Biodigital Convergence: Bombshell Document Reveals the True Agenda

05/16/2021165 Comments

If you have not read "Exploring Biodigital Convergence" yet, I suggest you stop what you're doing and read it now. Seriously. I'll wait. . . .

. . . And now that you're back, I'm sure you'll agree with me that this is important stuff. Are you ready to talk about it?

OK, let's dig in. . . .

Join James in this week's edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber as he delves into the nightmare future that the Canadian government (and their globalist brethren around the world) are laying out in black and white.

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  1. mkey says:

    What does it even mean to be human anymore? I’m sure many will agree that vast sections of population on this planet do not meet all the requirements for being a full fledged human being. Will they even be able to sense that they are losing something that didn’t even have for a long time or something they never even had? What are these people even living for?

    • DogStar says:

      The idea that younger generations cannot know what they’re missing because, sadly, the option to experience how life was ‘back in the day,’ was stolen from them, resonates very much with me.

      I imagine that the 1950’s were quite the heyday to be alive while in one’s prime (of course I do realize, as in all times, tragically this was not the case for all of humanity), what with WWII behind them – and the accompanying, probably exhilarating – though now quaint – belief that they’d crushed evil and the world would never again allow such atrocities to gain traction – and the planet still so gorgeously pristine, no horrifically invasive surveillance technology to delete privacy, and children not gratuitously exposed non-stop to propaganda/advertising/violence.

      Well, it is what it is, and I will do what I can to counteract the repulsive biosecurity agenda. The weird thing about all of this is that it’s those of us with the least ties who have the most luxury/freedom to take action (and I’m even talking about simply choosing not to don the mask/get the vax) because the less one has to lose, the less power the evildoers have to wield over one.

      • Duck says:

        “.. because the less one has to lose, the less power the evildoers have to wield over one…”

        The problem is that those who have nothing to loose generally dont have much to care about either…

        The average blue hair or wine aunt or playboy (be he “mgtow” or ‘incel’…) really does not have any stake in the future… the current mass of such people only think about running out their clock in the good times.

        • DogStar says:


          Thankfully I don’t fall into the ‘blue hair’ category (and hopefully, never will!) but due to life circumstances I am now pretty much on my own. Regardless, I still care about how my actions will affect those who follow.

          I would make the case that those with less to lose (not that I recommend it) have more of a luxury to be whistleblowers. Since my actions essentially only reflect upon me, I’m not too worried if I’m not always exactly diplomatic these days. Howard Zinn’s words resonate strongly with me: ‘Be aggressive, but non-violent. Truthful, and therefore, unstoppable.’

    • beaconterraone says:

      Humans are created in the Image of God. The Nephilim of Noah’s times were abominations, a rudimentary form of “transhumans.” God destroyed the world for that.

      “Transhumanism,” and, “transbiologism,” would remake everything we know and think we know, about the biosphere of Earth if allowed to come to complete fruition. The Image of God would be extinguished, and all His creation would be erased. Biodigital obscenities would replace them.

      God is going to have to create a new Heaven and a new Earth, likely because of these “transhumanist” devils who will unleash horrors inconceivable to anyone not possessed by Satan. They will destroy on a vast scale, but not succeed with their ultimate goals.

      People are welcome to dismiss Christianity, but their dismissal will change nothing about the fact the ancients wrote down what God enabled them to see, back then, now, and in the near future. They were not in error; “we” are in error when we fail to recognize what they said was and is true, if we place ourselves in their historical era contexts.

      • Duck says:


        True… but that kind of person really does think that they can “be as gods”

        Even most of the people who oppose the insane tyrannical types have the seeds of that same kind of thinking im their own ideas 🙁

      • zanj says:

        Comment to discussion between Beaconterraone and Duck, Dogstar, all folks contributing to this debate, I don’t know if you saw a youtube video of a religious man who shows a map of Palestine and Palestinian peoples (Jews, Christians and Muslim)in a Bible published in 1902. What surprises can one find in the one published in 1700 which contains both the New and Old Testaments? I am a fortunate owner of this copy.
        Beaconterraone, you r comments whether one believes in God or not…the circumstances require us to exhaust all avenues. In credible Scripture you probably have not read statements such as , “travel (humankind) in the land and see the end of those who came before you”, “you pass by their ruins”, In another verse, it says, “you live in the dwellings left behind by them”.
        JC, David Icke and others have done extensive research that goes a long way to help us make meaning of the unfolding events in order to help those who want to find solutions. I would like to add to the list of reading material, credible Scriptures wherever we find , and make our own analyses. To this end, check out Imran N. Hosein website and videos. His scholarship combines books, speaking five languages, knowledge and interpretation of various Scripture and international affairs including monetary system. This scholar states that Scripture instructs waging “war” not with weapons but knowledge from a “Book,” of truth, a feat the man in the video demonstrated contained in the Bible published in 1902.
        JC has repeatedly enjoined members preserve “hard copy” in order to reference when push comes to shove as demonstrated while proving that all new versions omit the country Palestine but the state of Israel is very prominently inserted in Bibles published after 1917 to give Christians the current interpretation that “there never was a country called Palestine.”

      • zac says:

        beaconterraone, you nailed it.

    • Duck says:

      “…What does it even mean to be human anymore? I’m sure many will agree that vast sections of population on this planet do not meet all the requirements for being a full fledged human being..”

      When the professional narcissist gets worried you know its bad- he made a video

      • mkey says:

        He’s basically talking about brain damage resulting in imbalance leading into many of these people becoming, I would posit, second tier psychopaths.

  2. zyxzevn says:

    What about some music instead of politics.
    Any other great bands?

    Yuki D_Drive (Metal/Japan)
    Judas Priest / Painkiller (Guitar Cover)
    Lupin the Third

    Nightwish (Metal/Finland)
    Ghost Love Score
    The Poet And The Pendulum

  3. Fact Checker says:

    I hope James doesn’t think he has escaped this inferno of lunacy by sailing to the Land of the Rising Sun.

    Canada’s “Policy Horizons” cult has an even more fancifully-named Japanese counterpart: “The Moonshot Research and Development Program launched by the Cabinet Office(CAO promotes high-risk, high-impact R&D aiming to achieve ambitious Moonshot Goals and solve issues facing future society such as super-aging populations and global warming.”

    Fear not citizens of Japan! The Moonshot Squad is here to rescue you all from your icky biological bodies!

    Moonshot “Goal Candidate” is that “[b]y 2050, realization of a society in which human beings can be free from their limitations of body, brain, space and time with harmonious empowerment.” (One assumes it is also “FOR GREAT JUSTICE!”)

  4. klhop777 says:

    Well James, you have certainly ‘stumbled’ across some breakthrough information!..and by ‘stumbled’ those of us that have read/listened to you for years knows what that really means as you have done, once again, your due diligence and FOUND this quite amazing document. This is beyond creepy and speaks to what you have indeed been speaking about for many years. We have a colossal thing before us and it is high-time we meet it head on and do our utmost to defeat it.

  5. Mishelle says:

    Alexa: “You have belched and/or farted 4-6 times today. This is unpleasant for our monitors to hear. You are now forbidden to eat radishes, for the safety of everyone. Further offenses will be reported to our Advanced Operations Syndicate and Dispatchers will be advised to scan your garden in order to obliterate the objectionable vegetables.”

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Magnets sticking to the Covid Vaccine Injection arm
    Does anyone know anything about this? I sure don’t.

    LINK to brief video

    • zyxzevn says:

      I know that people who are testing vaccines with magnets,
      because they suspect them,
      will not be taking vaccines themselves,
      because they suspect them.

      So this is misinformation, or stupidity, or both.

      Physics of Magnetism:
      To hold a magnet against an arm you need quite a lot
      of ferromagnetic material. And something that
      is in a vaccine fluid will never work.
      Implants (usually titanium) do not work either.
      Nor do chips /nanotechnology (silicon, germanium, carbon).

      Physics of Sticky Skin:
      People can stick all kinds of metal things to their body.

      Because the person had a vaccine and is probably pro-vaccine,
      I suspect that the person being tested is holding a
      big magnet under her/his arm-pit.
      And this is just a plot to make people on the internet look foolish.

      • zyxzevn says:

        A similar thing with the wires that were moving in masks.
        They were clearly pushed with electric fields.
        The wires themselves are probably just polyester wires,
        probably from clothes.

        Here is an example of “wires” that are made in the lab.
        The poster thinks that it proofs that the wires in masks are engineered.
        But the wires are extremely small carbon wires that are
        pushed around with a ~50,000 Volt Tesla tower.
        The lab wants to make wire structures with it, for electrical circuits.
        But now they fall apart if the Tesla tower is turned off.

        And it is common for electric forces to move dust and small threads around.
        The old tube TV was always full with dust.
        It is why plastic is usually more covered with dust than glass.

        Some simple experiments that you can do with electrical fields:
        I posted those 3 years ago.

      • beaconterraone says:

        Nanoscale metals have different properties than normal scale metals. That can account for the lack of “sufficient mass” holding the magnets.

        If you can explain these videos with anything but the canard of “misinformation,” or the pathetic insult of “stupidity,” I’m willing to listen.

        • zyxzevn says:

          I started with “misinformation”,
          because the people that inject themselves are probably pro-vax.
          AND because the best way the vaccine companies can deal with
          the opposition, is by making them look stupid.
          And it seems to work very well!!!
          The injections are already harming and killing people,
          so what better way to distract by injecting stories about
          weird side-effects that are harmless.

          So always start with a very skeptical look at these stories,
          so you do not cover-up the immense story about people being
          murdered with fake-vaccines.
          Or didn’t you know?
          All artificial mRNA tests on animals were catastrophic failures..

          Based on the comments that I saw from others, the
          more common cause seems to be the “sticky skin”.

          This can be explained when the mRNA causes the injected
          person to sweat far more. It is very common for them
          to have a severe fever.

          • beaconterraone says:

            “Sticky skin” is an ASSumption.

            It’s no more valid than “feeling like you have the flu means the ‘vaccine’ is working.”

            • zyxzevn says:

              “Sticky skin” is a great explanation, as it is the
              same explanation for the “Magnetic Boy”
              It is also an explanation that can be tested.

              It is not likely an implant, because we already
              have many whistleblower nurses that would already
              have told about this. They get the “vaccine” out of the
              flask into the syringe. They did not report about a chip
              or whatever stuff to put in the syringe as well.
              Can’t we trust all those 100s of whistleblower nurses?

              How to test if it is just “Sticky Skin”
              Did anyone put a piece of paper between the skin and the magnet?
              Of course not, because these people do not know physics.

              Only if it still holds well, and it is not faked with glue
              in the paper, then there may be another force.
              Also tests what else sticks on the skin,
              like a fork or nail or plastic button or copper coin.

              Note: A plastic button or copper coin are not magnetic,
              nor ferro-magnetic.

            • zyxzevn says:

              How to test for magnetism
              Check for a magnet or metal under the arm first.

              Test magnetism by reversing the magnet.
              Does it now repel? You can try the magnetic test card.
              Magnetism can be easily tested with magnetic field viewer card:

              How to test for ferro magnetic material
              If it still sticks with paper and reversed,
              you have found a ferromagnetic material.
              Test the force around the arm to track the location
              of the ferromagnetic material.

              You can also check different field strengths at
              different positions.
              And that way you can find the location of the object.
              It exactly is like finding a U-boat.

              Chips and nano-tech are NOT ferro magnetic.
              But if you are afraid it is a chip or nanotech..
              Just hold your arm against a plasma ball and it
              is likely short-circuited.

        • mkey says:

          Do you have an example video that cover all the important points? Or a set of videos that does the same?

    • 8Gc58 says:

      I watched the video below a few days ago:

      ULTIMATE COMPILATION: Covid Vaccine & Magnets Sticking To Arm (Many Examples)

      No idea if this is nothing but conspiracytainment.

      • mkey says:

        This is just another, albeit very thin, branch of the tree of evil. Many people are simply unable to discern facts (or what at least seems probable) and so we keep running in circles.

        I have a small neodymium magnetic disc at hand (these things are incredibly brittle), about 5g weight and some 14 mm (about half an inch) in diameter. I put some saliva on it, it stuck to my non “vaccinated” hand and held in the upright position without issues. Were there any sweat on my skin, I suppose it would have stuck even better.

        Some of these things are really easy to check, let us not entertain outrageous conspiracy theories.

        • 8Gc58 says:

          Yeah, the magnet videos reminds of the “Nano worm” videos. As zyxzevn noted as well. So the word “Conspiracytainment” might be very appropriate. Maybe these videos have been made to make a mockery of those who won’t take the “vaccines”? I don’t know, but I’m not surprised if this is just another distraction made to take away our time and energy from disconnecting from the Beast System.

          • zyxzevn says:

            I had a discussion with some people who thought that
            the mathematical PI was 4.
            They claimed that it was a mathematical conspiracy.
            (Related to the work of milesmathis, who uses conspiracy
            to proof that he is correct, because it is conspiracy)

            And they even tried to proof it with two balls rolling on

            There are also people that think magnets can be a source
            of unlimited energy. (Or anti-gravity)
            But that is more related to how difficult the
            physics of magnetism already is.

          • mkey says:

            Maybe these videos have been made to make a mockery of those who won’t take the “vaccines”?

            That would be my position, yes.

            Conspiracytainment should have a certain quality associated to it, it’s should be a circuitous tale that’s not so easily disproved.

            Like discussing why KillBill is going through a divorce, probably several books could be written on the subject. That topic would also have a soap opera feel to it, making it excellent material for a docu drama.

            • beaconterraone says:

              The Gates divorce is EASILY explained, as is the “he’s a pervert/friend of Epstein” trope in the liesmedia right now.

              The divorce is a strategic move, for psychological warfare. Bill Gates of Hell has been set up as a “thought leader” for COVID-19(84) and “transhumanism” in general, and the Resistance has rightly used that prestige as a weapon against the Agenda itself. In response, a FAUX “tarnishing” of the Gates image is underway, to falsely imply “the System” is “holding him to account,” LOL. Morons will point to this and say, “see, Gates isn’t as powerful as you claim.”

              In reality, neither Billie Boy nor Manlinda will discontinue or slow down the “work” of their fake “charity” or their funding of the war against humanity. In short, the “divorce” and associated “news” is but a distraction for the low-brow.

        • beaconterraone says:

          Your use of the term “conspiracy theories” tells me your mind is very attuned to Mystery Babylon’s approved doctrines.

          “Saliva” does NOT account for what I’m seeing in most of the videos. I’ve been “playing” with REM/neodymium magnets for years. I’ve got a collection of different sizes. Fortunately, none of my local family & friends have taken the needle, so, unfortunately, I can’t test anyone I know.

          • mkey says:

            OK, they can also use some grease or glue, a piece of bubble gum or a sugary residue. Or maybe they stick the magnet in the same place from where these idiotic stories come from and sit on it for a while.

            • beaconterraone says:

              Next you’ll tell us the “vaccines” are “safe” and “effective” and it’s “our duty to humanity” to get injected immediately.

              Your comments give me the impression of gaslighting to protect the “vaccines.”

              • mkey says:

                Your comments make me believe you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. And that’s good, because I’m a professional with dealing with people of such persuasion, doing it all day long.

          • Steve Smith says:

            I have seen little in videos that convince me 100% that there isn’t some hoax going on. But just like UFO videos. There are a few that are pretty hard to explain.
            I did see a photo that showed a magnet creating a convex spot on the skin when held close. I would have liked to have seen that experiment carried out by trustworthy people using video.
            Nevertheless, if I have learned nothing in my life, especially the last year or so. I have learned that I should never dismiss the possibility of the existence of things that I would never have considered possible in my more naive and innocent periods.

            Anyway, it should be pretty darn easy to determine whether or not there is any truth to this. I checked my accountant and felt zero attraction. She took the AZ shots but that was weeks ago and she is quite heavy and perhaps that makes a difference.
            And no, I don’t feel stupid for investigating for myself. Just like I don’t feel stupid for checking out the vegetation near 5G towers since I heard about how trees can be harmed by the radiation.
            Strange world we live on folks.

            • mkey says:

              One should never feel stupid for doing an experiment. Especially when experimenting on others, just ask Pfizer *drumroll*

              One thing I was feelling when conducting an experiment of my own was a strange tingling sensation on my tongue, followed by inner monologue in form of “why the hell did I just lick this magnet that’s been who knows where”.

              Regarding that 5G damage (or any other damage) and long term effects will be difficult to spot, hence the issue most people seem to be having with the principle of cause and effect.

            • beaconterraone says:

              Everything I have seen in my life, and especially that in the last 14 or so months, tells me we simply do NOT know what is actually “possible” any more. Previous limits on what is “impossible” breached.

              Yes, a full-on all-science experiment must be undertaken to confirm or deny what we see in these videos. If true, the implications are almost beyond imagination.

              I suspect that many people will not display this phenomenon, since whatever is causing it has disbursed already in them.

    • beaconterraone says:

      There are now dozens if not hundreds of videos, most of which appear completely credible, showing neodymium and even “ordinary” kitchen magnets sticking to COVID injection sites. One man took a stud finder, and a compass, and demonstrated that the devices detected “something” at the injection site. Further, I’ve seen a couple of reports alleging that people who have been injected have a much higher electromagnetic field than those who have not taken the needle.


      1) hoaxes (unlikely, since not a few apply basic scientific principles in their videos);

      2) injectees have been “microchipped” (personally, I discount this);

      3) injectees have been injected with nanoscale ferric metal, purpose and specific nature unknown (for me, personally, most like scenario);

      4) injectees have been injected with nanites, nanoscale self-replicating machines (this would account for the whole-body EMF anomalies seen).

      Competent individuals with proper lab equipment need to properly investigate this. This “anecdotal” evidence is more than sufficient for professional investigation. Of course, anyone doing such testing will be attacked viciously by System stooges inside and outside academia, so publishing such data is likely a career-ending event. Nonetheless, “something” is going on with these phenomena. If anything but the first scenario above is true, then millions have been “transhumanized” before our eyes already.

      • zyxzevn says:

        2, 3, 4 do not work.
        You need a lot of ferro-magnetic material to create an attraction.
        And there are only a few materials.
        Chipse do not have magnetic attraction.
        Theoretical nanites are probably carbon and do not have magnetic attraction.

        What does have attraction is a sweaty skin, caused by the fever.

        • Steve Smith says:

          “ You need a lot of ferro-magnetic material to create an attraction.”

          That makes sense. I don’t think that they there could be enough iron in the injection to create a “magnetic spot”. But there is enough iron in the body that if something caused a lot of it to coagulate or dare I say “clot” a very strong magnet might be attracted to that spot. Right?

          • beaconterraone says:

            IF “nanites” were gathering “raw materials,” say, iron from hemoglobin, to build, sure, they’d amass a mass at the injection site initially.

            Thank you for thinking and having an open-mind to this profoundly important phenomenon.

          • zyxzevn says:

            Iron in the blood is not ferro-magnetic

            The large amount would also clear blood-clots.

            Check the same with a copper coin.
            Does coin still stick to the skin?
            Then there is no magnetism, just sticky skin.
            And a paper between magnet and skin.
            Does magnet+paper still stick to skin?
            Reverse magnet Does it still stick with paper:
            Yes: Ferro magnetism. No: maybe there is magnet.
            In both cases you can scan the skin to locate
            everywhere around the body.
            Like try the other side.

        • beaconterraone says:

          Many ASSumptions, no facts.

          “Sweaty skin” is just a pathetic “explanation.” Equivalent to “don’t worry, you feel terrible right now only because the ‘vaccine’ is working.”

          I was hoping for more open-mindedness here.

          • mkey says:

            This is how disagreement works, you need to be mature enough not to get offfended. But by all means, feel free to get offended as much as you like.

            In the meantime, this idiotic magnetic narrative is going to be countered as to curtail the spread of outrageous conspiracy theories.

            • beaconterraone says:

              I don’t believe for a second you are sincere. The phrase “outrageous conspiracy theories” is a talking point from The Problem. No one who pursues the truth and only the truth would use such a phrase.

              You said elsewhere you’re a “professional.” A professional WHAT?

          • zyxzevn says:

            Do you understand the problem of your “theory”?

            Observation: Small magnets stick to people
            Explanation1: Fake / Hoaxed (very easy to do)
            Explanation2: Sticky skin, like Magnetic Boy
            Can be tested and verified.
            Unlikely Explanation3: Iron implants due to broken bones.
            Unlikely Explanation4: Part of needle broke and got stuck.

            Theory that you seem to push:
            Top secret Implant with nano-technology
            that is far beyond any known technology.

            That is a million of dollars per injection.
            We (and nurses and lab-personal) can see the fluid that is injected.
            It is easier to do mind control via smartphone.
            The vax is hurting and killing people already.
            What goal can it even achieve?
            There is no way to test it.
            There is no way to make it.

            Implants from Alien abductions have far better
            proof than this.
            They have some memories. With x-rays and operations
            there are found small bits from their hands and feet.

            • beaconterraone says:

              Listening to you is just like listening to the corporate liesmedia: believe ME, not what you see.

              “Far beyond any known technology,” LOL. This is an example of what is ADMITTED:


              The videos about magnets sticking CANNOT be explained by gaslighting claims of “saliva,” etc.

              • zyxzevn says:

                I am not gaslighting.
                I am following a clear procedure of investigation.
                While you are jumping to a very extreme conclusion.

                Maybe these stories makes you scared, but
                theories need to based on something.
                And each part of the theory should be as clear
                as possible.

                I even proposed good methods to test magnetism:
                Test with a paper between magnet and skin.
                / Copper coin / Reversed magnet.

                I was correct in guessing your theory of nano-tech.

                The article shows where the army will spend trillions on.
                That is great, and with that we can work further.

                I worked in the chip industry and know the latest commercial technology.
                And they are usually close to the military technology,
                because they do not spend money on bullshit and bribes.
                I can make such tech if you like.

              • zyxzevn says:

                A. Is it magnetic?
                Hell no.
                Carbon, Hemoglobin, Silicon, GaAs, are not ferro-magnetic.
                So it has NO relationship with the magnets on the skin.
                We can stop here, but lets check other steps.

                B. How much money would they spend on making this?
                Any guesses?
                A million per injection, seems pretty close doesn’t it?

                C. What would nano-bots need to operate?
                1) Power. which is hard to get. How long does your phone last? 10 days max?
                2) Control/ guidance. Which only works if the controller
                is close-by. Like in a lab.
                3) Detectors. The nano-bots will need to know exactly, where they are. And the layout is different per person.

                D. What can such an injection do theoretically?
                Can it change our mind? No.
                Can it change our health? Possibly.
                Isn’t that a waste of money?

                E. What goals can be reached far cheaper?
                Yes. mRNA can create ANY protein that is active in either
                the brain, health, or immune system.
                Additional RNA can also add special triggers.
                Mind can be controlled with drugs like Fentanol etc.
                Health can be damaged with most vaccine-ingredients.

                Especially the mRNA can have long lasting side-effects.
                And with reverse transcription (like HIV?) it may
                theoretically install itself in the DNA.

                So based on that my TESTABLE conclusion is
                that the magnets are a complete distraction.

              • zyxzevn says:

                So these are 5 clear steps that show that the
                nano-bot theory is not true.
                The theory is jumping too far to be credible,
                or even possible.

                And a sticky skin is pretty common.
                Everyone can lift a coin with a finger of a sweaty hand.

                And people that got vaxxed are extremely sweaty,
                because they usually have a fever.
                “Then you know it is working”

                The best of all, is that we can test this.
                Just a piece of paper can already show the difference!

                (Assuming they do not keep a large magnet under their arm)

          • mkey says:

            Hopefully this can put to rest some of your more outrageous claims.

            Megnetic spit

            Freshly recorded by yours truly. Look at me ma, your son is lining up for the Nobel applied physics prize.

            • zyxzevn says:

              Bullshit exposed with this simple test!

              And this whole magnet-thing shows how easy
              many in the conspiracy group can be manipulated.

              That is why I try to teach people critical thinking.
              Starting with their our theories.

              Here is a simple list:

              1. What alternatives are there?
              2. Which options are logical?
              Can you remove your fear/ anger from the theories?
              3. What options are possible? How easy or difficult?
              4. Which options can be tested, or have been tested?
              5. What would be the goal if the theory is true,
              and what if it is false?
              6. Are there cheaper/ better /easier options?
              7. What are the unknowns, and how can you test these?

              8. What are the likely conclusions?

              • mkey says:

                Just to be perfectly clear, even though I laid it out straight in the video description:

                this does not prove that all the magnetic skin videos are faked (even though I’m quite sure all of them are, possibly some not understanding basic properties of the skin and its ejaculates)

                it just demonstrates how easily they could be faked.

                Do people like to fake stuff? Does the pope defecate in the woods?

              • beaconterraone says:

                You two are the Snopes of The Corbett Report forum.

                DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE! Believe US instead! You are “too stupid” to “understand” what you see.

                I’ve had enough lies and gaslighting over the last 14 months. How sad that paying subscribers here sound exactly like the corporate liesmedia. Your fake “debunking” tells me more about you and your tag team partner than the magnetic phenomenon you have NOT explained away.

              • mkey says:

                Believe whatever you want. I’m just demonstrating the magnetic power of spit, in a way that is freely accessible for all to see. Everybody is free, and morally bound, to come to their own conclusions.

                Regardless of what hysterical cult leader wannabes have to say about it.

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              That’s the way!…Just like shining shoes…
              The mechanics of spit.

              Engineers know.

            • DiscrimineCogitandi says:

              Part 1 – Though it gets a bit testy at times, I thank beaconterraone, zyxzenv and mkey for your deep discussion of the magnet phenomenon. Both sides raise excellent points. BTW, I’ve been funding James’ brilliant investigations for six or seven years, and where he shines is in the area of verifiable, documented sources for all his reports. This paper on Exploring Biodigital Convergence is yet more eye-opening, undeniable proof that powerful, well-funded, governmental and private agencies are working against what most of us on this site believe is healthy, moral or human.

              The magnet phenomenon quickly came out of nowhere, which is a good reason to be suspicious. Viral events (of all types!) are largely manufactured by the media. A quick search of -magnet sticking to covid injections- shows the “fact checkers” are falling all over themselves with equal speed to “debunk” the phenomenon.

              Is it safe to say that we agree that information sources, and particularly our individually crafted “reality bubbles”, are crafted from the top down? As much as we try to rely on personal experience, trusted friends, and trusted sources like James, our searches, newsfeeds, ads and other media are all manipulated. And while we’re trying to be objective, chances are that most people around us are buying what the MSM tells them whole cloth.

              So it’s good to be skeptical. In my view it’s good to consider EVERYTHING that the government/MSM tells you to be a half-truth at best, and an outright misleading lie at worst. Qui bono should be the *first* question that comes to mind. And when they start giving out burgers, fries, million dollar lottery tickets, movie tickets and loads of other “Free Stuff” to get you to take an experimental chemical injection for “your health”… well, if alarm bells and whistles aren’t going off you might as well just go take the shot.

              Like loads of other “tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists”, as James described us in his “Top 5 ‘Conspiracy Theories’ that Turned Out to Be True”, the magnetic vids caught my eye. What if we could *finally* bust them with concrete proof that they’re up to something? Tantalizing!

            • DiscrimineCogitandi says:

              Part 2 – As a side note before continuing, I worked with professional magicians for a few years in both TV and live productions. “Magic”, better described as “sleight of hand”, is filled with tricks based on sticking things to other things, both visibly and covertly. It uses wax, vacuums, magnets, chemicals, hidden fingers, Velcro… you name it. And as mkey points out in his timely video, saliva on a smooth metal surface applied to skin can work wonders. (And don’t forget that great card game in “Inglourious Basterds”!)

              So I watched the one hour vid, which included many badly recorded videos, with many plump (perhaps sweaty) arms on angles that, of course, would hold anything. And there were a few showboating people that seemed desperate for their one minute of YT fame. But there were a few more that seemed legit, that seemed to show magnetic attraction.

              Beacon, my thoughts were exactly along yours at the beginning. How could so many honest appearing people be doing this? They can’t all be shills for Big Brother.

              My first thought was also that this injection may include magnetic nanobots (which seemed unlikely, but Beacon’s CNET link tells us which way the wind is blowing). Or perhaps it had some sort of ferrofluid (more possible). But why aren’t there videos of vaccine vials sticking to magnets? Injection vials have aluminum caps and are NOT magnetic. But there are no videos out there showing that. Scratch those two ideas.

              Second thought is that nanotech (including the mRNA factories that the experimental injections are *admittedly* setting up in the test subjects) started a biological (rather than mechanical) process that was scavenging iron from the blood and concentrating it, initially near the injection point. Verified reports of blood clots added credibility to this.

              I admit that I actually ordered a pack of Neodymium Magnets N52 Super Strong –Rare Earth Magnets – Round 1.26″D x 0.06″ – from Amazon to test this. Last night I tested my first double vaxxed friend… and nothing. No attraction. I’m going to test more surprised friends and if the magnet ever sticks in a credible fashion I’ll record a video like mkey.

              Meanwhile, this morning I read the 1936 Linus Pauling experiment showing that blood is not ferro-magnetic linked by zyx.

              With respect to all of you, my conclusion is that Occam’s razor cuts through a lot of red tape.

              When your husband is late from coming home from a night out with the boys, was he a. kidnapped by aliens from the Pleiades using a teleportation device linked to CERN using principles similar to those that create crop circles, or b. he stayed because he was having fun drinking with the boys? Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof.

              Many thanks to all the brilliant people contributing to this site.

              • Steve Smith says:

                I unfortunately am not educated enough to understand what I am reading when I peruse scientific papers. But I was looking at the paper linked earlier that says hemoglobin is non magnetic and it doesn’t seem to be that cut and dried. Or else I simply misinterpreted what I read. Perhaps someone could explain this in layman’s terms.

                “ Ferrohemoglobin In contrast to oxyhemoglobin and carbonmonoxyhemoglobin, hemoglobin itself contains unpaired electrons, its magnetic susceptibility showing the presence of a pronounced paramagnetic contribution.”


              • Steve Smith says:

                This also seems to imply that there is some magnetic properties in blood. But again I am not even sure what the heck I am reading.

                “ The magnetic susceptibility of hemoglobin itself (ferrohemoglobin) corresponds to an effective magnetic moment of 5.46 Bohr magnetons per heme, calculated for independent hemes.”

              • zyxzevn says:

                Great that you were testing.
                Always test /verify your hypotheses if you can.

                Now you have these magnets, you can
                do some fun stuff if you also have
                ferro fluid (or iron dust)

                Steve Smith:
                Everything is magnetic in some way.
                The hemoglobine is not ferromagnetic,
                so it is like 100x less magnetic than iron.
                And it is also in a very low concentration,
                not capable to produce any noticeable force.

                If you want to know more then look
                on wikipedia and youtube education channels.
                There is “paramagnetic” and “diamagnetic”
                and “ferromagnetic”.
                Then we also have super-conductivity,
                which is even weirder.

              • DiscrimineCogitandi says:

                Steve, I edit history books but I’m also at a loss on scientific papers. I asked an MD friend (one of us, not one of the indoctrinated) to explain the paper to me. He’s a bit more understandable but the headline is that blood is not magnetic. Here’s what he said (there may be a couple of typos because I think he dictated it):

                It has been known for some time that there is a difference between oxygenated ferrohemoglobin and unoxygenated.

                That effect is leveraged in oxygen functional fMRI. It is a new technology that is able to look at the actual oxygen uptake in organs like the brain in real time that implies metabolic activity such as activation of that portion of the neural network of the brain so we can map where certain things happen in real time.

                Blood is not ferromagnetic. If it’s oxygenated it’s not magnetic at all. If it’s not oxygenated it’s only paramagnetic, which means it only very weakly interacts with a magnetic field mostly in terms of alignment rather than attraction.

                There were some interesting studies showing that blood viscosity changed by 20% and a relatively large glass tube that was aligned with a 1.5 Tesla (HUGE) magnetic field however this does not equate to and if the useful and the human bodies since the orientation of all of the arteries are randomly distributed and even if they weren’t the clumping that reduces the viscosity would jam up and block the capillaries causing grave results.

                As with most things there are hucksters that use refrigerator magnets and try to make wild claims that are unfounded and completely stupid from even a common sense perspective.

            • zyxzevn says:

              It is not just spit and sweat,
              the anti-infection fluid
              and the band-aid are adhesive too.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      MAGNETS – The Last American Vagabond
      “Biodigital Convergence, COVID Magnetogenetic Ferritin Vaccines & Big Spikes In Mass Vaccinated Areas”

      (Around the 1:31:00 mark is where magnetic stuff comes up.)

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        MAGNETS…It’s not a hoax.
        MAGNETS do stick on some people’s injection site
        but not on every vaccinated person.

        Thursday May 20, 2021 – The Highwire with Jefferery Jaxen
        (The Magnet segment starts at 57:30)
        (I will update the direct titled video link below when the website publishes it.)

        Jefferery Jaxen is filling in for Del Bigtree this week. He does an excellent job and stays on focus with calm, smooth presentations of the stories.
        I personally believe that Jefferery often visits the Corbett Report and will read the comment sections scouting for news items.

        The first half of the show goes into the bribes which are being doled out in order to coerce people to get the Covid vaccine. Tactics such a peer pressure at schools are discussed. Many folks within government agencies have not received the vaccine.

        Next topic is the “gain of function” origination of SARS-Cov-2, Dr. Fauci’s lies, and how it is becoming more acceptable to discuss the topic publicly because Congress is looking at it.

        As a lead into India, some graphs are shown for different countries. The graphs point to when the vaccines first rolled out…then a few weeks later Covid daily deaths shot up like a bottle rocket.
        IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember “shedding” and the Miami school banning teachers who had been vaccinated?… I wonder if these graphs shine a light on that phenomena as well.

        The India story is a real eye opener. It puts the situation into perspective. (I liked the phrase that social distancing was once considered anti-social behavior.)

        Following India is the Magnet story.
        The show ends with some segments showing how people have been pushing back at the authoritarian dictates, and standing up for their freedoms.

        • 8Gc58 says:

          Thanks, HomeRemedySupply. Wonderful that The Highwire looked into this, and did some testing themselves. I hope they’ll follow up, in the following weeks. On that note, I wonder why they’ve not talked more about the “shedding phenomena”.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          LINKS UPDATE…

          Full show – (One hour 20 minutes)

          The Covid Origin Theory Dam Breaks; An India Insider Tells All; Is Covid Vax Triggering Deaths? Texas Bans Mandates; The #MagnetChallenge: Truth, or Hoax?

          (17 minute segment)

          The “Covid Vaccine Magnet Challenge” is the new viral sensation on social media where vaccinated individuals place a magnet on their arm near the shot site to see if it will stick. Our Mom-on-the-Street, Carmen Estel, tested this out in the field with some pretty shocking results. Check it out!

          #VaccineMagnetChallenge #MagnetChallenge #CarmenEstel #MomOnTheStreet #VaccineAdjuvants #VaccineSafety #TheHighwire #DelBigtree

          #MagnetChallenge – TWITTER

          (There is a 6 minute video via Global News Toronto which discusses “Shedding”.)

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            From the Jennifer Spengler (JenSpen) Twitter on the above Thread #MagnetChallenge is a video an 11 minute video…

            There is a guy who demonstrates a micro-chip insertion needle.
            Of course, the micro-chip is magnetic.

            • zyxzevn says:

              Sorry, where is the micro-chip in the 11 minutes?
              And how is it magnetic?
              Note that Silicon is not magnetic.

              And did anyone actually try a piece of paper between skin and magnet?
              Now it is all just a distraction from the
              numerous deaths and severe side-effects.

              • Steve Smith says:

                Today I tested 8 individuals who have received one injection or the other and there was no attraction to a dangling magnet.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                At the 7:48 minute mark, a guy unwraps a fresh needle containing a microchip. After shooting the needle, he holds a magnet to it.

                Steve Smith,
                Thanks for doing that test. I read your other post where you wrote about company coming over.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          “Shedding” SUB-THREAD LINK

          The northern comment with “THE COVID VACCINE EPIDEMIC” – The Highwire with Jefferery Jaxen contains some charts at the 34 minute mark.
          Basically, the charts show the timeline of when Covid Vaccinations started in various countries. Within a few weeks following the campaign, suddenly the statistic “Daily Covid Deaths” shot up like a rocket.

          This sudden rocket spike in “Daily Covid Deaths” could be associated with some type of “shedding” phenomena from being vaccinated.

        • 8Gc58 says:

          Stew Peters (Jim_Crenshaw) – Magnetism INTENTIONALLY Added to ‘Vaccine’ to Force mRNA Through Entire Body

          It is done through a lipid nano system. To push the mRNA technology into places it was never meant to be. It was done to intentionally harm you. NOBODY HAS BEEN GIVEN INFORMED CONSENT. This extremely harmful additive was included on purpose.
          What I found on Magnetofaction:

          Magnetofection is a simple and highly efficient transfection method that uses magnetic fields to concentrate particles containing nucleic acid into the target cells. This method attempts to unite the advantages of the popular biochemical (cationic lipids or polymers) and physical (electroporation, gene gun) transfection methods in one system while excluding their inconveniences (low efficiency, toxicity). Magnetofection is commercialized by OZ Biosciences and is registered as a trademark.

      • zyxzevn says:

        Because of all the attention that this gets,
        it looks very much like a
        planted fake conspiracy theory to me.

        People worry about a sticky metal.

        But healthy people are dying soon after getting a vaccine!
        Even children!

        What fucked way of thinking makes people more
        afraid of a magnet than the murder of children?

        • Steve Smith says:

          “ What fucked way of thinking makes people more
          afraid of a magnet than the murder of children?”

          I don’t see too many people in these videos who seem very concerned about becoming magnetic. In the Highwire “Mom on the Street” episode people appeared mostly amused.

          Personally, since I am not going to take the crap, I am not fearful. I am simply interested in what is going to happen to about half of humanity because of this psyop.
          I want to arm myself with as much valid information as possible. I can’t do that by dismissing out-of-hand every controversial or hard to imagine theory. Too many crazy conspiracy theories have turned out to be true to approach the unimaginable that way anymore.

          There are lots of questions about what the poison is going to do to people. Even to abstainers who are simply in prolonged close contact with the victims. And there are even more opinions and even categorical pronouncements from people on all sides. I take nobody’s word for anything nowadays.

          Many of my wife’s family is currently visiting Florida from California. They are all victims. They are arriving in my town tonight. Over this weekend, I plan to take a very small but powerful magnet that I have and superglue a piece of thread to it. I will dangle the magnet against their arms and see if anything happens. If the magnet sticks it won’t be because of being pressed against sticky skin.

          • 8Gc58 says:

            It will be interesting to hear what the result of those tests will be, Steve.

            • Steve Smith says:

              I tested 8 “vaccinated” people today and noticed zero magnetic attraction.

              • 8Gc58 says:

                Thanks, Steve. Nice having more sources. Super weird that The Highwire got so many positives. So far I only know of one person that is fully “vaccinated”, so I can’t do much of a test myself. However, here in Norway the “vaccine” count is increasing every day. The Norwegian regime is saying that more than 90% is eager to get the experimental gene therapy. I believe them. Most Norwegians are brainwashed far beyond what I thought was possible.

          • zyxzevn says:

            But do you get what a great story this is for the newspapers?

            “Sticky Magnets were just adhesive skins.
            Vaccines really are Safe for children.”

            Big Pharma just loves this stuff.

            • Steve Smith says:

              “But do you get what a great story this is for the newspapers?“

              Yeah, I get it. But what deceivers write and what zombies absorb are things that I can do nothing about.
              What is your recommended approach to things like this? To suspend your curiosity? I am unable to do that.

            • zyxzevn says:

              Here is the first mainstream story I found:
              BBC – Covid Vaccines: Could they be magnetic?

              Oh god, how can anyone believe that vaccines are unsafe.

              It is exactly what they want to write about.
              Not the children who die with bloodclots,
              or the elderly that survived covid but not the jab.

              With bad science you give the opposition the
              best strawman they could dream of.

              So start with good science.

              When you see something weird, test the variables.
              It is just as “Magnetic Boy”
              No magnet appears to stick when there is a piece of paper
              or cloth in between.
              That is because paper/cloth blocks most of the adhesive,
              but not the magnetism.

              So with good science you start with testing under
              what conditions the magnet or whatever sticks.
              Put different things in between.
              Measure the places where it sticks.

              The same can be done with 9/11 twin towers.
              And there you see that you can only get
              a free-fall collapse, when there is a full-scale
              demolition going on.
              With no demolition, the fall is slowed down.

              In the Israeli bombing you can see a partial collapse,
              slower and sideways.

              That is why I name 911 a Full-scale demolition, where
              every part of the construction is demolished. So it is
              out of the way when the rest is falling on it.

              Dont get lost in science fiction
              I have studied micro-electronics and know a bit how these
              nano-tech things could work. But the science-fiction
              that we read about is impossible to reach with current
              technology. You need a good power source, a control system,
              an internal detection system.
              All far beyond our capabilities.
              Yet with a simple mRNA you can target people’s brains, or
              whatever you want to target.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      June 8th, 2021 – “Health Freedom for Humanity” YouTube Channel
      Magnetism and Reactions

      Brittany Galvin’s social media pages are filled with blurred out posts with banners that say “misinformation,” “missing context,” and “misleading.” All of her posts are recent videos she’s filmed documenting her real, lived experience post-Moderna shot. How can they possibly label her videos in this way if she’s simply documenting her experience?

      In this video Brittany describes her experience with injury as well as a strange magnetism phenomenon that is making its rounds on social media platforms.

      NOTE – This video demonstrates that there are many vaccine injuries occurring, and that medical professionals are recognizing this fact.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Via “Not On The Beeb” UK – MAGNETISM from VACCINES

      Dr. T Review the effect of C19 vaccinations inducing cellular magnetism
      aka title: Dr T on masks, swabs & the effects of magnets
      (13 minute video – Dr. T. discusses magnetism and other vaccine problems)

      The Magnet Challenge – Four Videos

      Film 1 – Not On The Beeb investigates the agent challenge. True of False?
      Film 2 – We take Dr T to a public walkabout-challenge.
      Film 3 – The ultimate compilation of agent challenge home videos
      Film 4 – Dr T delivers a devastating verdict on magnetite

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Magnets & Vaccines
      June 26, 2021

      Corbett Member robster posts a link to a 7 page pdf entitled:

      “The survey is stopped for reasons of conscience and morals because the investigator is no longer able to cope with the helplessness of people whose faces become petrified when they realise that they have been injected with a substance of which they know nothing.

      The investigator, who has studied management techniques and psychosociology in the past, is very uncomfortable with these people who are wondering what is happening to them.

      People become pale, white, nervous, put a hand to their forehead or cross their arms and pinch their bottom lip. Some sweat from their hands as they are seen wiping them on their hips or thighs.”

  7. Denis says:

    Many things, maybe even whole areas of science remind a lot of the story about devil and forbidden knowledge. Even if knowledge is real, price is (too) high, and the knowledge gained like that is probably going to be almost useless.

    I mostly agree with this, but I maybe formulate thoughts bit differently and I guess with some lethargy.

    Yes, things will change, and have always been changing. Some of the elite do dream about post humanism, but even if they succeed, there will always be regular humans. If nothing as slaves, resource or second class citizen and useless class.

    Talking about slaves and resources, right now, in this moment millions of little kids starve each year, millions of other die from diarrhoea, and millions if not billions of people live in conditions most of us can’t even imagine.

    I can also tell you from personal experience there are very few doom scenarios I have recently heard that come close to things I have experienced during Sarajevo siege. I know too many around the world experience worse than that every day.

    Anyhow, I might be wrong but as I see it the worse, in the context of indoctrination of plebs, brainwashing, control and surveillance, technological surveillance, personal freedoms, has already happened. Things are often two edged swords. Just like the Internet and all technology that has made it possible.

    Doesn’t mean what’s coming is going to be pleasant. Though I’m pretty sure many are going to root for it.

  8. Duck says:

    “..Many things, maybe even whole areas of science remind a lot of the story about devil and forbidden knowledge. Even if knowledge is real, price is (too) high, and the knowledge gained like that is probably going to be almost useless…”

    If you have a long time to listen this guy might interest you on that.. he kinda rambles

    • s511 says:

      Jeremy Naydler article 5G The Big Picture. “…As our world is increasingly smothered by a fog of radio waves, microwaves and millimetre waves, it may seem that the gods of the Underworld have taken hold of humanity in an ever- tightening grip, drawing us towards the false lights – the illusory lights of the hell-beings and hungry ghosts that the Tibetan Book of the Dead long ago warned against.

      The electromagnetic energies that we have summoned, and which promised to give us new powers, now appear to be overpowering us, carrying us down into an Underworld realm of hellish entertainment and distraction, of illusion and disconnection from the reality that really matters – the reality of nature and the spiritual order that infuses nature, the reality of fellow creatures with whom we share our world, living in soil and sky and walking the Earth beside us.

      The electromagnetic energies that we have summoned, and which promised to give us new powers, now appear to be overpowering us
      We must ask: Does the Earth need an electronic ecosystem? Is it going to benefit in any way from being irradiated with millimetre waves? Is there actually any need at all for 5G? Can we even remotely conceive that 5G is the answer to any of the pressing ecological, social and spiritual problems that face us today? We stand at a dreadful threshold, and yet surrender to despair cannot be the right response. What can we do?
      … bring spiritually informed understanding to the deeper significance of the global electronic brain whose emergence 5G will hasten. To this end, we need to develop a clear perception of the moral quality of electricity, the better to recognize the kind of spiritual entity or entities that it serves.

      One of Rudolf Steiner’s most helpful insights into electricity was his observation that it is light in a fallen, degraded state – light that has fallen beneath nature into the sub-natural realm – and that is why we must actively guard against an ever increasing dependence on it, for it threatens to drag us down.

      A third thing we can do, Rebuild our relationship to the light, which in its selfless benevolence and purity greets us every morning, and which, unlike the false and illusory electronic lights that would lead us into the Underworld, beckons us in a quite different direction, towards our essential humanity.

      As the curtain of electrosmog is drawn across our world, we are presented with a sacred task…

      • Fact Checker says:

        5G is military infrastructure. Weapons-grade telecomm overlay. Nothing more.

        “We” don’t get to ask questions about whether “we” of “the world” needs it. It is a weapon against us.

        (Although the bio-physical effects there may be from the millimeter-waves are strictly “collateral damage.” Acceptable externalities, as far as the brass are concerned. The real payload is the surveillance capabilities.)

        The 5G mega-array is there to monitor, and, increasingly, to geo-fence the Herdsters.

        I happened to get a sky-high view of the Glen Canyon Recreational Area in Utah’s Grand Staircase this month. What was just a few years ago rugged, wild land stretching out to unimaginable horizons, is now a forest of towering steel-and-fiberglass 5G masts that stand well above what used to appear to be mesas and monoliths rising to the heavens. The whole globe is now prickly with the things.

      • beaconterraone says:

        I’ve never understood Paul’s words at Ephesians 2:2:

        “Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience.”

        Until recently.

        The phrase “Prince of the Power of the Air” certainly gives me the impression that the Devil is a master broadcaster.

      • Alchemist says:

        Fallen angels/ light beings fallen into an electromagnetic world of good and evil. I’m sure quantum physics has some way to explain this in newer terms.

  9. scpat says:

    By far, the most chilling and sickening section of this document was the Good morning, biodigital. The scenarios they described were so technocratic and anti-human that it made my stomach turn. The future they paint is a future devoid of any freedom or privacy.

    Everything looks all right, so I check my brain’s digital interface to read the dream data that was recorded and processed in real time last night. My therapy app analyzes the emotional responses I expressed while I slept. It suggests I take time to be in nature this week to reflect on my recurring trapped-in-a-box dream and enhance helpful subconscious neural activity. My AI recommends a “forest day”. I think “okay”, and my AI and neural implant do the rest.

    …Building codes and home energy infrastructure are synchronized, and require all homes be autoregulated for efficiency. Because houses and buildings are biomimetic and incorporate living systems for climate control wherever possible, they are continuously filtering the air and capturing carbon. I check my carbon offset measure to see how much credit I will receive for my home’s contribution to the government’s climate change mitigation program.

    Also, I’ll admit that it sounds gross, but it’s a good thing the municipality samples our fecal matter from the sewage pipes. It’s part of the platform to analyze data on nutritional diversity, gut bacteria, and antibiotic use, to aid with public health screening and fight antibiotic-resistant strains of bacterial infections.

    The buildings in my neighbourhood share a vertical farm, so I get carbon credits by eating miso made from soybeans produced on my roof and fermented by my fridge.

    • scpat says:

      The main vibes I get from this section are:

      – Climate criminals will exist in the future, as well as health criminals. Wait, the latter is already the experience of the present.

      – People will hesitate, or be unable to trust their own instincts unless their personal AI suggests it or demands it of them.

      – If these scenarios become reality, some humans will be living in a world resembling The Matrix (in many ways we already are).

      – Reality will no longer exist or be experienced in the way it exists currently

      • nosoapradio says:

        it sounds gross, but it’s a good thing

        Yours sounds like a pretty darn insightful and provocative take-away analysis to me scpat, though I haven’t taken the time to read the original doc closely yet.

        The general tone from the extracts you included are creepily reminiscent (in my fertile imagination) of the 17 sustainable goals video…

        …with full-lipped, blue-haired, face-pierced, teary-eyed post-adolescents helping to jackboot the climate and health-criminals into some form of euthanasia that’s as sustainable and compassionate as it is necessary for the vaccinated Gaia-worshipping collective hive mind…

    • Alchemist says:

      Waking up to sea scents and soft cozy sheets with a forest day on the itinerary sounds nice! What’s the problem? ? This is nothing but a creepy and dishonest advertisement to sell a very bad idea.

      • Alchemist says:

        They’re trying to make it sound like our reality will be enhanced for our personal benefit. Well, maybe if we behave…

      • scpat says:

        Truth lies in accepting reality, not distorting it or avoiding it. The motivation behind such a thing is to get away from your current reality into some better reality. It is an engineering approach to life as a means to control it, instead of just letting it flow as it is and accepting it for what it is. You will never be satisfied because you will always be wanting more. That’s not to say people shouldn’t do it if they feel they should, but in my view it is perverting life.

        • Alchemist says:

          The GMO humans will be eager to escape the “recurring trapped-in-a-box dream” beast system they unwittingly signed up for and, based on what they’ve already accepted, I’d say they’ll probably be duped into wanting this too.

    • aleia says:

      I agree. i had trouble reading the whole thing as my entire being recoiled from the thoughts. Towards the beginning they state “we could see a shift away from vitalism.” To me that is a clue that we have to champion, celebrate and encourage vitalism with every ounce of energy, intelligence and love that we have. Vitalism! keep it alive!

      • scpat says:

        Shifting away from vitalism. That says it all, huh? This agenda is against our natural instincts and humanity.

  10. Joseph says:

    Unfortunately, I suspect all the biotech mentioned in this article will be misused to such a great extent as it is possible. Just for the starters, those who would like to push this tech I reckon are masked Eugenicists. One of their favored playgrounds is to label individuals as damaged ones. Though to emphasize the justifiedness of their label, now they will have the tools. It will be enough if the vast major population will be forced to have some sort of augmentation to their body, so the rest of the individuals, who will not allow their natural bodies to be modified will be immediately labeled as the damaged ones. Ding, they even won’t have to prove anything, it will be documented, you have no augmentations, period. Or, let’s take it even further, the mRNA vaccines will slowly be modified to reprogram the DNS into a new “direction”, and a simple blood test will reveal the true humans who did not take any vaccines and other insane bio modifications. So again, the label will be stamped: there is a damaged outcast who is not eligible to participate in society. But, as with everything, it will be a double-edged sword, all the biotech will be hackable and I am sure, some of the oppressed real humans will be creative enough how to use the opportunities. Nevertheless, great article! Thank you very much for the report!

  11. nosoapradio says:

    A formerly close friend and colleague from years ago got in touch with me out of the blue yesterday in a texto inviting me to his 58th birthday party, (unaware that I’d left the country).

    When asked what and how he was doing his first response was that he was vaccinated.

    I was rather taken aback (to put it mildly). First of all, because it was the very first thing he cared to impart. Secondly, because he sees himself (or at least used to) as an eccentric outsider artist who questions the status quo and is cynical of all forms of goverment, thirdly, because the pressure on his age group was only moderate for the moment.

    And finally because he was seemingly so proud of that fact… so proud…

    When I calmly but with genuine consternation asked him why he had taken an experimental vaccine he categorically informed me that “in the real world” there’s nothing “experimental” about the Covid vaccines, particularly AstraZeneca’s (after some uncharacteristic waffling about loving his fellow man).

    When I pressed for details, he said he’s only had the first injection, that his arm hurt for three days but that he was still waiting for his head to explode (as weird conspiracy theorists of my genre have reported it should).

  12. nosoapradio says:

    Conversely, a formerly and adamently vaccine-skeptical student (who I particlarly like and admire) explained to me that the Courrier International newspaper basically explained to her why she had a social duty to take this safe vaccine.

    She went on to illustrate her new position by speaking about how people in her country of origin worship a certain “Yersin” who saved so many children from rabies with his vaccine.

    She concluded her demonstration by categorically stating that researchers like Yersin were not crass ambitious opportunists merely working for the money and to get ahead but on the contrary, compassionate dedicated Good people striving for the good of humanity.

    So I asked her if Oppenheimer was a good person. (I’m not attempting to imply that he was a bad person; it was simply in an effort to distinguish between the technology and the person and to drive at the obvious point that all more or less powerful things can be used for “good” and for “bad”.)

    The happy ending (a rare occurence when speaking with students about vaccines) was at the end of our discussion she explained to me that noone in her country of origin wants the vaccine. So I showed her the “deaths per million” from Covid rate in her country, which is 0.97 compared with nearly 1,600 deaths per million in France, and asked her if that was the reason. She said no, she thought it was because they are well aware of how the USA claims to want to save humanity while reducing it to dust with horrific war crimes and especially how they always depict the victims as the agressors, just as the Israelis do with Palestine.

    Witnessing her apparent cognitive disarray I said that I hadn’t wanted to make here uncomfortable, I just didn’t want her or her children to get hurt.

    She smiled and said, don’t worry Teacher, I’m not a dupe.

  13. nosoapradio says:

    It’s just the media powered exacerbation of the innate peer-pressure force that fascinates me…
    hence my old moniker…

    watching it in action, blow by blow accounts of changed attitudes and elaborate rationalizations… in the desperate search for cognitive comfort…?

  14. nosoapradio says:

    oops. haven’t been posting on the correct page; gotta watch that…

    so much to say about the material printed and linked on this page… and so many relevant, insightful comments from Corbetteers…

    BUT for the moment, this cyber-hamster will just say Thanks still yet Moreover AGAIN Mr. Corbett, for providing me with so much provocative and exploitable literature for my English classes with IT students and pharmaceutical professionals!!

    And… your masterful wielding of the word “turgid” is nothing short of… formidably… unqualifiably… Sensually AH! WOW!! bracingly, Brazenly Satisfying! Touchée!

    I shall now biodigitally Converge with the hamsterwheel…

  15. nosoapradio says:

    Oh! and the term “bugbots” triggered the predictively programmed HBO-Netflix-caged rodent that I am to imagine this:

    It’s really cool! Everyone has his own personal firefly!

  16. bob387 says:

    “The technologies and applications featuring biodigital convergence will not be able to operate without a lot of data.” from Exploring Biodigital Convergence, Policy Horizons Canada.

    Perhaps the data will come from the largest experiment in history.

  17. solarwind says:

    James here is an item that might be something you would want to do some fact checking on and is related to this article.

    There have been videos circulating that show COVID vaccination injections sites as being magnetic.

  18. bob387 says:

    “It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it.” (Bones to Captain Kirk)
    Here is an idea from the book Regenesis, by George Church and Edward Regis.It involves the property of chirality. How about making synthetic right-handed lifeforms? They would be immune to all of Earth’s pathogens, because our lifeforms are all left-handed. Of course, right-handed humans would not be able to eat left-handed food either. Right-handed food would have to be specially made for them in a lab from synthetically-made right-handed molecules.

    My idea: Maybe this is the basis of the fascination with making lab food?
    Also, if all life (out in space) is also left-handed, then being right-handed would protect you from other-world pathogens and left-handed bioweapons. It would also be some protection from space animals because they would learn that they could not digest you, so you would be off the menu, so to speak. As far as mating goes, right-handed humans would be a new species.

  19. sirach says:

    “Man when he was in honour did not understand: he hath been compared to senseless beasts, and made like to them”
    I find this quote relevant.

    but not all translations include the full statement: most translations condense the second part(after colon) to “is like the beasts that perish”. But the original meaning tells more about man’s decay, which happens in 2 phases: While being in honour, man did not understand (his place): first, he started to BEHAVE like animals. Then he BECAME like them, of the same stuff – he lost his humanity in essence, not only in appearance/behavior.

    It feels surreal to talk about this, as a reality, but here we are: genetically engineered humans have been born (He Jiankui’s gene-edited twins)

    This is official research – who knows what is going on behind the dark darpa drape.

    Together with James’ channel, I find Bandon O’Connel’s analysis and perspective extremely important in order to try to grasp the larger context (“talpiot” on Brighteon platform).
    “isgp-studies” also contains key info.

  20. campj says:

    Speaking as a digital moron, is not all digital tech highly sensitive to EMP? Will not the eventual huge Solar flare dispose of practically everything digital, including whatever such device may be implanted in you? Is there an EMP generator we can use to digitally sterilize our bodies of any such implant?

  21. Control Savvy says:

    My reaction to this article is the same as my reaction to last week’s article. Why go to the trouble of controlling people through bioimplants when you can already get them to: self-imprison, wear whatever you choose, completely change habits that have been typical of humans and mammals for millions of years, believe in non-existent pathogens, and finally, allow themselves to be injected with unknown concoctions that supposedly protect them from the non-existent pathogens. I am heartsick at the human behavior I see today. My family, my friends, my neighbors, all volunteering to be guinea pigs for an experimental non-vaccine of unknown content. I argue, I provide alternative information. They politely go right ahead and ignore it. What do you need implants for? People are voluntarily and happily signing up to join the BORG. Resistance is not only futile, it is regarded as tin-foil lunacy by those waiting in line to sign up.

    • Fact Checker says:

      “Why go to the trouble of controlling people through bioimplants…?”

      Because for now, the Herd are only being penned in, so trauma-based mind-control is sufficient to keep them corralled. But once the bioimplants come, the Herd will be perfect puppets. All-purpose beasts of burden.

      And those burdens will be great. Not just mining rare-earth minerals at extreme peril. Not just building and servicing drones, hunter-killer robo-dogs and autonomous surgical arms. The bio-slaves will be made to submit to all manner of degradation and defilement to satisfy the desires and predilections of the Gateses and Schlawbs of the predator class.

      The Machine doesn’t merely want to control minds. It wants to erase the minds altogether and control biological appendages in handy, versatile humanoid form.

  22. sirach says:

    How MONSANTO killed the world:

    (at 17:34)

    Will MONSANTO executives and employees be ever prosecuted for genocide? Why not?

  23. Won Fat Fuk says:

    Everytime I read articles of this nature I think:
    1) A precursor to the Mark of the Beast is being unfurled in the west;
    2) There is a greater reason than simply having the mark on one’s forehead, or right hand, in order to just “buy or sell”, that would cause those that take it to lose their souls. Indeed, these two articles are describing what most of us would call “Losing one’s soul”.

    • bob387 says:

      Soul stealing. Reminds me of an unforgettable passage in Whitley Strieber’s book, 2012.
      Context: General North experienced an alien mind probe.
      “He almost cried out, then he felt a gnarled agony in his gut and understood that his soul had not been stolen from him, but rather it had been raped.
      And he knew that his loves and his secrets had been turned inside out, that his most private places had been seen, that what he was had been violated.”

  24. Thom says:

    “What fresh hell is this?”

    Thanks James Corbett for bringing this biodigital convergence manifesto to our attention.
    Just completed my first pass. The first thing that came to my mind was this:

    “Carpe diem! Rejoice while you are alive; enjoy the day; live life to the fullest; make the most of what you have. It is later than you think.”-Horace

  25. s511 says:

    C.S. LEWIS’S book THE ABOLITION OF MAN and MEDICAL NEMESIS by Ivan Illich, for those who still read whole books check them out. You will be surprised at how eerily prescient they are with arguments we can defend ourselves with today.
    I also think of the scripture, because they loved not the truth, I will send them a strong delusion.

  26. miro.s says:

    Well, we should not worry at all, our future is bright and a bit..mechanical as well:

  27. irazi says:

    Congratulations! The Canadians have done the unimaginable. You have outtwisted Klaus Schwab and the WEF.
    This is beyond sick. The icing on the cake is that the Canadian GOVERNMENT funds this “research.”

  28. beni says:

    @James Corbett
    If you’re fast, maybe you can reserve an apartment in Japans first smart city…

  29. 8Gc58 says:

    That article is f%#ked! If that isn’t pure evil talking, I don’t know what is. The worst thing is that the normies are supporting this insane “progress”. We need a massive EMP to save us all.

    CRISPR > RIP SRC > Rest In Peace, Source | We’ll be disconnected from our point of origin.

    • beaconterraone says:

      One cannot begin to understand, let alone fight, these “people” without recognizing they are in unshakeable league with the Devil, and probably possessed by his lesser devils. This is all Bible-level evil we’re facing.

      CRISPR and all transhumanist “technologies” are direct assaults on the Image of God.

  30. Arboghast says:

    The lunatics are running the asylum!

  31. Thanks James for alerting us to this monstrosity of a paper.
    I also quickly looked up the lead author and learned of her connections to Schwab’s WEF. Everything after that then made perfect sense.

    It caused me to think “I wonder how many other WEF disciples have been planted in governments around the world to ‘think tank’ these same sick biodigital blue prints drafted by the WEF?”

    ” I can’t imagine having to inject myself with needles like my mother did when she was a child. Now it’s a microbe transplant that auto adjusts and reports on my levels.”

    Really, you think diabetics will be part of Schwab’s biodigital eugenics plan? Come on, let’s not kid ourselves.

    ” I check my carbon offset measure to see how much credit I will receive for my home’s contribution to the government’s climate change mitigation program.”

    Let me guess, more government mandated climate change madness?

    “I am glad they decided to tree the roof of this building with fire-resistant, genetically modified red cedar, since urban forest fires have become a concern.”

    Huh, urban forest fires?
    I didn’t know urban forests even existed!
    Isn’t that an oxymoron?

  32. Trutherism says:

    I admit to skimming through that disgusting bio-terror “how to destroy humanity” handbook cranked out by the Peoples Republic of Kanada. What kind of mind-fucking, bad-sci-fi-plot crap are THEY (Live) dreaming up under Fidel’s boy?
    There is a global blitzkrieg of memory-holing former anchors of our best civilizations.

    My Take: An Annihilation of Homo Sapiens Sapiens and it’s cultures is currently underway engineered by the Satanic/Sociopathic Technocracy Allied with the old guard titans, tottering on their last legs. Viva Organic real food, Viva Cryptocurrency, Viva Self-Reliance, Regenerative Agricultre, the Amish, etc.

  33. artemis says:

    “I shiver momentarily as I think about how intimately we’re all connected in this digital biosphere – then it passes. Let the day begin.”—-what twisted b=sh*t is this? is this the one delusions moment of Brave new world fake intimacy we will get to look forwards to? AND in no way is this playing god with nature a good idea. who are we to Improve on millions of years of trial and error? AI, has no body, it can never be smart enough without this.

  34. HEDGE110 says:

    See reference 11: vanilla ‘was’ my favourite flavour! Damn you microbial transformations of natural precursors!

  35. mik says:

    Convergence, nice word. If it is meant mathematically (they will never intersect, come together), then I agree to extent. They are doing all kinds of shit, huge stinking piles, by pure probability they will occasionally achieve some (minor) success.
    I’m more afraid of side effects of this research, that is in essence pretty much pure monkeying. Years ago human genome has been mapped, but that means nothing because for many things they don’t know what it means. Of course, they also don’t know what they don’t know. Fog.
    Even if you subscribe to the materialistic world-view you should be totally pissed, they are monkeying with the foundation of life, ignoramuses, Fachidioten in German, one to the other.

    Lets look what they have actually achieved.

    I will show that article CRISPR used to build dual-core computers inside human cells(link in newsletter) is a complete misrepresentation.
    Holy shit, even the best semiconductor manufacturers are way from making dual-core computer the size of human cell and the supposedly built it.

    “”The human body itself is a large computer,” says Martin Fussenegger, lead researcher of the study.”
    Yeah, “scientist” says. Can he prove this??? Moron probably never heard for philosophy.

    “These processors act like digital half adders – essentially, they can compare two inputs or add two binary numbers, and deliver two outputs.”
    Inappropriate use of analogy, half-adder is not a processor, it’s just one among many many building blocks! Core, CPU, processor have different meaning in computer science.

    Lets look at research itself, maybe it’s more scientific.
    Again, the same misleading computer analogies.

    Look at Fig.2 what they have actually accomplished. They built several types of Logic Gates that are fundamental blocks of CPUs, that is all.

    “Controlling gene expression with sophisticated logic gates has been and remains one of the central aims of synthetic biology.”
    “Such biocomputing systems have enormous potential for diagnostic, therapeutic, and biotechnological applications.”

    After all, maybe they are not building CPU, maybe it’s about controlling gene expression. Don’t know what is worse.

    “However, the creation of more complex gene circuits with sophisticated computational functions remains challenging due to the difficulty of combining multiple core regulation processors into one processing unit.”
    No processor, CPU, core for now!

    • mik says:


      “We observed correct circuit performance after 24 h, although the performance was improved after 48 h”
      Does it need one day to become kind of functional and in two days is better? Or this “computer” operates at a frequency of mili-Herz?

      “Generating circuits that can perform an adder function in biological systems is a significant step toward realizing biocomputing systems.”
      Significant, no! It’s enough to have nand-gates or nor-gates and you can do everything by combining them and the latter they are not able to do(for now…yeah, sure).

      There is no biocomputer!!!


      How much of that kind of research is over-hyped like this one?
      I think a lot.

    • mik says:

      ….some more….

      Comparing biological systems to computer is not questionable just from philosophical perspective, it’s factually wrong. Computers in similar circumstances and identical input will always give identical output. That is not necessary true for biological systems.

      Regarding analyzed article and claims from lead researcher, that are full of misrepresentations, one can rightfully ask, what else might be dubious.
      For example, can their contraption be meaningfully and functionally integrated into biological system? Supposedly it has been shown the contraption has some functionality, but how will they provide input data, how output can be plugged into something and so on.

      To get a feeling where bio-gene-monkeying actually is you might check the following monstrosity: the first ever gene-modified human babies Lulu and Nana.

      “The embryos’ genomes were edited to remove the CCR5 gene in an attempt to confer genetic resistance to HIV”.

      “…. CCR5 is linked to improved memory function in mice,[91] as well as enhanced recovery from strokes in humans.”
      One gene is linked (not define, no certainty!!!) to HIV resistance, memory function, recovery from strokes. Genetics are full of this: one thing affects many things, often things that don’t appear to be in some connection or dependency at all.

      “…reproduce the phenotype of a specific mutation in the gene, CCR5-Δ32, that few people naturally have and that possibly confers innate resistance to HIV”

      “…two copies of CCR5Δ32 mutations (homozygotes) were about 20% more likely than the rest of the population to die before they were 76 years of age.”

      These are just few examples of being lost in the fog, article is full of them. Nevertheless, “scientists”, that in a sane world would be called ignoramuses, just go and experiment and maybe something useful will happen. Sure, give a pencil to thousands monkeys and with enough time one will write down a word monkey.
      I’m pretty sure, the above approach cannot bring a complex result, like bio-computer, and certainly not without huge side-effects.

    • mik says:

      …and finally….

      Lets try not to miss the elephant in the room when diving into discussions what bio-monkeying might achieve and possible consequences. That is a problem philosophical in its nature.

      Sure, if you don’t look for things you won’t find them.

      But does human ingenuity has its inherent limits?
      Is the reason itself limited?
      Is it possible that we will never understand some things because that is just how things are?

      I think current paradigm would dismiss such questions as meaningless, maybe even decisively answer No.

      My answer to questions is Yes.
      I won’t discuss everything, that would be book size. I’m just pointing out one of the main pillars for my position: beautiful far-reaching Goedel theorems. They say (simplified): there are truths in maths that cannot be proven. Maths, the queen of science.

      I believe it is of utmost significance where one finds himself in this dilemma. This is world-view defining stuff. And ethics, something I didn’t mention above and that is obviously thoroughly fucked up.

  36. artemis says:

    Also, stepping back at what little history we can observe, has this happened before? It would explain difficulty in finding a robust “missing link….and maybe explain the legends of semi-human beings in legend. Did someone tamper with evolution before? Notice nature did not choose them to live. Maybe they were not her children and so could not be sustained by her alone? Playing god is not a wise choice.

  37. lalo says:

    Is anyone here familiar with the anime Neon Genesis evangelion? It covers topics such as brain machine interface to increase the capacity of digital power, a secret plan of the elite to force the human evolution called Human Instrumentality Project, etc. It was fun watching 20 years ago. Today it seems more terrifyingly real to me.

  38. beaconterraone says:

    Another series of videos:

    “They put saliva, glue, tape, etc. on the magnet” is nothing but gaslighting.

    “There’s not enough ferric material to hold it” is a cop-out, since you need to explain WHY this is happening with something much better than obviously false low-brow “explanations.”

  39. slurry says:

    As cheesy as it sounds…. I’m just keeping the “there is no spoon” concept in my mind. This whole bio digital re-engineering of all life is a monster that I can’t reasonably come up with a way to battle. At least not without some kind of psychic/telekinesis spiritual super powers. It’s a long shot….. but here’s hoping the thing my wife seems to have that kills watch, phone, and hair clipper batteries at an accelerated rate or freezes computers when she’s frustrated is real and can be understood by those of us who live outside of this nightmare future.
    Thanks for your ongoing incredible work, James!

  40. HomeRemedySupply says:

    The following interview of James Corbett by Jim Goddard (Mainstream Radio “This Week in Money”) should go under this week’s article:
    Biodigital Convergence: Bombshell Document Reveals the True Agenda

    Interview 1639 – James Corbett on the Human Extinction Event
    (one hour – Many topics are explored. Lot of links in show notes.)

    In the latest edition of the ongoing “James Corbett redpills the normies” series (see, for example, this conversation with Thaddeus Russell and this conversation with Takota Coen), James talks to Jim Goddard of the mainstream “This Week in Money” radio program about the transhumanist “great reset” and the globalist plans to transform the human species. Buckle up and strap in for this data dump of information on the most important threats to humanity in the 21st century.

  41. beaconterraone says:

    [No links without titles and/or explanations of why people should be clicking on them, please. -JC]

  42. beaconterraone says:

    [No links without titles and/or explanations of why people should be clicking on them, please. -JC]

  43. MagicBullet says:

    This is very scary as it can be used on healthy people in nefarious ways.

    BUT, it could also be used on very sick people in benevolent ways to fix spent body parts and give people a better quality, maybe slightly longer life (like my mom has a stent so her heart can work, and a hip replacement so she can walk).

    Unfortunately, fixing blood vessels and bones is easy, when it comes to the brain, I think it’s going to be of the nefarious type because of the people talking about it and what they are connected to…

  44. colosseum says:

    This document was also briefly mentioned in this conversation between Cristian (Ice Age Farmer) and Alison McDowell:

    Two people I would happily see in conversation wity James 😉

    • Fact Checker says:

      Thanks for the brand-new McDowell appearance. More fantastic stuff. What makes this one particularly exciting is that “Ice Age Farmer” really, really gets what she’s saying, on a much deeper level than most interviewers, who are typically sort of awe-struck, overwhelmed, and struggling to mount the learning curve.

      It is clear in the segment that McDowell is not familiar with this Canadian Bio/Digital convergence publication when Ice Age Farmer brings it up, and I would have preferred that he give her more details and context about it, and explore it more deeply with her, because I think it’s critical to her overall thesis. I hope it stuck with her enough that she’ll revisit and explore the report on her own, because I would like to hear her reactions to a lot of the deranged aspirations exemplified by the piece, as well as the Davos pedigree of the authors of it.

  45. Mielia says:

    recent example (not really, 3 weeks old but it did make the rounds only these days and the study is from last year)

    Scientists Use Scalps From Aborted Babies to Create “Humanized Mice” and Fauci [NIH] is Funding It


    from the abstract:
    “Myoablated male and female mice were transplanted with human fetal-thymus, liver, and spleen in the kidney capsule, autologous CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells (via retroorbital injection of 0.2 × 106 cells)17, and full-thickness human fetal skin on the panniculus carnosus of the mouse skin-excised dorsum…”

    truly disgusting

    • mkey says:

      I do expect the universe to intelligently align and appropriately reward the brain damaged individuals who are taking part in these obnoxious unnatural acts.

    • Fact Checker says:

      Always remember what Nick Bostrom says about how a superintelligent agent will perceive humanity:

      “Human beings might constitute potential threats; [whereas] they certainly constitute physical resources.” [The Superintelligent Will (2012), fn. 21.]

      Abominations like the one you relate merely demonstrate that the Machine sees human flesh as nothing more than an industrial resource, to be studied, exploited, and integrated into the cybernetic corpus of the great Beast being birthed.

  46. Arby says:

    The Policy Horizons document is lengthy, but worth reading, as James suggests. They are nuts! I’m most of the way through it right now. I’m using it in my next blog post. I haven’t read James’s take yet but I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t have a few snide things to say about Policy Horizon’s view of decentralization and democratization. I noticed a lot in the document about government mandated this and that, and phrases like ‘have to’ pop up all the time. We aren’t asking for this crap. Powerful special interests – individuals who absolutely do not want to have anything to do with honest, productive work – are forcing it on us. Democratization indeed.

  47. Arby says:

    Well, I intended to use this information in my next blog post, but it was intended to be only a part of that post. However, it turned out to be such a big component that I figured it was suitable to allow it to fill out that post exclusively. See “Covid 19 – Creation Or Destruction? Light/Jehovah Or Darkness/Gog?” /

    Klaus et al cannot destroy humanity.

  48. Fact Checker says:

    Dave Cullen’s new video is a sterling piece on “Tranhumanism: The War on Human Nature.”

    He has gathered some deeply disturbing clips of the propaganda being used to promote Transhumanism in the mainstream media, and he ties it all in really well with the WEF “Great Reset” agenda, and then closes with a really stirring inspirational appeal to humanity.

    Critically, he makes the point too often missed that the “danger” is not that the technology has “potential” for being abused–it’s that its very intent and design is nefarious in the first place, and is being foisted on humanity by bad. Bad. Bad people. This sets his analysis apart even from Whitney Webb and Alison McDowell, who too often make effete, bland references to “potential for abuse” or (even more meekly) “civil liberties concerns.” Cullen is bold and decisive in calling out this entire field is inherently an existential threat to humanity, and has no benign applications.

  49. rma says:

    I’d like to point out that Biological Convergence is already here, brought to you by the makers of the psych drug Abilify MyCite:

    The Abilify pill has embedded within it a digital sensor that digitally tracks if the patient has taken their medication! This is the first of its kind in biomedical technology and defies medical ethics.

    The sensor, made up of copper, magnesium and silicon, functions like a battery by releasing an electric signal when it has reached the acid in your stomach. The signal sends information about the date and time you took the pill, blood pressure, temperature and level of activity to an adhesive patch worn on the skin. The patch relays this data to your smartphone app, into which users can add their self-reported mental health data about how they are feeling. Users consent to allow their doctor and up to four other caretakers to view their digital pill data, which resides in a cloud-based system.

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