Is There A Flu Shot / COVID Link? - Questions For Corbett #068

09/16/202054 Comments

Today on Questions For Corbett, Corbett Report member Scott asks about a potential flu vaccine / COVID link. James demonstrates how even the mainstream science shows that such a correlation does exist, although it isn't being trumpeted in the Big Pharma-funded corporate media.

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Scott's question

The Influenza Vaccine and COVID-19

Lies, Damned Lies and Coronavirus Statistics

Official doubletalk hides serious problems with flu shot safety and effectiveness

Association of spontaneous abortion with receipt of inactivated influenza vaccine containing H1N1pdm09 in 2010–11 and 2011–12

Influenza vaccination and respiratory virus interference among Department of Defense personnel during the 2017–2018 influenza season

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  1. holmesmd2 says:

    The CDC certainly is linking them together in terms of testing, treatment and everything else except causation….they tried to discredit the Canadian study in this new document but also ALREADY know what vaccines are going to be available for all kinds of problems including Covid. Many of them discussed here include live virus strains.

    Does anybody have any example of the disclosures that are supposed to be provided at pharmacies and clinics to accomplish “informed consent”? I’ve seen nothing from personal visits with 4 pharmacies that are similar to disclosures that come with any other drug or prescription other than this and one for “live” flu vaccines:

    That, above, is all you get before you have to indemnify this big box, for example:

    Aren’t vaccinations treatments that require a prescription?

  2. Palmer Harsanyi says:

    Thanks for this! I actually already did a deep dive last week into this, and besides your sources, I also found;

    • (2020.01) Influenza vaccination and respiratory virus interference among Department of Defense personnel during the 2017–2018 influenza season – Not COVID-19 specific
    “Examining non-influenza viruses specifically, the odds of both coronavirus and human metapneumovirus in vaccinated individuals were significantly higher when compared to unvaccinated individuals (OR = 1.36 and 1.51, respectively) (Table 5).”

    • (2020.03) Does the Flu Shot Increase COVID-19 Risk (YES!) and Other Interesting Questions

    • (2020.03.30) Influenza vaccination rate compared to Corona (COVID-19)

    • (2020.04.11) Immunological mechanisms explaining the role of IgE, mast cells, histamine, elevating ferritin, IL-6, D-dimer, VEGF levels in COVID-19 and dengue, potential treatments such as mast cell stabilizers, antihistamines, Vitamin C, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and azithromycin
    “Since vaccines contain animal proteins derived from animals infected with any number of viral diseases, one could develop IgE mediated sensitization to numerous viral proteins including coronavirus proteins. Therefore, receipt of such vaccines acts like a dengue “primary infection”.”

    • (2020.06.16) COVID-19 severity in Europe and the USA: Could the seasonal influenza vaccination play a role?

    • (2020.07) The Correlation Coefficient between COVID-19 Deaths and Influenza Vaccinations: The Numbers Don’t Lie

    • Palmer Harsanyi says:

      Part 2:

      • (2020.07.09) Flu Vaccination and COVID 19 risk – Dr. John Campbell
      “Influenza vaccines may alter our immune systems non-specifically to increase susceptibility to other infections”

      • (2020.08) Could Increases in Influenza Vaccination Rates Give Rise to Exponentially-Related Corresponding Increases in Mortality Rates From Covid-19?

      • (2020.08.09) Hypothesis: Possible immune interference between Polysorbate 80 of the adjuvanted influenza vaccine and SARS-CoV-2 as a cause of coronavirus pandemic

      • (2020.08.24) Proteins that contaminate influenza vaccines have high homology to SARS-CoV-2 proteins thus increasing risk of severe COVID-19 disease and mortality

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Gosh! This was a fascinating “Questions For Corbett”!
    Scott, Thanks for asking the question.
    I got some reading to do.

  4. John Blaid says:

    What should be established first and foremost is the existence of the “virus” itself before doing any attempt of correlation to the disease we call “COVID-19”. If the “virus” has not been proven to exist then the disease called “COVID-19” does not exist either, especially since the symptoms of “COVID-19” are not unique in the sense that it’s an entirely new disease and instead share the same symptoms as with regular flu.

    1. The existence of the “virus” has not been proven even after all these months and this is the basis of everything we experience right now. By existence I mean that the particle which “virologist” look at has been isolated and purified and demonstrated through experiments and empirical science to be both pathogenic and harmful where it is only found in unhealthy subjects and not healthy. This is Koch’s Postulates, the logical and scientific rules to identify an infectious agent. Since that has not been done then nobody can claim that the particle they look at is a killer “virus”.

    2. All tests are based on the existence of the “virus”, since that has not been established then all tests and numbers are entirely meaningless. Also, in order for any test to be accurate it needs to be tested against the isolated and purified “virus” which is considered the gold standard but that has never been done. Not only that but the PCR were never meant to be used as a diagnostic test, it was designed to be used as a research tool to multiply small amounts of DNA/RNA. Antibody tests doesn’t mean anything either since some people do not produce antibodies while others do and antibodies are not specific enough. This is even admitted by places like the CDC.

    3. Because there is no “virus” where all tests are entirely meaningless then nobody on earth knows how many people that actually got ill or the true cause of their illness since the true cause of illness has never been investigated.

    4. Since the true cause of illness has not been established then most if not all people that come into the hospital are being mistreated. Mistreatment of patients can lead to their deaths. As an example, medical errors in the US have been said to be the 3rd leading cause of death. In April it came out a report regarding New York that 97.2% of the people over the age of 65 that were put on a ventilator died. They died because of the ventilator, not due to the “virus” which has not been proven to exist.

    5. All policies that has been created the past few months are unlawful and unjustified since the existence of the “virus” has not been established where all testing and numbers are meaningless.

    Please check out my research summary if you haven’t already where I provide official statements from various countries like Ireland, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia that shows the lack of evidence for the existence of the “virus”. It also includes the scientific evidence regarding the faulty PCR and antibody tests. Last but not least, it provides an alternative perspective to why some but not all people are falling ill with statements by various doctors and researchers that challenge the germ theory.

    Research summary and debunk regarding the existence of “SARS-CoV-2” and “COVID-19”

    That said, I agree with the statement made by James Corbett that the link between the flu vaccine and death rates may be more directly linked because of the fact that all vaccines contains adjuvants ie toxins and all kinds of genetic material and nano particles and these things can surely affect the health negatively and especially for those that already have high levels of internal toxicity and poor health.

    • John Blaid says:

      Consider this too, that the flu fraud has been going for decades.

      “Are US flu death figures more PR than science?”

      “Meanwhile, according to the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), “influenza and pneumonia” took 62 034 lives in 2001—61 777 of which were attributed to pneumonia and 257 to flu, and in only 18 cases was flu virus positively identified. Between 1979 and 2002, NCHS data show an average 1348 flu deaths per year (range 257 to 3006).”

      “If flu is in fact not a major cause of death, this public relations approach is surely exaggerated. Moreover, by arbitrarily linking flu with pneumonia, current data are statistically biased. Until corrected and until unbiased statistics are developed, the chances for sound discussion and public health policy are limited.”

      Image: Statistics from a 2015 document by the American Lung Association

      • ccuthbert2001 says:

        John, Well done. You sound like me. 😉 Ja, ja, ja. Have you read Jon Rappoport’s work?

        • John Blaid says:

          ccuthbert2001 I am well aware of his work and I’ve read all of his articles since February. He is one of the extremely few journalists that’s been correct from day one. To my great disappointment there have been very few researchers in the “truth” movement that has been questioning the existence of the “virus” or any “virus” for that matter. Still, I have started to see a shift happening and more people are joining the discussion and research. I personally think that it’s inevitable that the germ theory will be replaced by the terrain model because of two discoveries which are the discovery of epi-genetics and the microbiome.

      • robert.t says:

        While James has raised some very important matters here, like you I’m inclined to be wary of any contradictory stance which implies that the pandemic is real. Not that they don’t want us dead, not that they haven’t already killed…but a bug that can run wild or fizzle is not the way.

        On the other hand, I’ve no doubt that introducing complex and toxic substances into the human body without going through the body’s normal defense lines (wound surface, sinus, lungs, digestion etc) is not a bad way to make a lot of people weaker than they would otherwise be. It’s why I’ve always avoided flu shots and the like without even having to reason it out. Instinct is pretty loud in this case.

        To speak of COVID cases or COVID deaths in any context is to hint that these things exist. I know I lose a few friends when I mention that if celeb whistleblowers like Assange achieved nothing else than to deny and distract from 9/11 truth that would be worth many times the cost the permanent state pays in embarrassment or criticism over other matters. Not a popular thought, but it’s imperative that we consider what these celebs DON’T bring into question. (And I’d suggest that celeb whistleblowers tell us mainly what we can already guess while conferring a certain invincibility on the state.)

        Death will come other ways. When enough unemployed and media-addicted souls discover purpose and meaning in joining a new Chekism killing can be done more directly with fewer apologies. A generation raised on zombie movies has learned that looking human isn’t enough…and you can only stop zombies with lots of splatter. Kill in case. Zombies are so selfish!

        • kempus says:

          Oh dear. Won’t be long before your health fund will pay for you to have an Apple Watch as long as you comply to their idea of a healthy lifestyle.

          • robert.t says:

            Quote: It was designed “with user privacy and security at its core”…

            On the other hand: ‘For participating in activities like swimming and yoga and completing health screenings and immunizations, users can earn a maximum of around $280…’ (Because, doncha know, swimming and yoga are much of a muchness with medical probes and jabs. Shall we play badminton or hypodermics today?)

            So the only reason to use the app requires reporting one’s physical and medical history to various state bodies and corporations. And I’m sure banks will know who disbursed $280 and why.

            I guess “privacy and security” (at core) means that the state and the corporatocracy won’t pass on my information to the pixies at the bottom of the garden. So they can’t tell the elves.

  5. Denis says:

    It’s not only flu vaccines that increase susceptibility against other infectious diseases. It could be that all non live vaccines cause the issue. IMO very relevant and important 15 min talk/transcript. Below couple links to related articles. I can also provide links to some Guinea-Bissau studies if someone is interested.

  6. Zzzap says:

    Excellent interview with a Canadian Constitution Lawyer speaking about the court case against this tyrannical globalist takeover.
    One of the few interviews that actually talks about the nano technology available and the havoc it could create , targeting individuals and groups.
    A must see:

    • Silver Lining says:

      Thanks Zzzap for that link. Indeed, an amazing interview which Canadians in particular should watch.

      • Zzzap says:

        You’re very welcome.
        I can’t get my family sheeple to watch, so I guess the “Silver Lining” is that this Saturday one of the talking heads entitled, “premier” of Ontario put out a public statement:
        “Extending restrictions on Social gathering across ALL OF ONTARIO:
        10 people inside
        25 people outside “

        I’m dumbfounded, it’s now just amusing
        to watch which government “rules” they will obey and which they will ignore. My family sheeple will gladly wear the mask, and take the kids to school (class size 25) , even though I point out that they are in violation of a direct order that apparently carries a $750 fine for individuals.

        I guess if I’m the Shepherd and this is my flock, I think I may finally understand why the shepherd’s crook is used.

  7. MagicBullet says:

    Maybe James can help explain what is going on with this extremely troubling information about microbiologists and related scientists:

    • CreativeLife says:

      Unfortunately, this is just a glimpse of how the allopathetic medical mafia works, in day to day operations. There are many many more in many fields of study, research and health practices that have been silenced and families destroyed.

      I have put up many links to video, books and articles over many months, that those people gave their lives for; in hope that their lives would not be in vain. Some are still alive, but you will not see much of them.

      Those of us who have tried to carry on their message and pass the torch of light are belittled and outcast by those who know so little; and are extremely dangerous. Parrots of the MSM & MIM(Main internet Media) are dangerous and love their idols. Much easier than doing the grueling heart wrenching study. Believe me, it is no easy task and takes much forbearance.

      As I look back I see the detours I’ve taken, pulled off into empty vacuums of lies and deceit, controlled opposition paths of subversion and slime pits. It is incredible to negotiate, argue and make sense among members of the scientific community both real and fake. Theories are transpired through all types of media and prevailing research is and has been in crisis for years.
      The controllers of the allopathic model of medicine, research, pharmacy et. must maintain their lies at any expense. Not just dollars but lives. It is a cult, a death cult that practices do harm experimentation on the cattle. Vacca= Cow Brand= Covid19 Corporation (you need no symptoms no disease, for a brand just like Coke) It’s that simple. I will write further, for the last time. I have posted most all information before and have been ridiculed, but for the children it deserves one more try.
      Ya know, my husband was a fisherman. This is years ago, when he was alive. We gill netted. I had a fish counter. A little silver counter about the size of a whistle, and each time we tubbed a salmon I would click the counter for the tally. I listened to James and wished I had a counter for every time that trigger word ‘vaccine’ was used. That word is a lying deception. Vaccination is a deadly superstition created by black art priests. Do any of you know what the word means? Do any of you know the history behind it? I have put it up several times. Do any of you understand the mania behind the virus boogeyman lie? I’m sure some do, the problem is the crowd who overtakes the outlier destroys any hope for a truth injection to be realized.

      We are moving into a new paradigm. and here is one link that will help to open your eyes. I am extremely busy, it’s harvest and I home educate. This is the most serious concept you need to grasp at this time. It IS LIFE OR DEATH.
      If you want to play games with idols, go ahead it’s your choice. If you want to buy the bullshit informed consent lie, shame on you. Informed refusal is what you need to understand. You’ve been giving those lying bastards informed consent all your life by remaining ignorant, and that is your choice.

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

      • CreativeLife says:

        Informed consent from a pack of liars spewing fraudulent science that never hits daylight without WHO approval, have you lost your senses? If this is such a terrifying disease why do they have to test for it with a test that is insane and at the base of your brain? Why are there no biohazard disposal containers everywhere you go that require masks, to deposite your biowaste (according to regulations)? And where are the boogey men with their handy dandy hazmat suits, hauling away the dreaded covid masks? All this BS about aluminum and formaldahyde, yes that’s part of it; you have no idea what is really going on. The DEAD ONES did, stop looking at lying pro-vaccine big pharma shills and get educated or get sick, or worse dead!! They are spending millions to seduce and distract you from truth, they want all vaccine hesitancy systematically removed from the earth. Pay attention, it’s easy to see, and disgusting! If there pushing hydroxychloroquine and safe and effective poisoned injections, give your head a shake! They are in the protests, they are everywhere pushing their lies. Virus Mania, the weapon of mass destruction.

        Do you really think you are going to be informed with truth and pure science, rather than scientism? Thomas Kuhn in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions wrote a brilliant original analysis of the nature, causes and consequences of revolutions in basic scientific concepts. His work is profound. We are on the verge of a huge shift where the truth about cause and affect of illness is being brought back into the light after being put into the darkness by fraudsters like Jenner and Pasteur. This vacca lie has been going on for years and years, and we are back in the 1800’s once again where it began. When they rose up and came against the British Vaccination Act and the same diabolical people were behind it then. David Parker and Dawn Lester did an excellent job in their years of research and published in 2019. Has anyone been listening to the many posts, or taken off astray to MIM talking heads. What really makes you ill? The book is extraordinary. As is the work of William Trebing. This war we are in will not be won chasing lies, the truth is there. Many have died trying to get you to see…..stand on it and stop chasing your idols, before it’s too late. If you don’t take away their rusted artillary, they’ll just hit you over the head with it while you are sleeping. Do you realize how many months have gone by? If you want your freedom you must know your enemy and stop dancing around the yum yum tree. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. If you haven’t figured out the liars yet, I fear you never will.
        The PDF is available on this page and there are many videos, regarding this book.

        • robert.t says:

          A while back I turned on my barely used television to watch a recorded thriller movie. Guess I was just in the mood. It was called The Accountant and promised to deliver a few thrills amid the flash editing, murky lighting, shaking camera and mumbled dialogue one has come to expect in movies nowadays.

          Well, what a surprise! Our hero was not just a common outsider/loose cannon with hidden qualities, flawed but basically honorable. No, there was a new twist. This hero had autism. Bad? Not any more. Autism is now a super-power. Don’t mess with an accountant who’s on the spectrum!

          While I was watching this drek and wondering if I should hit my cherished OFF button, a promo came on for a current TV series. It was about a doctor, but not just any doctor. This one had special problems but also special powers. This doctor had…

          You have to guess!

          • CreativeLife says:

            Let’s see. oh!oh! The ‘vapours’, masked with li-arrhea. Right?

            What do vaccinations and Bill Gates share in common? — They are both deadly little pricks whose aim is to ‘micro-needle’ humanity needlessly! But here, our curiosity is pricked by a verifiable medical truth: “Wearing a face diaper outside is another way of saying “jet fuel melts steel”
            .rrrrr…Road Runner…..! That’s all folks!

  8. Jody says:

    Hi James,
    I found this really interesting, especially as I have just completed this consultation from UK government about rolling out a Covid-19 vaccine with the Flu Vaccine!
    I thought you should check it out.
    Obviously, I completed it, stating that mass role out of a vaccine that rarely makes most people really ill, was ridiculous. I have 2 sons with Autism and use the “not been tested on children, especially those with additional needs” to allow me to refuse without sounding like an antivaxer, so I don’t get put on a “crazy conspiracy theorist” list.

  9. biek says:

    Nothing new for me here. As a small boy I received a bunch of vaccinations at school. Over the next 3 months I went down with Chickenpox, German Measles and Otitis Media. One of these permanently damaged my hearing.

    Nowadays as a pensioner myself I warn people that it is openly admitted that vaccinations reduce your immune system, so while a vaccination might immunize you against one illness, via the same vaccination you become more susceptible to many others.

  10. catie says:

    I’ve never taken a flu shot in my life and will never let them force it on me. I’m healthy. No meds, just a few vitamins. I get one major cold a year and immediately increase vit D and Zinc and usually get rid of it within 3 days. Once in awhile i lose my voice. That’s it.

    I have no proof, but i swear they are putting crap in those vaccines which weakens people and the WEF & Globalists have had it in for older people for a long time.

    The first target on Covid was obviously the elderly. Of course their “utopian” technocracy they are attempting to usher in, using increasingly speedy methods, appears to demonize elderly and child baring females. I read a white paper by a woman (I’ll have to look for it) where she states to make women equal to men, we have to get rid of the child-baring capability of women. This brings us directly to “Brave New World”.

    Their schemes will backfire on them….imho.

  11. gerald.s says:

    Dr. Carrie Madej gives astounding warnings about COVID 19 vaccines in her 9-13-2020 interview video at This 1-hour video is a major wake-up call for all of us. At the time of this comment, the same video was on youtube at

    Dr. Madej has a 8-17-2020 21 minute introductory video (“Human 2.0”? A Wake-Up Call To The World) at:

    More detailed information with additional documentation is in the 58 minute 8-11-2020 VLTV interview on youtube titled “CV-19, the Vaccine, Gates and Other Dangers We Need to Awaken To” at

    I urge everyone to watch these videos and share these links with others.

  12. joy ben says:

    Was badly injured by a flu vaccine many years ago. There is no doubt in my mind that these statistics are not showing correlation but causation. I think Judy Mikovits and others are convinced of this .

    There is a cumulative affect of bio-accumulating heavy metals and other toxins in the body, so at the very least there is a a weakening of the immune system with every single vaccine. At the very worst there is something more nefarious and the vaccinations were deliberately tainted.

    Since we know the goal of the vaccine is not health but tracking and tracing and controlling everyone on the planet, my guess would be the later.

    • flammable says:

      Joy check this video by Last American Vagabond showing a Public Health Committee Public Meeting where they admit to knowing vaccines causing harm and no research was done on any possible harm from metals. Starts on 34:50 on the video.

      He pauses the video a lot and makes comments but I think they are informative.

  13. Fact Checker says:


    Awwwwww yeah!

    Great, clearheaded video, plus the coining of a brilliant snarky neologism.
    That’s why Fact Checker checks the Corbett Report.

  14. John Blaid says:

    In my article “The inconvenient facts about the “coronavirus pandemic”” that I wrote 6 months ago I highlighted the mass vaccination in Italy that I was made aware of.

    “Then we have this happening in Italy due to mass vaccination, yes you heard me. The next part is written by someone that call herself Alessia Alessia

    “Many wonder how it is possible that in Bergamo and Brescia there are so high in death.
    Agatha Christie said: “A clue is a clue, two clues are a coincidence, but three clues give a test”. Below we have 4 clues:

    1th hint
    Coronavirus, 2.864 cases in Bergamo. The most impressed together in Brescia

    2th hint
    October 21, 2019
    Flu vaccine: order 185.000 doses in Bergamo

    3th hint
    January 8, 2020
    Meningitis emergency, vaccinated 34 thousand people between Brescia and Bergamo

    4th hint
    A study published in PubMed states that flu vaccination may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses, a phenomenon known as viral interference. Interference of the vaccine derived virus was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus.

    The flu vaccine increases the risk of coronavirus by 36 % says a military study

    Dr. Dr. Olivier

    And there’s also the 5 hint!

    Year (domains) 2018

    … on the evening of September 6th there is a report at ATS in Brescia: 71 patients showed up in the emergency room with symptoms of pneumonia…

    Before censorship dropped on this silent epidemic there were 1000 infections and 78 deaths, then nothing!!

    Someone dared hypothesis: legionella from industrial cooling towers, others didn’t even dare, the scienzah mute.”

    My article:

  15. Alchemist says:

    The vaccine program is the world’s biggest scam and Covid is riding piggyback.

    What I don’t understand is how so many people get sick with “flu-like” symptoms following vaccination, then feel grateful that they’re not as sick as they would have been without the flu shot (brainwashed!), then go back for more shots year after year with the same bad result 🤯 Definition of crazy.

    • cu.h.j says:

      This is because many people are so out of touch with their own bodies and don’t even know what their organs do or how they work. Many people (here in the US) read at the 4th-grade level and have no idea how kidneys or livers work. Many trust the medical establishment and go along with what’s prescribed. Many people just take them because they are pushed or possibly required and unless they notice something really weird just keep getting them.

      As soon as I noticed a symptom outside of the norm, I stopped taking them and the only reason I took them was that I didn’t like wearing masks at work during flu season. Many people won’t learn something or pay attention until they have to, unfortunately.

      • lovetodust says:

        I just finished watching a fabulous nine part series called VACCINES REVEALED. I think I found the link on Childrens Health Defense.

        Wow. It was filmed a few years ago, but that doesn’t matter. The info is incredible. Plus, the producer did a bunch of updated interviews to add Covid to the mix.

        I learned SO much. You might be able to find it on search engine, but you can definitely find it on Children’s Health Defense website.

        NO flu shots for me ever again. Jesus. They are still putting thimerosal in some of them. And not only that toxin but more.

        Of course everyone is stampeding to get them this season. What a fraud.

        The more I learn about vaccines the more I think that it’s not just wanting to make profits that big pharma is concerned about – it’s avoiding a huge world wide class action law suit!

  16. Alchemist says:

    Vaccine activist, Chris Kirckof, did a video today on the flu shot (14min):

  17. Alchemist says:

    We all know the flu shot formulation changes every year, but most don’t know about the deadly 2009 version and how much it increased miscarriage:

    “Among women who received pH1N1-containing vaccine in the previous influenza season, the aOR in the 1-28days was 7.7”

    The flu shot also increases sinus infections significantly and weakens your immune system to make you more susceptible to catching other things.

    Flu shot increases risk of fibrile seizures when given in combination with other vaccines:

    But… “CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) continues to encourage the vaccination of children according to the vaccination schedule, which allows for the flu, pneumococcal and DTaP vaccinations to be given during the same doctor’s visit.”

    • lovetodust says:

      How about the push for PREGNANT WOMEN to get the flu shot????

      I watched a woman tell her story in one of the episodes of VACCINES REVEALED.

      Pregnant with twins (about 6 months along, I think) shamed into taking a flu vaccine before leaving the doctors office.

      Miscarried one baby that night. The other twin is autistic.

      If the vaccine situation does not blow the roof off of the fraudulent system we live under than I just don’t know….

    • Alchemist says:

      Sorry! I meant 2011, but wrote 09 for some reason. Pregnant women who received the flu shot in 2011 were 3.7x more likely to miscarry and 7.7x more likely to miscarry after getting flu shots in both 2011 and 2012.

  18. CreativeLife says:

    Proof that Covid19 and Flu Shot are linked without a doubt!

    What’s in a flu shot?

    Because inquiring minds want to know!?!

  19. sameer says:

    Hi James,

    Thanks for all the work you do. Would you be willing to do one more of those “a conspiracy theory” comical videos, this time in relation to the information regarding COVID-19? I think just like how the 9/11 video spread the most through those means, that might be a great way to spread this very important info.

    Please let me know and thanks again for all your work!

    Sameer Mahmood

  20. manbearpig says:

    Lyon, France is a Hub of the Pharmaceutical Industry so most of my English students are working directly for or with Sanofi Aventis and/or others and it’s been great fun looking at this article about the correlations between flu shot coverage rates and Covid death rates has rates. It has generated a wide range of reactions from outright refusal to consider the correlations drawn therein to unabashed enthousiasm for the article and everything in between. They looked at the article and its graphs with a trained eye and a pronounced taste for scientific studies and freely proposed alternative factors such as demographics (e.g. the young populations of African countries or the fact that Hydroxychloroquine was being taken there.)

    I put particular stress on the 2017 flu shot mismatch asserting that apparently if you had been vaccinated for the flu in 2017 (which some of my students had) you were more likely to contract both the flu strain circulating that year and other respiratory infections. This allowed me to make a statement about the
    media versions of this mismatch and probability.

    Indeed some of the students remembered that they’d heard that the flu shot was inefficacious that year. But they conceded that it’s a far cry from a flu shot being inefficacious and it making you ironically MORE SUSCEPTIBLE TO CATCHING THE FLU and other infections.

    So I like to flatter myself believing that the seeds of doubt were sown not only about the flu shot and flu shot-Covid connection but most importantly about the media’s role in both selling and misinforming about the danger of the flu shot vaccine especially in light of the contrived Covid crisis whatever the true nature of that plandemic may be.

    Even those who rejected the significance of the correlations weakly agreed that more studies had to be performed before any mandatory flu shot was instituted? which, I understand, was the purpose of the article.

    So thanks again to Mr Corbett for making that possible.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Gosh! I love hearing this ManBearPig. Way to go…getting thought processes working.

      For the benefit of whomever…
      The January 2020 study “Influenza vaccination and respiratory virus interference among Department of Defense personnel during the 2017-2018 influenza season”
      After the link, to the right is a box “PMC Full Text Free”. The pdf is available.
      Go to TABLE 5.

      From Table 5
      Of 677 people who got a coronavirus
      170 – No Flu vaccine
      507 – Flu vaccine

      Of those 677 people, what percentage did NOT receive the Flu shot? 25%
      Of those 677 people who got coronavirus, what percentage previously got a Flu vaccine? 75%

      This means that 3 out of every 4 people who got a coronavirus, previously got a Flu vaccine.

      On average, would a person have a greater chance of getting a coronavirus with? …or without? …a flu shot.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Robert F Kennedy, Jr. discusses Flu Shots

        In Episode 6 of our weekly “TRUTH” series, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Vaxxed2’s Polly Tommey took on the Mask Debate, Hydroxycloroquine, Media Censorship and Dr. Anthony Fauci’s conflicts of interest.

        • lovetodust says:

          Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is a vaccine specialist also. Lots of info about them.

          She does a million interviews you can find on her website. Very informative, very easy to comprehend.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Here is a list of Flu vaccines, some of which (if not all) can cause flu like symptoms.
        Afluria Quadrivalent Sequirus
        Fluarix GSK
        Flublok Quadrivalent (age 18 and older) Protein Sciences Corporation
        Flucelvax Sequirus
        Flulaval Quadrivalent GSK
        FluMist AstraZeneca
        Fluzone Quadrivalent Sanofi
        Anyone can go to the FDA website to see the vaccine insert, such as this one.

        Several things should be noted about the insert.
        ~~ All these vaccines “safety trials” are of a very, very short duration and they often only use another vaccine as their control group. There are NO LONG TERM “randomized, double-blind placebo studies”, which is the gold standard of science. There are no “vaccinated vs unvaccinated” major studies.
        ~~ In “6.2” is “Postmarketing Experience”. These are reports which physicians fill out when there is a vaccine injury some months after the vaccination. The problem is that most Doctors do not fill out all the paperwork, nor do they want to acknowledge that the child’s terrible reactions were from a shot that the Doctor gave. It becomes a liability for the Doctor. So, in effect, the 6.2 category is strongly censored.
        ~~ No vaccine manufacturer can be sued in the U.S. (1986 law)

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          In the United States…
          For any of the 72 vaccine doses added to the mandatory childhood schedule since Dr. Anthony Fauci took over NIAID in 1984, there has never been ANY “randomized, double-blind placebo studies”.

          A large team of attorneys filed a (FOIA) Freedom of Information Act Lawsuit to the various U.S. Health Agencies asking for any “randomized, double-blind placebo studies” on the 72 vaccine list. THERE ARE NONE.

          In fact, Del Bigtree and Robert F Kennedy, Jr. sat down for a few hours with Dr. Fauci and the head of the CDC, Robert Redfield, and asked them personally. There are none. No government agency has any, because they have never been done.

          This is the gold standard for scientific SAFE & EFFECTIVE evidence:
          a “randomized, double-blind placebo study”.

          Here is a 2 minute clip where Dr. Fauci speaks like a snake about “randomized, double-blind placebo studies”.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          This February 2020 science article gives a great, easy to read, overview of how these Flu vaccines pose all kinds of weird potential problems.
          “What did we learn from Tamiflu?”

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Stop reading right now if you don’t want to…
        …ruin your day,
        …or have disturbing images haunt you when trying to sleep.

        Here is a list of some of the ingredients you will find in vaccines…
        Egg protein
        Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
        Polysorbate 80
        Aborted human fetal tissue

        On the aborted fetus… They have to harvest live organs.
        If the fetus is dead, then the organs are of no value.
        It is not uncommon to induce labor on a 5 or 6 or 7 month old fetus.
        While the fetus is still alive…
        …while the heart is pumping…
        …they will cut out its heart or its brain…with no anesthesia.
        (12 minute mark)

        • lovetodust says:

          I don’t know if I already recommended it on Corbett board but I just watched the nine part series called “VACCINES REVEALED” Fantastic. So much info.

          Do a search and sign up. They just ask for your email and send you the nine series with opportunity to buy if you want.

          Recorded in about 2016 I think, but several updated (covid) interviews.

          HIghly recommend it.

      • lovetodust says:

        These facts are nothing compared to what happened to military men and women and their children due to the Anthrax vaccines during Gulf war.. Unbelievable. And we NEVER HEARD ABOUT IT.

        I watched a documentary solely about the Military vaccines on the VACCINES REVEALED series. You cannot believe this stuff.

        Soldiers having to quit the service if they did not take the vaccines.

        Children born with deformities.

        Chronic, crippling, life-destroying illnesses.

        Not a word in mainstream media.

        And always being told they were safe.

        The pharma companies aren’t scared they will lose profits without mandatory vaccines – they are afraid that if all this info finally gets widespread they will be hit with more lawsuits than you can shake a stick at. Whether they are indemnified or not.

  21. Fawlty Towers says:

    I think the much more important question is:

    “Is There A COVID Test / Human Chromosome 8 Link ?”

    That is, is the PCR test they are using all over the world to test
    for Covid-19 actually testing for human chromosome 8 (something we all have)?

    Amandha Vollmer’s video on this was quickly taken down by YouTube.
    That’s a really good sign that she was onto something!

    It’s circulating on many other channels.
    Here’s a Bitchute link:

  22. mik says:

    Correlation is a word that actually hide so much.

    Scientific method is about acquiring knowledge. Certainly, if causation is recognized during cognition process very good knowledge is acquired. If just correlation is found, does that a priori mean we got no knowledge? I have a feeling scientific priesthood would like we believe this.

    In real life we successfully use knowledge retrieved from correlation, of course, we prefer to find causation. But, if things work then it’s just fine. Homeopathy proved with correlation that particular remedies are beneficial for some illnesses, but it’s deemed quackery since it cannot prove causation.
    On the other hand, does priesthood of science and technology have causal proof for all of their procedures and inventions? Of course they don’t. Many many things are trial&error until they got them into some shape and this way has some semblance to correlation.

    Yeah hypocrisy, what else to expect from priests.

  23. bishop says:

    Scott, James, and everyone else who has made this a goldmine for many of us — I send very sincere thanks! The doctors in my family are being asked to look at this, while I am also doing some reading of the original source documents you have all contributed.

    At some point, I wish James could give a tutorial, step-by-step, of how he does his phenomenal research in record time! I manage to find things, but it seems to take me easily five times as long as I calculate he does.

    More of us doing critical research along with critical thinking produces amazing results, as demonstrated by this little exercise.

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