Interview 1709 - James Corbett Redpills the Italians

03/15/202214 Comments

RECORDED ON MARCH 7, 2022: In this edition of the Redpill series James talks to Giulio Bona of ComeDonChisciotte to inform the wider Italian public about the work that The Corbett Report does. We talk about war, crisis and propaganda, from the Ukraine crisis to the World Economic Forum's Great Reset to the coming New World Order and what we can do to avoid it.

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  1. mkey says:

    Hi, I’m James Corbett. I am Canadian.

    Sounds like an introduction to a 12 step monarch mindcontrol recovery deprogram.

    • openlens says:

      Is THAT where Fauci is?

      David Icke keeps going on about “I Am.A… ” these days.

      Twelve step program modeled on confessional.

    • Unmani says:

      Love the funny! Thank you. Ha!

      And how about the thumbnail? Classic.

      As always, thank you to James for his willingness to do, I’m thinking at this point, an interview on every truth podcast on the planet. Thank you!

  2. Tagourramt says:

    Did you know a Dutch professor was suspended for working with the Corbett Reports and talking about it to his students
    Cause, je suis Charlie!

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Giulio Bona had me sold right out the gate with his inspiring Ennio Morricone style music reminiscent of the old spaghetti westerns. He again closed the program with this music.
    Inspiration. Inspiration will play a big role as we move forward.

    I loved watching this interview and being exposed to an Italian perspective.

    I added Giulio Bona of ComeDonChisciotte in a bottom comment at Corbett’s
    Translate the Truth – #SolutionsWatch

    I noticed that Giulio Bona had the ”ITALIAN SUBS of The WWI Conpiracy PART ONE / PART TWO” on his Odysee Channel.

    As an aside, I also added a channel with
    Spanish | Espanol Subtitles of Corbett Report Documentaries and Videos
    to ”Translate the Truth – #SolutionsWatch”.
    It includes such important Corbett documentaries as “How and Why Big Oil Conquered the World”, “The WW1 Conspiracy”, “What is Sustainable Development?”, “Meet World Economic Forum – Español”, “9/11 A Conspiracy Theory”, and more.

  4. GTLiber says:

    Please redpill Latin Americans now> Let me interview you?

  5. openlens says:

    The “we talk about war, crisis, and propaganda..” intro had me wanting to look up recipes or something like that I’ve never cared about.

    I’m throwing the War, Crisis, And Propaganda Tarot Card right into that super white hot directed energy blaze. Enough already.

    Filing the hissteerical histories in the Mental Viagras folder.

  6. jayeman says:

    The; Don Quixote and the Wind Turbine motif is very clever, and appropriate.

  7. ChairmanDrew says:

    I don’t know about this “James Corbett redpills…” series of titles. Sounded like the Italian fella was pretty well red pilled already.

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