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Welcome back to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Amazon Names Ex-NSA Chief Keith Alexander to Its Board of Directors

DHS Proposes Massive Expansion Of "Biometric Modality" Collection

PDF: “Collection and Use of Biometrics by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services”

Inside America’s Secretive $2 Billion Research Hub Collecting Fingerprints From Facebook, Hacking Smartwatches And Fighting Covid-19

DoD: Sorry, Amazon, Microsoft's Still Getting That $10 Billion JEDI Contract. Sucks to Suck.

Story #2: NIH “Very Concerned” About Serious Side Effect In AstraZeneca Coronavirus Vaccine Trial

Covid-19 Vaccine Trial Participant Had Serious Neurological Symptoms

“I would not trust Donald Trump... I will not take his word for it."

Bill Gates Wonders Whether FDA Can Be Trusted On Covid Vaccine

William H. Gates II, Lawyer and Philanthropist, Dead At 94

Bayer Settles Thousands of U.S. Roundup Cases With Trial Attorneys

Jeffrey Epstein's friends said I have to wear a muzzle.

COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity

Story #3: Federal Judge Rules Pennsylvania Lockdown “Unconstitutional”

PDF: Hon. William S. Stickman IV’s Ruling Opinion

San Francisco Gym Owners Infuriated to Learn Government Gyms Have Been Open for Months

Trump Renews 9/11 Emergency Declaration: “Text of a Notice on the Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Certain Terrorist Attacks”

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  1. chancey says:

    Proof of the degeneration of the human race:
    1990 – Kamala the Ugandan Giant
    2020 – Kamala the Sacramento Midget

  2. Jermaine says:

    The Microsoft Research youtube channel has an interesting video about the JASON society which has strong connections to the MITRE corporation

    • victoria says:

      hadn’t thought about jason in quite some time, the video brought impetus to search for recent info — i smiled at the title of this 2019 article Pentagon’s Jason group is not worth mourning & laughed reading the opening sentences:

      In Greek mythology, the god Jason went from leader of the Argonauts to getting killed in his sleep when the stern of his ship fell on top of him.

      He never saw it coming.

      And now here we are: Jason, the independent group of scientists that has advised the Pentagon for about six decades on matters of science and technology, apparently lost its contract with the Department of Defense. The news was first reported by Science magazine on April 9.

      albeit …While a rather novel concept in the 1960s, it’s not so much today. For one thing, if Jason remains intact, it can still bid for work. They just won’t have a dedicated contract for receiving exclusive task orders. Also, no disrespect to members or the work produced; there are plenty of hubs of advanced research and development serving the Pentagon today. There are the national academies as well as research institutes, including the think tank Rand and the corporation Mitre, the latter through which Jason actually funneled its activities, and which operates seven other federally funded research and development centers. There are those funded by defense companies — Skunk Works and Phantom Works from Lockheed Martin and Boeing, respectively, to name a couple — and there are an increasing number of innovators coming from the commercial tech community to shake up modern warfare — Palantir and SpaceX, for example. And then there’s the Pentagon’s own innovation hubs — including DARPA, which interestingly had been one of Jason’s primary sponsors. (That relationship went south in 2002 when Jason refused to allow DARPA to select new members.)

      then found an article stating jason had been saved from closing in 2019 by a short-term contract from dept of energy. but what about 2020? Secretive Jasons to offer advice on how to reopen academic labs shut by pandemic
      A group of prominent academic scientists that has been advising the U.S. government on security matters since the Cold War is conducting a quick-turnaround, pro bono study of a new threat to national security—the impact of COVID-19 on academic research.
      perhaps the last study from jason? death certificate: died of the novel coronabologna!

  3. gerald.s says:

    Dr. Carrie Madej unveils astounding possibilities about COVID 19 vaccines in her 9-13-2020 interview video at This 1-hour video is a major wake-up call for all of us. At the time of this comment, the same video was on youtube at:

    Dr. Madej has a 8-17-2020 21 minute introductory video (“Human 2.0”? A Wake-Up Call To The World) at:

    More detailed information with additional documentation is in the 58 minute 8-11-2020 VLTV interview on youtube titled “CV-19, the Vaccine, Gates and Other Dangers We Need to Awaken To” at

  4. mkey says:

    How many of these philanthropists can we afford to lose?

    • wave.watcher says:

      All of them! In fact I would go even further to say we can’t afford to NOT lose all of them. That won’t solve all the problems though, because we would still have all the corporations and mega-industries and politicians left.

    • southamerica says:

      Where’s a sniper when you need one?
      All Philanthropic Foundations need to be CXLed

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Open up a can of that “News Juice Concentrate”

    “New World Next Week” sure covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time. If my mind slightly wanders, I miss some good stuff and have to rewind. Watching these are excellent “focus” exercises.

  6. manbearpig says:


    but as I was watching the part about the judge who ruled in favor of the small business owners citing the constitution and truths about lost liberties being difficult to recover

    I thought that this might play on a whole other “coke vs pepsi” dynamic

    namely the “constitutionalists” vs the …”modern pragmatists”?

    with “constitutionalists” having been portrayed in recent years as “tea partyists”; i.e. reactionary gun-carrying extremists who voted for Trump;

    in other words

    that this would be an ideal opportunity, (if say, you were slowing trying to evolve public opinion towards accepting an outright global technocracy)

    to do away with swathes of a supposedly “obsolete” constitution

    if not the entire constitution itself

    argued to have been drawn up in another long ago time period and context;

    a vestige of an old, individualistic, materialistic, unsustainable pre-industrial revoution world…

    So in the “problem, reaction, solution” mentality

    creating the problem: a constitution that supposedly does not take into account the highly connected, globalized world of


    and a reaction: total division of the “American” population (in reality another left-wing/right-wing conflict) during the run-up of an election and during the mandate of a highly unpopular supposedly “right-wing” president

    in order to arrive at the solution of quasi universal acceptance of major amendments if not the total destruction of the Constitution

    in favor of a new Charter (a NWO charter?) that “takes into account the highly globalized, connected, sustainable smart world we virtually live in and reportely aim for today.

    If you see what I mean.

    PS: You can exercise what you consider to be your rights by reopening your gym for business

    but if “they” come for ya, you’ll still always need someone to defend you in a court of law

    with all that that entails in terms of money, time, media coverage, connections etc… to defend the rights you supposedly possess. No?

    My hat’s off to those who give it a shot, though.

    I’m wondering… was WW2 “won” thanks to that minute percentage of resistants who gave their lives resisting the occupier?

    • debra.b says:

      With how you pointed it out, I can totally see what you mean, manbearpig. Thought provoking to say the least. Your posts always are. Much appreciated!

      • cu.h.j says:

        Hey Debra b,

        Thanks for the kind words. I think you’re brave and strong, to deal with health issues is tough. Many people take for granted basic physical health and overlook how difficult it is to live with chronic conditions. I admire people who are able to live despite adversity like you do. Keep on taking the best care of yourself that you can!

      • lovetodust says:

        Yes, manbearpig, I was thinking along somewhat the same lines but could not elaborate the way you did.

        Sad, isn’t it, to think we have to dissect things like this now. That something that seems so right can be deceptive at it’s core.

        My first thought was that since the Judge is a Trump appointee the decision will be immediately politicized.

        On another note, I received my “cancelled” jury duty card yesterday.

        Who would have thought I would be disappointed that I did not have to show up for Jury duty.

        Folks, it is very very scary. Are all jury trials on hold right now? Forgive my ignorance. To close down the courts???

        Along these lines – please watch a 35 min video out this week with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Atty Rocco Galati of Canada.

        Galati is suing the Govt of Canada over the covid lockdown.

        He has been suing the govt for 30 years, is very familiar with big business.

        He and Tenpenny cover everything: economics, eugenics, psychological, political.

        Very informative.

        Can’t link right now but search or go to Sherri Tenpenny’s twitter page – the interview is listed.

        (I do not have a twitter account but I find the twitter accounts of Tenpenny, CAF, Children’s Health, and others, invaluable for links to info.)

    • cu.h.j says:

      I’m kinda a pragmatist these days, I’m stocking up on guns, food, and buying some land I can grow food on and I’m also voting for Trump. I find the thought of a Trump administration a hell of a lot better than the alternative. To achieve a voluntarist society will take years and years of unlearning of dependency of a hierarchical structure. Working with the public here in “liberal” California has made me a pragmatist.

      And I happen to like guns now, I think they provide a hell of a lot more incentive for the state to leave you alone than say in Australia now. Japan sounds like a cool place, the lack of lockdown, and relatively “free market” and it’s because of that constitution. If you look at the degree of the boot in face totalitarianism, based on my limited knowledge, this happens a lot more in places where citizens don’t have guns.

      Just my humble opinion and I mean no offense at all in my response.

      • debra.b says:

        “ To achieve a voluntarist society will take years and years of unlearning of dependency of a hierarchical structure.”

        I agree with you here, c.u.h.j. I can’t say I’m where you are in my thoughts and certainly not in my actions as it’s not possible for me. I’m not sure what path I’d take if it were possible. But, I admire your stance and the brave actions you’re taking.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        cu.h.j says:
        “I’m kinda a pragmatist these days… … I mean no offense at all in my response”.

        I have to laugh…because California seems like the polar opposite of “Pragmatic”. As does Chicago or Minneapolis or any number of places.

        Pragmatic – DEFINITION – dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.

        Yes! I am extremely offended because you are being sensible and realistic and practical!
        How dare you?!
        This is sacrilege. This is a call for riots and Antifa.
        You need to let rioters spend the night in your home, plus pay me for all the inequalities my great, great, great ancestors suffered.
        Give us your paycheck so we can figure out what is fair pay for everyone.
        We are monitoring your utility bill and your footprint is too high. Tell your husband not to pass gas any more, because it caused the fires in California.

        • cu.h.j says:

          LOL. That is hilarious!! Thanks for the humor, I appreciate it!

        • dregeye says:

          Not to forget that “sensible and realistic and practical” are arbitrary, based in an individual’s or organization’s values, ideology, perimeters and goals.
          A “pragmatic” militarist successfully takes us to WAR.
          A “pragmatic” con man successfully takes our wallet and self-respect.
          A “pragmatic” capitalist successfully exploits for benefit of self.
          Pragmatism is a method, void of any value system.
          Behavior based in mutual respect with inclusive cooperation, refusing coercion, can create voluntary sustainable interconnections.
          Regarding “boot in face totalitarianism,… happens a lot more in places where citizens don’t have guns”? I think the United States has dispelled that assumption significantly (to this point, at least). Plenty of guns everywhere, plenty of “boot in face totalitarianism” by corporations, oligarchs and ‘the state’ too, and on the rise moment to moment.
          Best way I’ve found “for the state to leave you alone” is to lay-low and be unnoticed as much as possible. The appearance of ‘compliance’ while preparing for a personal/community transition.

          • cu.h.j says:

            Good points you raised here. What I meant is that I don’t think society will go from government to complete voluntary interactions overnight. Regarding guns what I meant is that as far as I know in the US no one has been jailed because they organized an anti lockdown protest where as in Australia they have done so. Australian citizens gun rights have been limited and they can’t match what the state has. US citizens on the other hand can match police at least. I think this is one of the reasons citizens aren’t being tossed in jail here for anti lockdown protesting.

            I think having guns that can match police does indeed dissuade them from encroachment on individual freedoms. People have to be able to cause harm to their enemy that serves as a deterrent. It’s basic psychology.

          • mik says:

            “Not to forget that “sensible and realistic and practical” are arbitrary, based in an individual’s or organization’s values….”
            “Pragmatism is a method, void of any value system.”

            In an abundance of rights and liberties mentioned here under this thread, this is the only mention of VALUES, something that should actually be the fundamentals.

            Rights and liberties (and constitutions and…) are worth less than morning crap that goes immediately down the drain and doesn’t infest the environment.

            The Problem With Human Rights

            Interesting, I’ve posted here the above link many times and never got any reply. In its substance it’s anarchistic, and astounding, even marx gives a contribution

            Values are first. Everything else, literally, should be assessed on how much it upholds values.
            I’m still thinking about values, I guess everything boils down to just few of them, less then five. Freedom is definitely the one.

            • dregeye says:

              I began watching the linked video “The Problem With Human Rights” last night at about 2:am and only made it to “subjective rights” being attributed to “The Declaration of Independence” when I decided to stop until I had more time to review that specific document. As I recall, that document asserts “rights” to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” and does not include “property” to my recollection. It is the U.S. Constitution that dropped “the pursuit of happiness” and inserted in it’s place “property”.
              I am posting this simply to indicate that I am not ignoring this video, as others may have. I just have not reviewed the other referenced document to an extent worthy of further comment at this time.
              I’ll try to get to it today and will comment again.

      • MagicBullet says:

        The Japanese basically have zero guns, and basically obey anything the govt will say, but the Gov’t isn’t nearly totalitarian, or they do it very subtly. They traditionally wear masks on trains, when sick, when have hay fever, since Covid they wear them nearly everyplace, many even in an uncrowded park, in any store, walking on a deserted street, many when on bicycles or running, many are quite fearful of catching covid.

        Lockdowns were mild, schools and company workers went on-line, but some restaurants did go broke and hairdressers, gyms, and anything to do with tourism lost lots of business. The Nike shop and some dentists will shoot your forhead for body temp. The death/total population ratio is 1/50th of the US though Japan is more urbanized.

        It’s easy to live here: nearly zero violent crime and no protests. It’s also VERY hard to find a Japanese person who has any clue about social and monetary control plans or that Covid is related to these things.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Interesting. Thanks MagicBullet.

          During the old days in Texas for High School entertainment, we would glue a half dollar to the sidewalk.
          I guess that practical joke won’t work in Japan.

        • candlelight says:

          Excellent observations/comments, MagicBullet, regarding the Japanese.

          As for the ultra tight gun restrictions in Japan, I’ve always thought it rather comical in it’s way, being, phenomenally, the real live backdrop with respect to the living environs of the creator of The Corbett Report, given the extent to which many of its ardent subscribers most probably bask in the embers of the late, great actor, Charlton Heston’s famous fiery oration – “…From my cold, dead hands!” Well, it just ain’t so in Japan.

          And not only guns. But, bladed weapons, too! I read there’s some restrictions on those, as well. The better to keep a yanagiba under ones pillow, eh? But, actually, no need. The crime statistics are quite low…. Sorry, Charlton.

          Yes, there’s a lot of law and order in Japan. Even without legal mandates, the population at large is complying with the standard Covid protocols – masks, social distancing, hand sanitizing, etc., etc. And, surprise, surprise, just as their crime statistics are very low, so goes their Covid statistics. Also very low.

          See the link below describing such harmony:

          I’ve seen Asians wearing masks in the New York area, here and there, for at least the last 15 years. So, it’s not surprising that wearing a mask is a ubiquitous enterprise in the Land of the Rising Sun.

          Early on, Corbett made a video out on the streets mocking the idea of wearing a mask. You know, hamming it up. Towards the end of the video, did Brock actually blur out the face of a mask-wearing woman walking behind Corbett so as not to interfere with, and/or detract from his narrative? Me wonders….

          • candlelight says:

            ….Anyway, meanwhile, there was a time that the New York Metro area was the hottest Covid spot on the planet. I can attest to that, either personally, or anecdotally, from people known to me. Two dead in my own town, whom I’d known for decades; another person who works in town that I hadn’t seen for weeks, who I met recently, lost a whole lot of weight. He said he lost his sense of taste and smell and lost his appetite. He said when he goes home he needs to force himself to eat…. He exclaimed it’s been months! I could see the fear in his eyes as he spoke…. There’s the woman who recovered from Covid, but some weeks later woke-up deaf in one ear. Her doctor said he had a number of similar cases. These are the “long-haulers” one hears about in the news. There’s the doctor of someone I know who ran a walk-in clinic, who died. I heard of a doctor and his daughter who was also in the medical field, both died. But, I also heard of a doctor who said he was successfully treating his patients with Hydroxychloroquine at the first sign of fever. I know someone who wasn’t hospitalized, but went through two weeks of hell, but recovered. And, yet, just days ago I ran into someone who had it back in March who was asymptomatic – he didn’t even know he had it.

            So, it runs the gamut. But, to be very sure, Covid is/was a real phenomenon. Yes, “…something[definitely]was going on in New York.” as Corbett thankfully conjectured in a recent interview. Yes, most definitely, indeed. And rest assured people did/do die from it, of it, with it, by it, because of. Name your preposition….that is, if you want to play games.

            One also should remember that the New York Metro area is home to two international airports in the Borough of Queens – not to mention another in nearby Newark, New Jersey. Between the three airports, it would not be an exaggeration, Pre-Covid, to say that an airplane was landing every minute of the day. That’s a huge influx, and chances are good that the virus was introduced to the area much earlier than typically thought – sometime in December, or even late November, if I had to guess….

            ….Yet, the foregoing is in no way saying that the numbers have not been exaggeratedly skewed and fraudulently rendered. Or that patients, especially those that have been hard hit, haven’t been poorly treated, to say the least, well within the realm of malpractice, or that documented, successful treatments haven’t been criminally suppressed, as it appears to be. All of that is unfortunately true….

            ….All I am saying, though, is that to the vulnerable, Covid, if contracted, can be ugly and dangerous, as well as deadly.

            [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

            • debra.b says:

              candlelight, thank you for your personal account of the NY metro area. I’m in southwestern CT. Personally, I feel devastated by the destruction of NYC. Having spent so much time there both for work and personal time. I haven’t been back for several years. I’m sorry for the loss of those known to you. It certainly seems as if NYC is a ground zero once again, except this time in its’ entirety.

              • candlelight says:

                The two individuals whom I mentioned in the above post where not friends or acquaintances. They were folks who had worked in town for many years, so I knew of them. A close relative of mine told me they died of Covid. One was an elderly lady who worked in a shop, and the other was a middle-aged man who worked in a restaurant, who was a really pleasant, sweetheart of a guy. So, news like that was really sad to hear. The fact that he was middle-aged and heavy set, would perhaps indicate that he may have been diabetic. Thus, even though he was seemingly hearty and strong, he may have succumbed due to just such a co-morbidity, ultimately triggering a fatal reaction. Whatever the specifics, I do not believe his death was some sort of coincidence.

                In principal, it’s very similar to how some people – however rarely – go into anaphylactic shock from ingesting food they may be highly allergic to, or in some instances, people react violently to getting stung by a bee or wasp. I have seen firsthand where a person was stung by a wasp, and at the site of the sting, there formed soon after what looked like a large, thick reddened disk, followed only hours later by heart palpitations, rapid heart beat, and the narrowing of the air passage. It was quite harrowing. So, I can easily understand what some very unfortunate people who are highly sensitive might face contracting enough of a viral load to set them off, especially if they become subject to improper medical treatment, that can and does exacerbate a tough situation, making it worse, not better. Fortunately, a learning curve is beginning to be seen, even among mainstream practitioners. As it’s now being reported, the percentages of deaths are declining due to a better understanding of the syndrome, and thus better treatments.


              • candlelight says:

                However, I would like to say, that in light of the fact there are literally tens of thousands of individuals, and possibly many, many, many more, obviously, who are highly sensitive to the virus, I find unsettling Corbett’s latest demonstrative phraseology classifying the Covid phenomenon as a “phony, ginned-up world order crisis” describing it as a “non-crisis that is not killing people in record numbers”. So, not killing people in record numbers. Hmm. Well, all I can say is thankfully not. Though, what “record numbers” means I know not. What I do know is that the virus is helping kill people, and/or severely injuring them, worldwide. Nonetheless, Corbett, in essence, is saying it’s a phony crisis that’s not killing enough people to qualify as a crisis. Perhaps he can throw out some numbers? When does a phony ginned-up non-crisis become a real crisis? Does he mean the doctors haven’t killed enough people with their ventilators, yet? How many do we need?

                Also, does he think Bill Gates would show up at the teller’s counter to bluff the world out of trillions of dollars brandishing a toy gun?

                Is SARS-CoV-2 a bluff? Well, if it is a bluff, it’s certainly enough to give one pause to think. At the risk of embellishing, Corbett, himself, hinted at the idea of a bio-warfare scenario wherein a further virus could be introduced should SARS-CoV-2 not cut it, that is, if it proves insufficient to assuage universal vaccinations, etc., etc.


              • candlelight says:

                In any event, SARS-CoV-2 is no small matter, in and of itself. And I am sure the families of the dead don’t think it is, nor is it at all conceivable that they’d take Corbett at his vitriolic word – that there’s not enough of the dead to consider anything other than it being a “phony, ginned-up world order crisis”.

              • robert.t says:

                My neighbour’s stepfather died “with COVID”.

                He was a long term kidney outpatient. In emptying out the hospitals in N England they took him off all dialysis. Tested him for COVID but gave him the all clear. Then they readmitted him to die. Still no dialysis. So he died.

                Then they said he had COVID.

                Here in Australia people have stopped dying of flu but COVID has taken up the statistical slack.

                See how they do it? See what Corbett means by “phony, ginned-up world order crisis”? (No, he wasn’t referring to Event 201…though he might well have been.)

                Me, I have no trouble understanding what James means by “phony, ginned-up world order crisis”. No trouble whatsoever.

              • candlelight says:


                If your neighbor’s stepfather was taken off dialysis, then Covid, or no Covid, that was an act of medical malpractice, and there should be legal redress, legal grounds for compensation, not to mention that those responsible should be loosing their medical licenses. Was the hospital administration and attending physicians freaking out that they would be needing room for a great expected influx of severe Covid patients that would overwhelm their facility? What could justify terminating dialysis treatment, which any doctor – or any lay person for that matter – would realize is tantamount to a death sentence? The short answer is there is no justification, whatsoever.

                But, does this example of despicable judgement on the part of the medical community – the hospital and doctors – indicate intentional foul play, amounting in this case, to the equivalency of murder? And all for the sake of increasing the Covid body count?

                I tend to doubt it. At least, I hope not. I think it’s way too cynical to think they were somehow generally motivated to up the ante of Covid deaths by actually murdering patients to make it look good for the world to see. It’s an absurd thought. It seems far more likely a case of medical practitioners, together with hospital administrators making extremely poor decisions in an atmosphere of chaotic confusion, anxiety and fear, in anticipation of much worse things to come, based in large part on dire predictions from governing bodies, such as the CDC, which in turn may have been relying on, or in cahoots with, conclusions drawn from Event 201, which predicted casualties in the millions.


              • candlelight says:

                In that sense, yes, I concede that you could say that Event 201 used “ginned-up” numbers, and accordingly, countries have adopted their policy guidelines based on such dire, yet inaccurate predictions.

                What I find chilling is the possibility that perhaps the actual novel coronavirus that was released in 2019 wasn’t engineered to the specifications envisioned by Event 201…in error…. If you get my drift.

                By the way, I didn’t realize until today how incredibly draconian your Australia has become in its handling of the pandemic. What are the Australian authorities trying to do? Out Chinese the Chinese?? The lockdown in Melbourne, with the police presence, the curfew, mandating masks, expensive fines levied for not obeying, etc., etc., is strictly a nightmare of dystopian totalitarianism at its worst. At this rate, it seems Australia is quickly heading towards mandating forced vaccinations of its citizens, with the exception of none! I’d beware.

                Anyway, it’s not that I don’t understand Corbett’s “phony ginned-up world order crisis” rhetoric. It’s that I just don’t like it. I might be wrong, but it sounds too divisive in its tone and message. It’s divisive because in some sense, it’s too dismissive. As if all was fake and phony as an illusionist’s parlor trick, and nothing more. He’s not saying that, but that’s the tone. At least the terms plandemic and scamdemic connotes a pandemic that was planned. What does phony crisis connote? Not a lot. To me, it’s just not very informative or helpful.

                I guess phony crisis implies phony crisis.

                In the end, it is what it is.

              • robert.t says:

                Nope. Hospitals emptied out does not mean hospitals filled with COVID cases. It means emptied out. The only emergency is the haste to declare COVID cases, not treat them. It’s a subsidy thing, a money thing, a like-your-job thing. The same sort of pervasive bullying one sees after staged terror, staged mass shootings.

                The more fortunate hospital staff get to stay and do dance numbers, blubbering routines etc. Many have been laid off. Because hospitals have been emptied out, duh. The only money is in COVID cases, or rather “with” COVID cases (yes, we must play with prepositions).

                Fortunately, here in Australia they’re not murdering NY style. Our media, left, right and centre, are so centralised and corporatised that the heavy stuff isn’t needed. Aussies believe their favourite larrikin media personalities (called PGBs, or Professional Good Blokes) couldn’t possibly be agents of a technocratic takeover. So we’re just being treated as ideal crash-dummies for the NWO.

                I was about to walk into a quiet little country cafe the other morning when I saw the registration book outside. Soon there’ll be no physical cash so my presence and purchases at a quiet country cafe will be known around the world within a few seconds. Truly, COVID in Oz is a globster’s wet dream. What they couldn’t do in years with the climate beat-up and gun beat-up and terror beat-up they’ve achieved in months with Event 201 gone live.

                Reckon the globsters will walk away from that kind of control once implemented?

                No, I don’t think so either.

              • manbearpig says:

                @ robert.t

                Just as a very recent example of how they’re trying to inflate the number of Covid cases;

                I was talking to a Russian lady on my local beach yesterday and she explained to me that her husband died in January of this year. His death certificate proclaims he was whisked away by “Covid”. Of which she has no doubt. Of course. He was 90 years old. I wonder how far they go back in time with this? I mean when did all deaths officially start being due to Covid?

              • mkey says:

                I’ve read a bit about how they inflate numbers months after the fact, by revising death certificates and patient files. This is statistical chicanery at best. Or worst, depending on how you look at it.

                The very well documented fact is that “cases” consist of an untold number of people who have beed presumed to have died “from covid”;
                as well those that have later been redeclared as “died from covid”;
                as well those that have been declared “positive” without having symptoms, in contravention of “test” manufacturer specification;
                as well those that met various testing conditions to later have been put in the same bin with “positives”;
                as well those for whom nobody can say with any scientific relevance what exactly what does this strip of RNA that has been supposedly detected stand for.

                To invoke the argument that people are dying without providing any context means to use amotional appeals im hopes of nobody noticing.

                We ought to call out bullshit and weakness wherever we see it.

          • MagicBullet says:

            Thank you candlelight. I would add, well there is some violence here, when it happens it really breaks on the news (skip to below paragraph if you don’t like horror movies): usually a troubled adult child killing his parents, an arsonist who burnt his whole ex-workplace and 30+ people in it, a guy luring girls into his room for an agreed “double suicide” that turns into sex and serial homicides, pedo- or teenophiles who kills his victims, guys who tie up granny and get her bank card or money under the mattress, the rare female who poisons her coworkers for fun or serial husbands for insurance, a nurse intravenousing her patients to early death, or mom who wants insurance money after throwing her toddler into the river, the occasional yakuza (mafia) hit with a gun. BUT, the amount of this per year is small fish compared to the US.

            First, about the low numbers of Covid deaths in Asia, I really don’t think it’s due to all the masks and obedience, though some is number inflation in the US. Americans driving to work alone in their car without a mask is much safer than the 40-million tuna-packed commuter train rides in Tokyo daily even if they had 5 masks layered on.

            You can see here that the answer may like in Japan and Asia getting the mild K strain of Corona first leading to some degree of herd immunity to the virulent G strain that made it to the EU and US first:

            While I’m on it, another story, in this vid at around 3:15 BG says there may be 700,000 persons world-wide with vaccine side effects (but he doesn’t say 700k deaths like some people are claiming around the net):
            He also doesn’t say much about his plan to inject nanobot DNA hydrogels:

    • robert.t says:

      Good point there about manufactured alternatives.

      When Elon or Zuck take on the state or get investigated by the state that may be the result of infighting or clashes of interest…but it also helps further the illusion of separation between big gov and big everything-else.

      Celebrity whistleblowers merely inform us in exhausting detail that everything movies and media tell us about the power and pervasiveness of the state is true. Handy that. The tiny number who didn’t catch Matt Damon battling the stupendous tech and resources of the state apparatus will learn the same lessons from Julian or Edward. Unless you’re super-Matt, better just to cower. (9/11? It’s shocking how they neglect first responders. Jon Stewart has grown some stubble in protest.)

      When someone is hollowing out a mountain or tunneling under your city, no need to think the worst when you have celebrity CEOs. That’s just daffy Jeff making a clock inside the mountain or crazy Elon doing his boring thing. It can all be laughed away over a joint on the Joe Rogan show.

      So yeah, maybe the judge is just doing his job. But maybe he’s a Pepsi in the cola war. Then there’s the Pepsi which turns into Coke. The Melbourne woman who was arrested on camera and went viral over her defiance was happy to forgive and even praise the police (or actors in blue) before recommending non-attendance at the gathering she was supposed to be urging the day before. Hmmm.

      No certainties here, but I’d say your skepticism is more than justified.

      • mkey says:

        To which of the Melbourne arrests are you referring to?

        • robert.t says:

          This is her backdown video. Hard to say if the whole thing was a set-up from the start. Controlled opposition requires purposeful scripting and this certainly has that. While there is still an appeal to our rebellious side, any urge to action is hosed down cold while we are assured that Victorian coppers are good guys doing a hard job.

          Controlled opposition has to have strong appeal on at least one level. Often brutal truths are told frankly so we are kept close to the corral of lies. One “truther” will tell you COVID is fake but a certain mass shooting is real (though not carried out by the declared shooter). One site I used to frequent was hard-line on exposing the climate beat-up only to become the loudest and most eager booster of the virus beat-up (though taking the Trumpian/Murdoch line that dark forces were stopping us from getting our hydroxy-whatsy).

          I can’t say with any finality if Zoe Lee is a real person who really was arrested. Not hard to find a needy or compromised person to play the part of a fictional character. Thanks to a completely controlled mass media the controllers can even offer a clumsy animation (Google shooter?) with a back-dated or spurious internet background. Considering the paucity of capable actors and the huge market for fakery I’d expect to see more of that.

          All up I reckon manbearpig is on the right track by handling good news skeptically without rejecting it.

          • manbearpig says:

            Well thanks for the vote of confidence Robert.T

            The ever awesome Whitney Webb has evoked “a constitutional crisis” sparked by this year’s presidential elections in her amazing article that begins thusly:

            “A group of Democratic Party insiders and former Obama and Clinton era officials as well as a cadre of “Never Trump” neoconservative Republicans have spent the past few months conducting simulations and “war games” regarding different 2020 election “doomsday” scenarios.

            Per several media reports on the group, called the Transition Integrity Project (TIP), they justify these exercises as specifically preparing for a scenario where President Trump loses the 2020 election and refuses to leave office, potentially resulting in a constitutional crisis. However, according to TIP’s own documents, even their simulations involving a “clear win” for Trump in the upcoming election resulted in a constitutional crisis, as they predicted that the Biden campaign would make bold moves aimed at securing the presidency, regardless of the election result…”

            To learn more about the Transition Integrity Project:


            • debra.b says:

              manbearpig, thanks for the update on the Whitney Webb article. I’ve fallen way behind on her work. And, it’s not easy to keep up with her even having not fallen behind. I remember an interview with her saying she thought something would occur just before or after the election. I think she was in the middle of her research at the time. Anyway, thanks again!

            • debra.b says:

              Interview with Whitney Webb discussing the above article linked by manbearpig.

              “Deep State Orchestrating Election Chaos For Martial Law” (26:58 min interview w/Graham Elwood)

              Whitney describes the election as “being rigged for chaos”. I thought that would make a good one liner to use with those stuck in that two party paradigm mindset if trying to explain what is really going on and they start in regarding election rigging. ‘The election is rigged for chaos.’ Just a thought.

              Her article is well worth the read, imo. I’m not crazy about this interviewer, but I thought this was a good, quick overview by Whitney. Which is something I personally find useful as a supplement to reading articles to get my brain to grasp the info. And, Whitney sure does jam pack info into her articles.


          • mkey says:

            To add to what are saying here, there’s the other Victoria woman arrest video from two different angles.


            The “foul mouth version” with the “hysterical partner filming”.


            The above version shows there is no hysterical partner filming. To what level has this been constructed?

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              HIGHLIGHT – Canard portrayal
              mkey says:
              “The above version shows there is no hysterical partner filming.
              To what level has this been constructed?”

              Thanks mkey.

              I remember the other comment you made way back when the incident first appeared. Two videos showing the difference by means of perspective.

              • mkey says:

                I remember that version but I don’t remember where it was posted. Putting it side by side really helps make it obvious. But still the question remains, to what extent did they fake this event?

  7. debra.b says:

    “You will enforce your rights by using them rather than going to a court of law and asking them to uphold them.”- James Corbett

    • cu.h.j says:

      That’s brilliant actually. People should just open their business up again en mass and we should stop paying taxes too. Non compliance is more effective when large numbers of people refuse. If I was already growing my own food I would completely refuse to wear a mask outside of a hospital setting. I have grown to HATE masks now. I only wear it to be able to enter stores here in good ole “progressive “ California.

  8. debra.b says:

    “20 years ago I was more realizing and researching and discovering. And, going what?!”
    – James Evan Pilato

    Thanks for saying this, JEP! I would need to replace the 20 years ago with 5 years ago. Even now, to some degree, I’m still not entirely beyond that place. I’m not as up to speed as I wish to be because there are so many moving parts. So much to think about and consider for myself in terms of applying what I have managed to learn within the confines of my individual circumstances. There are those out there who are just beginning to be in that place, some who are midway or some not at all. And, many shades of gray in between. I’m trying my best to remember that when I’m attempting to pass along the information to others or thinking about those who are new to The Corbett Report. Perhaps, many who haven’t joined in, but are just lurking about as I did for several years. Who am I to judge where anyone else should be in their journey?

    I find it’s easy to fall into that mindset. And, doesn’t that come down to another form of division? Division that I’m supposedly fighting against? For me, it’s beginning to feel that way. I wonder if balanced division amongst humanity is the best we could hope for.

    Hopefully, the point I’m trying to make is clear. I’m operating with who knows how many lobes tied behind my back. But, what JEP said struck a chord in me. And, my thoughts, emotionally scattered as they may be, I could not hold back.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      debra.b says:
      There are those out there who are just beginning to be in that place, some who are midway or some not at all. And, many shades of gray in between.

      So true.
      I don’t know how James Corbett would do it, but sometimes I wish he had a rudimentary introduction into this Covid Era Deception.
      I think that some of the Newbie folks go “blank disinterested” because the information is above their grade level.

      On the plus side, the graphics and excerpted videos in Corbett’s works really strike home, even with a lower grade level newbie.

  9. james.w says:

    Unless they are permanent, the lockdowns, at best, only delay the infections. The disease is not dying out – that is not the way viruses work. Herd immunity will rise as the disease spreads throughout the entire world population. The lockdowns give it a continuous media propaganda, continuous shocks on your, everyone’s psyche – continuous fear that drains the blood from your thinking brain parts and puts your fight, flight, and follow-the-leader brain part in total control. There is only one possible endgame for them: vaccinations that “cure” everyone – not the numerous cures that have been proven to work since the number of really sick people is an infinitesimal number compared with the profits to be made by vaccinating everyone in the world. Of course, it could be even more sinister – they might want to, as the Prince of Wales wishes, to wipe out a large part of the world’s population. But like the sorcerer’s apprentice, they know not what they are doing. There are already serious problems with Astrazeneca’s version:
    So far, they have already hamstrung the world’s economies. As usual, the big bankers (not the nice guy you know who is
    running the local branch) will end up owning more while the average person’s wealth and life are destroyed. This is not a new pattern. The “Great Depression”, the “Great Recession” (both euphemisms) , and the myriad other economic collapses throughout banking history have done this before. However, this time, we are entering a massive, Little Ice Age which may burn the house down to the ground since they are not preparing for it – just the opposite, they are destroying the energy industry which could make it less destructive.

  10. zyxzevn says:

    Book written and supported by experts.
    Interview: “Bestseller” Book Calls Out Covid-19 [TheHighwire]

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      This is good! Thanks again 67.

      German researchers, Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi MD and Dr. Karina Reiss PhD, credited with 360+ publications on Immunology, Virology, Inflammation, & Pathology, have now written a book detailing staggering concerns over Public Health measures taken during the pandemic.

  11. cu.h.j says:

    JEP mentions being very angry about the scamdemic and I feel similar feelings of rage. 911 was more abstract, but this shutdown of society is a war on humanity and has cost peoples livelihoods and lives. There have been people who have committed suicide because of this and I know someone who ended their life because they had no hope left. I am very very angry about this.

    I remember a course I took in college on non-violence and social movements and even Gandhi said that doing nothing was worse than violence. People need to use their anger to actually do something constructive. Violence is sometimes constructive if the person deserves it, in my opinion. These psychopathic “philanthropists” deserve to suffer.

  12. mik says:

    Lawsuits against ‘rona fascism and similar

    ok, people choose their fights, cool

    But, to what extent does this differ from voting except that odds of winning are probably better?

    Still, it’s just playing one of system’s game.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Because unless you have a large number of people who opt out of “the system” or you move to a place that has a society that is all voluntary, people are stuck living in a “mainstream” society. In the US, voting and the courts are the mechanisms of shifting things in addition to economic non-participation, e.g. not buying baby powder from Jonson and Jonson.

      Unless there is a way to move substantial numbers of people or people in positions of influence just opting out of voting and using the courts can just leave a person in a worse situation. For example, I got a traffic violation that was unfair so I went to court to contest it to avoid the fee and I won. Had I just said, “fuck the courts, I’m not paying this!” they would come after me for the fee and could potentially throw me in jail for non-payement. So, I had to go to court, a pain in the butt, but I went because I have to function in the society we have now, not in the ideal I would like to have.

      I think using multiple levels of resistance like the courts makes more sense on a practical level. For example, the guys that opened their gym are also using the courts in addition to non-compliance. Regarding voting, especially on local government levels, it makes sense if these local people can influence my life in a substantial way, so I’m going to do it because at this point in time I have no community to go to that can provide things that I need and my family needs to live. I can try to participate in an alternative economy/community and contribute and at the same time vote and go to court. These things aren’t mutually exclusive.

      • Jed says:

        I don’t see a speeding fine in the same light as property tax that feeds the military COVID complex, ect. The roads are shared and driving on them is an agreement to follow rules — we need to differentiate authoritarianism from administration. Was the ticket an act of violence? A court session to sort out matters over a bunch of agreed upon rules is not a bad thing. An authoritarian government using courts to take people’s property is a different story.
        The roads are deadly.

        • cu.h.j says:

          What I am saying is that courts exist and government exists thus even if I don’t believe in government I still have to deal with it. I got a red light camera ticket and they tried to scam me and I went to court and had to deal with it and won. I strongly believe in living in a world without government and with natural law but I actually must participate in what exists now to survive. Not voting and not using the courts to me is not an option because if I just refuse to participate things may get worse for me.

          • cu.h.j says:

            In this episode the court ruled the lockdown unconstitutional which is a good thing. It’s precedent setting if it’s upheld on appeal. I think using the courts in addition to non compliance with the tyrannical lockdowns are both essential with flat out refusal en mass probably being the most effective. The courts can help too though.

        • mik says:


          ” The roads are shared and driving on them is an agreement to follow rules “. “The roads are deadly.”

          Hell no. Do you believe in Social Contract?

          Most of the traffic rules and draconian fines don’t exist because of safety.

          Life is deadly.

      • mik says:


        sure, to some extent we have to play the game.

        But, please, there is absolutely no excuse, no rationale, for voting, just no.
        If James didn’t convince you then I also have no chance.

        • cu.h.j says:

          The recent BLM and antifa riots and bullshit woke culture being shaved down are throats convinced me that voting is still necessary. I think JC ‘s work absolutely and at the end of the day I still have to make my own decision. My grandma was a refugee from Nazi Germany our family got chased out and she told me that voting is important. JC is not the final authority on voting nor would he tell anyone to not vote.

          • cu.h.j says:

            I can be wrong though, maybe voting is just another way to game the public, another layer of manipulation. If it is, it won’t hurt to vote. This is in addition to planning to directly resist any mandatory vaccine. Trump may be a total shill for the technocrats, but if you watched the old debates and saw the way he humiliated Hillary Clinton, you may have doubts. I just don’t think that the election was rigged and with all the impeachment stuff. Why would someone be okay with that degree of humiliation, the MSM has tried to attack every aspect of the Trump presidency. It just doesn’t make sense that he’s a total shill, so just in case he’s not, it’s a hedge. It’s always good to never place all of your eggs in one basket or let the state know you too well.

          • mik says:

            I didn’t mention James as an authority, he just elaborated many times in many ways why voting is no no. Of course he won’t say straight forward don’t vote, he’s James and an anarchist.

            But we are not just rational beings, look at smokers, totally irrational behavior (and I among them).

            If someone wants to join this sect
            I would say don’t, but at the end his life his choice.

  13. fer67 says:

    Thanks for the great show again.

    With more information coming out now about how Soros is funding city and state departments, including sheriff departments, I think it’s time for some reesearch into his funding practices and election interference. Billionaires appear to be inserting themselves directly into our governments at a local level. Gates came to Canada to direct our mayors on mask policy! This needs to be exposed. I think the world needs to know who is buying all the govt policy and legislation that is being used against us right now. Is this something James might be taking on?

    Thanks again. Where does one look for funding sources and money trails anyway?

    • lovetodust says:

      I know that Allison McDowell at does a LOT of aggregating info on funding sources and money trails.

      She recently did a fantastic three hour interview on the fourth industrial revolution.

      I can’t link it but if you search “Live Q an A with Allison Hawver McDowell” you’ll get it.

      She is not a researcher by profession but she talks about how she follows trails to find out about everyone’s connections and funding. She is a font of knowledge and well worth looking into.

      She is someone who would be perfect for an interview on the Corbett Report. Hint Hint, James.

  14. wylie1 says:

    Really enjoy the New World Next Week segments! Great job both.

    However, it is mighty easy for J.Corbett to sit in Japan urging Gym owners and everyone else to [Open for Business] in the face of state lockdown orders.

    To do so without a better plan than that is not wise. Stick to reporting until you’ve had the police show up at your doorstep and come under serious threat by the state. Then you will know to offer some much wiser words.
    — The schools and major media here have spent many decades EMOTIONALIZING the people. Therefore some will get jacked up and react and say damn right I’m gonna open! …and end up in jail or worse. Which does NOTHING but harm that defier AND justify the govt minions in their wee robot nazi noggins.

    As posted in response to prior articles/videos, Business Owners should form a coalition = Strength in numbers.

    “Defy authority!” doesn’t cut it when jail and worse looms large. Make a plan A, B, C… Involve some people with serious clout if possible.
    — Get your group and get a meeting with the mayor. Explain how your group is growing by leaps and bounds by the day and will become a large VOTING block which many in the populace will respect and vote likewise. Any politician will understand those implications.
    — Meet with all sorts of businesses to get more numbers. The bigger you are the more the politicos and their minions at the police will back off.

    As always, I’m Not saying to never defy weasel authority. Just be smarter about it to avoid yourself a world of hurt.

    • wylie1 says:

      Cont. from above:
      J.Pilato mentioned this. The govt knows how to deliver hurt.
      — One could say that is what they are going for with all the lock downs and supporting BLMatter antifa; pushing and poking trying to get those good folks prone to defy authority to react, so they can toss them in jail as examples to the rest of the sheep that may think about growing a set of brass balls.

      No big brass necessary. Get a team. Govt is a group. Why go up against a large group all on your own? Seems to me, lawyers have MUCH less to do with the courts in virtual mode. Get some of them involved but not for pay. They get to volunteer just like the other businesses. And be choosy about your invites to lawyers. Some are so inept they will steer you wrong. Worse than having spies and enemies in your midst …which you will. Just realize that and act accordingly straight forward.

      Prepare one-liners to use when the media is asking questions so they cannot edit (Ronald Reagan tactic). Expose lies, hypocrisy, double standards, for all to hear.
      do nothing and go broke, your choice.

      Clearly some understood what was up and sued the state. What the blazes is stopping everyone else from doing same?!

      • cu.h.j says:

        The “government” knows how to manipulate people and can deal with violence against them. However, you have to remember that those are still people in those positions, a soldier or a police officer, or another citizen. What you need is the ability to convey your message with words and back up with force if needed. Some police and soldiers would likely switch sides if it’s the right thing to do. Talking is always better than violence, but people have to be able to use it if need be, in my opinion.

        I don’t know why the hell more people aren’t suing left and right, maybe it was the “stimulus check” and the idea of potential UBI, who knows. I have just been getting ready, have gone to a few anti lockdown protests, mainly preparing myself for a possible forced vaccine agenda.

  15. flyinga says:

    I have recorded a video for those in the UK regarding Operation Moonshot, the mass testing plan, highlighting the costs and dangers.

    • mkey says:

      The documents state that the objective of the mass testing programme is to“utilise the full range of testing approaches and technologiesto help reduce the R rate, keep the economy open and enable a return to normal life.”They say that Moonshot has been described by theprime minister as the“only hope for avoiding a second national lockdown before a vaccine, something that the country cannot afford.”

      The old false dilemma.

  16. Motobecane1000 says:

    U.S. District Judge William S. Stickman IV for Supreme Court Justice!

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