Disobey: Drawing Your Line in the Sand

10/26/2020153 Comments


We are living in world-historic times, and, like it or not, the choices that we make over the next few years will have profound implications for the future of the human species.

Whether or not to wear the mask. Whether or not to take the vaccine. Whether or not to get the health app. Whether or not to fill out the digital visitor card. Whether or not to take the chip.


Perhaps the most insidious thing that the would-be rulers of society have ever done is to convince the public that there's no choice to be made. That in each and every instance, you HAVE to do x, y or z.

But this is a lie. These are choices we are making each and every day. They have always been choices.

Now, don't get me wrong: choices have consequences. There's nothing to say you won't suffer for making the "wrong" choices in the coming years. In fact, the severity of the consequences we face for making day-to-day choices is about to escalate greatly. "No jab, no job" quickly becomes "no vax, no travel" and, inevitably, "no injectable 5G luciferase microchip, no access to the market." Only those who are deliberately deluding themselves fail to see the reality by this point.

But, nonetheless, we make a choice each and every day to either comply with what we know is wrong or to refuse to go along with the charade. But we have a weapon at our disposal. A secret weapon that has been used throughout the centuries to bring down the dictators.

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  1. padraig says:

    fuck the fraud. music on a sunday? whacky times.


    • nexangelus says:

      Nice one padraig!

      I see Ian Brown’s Twitter is no more, wonder if he deleted it or it has been totally censored?

      My lines have been drawn in the sand, since I was quite young. Growing up in Africa and seeing the corruption and the broken system well out in the open, my eyes were opened to how the powers that be all actually work.

      I have not vaccinated my children, I do not wear a mask, I do not distance myself from people (although I do not deliberately encroach on personal space either) I speak openly about what I feel about these restrictions affecting the most vulnerable in society the most. I speak openly about why I choose not to vaccinate. My 81 year old father does not have the flu vaccine they try to encourage him to have every year, he has emphysema. He also has been meeting with his elderly friends and doing what they normally do. My friends and I all meet up and do the things we normally do. I am meeting more and more people who feel the same way I do and some of them have surprised me.

      I am not fully prepared for the worst case scenario if it happened suddenly, but I am resourceful and know like minded folk who could and would all team up and support each other. I am confident that all the small cells/groups of people against this shizzle will be able to survive this psychological warfare which could turn physical and very nasty in the not too distant future because human being turns against human being cos survival….

    • Jed says:


  2. mkey says:

    ‘Syndemic’ COVID-20 needs ‘Social Vaccine’ as global food shortage begins

    As countries are furiously stocking food in anticipation of global food shortages, ‘experts’ are now calling COVID-19 a Syndemic “COVID-20,” requiring a ‘social vaccine’ comprising Universal Basic Income & nutrition, free education, huge dietary changes. The technocrats will stop at nothing, including engineered food shortages, to push their Great Reset into global communism and transhumanism. Christian breaks it down.

  3. biek says:

    When any gov’t spokesperson issues a decree relating to Covid measures and it appears on YouTube with comments enabled, the comments are almost without exception hostile. 🙂

    I feel a bit sick though, very dismayed – have known about nonviolence and passive resistance for most of my life, but the organisations of the Peace Movement I have discovered to have either been usurped by the spook agencies or they were started by the spooks in the first place.

    Am now a pensioner and dependent on my pension/(aka welfare – pensions are officially welfare now).

    So there is no cosy affinity group, and every action that I take, I take on my own. That others will see fit to act with me going on my example, is unknown.

    Thanks for the references for further reading.

  4. biek says:

    When any gov’t spokesperson issues a decree relating to Covid measures and it appears on YouTube with comments enabled, the comments are almost without exception hostile. 🙂

    I feel a bit sick though, very didmayed – have known about nonviolence and passive resistance for most of my life, but the organisations of the Peace Movement I have discovered to have either been usurped by the spook agencies or they were started by the spooks in the first place.

    Am now a pensioner and dependent on my pension/(aka welfare – pensions are officially welfare now).

    So there is no cosy affinity group, and every action that I take, I take on my own. That others will see fit to act with me going on my example, is unknown.

    • beaconterraone says:

      One of “Western civilization’s” greatest writers, even philosophers, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, never advocated “peaceful resistance” to evil:

      “At what exact point, then, should one resist? When one’s belt is taken away? When one is ordered to face into a corner? When one crosses the threshold of one’s home?…”

      “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?…The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!”

      — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956, p. 13 and footnote 5.

  5. Jack_King says:

    Thank you James.

    The decision to stop looking for a smoking gun, for trying to help others see the things for what they truly are.
    The decision to accept there will probably not be a manifestation of public resistance to stop what has been set into motion.
    The decision to actually put the information that I have obtained and put it to good use.
    These decisions should have been made months ago!

    The time has come to put the peddle to the metal and relocate what is in my head to paper, to start making an intelligent assessment on possible scenarios, from this a decision tree and by doing so, hopefully partially undoing myself from the uncertainties, frustrations and concerns that are truly health-undermining to say the least.

    Again thanks, for triggering me.

  6. mkey says:

    Honest Government Ad | Q

    Quality satire. No offense meant or implied toward any Q people in the audience.

  7. scpat says:

    As James points out by the articles he hyperlinked to, it’s not that vaccines may be mandatory, you just won’t be able to participate in much of society within the pale. You will be a minority “outcast” of society. But overall, I think even at the severe inconvenience, among other things this will cost, your spirit will be full of life knowing you have not gone against your true intuition. This will be the greatest reward.

    No jab, no job: Businesses call for right to sack workers who refuse COVID vaccine


    The jab won’t be mandatory, however, Health Minister Greg Hunt told Sunrise that the government “have absolutely kept on the table concepts such as no jab no pay, no jab no play.”

    • scpat says:


      Coronavirus Australia: Deputy CMO Nick Coatsworth reveals possible restrictions for refusing vaccine


      Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Dr Coatsworth said rules like ‘No jab no pay’, which would restrict government payments, could be brought in to ensure more Australians are immunised against the coronavirus.

      He mentioned regulations around international and interstate travel, and even moving within the community, would need to be reviewed.

      Australian pubs and restaurants could also refuse entry to people who refuse to get vaccinated.

      … Dr Coatsworth said other possible measures would need to be discussed and decided by the government. But he listed as possible measures:
      • Not being able to go into restaurants
      • Not being able to travel internationally
      • Not being able to catch public transport
      Dr Coatsworth also flagged the idea of “a yellow fever vaccination certificate” he described like what they had in the “olden days”.

      … Dr. Zac Turner, a medical practitioner and biomedical scientist with experience in humanitarian vaccine aid, told news.com.au,…“No longer can we nurse the conspiracy theories of a few, and put us all at risk.”

      • ben7 says:

        Perhaps we could begin to share the idea of being “naturalists” (oh hang on that means nudists I think) or purists or Human 1.0…something that defines and connects all of us that don’t want vaccines/transhuman tech upgrades, that prioritise human freedom and health. You know, like make it cool for the kids to trust and believe in our innate or latent abilities for achieving more health and well-being than ever before without the help of Uncle Bill or his psychopathetic mates..

    • mkey says:

      There are bound to be perks. No jab, no pay, no taxes. This could work out wonderfully for whomever was so inclined.

      • scpat says:

        What do you mean by this? That you don’t have to pay taxes if you refuse the vaccines?

        • mkey says:

          Well, if you are refused service, why would you have to pay for it? Fair is fair.

          • scpat says:

            Of course that makes perfect sense, but the government does not see it that way. Me telling the government that I never signed any agreement to have my money taken from me in the first place never stopped them from demanding it.

            • mkey says:

              But you are not generally being denied service, are you? There are two sides to every “contract” and if you are not allowed to use the service that sets some unwelcome precedents.

              Not to mention that, if this is carried out strictly and efficiently, one will be forced into the black market anyhow. Depending on how many would accept such a challenge, that could prove to be quite a boon.

              • scpat says:

                Not to mention that, if this is carried out strictly and efficiently, one will be forced into the black market anyhow. Depending on how many would accept such a challenge, that could prove to be quite a boon.

                I’m with you 100% on this. This could be a very good thing. And no doubt will open up more opportunities than there are now to participate in black and grey markets, which will then make it easier for more and more people to leave the system if they choose to.

              • ledhead1789 says:

                mkey, I agree and this is what gives me the most hope. That the vaccine will be an inflection point for people to extricate themselves from the system and start truly building the counter-economic gray and black markets we need. Because they can’t, although they’ll try, to have it both ways – i.e. refuse service and yet still require you to pay…

    • beaconterraone says:

      If refusal exceeds 10%, I guarantee “the authorities” will take active measures against us, “criminal penalties” and “re-education.” If only a few percent, they’ll “deal with” us in the “it’s voluntary” manner.

  8. scpat says:

    I think this speech by David Ike is worth a listen. He nails the point about “the power of no”, which is how Corbett essentially puts it as well.


  9. rob.h says:

    Hi James, I think you are a success not a failure, no matter what happens. The success is to find and present the information people are looking for and have it backed up with facts and truth. After that, it is out of your control. Society is a mass of individuals coming together, like a song of many voices. 15 years ago, we didn’t even have a place to go for clear thoughts and truth, now we do. Keep up the good fight, society will find a way. Already – there is bitchute and cryptos (though you need to know which are good and which are bad).. Brave browser and more. You are doing a great job, very successful! Eventually we will have our freedom moment as more and more people change how they do things and walk away from the tyranny. I just ask people questions they can’t answer..How long will you wear your mask? How long will you stay locked down? Why are flu death down 90%? I think it is clear to the awake. Just walk away and the castle will fall. #walkaway

    • beaconterraone says:

      “One man with the truth outweighs the whole world.”

      James Corbett has fulfilled his mission. He can no longer fail. But I definitely salute him for continuing on until the end.

  10. scpat says:

    From article:
    Even if our critics are right that this, our most powerful weapon, will be ineffective against the dictators, they are wrong to imply that our acts of non-compliance are meaningless or wasted. At the end of our life, we will each have to come to our own reckoning. In the scales, we will have to weigh our actions, our decisions and our choices. Did we resist evil? Or did we lay down before it in the hopes that it would leave us alone for a short while longer? That choice—the choice to stand up for what is good or to lie down and comply with evil—is what matters in the final reckoning.

    Mighty are those who will be able to face their final day with these words upon their lips:

    “No, I will not comply. No, I will not do as I am told. No, I will not stop what I am doing.”

    My comment:
    Why do we need to wait until the end of our lives, our “final day”, to come to our own final reckoning? Why would there be a reckoning, anyway? What would be the point of that, to review your life and evaluate it? It’s already in the past, gone forever, irrelevant. What is that going to achieve? At that point, you are about to die anyway, so why would it matter to think back and review the decisions you’ve made in life? James, you are sounding a bit religious speaking of final reckonings. Sounds a lot like an inevitable judgement of God, or something. That would be ironic since you were mocking religion at Anarchapulco.

    • mkey says:

      I believe the implication here is that one will not go out with words that have been left unspoken and not lived by. Cowards will die as cowards.

      Further, to refer to spirituality, hardly equates invoking religion, does it? The two only briefly cross their paths. Behind religion there is organization and control, while spirituality caters to our sense of being and allows for cocreative life experience. We could refer to this as a overshadowing intelligence, god, spirit or quantum entanglement, but whatever it is it’s not religion.

      • scpat says:

        Absolutely, spirituality and religion are completely different. Religion is the institutionalization of spirituality, the bastardization of spirituality and the essence of life, the unspeakable, unknowable intelligence that we are all made up of like you refer to.

        But in spirituality as I experience it, there is no final judgement. However, final judgment and reckoning is is the distinguishable language of the Bible and referred to countless times in western religion. There is no hiding from the all-knowing, big daddy, strict father figure who will damn you to hell if he wishes. This was the feeling I got from James’ words, and I think that idea is nonsense. Who is being judged anyway? Our ego consciousness that most of us think we are? I’m sure other people would interpret final judgments in other ways, but that’s what I felt from it.

        • cu.h.j says:

          My interpretation of what he wrote was that we will judge ourselves based on the choices we make. Eventually, we will get to the end of our lives and review the things we have done and the choices we made and it’s comforting to have as few regrets as possible.

          I know when I have done things that go against my moral code, I feel terrible like my consciousness has been narrowed. I don’t know if this is “god” or “human spirit” or “soul” but it is visceral for me. I feel it. It affects me.

          If I comply with a fake crisis and tyranny and others follow my lead, I would feel that I have harmed not only myself but others. This is how I was raised. My mother once told me “the thief steals honor from himself”.

          My line in the sand is the vaccine and mask outside and I am going to try to come up with a list of things I would like to stop supporting economically, like Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft.

          It would be helpful if someone could come up with a complete list of these corporations that we need to starve out of existence to stop this nightmare.

          This has been a nightmare for me, not in a physical way but psychological and spiritual. It’s like a bad trip that I can’t come down from as if someone punched me in the stomach over and over again. I feel like a captive.

          • scpat says:

            I haven’t vetted the information in these graphics, but they show what we are up against. Almost all major online/television/radio media you come across, almost anything you find in the grocery store or any other store comes from one of a handful of corporations:


            “Food”, clothing, common home essentials:

          • Magmon says:

            Good reflection, and much truth in your words! Your Mum’s words are gold and timeless truth!
            I feel like yourself, I also practice being true to what I know to be right, and point out what I know to be wrong, to the best of my ability.
            Be well, be Love 🌈🗿🌟

          • mik says:

            “It would be helpful if someone could come up with a complete list of these corporations that we need to starve out of existence to stop this nightmare”

            I think it’s not the answer you expected, but it’s the right one, no doubt.

            I just wonder who are the owners. Although a company can be owned by another company, at the end, it is always, it has to be, a physical person.
            With today technology it is possible to find out, but they don’t want to be known.
            We should demand this.

          • mik says:


            God is dead, we killed him, said Nietzsche.
            And then came spirituality.

            Certainly I don’t want to defend religion let alone organized religion, but with disappearance of religion we as society lost outside reference point, God is something absolute, unquestionable. Now we are self-referencing, we define ourselves, and that is very tricky and dimly. We have individualized path towards God would probably agree spiritually inclined.

            The problem is, every religion has a set of beliefs amalgamated with a set of values and the latter also went down the drain.
            How to define nowadays a set of values that won’t be relativised by someone? How to define a set of absolute values?
            There will always be a skeptic, in worst case looking for a proof (you know, scientific method), but there is no way of proving this.
            Values are about intuition and at the end/beginning about belief.

            Also, religions are about long run, eternity, the opposite of our times.

            “Lets get together tonight.”
            “Ok, but ring me before, just in case”

            • scpat says:

              At least in the West, the “Kingdom of God”, heaven, represents permanence after we die–everlasting peace. And people desire that. They want to hold on to that forever. However, nothing in this life is permanent and it is because we constantly strive for permanence that we constantly suffer. We are grasping at something that always slips away from us. And the desire to live blissfully in heaven is just an extension of that mindset. We want permanence, but this time after we die. Therefore, I don’t think peace can be found through the belief of a religion. It will always leave you wanting more, never satisfied.

              In regards to religion making people more virtuous (i.e. good values): is it really genuine virtue if you are doing good deeds, or trying to be a “good” person because you think that’s what a good religious person should do? I think that would be inauthentic.

              Of course I don’t want to paint with too broad a brush, or say that every religious person is like this, but it seems that even the “good” products of religion, such as “good” values, are phony most times. They are phony because those who employ them are doing so not because that’s who they genuinely are as a person, but because they act as a means of attaining something else, whether that is heaven or the appearance of virtue among their peers.

              • mik says:

                Let me start with excerpt from Hiroyuki Hamada’s article:

                “As we are born into the social order, where those ideas are reinforced and physically manifest as social framework, we internalize those ideas, we become a part of the social mechanism and the ideas become “reality”.
                But strictly speaking this “reality” is somewhat different from what is inherently real in a material sense. What we perceive as “reality” is our interpretation of matter which has been shaped by the imperatives of the social order.”

                I think you are thinking anchored in current paradigm, describing how things currently are, more or less. What we definitely know about human nature is that it’s flexible and therefore we have the basis for thinking how things could be and, if we are bold enough, how things ought to be.
                Different social framework would make different people. Sure, many, probably most of the people are incapable and/or uninterested in social matters and would follow new “rules” in a ritualistic manner, without understanding, unconsciously. That’s, I think, reality in a materialistic way. I don’t expect most of the people will achieve mindfulness in a real meaning of the word, not depraved new-age meaning.

                I have a feeling your reply exudes nowadays lack of values, I don’t mean you personally don’t have values. Interesting, you put good in quotation marks, three times, man.
                What do say, should we put goodness as fundamental value?

            • scpat says:

              My response at the bottom of the thread because we ran out of room.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      James Corbett said:
      “In the scales, we will have to weigh our actions, our decisions and our choices.”

      This can apply to the past, present or future.
      But, keynote, this is about the individual.

      Each individual has their own Code of Integrity, however nebulous it may be at times.
      And, each of us, at times, has tripped up following our own integrity.

      All in all, it boils down to ME.
      Quoting James,
      “In the scales, I will have to weigh MY actions, MY decisions and MY choices.”

      For example: I’m not gonna wait for some “Leader” to tell me to disseminate or get the word out or make a public statement by non-compliance with mask mandates. Screw that. I’m just gonna do it, and have been, every week for months.
      I am proud of my dissemination statistics.
      I feel like these dissemination actions are extremely important, and so I’m doing them on my own volition. I do it alone, not with someone else. My courage derives from me, not based on being with others as a group, or a group think. However, I do enjoy being with like-minded folks while doing activism, and I feel that group activism communicates well.
      If others want to be sofa-sitters. Fine. Not me. I’m gonna do some dissemination.

      I think James Corbett lays it out well at around the 31 minute mark.
      A Message to New “Conspiracy Theorists”

      Video starts with “chase that tail”. No, James is not telling us guys to chase women. 😉

      • mkey says:

        No, James is not telling us guys to chase women.

        That would be a very imprudent advice 😉

      • scpat says:

        Chase that tail! lol that was perfect timing. Can someone meme this please?

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          For giggles, I replayed it and replayed it. The line comes out like very assertive advice to other men. Broc West could have fun with this.

          • scpat says:

            Haha it completely does, which makes it that much funnier.

            Broc, you know what to do!!

  11. Steve Smith says:

    Thank you James. I needed a good half time pep talk.
    Like so many others, I feel like I’ve been fighting a lonely battle for years. Alienating people close to us and never being able to take those damned sunglasses off.
    Thankfully it has also caused many of us to to prepare early. Thereby making some of those choices unnecessary. Unless violence becomes rampant or police confrontations become invasive, I am confident that I can survive pretty well indefinitely. Albeit survive is not the same as living normally. So it won’t be a tea party.

    I honestly feel like I have lived a charmed life in light of how much I have gotten away with that the state says is illegal. Even now I have a crowing rooster that the city bans while pampering plants that the state disallows. I back fed my water system with water I collect. I compost “everything”. All in the same fairly small town that I have run a business in for decades. I have pushed my luck and my luck has held.
    And even though I am an anarchist. I appreciate how lucky I am to have settled down in in a state that isn’t being totally stupid…yet.

    The only thing I haven’t proven is my ability to look at someone pointing a gun at me and tell them to go jump off a bridge.
    But I am getting the feeling that I will have the opportunity to test the strength of my convictions well before I have the opportunity to taste freedom.

  12. manbearpig says:

    I’m all for people living according to their conscience; I sometimes even try to do so myself!


    But there are a few things you should know about the Bourgeois Hindu Gandhi before staking your inspiration on his model (especially if you think Black Lives Matter):

    1: He was hopelessly racist against the “kafirs” of South Africa.
    2: He spent a helluva lot of time with his omnipresent negotiator with the British Empire: none other than the daughter of the man who was both director of Navy Intelligence who’d acquired a 51% stake in the Anglo-Persian Petrol company (known today as British Petrol) during British rule of India.
    3: Attended the Inner Temple London:
    4: Gandhi felt it was very important that he personally administer enemas to teenage young women with whom he’d slept naked and who’d performed massages on him:

    “…”…According to the Pact, instead of separate electorates, the Untouchables would have reserved seats in general constituencies…Gandhi saw to it that leadership remained in the hands of the privileged castes…”

    This excerpt from “The Doctor And The Saint” by Arundhati Roy has been published with permission from Penguin Random House India.

    In 2010, she wrote an essay titled Walking with the Comrades calling the Maoists responsible for hundreds of massacres “Gandhians with guns”.

    In 2002, Roy had spent a day in jail for contempt of court. In an affidavit filed in the Supreme Court in Narmada Dam case, she had accused the apex court of endangering the freedom of speech by using the rule of contempt selectively to silence critics…”


    Gandhi’s legacy, given the spectre of controlled opposition, begs the question:
    “What is the true legacy of peaceful resistance as exemplified by Gandhi?”

    • beaconterraone says:

      Gandhi didn’t “defeat” the British. The banksters who orchestrated World War II did. Britain was exhausted by the fratricidal war, and “anti-racism”/”anti-colonialism” led to the political decision.

      NO “peaceful resistance” has ever defeated a conquering army or occupier. That’s propaganda from the System to lull the Sheeple into believing armed resistance is unnecessary. Same as how the System pushes us all to “vote.”

      • biek says:

        I hadn’t thought of the switch from colonialism to fake democracy in terms of Gandhi. Seems he might have been an agent…

        The trick has been very clever – move from colonialism which was a visible enemy, to controlled democracies where the leaders of every party are under the control of the same hidden leaders. Where there is “free trade” meaning multinationals. Where the media are controlled. Where the military are controlled. Where education is controlled. Where banking is controlled. And so on… So that there is greater control under”democracy” than there ever was under colonialism but now people no longer have a visible enemy you align against.

        This is what the roundtable set out to accomplish. So was Gandhi in the circle of helpers ? It appears so.

        • beaconterraone says:

          We’ve lived under a shadow regime for at least two centuries, with the core of that shadow “world government” regime being the banksters. Everything done by “respectable” countries and entities was directed by and/or approved of by them. Orwell was a prophet or someone otherwise privy to secrets, as he so aptly described what was then, and what has happened now. The fake “conflicts” between “the West” and “the East” (either Russia or China), all theater for the Sheeple.

          Was Gandhi part of The Problem? I don’t know. He seems to have had a character a lot less “noble” than he’s been popularly perceived as, but, he also seems to have had some noble traits not consistent with being their (willing) servant boy. Likewise with King, and the latter part accounts for his “neutralization.”

          • manbearpig says:

            I’d venture to say that his neutralization was simply to seal his martyrdom after having outlived his usefulness, as has been the case with many other assets, unwitting or otherwise.
            He was also apparently high maintenance, with his entourage adamantly attempting to dissuade him from his odd practices with young women for fear it would tarnish his credibility, as recounted first-hand in his grand-niece’s diary, as I recall. So it was probably necessary to do away with him just so he didn’t destroy his own legend with odd fetiches or by mouthing off in untoward ways.
            The director of Navy Intelligence’s daughter who was constantly by his side, especially during his trips to “negotiate” with the British government,a certain Mirabehn, stayed in India for another 11 years after his “neutralization” and then retired to Vienna where she pretty much refused to go back over her time spent with Gandhi.
            And it seems pretty obvious to me that India was better controlled remotely burnishing the illusion of an “Independent” India. We can see today how “independent” India is.

            Just to be clear, my hat’s off to those with the chutzpah for civil disobedience. But I’d simply caution not to do it basking in the illusion of documentedly racist mass-media maintained self-proclaimed would-be Messiahs with suspicious associations whose obsession with enemas may’ve made them borderline pedophiles. If you really commit to disobedience, you’re probably just gonna have to pay fines or get arrested at some point, and as described in the article, maybe worse. So let’s stay lucid about this.
            The state knows how to deal with and even foment mass disobedience and furthermore has the means to make pretty good ballpark guesstimates about exactly what percentage of the population will dissent, thank you Game Theory and century-old Tavistock-style studies of individual and mass psychology.

            Now, would you want this guy’s daughter following you around every where you went, advising you on your peaceful resistance movement against the British Empire? (I mean, even if you were a graduate of the Inner Temple yourself…):


            • Thanks! Always more to the story!!!

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              Again, You bring some interesting stuff to the table.
              Thanks so much.

            • cu.h.j says:

              Well, Gandhi’s movement influenced MLK and Christianity as well. Without Gandhi, would there have been a Civil Rights movement here in the US? We’ll never know what might have been.

              I think the banksters definitely influence things, but I think it’s hard to control everything with the certainty of the outcome.

              Non-violent resistance/civil disobedience can be very effective to change the hearts and minds of the people enforcing the “rules”. Human to human interaction is important. After all, people of conscience outnumber those without. It’s just a matter of reaching the majority to do what is right, rather than go along with tyranny.

              I also think that violent resistance has its place as well. Thanks for the information on Gandhi. I have heard he was not the martyr he claimed to be. I don’t think the same can be said about MLK. As far as I know, King was a man of integrity and bravery that spoke to the heart of the masses.

      • Isn’t India still under colonial “influence” (very strong) to this day???

        African Justice for BG/MG 2020, then India second in line!

        • manbearpig says:

          India and the rest of the world along with it. At least as suggested by the article below.

          I’d linked this article in my link to my original comments on the Kashmir Corbett page but I cannot overstate its fascinating exploration of the historic networks within networks that the author describes to arrive at his hypothesis that Gandhi was an intelligence asset. In fact, he “reveals” so much more than that and largely using what Wikipedia itself offers up as true. I very highly recommend that any history buffs interested in the intricacies behind the official version of history read or reread the link below:


          ps: especially if you enjoyed Mr. Corbett’s three-part documentary on WW1.

          • Jed says:

            Another case of people and things not being as presented, seems the only constant in this world/existence. I can thank the Salvation Army for exposing the Santa Claus fraud (with a Santa collecting change on every other block), and now it’s Ghandi. Oh well, what do you expect from a race of slave-bred hybrid space monkeys. Say what? Give this a read if you really want to know what’s what, if you dare, ‘cus it explains everything.
            “Slave Species of the Gods” by Michael Tellinger.

    • sicdd says:

      So he wasn’t a saint, just a man.

  13. lizzie says:

    Decisions need to be made, the list I will.

    I recently started to wear a mask in shops because I dread going in shops without one so much that I was going without things. So I can deduce that I am susceptible to pressure
    I need a group, something like Alcoholics Anonymous to keep me on track, perhaps that is what this group is. Long may it last. Thank you thank you thank you. One other thing would be to find people in my area who don’t go for the masks failing that move somewhere there are others doing it.
    My line is the vaccine – Freedom I Won’t.

    Here is my 6 cents in the medium of song


    • wylie1 says:

      I don’t wear a mask even though most around me do.
      Would you jump off a cliff(lemmings fiction) if everyone else did?
      Read the book of Judith(from the apocrysha or 1611 Bible or so called lost books), the gal who saved her area from invasion when the elders were about to give in.

      If stopped (only twice now since day1) I take this out of my wallet and show it to them:
      — Basically a generic medical exemption using ADA law:
      Found at High Impact Flix website
      Some other website has similar made into a two-sided necklace thing.

      Besides being unhealthy, wearing a mask creates a concentrated cloud of exhaust around your head. If there are bad things in that exhaust cloud, do you really want to be in a line moving forward into the next person’s exhaust cloud? To me this is very unwise and much worse than no one wearing masks and having the exhaust more dilute and dispersed as would happen naturally.

      — Further if store and schools were truly concerned they would have proper ventilation which would prevent a lot of disease spreading. Problem is they recycle the heated or cooled air to save money. Same problem with airplanes. Any line forming area should have drop down exhaust vents; like any good welding shop has to get rid of the bad fumes. Not just for questionable Covid but to reduce all disease spreading.

      I try to only go to a store at times of low or no lines. But one of the times I was stopped was at an ACE Hardware in a very small town. The Store person asking had a bandana so loose you could see a finger width twixt the corners of his nose and the cloth. So clearly not about anything but compliance.

      Said he could legally ask me… I said I can legally say no. If you allow anyone in, you have to let me in, showing him the paper exemption.

      • wylie1 says:

        I do understand the pressure though. I’ve been tempted to just put on a mask at times…

    • scpat says:

      The social pressure is powerful. I think that is why many people wear masks. The risk of being called out in front of everyone in a store for not wearing a mask is greater than the desire to not wear one. Even though I oppose the mask, it is not worth it to me to put up a fight about it in day to day shopping. I did at the beginning, but it gets tiring for me to deal with that every day for something that doesn’t directly harm me. However, my line in the sand is vaccines. The implications of mandatory vaccines is immense. Being fired from your job, not able to take flights or ride public transportation, not being able to attend sporting events or concerts, not being able to shop in your local grocery store. These are very heavy consequences. This requires a lot of planning to find alternative means to still enjoy these things.

      • cu.h.j says:

        Me either, I wear one to go shop. But I’m currently living in CA and it’s enforced here (inside masking). I noticed when I traveled to Arizona to a small town there, they had signs on the door, but many people didn’t wear a mask when going inside to shop. No one said anything either.

        The vaccine is also my line in the sand since I don’t want a weird side effect from an experimental drug that serves no purpose. I value my health above everything else. Working with sick people in hospitals has shown me that health is precious.

        • gauntlet33 says:

          I’m also in CA, and I originally staunchly refused to wear a mask, but I’ve since then relented and wear one, but I only cover my nose unless certain businesses also require that I cover my nose, which are few. Sometimes I even wear it just to enter and then pull it down or off once I’m in the store and more concealed in the aisles. I think for most of us here, the fear of being arrested is present, but even the social stigma has a strong effect on obtaining compliance as we all just want to get along and it’s hard to fight that feeling. We should however try to organize publicized “no mask days” and events to counter the MSM’s propaganda, where the lack of any “spikes” in deaths or infections will continue to disprove their narrative.

          • gauntlet33 says:

            Right now we’re losing the mask battle, but if we can get a small majority to stop masking, then we’ll again be on the winning side as more and more will then leave the masks off, hopefully permanently.

        • scpat says:

          That’s how I see the vaccine issue also. Even if I didn’t know everything that I do (thanks in large part to James’ work) about the history of vaccines/big pharma and the ruling “elite” generally, I still wouldn’t take the vaccine just out of common sense. An illness with a reported fatality percentage of roughly 99.96% (or whatever it is now) is not even remotely worth injecting experimental vaccine chemicals into my bloodstream.

          • cu.h.j says:

            It is really just common sense, a vaccine developed faster than any other vaccine developed. Clinical trial subjects with substantial side effects. An experimental mechanism of action, never been done before. Why would anyone put themselves at risk for a disease that most people survive?

      • suzt says:

        Our ability to fly is already so restricted. Many countries require you get tested within 72 hours of the flight. That’s a line in the sand for me as I don’t trust the test. Plus we each have to know what happens to us if the test says you have the C19? Example: you arrive in Ecuador and they don’t like the type of test you had done so they test you again at the airport. If you test positive, you are taken to a gov’t hotel and put in quarantine AND you have to pay for all of this.

        RE: masks
        Delta bans you if you won’t wear a mask.

    • Dystopiary says:

      It took me a long time to get used to not wearing a mask where everyone else is. I’m in Melbourne, it’s “mandatory” and nearly everyone complies. I wasn’t prepared to be muzzled though. We are social creatures and we want to fit and belong, and I was the same, I would avoid going places sometimes. Trust me, eventually you will get used to it. It’s a great exercise in detaching from other people’s perceptions of you and it’s worth it to do what you feel is right.

    • suzt says:

      Hi Lizzie y todos from Oaxaca, Mexico

      I am almost always the only person on the street or in the store who doesn’t wear a mask. When I go to enter a store if they require me to wear a mask, I put mine on and take it off after I get inside. I haven’t stayed home over this issue.

      I’ve also been sprayed with unknown chemicals without my consent or knowing they were going to spray me! Last weekend I was having lunch in a totally empty restaurant in Mitla (an artistic town that just reopened on weekends). Without my knowledge the owner came behind my chair and started spraying the floor and the back of my chair and clothes!

      I jumped up and ran out of the restaurant. I had already ordered but that was the end of my being a customer.

      I agree with you about the vaccine but I’ve got a real anti-authoritarian personality so I’m practicing daily.

      Legally, the mayor made masks mandatory but the Pres of Mexico, AMLO, said it is against the constitution to take action against anyone for not wearing a mask. Since I go out for long walks in the sun daily, I often run into the police, especially at intersections. Sometimes I have to walk through them to get to the next block. NADA,… they don’t even look at me or glare.

      Personally I really feel the walls closing in and I’m proud of myself for taking a stand. I am not hopeful but so far I haven’t given in.

      A benefit is I am meeting other like minded people here in Oaxaca who see me or read my posts on FB. I’m not totally isolated anymore but I’m part of a very small group.

      Abrazos y besos

      • lizzie says:

        Muchos grathias Sinorita Suzt. Your story’s are inspiring. I can’t believe that guy sprayed you with chemicals. Yuck.
        I’m somebody who hasn’t taken a paracetamol in about 10 years, so a whole vaccine no thanks.
        I get food at this shop where there is a young girl who gets panicky when I come in, last time she rang the bell and asked to go on a break just before I got to the till. I’m like a mud monster after a day on the farm, I can tell she is repulsed by it. The poor girl. She’d be healthier if she shook my soil filled hand.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Oh cool! SuzieQ!

        What a great ANCEDOTE FROM MEXICO !

  14. Ursulariches10 says:

    The 666 chip will alter us in some way and make us fit for eternity in hell. Without it, we will be unable to buy or sell or even to pay the council tax. It is better to die than to take the chip. It is to go into our hand or head.
    Now we know about fake science, perhaps we could take a new look at the Bible and Christianity.
    The message at Fatima was for us to Pray the Holy Rosary…and that sins of the flesh cause most of those who go to hell to be there. Purity is essential, even if we cannot be pure all at once, we should look towards it as a goal.

  15. HEDGE110 says:

    From Sydney, Australia

    – Keeping daughter (5 years old) home from school today. School says if child has any flu-like symptoms they cannot return until they have a negative Covid test and a clearance certificate. I don’t want my daughter to have the test (that I don’t trust) so I guess she won’t be having flu-symptoms anymore. Reasoning today is that she didn’t sleep well because of the storm.

    – I have to say that some of these negotiations are challenging in our household as people have different ‘lines in the sand’.

  16. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Herd Stupidity
    (A little over 3 minutes)

    Source is from Tony Heller’s YouTube.
    Epic speech by Tory MP Desmond Swayne who destroys Matt Hancock (not in the room) & The Government’s Narrative.

  17. Arby says:

    “Only the strongest of the strong will be able to commit themselves fully to non-compliance.” What is strength? I’m not particularly brave. But I’m principled. I believe that the meek – those who recognize that humankind is an interdependent proposition and cooperation and caring for oneself and for others rather than dog eat dog is the best way – will inherit the earth. Those who play the game of ‘riches for the strongest’ have already lost.

    • beaconterraone says:

      The only real strength comes from God, usually through His Holy Spirit. One may be a quadriplegic, and still have inner strength exceeding the beefiest men.

    • wylie1 says:

      Excellent point. I’ve been trying to get similar across to those only concerned with self preservation …individuals makes it much easier when they come for you. A major point of this divide, mute, and conquer globalism campaign.

      Further, as heard recently from a noted prepper and ex military special forces type, in a video interview:
      — You cannot shoot your way into heaven.
      Best to have a plan to feed those nearby and get them on their feet or you will have major problems with them too.

  18. beaconterraone says:

    The Bible, primarily, the Book of Revelation, is becoming “real” right in front of our eyes. ALL of us will be compelled to make a Choice in the foreseeable future, to accept some sort of physical “Mark” on our bodies, in order to “buy or sell.” We are warned that accepting that “Mark” will bring horrors in this life, and in the afterlife. Apart from the “religious” implications, such a “Mark” will be the permanent end of your individual freedom, as you will be tracked and controlled on every tiny decision you make.

    I urge you, whether you take the Bible seriously or not, to consider the permanent consequences of accepting their “vaccine” or their “immunity passport” which is the leading candidate for that “Mark.” YES, I know it will mean misery and death to refuse, but freedom matters, and the warnings of God matter even more.

    • Arby says:

      People are misunderstanding the mark of the beast. In the Christian Bible, in the book of Revelation, that mark marks you as disapproved by God. It can’t be something forced on you therefore. It is, instead, choices that you make and the behavior that follow that. That’s all it could be – if God is a God of love. God is not going to condemn someone, say a little orphan girl in State care, who has Bill Gates’s quantum dot tatoo forced on her. As Jesus Christ said, ‘By their fruits you will recognize them’. By our fruits, which is to say, by our deeds, which follow our decisions, people will see, as though we were marked, who we are and what we stand for.

      • beaconterraone says:

        Revelation makes clear it’s something that will be obvious to others so that they can allow or disallow us to “buy and sell.” No such scheme has ever been tried. No such scheme was even conceivable prior to the age of electronic computers.

        As for who will be held accountable, obviously a child younger than the age of accountability will not be thrown into the flames for having the damnable Mark put on them. Likewise with those too young to understand the Gospel in general.

  19. Libertydan says:

    This is beginning to remind me of what I heard people say about getting out of Germany in the late 1930’s while they still could. Surely there are places we can go where we will not get forced Vaccinations. I heard that they opened the Boarder to Canada out near Calgary, or if you can into Mexico It may be time to go.
    I learned a long time ago that when one man acts alone he will soon meet his end with little to show for it, however when he (like Gandhi) acts with a large following, the powers that should not be do back down.
    From what I am getting from real people and confirmed on MSM, most people will refuse “The Shot” at this time. Thus, they cannot force it on us without creating a total rebellion. What they will do, is offer incentives for the low hanging fruit who will do anything to make their life easier (even if it kills them,or costs them their Soul).
    If we can find ways to trade with each other without using their fiat money they will no longer have control over us.
    “Give to Cesar what is Cesar’s”,
    Keep your soul and spirit for yourself, and you will be much happier in this life, even if you don’t make it to the next one, eh!

    • Gavinm says:


      Any that attempted to flee to Canada from the US in 2020-2021 (to avoid injection/NWO tyranny) were certainly in for an unpleasant surprise. I know some people that were trying to flee Canada last year (like some kind of ‘reverse-underground railroad’ type situation).

      They certainly went for the low hanging fruit here, and then they shook the tree and got some medium hanging fruit, they even chain sawed some branches off and got a good portion of top hanging fruit too!

      You make some great points with the other parts of your comment.

      Amen to your last couple sentences.

  20. di says:

    I haven’t obeyed any of it so far, no masks, no travel restrictions, no stopping working, no stopping visiting friends. Been psychologically and economically preparing for 15 years for some serious end game. I could probably deal with being a social outcast etc, unable to travel or get a job or even use money. But if they were to decide to break down our doors and drag us off for being public health risks to isolation facilities, or Nightingale Hospitals as they’re probably known in this country, and don’t let us out until we accept vaccination then my daughter would have no one to look after her so that would suck. Abandoning her would then seem like a greater evil.

    • CreativeLife says:

      Hi Di
      Walking tandem with you. It is a heavy yoke to have a child and be in this situation, I raise and home educate my grand daughter. Being in excellent health although older in years is a huge dilemma. Man the subversion tactics really do force a totalitarian tip toe. Between the Barrington Bombers and the Frontline White Coats they are coming from every angle. Funny how they all are led by lawyers, just like the ‘vaccine hesitancy’ back stabbers. There is an incredible story about just how this North America was corporatized, founded and infiltrated by lovely honest liberating lawyers. Of course, you always need lawyers for the show, and they are a formidable part of every part of life, especially politicians. I guess when everything sprouts from the seed of corruption ya gotta have a blue suit standing by. Just think of how they parade themselves, showing up everywhere for effect.

      Been doing a lot of thinking about our dilemma and praying for wisdom. Let’s keep each other posted on this thread. Not sure where you are from, but we got our hands full here in the far north. Do you know of the Youngbloods?
      Here’s a great tune, to help us find strength in this season. My gift to you:

      Get Together by the Youngbloods

      I’m trying to learn about crypto and it is stifling me. Had a wonderful training session today on disbanding self sabotage and moving constantly away from the barrage of mind control tactics weaponized against us through words, images, symbols slogans and strap lines. There is a constant battle for our minds as they try and take away our power. Not happening as long as I can take another breath. That is one thing being kept silent where are the children in all these clips that people keep firing at us. Some sit in these venues and that’s all they do all day. Any ideas drop a verb or two.

      Pete Seeger for the Children

      We will need to step aside in the quiet for deep heartfelt reflection, a sober mind, discernment and love. May we be granted the serenity, to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference.
      God Speed on our journey.

      • di says:

        Thank you for the song and the words. I’m in Scotland where there seems to be hardly any resistance. I’m sure the answers will present themselves in due course. All the best.

  21. MJinLA says:

    I am a 64 year old physician who knows from an epidemiological and molecular biological perspective just what a SCAMDEMIC this is. I am astonished how frightened and obedient the masses here in California are.

    When I was a teenager in the 70’s the slogan “DON’T BE THE LAST SUCKER KILLED IN VIETNAM” resonated among young people who began to resist the War Machine. Since we know how peer pressure is used by the Powers that Shouldn’t Be, here’s my proposal for a for James and other respectable researchers to add to their websites:

    • CreativeLife says:

      Yabba dabba do! I’m so excited to hear a Freedom Voice. I’m just a couple years ahead of you and I marched in Vancouver to bring the boys home, while of course there were many smart enough to get out of the show! Now here’s a question, Xi has announced (even though they are all on the same order) moving towards war! That would be something now, drafted in this gong show! Talk about mass confusion, talk about a distraction! Supersized Psyop!
      Wouldn’t that just top it all off?

      Today the Mainstream Media operates on the Mainstream Internet. Refugees from the holly wood soul less cult, now operate their sorcery more from the Silicon Hills as Alter-Net. Silicon Valley just had to have a newborn to bottle feed, and a place to spin a new web. With all the magic, trickery and CGI no one even knows where the mainstream media is anymore, and if they do they won’t admit it.
      Great hearing from you and GREAT MESSAGE! Yay! Let’s do our own Great Reset and shut their programming down! Who want to go back to the old normal, hell let’s create our own FREE SUPERNORMAL!

  22. wylie1 says:

    When one is contemplating their path and drawing lines in the sand against evil tyrants, one needs to consider just how evil they themselves will be in that picture.

    Self defense is one thing but…
    You cannot shoot your way into heaven.
    As a heard from a noted prepper suggesting figuring out a plan to feed those neighbors and getting them self reliant …or they could become a major problem. They in turn can help others.

  23. pat says:

    Rage at the Machine said it best; F U I WONT DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!

  24. felix says:

    Ghandi refused no matter what the consequences to him, being beaten, jailed, killed. When the S.African. government forbade Indians to go from one province to another, he gathered the Indians about him and said either you all follow me in disobeying no matter what is done to us or we don’t do it. This led to the first victory of non-whites against the white government. I tried unsuccesfully to persuade a black woman who cleaned my room at University: I said you Blacks should go en masse to all the places where you are forbidden, the cinema, cafés, concerts etc. until the jails can no longer hold you. She said, no, she was worried about her children

  25. felix says:

    Refusal does not always work but I have a good story to tell about a successfull refusal. I was at a posh English boarding school in South Africa which was somewhat militaristic. Prefects had the right to inflict punishments on the boys for minor misdemeanours; after three punishments you were obliged to attend a prefects meeting where they could yell at you and beat you. You could receive a punishment for not knowing what was happening in the rugby gamnes. After a bad verbal experience with prefects I decided I was never going to co-operate in any way. They walked like gestapo up and down our domitories asking about the rugby. I think I was physically the weakest boy in the school, Fortunately I was in the third bed the prefect came to. I said, “Don’t ask me anything, I’m not interested.” When he picked up his book for punishments, “I said, “Don’t write anything in that book. I will not do it.” Suddenly the whole dormitory rose up in revolution and we chased him out and down the stairs. Fortunately we had the most humane Housemaster and he said, “Leave Felix alone, he is interested in music.” After that no one was obliged to watch the rugby matches. If I had had one of the other harder Housemasters I would have refused anyway, no matter what happened.
    Later when I was a senior with a study of my own, younger boys came up to consult me on how they could refuse to do things.

    • Octium says:

      Nice account.

      I despised their sports at school as well. They mostly left me alone however as I think they were frighted of what I might do to them with technology. Especially after walking around with a light bulb in my hand that was lit up without it being plugged in (Well before the days when you could get bright low voltage LED bulbs!)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      That is a very inspirational anecdote!

  26. robert.t says:

    Something worth repeating…

    We are often advised that speech is not action, complaint is not protest. This advice may be given in good faith…or not.

    Saying that one cannot change things by mere words may be a way of silencing those “mere words”. In fact, I’m encountering this more and more from people content to soak undisturbed in the media and state narratives. They don’t disagree with me…they just think I should surrender.

    When you are trying to build a critical mass of people ready to say NO you start with words, with complaint, with criticism and with ridicule. If I can spark a small doubt in somebody else’s mind today then I have achieved something. My whole “truthing” thing began when watching bewildered Alitalia flight and ground staff trying, unsuccessfully, to understand and then explain the Pentagon strike. The undisguisable doubts in their minds made a path into my mind.

    Complain, criticise and ridicule. Create some doubt somewhere today. If someone tells you it’s not enough, count that as a spark. If they tell you that talk is futile because you can’t do anything about the way the world is turning, count that as a spark.

    And remember to tell all who will listen that everything that comes to them via the media is either a conditioning, a manipulation or an advertisement. Tell them about the blessed miracle of the button called OFF.

    • di says:

      Yeah, I try to have conversations with various people, not really because I’m trying to change their minds, or be ‘messianic’ as James put it, but because I’m fascinated by the psychological aspect of it all and the cognitive dissonance and the ways that people acknowledge what you’re saying on the one hand but then another part of their brain steps in immediately to counter the conclusions. From what I can tell, a large proportion of people don’t actually want to be free, (whatever that means) it is just frightening to them.

      • cu.h.j says:

        It’s fascinating actually. In a bad way. It’s like the learned helplessness experiments on dogs. I am fighting the effect on my own psyche. I’m a strong person, but I don’t like confrontation and I always feel so anxious without a mask. I’ve been harassed before for not wearing one or given dirty looks. It’s so uncomfortable. I hate this time we are living through, that will likely get worse. Like a nightmare that goes on to the next one and you keep trying to wake up.

        I could also see it as a challenge to refuse to comply and “go along” regardless of how uncomfortable I feel.

  27. Nick says:

    I think a good but unfortunate way to determine absolutely whether an individual in this world was playing for the right team is to see if they have been taken out. Most who have looked into it would deem John Lennon to be one such person. What was it that made him so dangerous he could not be allowed to survive? Simply staying in bed and saying don’t participate and a system is powerless. All the bluster of those participating in BLM and other movements designed to aggravate, with responses well planned for, have nothing by way of power compared to these simple few words James is echoing here. A system relies on interdependence. Don’t participate and down comes the whole deck of cards.

  28. Octium says:

    Some tips from the experts…. a little dated (1944) but still good for ideas.


    Best thing is you no longer have to travel all the way to a foreign country to carry it out anymore.

    Tyranny is now available by home delivery!

  29. gauntlet33 says:

    Here are my choices:
    1. mask? only if required to enter the store (I’m in CA, so most require it.)
    2. vaccine? – hell no
    3. health app? – likely will require vaccine, so another hell no
    4. digital visitor card? – if vaccine required, then hell no
    5. chip? – total hell no
    6. relocate? – most likely

    I highly agree that we need to start building our communities now with like-minded conspiracy factualists we trust.

    • htc says:

      I am in the UK, we are still able to slide past the mask rule and claim exemption at this stage.

  30. GENDUN LAMA says:

    Thank you, James, for the opportunity to say this:
    I have just turned 85. I’ve spent a lifetime honing my awareness of natural health and nutrition, so that, in spite of [and because of] my age I enjoy superior health; I depend on zero prescription medications and have every expectation of many more health-filled years. However, all this depends on many sophisticated nutritional supplements, in turn depending on sophisticated manufacturing facilities; an obviously frail support system which will most probably succumb to the coming “great reset”.

    I am also dependent on the government dole [my monthly Social Security infusion], a car and gasoline, grocery stores. I do have a small garden plot which I will be expanding, but there is no way I will be able to make myself food self-sufficient.

    In short, I am completely, a creature of the present financial/industrial system. At the same time, I do not own a television, nor read/follow any mass-brainwash media. And I do subscribe to a small number of ‘alternative’ information sources; of which the Corbett Report is the principal.

    Because the ‘system’ has, to date, allowed me to sustain a simple existence and fairly impolite disdain for politics and the grotesque creatures thereof, I have tolerated the exchange.

    A great many years ago, my analysis of society revealed to me that the true secret to running a successful dictatorship is that the subjects must be allowed some little portion of existence that is under their own personal ownership; with the most critical parts of this being one’s own body and mind. However, my ‘owners’ have now made the choice to take the final step of total dominion over my existence. Their condition for granting my Social Security check, food and the few other pitiful necessities, is the requirement that I submit to complete surveillance, regulation of my every action, injection with vaccines which are proven both ineffective and destructive to health, and anything else they happen to think of.

    That’s supposed to be an ‘offer I can’t refuse’.

    Well, I have news for my ‘owners’:
    I have also spent my life finding answers to the key questions of spirit. As you succumb to your own hell of the earth you have engineered, I leave you to wallow in the realities of your expectation that ultimate material power would bring ultimate joy. While, I, denied the essentials of material existence, finally arriving at the end of an ancient journey, and embracing my return to my true home, grant you total dominion over a discarded carcass.

  31. janine says:

    We are in South Africa

    In many ways I feel like we are almost the poster children of covid restrictions, as we have been going through all these restrictions for months now

    I wear a mask (under the nose)to get into the store, or else we are refused entry. I walk around in malls without one – do get the I hate you stares a lot. For all else, hell no!

    As a business owner to 30 employees, we have all the covid signage on the front door, but no one wears masks – in my view its a form of torture to wear a mask for an entire day.
    I will not enforce any vaccines on my employees. However, we work with big banks, and Im pretty sure they will start bullying us at some time, but that bridge we will cross when we get there, and enforcing vaccines is a no-no to me.

    I am busy converting my fellow owners (my husband included) to conspiracy theorists, as I do believe we will need to be wide awake before the final onslaught starts

    Relocation is an option – but I agree with James, we might need to fight for our freedom no matter where we go. Trying to grow the idea of freedom cells/ independent communities, but a lot of South Africans are still glorifying the new normal at this point.
    Regards from the darkest summer in recent South African times

  32. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I strongly agree with
    Irish red head Dave Cullen (Computing Forever) on
    the importance of REACHING JOE NORMIE.

    REACHING JOE NORMIE – I believe that this will always be the way forward, no matter where we are in the world.

    I don’t recommend watching the entire Dave Cullen video from the beginning, unless you have time to burn, or unless you want the audio for background while you do other things, or unless you are interested in perspectives of “How Joe Normie Thinks”.

    BITCHUTE – Computing Forever
    ~~www bitchute.com/channel/hybM74uIHJKf/

  33. htc says:

    Great Article.

    A young father with two young children here, I can really resonate with your content and the way you tell it.

    If anybody would like to, I have a YouTube channel where I am discussing similar themes, No ADs or anything. If you want to support me, check it out.



    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I could use some serotonin.
      Thanks for the communication.
      You hit it with me here…I resonated with 40 Hours Per Week Wearing A Face-Mask! – TRUTH & TYRANNY.

  34. Lucitanian says:

    I was sitting outside my friend Alberto’s shop in the village near where I live here in rural Portugal having my morning coffee as usual with a port, exchanging pleasantries with the usual old boys who gather there daily at that time, when we noticed a chicken in the road. She seemed happy enough pecking at the road and dodging cars.

    Generally, concern was aired all round for the chicken and speculation as to from who’s house, she had emerged. Repeatedly the chicken deftly fluttered to avoid the passing vehicles, trucks and cars. Someone suggested chasing it up the hill a little where it might find an entrance to a field where it would at least find some safety from the traffic.

    The fate of the chicken was roundly discussed. The worst was envisaged. I finished the last of my port and as I left, I said, “Well that chicken made a choice; to live in the not so splendid captivity of its owner’s yard, laying eggs until being killed for the pot, sooner or later, or to take a chance of the adventures and dangers of the freedom beyond. The question isn’t how long the chicken will live or how painfully she’ll die, or whether she’ll be caught and put back in her pen, but how she lived. Did she enjoy her freedom?”

    • CreativeLife says:

      Bravo! and the chicken said, “T’weren’t a bad day, after all! I think I’ll venture further down the road. Could be an even better day ahead, now I’s not so feared.”

      And off she went, singing her favourite song. “Oh happy day! Oh happy day!
      The Beginning.

  35. flammable says:

    I’m afraid many people may eventually draw a line in the sand for the wrong reasons. Their disobedience will not be to fight for the control of their life. They will choose to disobey because jail is the only way they will be guaranteed a meal and shelter.

  36. HomeRemedySupply says:

    October 28, 2020
    FACT CHECK – Corbett’s “Your Guide To The Great Reset”
    via Dr. Mercola’s article What You Need to Know About ‘the Great Reset’

    Under the title of Mercola’s article, you will see an icon labeled Fact Checked.
    Click the icon box for details.


    Mercola Fact-Checking Guidelines


    All Mercola articles are fact-checked, vetted and verified using Associated Press and Society of Professional Journalists journalism standards. Because we hold ourselves to the highest level of excellence and take responsibility for our work, we also follow industry best practices as recommended by the American Copy Editors Society for editing, proofing, writing and content.

    We follow ethics principles recommended by the Associated Press Media Editors, and we even have adopted Associated Press style guidelines to distinguish our writing style from other health sites.

    Therefore, when it comes to the topics we cover, we fact check every claim we make, and clearly identify sources, vet the people we interview and write about, and verify all medical information with referenced, hyperlinked, medical literature sources.

    We do use news hooks gathered from mainstream print and broadcast media, but we don’t rush to print our version of the story in the name of a “scoop.” Instead, we take time to investigate the article topic and dig deeper than what you see in other health and news sites — including mainstream news media — asking ourselves: Are the quotes accurate? Is there a backstory the news source missed that we need to share with our readers? Is the article accurate and honest?…
    …Content Researcher and Editor:

    Cindy Bevington Olmstead is our content researcher and editor. Before joining Mercola.com, she worked more than 23 years in the newspaper industry as an investigative reporter, winning more than six dozen state and national awards — 44 of them first place — during her tenure…
    … Cindy is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, Associated Press Media Editors (APME-ASNE), American Copy Editors Society (ACES: The Society for Editing) and the National Federation of Press Women.

    • suzt says:


      As we shift from u tube to bitchute and others… this is a useful new tool:
      What’s been censored online? Winston84 is a new searchable directory to all that blacked-out content and guess who is on it? yeppers…

  37. Steve Smith says:

    I have not heard of Claire Edwards before but she hits just about every nail squarely on the head with this reading.


  38. zyxzevn says:

    Meme based on movie “Get Out”
    Why the government tells you that the virus is so dangerous..

    Can also be applied to 9/11.

  39. mkey says:

    Luke Pompey’s COVID19 Test “Test”

    This Brit apparently ordered in the “test” kit, didn’t swab anything, sent the “sample” back in and has gotten a positive result. To be perfectly honest, the “test” is so sensitive that probably by the very virtue of the swab being somewhere near you for a minute or two is going to pick up enough material that can be then multiplied a hundred of thousand million times to net a positive result.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      What an agenda!

      I guess the bogus test would come in handy for work if a person got paid leave from the employer. 😉

      The world is insane.

  40. Leonardo says:

    As first, sorry if my english is not the best, my main language is spanish and i try to do my best.

    This is my first commentary as a new member of the corbettreport community

    This text was very inspiring to me, i’m from spain and here we have a movement that Dulce Revolucion (An association working more than 10 years principally with Ecological Agriculture&Feeding, Plants that heal, and other health choices like MMS, the substance that Jim Humble discovered and now it’s being used in more than 20 countries principally by the COMUSAV, an association of 3000 medical doctors that are discovering their healing properties.
    So this association (D.V.) has created local voluntary groups, i’m trying to do my best to work with this 60 people local group, on creating a pararel economy, to have subsistence when the walls of NOW close. It’s hard to work on this ideas, as almost all the people even when they have the same principles, don’t see this solution as the main one. This text gave me strenght to continue to work on this subject. Thanks Corbett for this.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Oh cool! Leonardo!
      Good job on the health front.
      Welcome to the comment boards.
      There are a lot of folks from Spain and the Americas here who speak Spanish.
      But your English sounds better than most Texans can say it. 😉

  41. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Alex Jones and Joe Rogan talk vaccines – The pro-vaxxers want this censored by Spotify and are leaving Spotify.

    “U.N. vaccine causes polio”

    90 second Video on Twitter

    The comments under the Twitter are interesting to read.

  42. stephen.d says:

    I don’t know how it is in other places but where I am in southern Ontario the govt has an insidious way to get people to wear masks: the stores are fined if they allow anyone inside not wearing a mask.

    Now, I have a favourite Philly cheesesteak place. I’ve known the owner for years and they’re the best cheesesteaks outside of Philadelphia. I can’t not go there. But I don’t want the guy to be fined so what do I do? I wear a mask, like a good little Canadian. Yes, I’m weak, but you haven’t tasted these cheesesteaks.

    Of course, I’ll refuse the vaccine, but I suspect the WHO psychologists are working right now on how best to sell it, and it won’t be the way you expect.

  43. waititout says:

    God Speed James! I can only pray that I will possess, through my Lord Jesus Christ, all that is required of me in this dark period to come. That my actions are pleasing to God this includes not allowing them to corrupt what he created in me with a vaccine! Even so come, Lord Jesus come🙏

  44. HomeRemedySupply says:

    One EXAMPLE of Disobey – Drawing Your Line in the Sand

    Spirituality shop fined $880 in Ontario for posting mask exemption sign
    (11 minute video, but one can skip around to get the story)

    Spirituality In You store owner Heather Rulton posted a plain-language sign in her window saying ‘No Mask! No Problem!’ and now faces a $880 fine after multiple visits from London, Ontario bylaw officers.

  45. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Texas is carrying on LBJ’s tradition of Voter Fraud…

    Zero Hedge
    (YouTube Videos expose the blatant fraud – Lots of names.)
    Project Veritas Infiltrates Texas ‘Ballot Chasing’ Ring Targeting Senior Citizens

    The undercover investigative journalists at Project Veritas have done it again – this time infiltrating a Texas ‘ballot chasing’ operation in Texas which targets senior citizens.

    The racket consists of operatives, such as Raquel Rodriguez – “nominally a political consultant for GOP House candidate Mauro E. Garza, the owner of the San Antonio’s Pegasus Nightclub” – who “develops personal relationships with senior citizens when she harvests their ballots and then uses different post offices, so that the bundles do not draw suspicion.”

    Despite consulting for a GOP candidate, Rodriguez was caught on camera convincing a voter to switch their ballot from John Cornyn (R) to M.J. Hegar (D)…

    Raquel Rodriguez: “I can honestly say I’m bringing at least at least 7,000 votes to the polls.”

    Journalist: “Seven thousand—and that’s for San Antonio for this area too. It’s a lot.”

    Rodriguez: “That’s a lot. It’s a lot, period. Just so you know–have an idea–so this is what I do.”…

    (Many More Details and LOTS of MONEY changing hands at Veritas link.)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      PHOTO – Box 13

      The Box 13 scandal was an event which occurred in Alice, Texas during the Senate election of 1948.
      (Alice is in far south Texas, near the Mexican border.)
      Lyndon B. Johnson was on the verge of losing the election to Coke Stevenson.
      Six days after polls had closed, 202 additional ballots were discovered in Precinct 13, which were in Johnson’s favor.

    • mkey says:

      To cut these guys a break, it’s just too damn easy, and thus enticing, to not cheat on election day. With all the circus going on (media pandering, advertisement brainwashing, bribery, candidate rigging, counting machine fraud, voter registration, voter disenfranchisement) to lose some votes on voter day is just a drop in the sea of incompetence and dishonesty only a government can foster.

  46. scpat says:


    Very interesting response—thought provoking.

    I agree, people are definitely shaped by their cultural and societal milieu. And religion, myth, tradition, is obviously part of that. And I don’t think that is a good or bad thing. It’s just a thing.

    It’s been said that the two words the devil introduced to the human language are “ought” and “should.” Why should things be any different than they are naturally occurring now? Or, why ought they be different? Why the desire to “improve” things? If we were to ask, “should a tree grow its branches differently?”, most people would say “of course not, because that’s just what the tree does.” Its branches just shape themselves that way naturally. It just happens and there is nothing wrong with that.

    Human beings are the same way, but we think we are different. We think we need to change how we naturally are. Some of the most horrendous events in history occurred because the people who perpetrated them did so to “improve” the current state of affairs, to make things how they ought to be. Think of the Crusades: “We need more Christianity in the world! And if you don’t think so, we’ll kill you, because its for the betterment of mankind!” There are many other examples.

    And lastly, I put good in quotation marks because “good” is not an objective measure of something, it is a subjective opinion. There is no such thing as good, as its own standalone idea. The idea is somewhat agreed upon from society to society, and even then there are many opinions of what is really means.

    • Duck says:

      “..We think we need to change how we naturally are…”
      Should we ell Ted Bundy or Isreal Keyes to “be himself???” Humans are naturally going to exterminate other humans and steal their things.

      “..Think of the Crusades: “We need more Christianity in the world! And if you don’t think so, we’ll kill you, because its for the betterment of mankind!”..”
      That is not how the Crusades happened, they were defensive wars against Muslims who encroached as far as they were able into other peoples lands… true Christians in their dominion were only reduced legally to 2nd class status and heavily taxed but Hindu’s suffered a huge genocide, one of the larger and least known ones, in India since they were not ;people of the book’

      “..because “good” is not an objective measure of something, it is a subjective opinion…”
      Subjective-ism is toxic, its societal AIDS and any culture that swallows it will not last long.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I found this quote quite profound…

      scpat says:
      “Who is the “boss” of your own body?
      If you didn’t govern your body and command your heart to beat and your lungs to breathe, would they stop functioning?
      Who is the boss of the animal kingdom and the rest of nature?
      How do birds know when and where to migrate to each year?
      What guides them and other processes of nature of this kind? …

      …Is there not a deeper, unknowable, indescribable intelligence that governs the world naturally? “

    • mik says:


      “Why should things be any different than they are naturally occurring now? ”
      Nature, naturally must be used very carefully in conjunction/comparison with humans and human society, some very important ideas that steer society are completely human inventions with nothing similar in nature.

      If we continue on current trajectory we are fucked, something is damn rotten and that is not something from nature, it’s man made. I guess you agree. What can I say on that: we should make a change, something ought to be different. Sure, some very nasty people in history used such a language and no doubt we have to be cautious, but we also need boldness in our spineless times.

      “….“good” is not an objective measure of something, it is a subjective opinion.”
      Opinion?? Do you think we can’t evaluate things? Or maybe that is pointless endeavor that cannot bring anything meaningful? Are you aware that as a consequence of what you said the notion of truth becomes absurd.

      Ones I worked with a guy and philosophize about something. The guy said: who are you to judge? I replied: are you aware that you just judged me?

      • scpat says:


        Man-made and not something from nature? So we humans aren’t part of nature, you are saying? That is how most people see themselves, separate from the rest of life and hostile toward it, which explains the predicament of humans generally.

        My intent is not to be ‘wishy-washy’, with the “everything is relative” attitude, although people will interpret what I have said in that way. I never said we should just roll over. After all I’m on this website not just to learn but also to apply the things I’ve learned to my lived experience.

        But you have to understand that at the same time, self-improvement and “progress” is impossible, because the one that needs the improvement is the one that is trying to do the improving. Now how can that work? It can’t, because the selves we believe we are, which is a compilation of memories and experiences, can’t do jack shit.

        We feel that ‘I’ can do something and ‘I’ can act on something. But if the‘I’ we feel ourselves to be is a collection of past experiences we keep in our brains (which it is for most people) that the ego takes possession over and identifies itself with, then in that sense we can’t act on anything. That’s why we get stuck trying to improve ourselves and never can, because there is no one to improve. The thing we are trying to improve is an idea of ourselves. And no amount of physical force and effort can change that.

        • mik says:

          We are part of nature, human-animals would say if this phrase hasn’t been hijacked. On top/beside of that our predecessors built the rest. Survival of the fittest is not motto in human society, like social-darwinists are preaching.
          The problem is, to often things are built atop of nature, not beside, with the nature. But that is not a problem that comes out of individual and is aggregated in sick idea that we are pests on gaia. We are quite determined with our social environment and those who are not stick out as black sheep. Even black sheep were ones children learning from parents and social environment, most of them didn’t have enlightened parents, still they succeeded, actually they changed themselves. Of course, usually not completely on their own but with help of other black sheep.

  47. zyxzevn says:

    Authoritarians In Bubbles Fighting Herd-Immunity

    Herd-immunity explained:

  48. des2021 says:

    About the Cognizant’s piece you did…LVMH….That’s the French luxury multi national corp that just bought Tiffany this week for 15B and change…Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, (world LEADER in high quality products….??)
    Thanks JC for everything you represent!

  49. HomeRemedySupply says:


    “California restaurant uses ‘Godfather’ quote on anti-mask billboard”
    (News Story from Fox News)
    Basilico’s Pasta e Vino, an Italian restaurant in Huntington Beach, Calif., recently put up a “Godfather”-themed billboard to show its opposition to masks.

    The billboard — which uses font similar to the iconic 1972 film poster — says “Leave the mask, take the cannoli,” according to a photo from KTLA taken on Monday.

    The line is derived from a famous quote in “The Godfather,” which says: “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.”
    The Highwire with Del Bigtree – Bitchute
    (17 minutes)

    Restaurant owner Tony Roman, of Basilico’s Restaurant in Huntington Beach, CA,
    not only decided to never shut down, but doesn’t allow people with masks to enter the premises.
    Surprisingly, his restaurant has remained packed despite a direct challenge from CA Governor Gavin Newsom and the liquor board. With liberty and freedom at stake, Tony is laying it all on the line.

    #BASILICOSHB #BeATony #Freedom #Masks #LeaveTheMask #PastaVinoAndFreedom

    (The restaurant gets hit with tremendous vitriol, harassments and death-like destructive threats.)

  50. n4x5 says:

    Echoing some of the other comments on historical liberation movements, I’ll offer my own contribution.

    Whatever King’s true motives were, we can say with confidence that he was used by the establishment to further its goals against its enemies, particularly non-elite whites. E. Michael Jones covers King in some depth in The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal as Ethnic Cleansing, one point being King’s association with groups like the Blackstone Rangers. King was aware of the serious criminal activity of the Rangers but downplayed it, stressing the fact that they were involved politically as being somehow redeeming.

    “Why then did Martin Luther King want to meet with people like this? There are two reasons given, according to the standard explanation of his meeting with them: (1) he wanted to convert them to the cause of non-violence and (2) he wanted to use them as protection when the SCLC marched in white neighborhoods. Both explanations are ultimately unpersuasive. If King were looking for candidates for non-violent resistance to the type of provocation that would take place in places like Marquette Park and Gage Park, he could not have found a group of less likely candidates than people by his own admission who ‘take pride in their street battles.’ […] The simplest explanation is that King recruited the gangs to be part of his efforts during the summer of ’66 because he knew they were violent and because he knew that they were already involved in criminal behavior of the sort that would destabilize the areas that he wanted destabilized.”

    • n4x5 says:

      The Ford Foundation acted as patron to the gangs with whom King was associated, donating large sums officially to be used for training of urban youths in technical careers.

      The presence of characters like McGeorge Bundy (Skull and Bones, CFR, Ford Foundation president, JFK and LBJ national security advisor, commonly credited as one of the architects of the intensification of the war in southeast Asia) in supporting the civil rights movement should give us pause as to its genuine origins and objectives. Jones sees the movement as primarily an ethnic campaign by the WASP elite against the ethnic urban whites, the blacks being pawns.

      “With the support of John McCloy, [McGeorge] then moved from the White House to become director of the Ford Foundation, where he expanded funding of the Gray Areas work, which was disrupting neighborhoods in places like Philadelphia under the leadership of people like Leon Sullivan. Shortly after he took over at Ford, Bundy expanded Ford funding to include support for Martin Luther King’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which was assaulting [white] ethnic neighborhoods in Chicago at the time. Many commentators have professed to be puzzled over McGeorge Bundy’s funding of ‘liberal’ racist causes while at the same time being a hawk in Vietnam, without seeing the ethnic consistency behind those actions. WASP domestic policy was forged during the early years of World War II, and racial integration, as Wirth explained in detail, was a necessary complement to WASP foreign policy. People like Macleish, Bundy, and McCloy would apply this policy with remarkable consistency, both in and out of government, over the coming decades.”

      Obviously a couple excerpts don’t do justice to the kind of depth that the book goes into on the subject. Strongly recommended.

      The parallels between past and present are hard to miss. The assault by domestic terrorist groups like BLM comes with the same kind of sponsorship from above that the campaigns described in The Slaughter of Cities did in previous decades.

      We can’t know a priori if or under what conditions mass noncompliance works. Consulting history is one way we might get an idea of our prospects if the technique is employed. If King’s and Gandhi’s movements were not in fact organic, and if these movements served primarily as vehicles for advancing elite interests with the liberation drama acting as theatrical cover, we might not want to become too overconfident in this approach, especially if other techniques are available. That being said, I regularly non-comply myself and encourage others to do the same, and I think James’s advice on reflecting on our boundaries is sound.

    • Duck says:

      I have not read that one yet.
      Dr Jones’s work is great
      ‘Culture Wars’ magazine is one of the best sources for long form written articles on those kind of things.

  51. Cantthinkofanything says:

    Hi, everyone! Hi, James!
    I just came to say thank you for all the great work you’ve done so far. Having this independent source of information is priceless.

    I’d like to support you more, so I have a question: could you please make more different tires on Patreon? Unfortunately, PayPal is not an option for me because there are some troubles with my account and here in Russia (where I’m from) their tech support is abysmal.

    Maybe it comes in handy for other people too.

    Thank you!

  52. DevinSt says:

    Great and inspiring message James, thanks for sharing. I do often wonder what you and your family will do living in Japan, one of the most compliant countries in the world centered on social pressure.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I assume that Japanese officials might be more reasonable when presented with evidence of what’s going on. Maybe they have leaders that are less psychopathic than others. The evidence that lockdowns are harmful is overwhelming and also that the new vaccine is potentially very harmful and unnecessary. It is morally wrong that governments and their owners are doing this.

      I have always assumed that the Japanese have strong moral values and would not do this to their citizens. Perhaps I am wrong though.

  53. Ron says:

    Great article James. I’ve been preparing for this since the virus was announced. At first I was very concerned and believed the narrative, but soon after the curve flattened, I realized that this was nothing more than another flu. The yearly numbers showing the regular flu was basically non-existent, for the first time ever, proved this out. And to me it became obvious that there was another hidden agenda and the virus narrative was just the vehicle to move the population towards it. Once they required masks I knew the vaccine would be next. The week before Thanksgiving I gave my two weeks notice to my employer because they required masks to be worn 100% of the time. I decided to quit because they were getting tired of hearing my warnings about what was coming and I didn’t want to be employed somewhere I wasn’t wanted.

    In my opinion there is only one law we are required to follow, and that’s the Golden Rule as taught in the New Testament and many other ancient spiritual texts. And when the time comes when the authorities confront me and insist that I comply, I will simply ask them: “Would you want you or any of your loved ones to be treated as you are treating me right now?” And I hope and pray I have the strength to continue not complying no matter what the consequences turn out to be.

  54. Gavinm says:

    This website offers some great resources for those intending to draw a line in the sand, and encouraging others to embody their God-given Freedom/sovereignty and say I won’t.


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