The Terrorists Behind Canada's "Anti-Terror" Law

08/01/20152 Comments

In this week's newsletter James digs up the dirt on Canada's new anti-terror legislation and discusses the court challenge that is being mounted to stop it. Also, join James in this month's subscriber video for a discussion of the ephemeral nature of information in the digital age . . . and some pretty fireworks.

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  1. Knarf says:

    At least the Canadians are getting a look at it in advance of the false flag event which will cram it down their throats. Unlike the US and the Patriot Act.

  2. bladtheimpailer says:

    I have wondered who actually writes the words that becomes the legislation and then the enacted law of such as C-51? Is it some hired law slinger who will write anything for a price and is hired by the Ottawa bureaucracy or Conservative Party? Or is it some corporate lawyer of international fame who writes with the aim of standardization of law throughout the globalist jurisdiction. Who writes this stuff with the very same intent as similar laws passed and enacted throughout the “west”?

    My feeling is that the law profession in Canada has yet to have been fully corrupted by the international “globalists”. Perhaps Canada was over looked as some backwater of little importance. This has allowed the Canadian courts, the Supreme being most valuable, in up holding the Canadian Constitution as the law of the land to which such as C-51 must conform or be rejected. Now while the Canadian court system will insist on constitutional conformity Canadians must also realize the law profession and the courts system is staffed and run by establishment types. Therein lies the danger of easy corruptibility extending in to the Canadian future.

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