Interview 1619 - Whitney Webb on the Oxford-AstraZeneca Eugenics Links

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Even some in the independent media have bought into the hype surrounding the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID vaccine and its "not-for-profit" nature. But once you peel back the layers of obfuscation you quickly find not only the profit motive hiding underneath, but the dark specter of eugenics. Whitney Webb of Unlimited Hangout joins us to discuss her recent article, "Developers of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement."

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  1. minnie says:

    Does Witney Webb have a fan club? I might start one!

    Bloody hell.

    I wonder if, as a Brit, I’ll be entitled to a tax rebate when our dear Government reaps its profits from this vaxx. And eugenics – who would have thunk it!

    Blood BOILING!

    The Emperor’s New Clothes are being properly revealed!

    • jodielh says:

      Excellent, thrilled for this detailed information on another vaccine! Looking for further details regarding the Johnson Johnson vaccine, which is supposed to be one dose only. Under approval yet for release. Any further details about this particular vaccine?
      Thank you!

  2. Roy says:

    Who is Klaus Martin Schwab?

    Take a look :

    Dont take my word for it, it is information I found.


  3. CRM114 says:

    Information Overload Allstars!!! More with you two!

  4. quendo says:

    Not impossible, and even not just enerving to follow this stuff in a just unmodulated penetrant voice in a machine gun modus, glad that it ends somehow. It is torture. How to spread information that is making even me angry. The medium is the message! Sorry, but this is unbearable.

  5. idele says:

    My two favorite journalists. Thanks for this interview. Whitney Webb leaves no stone unturned.

  6. Blameitontheboogie says:

    Very good interview, thank you. I’ve been trying for nearly a year now to wake people up about the different aspects of this fake pandemic and more recently about the vaccines but the vast majority won’t listen to anything and won’t look at anything. I’ve been treated like a pariah and subject to abuse just for going against the official narrative.

    It is very weird and when I talk to the few people I know who are aware of what’s going on I find their experience is the same. The problem is the non-stop fearmongering on the msm. Ironically it was the msm who called out fake pandemics in the past so how those behind this have now got them controlled to this pitch I’m not sure.

    I’m watching what I can on people’s websites now because unfortunately Bitchute are now censoring quite a number of channels, not this one of course, which I strongly disagree with. They are based in Britain and I think that they have probably been leant on quite hard.

  7. mkey says:

    Here are some interesting tidbits from the iCAN newsletter about the fallout of Plotkin’s 2018 deposition.

    Dr. Plotkin said “more important, [he] realized that the anti-vaccination people are much better organized and financially supported than we are, and that the pro-vaccination camp must be better organized.” He then laid out the steps he had taken at that point “to fight back.”

    These steps included:

    – Making materials available for “pro-vaccination lawyers and witnesses” that would “disprov[e] the usual anti-vaccination accusations;”
    – Contacting the FDA and vaccine manufacturers to add “missing information on safety and efficacy” in vaccine package inserts:
    – “Lobbying the Gates Foundation to support pro-vaccine organizations and meetings on vaccine safety;” and
    – Lobbying AAP, IDSA and PIDS to “support training of witnesses” in future trials so that “experts such as [himself] do[] not go unprepared unto an adversary situation.

  8. Medhead says:

    Does anyone have a scientific hypothesis about how this vaccine can cause depopulation/reduced fertility? I know there was something about spike protein being similar to a protein in the placenta but this would only beg the question that this should be occurring with natural infection as the latter would also cause you to produce antibodies against the spike protein. What about Sputnik V vaccine as its similar to astrazeneca in that they both use adenovirus vectors.

    • Roy says:

      Take a look at Clif High on the tube, and he has some explanations for you. I dont agree with all he talks about, but he has done some reading, he believes in ! And present it in a clear way.


    • 9tH says:

      I have hear Wolfgang Wodarg talk about the connection to reduced fertility. He is a German lung specialist, virologist, check out his site, he has been in the news in germany since spring last year. Controversial and actively opposed to what is going on.
      I tried to locate an interview in which he spoke about the dangers of infertility with english subtitles, but i haven’t found the particular piece.
      interview from last november:
      and this:

      • Mielia says:

        scroll down to (or ctrl+f) Riskante Impf-Experimente
        Dr. Wodarg und Dr. Yeadon beantragen den Stopp sämtlicher Corona-Impfstudien und rufen zum Mitzeichnen der Petition auf
        there you can download a pdf (which is in English, 43 pages)

        on his site below the headline mentioned above:
        “Von den Impfungen wird erwartet, dass sie Antikörper gegen Spike-Proteine von SARS-CoV-2 hervorrufen. Spike Proteine enthalten aber unter anderem auch Syncytin-homologe Proteine, die bei Säugetieren, wie dem Menschen, wesentliche Voraussetzung für die Ausbildung der Plazenta darstellen. Es muss unbedingt ausgeschlossen werden, dass ein Impfstoff gegen SARS-CoV-2 eine Immunreaktion gegen Syncytin-1 auslöst, da sonst Unfruchtbarkeit von unbestimmter Dauer bei geimpften Frauen die Folge sein könnte.”

        which translates to (deepl):
        “The vaccines are expected to elicit antibodies against spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2. However, spike proteins include syncytin-homologous proteins, which are essential for the formation of the placenta in mammals such as humans. It is imperative to exclude the possibility that a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 induces an immune response against syncytin-1, otherwise infertility of indeterminate duration in vaccinated women could result.”

        That is what has been reported about.
        It’s not about speculations of affecting sperms but only female infertility though.

    • Blameitontheboogie says:

      Find presentations by Professor Dolores Cahill and Dr Samantha Gold who have both explained about this.

      Here’s one of the ones by Professor Cahill that is definitely worth listening to.

      Dangers of human mRNA genetic experiment presented as ‘vaccine’ – Reiner Fuellmich and Dolores Cahill

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      To me, it appears this Oxford–AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine will cause auto-immune responses, which sometimes don’t show up for years. The body will start attacking its own cells.

      On This Thread (north and south) there is a lot about the Immune System & vaccine modeling.
      Killer Cells (T-Cell & Natural Killer Cell Lymphocytes)

      It seems that the Oxford–AstraZeneca vaccine will still hijack human cells to manufacture an abnormal protein, but they are not using m-RNA technology.
      They are taking a genetically modified chimpanzee adenovirus as a vector in order to enter the cell by stealth. With it is a coding sequence of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. Then the body’s cell will produce an abnormal protein (this spike protein).

      Never before in the history of mankind have the cells of the body been programmed to make this protein. It is abnormal.

      • Arby says:

        It’s all just poison. (The human body is amazing. Despite the ongoing poisoning we are all subjected to as a result of too free capitalists cranking out a zillion manmade chemicals and de-naturing our food, we get by. But we are constantly detoxifying, aka getting colds. But circumvent the defence of the skin and inject concentrated poison directly into your body and you’re pushing it. Do it repeatedly, and you’re really pushing it. Aren’t most of the deaths from the covid 19 injections happening after the booster shots?) The old saying bullcrap baffles brains applies to all of this in spades. Remember, Human invention is remarkable and impressive. Rockefeller health care science / ideology has developed to a great extent. Like a good story. There’s a tightness to the Rockefeller health care story. There’s a high degree of internal logic, such as you find with the made-up language of Klingon. Parts fit together, but it’s all relative. In regard to absolute reality, it’s nonsense.

        I think that most of the bullcrap isn’t even for victims of vaccines and experimental injections. It’s meant for those in the health care profession. James should have Jon Rappoport on again. Even though Jon believes in viruses (which I don’t believe in), he’s really onto all of the fakery surrounding what he calls “the church of biological mysticism.” I’m not 100% sure what Jon’s position is on the existence of viruses.

        • mkey says:

          I’m quite certain Rappoport does not believe in viruses, as they are used for purposes of virology.

          • Arby says:

            Just because he’s willing to speak about about the scam surrounding Covid 19, that doesn’t mean that he isn’t infected with Rockefeller health care science / ideology. He may not be showing symptons…

            RJK, Del Bigtree, and most of those fighting covid 1984, all accept Rockefeller health care science / ideology. (I do believe that people like Del and Robert know that they are accepting and repeating lies. They are too knowledgeable about medical matters to not know.) James’s silence on the subject (and controversy) of the existence of viruses suggests to me that while he too is very willing to expose the scam surrounding covid 19, he may have bought into elements of it. (And is it ‘bought into’ when Rockefeller health care science/ideology is the only official health care science we knew since birth and the science that we have all been marinated in? It might be better to characterize his position, if it’s ‘affirmative’ for the existence of viruses, that he just hasn’t yet lanced that boil.)

            I knew nothing much at all about the scam that is Rockefeller health care when the covid 19 pandemic hoax began. I saw at the start that it was a hoax, but on the subject of vaccines and viruses, I was ignorant. I’ve been blogging about this and so my earlier blog posts reflect my ignorance. It wasn’t until I was exposed to Andrew Kaufman that a light went on for me. That’s when I realized that I didn’t, even a tiny bit, believe the virus story.

            Yes, I’ve watched the amazing Corbett-produced “Rockefeller Medicine.” My blog posts on covid 19 can be view in index form (hyperlinked) here:

            On the subject of ‘official’ health care science, see this small video excerpt of Mikki Willis in conversation with Ben Swann:

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              I do not think that there is any way to deny…
              the existence of certain responses in the Immune System (e.g. Killer Cells)
              …or to deny…
              the existence of certain pathogenic entities (microbes, parasites, etc.) which can play havoc on the body.

              I guess a person could ask James Corbett if he thinks salmonella is real.
              Or, if a person wanted to experiment, they could eat some raw chicken that has been sitting out for a day or two. Just have two toilets…one to sit on while throwing up in the other.
              (By the way, liquid Nutribiotic GSE – Grapefruit Seed Extract, typically handles food poisoning very quickly…within hours or a day.)

              I think that there are a variety of body functions and pathogenic activities which are observable.

              When it comes to putting the SARS-CoV-2 virus on a dish, separate and secluded, — it did not happen. The Lab Coats show us that they use modeling instead. They model from an image (a ‘thing’ that they think is the virus.)

              However, we know for certain that people can get respiratory infections in the lungs.
              Bacterial lung infections often respond to antibiotics.
              What is termed “viral respiratory infections” will respond to categories of treatments known to work against “viruses” (including natural, herbal, and homeopathic remedies or alternative integrative medicine).

              Whether one wants to believe that viruses exist or don’t exist, I don’t care. People can have their viewpoint.

              I do care about…
              What are viable solutions (remedies) for the category of ailments which people assign as virus induced? We have a good list of these…Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, oxidative therapies, etc… even elderberry and Oscillococcinum.

              • Arby says:

                I have a problem with people using HCQ and other remedies to promote the hoax. If others want to take toxins in order to relieve the discomfort that they’re experiencing when detoxifying (colds, flu), that’s their choice. Unless my ‘cold’ is literally killing me, I’ll pass on the HCQ. If my cold is literally killing me, sure, I’ll take the HCQ. By most – but not all – accounts, HCQ, in the right dose, does no harm. Wolfgang Wodarg (see his article about HCQ on Off Guardian) came across information that showed that HCQ does harm sick people from malarian countries.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                It is no problem for any experienced Doctor.
                I’ve had this test…
                Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg warns of the dangers in using Vitamin C and Hydroxychloroquine in light of a possible G6PD inherited enzyme-defect.

                Most experienced Doctors (mine included), who utilize IV Therapies such as Ozone and Vitamin C and Ultraviolet Light, will first run blood tests to check for such things as (G6PD) glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency.

                G6PD is something which Doctors very rarely ever see or have problems with.

                More info

            • mkey says:

              Where is proof required to support the claim that Rappoport is infected with Rockefeller science? He talked (and wrote) about virologist hit teams with quite a bit of disdain on more than one occasion.

              • Arby says:

                In my opinion, if he accepts the idea that viruses exist (germ theory), then he’s infected. Do you know that he doesn’t? I’d be interested to know. If I can find a contact for him, I’ll ask him. He never appears in the comments section. Do you ‘know’?

            • “James’s silence on the subject (and controversy) of the existence of viruses suggests to me that while he too is very willing to expose the scam surrounding covid 19, he may have bought into elements of it…”

              James got the memo many months ago, several times.

              Maybe he’s just like me?
              Maybe he’s not ready to commit to the terrain theory as I am not ready?

              Maybe he doesn’t want to, for a half dozen different reasons?
              No one likes to be pushed into doing or believing something.

              And one cannot automatically assume as some here do, that since he has been silent about this, that he is ‘controlled opposition’ or worse.

              • Roxanne says:

                You don’t have to commit to terrain theory.
                We can just focus purely on the virus. Has it been isolated? No. Shown to cause disease? No (additionally if it hasn’t been isolated this step can’t even be performed)

              • Arby says:

                I’m not dragging this out. I was clear. I don’t need to repeat it. And I was, I thought, quite diplomatic. Are you brown-nosing James?

              • “James’s silence on the subject (and controversy) of the existence of viruses suggests to me that while he too is very willing to expose the scam surrounding covid 19, he may have bought into elements of it…”

                That’s what you wrote.
                I don’t find the tone of that to be diplomatic, nor do I find the tone of your reply to me to be diplomatic. Maybe I’m just a little sensitive? 🙂

              • Roxanne says:

                Debunking Virology with Dr. Stefan Scoglio and Dr. Tom Cowan

          • mkey says:

            I’ll have to correct my opinion on this matter as in the few recent articles, Rapport does indeed seem to go along with the germ theory. He draws the line at how the virus is detected and the illogical attribution of clusters of symptoms to one disease.

            Ebola: the new fake outbreak

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        My Personal Genital Herpes Virus Story

        Back in 1980, I was working at a large Hotel. I started dating one of the girls working there, and eventually she moved in with me.

        Previous to our first sexual encounter, she told me that she had genital herpes. She said that she got it from our boss, whom she had previously had sex with. That was the only person whom she could had gotten it from, because she had not been dating anyone for a long time prior.
        I told her fine. I’ll risk getting it. No big deal.
        Well, I did get genital herpes from her. It surprised me. Rarely did it flare up, but there were occasions when it did.
        We split up after about 2 years.

        In 1986, I married my wife for the next 29 years. When she and I were dating, we both told each other that we had genital herpes. It was “no big deal” for us. Occasionally she would have flare-ups, but more often than I.

        During the very early part of our marriage we both did a major detoxification program and nutritional program. We spent many hours sweating in saunas, exercising, taking supplements, etc.

        After that detox decades ago, I have never ever had a flare-up of genital herpes. My wife has had occasional flare-ups.

        • cu.h.j says:

          That’s cool your shared this. I’ve had similar issues with herpes. I still have flare ups from time to time and lysine helps a lot. That’s great she told you she had them actually so you were informed.

    • cu.h.j says:

      That’s one hypothesis. That would be one way to depopulate the planet to affect fertility. I also think they are experimenting because they want to develop technologies that extend life (for themselves). Immortality I think is one of the goals they have. They also may want to make people completely dependent on pharma and the medical system to continue to survive, that we would need them for drugs and injections.

  9. mkey says:

    Thanks to Whitney for this exhaustive report (the ever impressive set of lungs on this lady), but lets be honest, this is just a bunch of coincidences. I mean, these two guys in very influential positions, standing to make a killing (pun intended) on this unlikely taxi cab confessions type collusion. This type of thing just happens.

    I can intimate that the whole of establishment in my failed EU nation state is standing behind the AstraZeneca medical product, declaring it 100% safe and 100.000% efficient. Not many brown people over here. But we do have more than our fair share of unthinking dolts.

    Total orders:
    -> AstraZeneca 2.7 million
    -> Sanofi – TBD
    -> J&J – 900k
    -> Moderna 1 milion
    -> Pfizer 1milion

    This is all planned for 2021 delivery, up to this point I think they delivered less than 100k.

  10. Sherry says:

    I wonder if the scientists who foresaw the 2020 pandemic being like another 1918 pandemic, looked at this NIH paper before jumping into all this mask, isolation, and vaccine stuff. Certainly, NIH (Fauci) must have known this.

    The State of Science, Microbiology, and Vaccines Circa 1918

    In the section titled: EPIDEMIOLOGICAL STUDIES

    “Perhaps the most interesting epidemiological studies conducted during the 1918–1919 pandemic were the human experiments conducted by the Public Health Service and the U.S. Navy under the supervision of Milton Rosenau on Gallops Island, the quarantine station in Boston Harbor, and on Angel Island, its counterpart in San Francisco. The experiment began with 100 volunteers from the Navy who had no history of influenza. Rosenau was the first to report on the experiments conducted at Gallops Island in November and December 1918.69 His first volunteers received first one strain and then several strains of Pfeiffer’s bacillus by spray and swab into their noses and throats and then into their eyes. When that procedure failed to produce disease, others were inoculated with mixtures of other organisms isolated from the throats and noses of influenza patients. Next, some volunteers received injections of blood from influenza patients. Finally, 13 of the volunteers were taken into an influenza ward and exposed to 10 influenza patients each. Each volunteer was to shake hands with each patient, to talk with him at close range, and to permit him to cough directly into his face. None of the volunteers in these experiments developed influenza. Rosenau was clearly puzzled, and he cautioned against drawing conclusions from negative results. He ended his article in JAMA with a telling acknowledgement: “We entered the outbreak with a notion that we knew the cause of the disease, and were quite sure we knew how it was transmitted from person to person. Perhaps, if we have learned anything, it is that we are not quite sure what we know about the disease.”69 (p. 313)

    The research conducted at Angel Island and that continued in early 1919 in Boston broadened this research by inoculating with the Mathers streptococcus and by including a search for filter-passing agents, but it produced similar negative results.70–72 It seemed that what was acknowledged to be one of the most contagious of communicable diseases could not be transferred under experimental conditions.”

    Not only did the experiments prove that viruses are cannot be transferred from one person to another the experiments, i.e., not the least bit contagious, the experiments also showed that vaccines do nothing good whatsoever.

    • Blameitontheboogie says:

      I’ve read that scientists now say from samples from the 1918/19 epidemic that more people died from bacterial pneumonia than from flu and of course that can be caused by wearing masks which happened extensively then as now. So the mask wearing and the vaccines made what was probably already a bad flu year far, far worse.

      Dr Vernon Coleman says that he knows that the incidence of bacterial pneumonia has soared in the last few months but it’s being labelled as covid19 as most things are. A lot of the reactions to the vaccines will probably be attributed to covid19 as well.

  11. MEFF says:

    Dear James and all,
    Great show, she mentioned that in the “Security Health Center of CDC” there´s a policy where it says that “one reason to put the vaccine to the black people is the BLM riots”, something like this, and I guess it includes the indigenous people in this policy.

    I searched in your links or sources of the video but I couldn´t find.
    I enter into the website of CDC but couldn´t find this policy, where it says that.

    JAMES OR ANYONE: If you have it or if James can ask her to share the link, it would be great as this is a huge threat to humanity a racist statement. We need to share everwhere this.

    THANK YOU!!!

    • taxpayer says:

      Maria, I think you’re referring to Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security, which isn’t part of CDC tho I’m sure they get plenty of federal $$. They have a report at which discusses how to get black and Latin people vaccinated. They suggest that prioritizing poor people and essential workers will have the practical effect of making vaccine available to black and Latin people. I didn’t see anything specifically mentioning riots but you might find other reports on their site of interest.

      • MEFF says:

        Hello!!! Thank you so much for the link, I´ll check it and thank you again. Here in Mexico they´re killing gouprs of people like aprox. 30 persons ramdomly in the countryside, liike in smalll towns, poor people, but the complete families and neighbors…. with the excuse of the covid they go to their homes directly to test, and they give them medicnes!!!!!! and coindidentally more get “infected”, sadly people is ingnorant and so scared that accept those helps from the government. I heard from 2 reliable people that in their hometowns their families and neighbors got dead or killed…. I guess they want to kill, poor, indigenous and get rid of their lands…. so sad

  12. MEFF says:

    James, I have a recommendation or suggestion. It´s be great if with your habilities and knowledge you make a video about THE UK CROWN, meaning that ALL WAYS LEAD TO LONDON, not to Rome. I think we´ve to make the people more aware that not everything has to be focused on USA, the bad guys that owns the USA are really the CROWN FAMILIES and their “lineage” friends or family, like the Aldobrandini, the Sinclair, etc. All of thse hidden families that are really the owners of the money and of the world that manages the second level, the puppets and organizations like UN AND FOUNDATIONS. I never hear you mentione that. I´d be so interesting.

    Thank you,

    • CRM114 says:

      Do you have any suggestions for reading on the Aldobrandini’s?

      • MEFF says:

        Well, not expert on that, however, Dean Henderson has a goob book with all the information about those families, including Aldobrandini and the Crown in UK, he called the Elite, or the power people in general the Crown that is composed of the Queen Family and all the other lineage families that has heritage since many centuries or thousands years and he mentioned all the names of the families, history and how they wanna kill al of us. The name of the Book is NEPHILIM, CROWN, 5G APOCALYPSE. By Dean Henderson. I purchased it in Amazon for kindle.

        Other whistleblower that talks about those families is the Italian ex-Iluminatti or Mason that is in Youtube and other platforms, and has written books too about the secrets of the Illuminati, Vatican, Masons, etc. as he´s from one rich Italian family. His name is Leo Zagami. He knows a lot, but sometimes I wonder if his personal story is true.

        Cheers from Mexico.

  13. Fact Checker says:

    Dream Team in Effect.

    Brings joy to the heart to see great minds like this together.

    They don’t have rapport quite yet (Whitney seemed nervous!) but I have no doubt that if James makes the Webb-Corbett Info-Blitz a monthly feature, they’ll get their shtick down by year’s end! 😀

    Again, I’d like to comment on James’s sterling interview skills. I think it’s easy to mistake how challenging his questions actually are, without being adversarial or confrontational in the least. He asks “big-picture” questions that really force the interviewee to re-contextualize and mold their knowledge into high-level, sophisticated analysis. Great interviewing by James, and Whitney’s analysis is, as always, peerless. (Loved the sly ‘jabs’ at MintPress btw.)

    They’re both so unassuming–so, well, yes, geeky–that it would be easy for a layman to miss that they are two TITANS on this small screen!

    • Blameitontheboogie says:

      In a sane world James would be working in the mainstream media where he would be a valuable asset. He is more intelligent, is a far better interviewer and does way, way more thorough research than anyone I can think of in the msm.

  14. MEFF says:

    I wanna share with you something I discover that is very valuable, in Falcons Cafe channel, Mark Steele said that we can search freely the database of the CDC where they have ALL THE CASES OF SECONDARY EFFECTS THAT ALL THE VACCINES HAVE CAUSED, ALL THE DATABASE OF ALL CASES.

    It´s unbelievable, I searched it and enter, the link is:
    As you may guess adults more than 50-60 years old died, younger people got permanent disability or risky lethal effects. You click:
    1.Below of the page you click ACCEPT
    2.You click on REQUEST
    3.You choose all parameters you wanted to display in the report, many variables and all brands of vaccines. Even have too other vaccines like ebola, malaria, etc.
    4. You ge the report.

    It´sreally unbelievable how many people has died or get affected permanently. SPREAD THE WORD.


  15. ticop says:

    First off thank you so much to you James and to Whitney for your incredible and thoroughly resourced work.
    My critique, is in regards to labelling the Astra-Zeneca virus as NOT an mRNA virus. My understanding is that viral vectors describe the method of delivering the “genetic material” (read mRNA and DNA) to the cell via an Adenovirus. The vector describes the delivery into the cell where the mRNA and/or DNA is inserted into the nucleus and/or ribosomes for reproduction. Thus it is incorrect to distinguish the Astra-Zeneca gene-therapy as not an mRNA “vaccine” since it is, just not a “naked” mRNA vaccine, but one utilizing a viral vector to deliver the mRNA/DNA “genetic material”.

    I refer to these sources:
    “The adenovirus life cycle is separated, by the DNA replication process, […] to generate monocistronic mRNAs compatible with the host’s ribosome, allowing for the products to be translated”
    “ Rather than delivering DNA or mRNA directly to cells, some vaccines use a harmless virus or bacterium as a vector, or carrier, to introduce genetic material into cells. Several such recombinant vector vaccines are approved to protect animals from infectious diseases, including rabies and distemper”

    • cu.h.j says:

      Good catch. Yes, they do say this. So what is the difference with the adenovirus vaccine? It is ambiguous if the virus itself produces the spike protein inside the cell or if this virus is delivering something else. Ribosomes are delivered from the nucleus to the cytoplasm. I am not sure ribosomes are in the nucleus of the cell where DNA is. It’s been over 20 years since I cracked a cell biology book though and haven’t refreshed my memory yet.

      I do know that nuclear pores that allow entry and exit from the nucleus are quite small. Not many things can fit.

    • mkey says:

      Good information, indeed. I understood previosily that AZ product is mRNA so was a bit confused by what was presented. But I guess that’s the point, to smear these subtle differences and sow confusion. Good job, oxford people.

  16. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Broc West had a very good Twitter post…

    21st Century Wire
    This is a scandal of epic proportions. Our discussion of a peer-reviewed paper on a recent @UKColumn News led to #YouTube banning the entire episode. It’s re-posted here…
    The entire VIDEO is great! It even starts off talking about the Grand Solar Minimum.

    The science paper is entitled:
    COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease

    • cu.h.j says:

      Great post! Thanks for sharing. I can see how this kind of “vaccine” might induce prion disease since it hijacks cells’ protein machinery.

  17. Roxanne says:

    This was a good interview but James, when will you be interviewing Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Tom Cowan, Dr Stefan Lanka or David and Dawn (authors of What Really Makes You Ill?)?
    If we don’t destroy this issue at the core by revealing the truth (i.e. there is no virus) it’s going to keep going indefinitely and they’ll keep creating new strains, we’ll be investigating more numbers, there’ll be more ‘cures’ and more ‘vaccines’, more lockdowns and restrictions, etc…

    • cu.h.j says:

      There is a lot of evidence that supports germ theory and though terrain theory certainly has a substantial influence on disease development, claims that viruses don’t exist is far fetched, similar to the notion that gravity doesn’t exist (that would have to be true if the earth was flat).

      Virus labs exist and they do gain of function research. This is a fact that this research exists. If viruses didn’t exist, there would not be labs that study viruses. Also, there would be a better and simple explanation for the manifestation of identical symptoms in large groups of people. Environmental toxins and other terrain issues don’t account for this. I think that most people have experienced the sniffles or other symptoms of illness when they came into contact with another person with sniffles at some point in their lives. It’s intuitive that there are infectious diseases, at least to me because I know that I have caught things from other people. This phenomenon is parsimonious.

      Having said that, I think it would be very interesting to hear a debate or conversation with proponents of germ theory and terrain theory where they could discuss the actual evidence to support either theory. I personally think that both theories explain the manifestation of diseases. Genetic variation (also part of the terrain) is also an important factor.

      • flammable says:

        The phenomenon of illnesses spreading around is an obvious observation but it is still a mystery in the end as both germ and terrain theory are missing links in explaining the spread of illness.

        Viruses are mostly inferred and theorized as a cause of illness. A lab has viruses and produces infection with them but we only find observable viruses in a lab. All of these viruses are synthetic. In the natural human body we only find traces of viral particles belonging to a virus that previously existed. Ultimately viruses are short lived and we can only observed the effects on the body or with viral models in labs as proof.

        The terrain theory of toxins affecting the body sounds more solid as we can find observable toxic chemical compounds in affected people like in the Roundup case. However most cases of harm due to terrain cannot be found. It’s possible toxins can cause damage in the body and be flushed out leaving no clue behind.

        My opinion is that both theories work together. Damaged or harm in the microbiome can cause immediate illness as well as complications in the virome leading to viral related illnesses.

        • cu.h.j says:

          I think toxins can harm immune function and deplete substances in the body that are required for a healthy immune system.

          People living in polluted areas like Wuhan and New York and also in closer proximity to one another tend to have worse respiratory illnesses in their population. This was observed with Covid. I’m sure there were other factors involved and they are likely very complex because living systems are extremely complex and not fully understood. I do know that genetics has a profound effect on the immune system. Also, diseases like diabetes make people much more susceptible to infection, bacterial and viral.

          I agree that both theories are not fully understood because of the complexity of biological systems and also that there is a lot of variation between individuals.

          • Roxanne says:

            Have either of you seen any of the presentations from Kaufman, Cowan, David and Dawn, Lanka?

            • I have but questions remain for me.
              For example can you explain in convincing fashion why people
              come down with Covid-like symptoms in clusters?

              Say a group of people who were together in a room in close proximity.
              But others in the same room, who were not close to those people did not become ill.

              Or say a group of people who were together outdoors in close proximity.
              But others who were in the vicinity but not close to those people did not become ill.

              Give me convincing answers and I may get off the fence.

              • Roxanne says:

                Which presentations have you seen? These are mentioned by Andrew Kaufman in a few presentations for example the Del Bigtree interview. Also, you’re aware that in virology a virus has never been isolated or shown to cause disease?

                There’s also “Rooster in a river of rats” by Andrew Kaufman and also the Spanish Flu experiments that led to there being no proof of the Spanish Flu either and proving that it wasn’t contagious.

              • mkey says:

                Are you refering to a specific, real life situation or something that was on TeeVee? Covid symptoms are extremely non specific to any single disease and “tests” are unreliable, to put it mildly.

                Therefore, we first have to assume that a group of people with a fit of dry cough and/or slightly hightened body temperature all have the same disease and then we have to assume it all came from the same source.

              • “Are you refering to a specific, real life situation or something that was on TeeVee? Covid symptoms are extremely non specific to any single disease and “tests” are unreliable, to put it mildly…”

                I wasn’t referring to anything. 🙂

                I was giving a couple of hypotheticals.
                People in close proximity (clusters) becoming sick with the exact same symptoms.
                I’m simply looking for anyone to give me a convincing reason as to how this would happen.

              • mkey says:

                OK, so people are hypotetically getting ill with same symptoms in any given area. Hypothetically, they could all have gotten herpes when aliens fitted them with anal probes. Most of them would probably have the same symptoms; rash, sore sphincters, diarrhea, odd whirring and revving noises when the sun goes down.

                OR maybe they have contracted an RF wave, stemming from deep space, transmitting an ancient disease that masks itself by giving the host a number of psychosomatic conditions, which would give all the affected pretty much the same general symptoms,

                OR this group have the same symptoms because they spent several years in a POW camp decades ago, where they were brainwashed and subjected to medical experiments that took a while to develop conditions that are now manifesting as a set of general symptoms.

                Any and all of these hypothesis are pretty much of the same caliber, if not more credible, as the one holding Covid together.

              • “I’m simply looking for anyone to give me a convincing reason as to how this would happen.”

                That’s what I asked.

                Unfortunately neither you (nor Arby nor Roxanne) have given me a convincing reason, and so I will continue to sit on the fence (Terrain Theory vs. Germ Theory).

            • “Which presentations have you seen? These are mentioned by Andrew Kaufman in a few presentations for example the Del Bigtree interview. Also, you’re aware that in virology a virus has never been isolated or shown to cause disease?…”

              I have seen hours and hours of Dr. Kaufman. A little of Dr. Cowan and a little of David and Dawn.
              Yes I am up to date on the fact they never isolated a virus nor proven it causes disease.
              I have a scientific background and am open to all theories. I keep an open mind.
              Exosomes certainly do bare resemblance to ‘viruses’ but as I mentioned there remain unanswered questions for me.

              • Roxanne says:

                Also, you could always do experiments yourself?
                One i’ve been doing since the start of covid is finding people who are sick with flu type symptoms and hanging around them, having them cough/sneeze around me, etc… and i haven’t been sick.
                Create experiments using the scientific method, control for factors, repeat, etc… and you’ll most likely get the answers.

              • Roxanne says:

                Fawlty, have you been to this website?

                Check out Herbert Shelton’s quote and research from there. I’d also recommend reading the book.
                The health issues are just toxicity and deficiency. People who come down in clusters would have been exposed to the same environmental conditions, e.g. toxins. I haven’t seen any clusters of people getting sick since the start of this COVID nonsense, only occaisonal people here and there. Have you seen full clusters of people sick with flu-like symptoms? If you could also give us an example of a cluster of people you’ve encountered who were actually sick and what symptoms they had, we can help investigate.
                Also, if you could let me know what you’ve seen/read i can then give you additional materials that might answer your questions.

              • “Fawlty, have you been to this website?

                I hadn’t been to the site before today but I am familiar with Dawn and David’s work.

                “… I haven’t seen any clusters of people getting sick since the start of this COVID nonsense, only occaisonal people here and there. Have you seen full clusters of people sick with flu-like symptoms? If you could also give us an example of a cluster of people you’ve encountered who were actually sick and what symptoms they had, we can help investigate.”

                There are dozens of examples of cluster cases that were documented over the past year. It’s easy to search for.

                The first and most famous case occurred on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in early 2020. Of the 3,711 passengers 712 had tested positive for Covid and 14 died. (Of course that could have been fake news.)

              • “Also, you could always do experiments yourself?
                One i’ve been doing since the start of covid is finding people who are sick with flu type symptoms and hanging around them, having them cough/sneeze around me, etc… and i haven’t been sick.
                Create experiments using the scientific method, control for factors, repeat, etc… and you’ll most likely get the answers.”

                If I had a lab and enough subjects I would carry out an experiment.

                The question to ask is why hasn’t any scientific group carried out the following experiment?
                Recruit young healthy volunteers who are willing to take part in an experiment (for the benefit of science and mankind) where some will be deliberately ‘infected’ with the ‘Covid virus’.

                Recruit approximately 200-300 test subjects.
                Take fresh nasal swabs from multiple Covid-19 patients, exhibiting ALL of the listed Covid symptoms. Have at least 150 of these nasal swabs at the ready.

                Insert the Covid nasal swabs into the noses of half of the test subjects.
                Insert placebo nasal swabs into the noses of the other half of the test subjects.

                Sit back and observe the results for the next 14 days.

              • Roxanne says:

                Hi Fawlty. Just replying like this as i’m unable to reply to the last comment.
                “There are dozens of examples of cluster cases that were documented over the past year. It’s easy to search for.”
                Not ‘documented’ but i was asking in regards to any clusters you’ve actually encountered in real life.
                We know the tests are fake. This has also been shown by Kaufman, Cowan, and has even been mentioned by the test creator, etc…
                Also if you could let me know what you’ve seen/read i can then give you more material that might answer your questions.

              • “There are dozens of examples of cluster cases that were documented over the past year. It’s easy to search for.”
                Not ‘documented’ but i was asking in regards to any clusters you’ve actually encountered in real life.”

                I have not personally encountered any cluster of cases, nor even one single case.
                But I do know of two people who have died at young ages 20’s and 30’s from Covid, allegedly.
                The first one aged 27 I knew personally. The second one was a nephew of a former girlfriend. Both died within weeks of becoming ill and were healthy before that.

                “We know the tests are fake. This has also been shown by Kaufman, Cowan, and has even been mentioned by the test creator, etc…”

                Absolutely. The tests are a total scam.

                “Also if you could let me know what you’ve seen/read i can then give you more material that might answer your questions.”

                Well at this point as I mentioned, most of my knowledge about the terrain theory comes from Dr. Kaufman, Dr. Cowan and Dawn and David.

                I don’t have much time presently to do deep research into this, but the biggest fly in the ointment for me again as I mentioned here, are clusters.
                Give me convincing, logical explanations for them and I might get off the fence. 🙂

                Sure, put some toxic substance in a room and then put a cluster of people in the room and watch them get sick. That would be the terrain theory.
                But that’s not what I’m talking about.

              • Roxanne says:

                Hey Fawlty. The people you knew who died. Did they go to the hospital? And/or were they put on any medications, ventilator, etc…?

              • Roxanne says:

                Just to add, i don’t think exposing people to toxins is terrain theory. Isn’t that toxic exposure, poisoning, etc…?
                We don’t have to talk about terrain theory at all. We can get to the truth without additional theories. So you’ve never personally encountered a cluster. Do you know anyone else, genuine people, who’ve personally encountered clusters and can they describe the enviromental conditions, symptoms, etc… to you?

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Experiment with a virus to see if it causes a spread –


                It seems like someone could try to get bit by a rabid bat, skunk, wolf, dog or whatever.
                “Old Yeller” did it. Arlis wanted to try, but Travis stopped him.
                (Backstory on the rewind)

                I learned about “Old Yeller” and rabies in the 1950’s.
                Some stories resonate.

              • “Hey Fawlty. The people you knew who died. Did they go to the hospital? And/or were they put on any medications, ventilator, etc…?”

                I know the first one did go to a hospital (27) I presume the second one did as well, but don’t know for sure.
                The first wasn’t put on a ventilator, the second I don’t know.
                I don’t know anything about what their treatment was at the hospital (meds. etc.). These were not Americans.

              • cu.h.j says:

                Fawlty Towers

                Would you mind providing more information about the young people you know who died related to Covid? Were they obese or did they live in a polluted area? When did they die?

                I’m curious because I have two colleagues who got sick one of them has lung damage in part from mechanical ventilation. I know another person who got sick an needs a lung transplant. Both were 30s night shift workers and overweight but otherwise pretty healthy.

                Sorry to hear they died but really curious about possible underlying risk factors they might have had.

              • “Just to add, i don’t think exposing people to toxins is terrain theory. Isn’t that toxic exposure, poisoning, etc…?”

                To my understanding, toxins would actually be a classic terrain theory cause of illness. Any toxin in the environment.

                ” So you’ve never personally encountered a cluster. Do you know anyone else, genuine people, who’ve personally encountered clusters and can they describe the enviromental conditions, symptoms, etc… to you?”

                No I don’t know anyone. All the cluster cases I have heard of have been reported in the news.

              • “Fawlty Towers
                Would you mind providing more information about the young people you know who died related to Covid? Were they obese or did they live in a polluted area? When did they die?
                I’m curious because I have two colleagues who got sick one of them has lung damage in part from mechanical ventilation….
                Sorry to hear they died but really curious about possible underlying risk factors they might have had.”

                Hi cu.h.j.
                I just learned about the second death recently and won’t be able to get details on it easily now.

                But for the first I do have them.
                The man as I said was 27, who had a twin brother.
                He was in excellent health with no pre-existing conditions.
                A little chubby but certainly not obese.

                The air in the city he lived was not the cleanest, to be sure, but nothing extremely polluted.
                He died on Jan 27, 2020, so very early in the pandemic. Before it was declared. In fact, they thought he had died of H1N1 at the time or pneumonia.
                But as the weeks passed, they started to put two and two together.
                He had all the symptoms of Covid-19 and was dead in less than two weeks from the onset.

      • mkey says:

        That is a lot of logical fallacies in one place.

        “Viruses” exist because research and labs exist? Following your train of thought, we arrive at the conclusion that “viruses” exist because labs exist and since labs exists because of, mostly, government funnymoney funding, we have to deduce that “viruses” exist because of government funding.

        A conlusion that certainly is not without its merits, to an extent.

        Regarding the contrived assertion: “viruses don’t exist”, I have to draw a parallel with how “climate change” advocates typically tarnish “climate change” sceptics as deniers of an obviously existing phenomena, while all that is in question is its anthropogenic nature.

        I.e. people talking about this issue in accurate detail do not claim that viruses do not exist.

        So, in the first case we are talking about non sequitur and partially appeal to common knowledge while the second is a clean cut substitution of thesis or a straw man argument. If you are using these fallacies while expressing yourself unwittingly, you should certainly take advantage of this situatiom and gain some ground in personal growth.

        I’ll also offer some of my opinions on infectiousness. In my view, the therrain theory sums things nicely. If we are talking about pollution or toxins in the given area, those will heave an effect on all in the area. Food would certainly be a less pronounced factor in this regard, but depending on the area, majority of the food could be coming from the same source. Other than that, I would say that people jump to conclusions far too easily.

        The past fall I did “catch” the sniffles. I have been contracting this condition earlier and earlier every year for a good long while now. Thanks to all the distancing bullshit, however, this year it became obvious that I simply didn’t have anyone to catch it from. Nobody was sick in my narrow circle, so whatever happened, I don’t think I caught the sniffles the past year.

        It could be argued that someone among the people I frequent was infact an asymptomatic carrier, bit I would have to discard that as conjecture. According to the theory, symptoms are in fact there to help spread the disease, and it is difficult for me to believe that people are npw spreading viruses via breath or through eyes and ears.

        • cu.h.j says:

          What about Ebola and HIV? Are these things environmental too? And, similarly, universities who study viruses, are “in on the scam”?

          I disagree pollution and toxins explain everything nicely. I work in a hospital and see disease with my own eyes.

          I have two friends with HIV, young guys, healthy too before this. Sure they have used some drugs, but they also were exposed to people who also had HIV. They are healthy now eat a healthy diet and all that stuff and still got sick and had to take antivirals and low and behold are now doing better.

          What about basic handwashing in the time of Florence Nightengale. Doctors wouldn’t wash their hands before surgery and would go from one patient to the next and a lot of their patients died. Was that just toxins?

          Terrain theory doesn’t explain everything. Have you ever been around kids and witnessed all the illnesses
          they have in childhood?

          I have and occasionally I have picked up something from these little bundles of joy.

          Just because germ theory doesn’t explain things completely doesn’t mean germs don’t exist.

          • cu.h.j says:


            I agree with you that the existence of viral labs doesn’t mean viruses exist. Good point there. However, gain of function labs are studying something and manipulating substances and there hasn’t been any explanation of what they are studying by terrain theory proponents as far as I know.

            If terrain theory is correct and viruses don’t exist there must be a way to test this hypothesis in the lab. Have there been studies that you know that have attempted to prove this?

            I know when HIV first came to public awareness there were a bunch of hemophiliacs that got sick after using blood products that were contaminated with something. If there was no virus in those blood products, what caused these symptoms?

            Also, there have been health care workers who got needle stick injuries who developed disease after coming into contact with blood products. This phenomenon is well documented.

          • mkey says:

            And, similarly, universities who study viruses, are “in on the scam”?

            More appeals to common knowledge and authority.

            I disagree pollution and toxins explain everything nicely.

            With whom are you disagreeing? Not with me, that’s for sure.

            I work in a hospital and see disease with my own eyes.

            Do your eyes see viruses as well? Do you see these lifeless lumps of protein that somehow shoot through the eyes and ears, latch on to the host, take over a cell and magically convert it into a virus producing factory?

            What do hospitals have the usual places do not? One thing that comes to mind: ultra resistant resident bacteria.

            I have two friends with HIV, young guys, healthy too before this.

            You mean HIV which is basically an amalgamate of 40 something ultra rare conditions that is identified by the particle detected by PCR for which the PRC inventor himself said that can be used to detect whatever? That HIV? How do you know someone has HIV? Because of the “test”. How do you know one has Covid? Because of the “test”. I’ll let you draw your parallels.

            Was that just toxins?

            Bacteria. Loads and loads of bacteria.

            Terrain theory doesn’t explain everything.

            You seem to be in a disgreement with someone and as soon as you figure out who that is, I’m sure an interesting debate will ensue.

            Have you ever been around kids and witnessed all the illnesses they have in childhood?

            You have been around kinds and witnessed ALL the illnesses they contract? I find that extremely doubtful. Do all of these illnesses have the same source? I find that extremely doubtful. I’m sure many of those illnesses are caused by improper medication, vaccines and other treatments.

            Just because germ theory doesn’t explain things completely doesn’t mean germs don’t exist.

            Haven’t claiming germs don’t exist.

            If terrain theory is correct and viruses don’t exist there must be a way to test this hypothesis in the lab.

            Do you even read? Do you?

            I know when HIV first came to public awareness there were a bunch of hemophiliacs that got sick after using blood products that were contaminated with something. If there was no virus in those blood products, what caused these symptoms?

            There is so much to unpack here that I don’t know where to begin. False attribution and appeals to ignorance galore.

            • cu.h.j says:

              You seem to disagree with me and have information, but don’t want to share it and you say I don’t read?

              I do read, but when basic questions aren’t answered, like how can we explain hemophiliacs getting sick in the 1980s after using blood products that were contaminated and healthy people being exposed to body fluids becoming sick with an immunodeficiency syndrome. The common denominator was the substance they came into contact with.

              And Ebola, there were nurses that came into contact with people who had this in the United States who got sick from that contact. What caused it if it’s not a virus? What bacteria caused it?

              “too much to unpack here”

              Why? Perhaps JC himself would like to know because his material supports the idea that there are viruses, like with the reporting of Bayer giving infected blood to kids with hemophilia.

              I’ve been exposed to germs from children growing up and got sick. My niece has had several illness after coming into contact with other children who had similar symptoms. She’s unvaccinated and unmedicated and is a healthy kid. There are plenty of unvaccinated kids who get sick all the time.

              I have seen plenty of disease presentations that aren’t attributed to bacteria. How do I know? Because we draw blood cultures and there is no bacterial growth. How do we know it’s an infection? Because the person has a fever and other symptoms of infection: vomiting and coughing and fatigue, etc.

    • Arby says:

      It might depend, dare I say it, on James’s biases.

      I’ve got Dawn Lester and David Parker’s book on my list of to-buy books. (Contagion and Virus Mania round it all out.) I recommended to Dawn that she includes articles on their new website. She replied that I should check out her vids, but the above video / discussion is what drew me to their website! When I pointed out that there’s nothing wrong with articles, she relented and said that maybe that’s a good idea. I mean, they wrote a book afterall! Andrew Kaufman’s discussion with Dawn and David was really informative. (See it here: I excerpted a part of it for my Bitchute channel.

  18. Mielia says:

    Anything funded by Gates’ is eugenics tied, isn’t it?
    So I tell you a bit of what I caught in passing about the Biontech Sahin narrative.

    Die Fa. Biontech machte 2019 einen Verlust von 179 Mio. Euro.
    The firm Biontech had a loss of 179 million Euros in 2019.
    [since 2012 every year a minus, see graphic]

    Um die Angaben nachzuprüfen, geben Sie den Firmennamen ein und öffnen Sie den Konzernabschluss 2019
    To check the statement, type in the firm name (Biontech) and open up the consolidated financial statement for 2019 (Konzernabschluss 2019);jsessionid=E50FB22BA78F41305769DA128B8BDA5B.web03-1?submitaction=showDocument&id=26157479
    ctrl+f for Verlust (loss) and then look at the tables. 179.172 for 2019

    Eigentliches Geschäftsfeld von Biontech ist die Krebsforschung, die bisher komplett erfolglos blieb.
    Biontech’s actual business field is cancer research, which has so far been completely unsuccessful.
    [No cancer product launched for use on the market so far, only research. Is what I heard, I have not checked it.]

    The Sahins have now become billionaires.
    Gates has funded them before. In 2019 but it is also said some time before, 2015 or so.
    You even find plenty of dinosaur media sources for them

    It’s not surprising that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation also owns shares of BioNTech. Again, though, the nonprofit foundation didn’t invest in the German biotech stock because of its coronavirus program.

    The Gates Foundation first bought a position in BioNTech in September 2019, well before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. It invested $55 million in the biotech, with the potential for total funding to reach $100 million. The foundation’s goal with this investment was to work with BioNTech to develop vaccines and immunotherapies for preventing HIV and tuberculosis (TB) infection.

    BioNTech began developing its BNT162 COVID-19 vaccine program earlier this year. It had already made significant progress with this program when it announced a partnership with Pfizer in March.


  19. Mielia says:

    for people interested in the Telegram channel (desktop or otherwise)

    and I finally need to subscribe to creators via

  20. Paul says:

    The platform used to create is WordPress, so if you would like to subscribe to their RSS, you can use the default WordPress RSS feed URL template:

    Which for this site would be:

    And they provide complete articles in their feed, including images, videos, and audio.

  21. weilunion says:

    Eugenics, racism, capitalism, imperialism – the Age of Domination.

    As history shows, the only solution is mass organizing and consciousness raising.
    Either we hang together or we hang separately.

    No individual solutions to massive economic and social problems.

    Libertarians need not apply.

    And, James, I see very little conscious and/or positive resistance ideas from your community

  22. MEFF says:

    Hello everybody,

    In this CDC link, first it will appear a small window, click the first opiton link, then you are there and you have to go to the bottom and click ACCEPT. Then you have to click on the top menu REQUEST, there you have to choose all the variables you want to appear in the final report. It´s amazing and unbelievable how many damage due to the vaccines.

    Where did I got this info? From this video


  23. zyxzevn says:

    Vaccines / experimental mRNA treatments

    No need for the axe.
    The number is actually much larger.. close to 200x it seems.

    Related to this news:
    What VAERS Data Reveal About Cardiac-Related Reactions to COVID Vaccines
    20 flu vaccine related deaths (200 M doses) and 653 covid vaccine deaths (35 M doses) in 2020.

    Isreal succes with the vaccine…

    Found information of Reiner Fuellmich on telegram
    CA International Session: Israel – country update from Tamir Turgal
    (Youtube already deleted the video)
    Tamir explains how Israel is treating the Covid crisis as a military operation, with military secrecy and military level propaganda.
    Their statistics about huge success with vaccines are most likely made up as part of the propaganda campaign. The whistleblower states that there are suddenly many people with heart problems. Which is related to the above statistics.

    They also introduced the vaccine passports that are now also promoted in other countries.

    My first conclusion was that the seasonal changes and the changes in PCR-test parameters were used to fake a success of the vaccine. But it may be that all numbers were fake anyway.

  24. littlebird says:

    How about the “dose error” of the AZ vaccine?

    people in the UK were given a half dose for the first shot, followed by a full dose, which proved to be “90% effective”
    people in Brazil were given two full doses which proved to be only 62% effective

    this was all just a mistake right? a completely unintended mixup?

  25. Arby says:

    I just no longer buy the concept of virus. And I’m not even slightly in doubt about it.

    Other than that, I always appreciate Whitney’s, and James’s, deep dives.

    • Roxanne says:

      With you there. Just wonder why not even James is up to this yet. I mean, Andrew Kafuman’s first presentation that explained everything was from March/April last year. We’re approaching a year now and James hasn’t even considered this angle. Spiro, Broze, Icke all at least presented this angle and interviewed Kaufman.
      Maybe alt media is all just a big production now too and everyone’s milking the COVID-HOAX train for all it’s worth?
      Another thing we don’t hear much about is Monero, a privacy focussed crypto. We hear a lot about the trackable crypto’s though, e.g. Bitcoin. But a solutionswatch on Monero would be good as these need as much coverage and updtake as they can get before the CBDC’s come in.

      • Arby says:

        Smart people can be fooled, for one thing. It’s hard to know… until they tell us.

        • Roxanne says:

          A few i’d recommend. Also recommend reading ‘What Really Makes You Ill’. It is an excellent book.
          Project Immanuel – Announcement –
          Response to Judy Mikovits with Tom Cowan and Andrew Kaufman ––Tom-C-1-28-21-edited-compressed1:6
          Has COVID19 Been Isolated? with Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Thomas Cowan ––Jour…-963108570762892-(1):1

          • Arby says:

            I’m not familiar with the Project Immanuel. But I bought “What Really Makes You Ill” and “Virus Mania” and “The Contagion Myth” yesterday and await delivery. All of the videos you suggest, I’ve seen. It’s all interesting and persuasive.

            • Arby says:

              I just watched the PI vid you linked to Roxanne. Other than the casual disprespect toward God (which this soon to be destroyed world is all about), it was, I thought, spot on. I’ve bookmarked it. I tried to find it on Bitchute. The video itself notes that it’s on Bitchute. It isn’t. As for LBRY, I’m waiting for an email (to join and log in) from them so that I can search on LBRY for PI.

            • Roxanne says:

              Great to hear you’ve got WRMYI!
              If you want to get straight to the no virus stuff i recommend reading the parts specifically on viruses first. There’s also a ton of references in the back of the book so these can also be investigated.

              Also, here is a link to the Mikovitz and Kaufman discussion. Kaufman was kicked off the call because he was questioning Mikovitz around virus isolation and Mikovitz had no evidence of isolation. She supposedly isolated HIV but in virology, isolation isn’t isolation at all. It basically means getting a chunk of cells thought to cause disease and mixing these with other things, etc… All explained in the presenation and Kaufman’s LBRY chan.

              • Roxanne says:

                And here is “Response to Judy Mikovits with Tom Cowan and Andrew Kaufman”–Tom-C-1-28-21-edited-compressed1:6

              • Arby says:

                I didn’t know that he had been kicked off the call. If I had to choose between those two, Judy is a gonner. She knows the Rockefeller lingo and all the rituals but she doesn’t persuade me and Andrew’s case is straightforward and backed up by Thomas Cowan. Judy agreed with them about isolation and then claimed that she had isolated viruses in the very manner that she acknowledged was faulty. That’s the grip that Rockefeller health science ideology has on most people, including those in our anti-covid 1984 camp.

                I’ll read all my books from the front page to the back, but thanks for the suggestion. I read aggressively. I staple notepads to the inside so that I can take notes and, of course, I keep all of my books. I thought that it would be interesting to list all of the books that I’ve read (that I can remember reading) and so I have those in ‘pages’ on my blog. (I’ve probably read about twice as many books as you’ll see listed there. I’ve lost so many moving around, due to poverty.) Everything I was doing took a hit with this pandemic hoax. My reading has slowed, but the books I’ve ordered are of great interest to me, ergo…

              • Arby says:

                I had a small setback. Alibris Books cancelled all three of the book order I had placed with them, with no explanation. I managed to find a couple of other sellers who would (until they too decide otherwise) sell me two of the books I ordered. “Virus Mania,” unless I want to pay Amazon $70 for it, is proving very hard to find. Don’t buy books from Alibris if you don’t have to. Although boycotting these days seems like a waste of time. Almost all businesses are run by Nazis.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:


                I used to own a chain of bookstores and a wholesale/online operation. I sold new books at 75% off the retail (half price of half price).

                A longstanding family owned bookstore chain which started in North Texas is Half Price Books. They have really matured over the decades.
                – Books, Music, DVds, Vinyl and more –

  26. pill says:

    I’ve heard that the one from AZ has the same vector mechanism as the Russian one or previous ones, how is it still experimental to some degree?

    And don’t tell me the Chinese one is the safest option…

  27. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Natural Herd Immunity?

    Thursday – Feb 25, 2021
    Del Bigtree on the Highwire (clip)


    While #Covid19 cases in the richest, most locked down nations of the world continue, many of the poorest nations in the world, where these restrictions are not in place, are seeing numbers drastically plummet.
    Why are countries with such poorly funded healthcare systems faring so much better than the US. (hint: herd immunity)

    #NaturalHerdImmunity #GB3 #India #Nepal #NoLockdowns #TheHighwire #DelBigtree

  28. olga says:

    QUANTUM DOT TATTOO (QDT) delivered along with a MICRONEEDLE VACCINE (also called Smart Patch) will be the Mark of the Beast (NOT the hypodermic needle/syringe we are all used to seeing and that is being rolled out now as of February 2021). QDT will use Luciferase enzyme that makes microneedles (smart) patch glow under a smart phone app– it is not about immunity; it is about IDENTITY and TRACKING!!! You won’t be held down and forced that way; but as Windowscentral said about their Worldwide Digital ID system, “non-participants will be unable to buy or sell goods or services”. People who don’t get it just won’t be able to buy and sell; your financial transactions will be blocked. Take this mark to “get back to normal”, you’ll go to the lake of fire. (Rev. 14:9) The “elites” call it our Digital ID, Immunity Passport, Proof of Vaccination, whatever… The Bible calls it the MARK OF THE BEAST. (Revelation 13:16-17) CLICK ON THE LINKS TO SEE PICTURES OF THIS NEW TECHOLOGY! IT IS COMING SOON enough.

  29. el Gallinazo says:

    It is not often that I see James misled, perhaps even sucker punched, by our Overlords’ propaganda. But I am afraid that we have a non-trivial example in this interview. I am referring specifically prior to the actual start of the interview with Whitney, where he rejects the assertion by the teeming masses that the adenovirus / vector type “vaccines” are not (malevolent) gene “therapy,” (1:00-1:40) on the basis that they are not mRNA vaccines.

    The adenovirus is just another type of encapsulation of the genetic material, as is the PEG coating, in order to get this shite through the cell walls. They both use genetic material to produce the spike proteins. The vector “vaccines,” such as the AZ-O one and Sputnik V are even more insidious than the mRNA types. One advantage to them for the manufacturers is that their delivery payload is not RNA but DNA which is orders of magnitudes less fragile than single stranded RNA, and the reason that they do not require -40 temperatures prior to mainlining. The other is that it **appears** that the adenovirus vector produces far less ***immediate*** anaphylactic shock and cytokine storm side effects than the PEG encapsulation.

    The sucker punching is by focusing their propaganda on the vector aspect rather than what it delivers. I spent an hour searching Sputnik V, and ironically, the only mention of what the payload was other than some vague references to “genetic material” was in the CIA Handbook’s (aka Wikipedia) blurb on Sputnik V in the (1) Technology section where it is admitted that the payload is cDNA.

    The recombinant adenovirus types 26 and 5 are both used as vectors in the vaccine. They were biotechnology-derived and contain the SARS-CoV-2 S protein cDNA.

    Hmm. SARS-CoV-2 S protein cDNA. Was the author an idiot or intentionally misleading? Since when is any form of DNA a protein? Made out of entirely different chained monomers.

    Hmmm, cDNA. Using the CIA handbook once again we get this definition.

    In genetics, complementary DNA (cDNA) is DNA synthesized from a single-stranded RNA (e.g., messenger RNA (mRNA) or microRNA (miRNA)) template in a reaction catalyzed by the enzyme reverse transcriptase.

    Parenthetically this naturally occurring enzyme produced by retroviruses including the unduly vilified HIV, is what converts purportedly viral RNA into its analog DNA in the rt-PCR “test.” The WHO recently is trying to now inform us that the “rt” stands for “real time” instead of the reverse transcriptase enzyme.

    So where in a eukaryote cell can DNA produce spike proteins. Well, not in the cytoplasm / ribosomes, because ribosomes cannot interact directly with DNA. The only explanation is that the payload continues its journey through the wall of the nucleus and highjacks the cell machinery like all viruses do, to produce mRNA from the synthetic payload, which will then migrate to a ribosome to produce spike proteins.

    So not only are the adenovirus / vector “vaccines” (malevolent) gene “therapy,” they are an order of magnitude more malevolent than the mRNA “vaccines.” In theory, this cDNA will also invade germ cells and the DNA would then probably be passed on to future generations.

    A hat tip to ticop who also brought up this subject earlier in the comments.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Thank you for explaining this succinctly. The adenovirus “vaccine “ is more malevolent indeed since the “payload “ interacts with our DNA.

    • pill says:

      Thank you for this slightly frightening explanation!

      I’ve been searching for details on how these non-mRNA “vaccines” work ever since I’ve heard of them, especially since there were initially reports about the Russian manufacturer working together with AZ and/or Oxford and now they claim they’ve come up with a safe vaccine on their own, I didn’t buy it. They make it seem like it’s the same technology that’s been used successfully for decades. And they’re using an adeno virus to immunize against a corona virus. Makes you wonder why they put the wrong virus in there (unlike the Chinese Sinovac one, apparently).

      Could that possibly lead to similar symptoms (palsy, ade and death) in people getting either that one or the mRNA one?

      If this is “gene therapy” now, what is it that they are changing in the body? I don’t exactly believe they’re sterilizing everyone now but why would they use such a technology if it didn’t lead to any permanent change?

      • cu.h.j says:

        I know you are posting to el Gallinazo but also wanted to answer what I thought they might be doing.

        I think they are experimenting so they can use the technology to reverse aging and expand lifespan (for them). They saw the opportunity to study this on a large sample size and went for it.

        Adenovirus vaccines have been used for HIV and I think there was a problem and they stopped the trials.

        Gene therapy can probably be used for good purposes for example, cystic fibrosis (a defective gene that codes for chloride channels). With this defect, people develop really thick mucus their lungs don’t function properly. It affects children and usually these individuals needs new lungs in their 20s. Ultimately though even with a lung transplant, the life span is shortened substantially.

        There are some very good people who have died as a result. There are other genetic defects, early onset Alzhiemers disease, FFI (fatal familial insomnia), Huntington’s disease, etc…

        Adenoviruses as a vector for gene therapy could potentially be useful. However, this type of research in my opinion should only be used for limited purposes, like the above I mentioned.

        The HIV “vaccine”, I believe was a failure, so I certainly don’t trust this one. I also don’t trust pharma in general, and I also think pharma is obscuring exactly how this “vaccine” works. They are being very vague with the mechanism of action and also how it’s failed with the experimental HIV “vaccine”.

        Good questions, I would also like to know why others think they are doing this, in particular.

        • pill says:

          Thanks for your comment. It sounds a bit like MK Ultra (light). I wouldn’t be surprised since that industry has taken part in the worst kinds of crimes, even selling HIV-contaminated medicine. And it could even be that Kermit Gates, Schwab and the others want to live longer although I’d rather expect one of them to forget what they’re doing before any such medication is available (also, what an unpleasant image of a 150-year old K. Schwab as eternal leader of Davos). Still, how would they know if it works, whatever “it” may be? It’s not like those how got the “vaccine” call someone to report back on how they’re doing and that they’ve now grown a third arm, I mean they don’t even properly track how many people die from it or how severe their palsy etc. is.

          Another aspect is the Russian stuff (nevermind it’s an Oxford invention). There were so many events in recent history when some Western alliance was working against Russia up to the point that they trained extremists in Ukraine to topple the government which Western media conveniently forget to mention when they talk about the territorial dispute that followed. I’m just thinking Russia would have every reason now to tell the whole world that Western nations are now experimenting with potentially dangerous medicine. Their intelligence services surely know what’s going on just like ours do. But instead, they are playing along? Do they also want to try out what might become gene altering medicine on unsuspecting humans?

        • Fact Checker says:

          Whitney Webb has given clues about “what They might be doing”:

          They want to turn humanity into all-purpose “bio-reactors,” to manufacture DNA-based organic components for Their construction projects. DARPA has made these plans a matter of quiet publicity for years. Yes, They want to try to develop life-extension biotech for Themselves, but that’s not the extent of it. There’s no limit to the potential once all of humanity are corralled, living petri dishes.

          • cu.h.j says:

            Excellent link. It was a very creepy read. That sounds exactly like something a psychopathic monster would do, and I believe that’s what these “people” are doing.

  30. splean says:

    I have watched a bunch of WW reports between Mint Press & TLAV, & I must say thanks for the additional graphics here because she cranks out names left & right & it’s difficult to keep up without playing her at half speed. (lol)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Ha! Yeah, I need the slower speed too when Whitney Webb communicates. Actually, I think that she doesn’t realize that others are missing key aspects and visualizations when she tells a story.

      James Corbett can really “tell the story”.
      How to Save the World (in One Easy Step!)
      Corbett is very good at his communication skills, both the written word and verbally (when organized).
      He relays concepts well by ensuring that the fundamental terms are understood. The visuals of Broc West solidify these concepts.

      • cu.h.j says:

        I think she’s great. A very well researched journalist with the “balls” to speak up.

        She does talk fast, some people just think fast. I’m not good with names and dates though. History was my worst subject because I couldn’t contextualize the information and retain it.

  31. afcmd says:

    The links for and Whitney’s articles don’t work. Can anyone help??

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