Interview 1776 - Behind the Twitter Files Hype on Unlimited Hangout

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via (RECORDED DECEMBER 15, 2022): In this episode, Whitney and James Corbett discuss the Twitter Files phenomenon and how the hype around it is being utilized for more than meets the eye.


Twitter files

James Corbett’s videos on Elon Musk

Whitney Webb’s articles on The Intercept

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  1. edw98 says:

    I had something important to say but having to log in again and I’ve lost it.

    The twitter dump does show how the 2020 election was altered. It also gives hope that twitter will be less biased going forward if not much else…yet.
    Just because it is in screenshots doesn’t diminish the evidence that much. I’m happy we got lots of dirt on the old twitter.
    Why shoot the messengers, even if they deserve it?

    • G. Jingping says:

      I hope that you are right, but I fear that we are being subjected to another “trust” psyop by those in power. This twitter thing seems to be just another limited hangout; a lot of true juicy tidbits carefully managed to hide the things that they don’t want released. Time after time they set up another savior (this time Musk) and we fall for it, at least initially, and then the cycle repeats. Like JC and WW said, if it is about people, then we lose. Release ALL the files, unredacted, and let journalists and the people decide for themselves what’s of interest. Of course, this will never happen.

      • edw98 says:

        Thanks. I hope I’m at least a little bit right. We don’t have many wins lately and we don’t have many bright minds, with voices, on our side.

    • InsouciantSoul says:

      Who’s shooting the messenger?

      The Twitter dump could show reptilian humanoids laying eggs on Mars, in which case I am guessing you may be less inclined to take them at face value.

      Ignoring any available context, one combination of words on a *.jpeg shared on Twitter has the exact same veracity as any other combination of words on any other *.jpeg shared on Twitter (or any other website).

      Without better, more verifiable, demonstrable data, there may not be much at all to be taken from the Twitter files, at least not from an objective stand point. However, one thing is for certain- it is a shining example of what would make for a perfect limited hangout, which is a very effective propaganda technique.

      Well, regardless, it may be worth it to try and see if there are any useful bits of data to pick out of the Twitter files… And so if the claims and .jpeg files may have been baked up, it is the surrounding context that would help us decide how much weight if any we should give to the claims within when we are informing our beliefs.

      Obviously, the person hood of Matt Taibi is an important part of the surrounding context, and from where I am sitting, that context somehow made it all even less believable.

  2. 2-D Chess Dweller says:

    I expected a considered and thought provoking discussion between these two excellent researchers and was not proven wrong.

    I didn’t get to the end, and so may be in error. Did you mention the ICIJ and the Panama Papers? This was the event in which a leak of records from a tax haven is published by the Omidyar funded ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists). Omidyar is not the only funder.

    The Panama Papers cover graphic includes a picture of Putin who is not mentioned anywhere. The tax haven is a few hours flight from the USA but they couldn’t find any dodgy deals by USA persons. Go figure.

    This was when I recognized that Omidyar is running a service for his rich friends. Another way to look at it is to embrace the One Nation Under Blackmail narrative and see that this owning of these sensitive databases provides Omidyar and friends with an insurance, a potential blackmail, should anyone mess with them.

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I really, really enjoyed this conversation between Corbett and Webb in an audio format, while I was doing chores.
    It had kind of an uplifting effect on me.
    I like it when these two share info and bounce it around.

    I picked up all kinds of stuff that I did not know about certain ‘celebrities’ and journalists, or background events.

    Twitter should post a “warning tag”.
    “You might go blind if you try to read a Whitney Webb article on Twitter.”

    To find out if a journalist or ‘celebrity’ is a shill, I guess there is the
    Shill Tri-Question Litmus Test
    ~~ “Do viruses exist?”
    ~~ “Is the Earth round?”
    ~~ “What hit the Pentagon?”

  4. weilunion says:

    We call this ‘repressive tolerance’.

    Musk is the military.

    Musk is both a symptom and problem.

    He is a hustler and psychotic.

    Twitter should be boycotted and shut down.

    He is a controlled op.

    As for Taibi and Weiss, this is what we get at the end of Empire: a Kardashian form of celebrity journalists.

    Remember Glenn Greenwald? Where are the other ninety percent of the Snowden op files?

    Journalists subsidized by Omydyar, Musk, et. al. are all part of the monopoly state and war economy.

    So-called Libertarian Musk, is like all capitalists they rely on the state for government subsidies and regulations.

    Musk was never embraced by anyone calling themselves ‘leftists’

  5. weilunion says:

    I was interested in the comment by James that those on the left embraced Musk at one time.

    First of all, in the US there is no left.

    Now if you mean bourgeois democrats, well they are not leftists, they are corporatists.
    Those that are libertarian socialists and socialists never embraced Musk.

    The search for a savior happens when there is no social movement with policies that benefit people.

    However, fascists understand the class struggle quite well.

    “Fascism recognises the real needs which gave rise to socialism and trade-unionism, giving them due weight in the guild or corporative system in which divergent interests are coordinated and harmonised in the unity of the State.”

    Benito Mussolini, 1935, The Doctrine of Fascism, Firenze:Vallecchi Editore. (p.15)

    The only social movements we see in the US are ethno-nationalist, white settler fascists and techno-fascists like Musk, WEF, etc.

    This is a psyop but it will not work for Musk is mentally ill.

    And like Kanye, he will go ballistic and lose all.

    Tor is and was a psyop. Read Yasha Levine, Silicn Valley.

    Greenwald, Appelbaum, and Wikileaks seem more an intelligence operation launched for the Arab Spring more than anything else.

    Do not trust billionaires and their journalist partners.

    The journalists are handmaidens for the ruling elite and of course they never leak anything new.

    If we have not learned this yet, then we never will.

    However America is fascist. Of this there can be no doubt.

    Without an Anti-War Movement and anti fascist movement kiss America goodbye.

  6. WAYNED says:

    Thank you BOTH for making these points, recalling that we are dealing, at best, with broken clock, self-interested wannabe journalists, seeking to be taken seriously. But are they part of an operation? Taibbi for sure. Weiss is not legit. Greenwald is probably limited hangout. Watching his shows for now, but waiting to see if he is truly reformed and so far just going with the “news of the day” in the “conspiracy realm”, the fence of which they are straddling, or trying to navigate like a tightrope.

    I paused at 55:37 to say this thanks, because as you both do so very well, contextualizing without evasion of nuance, to say that there is some validity. But unless there are full loaves to come after all the crumbs, they will ultimately be discarded. I believe Taibbi was well on the way and one of the markers of note to me to be wary is that the timing and grouping of journalists in a (not really) tell all may ultimately be the biggest limited hangout possible, as the perfect distraction. This, while doubtlessly, there are more things to be distracted from and more planned distractions. They will keep doing this as long as it works and gets them to whatever end they seek, however “power” plays out, or ends up being removed.

    For me the Twitter files such as they are give us all we need to know, which is that when information is withheld it is most likely exactly what you expect, and that it always protects the powers that never should have been.

    Superb commentary. Now back to the rest. Loving this.

  7. weilunion says:

    Please ignore the above for I cannot edit and find that in my haste I did not give the site for the comments made at the beginning.

    Thus, let me break this post into two.

    Greenwald is an opportunist that needs a good outting.

    Maybe one day you will focus more on Greenwald, his pro bono work as an attorney for Nazi Matthew Hale, the suspension of his Bar license due to judicial misconduct, his continual representation of the far right Nazis in his defense of Renaissance, his private parties where the likes of Weev Annehuaer, the fascist behind the Daily Stormer attended Glenn said he didn’t know but the party was by invite only.

    The list of his atrocious judicial behavior goes on and on.

    I am a federal and state attorney now for over thirty years.

    Defending Nazis is important for free speech purposes.

    But to do it pro bono, time and time again, and losing your license over it portrays a far more grim portrait of Citizen Greenwald than one would expect.

    My position is that Greenwald is of the Third Position (one can look it up), like Francis Paker Yockey and many fascists now mainstreamed.

    But as to his fascist leanings and hidden past:

    “The writer who broke the NSA SNOWDEN PRISM story, Glenn Greenwald, is a traitor to the United States. Additionally, evidence suggests he was sexually attracted to the Nazi Matt Hale, which makes him one perverted Jew.

    His involvement with Hale went well beyond the normal attorney / client relationship. Glenn became an honorary member of Hale’s Church of the Creator and one of his crew.

    He represented the Church in every legal matter for five years for free, flying to Peoria to hook up with his client. He did illegal undercover work for Hale. Why risk imprisonment and loss of your law license if you do not believe in Nazi doctrine? The answer is Greenwald was in a relationship with Hale.

    • weilunion says:

      Part Two Greenwald

      As a disinformation tool he has proven to be a golden boy.

      If you challenge him he gets very vicious.

      Like questioning his defense of Bill Barr and Michael Flynn.

      From The Emptywheel 2020

      “Two points about this. First, after I made it clear I was working on this in conversations with Glenn, he wrote this post, once again claiming to know details of what I shared with the FBI and what their response to that was, which I assume was an attempt to bully me into withholding this post.

      Ironically, The Intercept is fundraising off that post, celebrating a post that gets key details wrong. That is their prerogative.

      Glenn will apparently continue to make these claims; while there are baseless claims in it, I will continue to focus on correcting his baseless claims about other issues more central to current affairs.”


      I would not use the words “perverted Jew”. Greenwald is amoral. His ancestry is not important it is his dirty deeds and double dealing.

      He now has a grift substack.

    • weilunion says:

      The New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights also filed suit against the white supremacist group it claims is responsible for the two-state terror in NC that left two dead and nine wounded.

      In a federal lawsuit filed here Tuesday, lawyers for a Decatur pastor wounded during the spree allege World Church of the Creator leader Matthew F. Hale not only encouraged, but conspired with shooter Benjamin Nathaniel Smith to “commit wholesale acts of genocidal violence in furtherance of their self-proclaimed ‘racial holy war’ against any and all African-Americans, Jews, Asians and other ethnic groups.”.

      Greenwald said,

      “I find that the people behind these lawsuits are truly so odious and repugnant, that creates its own motivation for me.”

      He meant The Center for Constitutional Rights.

      Knowing what you know now would you really trust this guy as a bonafide journalist or source?

  8. listephenson says:

    he probably never put any thought to the fact that he was “chosen” to release the files for a reason, i guess once he was contacted by musk all logic thoughts were thrown out of the window just so he could say: hey look who i am texting with, i have elon musk in the contact book!

  9. openlens says:

    Wow, thanks James. Just looking at these links is a treat, and so appreciate that this is a channel which does so.
    Whitney Webb, tell Dark Journalist he must never ever again cut an interview with you off half way through. Doesn’t he realize you weave a web? Giving us only one half at a time kinda left me high and dry, you know? The weaving was left hanging…..Grrr.
    And thanks to both of you for all your work.

  10. openlens says:

    All that I hear/read in the past week seems to be reflected well in a book which I’ve had on my mind to read, and which was there at the thrift store like a christmas miracle. Providence provides, and this time it was “Bushwacked”, which reads like an early dress-rehearsal for the whole shebang.
    Anyone figure out who ‘Musk’s public relations agency is yet? He ain’t nothing much to look at. I’m sure he has had as much to do with any actual technological work as billy gates of hell had to do with software.
    Why, James, why? Yes, hero/daddy/savior worship. Also, all that’s been done to make people stupid, stupefied beyond comprehension, all of the above and all of the below, which somehow they are only too ,too happy to swallow. The stupefying stupas of ideology which they circle aimlessly around and worship for thousands of years.
    Do folks actually believe Elon sits around talking to them on the computer? Good god. It’s that far gone. Dialing for Dollars is trying to reach me….wonder what their real last name was? anything as comical as Drumph? A treasure, that one.

  11. Torus says:

    The idea of “Twitter-thread journalism” is horrifying. I much prefer Whitney’s detailed deep-dives and James’ well-researched reports.

  12. ccuthbert2001 says:

    I disagree with James about twitter, if I understand him correctly. Assumption is that twitter is/was a real company, and according to the recent narrative, the fbi which hated Trump and was running covid cover approached twitter and started meddling.

    Here’s the narrative that makes more sense to me. The brainiacs at darpa/cia/nsa/whatever developed the psyop of social media and funded various start-ups such as twitter, fakebook, etc. They picked figureheads to “run” the company and let them have at it. Companies eventually were able to get bank financing, go public, adding to their cash but still obviously beholden to tptb. They’re great successes despite making no money on operations (think Amazon). The militant left was able to take over running social media since that’s the labor pool in SillyCon Valley, home to the govt-fueled-tech-industry-woke crowd.

    This is essentially the same scheme used with the computer/software industry which inhabits the same SillyCon Valley and has proven itself a great tool for the mic that spawned them.

    The CEOs are figureheads, typically come from a certain type of family: military intelligence or eugenics or technocracy and generally from a specific ethnic group. College drop outs are great, code for maverick geniuses. Their goofy mannerisms and low iq can be ignored a la Gates, or transformed into into tech cool, a la Jobs and Musk. Their crimes are completely ignored. Let a ceo of a real company steal from shareholders (Jobs) or manipulate the stock price (Musk), and see how fast that ceo is thrown to the wolves in his orange jumpsuit.

    The story of the figureheads’ rise to unimaginable riches makes zero sense. Oh, right, the ceo of IBM, the largest and most successful computer company on the planet, can’t be bothered funding an in house op system for it’s new product line and gave the task to an inarticulate, scrawny Harvard dropout who sits in a basement eating pizza and playing video games all day. Or let’s airdrop a South African into SillyCon Valley so he can parley $28,000 into over $300 millions in a few years by selling useless software to a tech giant.

    And don’t get me started on the Paypal fairy tale.

    My point is that James seems to have the cart before the horse. Social media is not an industry infiltrated by the fbi, it was created as a wholly owned subsidiary of the mic serving their many objectives: next level propaganda, total thought dominance, social credit scoring, money laundering, etc.

    Catherine Austin Fitts suggested that SillyCon Valley’s woke crowd was running twitter into the ground. Had to revitalized from the “right.” Peops have to think they have a choice. I mean how do you get your kids to go to bed? Give them the choice of wearing their red pajamas or their blue pajamas, right? Republicans, Democrats. Moderna, Pfizer.

  13. ejdoyle says:

    Everything is about perspective, most of it is drummed into our heads through a process of Replication. Take a look…

    A Bigger Picture Part One

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