The Year Ahead - Part 2: Biosecurity

01/18/202192 Comments

I don't need to tell you that we are living through world-historical times right now. The frequency of world-changing events is accelerating even as the impact of these events on our day-to-day lives is increasing.

As Lenin rightly observed: “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” Perhaps there are years in which centuries happen.

With that in mind, I am taking my annual look at the year ahead and splitting it into three parts.

Last week, I looked at the tectonic shifts that are taking place in the global monetary space and considered what these changes portend for the future of the world economy.

This week, I will examine the ongoing (generated) COVID crisis and what we can expect as the Era of Biosecurity continues to unfold.

Finally, next week I will turn my attention to world geopolitics, analyzing the types of conflicts that we can expect to see over the course of this year and explaining how these conflicts will set the stage for even more dramatic events over the course of the decade.

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  1. Philada says:

    Good Morning, I have been listening to the earliest broadcasts of the Corbett Report. My husband is angry with me, and says that I am destroying my mind and our relationship by learning the truth of history? I don’t know how to respond other than to put my headphones on, be polite and bite my tongue when I hear people discussing and believing the MSM and government sanctioned lies. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks in advance.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      That was a beautiful violin/piano duet!
      9/21/2007 – Episode 017 – The Myth of Overpopulation

      Philada says:
      “Any thoughts or advice?”
      You are probably the best person who knows how to handle such situations.

      It can be tough in close relationships. Often a spouse can be one’s biggest critic.

      That said, each individual has the right to make their own opinions/perspectives based on the information which they have.
      No individual has the right to force a “belief” upon another, even when done in veiled, covert ways such as intimidation or strained ridicule.

      A brother of mine has a good line about spousal relationships at different times…
      “You can’t fight City Hall.”

      I wish you the best on your navigations.

    • fitnessluz says:

      Hi Philada, I am in the same situation, though my husband doesn’t get angry, he doesn’t really want to know the “truth”. Since the crazy co-vid crisis started, he has come around a little bit, so I have hope. We have been married many years, so I learned to live with our differences. I focus on the things we do agree on or enjoy doing together and avoid the topics that I know will lead to confrontation. It’s sad, especially during these hard times when we should (ideally) be on the same page discussing current and future events, contingency plans, and things like that, but I have decided to accept things as they are rather than expect him to change without resentments. I stay busy reading, and learning from all the corbetteers here. Not exactly an advice, but my two cents for you…hope it helps.
      Wish you the best

    • Octium says:

      You could tie him to a chair and play the 72 hour Corbett Report Marathon special to him.

      May as well give him a reason to be angry with you.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I think that being against the lockdowns and other tyrannical acts by the government is a requirement for me in a partner. My husband didn’t use to like Corbett’s analysis, didn’t really believe that things were this bad, but when the lockdown started changed his mind.

      Maybe you can have an honest discussion about how he feels about fascism. Are people who go along with this the same as the Germans who went along with the Nazis? If it is the same, isn’t this immoral, and is that an attractive quality in a partner?

    • napaj says:

      Philada, You have my sympathy. People are referring to this time as “the great awakening.” Some of us, myself included, have experienced a profound awakening, as if from a deep sleep. The best you can do is to live with integrity & let others witness your fearlessness. For example, I live without fear of contracting the virus and this gives my life a calm countenance, while others all around me look like terrified animals. For some people, it will take a lot more to wake them up. If, God forbid, here in the US where I live, Pol Pot or Soviet style camps are opened up for Trump supporters, re-education camps for children of Trump supporters, & concentration camps for “health defiant” people, that might be what it takes to wake people up. For others, event then, they wouldn’t get it.

    • Libertydan says:

      Perhaps you could spend a little time looking over your angry husbands shoulder while he is being programed by the Propaganda Box, and point out how these well paid Script Readers are really just Actors reading a script. On most every so called “News” Broadcast you can find something that is so far out of wack that even a Normie will have to pause for moment. Making comments about the location of the Prompter for which the paid Actor is reading is always kind of fun for me. Even if he still thinks he’s getting real News, he will likely let you do your thing so that he doesn’t have to deal with the heckling.

    • jason.p says:

      It’s important to recognize that the mainstream narrative he clings to is a terrible tragic situation in one way but the alternative more truthful Viewpoint found under the hood as Corbett does with expert skill diligence integrity and humor is a far darker reality. A bunch of Rogue hijackers who were able to kill many thousands on 9/11 is a way more comforting narrative then your own government Elite Insiders orchestrating and intentionally killing their own citizmore.

      The truth is harder to handle than the lie.
      Waking up takes a long time as layer after layer keeps being peeled back to reveal even more we don’t know.

      Perhaps start with some of the horrible publically admitted lies that have shaped our world, Gulf of Tonkin. Tuskegee experiment etc.

    • preo says:

      Dear Philada. This is what ill tell you from my own experience hoping that you maybe can get something out of it…
      I am a man, I was raised like any other. We often tend to not like being worng or mistaken and even less when a close one seem to be right or on the truth abkut something. Its almost as if we rejected not the topic itself but the fact that we are being “attacked” by someone elses intelligence. Of course this is stupid nonsense that ee are brainwashed with since we are toddlers.

      I used to be like that. And now im so ridiculously happy to not be that way anymore because the possibilieties of the world expand so much and you can finally realize its beauty.

      The way I got out of it was by people addressing to me not specifically a topic, but in a lovely way the pointed out the fact that I was not quite listening to what people were telling me and that i kind of blocked myself completely in those situations. Its always good to do it, not at the specifix moment stuff happens but a bit later. But always adress it, otherwise I would notice at the beggining.

      That helped me a lot and I am infinitely grateful with all the women that helped me to be free and give love and tenderness to the world 🙂

      I wish you the best and hope that you reach the inner wisdom you need to come through this.

      • mkey says:

        Ego rejection is something thateveryone who does can remember fondly. Also, a very large, weighty load off of one’s back.

        • gauntlet33 says:

          @preo and @mkey, very true.

          I used to be much more high-strung, but once you get rid of your ego, or at least the part that’s visible to you, then the world is much simpler, and much more enjoyable / fun.

          And I always get a kick out of this line from one yogi to another, “My ego is smaller than your ego.”

          • manbearpig says:

            Wow, loved the joke! Very eloquent!

            By their very actions the yogis prove they’re not the least bit interested in diminishing ego!

            Good one!

            Anyhow, getting rid of ego (ego as Self?) reminds me of trying to stop climate change. Destructive. Best try to Understand ego and THEN see if you wanna get rid of your Self.

            Learning to understand why you yourself and humans in general get angry and reject being contradicted does indeed seems like a very worthwhile pursuit.

    • Acorn says:

      Focus on love, and he will join you when the chips are down.

    • vikingraider says:

      I split up with my partner some years after my awakening. Unless you agree on core philosophies, I don’t see how a relationship can possibly succeed.

      I even went to court in 2018 to try and gain more access to my own children and she even said to the state that I was a conspiracy theorist and could pass unsafe views onto the children. I lost.

      I’d urge anybody now to be careful, because there are the ‘right’ views and the ‘wrong’ views to have and the state already punishes you for the ‘wrong’ views and will do so even more in future. Partners and ex-partners of today could easily be the people grassing you up to the new stasi in future years.

      • manbearpig says:

        Hear, hear!

        And my sincere condolences.

      • Octium says:

        So true.

        And when half her face is dragging along the ground from Bill’s Palsy or if she is twitching uncontrollably from the vax, send her a “I told you so card” for me will you?

        • manbearpig says:

          A rather surprising proposition…

          but once she’s sent the men in white coats to restrain him from polluting their children with “unsafe views”, and he’s placed in an institution for legally designated conspiracy theorists, not sure he’ll be able to send any cards at all.

          unclear who exactly is more dangerous for these children…

      • manbearpig says:

        Partners and ex-partners of today could easily be the people grassing you up to the new stasi in future years.

        The mob mentality at work, screaming obscenities et al at the young man who refused to wear a mask on the plane.
        A mob mentality that ex-husbands and wives can get sucked into, or even initiate, denouncing people they once professed to love.

        Incidentally, this bit made the national news BUT of course they minimze the abject agressive behavior of the hive mentality passengers and CUT the part where someone shoves the rebellious but otherwise peaceful passenger being disembarked from the plane.

    • thepalefox says:

      @Philada, I have seen my partner begin to realise there is more to the world than what the man on the telly says. What seems to work best in our relationship is for me to share one undisputed fact and leave it there. She can then mull that over in terms of the bigger picture and it starts to allow light into other areas. A recent example is sharing with her that in the UK Gov’s own published document regarding the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ it states that “it is unknown if the treatment has any effect on fertility”. This is a simple fact from the mouth of the horse. Of course, that info is not shared on MSM but as a parent of a daughter, it’s something that makes you stop and begin to question especially when (in this case) you judge those unknown and potentially permanent risks against a 99.9% survival rate of the apparent threat. Thereafter once you realise you are not being given the full picture you become more open to questioning other areas of the situation.

      Open the door a chink and you are halfway there.

      So I would suggest small seeds of fact and leave them to germinate. Be open to then discuss in a calm and factual manner. Even I know I can get distracted by headlines and so it is crucial to have someone you trust to question things and deconstruct info together to stay on the true path. It took me years to start allowing in reality that went against my programming (eg I just accepted climate change and vaccines as absolute truth based on what was being put in front of me). So as much as I want to now scream from the steeples that there is another valid side to these things I have to acknowledge cognitive dissonance is one of the strongest obstacles to truth.

      Good luck and remember:
      Truth does not fear investigation.
      My love for the truth outweighs my fear of offending you.

    • MinistryOfFumble says:

      Hi Philada

      I have always had some interest in these things on a low level but have been one of the sleepy heads that has properly woken up during this to my eternal shame. I hadn’t heard of James and the Gates Docs sealed the deal for me.

      Whilst initially I was silent on the matter, I am challenging colleagues and friends now as when they know you are a sane, educated and level headed human being who is questioning these things – I do think it makes them stop – if only for a nanosecond and think “Well actually they may have a point” – that is good enough for me.

      It is hard in a relationship anyway – but I would ask how much that relationship is really worth if your partner feels that way. Many people I speak to are in such deep denial – I too would watch a video years ago and go back to sleep again. If it really comes to a head ask him why he is angry? You may be surprised by the answer. I think many people do not want to see what is in front of them.

      We are being confronted with reality and they will have to face this sooner or later. You won’t be able to shake him in any way – but if he sees you continue to argue points – he may come round. I asked my partner to watch the Gates Doc last May. He had no idea – as here in the UK – Gates doesn’t get as much airtime on MSM as in the States- and that was enough for him to them see everything else – because the cognitive dissonance is real. I’m sick of people saying “I don’t understand why INSERT GOV HERE is doing this!” PLease.

      Just know you aren’t alone. I feel this is the best place to be – where people think rigorously about issues and evidence is cited. That is also safer when referencing things to ppl.

      Best of luck.

  2. Philada says:

    James, what is the music at the end of Episode 17, it is so beautiful. Thank you.

    • Control Savvy says:

      I thought I would help out and see if I could recognize the tune. But first I had to listen to the Podcast and was reminded that Corbett has been amazingly consistent from the beginning. Then I decided that I had heard that tune somewhere before, and tried a search through Youtube for piano/violin/cello music. I still don’t know what that tune was, but my time was not in vain, because I found this piece, which is also beautiful, and illustrates the wonder of the human spirit as well. And I know the title: River Flows in You.

      I still would like to know what the tune at the end of episode 17 was. But I refuse to obsess.

    • mkey says:

      Charlie Chaplin’s Limelight theme (original)

      All credit goes to Shazam AI.

    • rebecca.w says:

      It is a piece by Charlie Chaplin called Oh that cello. Charlie composed music for the cello and was also an amateur player

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    U.K. News – January 17, 2021

    120,000 Care Home Staff Refuse JAB / Hugo Talks
    ( 8 minutes)

    He goes through several recent articles about the jab issue.

    • manbearpig says:

      Loved this short video: the whole reverse psychology thing with Boris Johnson advocating for herd immunity and against the lockdowns in order to persuade people of the opposite positions is EXACTLY what I’ve been trying to explain to my students;

      and the same goes for Trump and Bolsonaro, of course.

      They are there to exemplify politically incorrect thought; precisely what you SHOULDN’T think.

      It may seem obvious, but truly, it doesn’t seem to have occured to them that such a manipulative phenomenon might exist.

      I suddenly felt a lot less crazy watching that video.

      The zen music was cool too.

      • phreedomphile says:

        Hello MBP. Great lesson in critical thinking for your students.

        Do you also get the feeling we’re being collectively lured to intense debate about herd immunity, new vaccines, masks, etc. while powerful undercurrents of radical transformation go largely unnoticed?

        “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.” – – – even gatekeeper Chomsky got that one right

        Corollary is Karl Rove’s infamous remark to a journalist “while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities”

        Thus, few seem to be alarmed about Privatization on Steroids. For example, here in the US, the investment vulture class is swooping in to buy water rights to the Colorado river.

        Catherine Austin Fitts pointed out cities damaged during massive protests also happen to be earmarked as Opportunity Zones which is an Executive Order tax loophole giving billionaires more opportunities to swap stock holdings for real assets. Small businesses going bankrupt and damaged store fronts translating into bargains in cities that “coincidentally” also have a Federal Reserve branch bank.

        Human Capital Markets – global trials already underway. Skinner Box market bets on human behavioral conditioning in everyday life activities. Best research on this coming from education activist Alison McDowell (wrenchinthegears dot com).


        Any idea about Human Capital Markets in France?

        • manbearpig says:

          Hey there 2PH!

          Fascinating, provocative and informative proposition that deserves at least a semblance of a thoughtful response that I promise to try to provide upon awakening in a few short hours, though I’m not at all sure to be up to the task!
          Midnight is striking and my neurons are fried…
          But it’s really great to read you again!!

          • phreedomphile says:

            Always good seeing you around, MBP. 😉
            Looking forward to your astute observations!
            Take your time. I’ll be here patiently pondering life on this beautiful blue floating insane asylum orbiting the sun. lol

            • manbearpig says:

              woah… yea… had tried to listen to Alison McDowell a couple weeks ago but she kept getting interrupted by her interviewer which ultimately made me give up and do something else, even though it was clear she’d synthesized a LOT of what Mr Corbett’s been dissecting, my own preoccupations and of what I’ve been treating in my “English classes” and a lot more besides!

              Her story gives whole new meaning to the adage: “the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world!”

              This morning happenstance had me come upon a really really awesome interview on a site I was completely unaware of called The Higherside Chats, really like the interviewer who made some really astute observations himself at the end of the interview:


              Yea, sure, I can try to describe how the notion of Human Capital Markets is being implemented in France, lots to say there, and I might add that for the moment I’m a decided beneficiary of that system (as a peanuts-earning slave hamster), as English classes are considered a means of “personal improvement”, but as the proverbial hamsterwheel awaits me, I’ll just say for now

              never thought I’d be promoting THC but I’m really glad I disovered The Higherside Chats website and even more importantly, of course,

              Thanks so much for redirecting my attention towards Alison McDowell! I’ll definitely be formulating my perceptions of the world in terms of human capital, social impact bonds, data commodities etc…

              Bon voyage pondering life on this beautiful blue floating insane asylum orbiting the sun! (though I actually listened to an exposé on the principles of the flat-earth theory the other day which would preclude a voyage…) but that’s another can of sustainable soil-aerating worms…

              • phreedomphile says:

                Thanks, that’s a nice interview to share and I’ll check out that website too. You’re right, that long interview I shared may be a good intro but it sure takes stamina to wade through it all. Her presentations are a better use of time for the those of us already in the rabbit hole. Once you get the big picture it’s a matter of learning the names. At the moment, my memory banks are over-filled up with covid science.

                I hope Jupiter allows France out of lockdown jail by early spring. Bonne chance, mon amie, et prends soin de toi.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          phreedomphile says:
          Do you also get the feeling we’re being collectively lured to intense debate about herd immunity, new vaccines, masks, etc. while powerful undercurrents of radical transformation go largely unnoticed?

          I think that you hit on something.

          Here is one rapidly advancing transformation without “broad public discourse / debate”.

          Notice the timestamp of the following Corbett Report episode which I listened to today.
          Corbett • 12/09/2019
          Interview 1500 – Marc Morano Debunks a Decade of Climategate Lies

          This is a giant pillar in “The Great Reset” and allocations of massive capital. Yet, there is almost no debate about climate change in the mainstream. Rather, Wall Street is on fire with (ESG) Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance talk. Incredible sums are headed into this area.

          • phreedomphile says:

            Yes indeed, HomeRemedySupply. Hardly a peep about climate change. Do you follow Jim Lee’s work on Climateviewer? He let all of the weather modification cats out of the bag. Tim Ball’s win was an incredible David slaying Goliath level victory. Lots of other smart and brave souls leading the way, including our host James Corbett. Were TPTB losing the plot?

            I collected and shared many telling quotes from prominent officials admitting climate change as the Trojan horse for a new global system. With such bold admissions, I’m not entirely surprised this pillar for the Great Reset is being largely media sidelined in the nuts of bolts of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) planning.

            Appears to me the new system’s current hyperfocus for 4IR is health, education, and job performance. Health is easy to expand to many behavior monitoring parameters such as diet, movement, social interaction, endless treatments and testing, etc.

            This also ties into James’ predictions about the gamification of society. It begins to resemble an old Star Trek episode where three disembodied brains were constantly making bets on a slave class that wore punishment collars. It’s a perfect match given psychopaths are strongly attracted to gaming for motivation given they lack emotional bonding.

            Skillfully shining the light on HCMs for the 4IR could possibly create tremendous friction. The poor are the first targets and, imho, that’s a form of exploitation and slavery that will be hard for even left-leaning intelligentsia sleepwalkers to doublethink away.


        • robert.t says:

          “…strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion…”

          I was thinking of this only today.

          Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were mentioned a lot in alternate media. There were also many references to disposable celebs and politicians but far fewer references to a much richer and more powerful figure in Ohio. That figure, the funder of the whole operation, is clearly not so disposable.

          The same characters were mentioned and the same connections made less loudly in the mainstream media…without reference to that much richer and more powerful figure, the one who should be at the centre of the story. You know, the story about how the world runs on blackmail.

          It’s the opposite strategy to those lift-the-lid movies where the loose cannon agent finally saves the day when his superiors go to the dark side. You get to keep your faith in the system while indulging your inner skeptic. In the case of Epstein/Maxwell/Wexner, the guy at the top has been deceived and let down by subordinates.

          And yes, while most have been screeching about legs on George Floyd’s neck or on Nancy Pelosi’s desk, history’s greatest bargain hunt has been underway. (No doubt that very guy in Ohio is sniffing for some Great Reset opportunities.)

          • phreedomphile says:

            Great wrap up! Yep, Epstein poster boy for many things but especially as a distraction. Gates too. Certainly a nasty megalomaniac but the cartoonish nature of what we’re being fed compares with what some in alt were feeding us on a daily basis involving Soros. Lightening rod characters. Meanwhile, Omidyar who is equally in the thick of the transformation, was (or still is?) getting a free pass with his Intercept slow IV drip propaganda machine. Yet he has been funding major projects for our global enslavement.

            Can you imagine what George Carlin would be saying now?

        • Libertydan says:

          I saw an Interview with Catherine Austin Fitts posted in my News Letter where she talked about these BLM Protests with Riots and Building fires being linked to 34 of the 37 Branches of the Federal Reserve. This Interview was the only place I had seen anyone link the Riots with the Federal Reserve, and this got me thinking as to why neither the Police or the Fire Departments responded to these Fires which lead to looting and the like.
          Indeed, it would appear that the Jew Bankers wanted these areas to burn. Contrast the lack of concern for Businesses Burning in these Opportunity Zones with the 20 thousand plus troops put in D.C. after a small amount a vandalism there, and I think most people should be able to see a government gone bad.

          • phreedomphile says:

            Funny thing is, Libertydan, I wasn’t at all surprised when I noticed CAF connect those dots first on her Twitter feed. I had read about O. Zones in Patrick Wood’s book and imagined that Executive Order was likely part of an aggressive project with a convenient crisis waiting in the wings. Voila!

    • mik says:

      thousands refusing a jab, what a wonderful news.

      I’m kind of puzzled why Hugo didn’t calculate USR for a jab,
      Undeniable Survival Rate and it’s 99,931%.

      Your chance to survive the bug, according to CDC, is 99,98% if you are between 20-49 years old and 99,5% for ages 50-69.

      I know, it’s a bit apples and oranges, still there is some meaning in these numbers, unless you are brain-dead or dark-side believer.

  4. Bova says:

    Thanks James for speaking truth! Looking forward to future articles.

  5. napaj says:

    It would be nice if Q was right, & President Trump is part of an elaborate sting operation. Arrests of elite criminals would start rolling in this month, the US would refuse to participate in the global currency re-set. I’m still holding out!

  6. rob.h says:

    I think, at the very least, we learn how to get our hands on some “real” passports and pass them around. Could be a profitable market and a good test for decentralized solutions.

  7. terence.s says:

    How can we stop these gangsters from taking over, I am not having this poison vaccine.
    I am quite surprised on Putin stance on this, he has family?

  8. southamerica says:

    The graph shows Mexico as having ordered the Russian vaccine which is indeed what we were initially told here around November. But that seems to have fallen by the wayside (with no coverage given as to why) and people are now eagerly anticipating the Astro-Zeneca rollout.
    Which leads me to believe, along with the halting and fake investigating of vax delivery, that something else is going on. I’d love to believe they’ve hit a glitch and realize this tyranny isn’t going to work but I can’t believe it, based on the eager sheep and white feather delivery bots everywhere in my town.

    Another hard to reconcile snippet is that the WHO now admits the PCR delivers false positives – in the week when first Kanada, then the USSA, now the UNUnited Kingdom initiate demands for test proof on entry.
    When countries don’t even recognize foreign doctor credentials – hard to see they’ll accept vax certs. Is this all an excuse to lock down borders and keep us locked in place while they rollout smart everything?

    I thought JC might go deeper than repeat stuff we’ve been hearing for weeks and a lot is a repeat of what Whitney Webb posted a few days ago.

    • James:
      You see, the WHO has just “discovered” that RT-PCR tests with a high cycle threshold may be giving false positives, so we are likely to see new guidance for 2021
      Another hard to reconcile snippet is that the WHO now admits the PCR delivers false positives – in the week when first Kanada, then the USSA, now the UNUnited Kingdom initiate demands for test proof on entry.

      I think it’s important to get the timing of these things straight.

      The WHO made their PCR ‘admission’ about false positives on Dec 14, 2020 (more than a month ago).
      Kanada started their requirement for PCR tests to enter the country on Jan 7, 2021.

      As ZeroHedge notes:

      If push comes to shove and this concept of travel papers based on vaccination (immunization passports) comes to pass then it is very likely that non-Western versions will “not count” at border crossings. Although with enough time and money one can probably get any type of vaccine anywhere, for the overwhelming majority this could create a new invisible Iron Curtain – the Western Vaccines on one side with the Russian one (with other possible outlier versions) on the other.
      A new invisible Iron Curtain? Based on competing vaccinations? What does this mean? War?

      I made a post more than a month ago about possible future scenarios concerning vaccine passports.
      We know there are at least seven CV vaccines available now. There will likely be more in the coming months.

      Each country will have their favorite ‘flavor’ of vaccine and promote it.

      It’s very possible that Country A will require all visitors to have taken CV-A to enter their country and
      Country B will require all visitors to have taken CV-A or B to enter their country, and
      Country C will require all visitors to have taken CV-A or C enter their country, and
      Country D will require all visitors to have taken CV-B, C or D to enter their country, and
      Country E will require all visitors to have taken CV-C or E to enter their country, etc. etc.

      Fun times ahead for sure!

      As James lamented in a recent video, my international traveling days will likely be over for the rest of my life as well. I just don’t see TPTB relinquishing their bio-security paradigm once it’s been implemented.
      Just as the false flag 9/11-based TSA scanners/’security checks’, molestations, etc. will likely never be rescinded, we can expect the same to hold true with the plandemic-inspired bio-security measures.

  9. mkey says:

    A Sudden Change Of Heart

    Mr. Heller does a blooper reel.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Good post.
      I guess another title for the article could be…
      Media and Politicians who were lying all along, now admit it, but know that you are too stupid to see it

  10. Fact Checker says:

    Down-to-the-Details Predictive Programming:

    1979’s The Hamburg Syndrome.

    Hysteria-driven vaccines used to control/cull the population. The masked demonstration scene is just…uncanny.

    There are a bunch of clones on bit chute of this 9-minute highlight reel. Here’s one at random:

    I will leave it at that. It speaks for itself. (It was brought to my attention by Dave Cullen, but I actually disagreed with a couple points in his analysis. I think the clips speak for themselves.)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      “The Hamburg Syndrome from 1979
      This is exactly what is happening now and what IS COMING SOON.

      A great post from the channel MORGAINE. This was obviously an attempt to tell us what was going to happen and what it would be like. The setting is Germany (I kid you not) and is a perfect example of what we have going on right now. It is under 10 mins. long. You will be shocked at the parallels. I am sure people watched this in 1979 and said “no way” or “fiction” or I cannot believe people would be like that. Well guess what…it’s here. Its now.

      • manbearpig says:

        Holy Currywurst Batman!

        The Hamburg Syndrome… how provocative… and eerie…

      • Heinrich says:

        Klaus: “und you zay ve Germans huf no zense auf humour? Prick oder treat du dumkopfs. hahahah”

      • CantBelieveEverythingIHear says:

        @HomeRemedySupply: The mentality in that video is SO scary, especially the concepts (I”m paraphrasing here), “we don’t need to know what’s going on in order to come up with an action in response to it” and “you can’t prove you’re healthy so you’ll have to take this vaccine”. Then, it becomes sinister when filtered through today’s lens. And add in “feelings & passions have killed more people than the plague”.

    • studiotwoseven says:



  11. zyxzevn says:

    Good overview of Covid by Dr Simone Gold

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks for this!
      (The video quality is nice.)

      Dr. Simone Gold – The truth about the CV19 vaccine – 56:09
      America’s Frontline Doctors – www

  12. mkey says:

    Hospitals Offering Financial Incentives to Staff Refusing the Experimental COVID Vaccines to Get More Vaccinated

    And this Pennsylvania nursing home is offering a straight-up bribe of $750 for its employees to get the vaccine – paid for with federal CARES Act money.

    Must be going on everywhere – why would a nursing home in PA and a hospital in TX be the only places?

  13. scpat says:

    Fitting paragraph heading, The Needle and the Damage Done. Neil Young is one of my favorite musicians. In one live version of that song, prior to singing it, he says, “a lot of great artists get affected by that (heroin addiction). A lot of great art goes down the drain.” Corbett writing about the erosion of bodily autonomy (via drugs/biotechnology) and ultimately the destruction of our humanness is a great parallel to what drug addiction, and especially heroin addiction will do to somebody. They lose their humanness and eventually whither away.

  14. scpat says:

    The ‘Corbeteers’ Freedom Cell group is exploding! I hadn’t logged in to the FC site for about a week and just checked back in today and there are now several hundred members. This is awesome to see.

  15. flammable says:

    It is said that you cannot reason a person out of a position they never reason themselves into to begin with. That is why I have employed a new strategy to relate to those stuck believing the mainstream narrative. Of course I will share as much information that I can but for those who snap at me or ignore me I have temporarily stop the sharing of evidence and sources. Instead I engage them but do everything I can to ignore or spin the conversation whenever they bring up the Covid, masks, vaccines, distancing, lockdowns.

    Just like censorship and silence was done upon me, I do the same thing back to their narrative. If they mention someone dying of Covid-19 I treat it as a tragic and common death. Lockdowns I regard as fear of going outside. Masks are merely to not get fined or get a business fined. Social distancing I treat as people avoiding each other due to them disliking each other. Someone would probably inform me that distancing is to avoid getting sick. I would respond to that saying, “that is so mean and disrespectful.”

    • mkey says:

      You should probably throw in a random accusation of them being racist, sexist, homophobic and/or xenophobic. Just cover them in a blanket of bullshit. Also referring to sources that don’t exist while implaying things represented therein are common knowledge and they should google it.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Thanks mkey. I’m gonna practice that.
        Maybe I can get a job as a mainstream reporter, or better yet…
        …I could become a career politician and make the big bucks while making up arbitrary silly rules for others…then laughing as they comply…What fun!
        I’ll use Matt Hancock as my mentor in politics.

      • gauntlet33 says:

        Love it! Treat the masker as the one with the problem for being such a hater! 🙂

  16. scpat says:

    The last paragraph of the Recommended Reading “America’s Biggest Owner Of Farmland Is Now Bill Gates”, sent shivers down my spine.

    “While Gates may be the country’s biggest farmland owner, he by no means is the largest individual landowner. In its list of 100 top American landowners, The Land Report gives the top spot to Liberty Media Chair John Malone, who owns 2.2 million acres of ranches and forests. CNN founder Ted Turner ranked number three with 2 million acres of ranch land across eight states. Even Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is investing in land on a large scale, landing the 25th spot with his ownership of 420,000 acres, mainly in west Texas.”

    Ted Turner talks about reducing the human population to 2 billion.

    And Mr. CIA contractor Jeff Bezos steadily grabbing up land.

    This is not good.

    • mkey says:

      Good job. Now what is left is to prove a connection between any of those deaths with whatever is this thing that is refered to as “covid”.

      But good job, for sure. My failed state does not even try to publish current data, and what is published is less than detailed.

      • semper_fi says:

        Thank you, mkey.

        When one factors out the deaths caused by ventilators (as directed by covid protocols instated by the who), the deaths caused by the lack of access to treatments and procedures for other health conditions e.g. cancer, heart disease, etc., the skyrocketing suicide rates, and the number of people who died from FEAR, which no one really talks about, one starts to see the real picture.

        I’ve had work colleagues go cold on me, though all I did was plot the official data. It is starting to dawn on me that large numbers of people desire the manufactured fear to dominate their lives!

        Please share to spread the word.

  17. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Mr. Corbett,
    – Wrong ARTICLE LINK embedded –

    On the sentence:
    — After all, as the scientific head of President Trump’s military-run Warp Speed project to inject every American has openly admitted, “Vaccine isn’t the objective; the objective is vaccination.” —

    You accidently had the “paste” function freeze to the wrong link.

    I caught it the other day, but the light optics to my brain cells didn’t click on until now. 😉

  18. venus says:


    Love your work James. These are indeed very interesting times and communities like this are very essential. Thanks !

  19. cstrouss1 says:

    One argument for group 1… Several of the worst Democratic Lockdown governors in the USA are now reversing course, and saying we can’t stay locked down forever, so it is time to reopen.

    Certainly there are complex globalist forces at play, but in the USA, this definitely got very mixed up in DR politics, with the R’s generally staking out the position that the virus is manageable and society must reopen (with masks and other bs) and the D’s saying, the virus is so horrible that we must allow cheater votes.

    But now that the D’s used the virus as a campaign plank — Trump murdered all those people! — they have much less motivation to kill their own economies.

  20. ralfd says:

    Me, I am a retired banker in The Netherlands and a freshman politician. Feel a bit ashamed. I have been enjoying CR for years, on and off, not following it closely all the time but nevertheless. And never thought of becoming a member. Never donated either. Just did not bother.
    OK, changed that yesterday. The Covid nonsense did it to me. Amazing how accurate and to the point the many scary analyses and predictions of James Corbett have been over the years.
    Glad to be here amongst like-minded people.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Glad you are here.
      Can I get a loan?
      The Wellington Wimpy type of loan from the Popeye series.

      Just joking…Look forward to more comments from you.
      By the way, there are other folks here from The Netherlands.

  21. MortimerDuke says:

    Just joined and happy to be here.
    I really cant figure out what these lunitics hope to gain dont they have everything they desire at their fingertips? I cant figure it out.
    Its like everyone is under a spell from the BS19 . I heard someone actully whine ,after 11 month of this.. “i just want this to be over already” holy crap! Really! I thought… gee if i only had an ax i could be her hero.. anyway thankyou James for all the work you do. Ive followed you for years now and have received a great deal of knowledge for doing so….Covid is the lie they hide behind.

  22. MEFF says:

    Hi, I share with you this study where it says by the Virology Journal that HCQ is good for virus. I think Fauci forgot about this when he was boss of this institution that manages this journal.

  23. UKJC says:

    Hi all, best wishes from the UK. Lovely to see the friendly responses to @Philada above. I liked the River Flows in You piece a lot.

    My Brother in Law is gradually succumbing to reasoned debate. He rebutted my LBRY post by Vanessa Beeley here – (orignal now blocked) with what turns out to be ironically posted also by VB this – a deep dive into the recklessness of the Pfizer vaccine.

    I’ll try not to rub his nose in it 🙂

    While we’re on the subject of mRNA vaccine concerns – also of interest.


  24. The year is 2031 and the ‘War on Bio-terrorism’ has been in full swing now for a decade.

    Coughing or sneezing in public is forbidden.
    Anyone who violates this dictate has their social credit account debited for the penalty that has been assigned locally.

    Everything is automated and requires no outside intervention for enforcement.

    Internal body sensors pick up the cough/sneeze, your geo-location, proximity to others, and calculate the penalty. A report is generated and you are notified about the penalty within seconds of your violation.

    Appeals are not possible.

  25. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Five Stars *****

    ‘The New Normal’ Documentary by
    (53:12 minutes)

    Covers “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”, “The Great Reset”, Technocracy and so much more.

    Links to the filmmakers’ website and also for download of the video provided in the show notes of the Bitchute link.

    • UKJC says:

      But of course now memory holed on GooTube.

      Assume everyone has now listened to the BlueAnon BS from Clinton & Pelosi –

      Lest we forget:

      On collusion:

      On Russian interference:

      On the Senate Report, which people pretended vindicated the claims surrounding both:

      Interview with Luke Harding —

  26. CantBelieveEverythingIHear says:

    What are “the Five Eyes states”? And is there anywhere that I can go to read more on whatever this is?

  27. Joseph says:

    Yes, I agree with you, it is already war and the answer is 4 or 5, it all depends on the people. This goes very deep, one of the end goals could be never-ending slavery through health issues. For that, they need to destroy the immune system with vaccines. By booster shots they re-program the DNS while making everyone a vaccine dependent. In order to make it self-sustainable they will need the “virus” to be present constantly, which is actually manufactured by the body of the vaccinated from the “command” smuggled in by the mRNA vaccines. Not the vaccine is the problem, the problem actually is the intention behind it.

    So, the vaccines are the virus and they have no intention whatsoever to end the plandemic. If you follow the money, those who profit from it are basically the core of the problem, who are basically the club members of the central bank cartel. The whole petro-dollar system is collapsing onto their head, and as their plan in the meantime got revealed, they have no other option than to rush their agenda on full force.

    So, it will be 4 unless people put an end to the very core of the problem.

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