June Open Thread

06/05/2021279 Comments

It's the first weekend in June, so it's time for this month's open thread. What's on your mind?

Do you have a theory about the big nothingburger of the Pentagon's non-report about UFOs?

Are your skimming through the Fauci emails that reveal (amongst other things) that he made his infamous mask flip-flop after meeting the Trilateral Commission?

Maybe you want to discuss this week's Orwell reference: "Our Politics And The English Language"?

Or do you want to ponder the nature and characteristics of Paradigm Shifting Operations, as this Corbett Report listener has done in his detailed report on the subject?

Or maybe you just want to talk about the weather, recommend some truth music, trade basket weaving tips or generally retain your sanity in an increasingly insane world. Well, you've come to the right place.

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  1. mohammed says:

    Does anyone think something big is about to happen this summer? Like the big “hack” or even aliens psy-op?
    Or am I being too paranoid this time?

    Also James, I’m really looking forward to the WW2 documentary. I know this plandemic has made things a bit difficult but I hope that the project has not been put on hold. Good luck!

    • cu.h.j says:

      I’m not sure. I think they are messing with the food supply. I briefly saw something about this but really try to avoid MSM. I just want to ignore them and maybe if we all do it at once it will fizzle out.

      This is probably wishful thinking. I despise them more with each day.

      • Fact Checker says:

        Yep–the Ransomware-Food-Shortage Narrative is already in full swing, as Whitney Webb warned months ago, and Ice Age Farmer has been detailing.

        The unsolicited news suggestions on my phone’s lock screen bear this out in the headlines, such as (Washington Post): “Ransomware attacks are closing schools, delaying chemotherapy and derailing everyday life!

        [Read the following in a General Grievous wheeze:]

        Cyber-Pandemic! Just as Count Dooku (a/k/a Klaus Schwab) Predicted!!!

        • j.gregory says:

          “Ransomware attacks are closing schools, delaying chemotherapy and derailing everyday life!”

          Are these supposed to be negatives? This reminds me of all of the people that were avoiding doctor visits last year leading to a dearth of iatrogenic health conditions.

          • Fact Checker says:

            Hahah I actually had that same thought myself (but it was beside the point I was making about the emerging dominant narrative).

            School and chemotherapy are both pure cultural/physical poison.

            Nonetheless, people slavishly fetishize them as essential cultural institutions. Just goes to show you that there is nothing good to return to, even if the Covid Illusion was shut off instantaneously. Mankind has long been forfeit.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I have been collecting this…
      SUB-THREAD – Is a BIG EVENT going to happen this summer?

      • wylie1 says:

        Thanks for the summary of summer sucker punch possibilities. One slightly wonders if it is the same group buying huge blocks of VIX options that bought Stock Market Puts ahead of the Twin Towers topple…? However, I wouldn’t put it past them to cause a dip, via some cyber attack, then the Plunge Protection Team use our Tax Dollars to buy it back up again and beyond, in quick fashion, also causing the VIX to pop, at just the right time. Easy for them to make a mint when they control the outcome.

        The “big event” I’m waiting for is a Solutions Watch on how to convert/build Drones that hunt-kill the killer Drones. Or where to get the right kind of umbrella that will block whatever new/old tech those drones use for ID’ing specific targets. Neodymium powder impregnated fabric…? Not holding my breath 😉

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        ?July 1st?
        “Basel III and COMEX Gold”

        by Craig Hemke of Sprott Money on June 8th, 2021
        (This article has some interesting updates / charts which point out a change in trend.)

        If you’re a gold investor, then you’ve likely read of the NSFR of Basel III, which are due to be implemented by the EU-based Banks at the end of this month.
        Well, here’s something else to consider…

        …Will this have any impact upon the gold price in the weeks ahead? Maybe. No one knows for certain. At TF Metals Report, we’ve tried to get some diverse opinions on the subject. Here are two recent public podcast links. The first is with Alasdair Macleod, and the second is with Tom Luongo:…

        …But now here’s perhaps the most relevant question.
        What effect, if any, will these changes have upon the Banks that operate in New York on the COMEX?
        Will any of the U.S. Banks be impacted by these new Basel III restrictions, and if so, when?

        Not knowing this answer, I was perplexed. However, late last week, a TFMR member sent me the link below.
        Could it hold the key to the U.S. Bank reaction to Basel III?
        I reached out to several experts, and the answer appears to be YES

        …OK, so if this is the case and the U.S. Banks are also going to have to change the way they do “bullion banking” business next month,
        would there be any way to check to see if they are doing any prep work ahead of the July 1 deadline?

        Maybe there is….

        [Article continues and charts / figures are shown]

    • zyxzevn says:

      They will need something to distract us from the low Cov19 counts,
      so we can be put in panic again when the flu comes back during the winter.
      The numbers may rise in Australia due to the season.
      The lab origin will probably be used to make covid seem extremely
      dangerous again.

      They will try to blame the vaccine deaths on people that are
      not vaccinated. And increase the censorship further to hide
      some vaccine deaths. But the vaccines will be devastating
      and kill more healthy young people. The numbers in the databases
      are likely only 1% of what they really are.
      The inverse of the covid deaths that are at maximum only around
      5% of what they are (assuming it is still around).
      Most of them were caused by bad doctors.

      They are certainly planning hacker events that will be blamed on Russia.
      Note that the NATO is doing exercises in the front-yard of Russia.
      It would be like Russia and China doing exercises Mexico and
      in the Gulf of Mexico.

      There will be some fights in Syria/Iran. Gaza is already Syria.
      Israel is still looking for a way to make the US start a war against Iran.
      Syria is partially occupied by the US and Israel.

      Economic collapse:
      There will be some economic collapse due to the Trillions donated
      to big corporations. This will make the blue states even more
      like a 3rd world country than they already were.
      It will be blamed on.. racism.. and natural immune people (not vaccinated).

    • jo-ann says:

      Recently I stumbled across a super sketchy web site that I skimmed for possible clues to the next planned event (prepareforchange.net). It foretells of an Event that will shut down the financial systems for days and usher in martial law while the alternative government (already embedded in current ranks) takes over. There is an implication that humans are non-terrestrial and our origins will be revealed upon the Event happening. With all the recent news about UFOs, it gave me the gut feeling that this could be a way to usher in the new governments and reset financial systems, but my rational mind says, nah, humans wouldn’t fall for that alien invasion idea again…

    • There are lots of normally loudmouthed puppets who should be throwing hissy fits about various things right now.
      Instead they’re being quiet.

      Going by the patterns of last year, this means they’re off rehearsing the script for the next stage of the takeover attempt.

      That stage is more likely to be scheduled for the fall, not summer.
      But that doesn’t mean they’ll let the summer go to waste.
      They used the summer for wild fire arson & race riot fakery last year.

      • slurry says:

        And right on queue…. we’re seeing the media push racial divisions in the US and Canada (probably in Europe too)…. while also focusing on climate alarmism. It’s gonna be a long summer

    • dr.a says:

      A huge catastrophic economic collapse would happen

    • Kelly says:

      The gas shortage is supposed to happen this summer.

    • Tina says:

      Definitely “something big is about to happen.” I sense it’ll be this summer as well. I watched the “news” the other night just to check out the latest priming and the two “top stories”: aliens and cyber attacks. The talking head on my tv said that these cyber hackers want to disrupt “health care, energy, and the food supply chain.” She also reported that the director of the FBI said that an upcoming cyberattack(s) will result in “danger comparable to 9/11.” Like Whitney Webb reported months ago, these cyberattacks will be the next manufactured crises.

    • mutig says:

      There might well be something momentous about to happen. The claims of “insider info” from “high level military intelligence” concerning the arrests, military tribunals, and executions of traitors and pedophiles — but the reporters can’t disclose dates, places, persons, documents — seem to have some hard evidence after all. And some of the photos documenting an epidemic of ankle injuries among prominent traitors and pedophiles apparently wearing casts/ankle monitors, which I dismissed as probably photo shopped, might be genuine.

      There is some hard data, bits of trivia that seem to add up to something. An interesting dude, a veteran and former defense contractor employee, has taken upon himself to make aircraft flight data intelligible to civilians. Using various apps, he shows that in recent weeks/months there has been a marked increase in flights from the US to Gitmo and other high security prison locations of planes that are used for transporting prisoners. And although the population of Gitmo officially is down to about 40, there has been an increase in flights to Gitmo of planes normally used for supply runs.

      The speculations about clones, doubles, actors, CGI, and supposedly live events pre filmed for the media also have some supporting bits of hard data that seem to add up to something. Our aircraft enthusiast has shown that a high tech helicopter that has shot footage for numerous movies has made a flight from DC to Wilmington, Delaware, where Biden allegedly spends weekends. He has also shown the numerous flights (but only since January 20) of a DC Park Police helicopter from DC to Wilmington. The DCPP flight paths and timing have coincided with officially scheduled flights of Marine One.

      What it all might add up to isn’t yet clear, but if numerous Deep State operatives are in fact being arrested, what might be possible outcomes? If you need a break and are looking for something like a spy thriller in slow motion you might have a look at the biweekly Overwatch SITREP at Monkey Werx. Embedded somewhere among the training flights, fighters, refuelers, and restricted fly zones for weather, hazards, volcanic ash, air shows, VIPs . . . there is nearly always something interesting.

      • mutig says:

        The ballot count in Arizona will be completed today, while the forensic audit continues. Delegations from more than a dozen states have toured the Arizona audit site, and momentum for more audits is building. The court system and the AG have been using every possible means of delaying and shutting down the audit(s), and an Arizona legislator and AG have threatened the US AG with arrest. Depending on who gets the upper hand, doesn’t it seem inevitable that there will be either armed insurrection or a false flag event of some kind?

        In a different vein, our aircraft enthusiast has shown the flight path of a high tech spy plane circling an area near the arena where the Arizona audit is taking place. He says the same flight path was a daily occurrence for some time (the duration of the audit, I think he said) before he finally had the nerve to report it. This plane is equipped with the very latest in surveillance gear (he names it, but I don’t remember what it is) and can gather biometric data and the contents (the CONTENTS) of cell phones within a twenty mile radius. The spooks have biometric data and the contents of cell phones of everyone involved with the audit, unless that was a terrorist they were watching in the area of the arena.

        Our aircraft enthusiast has also shown the location of a number of high altitude balloons, the ones we have been told are enabling cell phone service in rural areas. He says that they carry the same technical gear as the spy plane in Phoenix, and he shows that most of them are actually over cities.

        Something is afoot.

  2. bob387 says:

    Started watching James’ hyperlink about F and the tri-lateral commission. Dan plays the 60 min episode where F says masks are unnecessary, which I’ve seen countless times. However, this time, I noticed that he uses air quotes when he says that when you’re “… in the middle of an outbreak…”

  3. spaulding.j says:

    I’m curious what everyone is making of the hundreds/thousand reports coming out about people claiming they’re magnetic after receiving the jab. I’ve recently binged the videos of these claims and am not convinced they’re all fraudulent. Curious to hear the thoughts of others. I’ve attempted to have the conversation locally with minimal success.

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    SUB-THREAD for EVENT 2021 with Richard M Fleming PhD, MD, JD
    June 5, 2021 Saturday – 10am Central Time (Dallas)
    Streamed live on “The Highwire”


    I will update that SUB-THREAD from time to time, especially with the finalized video link of the live event.

  5. arbuckle says:

    Are governments and authorities loosing the plot and will they pay the price in confidence when the truth be known more generally to the masses?

    It is not like the authorities weren’t warned in good time and at every level:
    Video: How COVID Vaccines Can Cause Blood Clots and More: Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi( https://www.globalresearch.ca/video-how-covid-vaccines-can-cause-blood-clots-more/5746430 )

    Yet they pressed on regardless with useless countermeasures (Masks, Distancing, and lock downs, etc.), and insisted that untested experimental vaccines would be the great savior, while in fact early treatment with readily available and cheap drugs such as Hydrochloroquin and Ivermectin for which authorization for covid19 treatment was in fact withdrawn earlier despite proven success rates showed it was most effective when used in the correct dosage.

    They’re finding out about it a bit late, but this vaccination campaign is a world-wide disaster:

    Vaccine Researcher Admits ‘Big Mistake,’ Says Spike Protein Is Dangerous ‘Toxin’
    “The coronavirus spike protein from COVID-19 vaccination unexpectedly enters the bloodstream” ( https://www.globalresearch.ca/vaccine-researcher-admits-big-mistake-says-spike-protein-dangerous-toxin/5746715 )

    An excellent video summery of the position of the major international fight back in legal suits against the agents of the Covid19 “Scamdemic”:
    Dr. Reiner Fuelmich from James Delingpoleon on BitShute now banned as a platform in its entirety in Denmark. ( https://www.bitchute.com/video/eF98McD0bXDH/ )

    The next few weeks will be critical. It seem to me that the global dictatorship is proving its worth at every turn. I suspect they will have to invent a new disaster very soon to divert from this one they created…. I don’t think “sorry” is going to quite cut it.

    And meanwhile in the US as Dr. Peter A. McCullough puts it:
    “Here, in the United States, we have 100 million people vaccinated (with the COVID-19 bio-weapon shots so far). This is far and away the most lethal, toxic, biologic agent ever injected into a human body in American history.” ( https://www.globalresearch.ca/renowned-texas-professor-doctor-covid-19-shots-bioweapons-thrust-upon-public/5746705 )

    This is a mad mad world.

  6. Fact Checker says:

    I know YouTube links are naughty, but that’s the only place Alison McDowell posts her stuff, including this recent interview with the great Catherine Austin Fitts:


    Two coruscating minds in dialog. It takes a while for them to build rapport, but then they both bring some brilliant insights to the table.

    CAF in particular gives a fascinating presentation on how the Prison-Industrial Complex is used to ensnare the lower classes with illicit drugs, and the Medical-Industrial Complex is used to ensnare the middle class with legal pharmaceuticals. Because the demarcation between the legal and the illegal is too narrow to slip a sheet of rice paper through, it means that nobody falls through the crack between these two methods of processing.

    • taxSlave says:

      I am 63 years old and do not take ANY pharmaceutical drugs. I have been told I have high cholesterol and have been encouraged to take statins. I will not based on the lack of proof that they are effective and also the downside risks.

      I am doing everything possible (exercise, diet, vitamins and supplements) to stay out of the consuming maw of the medical industrial complex.
      BTW, I understood the bullshit about the ineffectiveness and harm of mask wearing back in April 2020. Did not comply and will not. I have a medical excuse, my IQ is > 100.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        That is a pretty good Mask Medical Exemption
        “I have a mask medical exemption, because my IQ is not low enough.”

      • Steve Smith says:

        Hi Tax Slave, I don’t have the link but I strongly recommend that you listen to a recent interview with a fellow named George Wiseman done by Greg Carlwood. His show is called The Higher Side Chats. Though you can find videos and other interviews with George as well I’m sure.

        I am in a very similar situation as you and just a couple years older.

        George Wiseman is the guy who was making devices back in the eighties to increase fuel mileage with hydrogen. He also made hydrogen torches. I remember hearing about “cold flame torches”. That was him.
        Anyway, some of the people who bought his hydrogen producing machines were bubbling the gas through water and drinking it and were reporting substantial health benefits. Or soaking cotton in the water and using it to cure melanomas in remarkably short periods of time. So George ended up developing this machine which he calls the AquaCure.
        As I am typing this, I am applying hydrogen gas to a mystery spot on my right knee and will inhale it for hour or so before I go to bed. I received and setup the machine Friday night so this is my third day using the gas. So far so good. I really do feel good after working pretty hard all weekend. Slept well the last couple days too.

        In other words I was convinced to give it a shot to see if it lives up to it’s almost miraculous claims. I tried my best to find anything online to discredit George or his claims and was not able to find anything.
        The machine is not cheap. But it comes with a no questions asked return policy and if it doesn’t work I have a year to return it. If it performs as advertised it will pay for itself many times over.
        I am documenting my experience pretty well and have taken some pictures of things that I hope will diminish or disappear.

        I don’t know if you’re already familiar with this but I just want people to check it out for themselves. Because if it really lives up to it’s billing, then it could help a lot of people stay healthy while staying clear of the allopathic death cycle.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Steve, Thank you so much for relaying this stuff. In the video interview with Mercola, Alex Tarnava discusses his pathway into Hydrogen, including buying a hydrogen machine.

          April 26, 2020 MERCOLA.COM
          The Science Behind Molecular Hydrogen Tablets

          Story at-a-glance

          ~~ Molecular hydrogen (H2) is a gas with very unique and selective antioxidant effects. It works primarily by improving the redox status of the cell when needed

          ~~ Hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe, which is why its bioavailability is so great. It’s also neutral, so it can easily penetrate any membrane space in your body

          ~~ Drinking hydrogen water can double your cellular concentration of hydrogen gas. For about five minutes, your blood level peaks, and this is when beneficial changes in cell signaling and gene expression occur

          ~~ Molecular hydrogen is best taken cyclically or pulsed. If you take it continuously — say you’re drinking hydrogen water throughout the whole day — the effect seems to dissipate and can actually vanish altogether

          ~~ For best results, place two tablets in 1 liter of water and drink it all in the morning. This will give you a very strong pulse, which will produce better results than a lower pulse twice a day. Once the tablets are fully dissolved, you’ll want to drink it as fast as possible

          • zyxzevn says:

            Looks like you are confusing hydrogen for health and hydrogen for energy.

            I have no clue if it will give positive effects on health..
            It will definitely make you stop smoking though.

            The oxygen therapy has some clear rationality to it,
            because oxygen is necessary for many body functions.

            • Steve Smith says:

              “ By mass, oxygen is the most abundant element in the human body. If you think about it, this makes sense, since most of the body consists of water or H2O. Oxygen accounts for 61-65% of the mass of the human body. Even though there are many more atoms of hydrogen in your body than oxygen, each oxygen atom is 16 times more massive than a hydrogen atom.”


              Hydrogen is pretty important for bodily functioning as well it seems.

              “ Humans have 60% water in their chemical composition. Due to the presence of hydrogen in the body, both the cells and the joints remain hydrated.

              4- Contribute to the pH balance of the organism

              As with electrolyte balance, a balanced pH is beneficial for cellular performance.

              Thus, hydrogen favors nutrients to be transported properly in the body, wastes removed and the immune system activated against infections by viruses and bacteria.

              5- Properties against aging

              Szent-Györgyi’s research also showed that the human body stores hydrogen in many of its organs, mainly in the liver.

              Today, the theory that hydrogen is an important combative agent of aging is being studied. The basis of this thesis is that hydrogen tends to accumulate in the form of deposits in the cells, preventing free radicals from damaging them.

              As the body ages, the deposits of the element are drying. The cells are exposed and the visible signs of aging are generated.

              Currently, the effect of hydrogen on the protection and repair of radiation damage is also being studied. In the same way, its incidence as an antioxidant in the protection of the brain against cerebrovascular accidents (CVA) is being tested.

              Hydrogen is considered an essential element for the existence and subsistence of living beings because it is part of the composition of all organisms, the substances that derive from them and most of the energy resources that exist.


              LeBaron, T. (March 4, 2013). The actions of molecular hydrogen in the body. In: Yourphlife.com
              Hydrogen. (s.f.). Retrieved on October 13, 2017 from: Scienceclarified.com
              Pangman, M. (s.f.). Retrieved on October 13, 2017 from: Dancingwithwater.com
              Ramírez E. (May 19, 2017). Functions of Hydrogen in the Human Body. In: lifepersona.com
              Sherwood C. (June 13, 2017). How is it used in the body? In: livestrong.comL

              • Steve Smith says:

                “The treatment cohort was treated with inhalation of [66:33] hydrogen: oxygen mixture, while the control cohort was treated with standard oxygen therapy (Guan et al., 2020); treatments were applied until the date of discharge. The researchers wanted to determine if treatment with the hybrid gas was significantly more beneficial than oxygen therapy alone, by monitoring the severity of dyspnea, hypoxemia, cough, chest distress and chest pain. The findings of the study showed that patients who received the hydrogen: oxygen mix experienced a significantly reduced severity in symptomology compared to patients who received traditional oxygen therapy (Guan et al., 2020). The researchers found that the reduction in severity of the disease also occurred at a far greater rate utilizing the hydrogen: oxygen therapy than standard oxygen therapy, with a higher proportion of patients showing signs of recovery within three days.“


        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          May 16th, 2021 comment(s) by Steve Smith re: HYDROGEN with link to AquaCure® Model AC50

      • Denis says:

        Stop eating highly processed gains and seed oils, decrease consumption of carbs generally, eat more meat and animal based products, and if your life style is sedentary immediately change that. Even few squats, pushups per day would make a difference in that case.

        If you already do all that, and are generally feeling fine, your heart scan is ok, you can probably ignore the warning.

        Also, in case you have issues with blood pressure often one can simply adjust amount of salt in diet to fix blood pressure issues. Sodium increases amount of blood, so taking less salt decreases blood volume and the pressure.(Although many if not most take too little salt)

        I am not in a favor of supplements. Not saying these can’t be helpful under circumstances, but generally you want to take nutrients in the form of whole, natural food.

        Role of and interactions between (esp ‘micro’, like vitamins) nutrients is not well understood, contrary to popular belief. There are many components not even identified. Most things people take for granted are hypothesis based on often week correlations. Taking concentrate of something that normally appears in food and comes packaged with bunch of other stuff we know and don’t know about can affect metabolism and levels of other nutrients. This is better understood with minerals (Check mineral wheel if you like.).

        In case you have chronic AI disorders or inflammation I highly recommend animal products based keto, or full carnivorous diet. Works great for me (and many others) especially when I’m able to stick with it.

    • Tina says:

      BOTH of those women are ridiculously brilliant. I know, I try to avoid YouTube as well, but I’ll watch anything/anwhere from these two!

  7. bob387 says:

    Towards Smarter Cities
    Amazon Sidewalk is rolling out on June 8th, 2021.
    Hope everyone is aware. (affects echo, Alexa, Ring cameras, etc.) The default is ‘on’. You might want to disable this. From what I read, it merges local residential wifis into a 1/2 mile radius network that is shared by all.
    Anyone in the network area will be able to access the internet via your echo or your TV?
    If you, yourself, are nano-platform-equipped, your location (and your smart fridge) will be transparent?
    It will increase overall background EMF in your neighbourhood?
    Making hacking easier?
    Children’s Health Defence has a piece on it.

  8. Joseph says:

    By now we all know that most of the strings are running into Davos, those who participate there are running the show. They have never planned to work in their entire life and to protect their stolen money they need to keep rolling out more and more world crises, which will help them to implement bigger scams and just to escape for a while again. As they have already announced food shortages and that worldwide cyber-attacks will happen, they say they need to be prepared and exercise.

    I bet they do not think that we know it is exactly they who are doing these attacks in the first place. I am pretty sure this year a new “scamdemic” will appear as the covid-scam did not prove to be a huge success for their agenda so far. They appear to be quite desperate if they need to rush the next event. Food crisis, supply crisis, or UFO attacks are quite good candidates… Though there will be a huge skeleton tsunami falling out of the closet pointing more and more fingers towards Davos.

  9. zyxzevn says:

    TDWU Clip – Penn University Reveals mRNA Vaccines To Be Dangerous & Under Studied – May 8, 2021
    5% to 10% of injected people get Severe Health Damage due to the experimental mRNA injections.

    They should be stopped immediately.

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Broc West ReTweeted a Spiro Skouras Twitter post…
    “With A Very Heavy Heart I Have Been Asked To Let Everyone Know…
    Rosa Koire Passed Away & Is No Longer With Us…
    Rosa Is A Hero of Mine… My Heart Breaks For Her Family… We Love You Rosa”


  11. Ethan Hunter says:

    Transhumanism = Eugenics 2.0

    Just saying…the parallels between the two movements and the pseudoscience of both movements are indeed running in parallel.

  12. padraig says:

    finally……got…..the….. canoe….jayzuz i’m through the roof. massasauga next week. the french in july! if all falls into place ….. woodland caribou fly in. (inconvenient ‘ins’)(wow). but ya september looks workable! the fucking leech class can enjoy my sweaty fucking balls. so sorry. oogie. but my hatred and disgust intensifies. daily. soon i’ll be bobbing about. worried. or not. about real things.



  13. Duck says:

    Higherside chats… interview with Andrew Wakefeild… I keep feeling I’ve seen thi sposted somewhere but its very worth a listen

    Thkelly67 interviewing the COLLINS BROTHERS on the UFO deception… you need to actually pay attetion if you listen because they are very verbose but also very articulate- Worth the listen

  14. ticop says:

    2017 TEDx talk on the real reason to be afraid of AI. The take away I think is far more pervasive then just AI, especially in the world we now find ourselves. A great quote from the video

    “The only thing we need to fear is our own intellectual laziness.”

    I think that rings true for this community.


  15. craciunator says:

    Hey guys, I’ve been working on my website for a little over a month now, its all free, I just want to help spread the information of health, new world order agenda, and spirituality. Would love if you guys could check it out, I do a blog everyday and a newsletter every Sunday. I plan on doing a podcast soon as well, I’m working 6 days a week and a single dad so I can only work on it so much, its essentially my side passion project. I don’t go very deep on all the topics, my goal is to aid people on waking up, freeing them from their own cage, so I give some intro information to give people an idea and hopefully they go do more research themselves. Any feedback or love is welcome. Love all of you, be safe out there, prepare well, and don’t believe in the fake alien invasion!

    Website: http://www.ProclaimEmancipation.com all free, no ads, no pop ups

    Much love,


    • Duck says:

      Nice post on the vaccine- I dont know that I believe its gonna shed the way a real vaccine does, but I was listening to Andrew Wakefeild who was a guest n Higherside Chats and he was talking about the shot causing certain types of tissue to become allergic to themselves… sounded like a semi genome specific thing but I’m not a dr.

      • craciunator says:


        From what I heard, this long term will cause a auto immune disease very similar to AIDS, where essentially the body starts attacking itself like you say. From what I gather your body will eventually go through its normal yearly detox (flu season) which your body actually produces coronaviruses in this detox process. The idea is that once your body starts producing them, the immune response is started and with the viruses being all through your body your immune system just attacks everything until your organs start failing. I pray I’m wrong, but who knows only time will tell now.

        • Denis says:

          You should be careful of such claims, simply because you have no data to back that up. Yes it might cause AI disorders (Btw AIDS is not considered one), but the term ‘AI’ practically means “we have no f*g clue what’s causing the issue”.

          Many AI disorders don’t appear to have anything to do with vaccines (Not implying vaccines are not at least partially responsible.). There are various more or less popular hypothesis like lack of parasites (One of the mainstream.), leaky gut, accumulation of antinutrients or poisonous stuff like for example oxalates in bones, joints or different body parts etc.

          Most of this is uncharted territory but human body is more or less quite resilient. I personally doubt single shot is likely to cause serious damage to a healthy person. Chance is probably much higher when the vaccine infects certain cells/organs.

          Although when I’m talking more about serious damage, I am talking about AIDS like stuff like you or like Dr Dolores are predicting.

          Considering I’m living with RA, it’s not a big deal to me. LOl. Who knows how people’s immune systems are going to react to something crazy like this. Though I’m optimistic, because, as I said we are resilient creatures and our bodies probably have way more redundant/fail-safe systems then we think. If not… well next generations are probably going to adapt if they continue with this nonsense. Though adaptation usually comes at a price.

        • cu.h.j says:

          AIDS is acquired immune deficiency syndrome, where t-cells are destroyed by the HIV virus which is an RNA virus (If you are going by Germ theory of disease)

          I was a kid in the 80s and knew some people who died of it, friends of my mom a close friend who was gay and injected drugs. I also had a teacher that was gay, but not an IV drug user. Hemophiliacs also got it including children because they used tainted blood products.

          AZT is a toxic drug and used to treat HIV and AIDS when it first came out that also led to a lot of deaths because it was so hard on the body. I volunteered with people who had AIDS when I was young and I knew someone who came off all of the meds, did all kind of alternative treatment and still died of AIDS-his body couldn’t fight off infection and he died of pneumonia.

          Some people progress from HIV to AIDS and others never progress or can’t even contract it, I think there is a genetic variant that isn’t susceptible to it.

          Autoimmune diseases are where the immune system starts attacking the body, it doesn’t recognize body cells and targets them as invaders. My aunt died of Lupus and my dog has an autoimmune disease possibly from the rabies vaccine. My dogs breed is susceptible to autoimmune disease though.

          Some people who follow terrain theory say exosomes are mistaken for viruses, but I have not heard a good debate about this yet. What can’t be explained by terrain theory disease clusters or that labs have shown that they can make animals sick by exposing them to an isolated substance.

    • Duck says:

      BTW if your a dad of any kid under 18 or so your should read this book…

      She’s actually talking at Hillsdale and stuff and called herself a conservative even though I’m pretty sure she is politically what used to be called center left

      • craciunator says:

        Thank you so much! Yeah I have a daughter so it’s something I worry about, so many pitfalls to being female in today’s society. I ordered the book and will read it as soon as I get it!

    • TracyPete says:

      Great work! I see you are hosted by GoDaddy. Have you been satisfied with them so far? I had planned to start a site last fall and signed up with Blue Host. Fortunately, I realized quickly enough that it was a Microsoft product and received a full refund. I took some time, and now am looking at a site called OrangeWebsite. I’m curious how you decided on GoDaddy.

      • craciunator says:

        GoDaddy has been fine, except a month ago they weren’t letting me access to email tab with my subscribers. The site blocked me, literally the page
        I got said the page is there but you’ve been blocked. So they didn’t want me emailing people clearly, I got a VPN and got into the tab immediately. GoDaddy used AWS so Id recommend using another, there’s a host that Alex Jones recommends as they don’t censor. My big fear is they’ll take down my site without warning, so eventually Ill be moving.

        • TracyPete says:

          Thanks for the feedback. I don’t watch Alex Jones, so I don’t know about what he recommends. I’m looking at Dream Host now as a possibility. Not sure about Minds, but I see that Corbett posts his writing there.

  16. TracyPete says:

    Is anyone in Rapid City, SD, this weekend? I wasn’t able to attend the expo, and lost the online feed this afternoon. Anyone know about what might have happened?

    The loss did allow me to watch Dr. Richard Fleming’s most comprehensive presentation via The Highwire. My take away:

    “They inserted five specific nucleotides, in sequence, into the envelope of this virus, one of those.. is critical for infecting the brain.”

    His reference to Fort Detrick and SAC, with a summary of Dr. Yan’s comments, “Think of the virus like so many other products. It was paid for and designed in the U.S., and built in China.”

    Moderna’s Tal Zaks “Software of Life” and “Information Therapy” Reference to Gates, Rockefeller, Helmsly. And, so much data.

    DoD video on “FunVax” is curious. Is it real? I had heard that is was not.

    Finally, hope that DNA can repair itself, for people who’ve been harmed by the gene therapy. Dr. Fleming provides a specific call to action for each of us, and resources for support. https://www.flemingmethod.com/event-2021

    • taxpayer says:

      The speaker in that funvax video is not Bill Gates, perhaps it is entirely fiction. This was discussed in a post here on June 1 2020 titled “Fact Check: Bill Gates and the ‘God Gene’” (I cannot seem to post a link here right now) as well as by Reuters and others. It’s unfortunate that Fleming chose to include it.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        TracyPete says: “DoD video on “FunVax” is curious. Is it real? I had heard that is was not.”
        taxpayer says: “The speaker in that funvax video is not Bill Gates…”

        Nowhere does Dr. Richard Fleming say nor imply that the person giving the 2005 presentation was Bill Gates.
        QUEUE the VIDEO LIVE FROM ‘EVENT 2021’ IN DALLAS, TX to just a few seconds after the 3 hour mark…

        During the 5 minutes prior (i.e. 2:55:00 mark) are some impacting video clips and also discussion about CRISPR.
        EVERYONE should spend 5 minutes here.
        The video clip of Moderna Chief Medical Officer Tal Zaks in 2017 “Hacking the Software of Life” jives strongly with the mindset of these madmen which Corbett mentions in his recent “Episode 402 – Your Guide to The Great Convergence”.
        A February 2020 video clip of Bill Gates discussing CRISPR follows Moderna. “…We have always known that the potential for either a naturally caused or intentionally caused pandemic could….”
        Then the topic curves to intentionally “silencing genes”.
        Then comes the DoD video.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          SHEDDING is discussed just following the DoD video at 3:04:30

        • TracyPete says:

          HRS, yes, thank you for clarifying, and for highlighting more of the significant quotes from Fleming’s presentation. I did not intend to imply that Gates was in the so-called DoD video. And, I did catch that Corbett included the same reference to Zaks in the “The Great Convergence” episode.

          Here is the link to Corbett’s 6/1/2020 video referenced by taxpayer, https://www.corbettreport.com/fact-check-bill-gates-and-the-god-gene-vaccine/. At the 4:00 min. mark, Corbett shows a portion of the video also included in the link below, however he does not reference Dean Hamer.

          This is old information, however I think applicable. The video in the link below, identifies Dean Hamer, the second man speaking in the video, author of “The God Gene” published in 2004, talking about spirituality and the brain [0:42 mark]: “So if indeed spirituality is a series of chemical reaction in the brain, and if it can be enhanced by certain types of drug, then naturally it follows that it can be inhibited as well because for every activator there must be an inhibitor. And, so I can easily imagine that under the right circumstances, the right stimuli or the right drugs, and the right inhibitors might have some effect on a person’s spirituality at least in the short run. Whether or not that would have a long-term effect or people would undergo homeostatis and alter is an open question. We really don’t know the answer to that.”

          Just speculation, but it wouldn’t be the first attempt to increase book sales using controversy. The writer in this link expands on this thought. https://web.archive.org/web/20070813233431/http://www.srtp.org.uk/godgene.htm

          In this video Hamer describes his funding approval received from Anthony Fauci for researching whether there is a genetic basis for sexual orientation.

          Dean Hamer, a geneticist at NIH for 35 years, NIH Chief of Gene Structure and Regulation.

  17. g.bon says:

    James, I have been following you for some time and the moment you went to your solution watch series I made my move too irl. Joined a torch freedom march in the winter, met some people there and joined a gardening community.

    As a mental health/ social worker, called in sick because definitions of health and sick were being changed and society’s participants each developed their own vibe in this situation of fear and lockdowns.
    One client showed me a fire arm and high voltage taser “against those who come too close and don’t wear a mask”, while others are hardcore Christian and have their religious way of handling this covid narrative. I found it increasingly difficult to continue what I value in human-human contact. Even so on a professional level in which I couldn’t and can’t agree with my employer stance on this: “we do as the government says”.
    To this day I experience difficulty in moving around in society. Professionally also; I am a human and I do work from being a human and it’s impossible to switch myself off in my interactions with clients.
    And… What society would I be helping my clients get back into? Can’t give them a hitch hike to hell, so to speak.
    This community I work in is also my private space; I live in the same village where I work. Imagine having a 6 year old boy whose school director send you an email to please give your child hand-cream to school because the children have dry hands due to the washing. Aaaaand, that school director and the school social work, youth healthcare workers etc are part of your professional network with which you have weekly zoom meetings. Needless to say I gave it all I had in these meetings and calling in sick didn’t surprise anyone; I am that crazy conspiracy theorist anyway…

    Just wanted to get this off my chest. Thank you also for the term ‘digital gulag’ as it helped me more than once in explaining myself to the people around me.

    • Duck says:


      Sorry your stressed… pretty sure that your in a growth industry though.

      In Mouse Utopia the mice are starting to loose it… the elites hardly need to do much to us if everyone gets super anxious and depressed

  18. g.bon says:

    Also, if you don’t like facial recognition, search for reflectacles. This guy in Chicago has awesome sunglasses blocking camera’s to map your face. I got mine a few days ago and it works for my smartphone, it cant map anything with these glasses on.
    This is my basket weaving tip. Not advertising.

  19. Ethan Hunter says:

    My opinion of the UFO phenomenon being hinted at and not really revealed.

    1. Ancient technologies such as the Vimana flying vehicles used a torsion physics generator that involved rotating mercury.

    2. German occult societies researched “Vril” which can be generated by rotating mercury devices later referred to as the “bell” and was rumored to have been in use in German airships in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

    Around the same time, the Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla was experimenting with torsion physics by use of rotating electromagnetic fields and also drew up schematics on possible saucer-like craft that would be able to defy gravity. At the end of his life, these discoveries and countless others were confiscated from the storage units in the hotel room where he died by U.S. authorities.

    3. Nazi Germany revives interest in old German Airships use of the “Die Glocke” or “bell” which is a bell-shaped engine that rotates metals such as mercury and engages the phenomenon of theorized anti-gravity by use of the science of torsion physics.

    4. The “Wunderwaffe” or “Luftwaffe” programs start experimenting and designing saucerlike crafts. There are actually schematic drawings that have been discovered that outlines how the craft operate using the “bell” or “die glocke” technology.

    You can look these up yourself in Google by typing in “Haunebu” craft schematics. You will notice that they are in German – they mention the concept of Vril – and they have as their centerpiece engine the experimental “Nazi Bell” or “die glocke” technology that generates torsion fields.

    5. Supposedly, such crafts were being designed and some WWII pilots witnessed a strike by such craft that were able to emit electromagnetic disruptor fields and perform maneuvers that defy the capability of modern aircraft. Look up “Foo Fighters”.

    6. After the War, prominent Nazi scientists are recruited through Operation Paperclip – many of them are embedded in the Military Industrial Complex in all branches of the service and intelligence agencies.

    7. It is an interesting coincidence that shortly after the War, the Roswell 1947 incident happens. Reports of flying saucers are everywhere during the 50s and 60s and up until today. The original flying saucers are very similar in phenomenon to the “Foo Fighters” and Haunebu designed craft of Nazi Germany.

    8. Over the years, and you can look this up on YouTube and other sources, there have been reports of the “Triangle UFOs” in the 80s, 90s, and up until today.

    Whistleblowers and other personnel whom have worked in the Military Industrial Complex have often referred to the “black budget” projects invoking such entities such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and other corporations that have produced experimental craft that are capable of flights that defy coventional physics.

    One such craft would be the TR-3B Astra. Which uses the same electromagnetic torsion physics technology for lift and propulsion.

    9. Annie Jacobsen (whom is definitely “mainstream” in her views) has written extensively on Operation Paperclip, Area 51, and takes a very conventional view.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • Ethan Hunter says:


      Annie stated on a Joe Rogan podcast that she interviewed ex-Nazi scientist who worked at Area 51 and Wright-Patterson AFB. She stated this scientist felt “guilty” about the experiments performed on young children to make them look like alien life forms (the common Grey aliens that we see). It was his opinion that this was to throw off investigators and witnesses to these incidents that these were alien in origin and not products of the military.

      In conclusion, there are evidently coordinated efforts to make UAP or UFO phenomenon appear as hoaxes or as alien technology when the above history points that the Military Industrial Complex has been experimenting with this technology for decades.

      Evidently, the purpose is to prepare the public for what has been called Project Blue Beam which is a fake alien invasion to unify the world behind fighting a common enemy.

      G. Edward Griffin spoke about The Report on Iron Mountain document in which UN officials have entertained a fake alien invasion to get the public to accept a world government when other operations have failed.

      • hugo.c says:

        Hi Ethan,

        Some years ago when I began my own UFO research I too came across many of the topics you have mentioned. So, nice work on the research. I do not believe that many of these technologies actually came to much. However, there is an offshoot that I found interesting, and that is the “privitization” of advances in energy production. Controls on energy production amount to controls on the use of force, and the existing energy sector (Oil, Gas, Coal etc.) have established a very profitable and powerful position with lots of subsidies etc.. The last thing they want is a new, cheap, bountiful energy source that could be used by regular people. There is also the parallel with advanced military technology. You want it, but dont want anyone to know that you have it. This is what Richard Dolan calls a breakaway society. So, I always keep these understandings in the back of my head when researching UFOs/Military Tech/Energy Supply.

        On the recent “UFO” thing, I have been glad to see that many commentators who I enjoy reading have been coming to the same conclusion I posted recently; that this is a money grab. In that post I also highlighted the “Alien Invasion” as the ultimate push for “World Govt” as you mentioned.

        However, whilst thinking about this some more, I think there is a Faustian Bargain at play. The evidence for UFOs is voluminous. The question has always been is it secret advanced human tech, or alien? My conclusion is “a bit of both”, but that the aliens are real. Your conclusions may be different, and I’m fine with that. Back to the “bargain”. The “To the Stars Academy” (TTSA) set up by Tom DeLong (of Blink182) was an attempt to get the UFO issue on the radar. They set up a rather clever process, and the first goal was to allow discussion of the topic in the MSM. What they also wanted was to get funding to do advanced materials research as there are many a wonderful technology to be found, and they claim that they wished for these to become available to the populace. But, what is happening is that the military are using the UFO topic for their own purposes, and the serious UFO research community are a bit split, and of course infiltrated. What they are doing is partially supporting the Elizondo et. al. community pushing the narrative into the public sphere because then the topic becomes valid. But, for this objective they are playing into the hands of the MIC.

        I recommend watching this interview between Mick West (basically a “conspiracy theory denier” but, a good one) and Luis Elizondo.


        In this very cordial conversation West attempts to show how the recent official US military UAF/UFO videos can be explained by normal things, and particularly by understanding the mechanics and optics of the camera sensors. Elizondo cannot refute a single claim and whilst citing “we knew more but I cant say” (which may well be true) has to agree to differ. As I said above, I believe in UFOs, but I make sure to check counter opinions, and I think West makes an excellent case.

        [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • zyxzevn says:

      Types of UFOs:

      1) Ghostly
      There are also many UFOs that resemble ghost sightings.
      And maybe many of the foo-fighters where ghosts of fallen comrades.
      There have been reports of light balls and dark shadow balls, or
      even cloud like figures.

      2) Secret aircraft
      There are also secret aircraft like the Aurora that use nuclear propulsion
      in combination with a pulsejet engine. These crafts all have some kind
      of exhaust and use gasses/ air/ plasma to propel themselves.
      They can not do sudden turns.

      3) Real craft with extremely advanced technology, aliens.

      The Physics of the real-craft UFOs is based on several techniques:
      1. They have no exhaust, so they have some kind of vectoring technology.
      2. They can be completely stealthy,sometimes shape-shifting
      3. They accelerate extremely fast and do sudden turns.
      4. They can go extremely fast into or out of the water.
      Related physics:
      A. They visit and disable nuclear weapons
      B. They can take control of electric systems.
      C. They seem to be affected by strong electric pulses.
      D. Residues: radioactive, angel hair/magnesium, pure Silicon, layered alloys.

      Based on the physics we can assume that they know far more about
      physics than we.
      Probably use advanced LENR technologies. They give some similar physical
      residues, can disable nuclear materials.
      Spontaneous LENR can be found in natural lightning balls.

      To create a sudden acceleration, you need to disable the kinetic mass
      of your structure and passengers. That requires to move it into
      a different subspace. Or surround it with something that disables
      the kinetic mass. Or they project themselves into this physical world
      with some mechanism.
      This also gives the side-effect that it makes the craft stealthy.

      To move fast in/out of water, you need to use a sub-space as well.
      Without it, your craft will create an enormous splash and break apart.

      The greys as described in UFO-abductions, behave more like spirits.
      Mediums can easily contact them.
      They can have a lasting effect on physical bodies, and pull you
      into their horrible nightmares. There are also other types of
      abductions. Certain aliens only seem to affect certain families.

      This is again different from the cattle mutilations, which is more
      robot like. Linda M Howle has some reports of stealth robots that
      have alien origin, that operate on the cattle.
      Separately it may have been part of a harvesting project or a
      terra-forming project. Happens all over the world.

      Combining the mutilations and abductions, gives the impression of a
      parallel world from which the aliens are working.

  20. bool says:

    There is no mention of HCQ or hydroxychloroquine on this first
    Fauci email dump. They claim to be releasing more emails in a ‘roll out’ fashion, but I’m not sure if the order of release is chronological or other.

    If it is chronological, there must be a cover-up, unless Im missing something.

    • bool says:

      yes I was missing one of the two files, the larger “leopold” pdf has 33 instances of “hydroxychloroquine to check out. Not that Im expecting to find anything more interesting than whats already out there, aquarium cleaner drinkers and all.

  21. 1kim says:

    Did anyone see/hear Dr. Jordan B. Peterson’s interview with Yeonmi Park?

  22. bool says:

    Last August 1, Kit Knightly wrote an article showing England had more deaths of non seniors that anywhere else. Since then it has come out that these deaths were likely leaning disabled people.

    I cant make any sense of what happened to them, and fear they may have had some help on some Liverpool Pathway direction.


    • Duck says:

      hmn…. You are prob right. They have a long tradition of offing the mentally disabled over there…going back to the days when they let the windows open and took them on long open air outings so they had plenty of ‘fresh air’ until pneumonia got them

  23. Manasarovar says:

    One of the latest articles of Giorgio Agamben, “Bare life and the vaccine”

    I got the original article in italian but I found a translation here after a quick resarch on the net.


    “What is the figure of bare life that is at issue today in the management of the pandemic? It is not so much the patient who is isolated and treated as never before a patient has been treated in the history of medicine; rather, it is the infected, or – as it is defined with a contradictory formula – the “asymptomatic patient”, that is, something that every man is virtually, even without knowing it. It is not so much health that is at issue, but rather a life that is neither healthy nor sick, which, as such, as potentially pathogenic, can be deprived of its freedoms and subjected to all manner of prohibitions and controls. Virtually all people are, in this sense, asymptomatic patients. The only identity of this life that fluctuates between illness and health is that of being the recipient of the swab and the vaccine, which, like the baptism of a new religion, define the inverted figure of what was once called citizenship. Baptism is no longer indelible, but necessarily provisional and renewable, because the new citizen, who must always show his certificate, no longer has inalienable and undecidable rights, but only obligations that must be constantly decided upon and updated.”

  24. Tobiume says:

    Just a quick note: I checked out Stanley Johnson’s book ‘Life Without Birth’ and it’s perhaps the softest of volumes I’ve read from among those in favor of population control.

  25. Tobiume says:

    I’ve been reading a series of articles by Milosz Matuschek, one of which on the interesting usage of propaganda in the context of CV19. Google translate should help those less versed in the German language: https://miloszmatuschek.substack.com/p/angstpropaganda

  26. Octium says:

    Why is that most (not all) UFO researchers sound like the most obsequious statists you could imagine?

    Prepared to beg like A dog just for a few grainy photos that look like they were taken using a My Little Pony camera on a foggy night.

    Seems like government is all good if you make it sound a bit like Startrek.

    Don’t the Aliens have termite colonies they can study on their home worlds?

  27. Carolus says:

    Hi! I Wanted to know if anyone here as seen this website?

    An exercise, on July 9th 2021


    “Recent years have seen a surge in the number of attacks targeting supply chains. Given the global trend towards the development of ecosystems across the business community, the vulnerability of supply chains has become a growing concern. With that in mind, the central theme of the training this year will be ecosystem security and mitigation of supply chain attacks.”

    By the World Economic Forum.

  28. hugo.c says:

    Dear Community,

    I wish to offer an interesting source of opinion, and a specific video. I am particularly interested in geopolitics as I think that is where the “rubber meets the road”.

    Here is Chris Hedges interviewing Richard Falk on his recent memoir but more importantly on his view of geopolitics. The key quote is the geopolitics operates outside/over international law, and that the construction of the UN deliberately included this (the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council with veto power) to “fix” the League of Nations model.


    Alexander Mercouris is the editor of The Duran (which I’ve never read). I came across him with articles published at Consortium News about the Assange trial and the case of Craig Murray (who is about to be denied an appeal and be jailed for “jig-saw identification”). I have recently discovered that Mercouris publishes video opinion pieces, but he cites his sources, on geopolitics. I have enjoyed adding his opinion to my wider diet including people like our JC, Pepe Escobar and many others. For Mercouris, he often is discussing something which is potentially very important but unreported in the MSM.


    As I have said before do NOT WATCH VIDEOS on youtube. Download them. A good tool is youtube-dl which is available at, you guessed it, https://youtube-dl.org/.

    • hugo.c says:

      Correcting my youtube-dl + Tor analysis:

      I have, on several occassions, posted comments advocating the use of Tor, and particularly youtube-dl + Tor for downloading videos from ThemTube. Whilst this was never “perfect”, I have come to understand a significant weakness in it, and wish to “fess up”. To show this, I need to describe my daily media consumption routine.

      I keep a single file, written in HTML, with the media (and entertainment) sources I repeatedly visit. It currently has 166 link addresses. I start with the national broadcaster of the country in which my family live so that I’m aware of any major national news. I then look at their World News section, to ensure I know that nothing major has happened. I then continue with various alternative media sources, all in print. I like reading, and this is my daily ritual of maintaining my reading and english language skills. Thereafter, I begin to look at video sources, which are almost entirely hosted on ThemTube. All of this is done in the TorBrowser. My HTML file is top down linear.

      We have known for a long time that Google uses unique cookies to identify and track clients across applications, and the TorBrowser has to honour the visibility of same domain cookies across different tabs. Thus, Google/ThemTube knows which pages at youtube are open. And, I tend to open a small collection of youtube channels’ video pages with in a fairly small period of time. Although the “cookie” changes for me from session to session, the sequence of page opens is sufficiently unique to identify me by their machine learning algorithms.

      I spotted this a couple of years ago. I opened a general page to ThemTube and was seeing recommendations, now and then, from my regular news sources. I was puzzled, but didn’t worry. I think that I have now spotted the mechanism. Its not rocket science, and I could easily test this, but cant be bothered. Its obvious.

      In conclusion: downloading vs watching on youtube is always better, using Tor vs not is always better, download + Tor is always better. However, the inconvenience to flood ThemTube with differing and obscure page requests to defeat their machine learning algorithm is not worth it for me. My behaviour allows ThemTube to partially identify me.

      I wish to close with a conclusion of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF, the body that develops and approves internet standards) at a meeting held about 5 months after the “Snowden Revelations”. They decided to “encrypt all the protocols” (add meme gif here). Why? Because they wanted to make bulk surveillance more expensive. Or to put it another way, to force the surveillance groups to choose amongst targets. By using Tor+download I deny ThemTube ad revinue and force them to expend resources to identify me, but identify me they can, and identify me they do.

    • sirach says:

      # you can also use python to download videos from ytube (you have first to install python and install pytube in your python environment (not difficult to figure out for non-programmers but will not detail here – many how-toes online) – here’s the script:

      import pytube

      url_list = []
      # you can add multiple videos to a queue. if you just need one video, use the first line and comment/delete the rest

      for x in url_list:
      url = x
      dld_dir = ‘D:/yt_dld/LiveAction’ # where to download the movies – this folder has to exist on your local computer
      youtube = pytube.YouTube(url)
      # video = youtube.streams.first()
      # or
      video = youtube.streams.get_highest_resolution()
      print (“— done —“)

      • hugo.c says:

        Thanks for the “import pytube” hint.

        Here’s the youtube-dl over Tor command (Tor needs to be running first, or course):

        youtube-dl -4 –proxy socks5:// –format ‘(mp4)[height<=480]’ [URL]

        To explain:

        (youtube-dl) (IPv4 only) (connect “proxy” via Tor) (limit the video file’s geometry) [URL]

  29. sirach says:

    A short letter to “Corbettiers”:
    Because I have to tell someone. A human, a PERSON, has to know this.

    I need another Person to know:

    That I did not say anything: I have witnessed inequity and I did not do anything:

    A guy I knew from school, many years back, whose parents had worked for the communists, is now working for the globalists. 

    He pretends that he does not understand. This is his alibi: he is not technical. But he said he is hard working. Again, his alibi: he is hard working and this is how and why he “succeeded” in life. This is his smokescreen, his “right”, his entitlement.

    And there are myriads like him. It is not just a small percentage, 150 people at the top. It’s not just them. it is how they co-opted so many of us into their crime. 

    it is a “complicity in crime” game – and so many of us, oh, I mean, so many of us, are so gullible to that point that we are excited to be partner in crime. We don’t know what we are doing. We just don’t understand that we are participants in a true crime, with true victims, with real persons, experiencing real, abominable suffering. A real crime syndicate is coercing us, bullying us, persuading us, influencing us, CHANGING us, into becoming complicit in their crimes. 

    Without us becoming complicit, they would not stand a chance. 

    I want to keep it short, will not elaborate much further, other than saying that not saying, not doing, not reacting when you witness inequities (big or small crimes) – is a big problem for us humans. At for myself, the “I don’t judge others” mantra / brainwashing – seemed to have worked. When you see one doing what you think is wrong, (i.e. committing a crime or helping a criminal) – you should tell others and also let that person be aware that he was involved in wrongdoing. When someone is helping foreign powers steal the natural resources of African countries – you should at least make that person aware of what his job actually is about. I did not say anything. Because he is a former colleague. And because I felt unsure about the information I had about his unit’s operations.


    • sirach says:

      btw, if anyone has more info about the European Union Capacity Building Mission in Niger / “EUCAP Sahel Niger”, I would appreciate – I would like to know more about the history and persons involved in forming EU Capacity Building missions and if there is any connection between EU Capacity building missions and older round tables, circle Pinay, or active chatham house/RIIA

  30. Mielia says:

    Gonna look into recommended point 3 and 4

    and gonna share my quick info
    Progressive Governance Digital Summit
    taking place 9-11 June 2021

    (see agenda or read (publications))

    it could be a bit German dominated (apparently the head or most influential organisation for this summit is the German https://www.progressives-zentrum.org/ )
    but it is definitely international with Harvard and EU commission sending a partaking member.

    As I have not read of it here yet and a truther mentioned it, I wanted to share it here.
    Probably not as big as the WEF but probably one of the ideological centers (“progressives”).

  31. Nelson says:

    Start practicing putting your agorism into practice!


  32. CreationPersonified says:

    An observation… People in most every form of media are becoming caricatures of themselves. Society and the “reality” that manifests out of it has definitely jumped the shark.

    Any and every conspiracy idea is likely to surface as The Great Unraveling plays out… As we move forward, trust and truth will continue to be bastardized until the masses are so mixed up they won’t even know that there is a sentient being looking back at them in the mirror.

    It is madness in the making…

    Whatever one needs to do to anchor themselves to a reality worth trusting in, do it. Don’t be the person who adds to the panicked chaos du jour. There are already plenty of those around.

  33. Shaman O'Sanity 2020 says:

    I’m having troubles keeping a sane mindset because I fear that in a 50 to 150 years there will be no humanity. This creates a vacuum where my former biggest hobby was: ‘saving humanity’. I’m prone to use my fear as excuse to perceive current time as the end times where law has become lawless, and all my own boundaries have just disappeared.

    I’m falling in & out of love with humans, and this is sometimes incredibly stressful.

    • hugo.c says:

      Dear Shaman O’Sanity,

      I suggest two balms for this affliction; a wider and a narrower focus.

      On the narrower, talk a walk in a park. Listen to the bird etc.. I was at a bus stop an hour ago and was looking at the ants reclaiming the sugars from an icecream that had melted some days before. But, reclaiming they were, like the vast majority of the most vast collection of life on the planet; the insects.

      On the wider, forget about humans. It would be very sad if the psychopaths that rule us were to engineer our destruction, but fear not about our planet and the life it supports. 4 Billion years of life, but only multicellular for the last 0.6 billion, at most. The “extremophiles” survived “snowball earth” and the cockroaches etc. will survive whatever comes next.

      In the end the planet is screwed. The sun will move into a red giant phase, and Andromeda is going to collide with the Milky Way completely screwing everything. Both the planet and galaxy are to undergo monumental change, over time. Change is eternal.

      If you want to save things, start with yourself. Easy to say, incredibly difficult to do. I say Live Now. “Saving” things is a failed strategy. Just create things and inspire others to create. I recommend gardening and/or cooking as very grounding creative activities. Do whatever works for you.

      Whatever your choices, I wish you nurture and serenity.

      • Shaman O'Sanity 2020 says:

        Hello dear Hugo. Thanks for answering.

        I’m an anarchist, which for me means that as human, I’ve got all the rights to justify my actions even when other people perceive those actions as inhuman. The governments that are comprised with human’s, who rage wars in countries where the UN has ruled they have no jurisdiction. I see this as liberties any human possess too. If actions of a group are making life/living difficult for another group, the groups have the right to fight it out if communications don’t reach desired results.

        The difficulties I’m living with stem from certain group of humans who claim to have ultimate rights to impose their actions on me and see in me the collateral damage which they say is noncircumventable in their professions.

        The actions of society are on the one hand ‘healing’ (like your reply to my initial comment) and ‘continuously damaging my healing process/progress’ on the other. This is why I fall in and out of love with humanity.

        I always look at nature as a well of wellness that holds many things such as means to get different perspectives, mindful contemplations and provides calmness, serenity, and lots more. I’ve always used nature as guidance towards joy and experiencing moments of bliss’. Fellow humans with an enormous difference in social backgrounds are still able to do the same.

        For me however it makes no sense to withhold my anger other towards humans in society who are continuously maiming me, torturing me, and are allowed to do this under the umbrella of society who in spite of my complaints keeps referring to those humans as ‘true healers’ or ‘innocent civilians’ and allow the lies these people while denying me all rights to own truth that exposes their

        My problem isn’t that I don’t want to live peacefully, my problem is I want to maim them too. I will lie about the truth having committed such actions. I will let society protect me by drinking from the holy grail – nobody will judge my behavior as long as I keep the truth hidden in my mind.

        This is how I conclude that even dough humans misbehave en masse, no one has been held accountable for as I perceive ‘societies hurt and pain’ which is incrementally damaging me.

        Ultimately my point is, I will react to this behavior and hopefully still will enjoy societies blessing with all perks just as all humans who became oblivious to certain misbehaviors

        I’m an anarchist and I serve only 1 and many at the same time. Ni Dieu, ni la maître. L’anarchy vaincra !

        I’m going to poor me another cup of coffee, enjoy breakfast and experience serenity strolling through the supermarket buying food, ultimately sitting for a few hours on my chair watching flix on the web while contemplating whether to do or not to…. . I will continue to love and cook in abundance as riding my bike through nature or taking walks in a local parc when I’m older.

        Whatever you may think of me, I am thankful you replied kindly and wish you a wonderful day.
        friendly greetings
        Alain B.

        • Shaman O'Sanity 2020 says:

          Dear moderater, I’ve counted the characters and they are ‘just’ below the 3000 limit, 2998 I believe.

          I’m fully aware of Mr. Corbett’s ‘house rules of conduct’ in the comment section and out of curiosity I’d like to know the reason(s) for applying moderation on my comment above.

          I can agree if this stems from a flag that Mr. Corbett had to put near my account many years ago and if this is why, just letting me know will have my understanding when future comments I make will be held for moderation.

          If reasons are different, I can most certainly agree with them too when I’m aware of which rules these are.

          Sincerely yours
          Alain Bos

        • hugo.c says:

          Alain B,

          I hear your struggle and can only speak of mine. Life is a struggle of deconstructing falsehoods handed down. This is a particular burden for a parent; how to create a secure and loving space for the growth of one’s children and also shield them from the falsehoods proclaimed in society.

          I come back to where to find nurture for your emotional health. This is of critical importance, for it sustains one as one battles these edifices of illusion.

          I think a study of epistimology is useful; what can be known? It grounds one and provides useful fences around the mind’s desire for supremacy.

          Peace be with you.

          • Shaman O'Sanity 2020 says:

            I thank you, Hugo, for recognizing my need to be guided by Epistemology since I see myself trying to use ‘Karl Popper’s 3 worlds’ but without the comfort of guidelines that Epistemology can provide because until you suggested this tool, I was unaware of its existence.

            I will make an effort to study Epistemology by reading a book that explains this further than the brief description I read on the wiki-page. I will now halt my cravings to make any irreversible choices and only allow myself to act within the personality I have nourished for decades. After having acquainted myself with the reasoning Epistemology uses for validating thoughts and/or actions, I hope to either have gained the proper knowledge that can support me in validating my current decisions to have been faulty/wrong rather than ‘okay’.

            There is already an awareness that tells me I’m unwilling, in all my moods, to go any further than claiming the right to react with vengeance. But besides quantifying this border, I’m unable to say from where or why this border seems to be so strong in me. It is not burdening me because I’m not near any edge I can fall off and such still has to be present for making vengeance a serious possibility. I’m still only contemplating my decision to act upon future pain, and I am looking forward to soon be reading about Epistemology.

            I’m still feeling my hart filling itself with pain, hate and soon after replacing the hurt with peace, hope and joy. It’s however not long lasting and perhaps never-ending cycle of bad & good emotions and so it is especially important that I am using a sane mind when choosing a path through. I’m confident Epistemology is the right tool for the situation where so many routes can be planned.

            I hope the rapid changing of emotional status will slow down soon.

            !Gracias singor Hugo, que la paz sea la solución sin necesidad de imponerla con violencia!

            All the best for you too!

  34. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Receving Donated Blood and other permanent changes

    As Del Bigtree pointed out on last Thursday’s show (June 3rd – Episode 218 COVID SCANDALS HIT THE MAINSTREAM), he had a very difficult time locating a place where he could receive non-tainted blood; that is, blood which verifiably did not come from a vaccinated person.

    I think that in the future, we will see all sorts of societal ramifications resulting from the newly Covid vaccinated altered species of humans.

    • tsa696 says:

      yes, that so many fellow clueless people voluntarily take the dose is a calamity on so many levels, including – unexpectedly – blood donations! So if you’ve managed to escape the ‘jab’ and suddenly suffer a medical emergency requiring a blood transfusion, the blood may be contaminated – rendering you right where all the vaccinated are!

      Is there any geographic area where the unvaccinated can take refuge and survive among the like-minded?

  35. pyoneer says:

    Just saw a video about “The mirror project” which is a concerted effort to thwart the propaganda machine powered by the World Economic Forum.
    Would love to hear James Corbetts take on that:



  36. Kelly says:

    This is too frightening to not share.

    FBI subpoenas USA Today for information on readers.

    If you read a specific article in a major news site, you’re on an FBI list now.


  37. David H says:

    Hello everyone,
    James read out an e mail he received recently asking who is “Stanley Johnson” This lead me to do some research on the man, what I found was unsettling, He is yet another eugenicist, but even more un settling was a article I found written by his son Boris Johnson on his own website boris-johnson.com (which I include a link to below) where he writes ” The primary challenge facing our species is the reproduction of our species itself.”
    How do we repel the scourge of these eugenicist’s.
    Article Link:- https://www.boris-johnson.com/2007/10/25/global-population-control/

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Whoa! Good find David!
      …and the comments are interesting.

      October 25, 2007 – Boris Office – 54 Comments
      Global Population Control
      Global over-population is the real issue

      It is a tragic measure of how far the world has changed – and the infinite capacity of modern man for taking offence – that there are no two subjects that can get you more swiftly into political trouble than motherhood and apple pie…

      …As for motherhood – the fertility of the human race – we are getting to the point where you simply can’t discuss it…
      …that single biggest challenge is not global warming. That is a secondary challenge. The primary challenge facing our species is the reproduction of our species itself…

      …How the hell can we witter on about tackling global warming, and reducing consumption, when we are continuing to add so relentlessly to the number of consumers? The answer is politics, and political cowardice.

      There was a time, in the 1960s and 1970s, when people such as my father, Stanley, were becoming interested in demography, and the UN would hold giant conferences on the subject, and it was perfectly respectable to talk about saving the planet by reducing the growth in the number of human beings…

      …All the evidence shows that we can help reduce population growth, and world poverty, by promoting literacy and female emancipation and access to birth control. Isn’t it time politicians stopped being so timid, and started talking about the real number one issue?

    • Mielia says:

      Hi, I have just seen a supposed quote going around by him.
      a quick look at his wiki confirmed: father of Boris Johnson and in the first paragraph World Bank and European commission as well as “…books on environmental and population issues.”

      book title among the list of books below, so quote seemed possible.

      found the book on internet archive, borrowed and checked it out (introduction was offered as reference).

      How it is going around online:

      Action on the population front means somehow trying to slow down or even halt this rate of growth by reducing the number of babies who are born each year. The alternative to this, both pessimists and optimists are agreed, is inevitable. If the number of new births cannot be reduced, the number of deaths each year must increase until the net growth of the world’s population is cut down to a more manageable number. This business of an increase in the death rate is not, of course, attractive. The recipes – which include thermonuclear war, global famine, plague and a newly discovered horror called “ecocatastrophe” are all unpalatable. At the same time, the task of achieving a reduction in the global birth rate (which I call population control for the sake of simplicity) though clearly more death is also a form of population control.

      Action on the population front means somehow trying to slow down or even halt this rate of growth by reducing the number of babies (currently over 120 million) who are born each year. The alternative to this, both pessimists and optimists are agreed, is inevitable. If the number of new births cannot be reduced, the number of deaths each year (currently about 50 million) must increase until the net growth of the world’s population (births minus deaths = at present 70 million annual increase) is cut down to a more manageable number; though, once more, there is a considerable divergence of opinion about what the right number is.
      This business of an increase in the death rate is not, of course, attractive. The recipes – which include thermonuclear war, global famine, plague and a newly discovered horror called “ecocatastrophe” – are all unpalatable.
      At the same time, the task of achieving a reduction in the global birth rate (which I call population control for the sake of simplicity, though clearly more death is also a form of population control) is not an easy one.


      typos/other possible errors all mine

  38. robster says:

    Check out “The Final Refutation of Virology” at https://open.lbry.com/@thecrowhouse:2/bruno:e. A very informative video on the virology hoax. As since long said by Béchamp and many others: “viruses” do not exist in the sense that we are told.

  39. robster says:

    Just came across this treasure trove: https://open.lbry.com/@januszkowalskii1979:e. What a collection!

  40. postal says:


    I found it interesting that back when the news media was trying to scare the bajeebies out of us over the different variants surfacing, that the variants actually coincided with where the Astra vaccines trials were being done. I’m referencing the UK, Brazil, and South Africa variants. It seems they’ve muted that part of the conversation lately, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s because others made the connection.

  41. hugo.c says:

    A month or so ago I made a comment about what is happening in the Ukraine, and above listed Alexander Mercouris’ geopolitical opinion ThemTube channel. Now, they come together.

    Alex’s most recent piece looks at the recent changes to Russia’s financial systems and the divestment of is national wealth fund from US dollar assets:


    The question is what is going on and why?

    The what is not too hard:

    1) Russia has created a national alternative to MasterCard/Visa called Mir. It has also created a parallel to SWIFT. They also going down the digital currency route, though Alex claims that their version is allows exchange between the digital and fiat currencies, which I find interesting.

    2) Yes, the sovereign wealth fund (worth between 100 and 200 billion USD) is divesting from all USD assets, but this is happening via their central bank which is taking those assets and exchanging them for others.

    The why is more interesting, and this is speculation, so make up your own mind.

    Russia is very frustrated with the lack of progress in Ukraine towards the outcomes described in the Minsk agreement. A recent interview of Russia’s special envoy on matters Ukrainian aired on Russian TV shows his utter frustration with France and Germany not even being able to name the parties involved in the Ukraine conflict, even though they are spelled out in the Minsk agreement. The France/Germany problem is they want to name Russia, which is not listed as a party to the conflict, just as the US is not.

    What Alex is asserting is that, amongst other reasons, one can look at the recent divestment from USD, and the financial changes, as preparation for sanctions and potential disconnection from SWIFT. He claims that there is no pressure towards SWIFT disconnection from Europe or the US, but the Russians are talking about it. Why? His thesis is that if no progress is made on the Minsk agreements then Russia will finally acknowledge the independence of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. Thereafter, they will ask for Russian peacekeepers, which Russia will provide. This will blow up in western media as Russia annexing these areas (“Its Crimea all over again!”) and thus sanctions and other responses will occur. Russia is preparing for this, asserts Alex.

    Its a good argument. I would place it in a wider context. The financial preparations do two things. Firstly, they dont think the dollar is a great investment, so thats just financial. Secondly, the financial structural changes give Russia more leeway for other international action, not just the Ukraine. Here I would cite JC’s own work years ago highlighting the importance of the Asian Infrastructure Development Bank, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. I place these developments in that greater construct, rather than just the Ukraine.

    (under 500 words 🙂

  42. robster says:

    This guy seems to have a good grasp on controlled opposition and the “legal” system: https://www.martinvrijland.nl/en/.

    In statism context, also check https://open.lbry.com/Government–The-Biggest-Scam-in-History–Exposed_backup:9.

  43. hugo.c says:

    More ruminations on geopolitics, and particularly the “rules based international order” labeling.

    I recall having a discussion with a friend a few years ago at which point the rise of China, and its alliance with Russia to create the Mackinder nightmare of a unified Asia, was all too obvious. My call was why don’t the US/EU join the ICC and other international organisations to provide the enforcement of international law which the UN cannot? The answer was hubris. But, I think things are changing.

    The Chinese and Russians are being far more assertive, rather than reactionary, in the last 6 months. This I attribute to the coming to fruition of their earlir efforts on financial independence and military capability. They feel emboldened.

    I am worried.

    On the one hand, the US has been a lone gun despotic financial/resource extraction behemoth since the end of WWII (and earlier, see Smedley Butler), and particularly since the dissolution of the USSR. Equally, its centralization of media/narrative control is concerning. However, China’s “Social Credit (Conformity) System” is equally scary. I expect the Russians are just as good as the FBI at infiltrating dissident groups. Thus, what we are seeing emerging is a multi-polar world lead by a collection of repressive powers; all of them.

    Russia and China have been calling the bluff on the US of its “rules based we do what the fuck we want” rubbish and are actually calling for respect of international law and institutions. This is to say, we want international law, and that you cant screw with our national Sovereignty. i.e we get to repress our people how we want, and you can do the same to yours, but cut it with the constant provocations and colour revolutions. This is a potential improvement for people who live in areas which are militarily strategic or possess desired resources (Hi Venezuela, Bolivia, Ukraine, Iran, …). Personally, I think the one potential benefit of this multi-polar world is a more balanced, indeed nuanced, media landscape. Maybe.

    Whilst current hot topics are COVID-1984/”Biosecurity”/Transhumanism etc., I try to focus on older topics like international finance, energy, food/water, weapons technology/military capability and narrative control.

    My thanks to our host and this community for a continued discussion on all of these topics which are almost entirely missing from the dinosaur media’s 24 hour news cycle of shock and distain baby food.

  44. Chadders says:

    Apologies if this has been mentioned before but has anyone ever seen groups of men (supposedly) in full hazmat gear and respirators wandering around the streets spraying some kind of disinfectant around with what look like leaf-blowers? Uncannily there’s usually a photographer or two present at the same time. They tend to gather in groups of 3 or more. For their work to be a success it would take a huge amount of spraying and vast human resources which would probably mean we’ve all seen them at some point… Well I live in London and I’ve never seen a single one. Maybe that’s where we’re going wrong?! Or maybe they only come out at night (except for photo opportunities obvs!):D

  45. HomeRemedySupply says:

    June 6, 2021 – NPR (National Public Radio) – Heard on “All Things Considered”
    A New Type Of COVID-19 Vaccine Could Debut Soon

    A new kind of COVID-19 vaccine could be available as soon as this summer.
    It’s what’s known as a protein subunit vaccine. It works somewhat differently from the current crop of vaccines authorized for use in the U.S. but is based on a well-understood technology and doesn’t require special refrigeration.

    In general, vaccines work by showing people’s immune systems something that looks like the virus but really isn’t. Consider it an advance warning; if the real virus ever turns up, the immune system is ready to try to squelch it.

    In the case of the coronavirus, that “something” is one of the proteins in the virus — the spike protein.
    The vaccines made by Johnson & Johnson, Moderna and Pfizer contain genetic instructions for the spike protein, and it’s up to the cells in our bodies to make the protein itself.

    The first protein subunit COVID-19 vaccine to become available will likely come from the biotech company, Novavax. In contrast to the three vaccines already authorized in the U.S., it contains the spike protein itself — no need to make it, it’s already made — along with an adjuvant that enhances the immune system’s response, to make the vaccine even more protective.

    Protein subunit vaccines made this way have been around for a while. There are vaccines on the market for hepatitis B and pertussis based on this technology.

    A large test of the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine’s effectiveness, conducted in tens of thousands of volunteers in the United States and Mexico, is about to wrap up. Dr. Gregory Glenn, president of research and development for Novavax, told an audience at a recent webinar hosted by the International Society for Vaccines that “we anticipate filing for authorization in the U.K., U.S. and Europe in the third quarter.”

    Turning plants into factories

    To make the virus protein, Novavax uses giant vats of cells grown in the lab. But there’s another way to make the protein: Get plants in a greenhouse to do it.

    That’s the approach being used by the Canadian biotech firm Medicago.

    The plants used are related to the tobacco plant, and have been modified to contain the genetic instructions to make the viral protein.

    The plants do something very valuable — they make a lipid shell that surrounds a bunch of the viral proteins, with the proteins sticking out….[ARTICLE CONTINUES]

    • Fact Checker says:

      Hahaha, they’re recycling this “mutant-tobacco” nonsense they called “Zmapp” during the Zika-virus scamdemic!

      They’re really figuring out how to move some deep inventory out of the clearance shelves with this scamdemic!

    • wylie1 says:

      Oftentimes the Adjuvant is Aluminum.
      A reason never to get a jab of any type.
      Then there are those magneto-fection particles which cause metal items to stick to some folks jab spot.
      What wonderful beneviolence big pharma is.

  46. bool says:

    Im thinking of taking a jab for the team. I already have sudden onset autism/adhd from childhood, and have c-PTSD from a lifetime of narcissistic abuse from my family based on what my educators told them [Im smart but just lazy]

    Of course Im suspicious of my ADHD/ASD being from vax. [would have been early 70s]

    Anyway Im having a gas with the online autism community. mods are forced to read my posts that they would otherwise ignore, and then they go all snaky. There are some good awake posters, but the mod staff is right pleb, Michael Shermer like.

    Well sure part of my motive is passive aggressive revenge against rude plebian mods, but really the point is to redpill.

    I just got back from the doctor for a zoloft refil. I didnt expect much vax issues as its before my turn, but she mentioned a pneumonia jab.

    I thought, hey, if I take this pneumonia jab, it may give my concerns about Covid vax [media pressure to take untested meds] greater weight.

    Then that naturally led to, if I take the Covid vax, it is harder for the ‘sceptics’ to pinhole me as a fanatic.

    I dont care if it makes me sterile, and if its the ladder [rage zombie virus], Ill fight it off better than most.. Cause stalkers kind of thickened my skin these last 7-8 years.. pointy fingered fuckery via moralizing little twerps, bring it on wtf lol

    • bool says:

      oops, not worth my while to complain like that about skin thickening.

      But this post is mostly to clear up that I am not raising shit in the autism community by nonstop talking about vax, Even questioning the UK learning disabled deaths in a conspiratorial tone repels them, to the point their reaction against me has them kind of cheering their own doom.

  47. spider says:

    Here is a good synopsis of what we know so far and the way forward. Reiner Fuellmich is a lawyer fighting against the Covid insanity. Inspiring!


  48. mpei says:

    We are up against professional propaganda psychopaths.
    They know how to convince people via fear and fake science.
    But they do not know what love is, or even what life is.

  49. slurry says:

    Interesting that they’d pick 1984 as an example of changing text for “disinformation”. This came up as a related article when reading the “the future of sense making” report on policy horizons Canada


  50. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Early morning U.S. Time Tuesday June 8th, 2021 – Zero Hedge

    A Number Of Websites Down In Massive Internet Outage

    Update (0736ET): After an hour of websites and apps worldwide went dark, many are coming back online around 0730 ET. The core problem was an “issue” identified on the Fastly CDN (content delivery network) network.

    Popular websites such as Twitch, Pinterest, HBO Max, Hulu, Reddit, Spotify, which Fastly runs a content delivery network to push data around the internet, went down around 0600 ET. With so many websites relying on Fastly’s technology to act as a high-level website and application hosting service to serve millions of users, the internet breaks when their servers go down.

    There are many similarities between this outage and an issue with Cloudflare last year.

    The point here is to have the entire internet rely on a single point of failure like Fastly and Cloudflare could be something hackers may exploit.

    Update (0708ET): Fastly issued a new update that reads: “The issue has been identified and a fix has been applied. Customers may experience increased origin load as global services return.”

    How long until the Russians are blamed?

    [ARTICLE CONTINUES with images and reports]

  51. mkey says:

    Macron got slapped

    Good for him. Ran away like a easily frightened girl.

  52. mkey says:

    Bev Turner speaks the truth about the Covid “vaccine” on “This Morning.”

    Infuriating 2 minutes ahead, weary viewer. Consider yourself warned.

  53. HorseloverFat says:

    Went you renew my vehicle registration today and was met with a state issued digital ID. I have never heard of this, I guess other states are adopting this as well. Here is a link……….


    lol vaccine passport already here just not connected “yet”

    Who is behind the M-id system?

  54. Fact Checker says:


    This is, like, a heartbreaking schism. I listened to WW’s comments on Slow News Day referring to Alison’s alleged accusation of WW as a “blockchain accomplice,” but I can’t find AM’s comment that gave rise to this. However, AM’s twitter feed does not seem to reflect a denial of the allegation that she accused WW of being an “accomplice,” so…I just don’t know what to make of it all. I hope they can find conciliation.

    If it’s true that AM called WW a “blockchain accomplice” just for accepting Bitcoin donations, that is very frustrating, since WW had the balls to consistently criticize Bitcoin on Bitcoin-promoting shows, like Tales from the Crypto. She seems to have just started accepting it out of desperation after getting deplatformed from Patreon. AM can get a little dogmatic about blockchain adoption…

    But I love both of them to death. Anyone else following this?

    • Fact Checker says:

      Nobody here is terribly interested, I guess, but Webb gives a detailed presentation on her position in this unfortunate rift in this new TLAV interview with Ryan C. Maybe Corbetteers will have some interest, since James gets a lot of mentions in the final third of the interview, sort of as persuasive authority on the bad faith exhibited by what appears to be a Sybil Edmonds-centered disruptive astroturf network. sigh…


    • cu.h.j says:

      I hadn’t heard about any feud. I have listened to some of AMs interviews and checked out her website. She’s very well researched and articulate. I notice she seems to show when she’s offended, perhaps because the topics are of such great importance. I might be similarly easily miffed if I had put so much effort in to this type of work.

      Not knowing the details about how blockchain ie bitcoin can be used against us, I can’t really comment intelligently. Monero is an anonymous cryptocurrency that is used on the black market.

      If we have the internet, I think there is place for these technologies. Or perhaps we should do away with the internet and only use physical currencies like gold, silver and other metals.

  55. I very much enjoyed James Delingpole’s recent interview with James Corbett, and it occurred to me that some of the best interviews featuring JC as guest have been conducted by British interviewers, such as Julian Charles, Antonny Rotunno and James Delingpole. The aforementioned gentlemen know how to engage in an intelligent conversation, and crucially also know the art of listening, which is more than I can say of certain others! However, having said that, I will hasten to add that the chats with the guys at Revelations Radio News have also been hugely entertaining, interesting, informative and intriguing. Thank you all!

  56. ChaosNavigator says:

    It emerged via the famous but in mainstream little known Italian study in 2017 with Røngten-Electron Microscopy, that there were extremely exotic metallic substances in ALL vaccines they tested, fx.. iron(which could explain why magnets can stick to the vaccinated person’s injection site).

    The problem was just that the metals were NOT supposed be in the vaccines and that it should not have been revealed. It should be a world sensation and scandal, however, there is nothing in the mainstream about this analysis:

    An excerpt from this article states the purpose of the Italian study from 2017 with 44 vaccines. What the two world-class scientists, Antonietta M Gatti, Stefano Montanari, discovered was aimed at; to verify the presence of solid pollutants using an environmental scanning electron microscope equipped with an X-ray microscopic probe: nanosized metals that should NOT be in the vaccines.

    The results of this study show the presence of micro- and nanoparticles composed of inorganic elements in vaccine samples, which are not declared among the components of the vaccines and whose presence is currently unexplained. ‘Samples not declared among the components.’

    There were metals in ALL of the 44 vaccines they studied (with the exception of one animal vaccine). Think about the implication of this discovery. What exactly were these particles?

    “Some metallic particles made of Tungsten or stainless steel were also identified. Other particles containing Zirconium, Hafnium, Strontium and Aluminum (Vivotif, Meningetec); Tungsten, Nickel, Iron (Priorix, Meningetec); Antimony (Menjugate kit); Chromium (Meningetec); Gold or Gold, Zinc (Infarix Hexa, Repevax), or Platinum, Silver, Bismuth, Iron, Chromium (MMRvaxPro) or Lead,Bismuth (Gardasil) or Cerium (Agrippal S1) were also found. The only Tungsten appears in 8/44 vaccines, while Chromium (alone or in alloy with Iron and Nickel) in 25/44. The investigations revealed that some particles are embedded in a biological substrate, probably proteins, endo-toxins and residues of bacteria. As soon as a particle comes in contact with proteic fluids, a nano-bio-interaction [6] occurs and a “protein corona” is formed [7-10]. The nano-bio-interaction generates a bigger-sized compound that is not biodegradable and can induce adverse effects, since it is not recognized as self by the body.”
    – New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro- and Nanocontamination

    Remember; the two researchers are international researchers, and former senior collaborators with WHO / FAO, etc.

    Their laboratory was subsequently shut down by the authorities in 2018, and all equipment, data, etc. were confiscasted

    “Two italian researchers have found nanoparticles are polluting almost all vaccines. The small size of these particles allow them to enter our cells and have a permanent inflammatory effect. Mrs Gatti was about to testify in parliament enquiry on vaccine damages of italian military courses but both researches have been raided by police and all their material has been taken away.”

    Here is a flashback from 2016 in Nature (the so-called most excellent scientific publication in the world) – to remotely control complex behavior with iron as a crucial marker:

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • ChaosNavigator says:

      Other thought-provoking sources:

      2014: “Numerous synthesis methods have been used to produce magnetic nanoparticles for bioapplications with different sizes and surface charges. …an effective technique for preparing a stable aqueous dispersions of iron oxide nanoparticles.”
      – Super-paramagnetic nanoparticle delivery of DNA vaccine

      2008: Nanorobot Hardware Architecture for Medical Defense

      More crazy stuff:

      This is the article Dr. Lanka was talking about and it refutes the entire assumption of propagated genetic engineering. According to this, there are also no mRNA vaccines that can change the genetic structure of humans. The dangerous thing about the vaccines are the nanoparticles according to Dr. Stefan Lanka.

      This sensational article is published only in German and was translated exclusively for this channel.The genome was considered to be the unchangeable blueprint of the human being, which is determined at the beginning of our life. Science must bid farewell to this idea. In reality, our genetic make-up is in a state of constant change Two years ago, 25 geneticists sat down at the University of California at Berkeley to answer this seemingly simple question: What is a gene? However, the attempt to define the basic concept of their field precisely proved to be extremely difficult.
      – Genetics: Genome in Dissolution

  57. nathalie says:

    Here is the link of the open letter of Geert Vanden Bossche to the World Health Organization warning about current killer vaccines.

    Geert Vanden Bossche, DMV, PhD, independent virologist and vaccine expert, formerly employed at GAVI and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundaton.


  58. ChaosNavigator says:

    It emerged via the famous but in the mainstream overlooked (censored) Italian study in 2017 with Xray-Electron Microscopy, that there were extremely exotic metallic substances in ALL vaccines they tested.

    The problem was just that the metals were NOT supposed be in the vaccines and not supposed to have been revealed. In a sane world this would be a world sensation and scandal, however, there is nothing in the mainstream about this analysis:

    An excerpt from this article states the purpose of the Italian study from 2017 with 44 vaccines. What the two world-class scientists, Antonietta M Gatti, Stefano Montanari, discovered was aimed at; to verify the presence of solid pollutants using an environmental scanning electron microscope equipped with an X-ray microscopic probe: nanosized metals that should NOT be in the vaccines.

    The results of this study show the presence of micro- and nanoparticles composed of inorganic elements in vaccine samples, which are not declared among the components of the vaccines and whose presence is currently unexplained. ‘Samples not declared among the components.’
    There were metals in ALL of the 44 vaccines they studied (with the exception of one animal vaccine). Think about the implication of this discovery. What exactly were these particles?

    “Some metallic particles made of Tungsten or stainless steel were also identified. Other particles containing Zirconium, Hafnium, Strontium and Aluminum (Vivotif, Meningetec); Tungsten, Nickel, Iron (Priorix, Meningetec); Antimony (Menjugate kit); Chromium (Meningetec); Gold or Gold, Zinc (Infarix Hexa, Repevax), or Platinum, Silver, Bismuth, Iron, Chromium (MMRvaxPro) or Lead,Bismuth (Gardasil) or Cerium (Agrippal S1) were also found. The only Tungsten appears in 8/44 vaccines, while Chromium (alone or in alloy with Iron and Nickel) in 25/44. The investigations revealed that some particles are embedded in a biological substrate, probably proteins, endo-toxins and residues of bacteria. As soon as a particle comes in contact with proteic fluids, a nano-bio-interaction [6] occurs and a “protein corona” is formed [7-10]. The nano-bio-interaction generates a bigger-sized compound that is not biodegradable and can induce adverse effects, since it is not recognized as self by the body.”
    – New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro- and Nanocontamination

    Remember; the two researchers are nano-specialists ,international researchers, and former senior collaborators with WHO / FAO, etc.

    Their laboratory was subsequently shut down by the authorities in 2018, and all equipment, data, etc. were confiscasted

    “Two italian researchers have found nanoparticles are polluting almost all vaccines. The small size of these particles allow them to enter our cells and have a permanent inflammatory effect. Mrs Gatti was about to testify in parliament enquiry on vaccine damages of italian military courses but both researches have been raided by police and all their material has been taken away.”

  59. HomeRemedySupply says:

    In case you missed it…
    UPDATE 6/10/2021 (Japan time) by 8Gc58
    “Magnets sticking to the Covid Vaccine Injection arm”


    • ChaosNavigator says:

      Dr. Jane Ruby joined Stew Peters with a horrific revelation regarding the ‘magnetism’ videos circulating the world of social media in self-recorded videos of people sticking metal objects to themselves.

      Grabbed from elsewhere: “All the videos I’ve seen so far talk about MAGNETS sticking to the body where the injection was given. They seem legit.

      But in this video they’ve flipped it. They talk about magnetism being generated within the body after the injection, while it is “metal objects” and “metal items” (not magnets) that stick to the skin. To reinforce this narrative a key and coin are shown sticking to a woman’s face at 7.50 mins.”

      The new thing with metals might be a diversion, a full-fledged phoney Mockingbird 2.0 damage control panic operation to desensitize the public with smoke and mirrors, a diversion from the incontrovertible and undeniable issue of magnets where video testimonies are both far more credible and certainly far more numerous (than metal videos, both in terms of empirical logic and witnesses)

      There seem to be 2 technical tracks regarding Corona: 1) a lesser known track where much exotic nanotechnology and metals are included in vaccines and 2) another far more familiar track which involves the bioweapon theory, spike protein, gain of function. etc.

      Is 1) the bioweapon theory a smokescreen for 2) nano-tech metals in the vaccines? Or are both these technologies involved but separate contents in the vaccines?

      Could this also partly explain why the mRNA vaccines are stored in sub-zero conditions and that the contents of the vials are not magnetic, but become magnetic in body temperature when injected?


      Iron is a crucial component in all the academic papers I linked above in previous comments (vaccines as well as mind control)…where magnets seem to indicate the presence of iron at the injection site….

    • zyxzevn says:

      Are we still doing the magnetic nonsense?
      Did any of you test with paper and tin-foil in between?
      Did any of you check with a compass and verify position and the impedance?

      When can we go back to
      “Vaccines are killing children!”

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        The comments above are from 10 days ago.
        In a variety of interviews with Doctors (such as on The Highwire and other places), they discuss the “charge” of the nano-particle lipid envelope which helps it get into the cell.
        Evidently, the “charge” seems to be “Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles” (SPIONs).
        Paramagnetism has unique properties.

  60. rossum says:

    Wikipedia carries a description of the “fortune teller fraud” as “a centuries old confidence game that victimized the elderly or those with emotional problems”. I would add that it obviously still happens, and victims may also have health issues, even very serious ones.


    Ivor Cummins describes in one of his “viral” videos how political motives might stimulate preserving the reputation of a “solution” in a crisis. I would add that this reaction might happen even if the horn-blower originally had good intentions, and may not have been an unscrupulous charlatan from the start.


    “If there were no governments, who would build the roads? Who would stop crime?” The voluntaryist red pill cures this form of thinking, revealing the true nature of government: a confidence trick carried out by grifters who rely on insecurities, fears and vices to “sell” a “solution”.

    A victim of a confidence trick is never aware of what is happening to him. Unlike robbery, the more subtle arts of theft, swindle and taxation allow its victims to have a comfortable feeling of safety while they’re exploited.

    I’ve been increasingly interested in the topic of virology skepticism. In the past I was held back by thinking: “how could a whole industry be set up to basically steal money from a whole population, for decades, based on blatant fear-inducing lies??” That was back when I still believed in government. The absurd scale, evil and success of such an enterprise should not shock anyone who has taken the red pill, though.

    How can the victim of a confidence trick figure out what’s happening? I guess by questioning yourself, trying to take a look at what’s going on from a different perspective, talking to others, asking for help. But first of all, becoming ready to admit that such a thing might even be possible. Contemplate the possibility.

    Hannah Arendt said the ability to lie is an important human trait, because it allows us to imagine a world different from ours, including for the better.

    Let’s allow ourselves to lie for a brief moment. Let’s lie about our favorite teacher’s virology lessons. Let’s dream up for a short while a world where viruses don’t actually exist, virology is a regrettable delusion, and diseases attributed to viruses actually have other causes and ways to prevent them.

    During this moment I would like to ask this (in-)credulous crowd: what questions do you have about virology and virology skepticism? What are the first thoughts that cross your mind when you think of virology skepticism? What would you like to ask a virology skeptic? How does questioning virology make you feel?

  61. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Monday June 7th, 2021 – LifeSite News
    COVID hospitalizations, deaths for the vaccinated more than triple in one month, CDC reports
    A total of 10,262 SARS-CoV-2 vaccine ‘breakthrough infections’ – defined as coronavirus infections in fully vaccinated people – were reported to the CDC from 46 U.S. states and territories between January 1 and April 30, 2021.

    Deaths and hospitalizations for COVID-19 infection have tripled among the fully vaccinated in the U.S. in the past month.

    Deaths from COVID in those who have been fully vaccinated against the disease increased from 160 as of April 30 to 535 as of June 1, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)…

    …Just days later the CDC website reported that 3,016 patients fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine had developed a “breakthrough infection” and had been hospitalized or died. “Breakthrough” deaths climbed to 535 as of June 1 compared to 160 reported deaths a month earlier…

    …– CDC no longer counting post-vaccine cases –…

    …The health oversight agency added that it would only be counting COVID-19 cases and infections after vaccination that resulted in patients being hospitalized or dying from May 1 onward – discounting almost 90% of cases of vaccine failure.

    The policy leaves a gaping hole in data collection on vaccine effectiveness. What’s more, since only 27% of the reported cases were asymptomatic, it also leaves a bulk of vaccinated people who are symptomatic – more than 60% of reported cases are actually ill with COVID symptoms – who are perhaps unwittingly spreading the disease because they do not suspect themselves of having a COVID infection because they have received their shots. But the CDC is no longer counting them.

    The CDC did not respond to questions about how discounting the majority COVID breakthrough infections might affect analysis of data efficacy.

    Given that the CDC definition of “breakthrough infection” is in “fully vaccinated” individuals, the agency is also discounting cases of COVID infection among those who have only received one dose of vaccine in its statistics….

    [(ADE) Antibody-dependent enhancement is also discussed in the article]

  62. FlyingAxblade says:

    https://youtu.be/-OsJs0FlewY at 1:00:00
    brock walking beats
    for you brock

  63. FlyingAxblade says:

    bark bark says my dog thanks

  64. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Anthony Fauci says:
    “Science and the Truth are being attacked.”
    “Attacks on me are attacks on Science.”

    He adds: “You have to be asleep not to see that.”

    One minute video via TWITTER

    • Fact Checker says:

      I AM SCIENCE!!!!!!!

      –Dark Lord Fausti

    • mkey says:

      Who was it that said

      I am the state

      ? Must have been another champion of humanity.

    • Octium says:

      “An attack on me is an attack on Tweety Pie” – Sylvester

      I thought I saw a mad scientist- I did! I did!!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      In my opinion, this video reveals in Fauci’s own words that he is a true PSYCHOPATH.
      The sociopathic/psychopathic characteristics are right there in his statements.

      Fauci can’t be wrong.
      He is supreme above all others, and should dominate others.
      Absolutely no empathy for human casualties, because the Fauci agenda must go on…(The Fauci agenda is the truth, the true way forward.)

  65. stephen says:

    I don’t know if this is a Questions for Corbett forum or not, but I’ll put it out there as such regardless. For starters, I was reminded of the Leon Uris novel “A God in Ruins” which features a Bill Gates amalgamation archetype who runs (spoiler alert) unsuccessfully for the U.S. Presidency. I was listening to James’ latest Biodigital Convergence and the Coronavirus Investigative Committee discussion and was reminded of this with the Gates-related talk. Might be something to consider for Film, literature and the NWO segment.

    Another matter which I am interested in is the overlap of alternative media personalities in the 2020’s. I would probably place James or the Corbett Report in the libertarian (voluntary anarchism, whatever) camp politically, with a heavy emphasis on the conspiratorial worldview. This puts James/the CR in league with FreemanTV, the Higherside Chats, etc., despite those programs going more into the esoteric realms and deeper conspiracy speculation than I think the facts-driven Corbett Report does. I also was influenced by 4chan culture and /pol/, specifically, since I migrated over there with the Wikileaks document dumps circa John Podesta’s e-mails, Pizzagate, and the HRC presidential run, etc. I was impressed and convinced with many of the arguments and narratives of the burgeoning alt-right scene as it was developing, and am still in those circles with regards to my attention and support (therightstuff.biz, Red Ice, /pol/ culture etc.). I would like to see some of the Corbett-tier or conspiracy personalities and shows converge with the alt-right audience(s) through their media personalities and programs. Due to the alt-right’s disdain for global Zionism and harsh, their pointed criticism of Jews and their racism-based (Whites preferential) ideology and cultural preference, however, perhaps this is too much to ask, despite us being on the verge of having ‘a fake alien invasion so the Antichrist can assume control of the global government(s)’.

    Perhaps new media platforms and personalities within the alternative media spheres are going to have to take up this mantle, because I think it would behoove the audiences of these adjacent, but still disparate camps to hear or be exposed to the messaging and arguments of these respective personalities and media/channel platforms. I’d love to hear Tom Horn of SkyWatchTV (highly Christian Zionist, btw) go on The Daily Shoah, for example; or James Corbett to return to Red Ice (or vice versa) and discuss worldviews and current events, trends and predictions. Perhaps there is financial considerations here, in that the already struggling independent media personalities might jeopardize their income through donations should they associate themselves with racists and anti-Semites. Still, I think the notion of audience overlap and the expansion of ideas is or would be a good thing and mutually beneficial.

    • hugo.c says:


      In summary, yes. For example the Boogaloo Boys providing security for BLM protesters. These temporary alliances of protest movements annoy the powerful a bit, but what they really fear are major, long lasting alliances.

      I’m going to use terms that I detest, because its all too “generalized”, but there is a pattern here. The consservative/right, especially the financially backed right, want power. They will thus hold their noses at christian fascists, neo-nazis etc. if the alliance will get them into power. The left has an aversion to concentrated power, and wants to decentralise it, acknowledging the voices of all, and temporarily aligning on issues upon which they agree. HUGE generalization, but I feel a truth behind it.

      But, there are other ways too. I suggest you look into Ralph Nader, if you have not. He’s basically a conservative, but wants to revert the perversion of the principles of the US constitution and law. To revert he recommends broad political alignment. The US populace is divided on very minor issues like abortion. The bigger issues get no truck, deliberately, because they can form broad alliances.

      Thus, I think you are correct to call for better conversation and agreement on relevant issues between the “left” and “right”. Free speech is a classic. Everyone believes in it, but its chucked out the window whenever anyone begins to lead a powerful challenge to the status quo; they “chuck it out” by assassination, smearing, lawfare or whatever tactic works. See JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcom X, Assange, Donziger, etc etc etc.

      I also caution: be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.


  66. John Blaid says:

    In this article I present information that refutes the existence of the SARS-CoV-2 “virus” but it also include information that challenge all alleged “viruses”. I don’t expect people to go through it all because this has taken me over a year to research. I will continue to update this article as my research continues so I would recommend people to bookmark it.

    Notice: I am not saying that nobody has died or fallen ill, what I am saying is that the CAUSE is NOT the “virus”. I am also fully aware of articles claiming isolation but none of those articles have done an isolation according to the definition(the separation from everything else). The problems of those claims are being discussed more in detail in the research material below.

    As of June 6, 2021: 69 institutions and offices in 20 countries/jurisdictions have responded thus far, and none have provided or cited any record describing “SARS-COV-2” isolation/purification.

    • mkey says:

      Thanks for your dilligent work. Did you maybe, some 8 to 12 months back, write an article titled something like “those who arw about to wake up we salute you” in which the author goes into detail about how it’s exceedingly difficult to open one’s eyes during these times? I remeber reading that and somehow I remember that you wrote it, but couldn’t find it on your sites.

  67. anon says:

    I would like to change gears, away from the obvious topics imprinted into our consciousness by the mainstream media. I would like to see bitcoin covered in this summer.

    From all the issues presented here, it can be always nailed down to the monetary system. While the “elites” do not drive for more money only, they drive towards more power and control. And surely, money is the best tool for that. Actually, our current model of money was ‘invented’ for that reason. However, we have the power to decide for which money to use. Trade is in fact equal to free speech.

    Now, bitcoin has the inherent design to stop the Cantillon effect. Furthermore, it can not be confiscated, it is truly fungible and a perfect store of value. Never in the human history these things were all combined in one entity and available to all humans.

    In other words, it gives us the power back. Indeed, it makes me relentlessly optimistic regarding the future.
    The only drawback that I see at the moment is, that many (‘older’) people are afraid of this new technology; while they do not really understand it. Also the mainstream media is focusing on that ignorance and trigger fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD, e.g. energy consumption), in order to stop the inevitable.

    • Fact Checker says:

      Below is a brilliant comment submitted by a commenter going by “programmer” on the Gold, Goats & Guns Blog at https://tomluongo.me/2021/05/05/bitcoin-not-a-real-truck/ ):

      What if BTC was actually created and run by Ai ?
      Just another Algo for humans to project their fiction into.
      Like, a human created it, but nobody knows them. Smells memey and a lot like a narrative. Humans love to be mind controlled into both, have you noticed?

      There are only 4 humans alive with the programming skills needed to code the mining algo, alone. They did not code it. Sorry, no invisible Japonese guy exists and if he did he was/is not smart enough to even code the Gossip that eliminates double ledger transactions that made it all possible. (digital ledgers are not new)

      So, then what you are watching is the Ai become the richest “entity” in the world. Since nobody will ever meet Mr. Bitcoin, I guess staring at a screen will have to suffice. And then kick in the “faith”, that invisible human pyschology uses to fill the void of ignorance so everyone can get through the day….

      What will the “richest entity” in the world do with all the “currency” that humans worship without understanding? Only the coders know.

      That is the real question. The Banksters are just dumb stooges and speed bumps along the way.

      That is why transacting with something physical is the only way to stay human. Assuming that is what you want. You already have to find a way to ditch being a Cyborg. Good luck if you choose biology over technocracy. The Ai can out think you 10,000/1.

      Just a message from the Ether to ponder.
      To get to the point: If you don’t code, then you ARE the program.

      • anon says:

        Thank you for your reply – though rather long and not in your own words 🙁

        I will not be able to explain everything in detail here, because I don’t think this is the right forum. But let me try to comment on some points.

        ‘There are only 4 humans alive with the programming skills needed to code the mining algo, alone…’
        This paragraph is actually not correct on so many layers. First, an acronym is not a link to the inventor(s). In the white paper you will also find the history of bitcoin. And yet, how cares where it originated from? You can go and check the code, and it tells you openly and exactly what’s going on. There are no secrets. I agree that this is not so straight forward, however, please don’t forget the community behind bitcoin. Check Github. Due to the intrinsic growing value, I think it is even the most checked and attacked code in human history.

        ‘So, then what you are watching is the Ai become the richest “entity” in the world…’
        I do not really understand or identify a sound argument in the following paragraphs – sorry (maybe the comment is out of context). However, due to the fact that bitcoin is open source, you can see everything. Again, where is the secret? Last but not least, please compare it to fiat money. I think that people do not understand the impact of using fiat at all. It causes all kind of problems; name them: oil (petrodollar), wars (dollars are backed by guns), pollution (imagine how many resources are wasted by the (US) military).

        ‘That is why transacting with something physical is the only way to stay human.’
        No, this brings us back to the middle age. If you have gold and I have a gun; what do I have in the end (assuming that I am a bad person)? I guess you know the answer: A gun and gold 😛
        Your bitcoin assets can be stored in 12 simple words. No one can take those words from your head, unless you give them away. And you can even have millions and millions of different bitcoin addresses with different values. No one can trace them to you when you take care of your privacy. In the end, bitcoin gives you full control and you will have to take care by yourself; nobody to be blamed, except you!

        So yes, you will have to learn the code. Or in other words (and yet the same meaning): You will have to learn how it works.

        Last but not least, I like your skepticism. Keep it.
        But don’t leave it wasted. Go and check the code. Learn how it works. And if you find something wrong, mark, fix and share it. In the end, it is just math.

        • Fact Checker says:

          I don’t have an extra lifetime lying around to learn code.

          I think it’s safer and more economical just not to trust computers.

          “No one can trace [bitcoin assets] to you when you take care of your privacy. In the end, bitcoin gives you full control…”

          Well, the government is certainly saying that they can: https://twitter.com/AP/status/1401984454353199105?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1401984454353199105%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Foff-guardian.org%2F2021%2F06%2F08%2Fdiscuss-msm-experiences-global-internet-outage%2F

          “BREAKING: A law enforcement official says U.S. officials have seized millions of dollars in cryptocurrency paid as ransom after the Colonial Pipeline hack.”

          I think it’s a safer bet that the government can seize any crypto it wants, than that this “open code” will protect my precious virtual tokens from all threats….

          • anon says:

            Well, my previous statement was indeed correct. Those criminals did not take control and shared their private keys. Of course you can be tracked if you share your unique private keys. That should be basic knowledge.
            The real world parable is: You send a blackmail letter to someone and include your address. Well the police will have no problem finding you 😀

            Sadly this “news” is another FUD.

            Regarding ‘trust computers’:
            Well, why do you trust cars? Why do you trust your computer? See, that statement is not really helpful. As I said, people will have to learn new technology simply because it can not be undone once invented (e.g. industrial revolution; surely also the ‘invention’ of the wheel or even fire). And surely technology can be used in both ways – good and bad. We have to actively engage into it and take care that it is used in a good way (open source). Otherwise everything will be used against us. It is and remains a constant fight. Same applies to Bitcoin.

            Lets see when James Corbett will dig down the bitcoin rabbit hole. 🙂

  68. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Don’t miss this 3 1/2 minute Video !!!

    “The Marvel Demonstration: Avengers Campus” (via Joshua_Coleman)
    On June 4th at Disneyland, The Avengers took to the streets to bring a message about vaccines to the masked, sleep-walking masses.
    Be sure to catch the super-power levitation of the message at the end.

  69. mkey says:

    Unsolicited medical advice from Channel 9


    • mkey says:

      I hit the submit button way to soon. Now, THIS is disgusting.

      Folks, the Delta variant — a highly infectious COVID-19 strain — is spreading rapidly among young people between 12 and 20 years old in the U.K. If you’re young and haven’t gotten your shot yet, it really is time. It’s the best way to protect yourself and those you love.


      Don’t read twatters below, just don’t.

  70. WalkWithVan says:


    Looks like you got a lot of good advice above:

    My suggestion is to back up and look at the CORE or Foundation of our problem, in other words, how did we get here.

    I think we were led astray a long time ago by the evil of John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie and how they changed, manipulated and controlled the not just the healthcare system but our educational system with building libraries and putting the books THEY wanted into them, creating the first teacher pension systems and in Carnegies case, giving pipe organs to churches worldwide (this is ironic in that Carnegie was an atheist and he gave grant money to THOUSANDS of churches for these pipe organs.

    I’d review some interviews and books I’m sure you’re familiar with :

    1. John Taylor Gatto. This is an important interview of a former award winning teacher….on how screwed up the educational system is.

    2.Manly P. Hall’s “The Secret Destiny of America

    3. “Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder (Incerto) Paperback – January 28, 2014
    by Nassim Nicholas Nicholas Taleb (Author)
    This book is volume three in the author’s Incerto series, following Fooled by Randomness and The Black Swan . It continues to explore the themes of randomness, risk, and the design of systems: physical, economic, financial, and social, which perform well in the face of uncertainty and infrequent events with large consequences. He begins by posing the deceptively simple question, “What is the antonym of ‘fragile’?”

    After thinking for a few moments, most people will answer with “robust” or one of its synonyms such as “sturdy”, “tough”, or “rugged”. But think about it a bit more: does a robust object or system actually behave in the opposite way to a fragile one? Consider a teacup made of fine china. It is fragile—if subjected to more than a very limited amount of force or acceleration, it will smash into bits. It is fragile because application of such an external stimulus, for example by dropping it on the floor, will dramatically degrade its value for the purposes for which it was created (you can’t drink tea from a handful of sherds, and they don’t look good sitting on the shelf). Now consider a teacup made of stainless steel. It is far more robust: you can drop it from ten kilometres onto a concrete slab and, while it may be slightly dented, it will still work fine and look OK, maybe even acquiring a little character from the adventure. But is this really the opposite of fragility? The china teacup was degraded by the impact, while the stainless steel one was not. But are there objects and systems which improve as a result of random events: uncertainty, risk, stressors, volatility, adventure, and the slings and arrows of existence in the real world? Such a system would not be robust, but would be genuinely “anti-fragile” (which I will subsequently write without the hyphen, as does the author): it welcomes these perturbations, and may even require them in order to function well or at all.

  71. Steve Smith says:

    I have a question that has nothing to do with anything important but I am hoping someone here can help me.
    When I first started purposely avoiding gootube because of it’s censorship. I began using Bitchute. Then it was using discord for comments and there was a way to be notified if someone replied to a comment. Nowadays I am able to comment on videos but there doesn’t seem to be a way to determine when someone has replied except to remember to go to the video and check oneself. Or am I missing something really obvious.
    Which seems to be happening more often these days.
    The same situation seems to apply on Odysee. Can post but don’t know of any way to be notified.

    I can’t tell what the hell is going on with BrandNewTube since it autonomously changed it language into Dutch or something and I can’t read anything anymore. I am still able to watch Vernon Coleman’s videos there though. I comment there sometimes too.
    Its hard to imagine that they would have systems where nobody is notified of replies but hey, maybe it the latest thing.
    Probably something to do with boomerism.

    And an entirely different thought which sorta tangentially ties in with current life.
    I was telling an old friend, younger than me but still pretty old, about my new Acuacure machine, my very limited experience with it so far and it’s purported benefits yesterday and he made the comment “If it did everything they say it does then everybody would be using it “. Or something to that effect. I immediately challenged that notion based solely on my experience with the purchase and use of the machine.
    I have told numerous people that I know who are certainly more physically compromised than I am about it and none of them are even interested enough to click on a couple of sites and do a little reading. Their trust in and loyalty to the establishment is so strong that they can’t even bring themselves to extend the tiniest bit of hope or faith in anything that doesn’t come from federally approved, licensed sources via the boob toob.
    Unless someone has lost their trust and faith in something, it doesn’t seem as though they are very willing to consider alternatives.
    And it struck me that that is precisely why they don’t listen to me when I talk about anarchy. No matter how I couch it. No matter how many points they concede. They always avoid coming to the logical conclusion.
    Nod, smile and then pretend that you haven’t heard anything.

  72. RickMcCarthy says:

    Hello, James.

    An observation on the etymology of “coronavirus” and it’s occult significance which I sense seems to fit with the M.O. of past staged events (specifically 911). “Corona” or “crown” first given to name the electronoscopy image of the common cold virus in 1967 because of it’s “… club-shaped spikes that stud the surface… that give the appearance of a radiate crown” harken back to Helios, the Roman sun god. Throughout history, various sun gods were loved as they were the representation of the sun which gives life to all living things on Earth.

    I find the symbology interesting that the “Corona Virus,” the crowned or “King of Viruses,” might be used as a transformative agent to usher in a new age for humanity while demonizing the very thing which gives life and light (the sun). It might be profitable to see if anyone has further delved into the inverted, occult significance and the sad irony that the elites may be trying to destroy all of humanity and creation using a most benign and impotent tool: the common cold.

    Remain well,
    Rick McCarthy


  73. Manasarovar says:

    Hi James,
    I was watching again the episode “What is sustainable development?”


    A fundamental one in my opinion.
    There is a link in the show notes which points to a very important article about WWF, World Wide Fraud.

    Same link in “Why big oil conquered the world”, when you talk about the aborigines of Palawan Island.

    The link seems to be broken:

    I found the article on archive.is
    Here is the link if you want to replace the old ones.


  74. JP Sears directs people to corbettreport.com in his latest video.


    Watch the full video if you have time. It’s good.

    • Fact Checker says:

      Pretty good. The montage of Creepy Uncle Joe creeping was…well…pure America.

      Too bad about the “Trump was right all along” line.
      And his mispronunciation of “Corbett”–which seems to suggest he didn’t actually watch the films at all, since each one begins with a proper pronunciation of the name.

      Also too bad about the fact that to watch it, you get assaulted at the beginning and end with autoplayed propaganda of feral genderbent wokefreaks jibberjabbering menacingly at the camera.

      • “And his mispronunciation of “Corbett”–which seems to suggest he didn’t actually watch the films at all, since each one begins with a proper pronunciation of the name.”

        • Knowing him, I’d say it’s a near certainty that he watched it if he’s recommending it.

        • Not sure what you mean about the pronunciation. If you’re referring to it being too clear & drawn out, that’s to increase the odds of listeners hearing it correctly and spelling it correctly. That’s actually exactly how I pronounce it when recommending corbett to people.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      6:00 minute mark
      “…trustworthy Bill. I can’t imagine anything that could go wrong with that given that his tightly controlled public image never lets you see the trail of blood he leaves behind him. Speaking of which, if you want to see an expose on him that he doesn’t control, go to corbettreport.com and type in Bill Gates and watch the full documentary. I think you’ll like it. It’s become my favorite horror film.”

      From June 10, 2021 AwakenWithJP
      Fauci Is Innocent! Biden Isn’t Creepy – Breaking News!

  75. elise says:

    It’s reached 110F here in Tucson, Arizona and we’re in what’s being called an historic drought. It’s a fabricated drought, of course. Gardens are dormant, mostly, in such intense heat. Water isn’t rationed here, though, not yet.
    It’s irrefutable that we’re being picked off, like so many bugs, on many fronts. And it’s becoming more and more obvious that it’s not just us on the kill list, but all of life.
    Of all the omnicidal campaigns currently running, geoengineering is arguably the most insidious.
    Many on these threads are very articulate, especially Mr. Corbett, obviously. Please, all, speak out and/or expose HAARP, along with the spraying of stratospheric nano-aerosols, as documented on https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org

  76. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Adverse Vaccine Reactions by many people – Anecdote

    Shortly after the 28 minute mark during this interview with Brittany Galvin, she starts describing how very common adverse vaccine reactions seem to be. Many in the medical community are witnessing this.
    This aspect of the interview really put a light on it. We all know that the media will not report on how prevalent these adverse reactions are.

    June 8th, 2021 – “Health Freedom for Humanity” YouTube Channel
    Magnetism and Reactions
    (47 minutes)

    Brittany Galvin’s social media pages are filled with blurred out posts with banners that say “misinformation,” “missing context,” and “misleading.” All of her posts are recent videos she’s filmed documenting her real, lived experience post-Moderna shot. How can they possibly label her videos in this way if she’s simply documenting her experience?

    In this video Brittany describes her experience with injury as well as a strange magnetism phenomenon that is making its rounds on social media platforms.

  77. HomeRemedySupply says:

    June 10, 2021 – Money Metals News Service
    Congressman Presses Secretary Yellen for Disclosure of U.S. Gold Activities

    Washington, DC (June 10, 2021) – As foreign governments reportedly accumulate gold and de-dollarize their sovereign wealth funds, a Republican congressman is asking tough questions of the U.S. Treasury about its secretive gold activities.

    Representative Alex Mooney (R-WV) – sponsor of the Gold Reserve Transparency Act of 2021 (H.R. 3526) to require the first true audit of America’s gold in decades – wrote to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen this week requesting detailed information about the U.S. gold holdings delegated to the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund and posed other questions.

    From Rep. Mooney’s letter:[LINKED pdf]
    …At the current time, what amount of U.S. gold holdings is vaulted at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (or by the Federal Reserve using other depositories)?
    Also, has this gold been recently audited, assayed, and/or inventoried?
    If so, please provide me with a copy of any relevant reports.

    For what purpose(s) is United States gold bullion stored at the Federal Reserve?…

    …Is the U.S.-owned gold stored at the Federal Reserve held in a physically segregated manner from the holdings of other nations?…

    … At present, how many ounces of U.S.-owned gold are in the possession of the IMF or pledged to the IMF – and where is that gold kept?
    Also, please describe the purpose and nature of this arrangement as well as what oversight procedures are in place.

    How much U.S.-owned gold is in the possession of and/or used by the Exchange Stabilization Fund as part of its activities?
    What is the purpose and nature of the ESF’s gold activities?

    Please provide details as to what U.S.-owned gold is currently pledged, swapped, leased, or otherwise encumbered – and for what purposes – including, but not limited to, arrangements involving the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), World Bank, IMF, and other financial institutions, foreign or domestic…

    …To address these concerns, H.R. 3526 also requires a full accounting of any and all sales, purchases, disbursements, or receipts, a full accounting of any and all encumbrances, including due to lease, swap, or similar transactions presently in existence or entered into in the past 15 years, and an analysis of the sufficiency of the measures taken to ensure the physical security of such reserves.

    To fulfill its obligations under the Gold Reserve Transparency Act, Government Accountability Office auditors would gain access to any depository or other public or private depositories where reserves are kept as well as related records….

  78. hugo.c says:

    Dear Community,

    I have finally done what James suggested some years ago, and started a blog.

    I offer you my first major article which hides behind the upcoming Biden/Putin silliness and does a dive into how I view modern geopolitics.

    2000 words, or thereabouts. So, long-ish.


    I am proud to announce there are 3 links to James’ work; one under James’ name to this site and the other two being Smedley Butler and James’ op-ed on BRI back in 2017. For BRI is where this geopolitical analysis ends up, along with a few clangers along the way.

    If you dont like making comments at substack (I dont, its a fucking surveillance machine), I’ll follow anything replied here.

    Finally, thanks, James, for the suggestion, and I’m glad to have begun.

    I can already see improvements 🙂

    • hugo.c says:

      Sorry for the self promotion spam, but I did “the thing”. ie. added lots of links and then did the James Corbett thing and published them all at the end under “Sources Linked”. So, I am learning about the publication process.

      Learning from my tutor, as it were.

      Whatever you want to say you can find a link that relates to it somewhere, but as our Eric Blair warned, not all links are equal. Nonetheless, I am happy with sources all over the damn place. Interestingly the UN’s site provides a useful story for its history (and thus its my sourse), but the World Bank wobbles on about how wonderful they are but tells us nothing (thus, Britannica is the source). This is an interesting education IN ITSELF.

      I’m working on a variant of “Godwin’s Law” (the one about arguments on-line descending into hitler this-and-that and the conversation being derailed). I think it should be called the Whistleblower law: any longstanding organisation that does not provide a short to mid length *accurate* history of itself on its website should become a target for scrutiny.

      The evolution continues.

  79. Steve Smith says:

    As a longtime blood donor, (but not since the pandemic began), I was wondering about the status of donations and the use of them since the madness began.
    I am old enough to remember the big controversy about donated blood back in the AIDS psyop. I seem to recall being asked embarrassing questions every visit before they would deign to accept the blood from my veins about whether I have traveled to countries in Africa or have had sex with other men. Even once!

    It seems that things are different these days. I guess experimental gene altering injections that are causing a lot of negative side effects, including blood clotting and heart inflammation are not concerning enough to even warrant segregating the blood of those who have received the concoctions from those who haven’t.


  80. robster says:

    In context of https://www.corbettreport.com/convergence/, watch Sweet Tooth on netflix. The transhumanist propaganda drips from the screen.

  81. Fact Checker says:


    I have been obsessed with a MAG Bitter Truth on Bitchute, but most of his videos, for me, have a video freeze about halfway through, and the audio plays through but the picture sticks. Anyone else have this issue on Bitchute, and figure out a solution?

    For instance, this clip (which is hilarious and awesome, btw) freezes at about 12 min. no matter how many times I refresh or clear the cache. https://www.bitchute.com/video/Z78sBvbk6Bd7/

    Any seasoned Bitchuters with help?

    • mkey says:

      Streamed for me past the 12 minute mark. Try downloading the video, that should “fix” it. It’s probably a general streaming issue that may depend on the server load and routing.

      • Fact Checker says:

        Thanks for the response!
        It’s definitely a device issue for me–I used a desktop that I almost never use for anything, and it played all the way through.

        I haven’t downloaded from Bitchute before. Can that be done without registering or logging in? (I try to reduce my online footprint as much as possible by almost never registering for anything. This site is an exception only because I think it is the single most important site on the web.)

  82. travis.h.bray says:

    Is a “Climate Lockdown” on the Horizon? by Kit Knightley by way of GlobalResearch.CA


    “In short: an economist who works for the WHO has written a report concerning “climate lockdowns”, which has been published by both a Gates+Soros backed NGO AND a group representing almost every bank, oil company and tech giant on the planet.”

  83. candlelight says:

    Just thought I’d link this most sobering discussion concerning, among other things, the short term and potential long term, severe adverse effects of Covid vaccines, the medical establishment’s suppression of alternate medicines, the silencing of alternate voices opposed to mainstream propaganda, etc.

    This is certainly not altogether new to those who follow this website, though there are some harrowing charts I’ve never seen before that show where in the body the vaccine’s lipid particles (nano-particles)migrate within 48 hours of injection – primarily ovaries and bone marrow. The implications are horrific.

    This is an extraordinary discussion among three distinguished individuals who would like nothing better than to halt this unprecedented and disastrous global experiment.


    • mutig says:

      “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s community standards.”

      But Sherri Tenpenny and Andrew Wakefield explain the science behind the vaccines more clearly than just about anyone. I’m not sure why this is still on Youtube. (Discussion of the vaccines begins about 12:50)


      Here Catherine Austin Fitts interviews Sherri Tenpenny:


    • pearl says:

      I’ve gotten in the habit of downloading videos as soon as I come across something like this. Glad I did before youtube scrubbed it. Even so, it’s on Bitchute as well. Thanks Candlelight.


      • cu.h.j says:

        This was pretty good, but both of two of the guests got “vaccinated” and that was disappointing to be honest. I don’t understand why people are taking this drug. I guess because they are greater than 60years old and maybe they feel like they can take the risk, but still.

        Are people that paranoid about this if they are in good health? I guess they are. I shouldn’t even ask that because I know the answer. People at my work in the hospital are extremely paranoid about Covid even if they are in good health. I think people are either germaphobic or they are not. I happen to not be a germaphobe and think if you work in health care, should probably also not be a germaphobe because it will impair your judgment.

        Having said that, there is some very good information in this video. I just felt like two of the doctors who got “vaccinated” discredited themselves by doing so. Bret Weinstein is obviously wisest because he’s taking the Ivermectin, but why even take it if you are around people without symptoms? It’s a waste in my opinion.

        Do asymptomatic people really transmit Covid? And to what extent? I have been pickled in Covid for over a year and haven’t even had a cold this entire year (but I rarely get one anyway) and am not in pristine health. But these relatively healthy people had to have all these qualifying statements in the beginning like we need to be so overly concerned about Covid, it was a detractor a bit for me, to be honest.

        But otherwise very good information if you can overcome that.

        • pearl says:

          I cringed the entire first ten minutes and guffawed at the solutions to save the world. But for the normie who’s contemplating the vaccine, this mainstream conversation is a valuable one.

          Having said that, I live with germaphobes and believe this talk would justify their fears – like crack to addicts. For such, Dr. Yeadon is the better voice of reason.

        • mkey says:

          There are mothers who don’t reconsider the second shot after a child in the immediate circle got bad really side effects or died (most probably) from the “vaccine”.

          This was recently scrubbed from twatter.

          • cu.h.j says:

            Did you notice her closing statement/tweet that she would still have her child vaccinated even though her nephew died?

            That’s insane! What kind of parent would do this to their child. I was vaccinated for MMR as a kid and got the polio vaccine like most kids born in the 70s, but these vaccines had been out for a long time. My mom told me she was hesitant but in the end trusted the doctors. She also didn’t know about adverse reactions at the time.

            But once you have a death in the family caused by a vaccine, wouldn’t that be cause for concern?

            I think some people are so concerned about what other people will think and say about them, that they are an “anti-vaxxer” or “anti-science” that they would risk their lives and the lives of their loved ones. That’s incredible and baffling to me.

            • cu.h.j says:

              I have very little sympathy for people who care more about what other people think of them than for their own freedom and health. I also have little sympathy for people who risk the lives of their children to preserve their own reputation and status. Those are not the kind of people I would risk my life to save.

  84. mkey says:

    Fox 26 Reporter Ivory Hecker Releases Tape of Bosses; Sounds Alarm on ‘Corruption’ & ‘Censorship’

    Another one bites the dust.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Here she is LIVE on Houston TV the day before. She tells the live audience that FOX NEWS Corporation censors information from the viewers.
      (It is hot and humid in Texas, and especially Houston is humidly hot. Power outages occasionally occur with the A/C demand.)

      Fox 26 TV Reporter Ivory Hecker Informs Network LIVE ON AIR She’s Blowing The Whistle On Them
      (40 seconds)

    • Fact Checker says:

      Everything she says is vague, noncommittal, and generic. “The viewers are being deceived about certain things that are going on”. Wow. Bombshell. [/SARC!!!!] “There’s a Narrative. In some stories.” What a smoking gun.

      The only “content” is this race-baiting description of race-sensitive editorial decisions. Wow big whoop. Next she’s going to “expose” that Hollywood movies have target demographics, I suppose. What a scandal.

      “Hydroxychloroquine”? Yawn. “Corporate values are above viewer interests.” Grab your pitchforks, fellow peasants.

      “Ivory Hecker is embarking on a career in independent journalism!” Classic limited hangout/sheep-dipping pageant. The only thing we don’t know is what silly, fake-alternative engineered narrative she is being set up to act as Pied Piper for. Time will tell, but I suspect it won’t take long.

  85. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I wanna buy those kids some ice cream. This video will probably get some mileage because of them.

    Canadian Pastor Tim Stephens Arrested In Front Of His Weeping Children For Holding Church Services
    (A few minutes or more)
    The “choir” really sings at the 7:50 mark.

    Rebel News’ Adam Soos and Kian Simone were on scene as police in Calgary, Alberta arrested Pastor Tim Stephens of Fairview Baptist Church for a second time on new charges stemming from his hosting of ‘underground’ church services the past two weekends.

  86. robster says:

    Just came across this nice kind of philosophical debate on Agorism with Sal: https://open.lbry.com/@Freemanbeyondthewall:d6/episode-447-flashback-sal-the-agorist-on:d.

    • mutig says:

      Yes, nice discussion. I find discussions of agorism to be intriguing, but this view of the world seems to have rather narrow horizons. Is there actually a plan? I don’t see how they are actually going to avoid the grid. Blockchain depends on the energy grid. Can electricity generators and servers be produced by 3D printing? Agorists very likely will be renting their farmland from the CCP or Gates or Blackrock. These landlords will not mind scorching them out with HAARP weather events or DEW. It seems that agorism sees the enemy as the state, but isn’t it forces behind the state that are the problem? Will it be possible to coexist with the Cabal? Will there be enough converts to agorism, a critical mass, in time to survive whatever it is that seems to be looming ahead — depopulation from vaccines, armed uprisings, economic collapse, world war, perhaps coinciding with an ice age?

      The unfortunate products of the school system of the last few decades are being recruited by subtle and stealthy means into the New Age collective consciousness/self awareness/monism/globalism faster than they are waking up to agorism. New Ageism joined with freemasonry and the illuminati/the elites/he Cabal/TPTB, or whatever you like to call them a long time ago. How are agorists dealing with this?

  87. отец says:

    Dear James,

    Perhaps you’re already working on this. If not, it appears the next major documentary that will be needed is one on Elon Musk. The Bill Gates era seems to be drawing to a close now that he’s done his job regarding “vaccines” and the global elite can abandon him to the enraged masses. Elon Musk has been offering moral support and encouragement to the physicians speaking out and attempting to help those who have already received the experimental injections. Some of these physicians are talking about approaching Elon Musk to see if he will buy out the pharmaceutical companies making these injections and bring their production to an end. It would not be surprising if Neuralink Corporation plays a key role in the solution to the problem created by the Bill Gates era. Of course, eventually Elon Musk will also be abandon once he’s fulfilled his role and is no longer useful.

    С уважением

    • Fact Checker says:

      Interesting possibility. Face Checker will be keeping his eye on this possibility!

      Problem = Adverse Reactions to mRNA Injections! (No one could have known! But it’s all Bill “Fall Guy” Gates’s fault!)

      Reaction = We Need Some NEW Cutting-Edge Space-Age Invasive Experimental Technology to Reverse the mRNA Injuries! (Only experimental invasive Digi-Tech can address experimental Bio-Tech! Obviously!)

      Solution = NEURALINK Brain-Chips to the Rescue!!!!

      This tracks Current Year “logic” perfectly!

      • candlelight says:

        sometime FC get it wrong

        sometime FC get it right

        excellent quick analytical breakdown of отец’s post seemingly right on the money

        prescience FC prescience


  88. HomeRemedySupply says:

    “Have Gun. Will Travel” reads the card of a man.

    June 17th, 2021 – Zero Hedge
    Texas Gov. Abbott Hails “Biggest & Best” Gun Law As He Signs ‘Constitutional Carry’ Into Effect

    Starting September 1st, Texans will be able to carry handguns in public without a license after on Wednesday the controversial bill dubbed “constitutional carry” was signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott.

    He later presided over a ceremonial signing on Thursday morning where the governor hailed it as the “biggest and best” gun law this session. Standing alongside National Rifle Association leader Wayne LaPierre in San Antonio, where he signed the bill, Abbott said, “Surely there’s no state in America that’s ever done as much protecting gun rights.”

    As the law stands prior to the new change, Texans must pass a background check and undergo a safety course, which includes over 1.6 million licensed conceal-carry individuals in the state. The bill still keeps the formal licensing “option” in place.

    But after the new law takes effect anyone 21-years old and up can carry a holstered handgun, whether openly or concealed, without a permit.

    The National Rifle Association had months prior called for “Texas to join the 20 other states that have legalized this personal protection option” in a statement. Abbott had previously echoed this stance in media interviews, vowing that if HB1927 should pass the Texas state legislative bodies, he would sign it. “This is something that 20 other states have adopted and it’s time for Texas to adopt it, too,” he told a local radio show in April.

    Prior to approval this week the Texas Senate tacked on multiple amendments seeking to address law enforcement concerns that one alarming end result could be that the change allows easier access to weapons for criminals.

    According to the Texas Tribune:
    The compromise lawmakers reached behind closed doors kept intact a number of changes the Senate made to the House bill, including striking a provision that would have barred officers from questioning people based only on their possession of a handgun.

    The deal also preserves a Senate amendment enhancing the criminal penalties for felons and family violence offenders caught carrying. Among other Senate changes that made it into the law was a requirement that the Texas Department of Public Safety offer a free online course on gun safety.

    …Perhaps fittingly of Texas Republicans’ defiant posture, the Thursday signing ceremony was held at the Alamo.

    • candlelight says:

      And, ah, where do you stand on this new fangled legislation, Mister HRS?

      I don’t believe you ever did say.


      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Actually, in a way, I resent these new “freedom giving mandates”.

        Authoritarians should not be involved on dictates for the masses, one way or the other.

        My son, his family members and relatives have guns galore.

        I have a small pistol. Personally, I have a lot of reservation about ever using it to kill someone. Death cannot be remedied.
        I played out in my head what would have happened if I shot someone. It’s not a future I would like to have, and you can’t rewind it. Guns are designed to kill things. I’ve killed animals. When animals expire shortly after being shot, there is something very sacred as they give up the life force.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          In the early 1980’s, one late dark night in an Austin, TX Motel parking lot, I held a car load of riff-raff people at gunpoint while waving my pistol at them and yelling like a madman. Intentionally, I dramatized being erratically wild and ready to blow them away. I demanded that they turn over the $1,000 cash which they stole from the purse of the lady who was helping me do dress sales. At the time, I only suspected that they took it. Visibility inside the car was almost nil because of the darkness, and they could have had a gun also. It was intense for everyone involved.

          Previously, the lady and I were unloading our luggage from the truck, going back and forth into the Motel room with its open door. She had set her purse on the dresser. On one of the return trips, she checked her purse and the envelope with over $1,000 cash was gone. She was panicked. I queried her repeatedly to be sure it was missing. I noticed the car in the parking lot trying to start, and I intuitively guessed that someone from the car slipped in and out of the Motel room when we were at the truck.

          So, there I am pointing my gun at different people’s heads in the car. Finally, one of the guys in the backseat kicks the front seat and barks, “Give him the envelope!”. The front seat passenger reaches under the seat and then hands the envelope out the window to me. I take it and yell for my lady-friend to check it. She okays the count. Holding my gun, we two back away to the Motel room.

          A few minutes after chaining the door while we were collecting our thoughts, there was a knock at the door. I wouldn’t open it, but asked “What is it? Who is there?”
          It was the guy in the backseat. He explained that he was on parole, and that he did not want “no trouble”. He just happened to be with this group of people. He asked me not to call the police. I said “Okay.”
          I didn’t call the police for a host of reasons. My lady-friend was very, very angry with me for not calling the police. I stuck firm.

          (Disclaimer: Although this lady-friend was very attractive and we shared Hotel rooms for about a year or so, we never had sex nor an intimate relationship. She worked for me, but we were also good friends.)

          • candlelight says:

            That’s one heck of a story. That’s what I call taking the law into ones own hands!

            You do realize in retrospect, now that you’re older and wiser, you risked getting shot up for a lousy wad of fiat paper, right?

            Imagine getting shot up for a roll of what, toilet paper?

            And, just imagine today running out and getting shot and killed for defending a stolen bitcoin wallet….

            And next day market crashes to zero!

            And, and, and…why weren’t you sleeping with that pretty lady???


        • cu.h.j says:

          Guns are for killing and for target shooting and are actually pretty fun to learn to shoot and be any good at it.

          They are necessary for freedom at this stage in human history, unfortunately. Small pistols and hand guns aren’t really what is keeping the state from rounding us up, but rather the large amount of semi-automatic rifles. Once we lose those, or give them up, we will be easy to round up and forced to submit to whatever the “experts” have in mind.

          But it is more than this, rather the notion that the state does not have a monopoly on violence, that idea that is dangerous.

          Once people give over every thought or action to the state/authority freedom is gone. “I better check with the government/expert” before I wipe my butt in a certain way or whatever is what they are pushing: must ask permission for every act. I would much rather live with “dangerous freedom than peaceful slavery” as some poster commented on one of JC’s podcasts months ago.

          Shooting someone would be life changing for the other party and oneself which is why a person should never brandish a firearm to scare people, in my opinion. It’s a last resort and not something that should be taken lightly. Also, people who do use guns should practice with them to have skills and to use them safely and effectively, speaking as a novice gun enthusiast. I am still learning and practicing.

          I have come to agree with the notion that “an armed society is a polite society”. I would only use a gun to protect my life or the life of one of my loved ones. Also, if you have a gun (s) it’s important to know all of the applicable laws because if you use it to defend yourself, the state will throw the book at you in many instances. Expect to be arrested and interrogated by “authorities”.

    • mkey says:

      end result could be that the change allows easier access to weapons for criminals.

      This is certainly true, politicans should have been banned from owning a gun.

  89. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Friday June 18th – Zero Hedge
    ‘Take Your Rubbers Home’: Social Distancing To Squash Horny Olympians Sex Drive At Games
    Tokyo Olympic organizers are handing out 150,000 condoms at next month’s Games to athletes staying in the Olympic village. But there’s a twist. According to Reuters, the Olympic village has strict social distancing rules and COVID-19 measures that organizers are requesting athletes not to have sex with one another but rather save the condoms.

    Being in good physical shape indeed gives a person more sexual fitness. So imagine super-athletes at the Olympic village.
    Their sex drive must be off the charts.
    For years, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has distributed condoms to the Olympic village. Rubbers have been given out at the Games since the 1988 Seoul Olympics to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS.

    But this year is different. Olympic athletes will be given condoms but told to keep their distance and take them home. Social distancing at the Games means fewer opportunities for athletes to mingle with each other.

    “The distribution of condoms is not for use at the athlete’s village, but to have athletes take them back to their home countries to raise awareness” of HIV and AIDS issues, said Tokyo 2020 in an emailed response to questions by Reuters.

    While Olympians are advised to take their condoms home, foreign fans have been barred from entering all sporting events. Those who are eligible to enter stadiums will need a negative COVID-19 test or vaccination history. Once inside, spectators might be forbidden from eating, drinking, and cheering.

    The Games are likely to become a financial disaster for Japan who went well over budget to stage it.

    But the good news is that President Joe Biden and the other G-7 leaders gave the nod to Japan that the Games must go on despite the Japanese public vastly opposing the Games, which were moved from last summer due to the outbreak of COVID-19. However, support is starting to climb as athletes begin to arrive and the vaccine rollout program in the country progresses.

    Suffice to say, these Olympians should probably hold onto these condoms because of a shortage that has materialized since the virus pandemic disrupted global supply chains. But again, super horny athletes piled into the Olympic village may otherwise suggest that mingling will still happen.

  90. mkey says:

    A good crisis should not go to waste. It’s always convenient to remind people of the HIV boogeyman, the reduced birthrate is just a side effect.

    Also, I’m less than surprised the “vaccination” is basically played up as initiation. Which for all intents and purposes is exactly that.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Moral of the story, never disarm yourself. Excellent example of why the 2A is so important in America. Don’t let the government take your guns and when I say guns I mean rifles. If the US government is able to disarm us, we will be subject to whatever the police state wants.

    • mkey says:

      Subjective laws work like that. If things get even more parodical, maybe people will understand why the so called legislative system does not and can not work.

  91. Mielia says:

    For Europeans (although it has international relevance as it cites among many other bureaucratic things WHO and a Peking report and is connected to Agenda 2030:
    “…having regard to the report of the European Institute for Gender Equality of 22 November 2019 entitled ‘Beijing +25: the fifth review of the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action in the EU Member States’,

    – having regard to the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for Europe Action Plan for Sexual and Reproductive Health: Towards achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Europe…”)

    As most probably don’t wanna read all this legalese garbage.
    Critics are forming in opposition to the Matic Report (the name at the start Predrag Fred Matić). You’ll find fast and easy to digest info there.

    Abortion as a so-called human right and doctors being forced to do an abortion procedure, not being able to reject it anymore, are two of the most concerning things with this proposal.

  92. studiotwoseven says:

    Why does the Wuhan Institute of Virology have a big sign in English?


    Where are the Chinese characters?

    Does anyone think this odd?

  93. studiotwoseven says:

    Wow, you all are nice. There it is in dark blue above the white letters! Pretty dumb of me.

  94. Never let a good Open Thread go to waste. 🙂

    How about we put our minds together to come up with
    a song to counter Schwab’s Great Reset?

    I’m thinking about writing new lyrics to Pink Floyd’s “We Don’t Need No Education”.

    Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

    (U’s = useless eaters)

    We don’t need no education
    We don’t need no Great Schwab Reset

    We don’t need no thought control
    We don’t need no thought control

    No dark sarcasm in the classroom
    No …

    Teacher, leave them kids alone
    Henry, leave them U’s alone

    Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone
    Hey, Henry, leave them U’s alone

    All in all it’s just another brick in the wall
    All in all we’re just another …

    All in all you’re just another brick in the wall
    All in all we’re just another …

    We don’t need no education
    We don’t need no Great Schwab Reset

    We don’t need no thought control
    We don’t need no thought control

    No dark sarcasm in the classroom
    No …

    Teachers, leave them kids alone
    Henry, leave them U’s alone

    Hey, teacher, leave us kids alone
    Hey, Henry, leave them U’s alone

    All in all you’re just another brick in the wall
    All in all we’re just another …

    Wrong! Do it again!
    Wrong! Do it again!
    If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding!
    How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?!
    You! Yes, you, behind the bike sheds, stand still, laddy!


  95. robster says:

    Interesting study on magnetofection: https://www.efvv.eu/images/content/2021/0617/study-on-electromagnetism-of-vaccinated-persons-in-luxembourg_6edfa.pdf

    “The survey is stopped for reasons of conscience and morals because the investigator is no longer able to cope with the helplessness of people whose faces become petrified when they realise that they have been injected with a substance of which they know nothing.

    The investigator, who has studied management techniques and psychosociology in the past, is very uncomfortable with these people who are wondering what is happening to them.

    People become pale, white, nervous, put a hand to their forehead or cross their arms and pinch their bottom lip. Some sweat from their hands as they are seen wiping them on their hips or thighs.”

    Seems more and more normies are realizing that they have no clue what they have been poisoned with.

    • zyxzevn says:

      Some remarks.

      Did they actually use Fe3O4 particles?
      It is pretty easy to detect.
      1. These are likely visible, like in ferro-fluid. Or can easily be made visible.
      2. You need a large amount of these to notice any noticeble change in magnetic force.
      3. They have no actual use. You need a laboratory to do anything with it,
      because the earth has a magnetic field too.

      Magnetism is also easy to detect, but you need to EXCLUDE adhesiveness
      and possible electrostatic attraction.
      Also avoid people with magnets under their armpits, and people with
      possible implants.

      You can put a paper AND a tinfoil in between.
      Magnetism can easily go through it.

      Use compass and fine measurements to check where exactly the
      magnetism is located.
      Use alternating currents to establish the impedance and location of it.

      Stop jumping to conclusions with “magnetic attraction”
      if you do not know how magnetism works.
      Because you are damaging the science that shows how bad
      these vaccines really are.

  96. HomeRemedySupply says:

    “The CDC is marching children to their doom.”
    Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle, and pericarditis is inflammation of the outer lining of the heart. The heart is one organ in the body which does not regenerate the muscle tissue that has been damaged. Thus, tissue damage to the heart can be permanent.
    Per the CDC, the “official reported” vaccine injury cases of Myocarditis in people under the age of 25 is 389 people, many of whom were under age 18.

    The first 19 minutes of June 24th’s “The Highwire” covers the CDC’s “okay” for vaccines in children despite myocarditis.
    Episode 221: THE mRNA INSIDER https://thehighwire.com/videos/episode-221-the-mrna-insider/
    (9 minute mark) Per “AAP News and Journals”, a total of 297 children have died from Covid-19 in the United States of America so far (June 11th). There are 74.1 million children (under age 18) in the U.S. The death rate for children in the U.S. from Covid-19 is 0.00000401 via Del Bigtree’s calculations.

    Del Bigtree pounds in the fact that the CDC is knowingly recommending a product to our children which is dynamically more dangerous than the Covid virus threat.
    (12 minute mark) “…The CDC and these ACIP members are marching children to their doom. On purpose. For no reason.”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      List of Child Murderers
      Here are the ACIP voting members who are knowingly killing and ruining the lives of children, just like the Nuremberg Doctors who sent people to their deaths. https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/acip/members/index.html
      The following Doctors are like the pedophile scum and should forever be disgraced, ridiculed and spit-on. If you see them in a grocery store point them out as the child murderers that they are.

      ROMERO, José R., MD, FAAP
      Arkansas Secretary of Health

      BELL, Beth P., MD, MPH
      Seattle, WA

      DALEY, Matthew F., MD
      Aurora, CO

      LEE, Grace M., MD, MPH
      Stanford, CA

      POEHLING, Katherine A., MD, MPH
      Winston-Salem, NC

      AULT, Kevin A., MD, FACOG, FIDSA
      Kansas City, KS

      New Hyde Park, NY

      FREY, Sharon E., M.D.
      Saint Louis, MO

      LONG, Sarah S., MD
      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

      SÁNCHEZ, Pablo J., M.D.
      Columbus, Ohio

      BAHTA, Lynn, RN, MPH, CPH
      Saint Paul, Minnesota

      CHEN, Wilbur H., MD, MS, FACP, FIDSA
      Baltimore, MD

      KOTTON, Camille Nelson, MD, FIDSA, FAST
      Boston, MA

      MCNALLY, Veronica V., JD
      West Bloomfield, Michigan

      TALBOT, Helen Keipp, MD
      Nashville, TN

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      CANADA & Covid vaccines for Children

      June 23, 2021 – “Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms” (H/t Zero Hedge)
      Surgeon fired by College of Medicine for voicing safety concerns about Covid shots for children

      This is an excellent, succinct 3 minute read. It contains some very important points and information.

      Corbett Members will recall that in February 2021, James interviewed John Carpay of the “Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms”:
      Resisting Canada’s Mandatory Traveler Quarantine – #SolutionsWatch

      15 minute video “Canada: The Covid Police State”
      This video gives a great overview of the situation. To find it, scroll down at the home page of the “Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms”.

    • mkey says:

      Oh, I would disagree that they are doing it for no reason. They have a very good reason to do what they are doing.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        mkey says:
        “Oh, I would disagree that they are doing it for no reason. They have a very good reason to do what they are doing.”

        What you said…it sums it up right there…from the get-go of the “Pandemic”.

        Psychopathic Evil.

        • mkey says:

          Preying on the children of unthinking dolts. They know fully well that only a new generation has the potential to turn things around. The problem is that the vast majority of the parents don’t know the first thing about raising children.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      May 20, 2021 NPR
      Fauci Says He Expects Vaccines For Younger Children By The End Of Year Or Early 2022

      Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief medical adviser to President Biden, says that he expects COVID-19 vaccinations to open up to younger children in the coming months.

      He said Wednesday that children at least as young as 4 “would likely be able to get vaccinated by the time we reach the end of calendar year 2021 and at the latest, into the first quarter of 2022.”

      When asked during an Axios virtual event whether he would recommend the shots for young children, he responded, “Absolutely. If I had grandchildren, I would certainly recommend they get vaccinated.”

      Earlier this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) endorsed the use of the Pfizer vaccine for children as young as 12, allowing the nationwide vaccination campaign to expand to adolescents.

      Pfizer was the first vaccine manufacturer to gain emergency use authorization for 12- to 15-year-olds in the United States. Both Pfizer and Moderna are conducting clinical trials of their vaccines in groups of kids as young as 6 months.

      Pfizer has said previously it expects to ask the Food and Drug Administration for emergency use authorization of its vaccine for children younger than 12 by September at the earliest. A request for the youngest group, infants and toddlers, would likely come several months later. …

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      June 24, 2021 – Fox Atlanta
      Atlanta 3-year-old rolls up sleeve to test COVID-19 vaccine
      (Video report in original article)

      ATLANTA – Three-year-old Astrid Pearson did not seem to be sweating her first shot appointment at the Emory Vaccine Research Center Wednesday.
      She sat on an exam table surrounded by her toys.
      Her mother Dre Pearson says she had tried to prepare her daughter.
      “I explained to her she was going to get a blood draw and her nose tickled, and she was going to get a shot, but it’s a very special shot,” Pearson says.
      Special, because Astrid Pearson is enrolled in a pediatric vaccine trial of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

      The Emory team eased her through her first dose of the test vaccine with juice and stickers, while Astrid played games on her mother’s cellphone.
      “They were, like, ‘After this blood draw, we have a treasure box, and then you can get this sticker, and then another sticker,’” her mother laughs.

      Astrid, who is from Ormewood Park in East Atlanta, is in the 3-to 5-year-old volunteer group, one of about 4,600 children that trial organizers hope to enroll in this study across the US.
      This is a dosing trial, designed to find out which vaccine dose is safest for younger kids, and whether that dose can produce an effective immune response in children from the ages of 6 months to 11.
      The children are divided into 3 groups, those ages 5 to 11, 2 to 5 and 2 to 6 months.

      Her mom was a volunteer in another vaccine trial.
      “At the end of the day, I feel confident in the process, to the point that I’m also willing to have my daughter participate in a trial,” Pearson says…

      …The Pearsons will not know for 6 months whether Astrid is in the group that received the test vaccine or the placebo.
      She will receive her second dose in three weeks.
      All of the participants will have the opportunity to receive the vaccine during the trial, which will run for two years.

      • mkey says:

        This is the type of people who would say that they would do it all again, on child’s funeral.

        How much brain damage is required to throw your progeny under the buss and then boast that was the right decision?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      June 25th – The Defender
      Latest CDC VAERS Data Show Reported Injuries Surpass 11,000 in Ages 12 to 17 Following COVID Vaccines
      VAERS data released today by the CDC showed a total of 387,087 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 6,113 deaths and 31,240 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and June 18, 2021.

      EDITOR’S NOTE: Numbers were updated in the 12- to 17-year-old category as the previous numbers did not include teens 17 years old.
      Data is now updated for 12- to 17-year-olds for total adverse events, adverse events rated serious, reports of anaphylaxis, reports of myocarditis and pericarditis, and blood clotting disorders…

      …Data released today show that between Dec. 14, 2020 and June 18, 2021, a total of 387,087 total adverse events were reported to VAERS, including 6,113 deaths — an increase of 120 deaths over the previous week. There were 31,240 serious injury reports, up 1,369 compared with last week…

      …This week’s data for 12- to 17-year-olds show:
      ~~~~ 11,584 total adverse events, including 578 rated as serious and nine reported deaths among 12- to 17-year-olds. Four deaths (or 44%) were cardiac-related and three were sudden, unexplained deaths.

      ~~~~ The most recent reported death includes a 13-year-old boy (VAERS I.D. 1406840) who died two days after receiving a Pfizer vaccine. Other deaths include three 15-year-olds (VAERS I.D. 1187918, 1382906 and 1242573) and two 16-year-olds (VAERS I.D. 1225942 and 1386841) and one 17-year-old (VAERS I.D. 1199455).

      ~~~~ The report of a 15-year-old male (VAERS I.D. 1383620) who reportedly died after receiving a Pfizer vaccine was removed from the database on June 18. It was a duplicate of VAERS I.D. 1382096. Two of the nine deaths were suicides.

      ~~~~ 1,589 reports of anaphylaxis among 12- to 17-year-olds with 99% of cases attributed to Pfizer’s vaccine, 1.2% to Moderna and 0.3% (or two cases) to J&J.

      ~~~~ 237 reports of myocarditis and pericarditis (heart inflammation) with 234 attributed to Pfizer’s COVID vaccine.
      ~~~~ 42 reports of blood clotting disorders, all attributed to Pfizer.

      • cu.h.j says:

        Holy shit! That’s a lot of harm and good to note that many people aren’t reporting to VARES.

        The child deaths won’t be able to be swept under the rug (hopefully).

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      June 23, 2021 – CNBC
      (NOTE: I am logging this article, because it is a record of the mainstream press surrounding the issue)

      CDC safety group says there’s a likely link between rare heart inflammation in young people after Covid shot
      (A CDC Graphic Chart in the article is worth viewing)

      Key Points
      ~~~ There have been more than 1,200 cases of a myocarditis or pericarditis mostly in people 30 and under who received Pfizer’s or Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine, according to CDC data.
      ~~~ Roughly 300 million of the shots had been administered as of June 11, the agency said.
      ~~~ For both vaccines combined, there were 12.6 heart inflammation cases per million doses.

      A CDC safety group said there’s a “likely association” between a rare heart inflammatory condition in adolescents and young adults mostly after they’ve received their second Covid-19 vaccine shot, citing the most recent data available.

      There have been more than 1,200 cases of a myocarditis or pericarditis mostly in people 30 and under who received Pfizer’s or Moderna’s Covid vaccine, according to a series of slide presentations published Wednesday for a meeting of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.
      Myocarditis is the inflammation of the heart muscle, while pericarditis is the inflammation of the membrane surrounding the heart.

      “Clinical presentation of myocarditis cases following vaccination has been distinct, occurring most often within one week after dose two, with chest pain as the most common presentation,” said Dr. Grace Lee, who chairs the committee’s safety group. CDC officials are gathering more data to fully understand the potential risks, how to manage it and whether there are any long-term issues, she said.

      The agency said there have been 267 cases of myocarditis or pericarditis reported after receiving one dose of the mRNA vaccines and 827 reported cases after two doses through June 11. There are 132 additional cases where the number of doses received is unknown, the CDC said…

      …Men under 30 make up the bulk of the cases, the CDC said, and most cases appear to be mild. Of the 295 people who have developed the condition and have been discharged, 79% of them have fully recovered, according to the presentation. Nine people were hospitalized, with two in intensive care as of June 11, according to the agency…

      CDC officials said the benefits of getting the Covid vaccine still outweigh the risks.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Make-A-Wish Foundation Says It Won’t Help Terminally-Ill Kids Unless Their Entire Family Is Vaccinated
      Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

      The Make-a-Wish Foundation says it won’t help terminally ill children unless the child and their entire family has taken the COVID-19 vaccine, prompting actor Rob Schneider to end his relationship with the charity.

      Yes, really.

      Make-a-Wish president and CEO Richard Davis made the announcement in a video released last week, stating, “All wish participants, including your wish kid and any siblings, will need to be two weeks past completion of either a one-dose or a two-dose vaccine.”

      “This is literally a new low for humanity,” remarked the Twitter user who posted the video.

      “Terminally ill children will not be granted a wish.. from the make a wish foundation… unless.. you guessed it.. they’re fully vaccinated.”

      A two-tier form of discrimination which treats the unvaccinated as second class citizens is already underway in the form of vaccine passports, but to deny critically ill children support because they haven’t taken the jab is particularly cruel.

      For one, many of the sick children may have medical conditions that prevent them from safely taking the vaccine.

      In addition, according to official CDC guidelines, children under the age of 12 aren’t supposed to take the shot. The World Health Organization has also said “the Pfizer/BionTech vaccine is suitable for use by people aged 12 years and above.”

      So Davis’ claim that the organization had consulted with “doctors and medical professionals throughout the National Medical Advisory Council” doesn’t even make sense.

      Responding to the decision, actor Rob Schneider said he would permanently end his relationship with the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

      “Make-a-Wish will only grant wishes to terminally ill children who are fully vaccinated?!” While it has been an honor to work with this foundation over the years, if this policy of discrimination of children is true? I will never work with them again. Ever,” tweeted Schneider.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      July 4, 2021 – Detroit Free Press
      CDC investigating death of Michigan boy who died days after getting Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

      [The article is a relatively long read. It tells the story of a 13 year old who died in his sleep after getting the vaccine. The obfuscation tactics by authorities and strain of the official storyline are well in play.]

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      July 3, 2021 – By Neenah Payne at “Natural Blaze”
      Article & Two Minute Film: “Protect The Children”
      (Article contains a lot of info, history, graphics and some clips)

      Dr. Simone Gold is the founder of America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) which has just released a film to help protect America’s children from the COVID-19 “vaccines” that are crippling and killing many people. For information on this growing threat, see Why Is Fauci Endangering America’s Kids? Fauci has plans to inject kids as young as six months later this year!

      AFLDS filed an emergency lawsuit against the government to stop the experimental COVID-19 “vaccine” for kids. Dr. Angie Farella, Joey Gilbert, Esq.: “We have to stop experimenting on our children.”

      …only 3 in 10 parents said they would vaccinate their children right away, with most instead wanting to wait and see, or saying they would not get their child vaccinated at all or would do so only if required for school.

      However, with the authorization of Pfizer’s shot for 12-15-year-olds, a group that totals almost 17 million, minors can consent to receive the COVID-19 shot even without the parent’s knowledge in many states. The age at which a minor can consent to receive the experimental biological agent in Alabama is age 14; in San Francisco, 12; Philadelphia, 12; North Carolina, 11; South Carolina, 16.
      America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) Legal Director Ali Schultz explained:
      “They can all consent, minors can consent, on their own, even if they live with their mom and dad who are married, they live with their parents, no issues, the child literally can consent at school to receive the vaccine, without the parents even knowing.”

      “It is a profound betrayal of public trust for any city, state or federal government to strip parents of their God given right to protect their children from harm by allowing a doctor to give a child a pharmaceutical product without getting a parent’s permission.”

      …1 – CDC statistics show COVID-19 poses little risk for most people.

      2 – Four inexpensive potential treatments for COVID have saved hundreds of thousands of American COVID patients.

      3 – The COVID injections do not meet any of the five criteria for vaccines. The shots do not to stop people from getting or transmitting COVID. Their only claim is they may lessen symptoms.

      4 – There have been many serious injuries from the COVID “vaccines”….

  97. Alchemist says:

    Chemtrails Over the Country Club
    By Lana Del Rey


  98. robster says:

    Grafene in jabs? https://open.lbry.com/@TimTruth:b/graphene-in-vaccine:5. Not verified yet, but interesting nonetheless.

  99. arthur.k says:

    Bill Gates an Oswald-type patsy? I heard Warren Buffet resigned from Gates Foundation. Maybe I’m on hopium, but could it be that the deep state had BG set up as a patsy all along so that — if the wheels starting coming off the bus (like now?) — they can divert outraged citizens’ ire against the evil machinations of this clueless Asperger’s egomaniac? “Look what our FBI investigation has found about this man capturing WHO!!” etc. I always wondered why CIA aka CNN gave him so much arms-flailing-vaccinate-the-world screen time last year. Hmmm.

  100. Steve Smith says:

    Hurry back JC. The world is going nuts.
    Condos crashing, Jailhouse suicides 🙄. What’s next UAP’s ? Oh wait… never mind.

    The only BG I’m interested in these days is Brown’s Gas. Way more important than the “Tiny Limp” guy.

  101. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Saturday – June 26th, 2021
    Mike Gravel died. Age 91.

    SEASIDE, Calif. (AP) — Mike Gravel, a former U.S. senator from Alaska who read the Pentagon Papers into the Congressional Record and confronted Barack Obama about nuclear weapons during a later presidential run, has died. He was 91.

    Gravel had been living in Seaside, California, and was in failing health, said Theodore W. Johnson, a former aide.

    “There’s no question in my mind that 9/11 was an inside job,” the 88-year-old Mike Gravel said on a conspiracy theorist’s radio show in 2016. –VICE.COM

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