Episode 266 - The Terrorists Have Been Identified

04/19/20136 Comments

The specter of terror is once again being raised to haunt the collective consciousness of the American psyche. But as the terror meme rears its ugly head, we see an understanding of false flag terrorism creeping into the mainstream discourse. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore the real terror paradigm and examine who really hates you for your freedoms.

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Deadly Wave Of Bombings Across Iraq Ahead Of Elections
Time Reference: 01:09


What is the Monkeysphere?
Time Reference: 02:59


Texas fertilizer plant explosion: RT report
Time Reference: 03:36


Boston Bombing VS West Explosion: A Nation Conflicted
Time Reference: 06:28


FBI Report on Terrorism
Time Reference: 15:20


The Real Terrorists - Sunday Update
Time Reference: 18:23


Boston Marathon Bombings: ‘False-flag’ Meme Infiltrating Mainstream Media Discourse
Time Reference: 26:02


When False Flags Don't Fly
Time Reference: 32:15


False Flags (Remix)
Time Reference: 41:50

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