Interview 1657 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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*NOTE: Unfortunately, my external mic was not plugged in for this conversation. Luckily, the audio is still understandable. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: “Graveyard of Empires” Claims Another Victim

The War In Afghanistan Comes Home

DHS: "Potential Terror Threats - Opposition To Covid Measures, Claims Of Election Fraud, Belief Trump Can Be Reinstated, 9/11 Anniversary and Religious Holidays"

Homeland Security Says Americans Upset by 'Public Health Safety Measures' Could Be Terror Threats


The Taliban Have Seized U.S. Military Biometrics Devices

Protesting Lockdown Outside TVNZ - Billy TK and Vinny Eastwood Arrested!!

Story #2: Disturbing Study Results Indicate Babies Born During Pandemic Have Lower IQs

PDF: "Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Early Child Cognitive Development: Initial Findings in a Longitudinal Observational Study of Child Health"

One Virus Case Puts New Zealand Into Nationwide Lockdown

Story #3: ‘Historic Win’ - FCC Loses Lawsuit on Safety Guidelines for 5G, Wireless

FCC Failed to Consider Evidence of Harm, Including to Children, From 5G and Wireless Radiation, Court Rules

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  1. DogStar says:

    Oh, no…. not Nick Cave… this is a bit bizarre, but I just posted his link to his stance on Antifa [ which is eloquent, per your ‘how to meet like-minded people’ episode…

    I’m beyond disappointed as I love Nick Cave…

    thankfully, RFK, Jr, maintains his hero status…

    • bleak says:

      I’ve been a Nick Cave fan from before the bad seeds ie the Birthday Party in the 80s. I’ve got most of his/their records (also Roland S Howard who was a guitar genius from the birthday party, Crime and the City solution etc), read lyrics, bios, and his fiction like The Death of Bunny Munro (lol). I’m not surprised at all.

      Your link is not working although the site is up. I wonder if it got taken down? No archive either. What was the gist of it?

      • DogStar says:

        Here is a working link:

        The article speaks to why he is not a fan of ‘wokeness.’

        He states that, “Regardless of the virtuous intentions of many woke issues, it is its lack of humility and the paternalistic and doctrinal sureness of its claims that repel me.”

        For me there’s such a disconnect between his not reaching a similar conclusion re: the world populace being coerced to line up as guinea pigs for an experimental jab.

  2. Steve Smith says:

    I will add this here as well. Corbett can sure read the tea leaves.

    “ BREAKING: Man Threatening To Bomb D.C. Releases Video Ranting About Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal
    “I don’t want to die Joe, I want to go home, just like the people in Afghanistan want to go home,” he ranted. “Afghanistan I’m standing for you strong.”

  3. Jeff says:

    For those who’d like to read and share it, here is a link to the actual DHS domestic terrorism threat bulletin:

  4. Fact Checker says:

    People should not refrain from having children because their children will have diminished IQs.

    They should refrain from having children because they cannot protect the blissfully unborn from the profane Beast System that will greet them upon birth. That System is already in place, cannot be dislodged, and will only become stronger, hungrier, and more frenzied in very short order. To have a child now is only to render helpless, tender flesh to a vicious demonic force that will visit upon those poor innocent babies only unspeakable horrors, maniacal biological experimentation, state-compelled mutilation, physical and psychological torment beyond imagination, and transformation into unnatural, robotic, undead abominations.

    Bodily existence is an entirely unnecessary burden of suffering even in the best of times.
    Now, it’s a malicious curse.

    Taking the prudent course of enlightened anti-natalism very much does not play into the hands of the Enemy. To the contrary, They want the kids. And after They murder us oldsters, They will have Their way with the entire planet of orphans at Their disposal…

    • Steve Smith says:

      Fackchecker, I am going to pray for you that the good lord will continue to increase your erectile disfunction so as to remove what you claim to be the only reason that you still cling to this horrible life.
      I hope Oblivion will finally bring you peace..

      Sadly, your dependence on the pharmaceutical remedies for your malady cannot work forever.

      • Fact Checker says:

        All I’m getting is that you’re extremely interested in Fact Checker’s penis.

        Obsessed, even. Very odd.

        I think you’ll fit in just fine in Klaus Schwab’s fantastic future…

        • weilunion says:

          Fact Checker’s penis is of extreme importance, both geo-politically and in the fight against oppression and discordia.

          The Book of Naivete and Plunder has stated with definitive certainty that the central concept which is not fully explored but that holds the key to our understanding of our existential and primordial existence, is the size, shape and texture of the Fact Checker’s penis.

          I kid you not but sorry, no show notes for this one.

          On another tune that will drive many of the conservatives and haters of Marxism, those that hate change of any kind, will be this for sure:

          The Solution Lies in the Process of Abstraction

          Yep, we live lives in abstractions and this has a very strong influence on how we think and act.

          In his most explicit statement on the subject, Marx claims that his method starts from the “real concrete” (the world as it presents itself to us) and proceeds through “abstraction” (the intellectual
          activity of breaking this whole down into the mental units with which we think about it) to the “thought concrete” (the reconstituted and now understood whole present in the mind) (Marx, 1904, 293-94).

          Abstraction is relatively new as an idea of thinking about and through reality as presented.

          The real concrete is simply the world in which we live, in all its complexity. The thought concrete is Marx’s reconstruction of that world in the theories of what has come to be called “Marxism.”

          The royal road to understanding is said to pass from the one to the other through the process of ‘abstraction’, within rational thought.

          In one sense, the role Marx gives to abstraction is simple recognition of the fact that all thinking about reality begins by breaking it down into manageable parts.

          He is both speaking of the abstraction as a ‘thing’ we act on, as well as investigation of reality as a breaking it down into constituent parts.

          Reality may be in one piece when lived, but to be thought about and communicated it must be parceled out. Our minds can no more swallow the world whole at one sitting than can our stomachs.

          Everyone then, and not just Marx and Marxists, begins the task of trying to make sense of his or her surroundings by distinguishing certain features and focusing on and organizing them in ways deemed appropriate.

          “Abstract” comes from the Latin, “abstrahere”, which means “to pull from.” In effect, a piece has been pulled from or taken out of the whole and is temporarily perceived as standing apart.

          In the interest of understanding the whole as constituted.

          We “see” only some of what lies in front of us, “hear” only part of the noises in our vicinity, “feel” only a small part of what our body is in contact with, and so on through the rest of our senses.

          [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • vadoum says:

      “the prudent course of enlightened anti-natalism”
      your oxymoronic slur demands reproof. whats enlightened about being anti procreation? taken to its logical end yields a black hole, not much light en that ment,, even the next thought your having is a birth of sorts, unless you’re an AI program that just does what its been told.

      I heard from S.Trungpa something like,,

      As the mind develops self awareness, one realizes they are in a room with no doors or windows; is formlessness form? is there a reason for the absence of meaning?

      then one finds a window and stares out but stays in, this must be some figment, a passing fancy, it distracts & entertains but doesn’t satisfy?

      then one finds a door and just stands in the doorway, one looks at a beatific vista of another side, yet there is even a sentimental attachment to the dull room without meaning.

      then one finally walks out.. There are children playing; the wish to be finished with wishing has been granted, the questions have finished and now a decisive, without-question mind can flow; there is wood to chop & water to carry.

      Your description of the demonic is entertaining and appalling all at once; must be the conditioning that allows that dissonance to have its brief macabre moment in me. There is truth in what you say, bringing kids into a war zone may be a hard/impossible/stupid start; but it isn’t true enough to encompass lifes longing for itself. consider the grass that cracks through the pavement. and the fact that there is lots of space & time on this hurling spaceship that the demonic has nothing to do with, the kids will be healthy there.

      • Fact Checker says:

        Let me first just say I enjoyed your “reproof” immensely, and I’m glad that you at least found my dark tidings “entertaining.” The joy of reveling in the English language is a source of bittersweet solace, even in disagreement.

        But, this is important: “taken to its l[o]gical end yields a black hole…”

        Yes, the repose and relief of the Void, where the tortured and paradoxical human mind is liberated from its futile toil.

        Since you paraphrased a source I’m unfamiliar with (S. Trungpa), I will reciprocate with some choice, obscure citations. Norwegian philosopher Peter Wessel Zapffe described bodily existence as “the brotherhood of suffering between everything alive.” Thomas Ligotti builds on Zapffe’s somewhat arcane rendering with more deliciously modern and graphic language. In The Conspiracy against the Human Race, Ligotti aptly describes consciousness as “parent of all horrors,” explicating in exquisite detail how our knowledge of our inevitable mortality, coupled with the need to deny or ignore that reality in order to “get on with life,” makes us grotesque walking paradoxes. By inescapable nature. He likens conscious existence to “playing a board game we think will never end, despite the fact that it will, like it or not. And if you are too conscious of not liking it, then you may conceive of yourself as a biological paradox that cannot live with its consciousness and cannot live without it. And in so living and not living, you take your place with the undead and the human puppet.”

        Putting it in ethical terms, Ligotti points out that “in the absence of birth nobody exists who can be deprived of happiness…. [B]ecause some amount of suffering is inevitable for all who are born, while the absence of happiness does not deprive those who would have been born but were not…propagators violate any conceivable system of morality and ethics because they are guilty of doing harm.

        The “black hole” you allude to is the still and peaceful absence of unnecessary suffering. Cosmic quietude.

        The character you describe, vadoum, in your poetics, has no need for the longing to escape the room, or the ironic remorse at what he has left behind when he escapes. He could have been spared all of those intractable dissatisfactions and preference frustrations if he wasn’t put in the room in the first place.

        Leave those kids alone.

        • vadoum says:

          “the repose and relief of the Void, where the tortured and paradoxical human mind is liberated from its futile toil.”

          ,,emptiness, from whence births a charge, which we “sense” and try to name; there is force , a push, it has a flavor, as soon as we name it the rubber has hit the road, thoughts ideas more words/names,, karma ensues; its form and timing can be flat-quick or long-steep, milliseconds of elephant stomp on thorn or decades of dark from one higgs-boson gone left, the “natural law” isness gets its day,

          and then, the gap

          before the next drum stick tap.


          (thats my understanding of the pattern of conscious flow)

          I think that the relief you mention comes after the void rather than occurring within it. void and zero and nothing, are logically not our privilege to be conscious of by direct experience. they are abstract sign posts. Or, claiming that I’ve got nothing in my hand is out of my league.

          “our knowledge of our inevitable mortality, coupled with the need to deny or ignore that reality in order to “get on with life,” makes us grotesque walking paradoxes.”

          True there are some grotesque paradoxes that even chuck Norris might shy away from. I’m betting the tension from “knowing that one doesn’t know” is the crown jewel & raison d’etre of our attunement; sure, the willingness of many to accept being flogged by a few pair of dox-heads is a stab at calming our clanging cognitive dissonance, yet it still may be just another useful push,


          I do think our species is off balance, some far worse than others.

          “propagators violate any conceivable system of morality and ethics because they are guilty of doing harm.”

          does that mean giving birth is the cause of suffering?

          Ive got friends that spent days in Lakota style sun dance (self harming/sufferance trials) to “try to experience the suffering that my mother went through to birth me”, Although the MC, who was the real deal chief/elder, agreed with me that “it was sad that they needed or desired to hurt themselves in these ways” he reckoned they will have learned to respect life more for having survived what it means to almost lose it. So the “system of ethics” here is perhaps something to be not just written and read but actually earned.

          “Leave those kids alone.”

          Are we not those kids?

          if theres no real answer, does that mean that theres no real question?

          Now, to get off this monitor-mesmerizer, off this tired ass prop chair, and get something done.


          • vadoum says:

            my mistake, not “S”, its “Chogyal Trungpa” the model of escaping from that existential “No exit” is spoken and transcripted beautifully in his book “Cutting through spiritual materialism”

            • bleak says:

              Actually it’s Chögyam Trungpa “Rinpoche” (special holy blessed). He was a duplicitous drinker and womanizer. His book “Spiritual Materialism” gave thousands the excuse to “do what thou wilt” while putting up the veneer of Buddhism.

              The Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism which Trungpa Rinpoche came from is my favorite and I have special memories from my time in one of their monasteries. One of the ladies who lived there told me about Trungpa Rinpoche from her experience.

          • Fact Checker says:

            “void and zero and nothing, are logically not our privilege to be conscious of by direct experience.”

            That’s precisely the point. Experience itself is the parent of all horrors.

            “does that mean giving birth is the cause of suffering?”

            Of course.

        • Steve Smith says:

          “ Yes, the repose and relief of the Void, where the tortured and paradoxical human mind is liberated from its futile toil.”

          What are you waiting for? Nothing is preventing you from obtaining that blessed nothingness but your cowardice.
          I get the feeling that you get a lot more pleasure from dispensing your toxic word pollution than you are willing to admit.

          • Steve Smith says:

            I should have used the word “spewing” rather than “dispensing” as it invokes a much more accurate mental image.

          • Fact Checker says:

            I’ve explained this before. The instinct of self-preservation is inextricably burned into all animals’ nervous systems. This is the most essential tool of enslavement used by Nature, by which Nature impresses us biological robots into service to its mindless-yet-selfish ends.

            In The Selfish Gene, Richard Dawkins brilliantly and graphically revealed the process, in describing how microbiological forms developed from primordial genetic molecules, which he calls “the Replicators”:

            “Replicators began not merely to exist, but to construct for themselves containers, vehicles for their continued existence. The replicators that survived were the one that built survival machines for themselves to live in. The first survival machines probably consisted of nothing more than a protective coat. But making a living got steadily harder as new rivals arose with better and more effective survival machines. Survival machines got bigger and more elaborate, and the process was cumulative and progressive. …Now they swarm in huge colonies, safe inside gigantic lumbering robots.”

            As DNA built out its survival machines, including Fact Checker and Steve Smith, its first order of business was necessarily to ingrain the instinct–the tropism–of self-preservation. This instinct is experienced as fear by all of us. Fear of injury, pain and death. Without that instinct, we survival machines are useless to the Replicators, and no amount of additional behaviors and drives would have been of use, or even have come about. Fact Checker is saddled with that heartless shackle, just the same as the rest of the animal kingdom. The rational realization that I am a slave to this mindless biological process does not magically release me from it. Understanding doesn’t equate to instant liberation any more than your knowledge the 9ll was an inside job magically dispels the stranglehold of power the government gains from the official myth.

            (And Fact Checker never denied deriving consolation from reveling in the morbid depths of the English language. That’s what it’s there for. If you don’t like it, I don’t care. Believe it or not, I’ve been paid pretty well my entire adult life for my skillful deployment of the written word. In fact, Fact Checker doesn’t care about Steve Smith a/k/a Mr. Margaritaville at all, and finds Steve Smith’s unrequited fascination and attention rather unsettling.)

            • Duck says:


              Fear does not stop self annihilation for long, large numbers of people over come it easily so I think you are wrong that self preservation is the strongest drive.

              You do have a gift with words, but its just Sophism unless you use words as tools to shape and improve your understanding and thinking. Self indulgent wallowing in fear and doom is unbecoming of a thinking, obviously well read, person such as yourself. Nihilism is fitted better to a degenerate addict or mental defective.

              If you give in to disrepair and negativity your philosophy is, by materialist standards, defective and useless. You should look at the issue in a more spiritual manner…. or even, if that repels you, consider that no system of control is infallible or lasts forever…. the moon does indeed fall in the end

              • Fact Checker says:

                Strong disagree.
                You make a normative statement to the effect that nihilism is a priori bad. This is strictly a matter of opinion. An opinion that I submit should be changed.

                What I aim to do is to raise consciousnesses to a radical and deeply counterintuitive–but higher, more ethical, and more beneficial– understanding that the end of suffering, for all time, is within our means. By embracing the futility of furthered, unnecessary procreation, we can make the peaceful and salutary decision to simply refrain from breeding, so as to prevent yet another round of inevitable–and ever deepening–human suffering.

                I don’t expect everyone to “get it” right away, and I understand I am advocating a very uncommon position. However, I believe that this existence bias, exemplified by Mr. Corbett’s remarks in this video that operate on the unquestioned assumption that procreation is necessarily good and moral by default, and that any contrary assertion is by necessity bad and immoral, is mistaken and harmful. I believe that humanity’s cultural and psychic existence bias, and the goal of procreation that goes with it, is merely another hypnotic spell by which human minds have been swayed since time immemorial. It is deeper, more ancient, and more implicit than the newer, more salient hypnoses like 9ll, Covidiocracy, American Exceptionalism, Manifest Destiny, Christianity, and on and on backward in time…but fundamentally it is just yet another hypnotic means by which the masses of humanity have been manipulated and controlled by other people, by non-human entities, and by Nature itself.

                Question Ev. Ree. Thing. Absolutely everything. We can cast off scripts and programming that have constrained and compelled our behavior every since our abject forebears scuttled out of the muck. Our conscious minds are a curse, but our capacity for reason is such that it can actually reveal the malignant futility that existence is, and always has been. That revelation points the way to the only true freedom.

              • Steve Smith says:

                “ the malignant futility that existence is, and always has been. That revelation points the way to the only true freedom.”

                That might be the most imbecilic thing ever written. Certainly in the top ten.

              • weilunion says:

                Fatalism is the thinking. Nihilism is its twin. This, and withdrawal, are symptoms of our unfortunate historical reality, peppered as it is with anomie,alienation,fear depression and blunt force mental illness.

                Self wallowing accomplishes little and is in itself narccist and basically,boring and uninteresting.

                Today, it is the fad pointing to the disintegration of mental thought and the material reality that harbors it.

                Cynicism is a blank check for failure

            • Steve Smith says:

              In other, fewer words, you’re a hypocritical coward. I already figured that out.

              “ Fact Checker doesn’t care about Steve Smith a/k/a Mr. Margaritaville at all, and finds Steve Smith’s unrequited fascination and attention rather unsettling.)”

              Good. Its meant to unsettle you. I will challenge and ridicule your disgusting viewpoint on the pointlessness and futility of life every chance I get.
              Its like a crusade. 😀

              • Fact Checker says:

                Don’t you think that sounds like a very limiting life-mission?

                It’s not like my comments on this website are likely to gain wide appeal, and persuade the masses of the World to unite under the banner of anti-natalism…

              • Steve Smith says:

                Not at all limiting. Don’t flatter yourself. Challenging your evil is not even close to being my most important life mission. 😆

                And if you are successful in persuading anyone anywhere to your viewpoint, I would be quite surprised. The danger you pose is your ability to suck the hope from people.

              • Fact Checker says:

                So you’re saying there’s a chance that I would divest somebody of hope, yet there’s no chance I would persuade somebody to refrain from having another child?

                That’s exactly the type of perverse, depraved outcome that I’m railing against. A hopeless person continuing to breed is an absolute crime against his children…yet I suspect you’re right that it’s entirely common! (This is the deep-mind hypnosis in action.)

                A tour through this Satanic planet Earth is nothing less than a Sentence of cruel and unusual punishment: Life of Hard Labor, plus Death. If I were able prevent a single soul from being condemned to the Hellscape where we currently find ourselves confined, I will have prevented a universe and a lifetime of suffering. It’s strange that you would seek to encourage people (other than you) to burden both themselves and an unborn with additional life, as a cavalier and casual matter. No loss to you, of course. You remain scot free of any burden or responsibility thanks to this “advice.” You don’t have to raise the kid (with the diminution in quality of life that comes with that), and you don’t have to suffer the terrors and travails of the childhood, or the life of hard labor that follows the childhood. You just keep kickin’ back in the Sunshine State, sanguine and solipsistic as ever. What did these poor kids ever do to you?

              • Steve Smith says:

                “What did these poor kids ever do to you?”

                They’ve brought smiles to my face. They’ve brought joy and encouragement to my heart. They’ve brought me hope for the future of humanity.

                “ So you’re saying there’s a chance that I would divest somebody of hope, ”

                I am saying that you are like a vampire that gains nourishment from sucking the hope and joy from people.

              • Fact Checker says:

                “They’ve brought smiles to my face. They’ve brought joy and encouragement to my heart. They’ve brought me hope for the future of humanity.”

                To me, you’re the vampire, ghoulishly feeding yourself on their life-forces.

                They never asked to be born, just so you can sustain your false hope and your pollyanna fantasies.

              • Steve Smith says:

                “ To me, you’re the vampire,”

                Who cares.? I don’t put a lot of credence in the opinions of demons.

              • cu.h.j says:

                Steve Smith,

                The powers that shouldn’t be depend on hopelessness and defeat and for people to just give up. They also want us to fight each other.

                This is the most sophisticated psyop that has ever been waged against humanity.

                We must not allow it to affect us in a negative way. I have found that though these creeps are issuing mandates, it will be up to people to decide to enforce them. People don’t want to enforce them and many people won’t.

                I think a way to defeat this is to actually talk to other people face to face who are on the fence…That’s not my strong suit, but once I have to speak up I can usually change someones mind.

              • Steve Smith says:

                cu.h.j. , I completely agree. And while it may seem like I am sowing division with my vendetta against our resident nihilist, I just have to say that I am convinced that he is not on our side. I am convinced that he is a servant of evil.
                I don’t know if you’re a Christian or not and it doesn’t matter. I know that you are a lover of life. I know that you are grateful for the time that you have been given in this incarnation. I know that as tough as things are and are likely to become that you would not choose to have never existed. And I know that you would not wish oblivion on anyone. Especially a child.
                FactChecker is a black hole. He is anathema to all that is, has ever been or ever will be positive, hopeful, and good.
                I am firmly convinced that he is beyond redemption and like all evil demons should be resisted unrelentingly.

              • bleak says:

                cu.h.j but it’s the first time I laughed all day. why is all my fun taken from me?

                FC: … bla Richard Dawkins bla bla
                Me: ROTMFFLMFAO

            • Duck says:

              “…the end of suffering, for all time, is within our means.=…”

              If you choose nihilism thru personal weakness and aversion to suffering then more power to you. It makes you as dangerous as a purple hair’d weirdo..maybe more dangerous since you pass as a normal human at first glance/// safer for others is also a good

              If your introspection has grown to the point where you can no longer survive due to fear or aversion to suffering then I guess that your genetic line has reached a dead end and all your philosophy means nothing because it can not serve you in any useful way… the point of your mind is to aid you staying alive. Only a person who has suffered too much, or too little, can not see the intrinsic value of life, which is a gift from God (or a primal urge for the materialist)

              Good luck upon your journey

              • DogStar says:

                Everything we write – as the biographer Jon Meacham – ‘Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power’ – stated, is simply a ‘snapshot in time.’ Writing is a sounding board which allows us to share our thoughts, evaluate where we are at a given time, and potentially make adjustments (change our minds) should we deem it appropriate.

                Dissenting opinions are necessary in that they remind us that, yes, we do need to question everything. [Stephen King told John Cougar-Mellencamp something to the effect that most people find themselves in a rut, and instead of doing something to get out of it, they decorate it and never leave.]

                In my case, I well understand that there is no ‘happy ending’ in samsara, the recognition of which can then (ideally) be used as inspiration for working to better understand one’s mind in preparation for the death journey. There is also the concept in this tradition of having the blessing of a ‘perfect human life,’ as this is a requirement in order to even have the opportunity for moving forward.

                The following excerpt is a bit off tangent re: this conversation, but hopefully will be viewed as offering another viewpoint (and, I have to say that I do find it amusing): From the notes of Andrew Holecek’s book: Preparing to Die : Thrangu Rinpoche was once asked why Buddhism talks so much about pain, suffering, and death, which the questioner found depressing. He asked Rinpoche why Buddhism couldn’t be like other religions, or even New Age schools, who paint a more cheerful picture of life and the beyond. After listening to the young man complain about this dark side of Buddhism, Rinpoche simply replied, ‘Suffering, pain, and death are not Buddhist inventions.’

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Well, slap my head sideways.
                Thanks Dogstar.
                I like that…

                Everything we write – as the biographer Jon Meacham – ‘Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power’ – stated, is simply a ‘snapshot in time.’ Writing is a sounding board which allows us to share our thoughts, evaluate where we are at a given time, and potentially make adjustments (change our minds) should we deem it appropriate.

    • EngineeredPhilosopher says:

      I’ve got no kidz and I have managed to ‘subtly influence’ my wife with my specific brand of nihilist existentialism (kind of…what is that anyway? Let us just say ‘my view of things’) to the degree that she actually started to enjoy having none too. I usually refrain from using the word ‘nihilism’ as everyone has a different understanding of it (too much of philosophy is just squabbling about words and their meaning). However, I see contradiction when one states values and at the same time speaks of the biological robot. The valuators are not completely aware that everyone and everything is at the whim of the robot without exceptions. Our values are at its whim, and thus even the suiciders are. I hold it with Schopenhauer here: there is no free will, even in suicide.

      There is nothing besides the robot. Not even ‘consciousness’.

      Sorry for the unsophisticated wording, no English native here.

  5. vadoum says:

    This could be a solutions watch post, or it could be the cliff notes for the basis of this website,,

    Here’s a psychological deconstruction of totalitarianism from the “Academy of” The solutions as to how to extricate oneself were simpified and brief, but I think the breakdown of the mass psychosis may give fence sitters just enough to work with to begin to see themselves.


  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Story #3: ‘Historic Win’ – FCC Loses Lawsuit on Safety Guidelines for 5G, Wireless
    and also
    Story #2: Disturbing Study Results Indicate Babies Born During Pandemic Have Lower IQs

    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Discusses the Landmark 5G Lawsuit Win
    On 8/19/21 Thursday’s “The Highwire” Episode 229 “COVID: KIDS IN THE SPOTLIGHT”, Del Bigtree interviews Robert Kennedy.
    5G starts at the 4:45 minute mark:
    Kennedy explains details about the lawsuit and the appropriate environmental assessments which should have been done. He walks a person through the structure of government agencies and the legal framework of making a regulation.

    Since Episode 229 focused on kids, the Babies IQ study and related issues were discussed.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Above, Del Bigtree opens the conversation about 5G with an advertisement by T-Mobile touting the coming 5G launch like a nuclear strike.

      Wednesday August 18 – via Zero Hedge (The Epoch Times)
      T-Mobile Admits Data On Over 48 Million People Stolen By Hackers

      FULL article
      Data on nearly 8 million T-Mobile customers was stolen by a hacker, the company said late Tuesday.
      A preliminary analysis also signaled that information on just over 40 million additional people who applied for credit from T-Mobile was also stolen.

      No phone numbers, account numbers, PINs, passwords, or financial information was compromised for most people, according to the company. However, the phone numbers, account PINS, and names of about 850,000 prepaid customers were exposed.

      The discovery came after a hacker claimed in an online forum this month that they had stolen data from T-Mobile.
      The company became aware of the claim and launched an investigation.
      Cybersecurity experts tapped by T-Mobile identified an access point believed to be used by the hacker and closed it.
      This week, experts verified that some data was accessed by hackers, and began coordinating with law enforcement.
      “While our investigation is still underway and we continue to learn additional details, we have now been able to confirm that the data stolen from our systems did include some personal information,” the company said.

      The stolen data includes customer names, dates of birth, social security numbers, and driver’s license information.

      T-Mobile is now offering two years of free identity protection services and plans to publish a webpage soon that includes recommendations for what current, former, and prospective customers should do in the wake of the breach.
      For now, the company recommends all T-Mobile customers change their PINS. T-Mobile already reset the PINS for the prepaid customer accounts that were exposed.

      A person who identified themselves as the seller of the hacked information told Vice News that they had data for over 100 million people from T-Mobile servers.
      The seller was asking for 6 bitcoin for the hacked data. Bitcoin are currently selling for about $45,100 each.

      T-Mobile data have been exposed before. A breach at Experian, a credit bureau, left Social Security numbers and other information for approximately 15 million people who applied for credit from T-Mobile exposed.

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Mr Corbett,
    Currently, the archive links for “Taliban” and “New Zealand” are reversed.

  8. Duck says:

    On the question of how “My Body My Choice/Defund The Police” people are ALSO the “ARREST the UNVAxxed!” people…. its pretty simple.

    They are people who have nothing inside regarding principles of Right or Wrong- without a guiding principle they are like ship without a steersman, blown by the winds of whatever their appetites, fears or need happen say at that moment….. I could point out that (I think) John Adams who said only a moral people can keep their freedom, but I’m pretty sure the idea goes back to the Greeks.

    My favorite pop explanation of these kind of people is that they are like the Souless Vampires of teh BUffy-vese… without a soul to act (in cannon) as a moral compass they just do whatever they feel like doing. NPC’s are souless vampires… 😉

    • Fact Checker says:

      Yes, but the Vamps were at least driven by predictable and internally consistent constellations of dark impulses: lust, cruelty, hunger and vanity.

      The real-world NPCs are more like Robot Buffy after Spike programmed her. There is no unifying principle to their programming. Just as Robot Buffy would play the role of the gallant hero, only to revert to a kittenish plaything in Spike’s arms, the real-world NPCs have wildly incongruent responses to stimuli that are not coherent, but only play out isolated, compartmentalized scraps of programming. They’re not soulless vampires. They’re mindless robots programmed by a soulless vampire.

      • EngineeredPhilosopher says:

        That one made me chuckle, thanks.
        That poses the question what danger is more serious: pure predictable evil or its dysfunctional robots? I am not sure about that. I need to ponder that some more… lol

  9. Ukdavec says:

    Moderate Rebels live: Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton discuss the US military pullout from Afghanistan with journalist Pepe Escobar on air re US Afghanistan pullout, CIA opium ratline, pipeline conflict, new cold war.

  10. Ukdavec says:

    New video from John Titus

    Larry & Carstens’ Excellent Pandemic

    The pandemic presented forensically for what it is, namely, a massive theatrical edifice intended to distract popular attention away from the fact that criminal bankers running the monetary system are making a concerted push toward full-on totalitarianism through monetary and financial control.

  11. Alchemist says:

    I know someone who works in the NICU. She’s been seeing very unusual things ever since the roll out of the vaccine; including more than one case of hydrocephalus (a condition where the brain fills with fluid). Others in the NICU blame Covid for the sudden increase of this very rare condition and continue to push the vaccine. The prognosis is not good and unfortunately some of the babies passed away.

    I’m around kids a lot and have seen the changes in behavior and anxiety levels since the Covid madness began. It’s heartbreaking to witness this crime happening on such a grand scale. The parents keep telling themselves that kids are resilient and will be fine, but they are not fine. They are traumatized and need help.

  12. vadoum says:

    “kids are resilient and will be fine, but they are not fine. They are traumatized and need help.”

    thats the brontosaurus in the room.There are some things that nobody seems to talk about, Ive had the impulse to question (with tones that demand a response) parents wearing masks around their kids.

    If they cant see half the face they dont know what a person is feeling, so they find themselves in a realm where no one is feeling (zombie) or everyone is hiding what they feel (liars)

    • Duck says:

      “,,,If they cant see half the face they dont know what a person is feeling, so they find themselves in a r”alm where no one is feeling (zombie) or everyone is hiding what they feel (liars)…”

      Sounds pretty normal for the modern world where people are in their cell phone and social media

    • Alchemist says:

      Mask, plus sunglasses & cap with face pointed toward cell phone. That’s the new soccer mom look. Faceless, no emotion.

  13. Theo says:

    Australia has found a unique way to protect itself from these low I.Q. babies.

  14. darby_m says:

    Channel profile picture

    1 second ago

    I was very concerned about 5 G for quite some time. I did a bit of research on it. It turns out the technology is not viable for a couple of reasons. As we all know, they have to be closely spaced in order to work. What is not as readily known is that they are ravenous energy consumers and that is the stopping point.
    That was the good news.
    Now to the bad news, 6 G is what I had not heard of. 6 G is Musk’s Sky Net and it will be conducted via satellite. IMO, that is why the Billionaire Dicks in Space recently happened as I feel it is connected.
    Several countries were invited to join the 6G project. China was not among them.
    China has abandoned their 5 G program for the reasons cited at the beginning of the comment.

  15. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Because Broc West is no longer on Twitter, I wonder about him.

    Friday August 20th, 2021 – Reuters
    Vietnam’s biggest city issues stay-home order as COVID-19 deaths soar

    FULL article
    HANOI, Aug 20 (Reuters) – Vietnam’s business hub Ho Chi Minh City on Friday announced that its residents will be prohibited from leaving their homes, as the country’s biggest city turns to drastic measures to slow a spiralling rate of coronavirus deaths.

    Vietnam’s toughest order yet comes amid a spike in fatalities and infections, despite weeks of lockdown measures aimed at limiting movement in the city of 9 million people, the epicentre of the country’s outbreak.

    “We are asking people to stay where you are, not to go outside. Each home, company, factory should be an anti-virus fort,”
    Pham Duc Hai, deputy head of the city’s coronavirus authority, said on Friday.
    The details of the order, which takes effect on Monday, have yet to be announced.
    Hai said the curb on movement should reduce infections and give authorities a chance to focus on treating gravely ill patients.

    Vietnam has been slow to procure vaccines and until late April had one of the world’s best containment records, having logged just 35 deaths and less than 3,000 cases as of May 1.
    But that has since jumped to over 312,000 cases and 7,150 deaths, with about half of the infections and 80% of fatalities in Ho Chi Minh City alone.

    Testing and vaccinations will continue during the order, Hai said, adding “the vaccine is the key to win this battle”.

    More than half of Ho Chi Minh City residents have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, but the national vaccination rate is one of the lowest in Asia. [END]

    • Fact Checker says:

      In Neo-Eden, there will be nobody alive who remembers that the deaths only began in earnest after the mass injections began. The audio-video history modules in school will only show pictures of mass graves and people in masks. The AI “teacher” will explain,

      “In Year Zero, the Great Pandemic struck. People wore masks to protect themselves from the Great and Terrible Covid. The heroes at Pfizer and Moderna, Praise Be unto Them, developed a miraculous vaccine…but not quickly enough. Therefore, all but 500,000,000 of us perished, leaving we Neo-Edenites to build back better. Now, children, it’s time for your daily graphene infusions to prevent the return of Covid. Remove your garments and bite on your leather straps…”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      August 20, 2021 – Activist Post
      Vietnam Issuing 50 Million Chip-based Digital ID Cards with Embedded Biometrics in 2021

  16. vadoum says:

    I’ve never understood why “vaccinated” people fear “non-vaccinated”? if the shot gave protection, what are they fearing? Is there some jacked-up supposition that the nonvaccinated would get sick and eventually all non-vaxed would be dead? is it to oprotect some of the nonvx from the other nonvx? I must be missing a piece of the puzzle.

    Does anyone understand the “normi” arguement of wanting to vaccinate other than themselves?

    • mkey says:

      The “reasoning” is somewhere in between “we gotta protect the health system” and “if I did it, you have too as well”. At least that’s my take. Many people seem to show signs of brain damage, due to long sustained trauma.

    • Steve Smith says:

      The Koolaid won’t work unless we all drink it!

    • seasons says:

      It was believed or the “science” says that the unvaccinated will allow the virus to remain and allow the chance for the virus to mutate, rendering the vaccine useless to the new strain. If everyone is vaccinated then the virus would be snuffed out, never getting the chance to mutate.

      I first observed this theory being promoted three years ago during the measles and mumps outbreaks. Many people were reporting that they got the mumps and measles despite being vaccinated against it. The new theory was that the unvaccinated was the cause of it. This was the point where I had to stop doing mental gymnastics for vaccines. I was watching people mentally doing so many flips and twist, landing on their head, and continuing on.

      The theory makes absolutely no sense. Especially during the Decade of Vaccines. I was one of the fools that thought it was a great idea. I followed the news on vaccines, followed the record numbers of vaccinations every year and thought we can eradicate major diseases for good. To hear that the unvaccinated were to blame, when we had the least amount of unvaccinated ever, really woke me up to the lunacy of the vaccination campaign.

    • cu.h.j says:

      seasons answers this question about what the vaxxed normies believe. They think that if everyone is vaxxed, they will get herd immunity and the disease will be eliminated for everyone. This belief can be shown to be false. They also think that vaccines are completely harmless and safe and are good medicine. They think this because when they take the injections they don’t get side effects (right away) and thus the vaxxes are safe and harmless for everyone else because if the didn’t have side effects than this means the other person won’t. This is also a false belief.

      They don’t want to listen to other perspectives because they have identified with the pro vaxxers and it would cause psychological discomfort to change their opinion.

      I remember when I started getting side effects from flu shots and I had a colleague that didn’t take them because they were unnatural. I thought hmmmm, maybe I should stop getting these and look at this other person not taking them, maybe I should’t either. I took some extra vaccines when I went to nursing school, like the Hep b vaccine and varicella because I never had chicken pox. These were “required” for most hospitals but I wasn’t aware there was an exemption I could have asked for. I just thought these were harmless and would only benefit me. I met another colleague who had a very severe reaction to Hep b vaccine and has to take a series of injections due to a severe allergic reaction to it. I never knew a person could have a reaction to these drugs. I didn’t know about vaccine injury or vaccine court or any alternative information about the actual efficacy of vaccines.

      I never had any inclination to want other people to take them though. I always believed in bodily autonomy and a persons right to decide what medicine they put into their own bodies. I never had any distain for people who were making different medical choices than I was making at the time.

      • cu.h.j says:

        Does a person ever lose the right to bodily autonomy? In the case of vaccines I say no.

        Are there any cases in which a person loses the right to bodily autonomy? I don’t know. There have been cases of antibiotic resistant TB and the infected person if not treated might infect other people. If this person is infecting other people does this mean that society has a right to force this person to have treatment? In this case would be a course of antibiotics in which the person finished the course of medication.

        In developed countries TB isn’t much of an issue unless people are living in close quarters with poor ventilation, like in prison for example. The over use of antibiotics are causing a lot of these “superbugs” so in a way the western medicine system is causing this problem.

        I think the powers that shouldn’t be are using this type of argument that the vaccines will prevent others from getting sick and dying if you force everyone to take them. But this is false in the case of vaccines because they don’t stop transmission, particularly in the case of Covid and flu. Flu shots don’t work very well and make people more susceptible to other diseases, even Dr. Faucci (psychopathic immunologist) admitted this.

        • DogStar says:

          I can’t help but feel that word will eventually get out that it is mainly the vaccinated who are getting sick and being hospitalized, and then the tide will start to turn.

          I spoke with a friend (in OR) a week ago and noted that the vaxxed were still coming down with covid, to which she flatly stated, “That’s not true.” – She’s very open-minded and into natural health so I was taken aback and simply replied, ‘well, we’re certainly not reading the same information.’ – Then she repeated the usual lie the masses have been fed: “If only everyone would get vaccinated, the virus would go away.” – I did counter this, but at this point, I think many of the vaxxed are going to have to see the devastation with their own eyes to believe it.

          I keep reading about massive autoimmune disease ahead for the vaxxed, and it makes me sick with worry. On top of which the continued uncertainty and polarization impose additional limitations for the unvaxxed.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      For me, this 2 1/2 minute video epitomizes a large subset of the population.
      UNHINGED Texas Teacher Compares Unmasked Students To Mass School Shootings

      — Anxiety, Worry, Fear —
      As a personality characteristic, some people migrate towards fearful, anxious thoughts. They fixate on the worries or they crave fearful narratives. The ironic thing is that they also seek “escape”, whether it be a cruise, Disneyland, shopping, medication, or a mindless mental “superficial, airy-fairie la-la-land”. The escape is a relief from the mental fixation of constantly worrying.
      Notice how popular some movies are that scare people. Fearful, worrisome narratives attract a category of people who then fixate on the worries.

      From a personality trait profile perspective, typically those people who worry a lot also have other correlated trait manifestations.

      They tend to be unstable, sometimes dispersed and less focused, vacillating on ideas, but very easily influenced. “Easily influenced” is a hallmark of the unstable characteristic. Indecisive. Not confidently strong willed. Sometimes, it is difficult for them to follow-thru and complete actions or projects, because their attention is all over the place.

      With the anxiety, there is a lot of inner-thought type processes and worries. They think about things a lot, but in an introverted way, often being stuck in fearful concepts of the future.
      Depression and sadness can manifest, although it might become manic (moments of super-heightened joy, later followed by a crash of emotions), because of the unstable nature of thought processes.

      I say the above, not as a pundit nor expert. I had experience in the mid-late 70’s doing marketing surveys/questionnaires/interviews as a gig. I remember the correlations of those personality characteristics. The interviewees confirmed them.

      During that gig of marketing surveys, I also got to do taste tests for soft drinks, health-food candy bars, and other products, sitting in a room getting paid to give opinions. An ex-girlfriend set me up with the part-time gig. I still hear from her every few years, and she watches the Corbett Report on occasions.

  17. RamRod0 says:

    FWIW, as of 9AM PDT on Saturday 21-Aug-2021, in the ‘Description’ and comments subsection at URL:

    …these two story’s LINKS are still interchanged — one goes to other — but they are fixed here at the main website (and below):

    The Taliban Have Seized U.S. Military Biometrics Devices

    One Virus Case Puts New Zealand Into Nationwide Lockdown

  18. mkey says:

    FREE AUSTRALIA: The world needs to witness what police did in Melbourne yesterday

    There is no police state without the police. Order followers are a scourge of this planet.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks mkey.
      That is one of the best on-the-ground reports which I have seen.
      I seethe with anger.

      Above on Theo’s comment, Evelyn Rae gives a good overview.
      One of the Australian Public Officials got Bell’s Palsy. I wonder how he “really” feels now.

      • vadoum says:

        Thanks to the above who tried to answer the question, “why make others vaccinate”? I’ve heard most of those replies before, and I’m still underwhelmed with the sketchy suppositions that people hold as if it were their new born. someone’s vicious devotion to fairy tales, becomes more rocks and reefs to snake through.

        As for Melbourne and Sydney this weekend, the dams breaking, but the controllers are happy in their ramparts:

        The police are the electric fence, the outdated automatic mauser, they can be overwhelmed by numbers but still thats just a meaningless shit fight where everyone loses. Even when police stop following unjust orders, there are many layers of weaponry/armor to overcome: masers where one guy with a joy stick can drop a standing army from halfway around the globe,, These protests are a display of real cultural exhaustion, tolerance for executive bullshit is being stressed to new levels and all the attention is just more smoke screen and stall for the slow bullets that people are asking (after much coercion) to be jabbed with. anything not aiming to curb that is off target, avoiding the worst that may well be too late to counter. Time (if there is any left) will tell.

        Fighting the police is not the antidote. Its just rushing straight at the claws of a beast, and actually feeds it. To dislodge a demonic force the known protocol (not saying this is the only way), is that it must be faced, looked at,straight into its eyes; one must know its accurate/original name in order to get close enough to even have the chance, and then one must be endowed with a depth of field for compassion that is pure enough to endure the dissonant discharge.

        I dont think a human hero could do this, or it seems like the ones that have the best chances just get shot. ascended masters come to mind, who might fly a synergistic intention alignment of murmuring mob, below the beyond, where “the”, or even “a” pearl is recovered and returned to its right home. But thats been dreamt already, so I reckon the great joke switch is a seed, yet to sprout.

  19. NarFlux says:

    [SNIP – Please do not post links without titles and/or explanations of what people are clicking on. Please repost the link with context so that people are not clicking blindly on a url. -JC]

  20. arcadia11 says:

    so…the fully entrenched in the un, rfk ‘i never met a vaccine i didn’t like except for this one’, is now a hero on this website. imagine that. i am trying to get past the desire to give up…

    • DogStar says:

      If you’re referring to RFK, Jr., respectfully, you’ve mixed him up with someone else. Here is his website:

      • mkey says:

        RFK said many times he is not against vaccines in general. He also holds extremely dubious positions on GW/CC.

        I do, however, respect much of his work and always try to dicern the information he, or anyone else, is providing.

        • DogStar says:

          And I can’t help but admire how RFK remains humble, always making the effort to publicly recognize those who have assisted in his victories, as can be seen in his latest (re 5G) with Del Bigtree on The Highwire:

          Truly a kind, compassionate individual, working tirelessly for the greater good…

          • Steve Smith says:

            ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’
            By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
            Children’s Health Defense
            August 23, 2021


            “ But who is Dr. Fauci really?

            In my new book, I show that Dr. Fauci has done little to earn the sobriquet “America’s Doctor.”
            Instead, he has survived 50 years as the J. Edgar Hoover of public health by consistently prioritizing Big Pharma profits over the welfare of his countrymen, and through mercenary homage to the chemical and agricultural industry, the military industrial complex, the intelligence apparatus and all the other pushers of pills, potions, powders, poisons, pricks and the police state.

            During more than a year of painstaking and meticulous research, I unearthed a shocking story that obliterates the obsequious media’s spin on Dr. Fauci … and that will alarm every American — Democrat or Republican — who cares about democracy, our Constitution and the future of our children’s health.”

  21. EngineeredPhilosopher says:

    As a reply to FactCheckers elephant in the room (no, not his penis stupid…):

    Looking back into my history, it seem that I have not procreated and most likely I never will. However, this was not the outcome of careful deliberation but rather that of a lifelong gut feeling. The feeling that I do not want to procreate. This feeling is in me, I have not brought it there and could not if I wanted to, just like I cannot stop the beating of my heart.

    Means, my guess is that nobody d e c i d e s _ r a t i o n a l l y to not procreate as this is decided by your real SELF not by YOU.

    Means, all these ‘reasons’ to do it or not to do it are moot…

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