Global Economy: Between A Rock And A Hard Place

07/07/201848 Comments

Well, it's official: "Japan Inc." is now "Bank of Japan Inc."

Oh, OK, not officially official, but just about. As the Nikkei Asian Review reports, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) is now a top-10 shareholder in a whopping 40% of the listed companies in the country. That's right, having purchased 25 trillion yen ($227 billion) worth of exchange-traded funds in the past eight years, Japan's central bank is now one of the top 10 shareholders in 1,446 out of 3,735 companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

So what does this all mean?

Well, if you're Japanese it means your central bank is creating (as one Japan-based asset manager puts it) "a new form of financial socialism" from which "[n]obody can see a smooth exit strategy."

But more broadly, the economic pickle that Japan finds itself in right now is merely a small-scale example of the dilemma that the global economy is facing. Caught between the low-interest global liquidity trap and the high-interest global debt trap. Caught between the globalist "free trade" nightmare and the emerging trade war/hot war nightmare. Caught between the expansion of a predatory system that is designed to drain the wealth of the average worker and the collapse of that system, which will assuredly drain the wealth of the average worker.

The straits between these economic rocks and hard places couldn't be any narrower. It's enough to make Scylla and Charybdis look like a cakewalk.

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  1. I Shot Santa says:

    Yet another great article showing the direction a successful, free society needs to take to remain free. By the way, when I went fishing the other day; I was able to do so because I traded some old DVDs for the fishing gear. No cash. No digits. I know, it’s just a tiny, not-even-a-blip, transaction. Now multiply it by 7 billion a day. No such thing as a useless action. Every transaction you make is a vote for your freedom or your enslavement. Not really sure why this is so hard to figure out. JimBob who knows these things cuz he’s so transparent; what with his karma being so high and all.

    • cush350 says:

      Ahhh, cryptokarma!

    • heartruth says:

      Brilliant Santa!
      Here’s another great example:

      This video shows how ‘Food for Free’ was applied in an Australian suburb. Food-sharing was just the starting point. The process itself led to strengthening of relationships between people in this community.

      Happy fishing 🙂

      • I Shot Santa says:

        That is a great site. Bookmarked it as it has something to do with something else I’m working on. Slowly, of course. And I did have fun fishing. Only caught a bream (barely big enough to take the hook), but a fellow fisherman had a large mouth bass they didn’t want to clean, so that’s my lunch for today! JimBob who still had fun feeding the last of his bait to the ducks. They certainly enjoyed it.

        • heartruth says:

          Good to hear the fishing was a success (from a food-gathering and a community-building perspective).

          All the best for your project and bon appétit!

  2. FlyingAxblade says:

    I wonder how many people are encouraged to park there? “Pro tip new ice cream driver: park next to the wavy fence, that’s where everyone has the easiest access to your truck and you’ll get the nice refreshing breeze from the pond” & it ever goes on by more and more dupes, only took one guy to tell that to the driver, then to go into the local area and say, “wanna beat the heat? the ice cream truck is parked there”

    once upon a time, when I was smart I invented a wind sock, temp gauge, humidity sensor combination that volunteers could put above their roofs…like the radiation count volunteer program…back when computers were becoming as common as pets. Had a neutralizing white cone so the roof temps wouldn’t reflect the heat and little transmitters so that cop copters wouldn’t hit the tall antenna. Ah, if my investors would have listened. I also proposed Water Kiosks with branded water bottles so that 25 cents would buy you either a gallon of reverse osmosis water or a pint. Now a pint of water costs more than beer! Sorry investors, we all lost $$$$ on that one.

  3. phreedomphile says:

    If the Big Agenda is to get all of us from the place we are now into a tightly interlocking fascistic global technocracy, then what do the mostly theatrical “trade wars” and intensifying bankster capture of the economy get us? Closer to the end game!

    Some Chinese factory owners are saying Trump’s tariffs have incentivized them to build their factories in the US. Voila! Problem, reaction, solution!

    And no doubt the Trump administration is still planning on ‘selling off the farm’ i.e. US infrastructure to multinational corporate investors via privatization. It’s a movement which is sweeping the globe, no stone, bridge, highway, airport, or national resource left untouched – including the BRICS nations, Iran, etc. All nations succumbing to steroidal privatization including conflict ravaged Syria. The Syria privatization order was signed by Assad in 2016 and drafted six years earlier — the Syria rebuild project already in motion with foreign investors claiming dibs on 99% of the $350 billion estimated cost.

    THIS is the interdependence that was promised a long time ago and planned well before we were a twinkle in our parents’ eyes. The digital gulag in every nation too, and like the big capital cross flows creating financial interdependence, it’s morphing into a tightly interconnected global surveillance system with dissolving borders.

  4. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Dear James,

    I love the work you do, and I am sure the majority on this site enjoy and appreciate all the hard work and hours you put in.

    That said, Can you please answer the questions raised by Faulty Towers on the comments on the link below, which basically says, James Corbett is also collecting our e-mail, location, type of device, operating system, etc

    What makes James Corbett any different than FaceBook?

    We know that you are hard working and read all our comments, but when you read our comments and ignore them it makes matters worse. Please respond to some of the issue we raise.

    I still enjoy your work, but I am starting to have doubts!!

    • manbearpig says:

      VoiceOfArabi says:

      “I still enjoy your work, but I am starting to have doubts!!”

      Doubts about what exactly?

      When I leave a comment on a website I have no illusions about the privacy of my information that made it possible to leave the comment.

      When with trepidation I began leaving comments on the Information Clearinghouse site some ten years ago I knew perfectly well that any illusions I harboured of anonymity were sunk.

      When I donated to Newsbud and left comments about zionism there, I was fully aware that they would be stored away in a “file” somewhere with all the accompanying “private information” and that with Edmonds I was possibly dealing directly with the devil.

      Where exactly can you leave comments on the internet without your info being collected??

      “What makes James Corbett any different than FaceBook?”

      You get something precious in return for the lack of privacy.

      This may come as a shock to you VoiceOfArabi, but…

      if you leave comments on the internet your info will be collected.

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        Hello manbearpig,

        Obviously, you are very smart and aware user, and I am sure you mean well, and love our “dear leader”.

        That said, many people that use the “internet” are not aware of this. They don’t know what “level” of details is collected about them.

        Most importantly, What is the intention of the person collecting the data. In this case, what does Corbett Report use the data for and why does he need to know what type of device I am using and what operating system is on my system and the unique identification of my device?

        So, Facebook sold this information for money…. NewsBud seem to have changed loyalties and now provides the information to CIA (possibly!!). When and If The Corbett Report cave in, will they also provide all this information to the highest bidder??

        all legitimate questions.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          VOA, just to be annoying here. Is there a site on the net which does allow for this privacy? And is this site a threat to your privacy? They didn’t say names. Just emails and geographic region. Sort of a metadata thing. Also, just how important are we that we should start worrying over every comment we post? This may apply more to me than you as I don’t know your situation.
          I personally don’t see the government as an all-knowing, all-powerful entity. From my experience, it is staffed with the lowest of the low; the only intelligence one usually finds is with those people who are at the bottom. Smart people get out of any government agency as they cannot tolerate, nor are they tolerated by, the incompetent. Having said this, and only based upon many years in the military and then in finance; I do not worry about them at all. They are simply too stupid to figure out most of this stuff.
          As for me, I worry less about what someone might find out if I said something inappropriate, than winding up in a true totalitarian society because I didn’t speak up. JimBob who says the choice is clearly muddy.

          • VoiceOfArabi says:

            Hello I Shot Santa, and you are never annoying…

            I live in a totalitarian country! (and you might also sooner than you think!)

            Each website we visit decides what data to collect from its users.

            My question is.. Why does Corbett Report want to know my Unique Device No?? or how often i post?? or What OS I am using? etc etc.

            And apart from the worry that Corbett Report might sell out one day… What happens if Corbett Report gets hacked and this information gets into said Totalitarian society??

            You guys don’t like Facebook to collect such information about you, but find it totally acceptable for James Corbett to do so?? Why??

            splain it to me lucy….

            • manbearpig says:

              ‘kay Ricky, here’s the deal:

              If Mr Corbett were ever to have sold out and betrayed anyone, it was the day he started the website and the moment he opened a comments section offering people the opportunity to learn and communicate about the sorts of subjects actively censored on Facebook for example while exposing them to the danger of being tracked to a “conspiracy site” and publicizing their thoughts. To anyone and everyone more or less interested.

              Resistants during WW2 knew perfectly well they were using means to fight the ambiant enemy that were hackable, trackable and that collected their info; radio, codes, human collaborators etc.

              Corbett commenters know perfectly well they’re using a hackable, trackable means that collects their information for exchanging information in an effort to halt or someday get around ambiant enemy occupation.

              Internet, like the rest of it, is a double-edged sword.

              Mr Corbett has chosen this double-edged sword to communicate to and with people who can and do understand the stakes of the growing super-surveillance technocracy.

              I repeat, if it’s ok for Mr Corbett, who needs a viable alternative to manage his comments section for hundreds of thousands of subscribers, to wittingly and unwittingly provide info to whoever wants it enough to hack it from the site

              and not cool for Facebook,

              it’s that Facebook has been pushed on everyone as a necessity to “facilitate communication” and log on more easily to a plethora of “important” sites,

              because it is a direct arm of those who would technocratically enslave us

              and Mr Corbett offers me something I value highly; and even possibly a key to foiling the Technocratic Facebook faction.

              But then again, maybe the Amish were on to something after all?

              • VoiceOfArabi says:

                Hello manbearpig,

                I too Love Corbett and the work he does, and come here willingly because i find it valuable. That’s not the topic at hand…

                The topic is……

                The Corbett Report can choose to only collect our username and nothing else, and still be able to manage the comments section. If this information gets compromised, the hackers get nothing.

                However, The Corbett Report CHOOSES to track all information (for those who are interested, please refer to Fawlty Towers comment link above), including an ID number that can identify me regardless of what user ID i chose to use on Corbertt (then they can just say what other e-mails this unique ID logs under and what time he or she sleeps).

                So, in short. Corbertt can decide not to collect all this info, and give us a higher level of security. simple.

              • manbearpig says:

                Now that you’ve narrowed down your topic,

                If this type of privacy is vital to you then why didn’t you check this for yourself beforehand, VoiceOfArabi, before commenting in the first place?

                What is the name of the system you claim Mr Corbett could be using that doesn’t collect this info?

                Again, common sense would seem to dictate that a relatively unmolested website tagged as a conspiracy website will have alphabet agencies sucking up this info whether or not it’s readily provided.

                Don’t ya think?

              • VoiceOfArabi says:

                Hello manbearpig,

                I give in… You are right and i am wrong..

                we don’t need privacy… after all.. if you are doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide…

                all praise the “dear leader”.

              • manbearpig says:

                VoiceOfArabi says:

                “all praise the “dear leader””

                That’s your answer, VoiceOfArabi?

                Oh! is that the name of the comments management system you suggest Mr Corbett use?

              • pearl says:

                VoA said,

                “However, The Corbett Report CHOOSES to track all information (for those who are interested, please refer to Fawlty Towers comment link above), including an ID number that can identify me regardless of what user ID i chose to use on Corbertt (then they can just say what other e-mails this unique ID logs under and what time he or she sleeps).”

                To be clear, it’s not Corbett who is tracking each and every one of us who comments here; it’s Askimet. The WordPress behind-the-scenes feature only allows a blog administrator to see the countries of the world from which his readers come, together with email and ip addresses should they choose to comment. That’s about the breadth of Corbett’s entire surveillance capabilities. If he cared to, he could purchase a separate stat collector which would allow him to view the same info that Askimet collects; but, given Mr. Corbett’s entire mission and limited time, I’d find it hard to believe he really gives a flip what version my computer is, and what browser I use.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Pearl, thanks for all that info. So, this is not really a big dive into our personal data, but just a general geographical data gatherer? So I’m guessing there isn’t anyway for James to zoom in on my little apartment and zap me with his lazer gun? Only that I’m from the US of A and not reveal that I’m actually from a little town called Lake City, Fluorida? That’s good to know as I prefer to keep that kind of stuff private. JimBob who likes living in a little hick town a lot better than living in a sophisticated big city anyway.

              • VoiceOfArabi says:

                Hello I Shot Santa,

                I don’t know if you are being sarcastic or you actually mean your post below…

                The current system at Corbett as it stands is… It tracks all your data including your unique device identifier. from that, any hacker can get everything you do from that device while on the net.

                So, if you don’t know, go to the link below “This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.” and read further..

                if you do know and still come up with this stuff.. I will accuse you of disinformation from now on!!

              • Corbett says:

                Thanks for the comments and concern, VoA, but as others point out your accusation that the “Corbett Report keeps” this information and “James Corbett chooses” to assign unique identifiers and all of this is patently untrue. Akismet does use IP information and other data to filter out bots and spam from the comments. More to the point, it seems many people don’t understand that all of that data is being sent to every website you connect to every time you surf the web. I don’t track that info, but many sites do. Something to consider.

                I also hope that everyone who is concerned about the revelation that every website receives this information adjusts accordingly and:

                -uses cryptocurrency to pay for their subscription instead of a service like PayPal which tracks your email and address back to your personal bank account

                -uses a burner email address to sign up for their account here, and

                -only connects to this site through TOR (or at least a VPN).

                People who are interested in these issues should check out a site like to see just how easily personally identifiable they are by every site they connect to on the internet.

              • pearl says:

                I can see James now, gleefully rubbing his hands together for the vital piece of missing information you just provided:

                Lake City, Fluorida: check
                Long-haired redneck followed by a flock of chickens: check

                It was nice knowing you, JimBob!

              • pearl says:

                VoA, I hope you aren’t serious about regarding JimBob and me who’re just ribbin’ ya as disinfo agents.

                Weeks ago in light of Corbett’s new comment system, and because I do care, I read that Askimet “fine print”, and it was nothing new to me. It’s as old as blogging itself. Your being shocked by all this is very late.

                Because you’ve shared here before that you take great care to cover your tracks due to your own situation, I suspect you didn’t think beyond your personally erected safeguards and are are simply experiencing an “oh shit” moment. It was not my intent to make light of your situation, and you have every right to dismiss me as thoughtless and rude (but you may want to think twice about reducing me to being an agent – if you knew about my little, uneventful, quiet life, you’d die laughing).

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Dear VOA, you may accuse away, but what I know about tech is very little. Which is something I’ve stated on every occasion in which tech has been the subject. But, since I am now suspect for answers; please inform those of us who aren’t experts in the field of what services are out there which DON’T have all of this on it. JimBob who has always been disinfo since that’s all he’s ever gotten to work with anyway.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Pearl, I guess I should fill in the final piece of the puzzle and add that I have a beard as well. I was going for the barbarian image, but everyone calls me hippy or Jesus. Like Jesus would have had blue eyes. NO!!! More data! JimBob who DOES know about the money-changers in the temple, being as he wuz one in a galaxy long gone in the mists of time.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                For all of my fellow luddites, if you go to that amiunique site; you won’t understand why you are unique as it is all in techno-babble. But at least I know I’m unique. JimBob who already knew he was unique before he went there so it ain’t like he was learning anything new.

              • mkey says:

                Step 1. visit the “am I unique” website, result:

                Are you unique?
                Yes! (You can be tracked!)

                42.33 % of observed browsers are Firefox, as yours.

                0.38 % of observed browsers are Firefox 61.0, as yours.

                56.48 % of observed browsers run Windows, as yours.

                27.37 % of observed browsers run Windows 7, as yours.

                62.88 % of observed browsers have set “en”as their primary language, as yours.

                20.28 % of observed browsers have UTC+2 as their timezone, as yours.

                However, your full fingerprint is unique among the 768452 collected so far. Want to know why?

                Step 2. install “CanvasBlocker” firefox addon.

                Step 3. visit the “am I unique” website again, result:

                Are you unique?
                Yes! (You can be tracked!)

                42.33 % of observed browsers are Firefox, as yours.

                0.38 % of observed browsers are Firefox 61.0, as yours.

                56.48 % of observed browsers run Windows, as yours.

                27.37 % of observed browsers run Windows 7, as yours.

                62.88 % of observed browsers have set “en”as their primary language, as yours.

                20.28 % of observed browsers have UTC+2 as their timezone, as yours.

                However, your full fingerprint is unique among the 768455 collected so far. Want to know why?

                The canvas has been disabled and the ratio increased to 3%. Woohoo.

                Step 4. install “User-Agent Switcher” firefox addon.

                Step 5. … oh, you know

                Are you unique?
                Yes! (You can be tracked!)

                42.33 % of observed browsers are Firefox, as yours.

                1.57 % of observed browsers are Firefox 56.0, as yours.

                56.48 % of observed browsers run Windows, as yours.

                20.67 % of observed browsers run Windows 10, as yours.

                62.88 % of observed browsers have set “en”as their primary language, as yours.

                20.28 % of observed browsers have UTC+2 as their timezone, as yours.

                However, your full fingerprint is unique among the 768462 collected so far. Want to know why

                mmm, the user agent is now less unique, but still many parameters to go. If they indeed hide nothing from us and use these 20 data points, even if all 20 parameters had a 50% ratio (an impossible scenario,) you’d get about 1 million combinations. Even if you just blocked most of these outputs you’d need the vast majority of people to do the same and just blend in. Son of a bitch.

              • mkey says:

                The possibly devious “CyDec Platform AntiFingerprint” firefox addon spoofs/randomizes some of the matrices thus creating a new unique fingerprint for your various dealings with the web. Of course this may just as well break some site functionality.

                Of course, the question is, can this randomness be tracked?

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Mkey, Not only did I not know of that add-on, but I had not thought of it being track-able until you wrote it. However, my first thought after reading it was “What if it IS a tracking device?” At any rate, I’m going to use it. At some point, you just have to come to terms with the fact that anything you do on the net is track-able. However, this is only a problem if you get into trouble. For most people this is not a real problem. I might run into trouble later on, but I don’t give a rat’s patootie. I’m not claiming my attitude is the proper one, I’m just saying that’s my attitude. JimBob who deep down is just another grumpy old redneck what don’t need no stinking badges poking their noses into his bizzness.

                Correction: PrivacyBadger was first add-on in the list. I figured it’s first AND a freaking badger. That’s good enough for me. I’ve met a badger before. He wasn’t intimidated by me at all.

              • mkey says:

                However, this is only a problem if you get into trouble.

                That sure sounds a lot like “you have nothing to worry about if you have nothing to hide” JimBob.

                But, yes, tracking is an integral part of surfing the web, “DoNotTrackMe” be damned. I guess it would be fun to create an addon which would replace all of the strings which are queried with “fuck off”. That would still make the sole user quite unique lol

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Yes, it does Mkey. Funny how the government never likes to be as transparent as they demand we be. And if you ever find that add-on, please let me know! When I used to write emails, I would type in all the key words the NSA supposedly looked for in all my footers. Just to be a dick. JimBob who ain’t never said he was of good moral character.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              Hello VOA, well first of all let’s see if I can be annoying. 🙂 And I don’t doubt we may live in such a society soon. After all, when I read the Q reports and note there are 45,000 sealed indictments (and growing); I don’t assume these indictments are for those that deserve them. I assume I (and I am a nobody) am the subject of one of them.
              I would say that this is not James asking for all the data, but wordpress. I would also say it is probably not possible anymore to find such a site that does not collect data. I have absolutely NO research to back up this thought, it’s just that I’ve seen no alternatives to this site.
              As for facebook, I DO have an account under a pseudonym, though they do know who I am. But besides it just sitting there, that is the extent of my use of it. I’m not really a fan of social media at all; Corbett Report being the majority of my internet socializing. But I have not really been that concerned about the privacy as my surfing habits defy all logic. I’ve also realized that our privacy was lost long ago.
              So my question right back at ya is, what service WOULD provide such privacy rights? JimBob who learned how to throw questions back at questions when he was clarifying minor legalities in stocks when he worked in investment banking. Uh, a firm like in “BoilerRoom”. Except sleazier.

              • VoiceOfArabi says:

                Hello I Shot Santa,

                I have my own website for my business. On that website, i can choose what information i gather from visitors, and what information i use during “login” and then discard, and what information i keep logged in in files for future reference and analytical tools.

                What information Corbett Report keeps “can be” his choice.. the technology exists out there…

                question is.. is this something Corbett wants to do or not.

                I can hear James screaming “but that’s going to cost extra money”. and my answer would be… “fine.. give us the option and ask your community.. maybe we would decide that our privacy is worth $100 extra!!!

                or maybe we would say… IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE, YOU HAVE NO NEED FOR PRIVACY…

                by the way… I have looooooots to hide…

                p.s. what is this Q that you keep mentioning in your post… elaborate please!

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Dear VOA, I can certainly appreciate having lots to hide. To tell you the truth, I’m not the most technologically adept person out there. I’m thinking that perhaps James answered this question with the spam filter option, but I have no idea. As for myself, I should probably hide my dealings better, but I like to let the powers that cower know where I stand on anything. Not that I’m really doing a lot right now; but there’s never any telling with me. I never know when opportunity knocks. 🙂

                As far as the Q-Anon thing; I’ve posted a couple of links. While I’m not a believer in the Trumpy as Messiah aspect of things; I do think there is something to it. It’s supposed to be a gallant group of patriots who only want to bring the country back into line and this is why they selected Trump. Yeah, right. Anyway, here’s the link:


                I love listening to the X22 Report on Youboob because I get to see the postings and then I’m entertained by all the narratives this guy invents. While I do see it as something to watch, I do not trust it at all. However, one thing is good about it. People are actually watching government now. I saw one video in which this guy had resignations from all sectors in a graph. While there is no way to tell if it is up or down from normal, nor do they have any idea how to run such a scenario; people are starting to really look at all aspects of government. That is a good thing in my opinion. JimBob who admittedly has not answered the original question but has segued into answering another one for which he does know the answer.

              • VoiceOfArabi says:

                Hello I Shot Santa,

                Thanks for the link on Q-Anon thingi.. very interesting… it talked to me as if it knew exactly how i feel….

                Anyway.. my gut feel says (and i trust my gut feel almost 95%), it is Steve Bannon new adventure..

                cui bono also says it is Bannon and co.

                The scary part is… they are flying very close to the sun.. They are saying how people are feeling, just to win this battle, and what if people take these feelings and run with them.. What will they do next …

                Very interesting…

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Dear VOA, I had forgotten about Bannon. However, this was a slicked up version of it. X22 is the king of assumptions with his interpretations of what Q is saying; but he does show the posts which are on 4chan. I’ve never been to 4chan, so I know nothing about it. Warning: the x22 spotlight is basically an infomercial for guests, but there is a lot of interesting stuff. However, if you just take what is posted, and give it your own narrative; there’s no telling what you could come up with. JimBob who is still excited about people looking into government through this Q narrative, even if they don’t know what they’re doing yet. ‘Cuz they will learn.

          • Fawlty Towers says:

            They didn’t say names. Just emails and geographic region. Sort of a metadata thing.

            Actually it does say “names”.
            And when you donate to James, your name is recorded on his system if you don’t use cryptocurrency.

            Aksimet states that some information they collect depends upon how the User (James) sets up Akismet for the Site.
            For me, key information that James has, and can give to Akismet depending on how he sets it up,
            is our name, e-mail address, payment account numbers.

            I wonder if you have set up Akismet in such a way that these pieces of information are accessible by Akismet/Wordpress?

            • Corbett says:

              I do not store your payment account numbers, address or other such information on my web server. You can see all of the data that is here on the site by going to your account profile:


              Akismet uses your user name / email / IP address to analyze comments for spam as (I believe) every other spam filter does. I once again ask if anyone knows of a spam filter that somehow does not analyze such information for spam filtering. If not, Akismet will remain in place.

              • mkey says:

                Would you be interested to have an onsite solution for spam filtering, based on keyword search, without IP and personal data retention?

                Back in the day I used to create some Drupal plugins to extend functionality of websites, probably the same can be done in wordpress, if you’re somewhat interested I’ll investigate.

                To perform this I wouldn’t require admin access to your website and the filter should ve easy to read and mantain so you could do it yourself, when such a need would arise.

                Depending on your requirements filter complexity could vary considerably.

              • Corbett says:

                Sounds interesting. I’ll send you an email.

              • Fawlty Towers says:

                Thanks for letting us know James.

  5. manbearpig says:

    My pre-translation marathon, chaotic, baseless, incoherent gratuitous conspiracy rant just for…fun…:

    -Sadly, “They” no longer need anyone to show up for their trade wars/hot wars/cold wars or even “luke-warm wars” to wage them. “They” are obviously already waging “their” wars in a variety of perverse ways right now economically, militarily (Syria, Yemen), through pollution (Somalia with toxic and radioactive waste, massive unauthorized fishing but also everywhere else via fluoride, endocrine disruptors, pesticides, GMOs, mind-poison media etc…) disease, environmental and humanitarian campaigns and weather modification…to name a few…

    -and yes, the filtering, sifting of the world’s population via privatisation and financial weaponry is also creating the sociological paradigm of the future with the penniless masses allowed to live hooked up into fiefdoms of Plannedopolis where they happily spend as much time in their virtual e-world like skinner rats incessantly bashing the gratification button with their full-fledged e-identity as they are fulfilling other biological needs in their total surveillance smart world mostly unaware of

    -those whose families have ammassed colossal wealth living in the ultra augmented immortality race making good use of all those UNESCO and wildlife preserved sites…

    perhaps the monetary reset is already upon us amidst illegible chaos and ambiant threats and terrorism as reflected through the prism of the pocketed media, virtually undeclared wars etc…

    maybe the formidable reset must take place as impreceptibly as possible via an unending series of “new instantaneous biometric convenience” stores, games, “methodologies”, security systems etc… lest anyone catch on…?

    so I’ll just scuttle off to the middle ages now…

  6. says:

    James, Love your work. You do a great job presenting your material.
    You may want to check out Thomas Williams, the truth, honor and integrity show. According to him the reset is coming via the Manna World Holding trust.

  7. I Shot Santa says:

    Once again I’m completely off-topic; but I felt this sort of fit in. Just read this post from Jon Rappaport about the anti-vaxxers in Australia. Uplifting. Thought some good news would be nice. JimBob who likes to put people in a good mood before he crushes them with whatever bad news he’s got waiting for them.

    • mkey says:

      That’s some really good news. Vaccine studies really need to be pushed through, but people are so shortsighted. This is a very complex issue which needs to be looked at from several angles instead of being crammed into a pile of paste.

  8. Nivek S says:

    Just a quick comment to say I am glad you and your family are safe.
    Good luck to us all, right?

  9. Richard says:

    I wonder what James Corbett thinks about Newsbud these days?

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