Is The Anarchist Cookbook a Psyop? - Questions For Corbett #024

08/25/201516 Comments

In this month's edition of Questions For Corbett, James tackles your queries on everything from the Candian constiution to EMP protection, negative interest rates and the history of the Anarchist Cookbook. He also asks for your input on the Iranian oil bourse and the legalization of weed.

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  1. BuddhaForce says:

    There are a few visual errors in this one…
    5:10; 31:18; 33:35; 43:20; 48:45; 52:22; 1:01:50

  2. paul6 says:

    Question for Corbett:

    In one question in this episode of QfC, “anarchism” was mentioned close to or in connection to the so called “minarchism” (an idea favouring a “minimal” state).

    I take it that you, James, see yourself close to the ideas of anarchism/voluntarism. So I would like to know your take on the so called “minarchism” and I would appreciate if you could also say something about your stance on property, allocation of property and the enforcement or acceptance of contractual obligations.

    Some example questions to give you an idea what I am talking about:

    Isn’t “minarchism” just the neoliberal dream of a “lean state” where no social security exists, only police and courts, so essentially only the forced acceptance of the property order?

    To what extend do you endorse private property of productive means (for example soil, raw materials, natural monopolies like streets, railways and other networks)?

    Should all forms of private property always be protected and to what extent? Are there social or moral values more important than the protection of property (for example human rights)?

    Is every given allocation of property legitimate? Today 85 single persons hold the same amount of property (measured in market value) as half the world’s population. In interview 880 you already have stated that such an allocation is unacceptable but that means that either a redistribution or some form of collective “property” or control is necessary. Is that a fair statement in you opinion?

    Philosophically you could even ask if every outcome of a market process should be accepted. The market could lead to growing inequality and to pauperism on the part of certain parts of society?

    Do you endorse the right of inheritance? To what extent?

    Should any contract be enforcable by a “minimal state” or accepted by anarchists? For example people might accept starvation wages and long hours or even sell themselves to other people (voluntary slavery) because they find no other way to make a living. Should such contracts be enforced by the “minimal state” or accepted by anarchists?

    I know, those are a lot of difficult questions. I don’t expect fine grained answers, just a general idea how the concept of social justice or social problems in general, really, enter your world view.

    You had an interview on the topic of distribition (Interview 880 – Ryan Grant Explains Distributism) which I found very interesting. You have also treated Proudhon (“property is theft”) in the “well read anarchist”. But I have not yet been able to really understand your position on those topics. So I would love to hear some basic stance on this from you.

    Thanks for making the Corbett Report!

  3. ccuthbert2001 says:

    About mj legalization, there are probably several reasons for it, but one i would completely rule out is that the powers that shouldn’t be just can’t keep it illegal against the will of the people any longer.

    James’s relief valve is a good one. But i think the primary one is state revenue. The states are facing a pension disaster with interest rates being held at zero. TPTB prob don’t want to downsize–give back hard won gains? no way–so they need to drum up more revenue to save all those jobs and welfare cheats’ pension, oops, i mean gov’t workers’ pensions.

    making mj legal also pulled the rug out from under the mexican gangs. maybe they were getting uppity.

    Don’t expect to see harder drugs legalized. Can’t see that they’d sacrifice the cia/money center banks’ funding.

  4. Of course “The Anarchist Cookbook” is the product of an intelligence operation – starting with the elaboration of it. That is my very very (x100 times) strong conviction (if you want to call it that).

    Whoever wrote it had to be a very knowledgeable person or group. And, considerable knowledge is usually associated with intelligence and responsibility (or absence of irrationality) – which doesn’t fit with writing such a book, with the intention that is officially reported.

    The common misconception and confusion between Anarchism and Nihilism is something that the establishment is constantly promoting, through its mass media of various types. And this book fits very well into that dirty trick.

    Don’t expect this type of intelligence operations to ever be revealed – since that, distorting the actions and goals of their enemies, is a trick that the powers-that-be want to continue to use (and, therefore, will never want to reveal).

    And, don’t take the Guardian article serious. 95% of the work of intelligence agencies is to lie, in order to cover up their dirty tricks and criminal activities.

    If you have any doubts that this book was written to ridicule and misrepresent anarchists, take a look at the movie version – where all the people who fight the “New World Order” (sic) are ridiculed.

    And, concerning the common confusion between Anarchism and Nihilism,

    To other anarchists, like myself, who want to avoid the misconception between Anarchism and Nihilism, when describing yourselves to other ignorant persons… Use the term that describes your particular variant. Since that, “anarchist” is immediately associated with the word “anarchy” – which only means “absence of a ruler” (and nothing else). And, therefore, when one describes him/herself as an “anarchist”, one is only saying that s/he rejects the idea of being ruled – and, not necessarily that s/he is in favour of an alternative form of organization and order. While, on the other hand, when one describes him/herself as, for example, a “libertarian socialist” (like I do), one is clearly (and, without the possibility of being misunderstood) describing already the form of organization that s/he is in favour of – and, therefore, cannot be confused with a simple nihilist.

  5. Steebs says:

    In regards to the last question, I saw somewhere that the law in Washington (I 502) was at least partially championed by Progressive Insurance due to the strict driving limits it placed on the levels of THC in the bloodstream. Don’t know if it was true or if that helps at all, maybe I’ll search for links later, it’s getting late here. I figured I’d throw it out there anyway.

  6. jakedavis61 says:

    Hi James, and everyone else,

    I thought Id share this here to hopefully get some community perspective,

    Has anyone seen the footage of Apollo 11 astronauts staging photographs of the earth from a distance with light and window trickery?

    Ill post a clip -

    Or the video evidence of wires being used on the moon? –

    Or maybe the strange occurances during the Apollo 1 missions –

    There is much more to say on this topic, but id like to know what you all think – may help to even out my current bias 🙂


  7. alice88 says:

    Jim Marrs, author of Crossfire: The Plot that Killed Kennedy (1990), promulgates that Kennedy wanted to limit the Federal Reserve’s power. Here’s a link for more details:
    and I just read this newspaper article also:,4612588&hl=fr

  8. Gui says:

    QFC :

    James, what do you think about the Zeitgeist Movie Series, the Zeitgeist Movement, Peter Joseph and Jacques Fresco?

    If you already gave your opinion of this subject, can you lead me towards it?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  9. BuddhaForce says:


    Could you think of a better way to collect bio-metric data from people than the selfie?

  10. Simon says:

    The ‘Petrochemical Contracts to Be Offered in Iran’s Oil Bourse’ mentioned at 59:16 has the date as 10 May 2011, the launch of the Iran Oil Bourse (first paragrapth). The second last paragrapth has price as US$1,041.86/mt (current about $575/mt) so a 2011 article it appears.

    The date listed under the article title is the current date (today showing the 29th). A ‘trick’ perhaps by a website to make its pages look current.

    Sorry nothing to add on the subject but thought I would mention the date.


  11. Octium says:

    I’d caution people about depending on a microwave ovens as a Faraday cage to protect against EMPs.

    An EMP is broadband (occurs across a range of different frequencies at the same time) where a microwave oven operates on only one frequency (2.4Ghz).

    In order to keep the manufacturing costs down and still make the oven safe to use the manufacturer can design the oven to only shield against 2.4Ghz.

    Unless you test the specific oven you have, you will not know if is effective against EMPs.

    It’s easy to prove that something is not a good Faraday cage – Just place a battery operated radio (like a cordless phone) inside the cage and test if will still receive. If it can still receive, then the cage is not working very well!

    It’s much harder to prove the positive – that the cage will work well against EMPs unless you have good test equipment.

  12. Jason Forbes says:

    Hi James whom else reads this,
    I’ve been looking in to money a lot and what options are out there as solutions. They seem to be pushing for a return of gold, but as you’ve noted in episode 154 the majority of gold is still held in the hands of the few which amounts at about an oz of gold per person in the world if it were divided equally to everyone. I’ve gone over Paul Grignon’s Money as Debt web site and i like the concept but it seems to me too limited in what you can purchase and where you can spend that money. There’s seems to always be issues of corruption when something gets too big and limitations when something is too small. There has to be a middle ground of balance that can be achieved. If people were truly looking for equality we’d base our money on let’s say an hour of work is worth a this much no matter who you are if they want to back it to a metal value make it a gram of gold an hour in cdn that’s about 48$ an hour. People could use credit created by a local bank owned by the people and can then be printed in circulation on the basis man hours owed but then a system like this to be viable you need to cooperatize natural resource industry so that base product prices don’t vary depending on how much was cultivated per each individual and regulate the prices on the resources and place quotas. I just think that most of the solutions proposed will require and whole new outlook and way of managing and producing goods, where they are created. We need to all start producing our food locally for some basic reliable jobs since everyone needs to eat and with the technology available there’s no reason to having to ship in our food from outside sources for a broad majority of it. Sorry i kind of go abroad sometimes on issues, but was wondering what your take on a solution or a step in the right direction.
    Local communities having access to the money they require to fund their own projects and not having to beg from our overlords would be a nice step. Crash everything and start from scratch and work on it a long the way is i think the best step to take.

  13. VoltaicDude says:

    Just re-viewed this pod again and was blown away by the content. This “questions” format has turned out to be a great way to integrate a lot of the information you present in other more specifically focused broadcasts.

    Of course the “powers that shouldn’t be” will unrelentingly want to war with Iran until this undermining of the Orwellian and fascist petrodollar has been annihilated. So of course all the mainstream talk revolves around the idea that Iran is a terrorist state. If you’re a petrodollar imperialist how else would you want to shape the conversation?

    For me this is one of the most fascinating stories you’ve covered, for two reasons:

    • POWELL”S MATURATION regarding his thoughts on the work, both regarding the content as well as the business aspects of getting it published (copyrights in whose name? why?)

    • YOUR ANALYSIS regarding Powell’s sincerity vis-à-vis the intelligence community’s opportunistic modus operandi (having infiltrated the publishing industry). (They say they’re pursuing “intelligence,” they’re actually pursuing covert and illegal operations.)

    A lot of people were seriously angry with our corrupt government’s war in Vietnam, but Powell wrote something that expressed that anger. It’s not just that Powell’s response at the time was immature and flawed in concept, it’s that that was exactly what was so valuable to “the powers that shouldn’t be” – their sly and insidious way of twisting life’s events.

    Turns out Powell did mature over time and never even seriously considered following through on the poorly-thought-out, frustration-based writings he penned at the time. Conversely, the psychopaths that run our bankster-military-industrial-media complex remain an active and lethal menace to the world.

    Just as you said James it’s a ridiculous law to enforce. But besides that cannabis decriminalization/legalization is already a majority sentiment, and there is growing awareness and outrage at the role it plays in creating the horrific prison-pipeline trap in our society.

    Anti-drug laws have historically held a sadistic, racist function. However, that doesn’t negate other parts of history regarding drugs, like the Opium Wars, spurred by an opposite-seeming drug-policy. If you are a sadistic, psychopathic imperialist, you can play either side or any side theoretically – opportunistically.

    Again, it’s the same sort of opportunism as applied to the publishing of Powell’s cookbook. It’s this really disgusting, insidious morphing employed as a tactic within the power elite’s social engineering strategies. If there’s any type of cultural schism, exploit it.

    So, why are various sectors of Islamic faith so (supposedly) at war with each other in Syria today, when only five years ago this was not a problem in that region?

    People miss the point, think that life isn’t inherently full of at least nominal paradoxes and contradictions, and feel (are often pressured at the tip of a gun or bomb), that they must choose a side. And, ironically, it’s true – we have to choose against the psychopathic totalitarians that violate humanity to retain their power, but we do that best when we see past the false choices they set-up for us.

  14. JP says:

    Question for Corbett.

    Hi James. Have you ever found yourself questioning your opinion on topics like JFK or 9/11?
    Are there times when you think, “Maybe I got this all wrong and fell down some crazy rabbit hole I can’t crawl out of?”

    Personally speaking, I am a thorough believer in the topics you explore yet can’t help but question these beliefs whenever I think how crazy it all is.

    Thanks for your amazing work

  15. The Will says:


    Speaking of history of interesting American cultural developments…… How about the “Peace Corps” a government agency founded in the 1960s that hasn’t worked itself out of job but been assimilated into in Defense / International Development Industrial Complex.

    Founded around “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” January 20, 1961 JFK challenged every American to contribute in some way to the public good.

    I did it after 911 because it seemed like a good alternative to going into the military.

    So where is it today, why does it still exist, who is it really serving? Any one interested in an Open Source Investigation on this one?

  16. bubromer says:

    Hi James
    Are you familiar with Mark Passio’s work from I find that his approach complements yours in serendipitous ways, coming as he does from a background in the occult, the mystery traditions and actual satanism (he was a priest within the satanic church before reforming and following natural, moral law).

    I particularly recommend his podcast series – albeit very long – and his videos on, inter alia, the occult aspects of 9/11, his demystifying the occult presentation series, his presentation called ‘the matrix trilogy decoded’ and others. It is also through his work that I was first exposed to the concept of not only mass mind control (the word government itself meaning mind control, etymologically from the Latin words for to govern and mind) but also trauma based mind control as in Project Monarch and MK Ultra which oversaw the ritualised abuse of children from the cradle onwards – also the Bohemian Grove scandal outside San Francisco.

    If you are not familiar I strongly recommend you check him out as I have learnt no end of useful and illuminating (no pun intended) information in his company.

    Take care

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