Interview 1626 - James Corbett on China, 3D Chess, Ethics and Elvish

03/20/202138 Comments

Today James joins Tim Kilkenny and Andrew Hoffman on Revelations Radio News to discuss geopolitics, moral philosophy, decentralization, literary nonsense and many other things. Don't miss this fun and informative conversation.

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Revelations Radio News

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Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler (pdf)

The Great Decoupling: How the West is Engineering its Own Downfall

How to Play 3D Chess

Vaccine Bait & Switch: As Millions Pulled From WHO, Trump Gives Billions To Gates-Founded GAVI

Bioethics and the New Eugenics

They Know What You Are (Now They’re Haggling Over the Price)

What NO ONE is Saying About The Corona Crisis

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  1. vancil says:

    Great content, really easy message to listen to. You guys make a great team!

    There’s something noble about having a laid back conversation sprinkled with really deep elements. Listening to too much depth makes it hard on my psyche and the integration often ends up taking extra long.

    It’s amazing how much I feel like I’ve been catching up on in this past year of awakening from the MSM. And conversations like this make me realize both the urgency of the matter and simultaneously the importance of finding joy wherever I am.

    Glad to be able to help fund this work the little that I can.

  2. beaudarc says:

    Between 52:08 and 52:35 you used the word `essentially’ 4 times. No use of which was essential.

  3. Al Saleh says:

    “The real answer is going to be fundamentally different architecture, it is going to be true decentralization. We are not there yet and most people are not beginning to wrap their head around what that means and how that looks.”

    I usually agree with you, and this is no exception. We are not there yet, although there are useful and well-tested decentralized solutions, and your host mentioned an amazing example about how to decentralized the social network of a small family.

    We are not there yet because the technical solutions that can materialize the paradigm shift you aspire are facing an adoption problem. This problem will not be solved until some activists start adopting some of the decentralized solutions that like minded hackers have built.

    Those technical solutions are the tools, the weapons, of decentralization. Hackers like me have been building and using these tools against centralization for years. Are the activists who talk about decentralization interested in testing these tools, and get an idea about what decentralization is and how it looks?

    I thought centralized censorship should lead to a wave of decentralization. I was wrong, it leads to a wave of re-centraliztion, so that censorship can be monetized. Which makes me wonder: #QFC: Is there a real market for decentralization?

    • weilunion says:

      We are not ‘there yet’ because history is not ‘there’ yet. History is about class struggle and until we begin to win this fight, which we are losing every second, we will never get there. History is created by people,not given to them. We have to fundamentally beat back transnational corporate fascism before we can even delude ourselves into thinking we can simply jump into agorism.

      Everything is now being centralized more an more making agorism that more difficult. The vision comes out of the struggle; no struggle no vision.

  4. 9tH says:

    a local mayor has this slogan above the entrance of the biggest vax center of his city: “Here we regain our freedom”.

    Sounds much like “Vaxine Macht Frei!” don’t it?

    • Arby says:

      “Vaccines Will Set You Free”? Agreed. Do the hoaxsters, and their servants, have attitude? Covid 1984 is truly a powertripper’s paradise. And a normal person’s hell.

  5. chrro says:

    Forced Vaccination in Israel- News From the Ground:

    Deleted on Youtube after 5 Minutes. Sorry for using your site to get attention for this. Seems important to me.

  6. Save 10% of Earnings! says:

    Seems to me the average peasant has accepted their lot and you should not count on them in the remotest to help maintain your freedom! >.<
    Now this doesn't mean stop trying to free their minds, quit the contrary, but simply don't count on that strategy working.
    One thing I've realized, after decades of reading/watching history, is that there have been 2 groups of people who have always been free. The powerful and the criminal. My advice to everyone reading this is to get REAL comfortable being in one of those two categories!
    If you’re looking for things that you personally can do to reduce the influence of the powerful, and at the same time increase your own, go to for a list of them.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I agree with you. I also think the only thing that has minimized the enforcement and restrictions here in the US especially outside of cities are that many Americans are armed. But the government is coming for our guns too and free people need to stand up sooner than later.

      Having said that, there are still ways the people could fight back without arms but they need to go for it. There will come a time where people will have to chose to risk their lives for freedom unless they want to live in an open air prison. Not to minimize the restrictions in the US, but compared to Israel or Italy, they have been less direct, meaning that we haven’t had drones flying over head or the military police enforcing the tyranny. It has been more of a psychological operation here where the desire to avoid confrontation and conformity is being used to get people to consent. It’s been pretty effective unfortunately.

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Secret Code and Secret Sources

    It was kind of like camping at a restaurant table (or bar or coffee shop) and having a casual group conversation with James Corbett, Tim Kilkenny and Andrew Hoffman.
    It was a relaxed listening session.

    On the visual image for “Andrew Hoffman”, this is definitely a deep-layer-Qanon-secret-code that the “f” in Andfew is Elvish.
    I have my secret sources. Trust me.
    It never could be that “r” and “f” are near each other on the keyboard.

  8. weilunion says:

    Dave Emory is a well known anti-fascist personality who has been on FM radio for some 35 years.

    He spoke back in 1995 about The Future: Technology, Theocracy and the Thousand Year Reich. That was 26 years ago.

    Mr. Emory sees the future as the realization of a global version of Mussolini’s “Corporate State.”

    I think he is right.

    “The analysis centers on a society in which people would be made into “true believers,” through a combination of totalitarian political control and technologically-reinforced fundamentalist religion. Denominational affiliation of subject nations and individuals may well remain diverse, but the foundation and source of political power would be tremendously powerful, technologically sophisticated military weapons of mass destruction. Most importantly, the very existence of these weapons would be unknown to the vast majority of people. An administrative elite would exercise political power. This elite would be religious, political and military in nature – Mr. Emory characterizes them as “priest-spies.” They would have at least limited knowledge of the prevailing military technology, as well as advanced tactical knowledge of its application.”

    You can listen to his speech here:

  9. phig says:

    The Corbett Report and The Last American Vagabond are my two favorite independent media sources because of the extensive sourcing. I like to read and research and these guys give me excellent places to start. At 69 I’m not that internet savvy so I need some good starting points. I’ll spend 5-10 hours a day online chasing facts and truth. These are two of the resource lists that get me going so I can find the rabbit holes to check out…Silver Beard

    • Arby says:

      Sourcing? Ryan dumps a ton of urls on you and makes you work hard as hell to figure out what is what. Why he does that, I don’t know. Ryan is a good guy but he could tighten things up considerably.

      Tim’s fixation on China and communism, in my view, blinds him.

      When you color the profit-making world of the weapons-makers, you risk hiding the basic truth and James eventually dealt with that problem head-on. It’s really no more mysterious than: the ‘defence’ contractors component of the predator/parasite class needs to sell weapons and needs war to keep their money-making business going. End of story. The world is run by a transnational capitalist class and it’s financial giants and the American-dominated Corporatocracy that it directs and the military industrial complex is a big component of that Corporatocracy. Those who own those weapons-making industries are part of the transnational capitalist class / predator parasite class. There it is on page 59 of Peter Phillips’s book “Giants – The Global Power Elite.” Those 17 financial giants control the trillions of dollars of surplus capital of many of the world’s billionaires and they are targetting for investment (and, I imagine, increased investment) areas like war and war preparation (weapons manufacturing), fast food, pesticides, security companies and, wait for it… vaccines. Do those pushing covid 19 injections care about your healt?

      I note that James brought up David Rothkopf. He is certainly talked about in Peter Phillips’s book “Giants.” Like David, Peter is also a faker. I found that out when I emailed him and we had a back and forth. He was not unwilling to engage me, a good thing (for him), but I was seriously disappointed.

  10. zac says:

    Hey James, I loved the chat with Andrew and Tim. It would be great to see you connect with Basil and Gonz from Canary Cry Radio. That crew comes from a similar origin as RRN. Having Gonz as a guest, or being on their podcast would be amazing. Thanks for the work you do!

  11. cyphergato says:

    The devil is indeed in the details for these new-wave media platforms! And few are asking the right questions.

    If a platform like Odysee is the only node hosting your IPFS content, there are zero censorship-resistant guarantees. And if other nodes are not incentivized (free market) to mirror IPFS content, there is no “decentralization” and the fact that it’s on a “blockchain” means nothing.

    How many IPFS nodes are hosted on AWS? Quite a few.

    BitChute is another example of a good idea with underbaked execution. They use WebTorrent to distribute videos but turn it off by default because BitChute is the sole seeder of 99% of the torrents. Totally broken because the incentive structure is nonexistent.

    People forget that Bitcoin did not solve the Byzantine General’s Problem through cryptography. It was solved through market incentives. Now we are awash in terms like “decentralization” but nobody considers what that really means.

    • Arby says:

      I would have to have you explain all that to me. That might not be a job you would want to take on. I just don’t get bitcoin. No one has ever explained it to me in plain English. I really don’t care at this point. Even ‘blockchain’ confuses me. I’m not suggesting I’m stupid. I’m not. But when I don’t understand something, I don’t pretend to.

      I am on Bitchute (over 50,000 view so far and about 200 videos) and I like the simplicity. But BC just doesn’t seem to be improving. I can’t comment on other BC channels after about 3 short comments. I end up blocked. Anything I edit on BC, gets turned into one big paragraph! And I can’t link to my own BC channel from another! What is that? I donate, and feel that it is worth it, and more, but the deficiencies are frustrating and mystifying.

  12. Rei says:

    I’m sure you get a lot of this but I just wanted to add my drop to the bucket by saying that I also greatly appreciate your ethics with your work. The amount of sourcing you do and the effort you put in to not enforcing an agenda is amazing. I love that you specifically said that you are “not a messiah”, as dogmatic-thinking people are attracted to some of the ideas around here (as you said in this podcast, people are pulled in by the tantalizing “secret” knowledge) and have a tendency to idolize messengers.

    I had watched your stuff here and there around 7 years ago but got distracted – I was drawn back because of the overwhelming feeling that something was not right with the way things have been going culturally and politically in the world and wanted to get information from the least biased source I know. So, I thank you for reminding me of my intellectual and ever-questioning side, which I had let “life” get in the way of – regardless of us reaching the same conclusions or not.

  13. exo says:

    You can read the Hobbit to a 7yr old, perfect idea. LOTR? Maybe. But the Silmarillion? I couldn’t do that, though I fought half-way to say I did it & that was when I realized I didn’t want to do it. Some of Tolkien’s descriptions of natural features in the land & histories of people are like watching National Geographic. “Not suitable for ages… 80 and below”

  14. fluidson says:

    On the subject of assymetrical warfare, i was having a discussion about cyber security in a high tech cie. They tried at first to use VPN for internal work, but it failed and crashed so they had to rely on zzoom and teams similar apps. What actually happenned was that those apps aren’t secure and it gave a backdoor into industrial spying. The cyber war is quite ongoing for sure.

    • Duck says:

      “…What actually happenned was that those apps aren’t secure and it gave a backdoor into industrial spying…”

      Your CPU is already backdoored with Intel Management engine or AMD’s version if your chip is made by them. Unless you have a really old PC or some weird off brand chip (I dont know if RISC or ARM cpu’s have anything like that) or know how to fix the IME on the chip you already LOST the cyber war… nothing you do online is truly secure unless maybe if your rich enough to buy one of those purism or system76 laptops….man I wish I was that rich 🙂

  15. Tina says:

    Interesting talk… James, I’ve been following your work for about two years now and never stopped to wonder what your political alliance was- I kind of saw you as the kind of person that transcends partisan politics… But now I know: Libertarian. I’m not too sure what the tennants of Libertarianism are, but I know it’s right leaning (which freaks me out a bit). I guess these days none of that matters, though. It’s time for people to get past the hyper partisan divide and unite against the elite. If you haven’t done an article/video on Libertarianism before, I’d like to learn what it entails from your perspective.

    • cu.h.j says:

      JC is an anarchist and does not support centralized government, but rather that people interact voluntarily with each other. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t rules, but rather these are based on natural law, like the right to self defense and the right to have private property and bodily autonomy. Libertarians do believe in government, but are minimalist in that regard.

      I don’t see JC as being “right leaning” but to me “right leaning” means people who believe that people should believe in God and go to Church and stay away from drugs and alcohol. I have no judgement about people who are “right leaning” people and I have known a few and I respect their choices and think every person should be able to do this if they chose but not impose this on others in a centralized fashion.

      There are a lot of books about anarchism that JC has mentioned throughout his work and I am also interested as a novice.

      • Tina says:

        Oh, an anarchist? Wow, I thought I heard him say he’s a Libertarian. I am definitely interested in anarchism as well. Last year I visited some friends in France who are anarchists and they suggested some material for me to read, but it was all in French so I wasn’t able to understand too much of it. I’ll have to look through some of James’ past work to see what books he suggests/mentions. Thanks!

  16. rueckl1b says:

    Hi James,
    looking forward to your WW2 documentation.
    I did also some research starting with Antony Sutton and I came across Viktor Suworow.
    He defected from the USSR in 1978 and wrote the following book
    “The Chief Culprit: Stalin’s Grand Design to Start World War II”
    Worthwhile to read!
    It gives some hint why Germany was so “stupid” to attack the USSR.

    • Duck says:

      Is that the guy who did “IceBreaker?”
      i was always puzzled at all the hate he got or why anyone would doubt that the Soviets planned to invade Europe at SOME point…i think that recording the Fin’s had of Hitler talking with the leader of finland after a glass of wine pretty much agreed with that guy that the Soviets were getting ready to strike.

  17. Arby says:

    Tim doesn’t want the Communist Party of China to control our media? Does he believe that those are actually communists and not fascists?, just like our ruling class and the people here who own and run corporate media. This is a weird bit of propaganda, like Camelot propaganda, that has been absolutely successful, with everyone, Right, Left and in between, embracing it. Chomsky may have gone over to the dark side, but he was absolutely right about the use of the term ‘communist’ for propaganda purposes. It’s technical, not actually meaning communist. It’s very much like ‘conspiracy theorist’. If you’re a ‘conspiracy theorist’, then you’re to be dismissed. If you’re a communist, because someone says so, then you’re to be dismissed.

  18. Arby says:

    There’s a larger point than our panelists’ ‘larger points’. There is no Sars CoV 2 virus. I can’t imagine that someone as sharp, and willing to dig for info, as James, does not know that by now.

  19. Arby says:

    Andrew notes that the first targets for indoctrination are the cultural managers. James is not a fan of Noam Chomsky (who I just happened to have read MUCH of, so forgive me), but that’s something he’s talked about many times. Cultural managers – influencers; teachers, religious teachers, media people, etc – are indeed the first, and most important, targets for indoctrination.

  20. Arby says:

    James is right about how we may look back on 2021 as the good old days (although I do believe that we will only be able to do that in the near future). I paused this podcast in order to go out and get some whiskey and wine at the local LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontaro). While inside, with my mask on and below my nose, a security guard (I’m one myself) asked me to put it up above my nose. What a perfect pod person. (No, I would not do that, job or no. I will never abuse people for a paycheque.) I just pulled my mask up and the minute he walked away pulled it down again. I will NEVER willingly give up breathing properly.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Kudos! Mask “Mandate” Response

      Arby says:
      “…While inside, with my mask on and below my nose, a security guard asked me to put it up above my nose…
      …I just pulled my mask up and the minute he walked away pulled it down again.”

      #SOLUTIONSWATCH – Cool Hand Arby style.

  21. Arby says:

    Wow! I was typing in a comment and the whole thing literally disappeared AS I WAS TYPING!

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