star Wars–how many decades ago?

    And just where is that biometric and heath info (OMG!) going? Third parties, people. Third parties. While on the face of it the technology is a good thing, like Alexa, Dot, FB, Twitter, et al it’s going to be used for very bad things. PROMISE.

    Thanks, James, for breaking it down so the hapless females and swashbuckling males out there can possibly see it–somewhere, sometime, in Neverland.

  13. manbearpig says:

    I finally actually watched the KIA…uh, ad…and one particular phrase in a rather ominous tone, really glaringly stood out:

    “Let’s give the people what they deserve.”

  14. Fawlty Towers says:

    Thanks for that James, I hadn’t seen the commercial yet.
    It was absolutely hilarious!

    Let’s see, the privileged lane allowing only the ‘privileged’ to drive on it.
    It zips along while the regular lanes remain at a virtual standstill.

    Captain Hook is neutralized and the privileged lanes become freed.
    Now everyone can drive on it.

    And somehow, miraculously, this new driverless ‘privileged’ lane
    is capable of handling the masses with NO traffic jams whatsoever. LOL!

    Oh, and I was under the impression that these nightmare driverless cars would be driving on the same roads us plebes are driving on now.

    I never knew another entirely new road system would be built to accommodate them!

  15. I Shot Santa says:

    Thought this was important. North Korea dismantling key nuclear facilities. I think that James, among all of us here, has the most reason to be happy about this development. And you know you can trust the source; the NYT never lies!

  16. Fawlty Towers says:

    More thoughts on these autonomous vehicles.
    Most roads and in particular highways, have speed limits.

    It has been often stated that truckers will be the first victims of autonomous vehicle technology.

    I’m curious to know what the programmers of these vehicles will set as the maximum speed for the trucks?

    The legal speed limits?
    We know that truckers rarely obey the posted speed limits.

    If the programmers allow the vehicles to break the speed limit it would not only make a mockery of the entire (safe) autonomous vehicle industry, but also make a mockery of the laws currently on the books worldwide.

    In addition, should an accident occur and the downloadable data in the autonomous vehicles indicates they were speeding, culpability for the accident could more easily be blamed on these vehicles.

  17. HomeRemedySupply says:

    “American Chemical Society” Fluoride Propaganda

    So here is what happened…
    One day I was watching this “American Chemical Society” YouTube video about plants which offered better, or as good, mosquito repellant action as DEET.

    I plugged in “Fluoride” on the “American Chemical Society” YouTube Channel and got this 90 second clip.
    Basically, the video points out that fluorine chemical research is of major importance to the sponsors of the American Chemical Society. It is the ONLY element which has its own division.
    Funding for the ACS (American Chemical Society) –

    Reactions is a YouTube Channel produced by the American Chemical Society.
    Is Fluoride in Drinking Water Safe?

    So, I am curious about other pro-fluoride propaganda YouTube videos.

    SciShow and Healthcare Triage seem connected by the Green brothers, who were pumped up when Google awarded money to certain YouTube videos during their $100 million initiative.
    SciShow – Why Is Fluoride Good for Teeth?
    Healthcare Triage – Fluoride in the Water Isn’t Going to Hurt You
    On the above Healthcare Triage video, my blood boils at the first blatant lie (30 seconds into the video).
    Note the screen script with the “an IQ which was lower by 0.45 points”.
    BIG LIE!
    Read this short article at the World’s Largest Fluoride Database which exposes the lie …

    Seeker is another pro-fluoride propaganda YouTube channel. It seems to be controlled by the same major media folks who have “The Discovery Channel” & “The Learning Channel”.
    Why The Government Puts Fluoride In Our Water

    I was happily surprised by this recent June 2018 Fluoride video put out by a corporation called GAIA.
    Often, when I visit YouTube I get those “intro YouTube ads” which talk about GAIA.
    GaiaThe Actual Truth About Fluoride
    The video is spot on.

    • mkey says:

      From the “Reactions” video, the guy says “well, if you eat a lot of sugar…” you should stop eating a lot of sugar. Sweat it off, shake the addiction and move on. The end.

      What I find the largest issue here is that all of this is a massive involuntary medication. People who can’t understand fluoride and its effect, they should grasp a simple concept such a mandatory medication.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Why the propaganda pushing Fluoride?

        I think there are a variety of influences which have kept the Fluoride hoax in place all these decades.

        We know from the early days, that Aluminum manufacturers and other chemical industry leaders, along with the U.S. government, Edward Bernays, et al, advocated water fluoridation.

        I personally believe that industry (Dupont, Dow, Big Pharma, chemical makers, mining and manufacturing, etc.) still have a vested and strong interest in fluoride. (Witness the Division of Fluorine with the American Chemical Society.)
        Many pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and other products are made using fluoride.
        If the word “Fluoride” became demonized like the words “Lead” or “Arsenic” or “Mercury”, then it could create a poor public image for their industry’s products. Big industry has no profitable vested interest in protecting the health of people.

        We know that big industry influences corporate media.
        Thus it is easy to see why these YouTube Channels have an ulterior agenda. The YouTube Channels “Reactions”, “SciShow”, “Healthcare Triage”, and “Seeker” cannot give all the true facts about fluoride.

        For years, our corrupt administrators of U.S. agencies have deliberately had an agenda to ignore the dangers of fluoridation.
        Certainly, they would lose credibility if they suddenly declared fluoride the poison that it is.
        I think that the same is true for the American Dental Association (ADA).

        There are many instances of how the EPA and ADA dramatically thwarted their own scientific studies when the findings showed the toxicity of fluoride.

        Dogma and myths taught to the populace are difficult to turn around.

        Dr Kennedy mentions that “Fluoride is an element that is considered a national security risk.”
        QUEUED video

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Just released today on YouTube…
      A fun 3 minutes about toxic water pollution by Melissa Gallico.
      Preview of F Is for Fluoride – A Lecture about Toxic Water Pollution by Dr. Felicia LeFish


      Melissa Gallico Social Media

  18. I Shot Santa says:

    Save the firefighters and the pigs; but screw everyone else. The 5G rollout in Ca hits a snafu. Oh, and it’s apparently out in New York as well.:

    • mkey says:

      Well, firefighters have hoses and axes. What’s the problem? Being a firefighter is a calling, I expect these guys to do what they do best: protect people and property by mowing these towers down.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Well, it certainly isn’t responding to fires down here anyway. We had a fire across the street (about a year and a half ago) and it took the fire department fifteen minutes to travel the two miles. I got to be the first responder, yea! And in an inspection of one of our apartments, as the owner was prepping for a remodel, the inspector declared that since the apartment they were inspecting was the only one with two door exits, that that door had to be closed off to equal outcome the rest. JimBob who notes that none of these public savior organizations save much of anything ‘sides their own asses. Note how they only looked out for their own keesters in this case.

  19. zyxzevn says:

    What about talking about Computer-Games or Movies?

    It would be nice to bring back those talks about movies and books.

    But some games are also very interesting:

    Game: Fallout 4 – is full with technocracy-horror and corruption.

    Vault Tec= company that does horrible experiments on people that think that they are in a shelter. For science!

    The institute faction= future technocratic power that wants to replace people with some kind of bots.
    The brotherhood of steel faction= wants to nuke it all.

    Oxorn has all kinds of background stories.–WvN66vZlDoYShzn4sA

  20. zyxzevn says:

    Additional topics on health and environment:

    Hyped: Plastic pollution

    Plastic micro particles

    How bad is what agriculture?

    Covered up:

    Waste from military (and their bases)

    Nuclear fallout from nuclear Waste and nuclear plants.
    Video: Fukushima is killing 90% of sealife

    Exporting waste to 3rd world countries and China.

    Opioid crisis

    Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression
    (Most scientists dont understand this, but I can explain why)

  21. I Shot Santa says:

    While there is good news here, in that the trade wars are gone with us and the eu; there is very bad news for the eu as well. Those soybeans? All gmo. Plus, soybeans aren’t that good for you. True, fermented is (miso and the like), but the omega 3 and 6 ratios are supposedly way out of whack. At any rate, I never eat tofu anyway. Nor do I like to eat meat out of a store. If I don’t kill it, I don’t trust it. Which also cuts down on my meat eating as I’m a wuss on killing. Even though that bass tasted pretty nice pan-fried with a mustard base and white flour on it. I was out of eggs so I substituted the mustard. Which I had made myself and it is incredible!

    Also, on the Q thing. Note that this is a typical Q video. Everyone just accepts it is the NSA and then just rides the wave anyway. Also note, if you can watch this video (I recommend at an increased speed), that all of these media sources are on sites one would expect to take them down. Facebook and Twitter, besides being their own deep state media, are notorious for taking down such controversial sites; but they let them stay. Now, think about this; even if everything these people say is true; does that mean the people removing and replacing them are our friends? Think back to your Machiavelli and Sun Tzu for that one! Or even Frank Herbert (in one of his opening quotes in his Dune masterpieces, he wrote “The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend” or something like that. It’s been a few years since I’ve read his, and his son’s excellent homage series, books.

    People are NOT questioning, and these are the very people who would have been questioning earlier. JimBob who thinks this is a very interesting psy-op, but that nothing is ever as it seems in politics. Unless it’s very, very, very bad. Then that’s definitely true.

    Side bar: Just noticed that youboob just doesn’t notify people (or at least me) if someone replies to a comment on a youboob video. Interesting way to run a business into the ground.

    • mkey says:

      Q is an actual person or is Q-anon like anonymous?
      Either way, this looks like an excellent gatekeeper.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Q has announced themself as an actual person when they had a photo inside Air Force One. But he actually says he is working with “patriots” within the intelligence community. So, this psyop sells itself by proclaiming it is straight from the depths of hell. And it has been confirmed that Trumpy is in on it. It’s fascinating to follow; but even though it uses truth; that is the most ingenious way to lie. Remember always, they speak of freedom, but the wall keeps us in and the RealID keeps us either plugged in or out all the way. It certainly is an exciting time to be alive in the belly of the beast. JimBob who likes having a front row seat anyway.

  22. grimrecycler says:

    Kias are trash. The less computers in a car the better.

  23. manbearpig says:

    Last night I watched a film called ZOE. The moral of this modern love story seems to be, if we make AI humnoids as human as possible and then “lie to them” when they’re activated, telling them they’re human for a certain amount of time before revealing to them their true “condition”,

    and as long as we love them deeply, as much or more than we love actual humans, and treat them as human

    everything will be O.K..

    Besides having an ambiance similar to the one in an eerie movie called Perfect Sense where over the backdrop of a modern “love story” little by little humans lose all of their senses due to a virus,

    in Zoe, people dehumanize themselves by taking a drug called Benysol which makes you “fall in love with” the person you happen to be with at the moment. Works for longstanding couples, too.

    I guess the hasty moral of this comment is, (with the movie The Circle in mind whose catch phrases have been adopted in “real life” (i.e.; sharing is caring)) if you look at mainstream media

    it’s impossible to find anything that Isn’t propaganda…

    It’s gonna be a long, chilling watch…

    • manbearpig says:

      ps: as I was looking to see when the movie ZOE had been released the first page I came across was a Renault Electric Car of the same name…

  24. pearl says:

    So many great propaganda examples have been offered on this thread! For me, the bigger challenge is isolating what isn’t propaganda. I’m getting irritated by the deluge of political movies being cranked out such as Zero Dark Thirty, Thirteen Hours,, The Fifth Estate, The Post.

    But here’s something I saw the other day, and it was so touching, I rushed to my keyboard to sign up…not:

  25. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Dallas – Ft Worth Metroplex – Self driving cars – changes in next 10 years

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Thanks HRS, I remember when that monorail first came out. Sometime between 01 and 03. The biggest opposition to it was that people were afraid Blacks would get out of the hoods. I’m a little shocked at the population; I think it was about 4 mill when I lived there. I used to live off Spring valley near the tollway. It makes sense for the initial roll-out of self-driving paddy wagons (at least for people like me) to have their own lanes. An earlier poster did note how they would have to tag everything somehow for this, though I’m sure they have technology to get around that. Unless it’s like a Microsoft Beta release! JimBob who doesn’t miss the traffic on the LBJ one little bit. And what is up with those mystery stops? 90 mph to 0 for no apparent reason.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        After years of construction, they redid LBJ. In a way, the new LBJ is hard to figure out, because some lanes are short tunnels or over-heads, and they also have the express lanes plus your regular lanes.

        It just keeps growing and growing here. Lots of people moving in. Lots of construction and new homes or new apartment complexes. Weekly I run into people who just moved here.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          I remember in my complex, there were only two neighbors that I knew anything about. One was a couple who had recommended the place to me. The other was another couple that were just great people. But, it was there that I truly learned what it was like to not even want to know your neighbor. This was when they had just started flipping apartment complexes. Maintenance went down, Mexican gangs came in (and this was a nice area), drive-byes became the norm. But, outside of that aspect of it, there were tons of great people living there. Mostly overweight, as the restaurants are so good! But I don’t miss the traffic or the ability to see the stars at night. It was a good night if we saw the moon, much less the stars. JimBob who also still likes to find the bunny rabbits and T-Rexes in the clouds.

  26. I Shot Santa says:

    Good news at last! This CBS news clip not only covers FB stock price drop (though they were lying about it being fake news that lowered it; at least the fake news they are referring in this clip), but they talk about twitter’s shadow banning which trumpy apparently referenced earlier. The Zuck going to bed the richest and waking up the eighth richest gave me a nice warm fuzzy until I realized that was still a lot higher net worth than our entire town. JimBob who ain’t exactly helping to raise that average his own dang self.:

  27. HomeRemedySupply says:

    – Related to Propaganda

    Why it is important to talk to others about a topic
    About the conspiracies of the elite to destroy the health of people
    Controlling chaos

    WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON?! as told from Del Bigtree’s perspective.

    I always enjoy the passion which Del Bigtree brings.
    The above video is not for everyone. It is long. Some folks might not have an interest.

    However, there is an evolution of thought, a development of perspective, that is presented in the video.
    It is insightful.

    If a person wants to gain a piece of the perspectives presented, they can start at the 52:40 mark.

  28. Fawlty Towers says:

    The “Boundless convenience…care… communication” and
    “privileged class only” lane may be coming to a city near you
    a lot sooner than anticipated.

    And KIA likely won’t be driving us there.

    More likely, Uber Air!

    That’s right, “flying cars”, or more accurately “Vertical Takeoff and Landing” craft (VTOLs).

    “Uber hopes to start hauling passengers in five-seat, hybrid VTOLs above Los Angeles, Dallas-Fort Worth and a third city outside of the U.S. by 2023.”

    That’s just 4 years from now!

    “privileged class only”, here we come…

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