Interview 1558 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

06/25/202060 Comments

Welcome back to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Bayer Settles Roundup Cancer Lawsuits For Up to $10.9 Billion

Alt Breastmilk Company Biomilq Raises $3.5 Million From Gates’ Investment Firm

Artificial Breast Milk Investment Fund Backed By Gates, Bezos and Zuckerberg

Nestlé Boycott

Flashback: Gates Grant to Fund Testicle-Blasting Contraceptive (May 17, 2010)

Many BPA-Free Plastics Are Toxic. Some Are Worse Than BPA

#FluorideTrial: Ruling Delayed As Judge Asks Defense and Plaintiffs to Discuss New Evidence

Story #2: Japan to Bolster Defense After Scrapping Missile System

Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution

Arrest of Ex-Justice Minister Could Hasten Abe's Departure

Story #3: Nova Scotia Shooter Case Has Hallmarks of Undercover Operation

Nova Scotia Killer Had Ties to Criminals, Withdrew Huge Sum of Cash Before Shooting

Police Uniform, Mock RCMP Car Were Key Factors in N.S. Shooting

BOMBSHELL REPORT: Transactions Reveal Nova Scotia Shooter May Have Been RCMP INFORMANT OR AGENT!!!

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  1. troymc says:

    Breaking News: Mothers have actually not breast-fed their babies for the past 100,000 years!

    • firehorse says:

      I nursed all three of our babies and ignored snide remarks about sexually assaulting my babies with my naked breasts, and my public nudity (even though I was covered by a baby blanket). My husband had to stand by to defend us.

    • debra.b says:

      troymc, how can that be true? My daughter is currently breastfeeding her infant son. She’s even gonna use her breast milk to make homemade baby food for him because she doesn’t trust any of the baby foods sold in stores. He’s gonna start eating food this week.

      But, with regards to the Gates made breastmilk. Gross!!! I didn’t want to hear or see that. But, I did. Psychos!

      firehouse, my sisters got that from others too. Awful!

  2. I Shot Santa says:

    Yesterday, King James made one of his frequent witty remarks that got my demented White Trash brain creaking along. False Flags Matter. I immediately thought it was a great t-shirt idea. Since everyone is always yakking on about how we need to wake up all the comatose slaves; why don’t y’all sell t-shirts? They spread seeds of doubt among people without even having to talk to them. Even if it’s on a subconscious level. Plus, you could make a few extra bucks.

    P.S. I would prefer organic material. Preferably hemp.

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Re: 6/25/2020 “Interview 1558 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato”

    I loved the way that James Evan Pilato took the 1st story of Bayer/Monsanto/Roundup and opened up the broader perspectives of the entire ilk.

    It was a smooth glide as he mentioned Biomilq, Gates, Bezos & “Super-rich Friends”, Nestle and other Fake Food producers, Testicle-blasting, the non-BPA charade, etc.
    Ya gotta hand it to the Radio-man. He can fill that 60 second spot with a lot of impact.

    On a related note:
    via Health Impact News & Vaccine Impact News
    mid-June 2020
    Has the Merck Pharmaceutical Company Killed More People than the U.S. Military or Any Terrorist Organization?
    Originally by Richard Gale and Gary Null

    The referenced sources and timeline in this article is impressive.
    The VIDEO in this article has tremendous impact.

    This is one article, alone, that would make any parent have pause about vaccines.

    • debra.b says:

      Agreed about NWNW episode and the vaccine article and video. Tremendous impact, indeed!

      My daughter is very good on healthy food for her family. As I mentioned in a post above her plan for baby food. Which btw, was successful judging by the huge smile on my grandson’s face after eating food for the first time today(she sent me a photo). I want/need to have the baby vaccines conversation with her, but I don’t know how to start. I asked my brother because he’s very knowledgeable about vaccines. He offered encouragement that she’s sought out information from him often over the years regarding healthy eating, even more so in the last few years, and that she’s very open to whatever he discusses with her. Which I knew because she often tells me, but still good to hear.

      Anyway, I actually hadn’t seen the 2016 Vaxxed documentary. I went to look it up and it’s banned everywhere, which apparently started happening last year. I found it on bitchute though. So, I’ve been spending more time, especially in the last several months on certain issues, vaccines being one of them. Thanks for pointing to this article!

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    FLUORIDE – Trial updates and more

    Regina Imburgia, a long time Dallas Activist spanning decades, was again before the Dallas City Council via ZOOM yesterday morning, Wednesday June 24th, 2020.
    During her 3 minute allocation, she spoke about the Fluoride Trial victory for all the world to see. That Fluoride has been shown to act as a neurotoxin.
    Regina exposed a top City of Dallas Water Department employee, Terry Lowery, who has used her own pro-fluoride bias to influence the Council with false information saying that the Council has no authority to easily stop the water fluoridation. In truth, the Council can easily vote to stop water fluoridation.

    While Regina Imburgia (a cook by trade) has been an activist on many different fronts, she has been strongly on the Dallas Fluoride crusade since 2013.
    She is the sponsor of the website

    During the course of the trial, sometimes Regina was on a group phone call with Michael and Paul Connett.
    As I understand it, the Fluoride Action Network will eventually release videos of the trial.
    One video will be unedited. Another will have interjections describing the incidents taking place during the trial.

    Fluoride Action Network (FAN)
    A pdf with GRAPHICS

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      This Fluoride Trial SUB-THREAD gives links and info during the two weeks of the trial.

      I can tell ya…the “bad guys” really looked like bad guys during this trial.
      Even the EPA attorney was caught on an unknown hot mic saying “This is not good” when one of their hired guns was testifying.
      Michael Connett was like a Perry Mason…he whooped ’em bigtime.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Jun 22, 2020
      by Carol Goodwin Blick, Clean Water Sonoma-Marin (CWSM)
      SONOMA COUNTY GAZETTE (just north of San Francisco)

      In the United States more than 200 million people receive artificially fluoridated water.
      SOURCE: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS 2016)

      Judgement on Hold In TSCA EPA Water Fluoridation Case
      …After final arguments concluded on Thursday, June 18th, Judge Edward M. Chen (the Court) made a surprise proposal that he defer judgment, while EPA and the plaintiffs discuss a solution that will satisfy both.

      The Court appeared convinced by the science indicating that fluoride poses an unacceptable neurotoxic risk to the 200 million in the U.S. (about 2/3s of the total population) who currently receive artificially fluoridated tap water, with the greatest risk to perinatal infants and children…(studies referenced)…

      …What is missing for EPA is a formal EPA-standard risk assessment of fluoride. However, although EPA has protocols for determining unacceptable risk of neurotoxins, and for determining a safe dose, if any, below which the risk is acceptable, EPA has not applied these protocols to fluoride. EPA began its evaluation of fluoride only well after the lawsuit was filed, and that evaluation is far from complete.

      In addition, the Court determined that EPA has been applying the wrong standard to fluoride, looking for causation of harm, instead of risk of harm. Risk alone is the standard mandated by statute, and any evaluation done under EPA’s current standard will be legally flawed.

      The Court would like the plaintiffs to submit a new petition, including studies not yet published when the petition was filed, and perhaps to do, and submit, the formal EPA-standard risk assessment EPA says it requires but has not yet done. The Court expects EPA to reverse course (like turning a battleship on a dime), accept the new petition and the new risk assessment, and do the right thing re. Fluoride. Attorneys for both sides expressed strong reservations….

      • debra.b says:

        I was pretty caught up here, the fluoride trial that is, as I followed Derrick Broze coverage. But, I’ll need to look at some of the other links you provided here. Thanks HRS! 🙂

      • Fact Checker says:

        “Judge Edward M. Chen (the Court) made a surprise proposal that he defer judgment, while EPA and the plaintiffs discuss a solution that will satisfy both.”

        This means the judge knows he would have to outright lie to find against the plaintiffs, but he doesn’t want to be vilified by the corporate press as the “tinfoil-hat judge” who sided with the “pseudoscience” of contrarian cranks who hate fluoridated water, Santa Claus, apple pie, and fresh surgical masks for all the world’s children. Therefore, he wants to force the parties to settle so that he is relieved from having to go out on any limb. This will mean no official finding of unacceptable risk, and no legal precedent against fluoride. (In other words, it’s a judicial cop-out.)

        “The Court would like the plaintiffs to submit a new petition…”

        This is how he is strong-arming the plaintiffs. “If you don’t settle, I’m just going to force you back to square one, so just settle because I am not going to tarnish my stature just because fluoride might be a smidge neurotoxic.”

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        It is anybody’s guess what Judge Chen may do if the EPA and Citizens don’t work out something.

        It is my hope that he mandates that the EPA take strong action to immediately stop fluoridation.
        By now, our country is acclimated to sudden immediate shifts in national policy.
        The Judge may sense that.

  5. Bambaleo says:

    This article caught my eye today.

    Chevron backing a company that turns toxic waste into fish food.
    “We take untreated industrial emissions of CO2 and we turn them into protein — initially for animal feed and starting in fish farming.”

    Initially. initially for animals. Then for humans.

    Breakthrough Energy Ventures, the Gate Bezos Branson slush fund (ie. friends of Pedo to the stars Epstein) seem to have invested in this as well.

  6. CantBelieveEverythingIHear says:

    For James Evan Pilato: I didn’t see Mark Zuckerberg in the list of Breakthrough Energy Ventures Board Members & Investors ( ) or Team ( ). Am I missing something? I found everyone/everything else that you mentioned.

    By the way, I really look forward to each new episode of “New World Next Week” (or, these days, “New World Order Next Week”… *ugh*). Thank you so much for doing this!

  7. CantBelieveEverythingIHear says:

    For James Corbett (regarding BIOMILQ)… the “Q” in the name BIOMILQ is “obviously” not for “quality”, but for “quackery”, “questionable”, “qualms”, “queazy” or “queer”… *ugh*

  8. HomeRemedySupply says:

    While I don’t cotton to “conservatives vs liberals”, for me, this was worth a view.

    Black Lives Matter Exposed By Hodge Twins

    (H/t Hanky)

    • cu.h.j says:

      That was a good video. I’ve learned a little more about the organization that I dislike, including that one of the founders said they did have an ideology of being “trained Marxists”. That’s actually what one of them said in an interview.

      On top of that apparently Shaun King is probably not even black and lied about it to get into Moorhouse with a full scholarship. He said he was involved in hate crime and was jumped in college, but the police report conflicted with his account. He has misused funding and was called out by a person in the organization for it, but people still support this fraud.

      And he has the audacity to tell people to get rid of “white Jesus” in churches. I’m not a Christian but think people have the right to worship whoever they want.

      I can’t stand BLM recently. They do absolutely nothing but spread hate and they haven’t done anything for regular Black people who may need help for example some of the people in the poorest neighborhoods in Chicago. They don’t say a word about the living conditions and disparities there and neither do all the “woke” white liberals in the movement. They could have raised tons of money for them and helped that community but have done nothing.

      It’s a complete fraud of an organization in my opinion that mislead well-meaning people to do things that are harmful and counterproductive, ie the desecration of statues, looting, and burning, etc. It’s a far cry from the civil rights movements in the 1960s. Thanks for the video.

    • wylie1 says:

      Thanks great video I will be passing fwd. Much more impact with those fellows explaining it rather than “whitey”.
      Although didn’t see any conservative vs. liberal in it, just showing what is going on, and mention of where the BLM donated money ends up. If true, which I’ve read elsewhere, then facts are facts which should be exposed.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        When you research the Hodge Twins, they are conservative.
        They are also comedians.
        A lot of Trump folks cite the Hodge Twins.

        The MASK issue also has partisan tones.
        Or, at least, that is how the media portrays and divides us…

        June 26, 2020 – Friday
        Citing ‘irrational fears’ of killer pandemic, Republicans fight face masks in Congress
        The short VIDEO in the article has some good highlights.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Del Bigtree on The Highwire
          The MASK issue – past footage of “Experts”

          This is the first round in the 2 hour show.
          June 25, 2020

        • wylie1 says:

          Thanks HRS
          Yes, good to avoid getting caught up into the pushed upon us left vs. conservative, race, or any other propagandized and pushed distraction.

          For me, about 10-20 years ago it was helpful to know what side of the debate a person was coming from to help see through what they were saying. Maybe that is still true? …but they seem self evident over the years. It would have been a massive surprise if the Hodge Twins were Hillary and Biden supporters. However, even if they were, it still is a valuable message.

          I find it unfortunate(purposefully diabolical) that everyone is now labeled so as to divide us, as you said.

          When it comes to every new world order puppet they march out, it would be nice to have a label across their forehead [Enslaver] so the TV believers might get a clue.

          As a matter of fact we the people should demand that to go with truth in labeling and advertising bills. Wouldn’t that be a hoot.

  9. cbsk says:

    bayer were also the ones that infected 1000’s with hiv and totally got away with it, aids was unheard of before this so putting both together it seems to me that this is how we got aids, it was made in a lab and this was just them getting caught spreading it … “WORST DRUG SCANDAL – Bayer mass murders thousands with HIV-tainted drugs – Factor VIII”

    • cbsk says:

      also since they totally got away with it says to me that government played it’s part in it, imagine if an ordinary citizen did something like this, the same rules and laws for people don’t seem to apply to government and big business and even when they do they never are held to the same standards as if a citizen was to do the same thing

      • cu.h.j says:

        Isn’t it disgusting that they get away with it and that’s totally normalized? It’s sick. Children died from that contamination.

        I think people need to organize and make their own society, buy a piece of land and form a new culture or something. I just don’t know how that could work. There is no accountability.

        • wylie1 says:

          I’m all for organizing, I’ve seen it work in fighting govt. Yet right now find no real takers, just those who want to vent. Organizing takes a person who can draw people to join in on a cause. So that would be the first necessary element to go find.

          Alternative to some alternative new society, you could form a society or massive group with the express intent to virus your wisest most honorable people into govt; contracted to incrementally get rid of most of it. Starting with some city or county and expanding from there. Govt being the conduit through which many bad things happen. For those in need expand on the GoFundMe concept.

          The alternative to that is more and worse of what we have been getting, violence, or finding that tiny island the powers that be ignore.

  10. bladtheimpaler says:

    Hot on the heels of the mass casualty event in Nova Scotia was an order in council by the Federales to prohibit semi auto rifles with military calibre designations….the AR 15 and its like. Various shooting sports and associated groups are of course up in ‘arms’ over this type of move which bypasses parliament. Again only the law abiding gun owning members of the public will be affected while govt. secret agents run ops to advance NWO policies and protocols.

    • CreativeLife says:

      On the 23rd in the Fact Checker Episode 381 12:08 Lasessex was concerned about what happened as a result of the Nova Scotia shooter, which right from the start looked strange, as many other such incidents have in the past. Trudeau’s attempt at the AR15 went further to include as Lasessex points out:

      The language “guns with a 20mm bore or greater” has now made the ownership of 12ga shotguns with removable chokes (most modern ones have these) illegal and subject to the costly buy back program. See that post and my response for more information.

      Immediately, back in April the day after, this incident was called out as staged and a very good interpretation was done in a rather comical Dudley Do-right series. This all began at midnight on April 19, and was marked with “FIRE”. A ritual for a high holiday leading up to Beltane. It’s amazing how this crisis acting industry still evades the MSM watchers. It is very sad that our emotions are being used and abused in such a destructive way. If there was anyone who was tragically murdered it is awful for sure. Sometimes, it is found there are actual casualties in the midst of a bigger story. Take a close look at the series and come to your own conclusions. Dan Dicks did a great job. Many of us have had our hunting licenses for years, what’s next folks? Note the date of her report.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Glad I never had a hunting license!

  11. Peripatêtikos says:

    Is it not obvious?

    The “Q” in Biomilq stands for: Trust the Plan.

  12. thomas.j says:

    Munchausen by Proxy En Masse:

    He gets around the corona scrare and I guess you can apply it to the climate change scare as well. By the way his channel only got a few videos so far and they are very interesting and he deserves more views in my opinion.

    • Fact Checker says:

      Kinda boring production values, but great content for sure.
      I have been making the point that the bolognavirus scam is Munchausen Sydrome by Proxy (MSbP) on the societal scale for a while now, and this guy definitely adds a great observation that the whole “microaggression” narrative is a precedent for it. (I would say both sides of the “microaggression” equation are victims of MSbP: putative microaggressors are given the false belief they are racist, while putative targets of microaggression are saddled with persecution- and inferiority complexes.)
      I also liked his “Dark-Mother-Archetype” framing of the movement.
      I guess I should start giving millennial pretty-boy hipsters the benefit of the doubt!

  13. I Shot Santa says:

    While it sounds more like an infomercial, it addresses the problem of “waking” people up. Add to this the school system and the brain wave entrainment patents for television, and then ask yourself; is it worth the time to “wake” people up? Or are we better off preparing?

    • flammable says:

      Waking people up is part of the preparation. The more number we have on our side (well really people on their own side) the better chances we have to survive and thrive. The best way is to balance both waking people up and preparing or sharing ways to prepare like you do.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        There is a time and place for all things. Waking people up to the obvious is no longer viable, and worsens our chances of survival by our not doing more effective things. You cannot awaken the dead.

        • cu.h.j says:

          I’m starting to believe you are right about this. I think a heads up to people once is worthwhile. I’ve done that for people I care about but I won’t waste my time if they are unwilling to look into the facts.

          My time and energy are very valuable, limited quantity. People forget that sometimes that our time and energy are valuable, irreplaceable in this lifetime anyway.

          Like you said, finding a way to survive and build a community with people who are awake is more worthwhile.

          I’m thinking Arizona or one of the other red states would be better. I live in CA and want to get the hell out of this place in the next year or so. I don’t know if leaving the country is an option.

          Immigration is more difficult out of the US and Mexico seems dangerous to me with the cartels.

          Some people have said a civil war is coming in the US.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Moving is a tough call. Especially at this late stage. Though I think an outright collapse is more likely. There aren’t any well defined sides, which would be instrumental for a civil war or revolution. Neither of which has my support. Also, if we prepare properly, a collapse is freedoms ally. But we’d have to focus on proper planning. Converting the dead don’t cut it.

            • cu.h.j says:

              Yes, I hate to use this phrase but “ in crisis is opportunity” not only for the planners who seek to destroy humanity but for those who want freedom.

              I think collaboration is necessary though with others who are well prepared.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Absolutely we need to collaborate if possible. In fact, I’d say it’s essential.

        • Steve Smith says:

          “There is a time and place for all things. Waking people up to the obvious is no longer viable, and worsens our chances of survival by our not doing more effective things. You cannot awaken the dead.“

          That goes against every optimistic bone in my body. And I am pretty sure that you are exactly correct.

          I have begun to notice recently how just about everyone I really try to talk to about the illegitimacy of the state will agree with me. But then immediately shift into the “how would this particular detail be dealt with mode”. Or the “people are too evil to rule themselves mode”.
          The conditioning is too deeply rooted.

          I am kind of surprised at how easy it was for people like me to be neutralized.
          As it stands today, unless I am willing to fall into line and comply with the edicts. I can no longer purchase food in stores, (not sure about outdoor markets), or eat in restaurants. I don’t think that I can even go into hardware stores.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            I think this scamdemic killed my optimism. There is a time and place for everything though. But we squandered our time to awaken others. For now, it would be taking away from our own chances for survival. Not just because it would take our time away from those things we need to do to survive; but those we speak to might turn us in later on. People hate it when they’re proven wrong.

            • Fact Checker says:

              My optimism died long ago, but even after that I never expected the grandiose, all-encompassing, effortless show of force that is the bolognavirus scamdemic.
              The abrupt decisiveness, the cold mercilessness–and most of all, the ease–of the trick bespeaks such an exquisite, scientific understanding of the biological and psychical composition of the human race that one must, at least a little bit, marvel at its dark mastery.
              For anyone aware, it is a totally demoralizing, ultimate revelation of the Method.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Yes! The ease. I can’t believe it, even as I witness it. I’ve met less than half a dozen here that even have a clue. It’s so demoralizing.

          • wylie1 says:

            If you are having issues, this may be a solution which can be found on highimpactflix website. Using govt laws against govt BS. Basically a notice of exemption:


      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Helping to make others more aware

        For me, I will probably always be inclined to help wake people up.
        Some days, I am more gung-ho than on other days.

        Also, I want to mention that there is a gradient approach.
        It has to do with sharing what is appropriate for the receiver of the communication.
        What piece of info would help this particular newbie and would be well received?
        It could be just a tidbit about health.
        It could just be mentioning a good source of information, like the Corbett Report or Dr. Mercola or whatever.

        When farmers and rancher get together, they share jokes and also “what works for them”.

        The same with fellas in construction… They will tell a newbie, “Laying a concrete sidewalk without steel rebar is gonna give you grief down the road.”

        Anyway, I know that there are many thousands of other people who would want to know this information. They just don’t know it yet.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          They have eyes, but cannot see comes to mind. How they can be so blind is beyond me. Perhaps your own preparations might wake them up. But I doubt it.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          The way I look at it… it’s a numbers game.
          Some folks will have “reach” for the information.

          The more folks who hear the message, and perhaps hear it again and again, then some will bite.

  14. wylie1 says:

    Regarding waking people up…
    getting them to actually consider rather than brush off what they think to be potentially questionable or dubious info.

    Check out Larken Rose’s newerish non aggressive question method at his candles in the dark website intro video. If I recall J.Corbett had Larken on and made mention of this a while ago.

    I’m sure some sharp communicator could develop a short set of questions designed to get a person from a TV govt believing robot into questioning the narrative and into getting more informed

    …Or at least get that seed planted, in much less time than trying to push more info onto an already info saturated populace and having that “yet more info” bounce off and fall to the ground.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      I quit trying. Now I only associate with people that aren’t comatose. Though most aren’t even in my area. Luckily, I’m back at my lovely river.

  15. HomeRemedySupply says:

    For me personally, it seems like Dr. Fauci is making the case for global monitoring and control of the populace.

    Friday, June 26, 2019
    White House Coronavirus Task Force Press Briefing | June 26, 2020
    QUEUED VIDEO to the evil Dr. Fauci

  16. mkey says:

    Or Did George Floyd Die of a Drug Overdose?

    This is quite inconvenient for the whole mass destruction and chaos. What was that proclamation about importance of slashing at the root of evil?

  17. mkey says:

    I wish to bring more visibility to this budding channel.

    Six Ways to Gain Power in Uncertain Times

    Joe is doing really good work.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      This video by Joe Jarvis is good. Very good.
      I will be re-watching and going to links.
      While there are some aspects which I personally question as to my taste-buds, there is a lot of great “take home” material of successful actions and approaches.

      When Joe Jarvis mentioned the New Hampshire Freedom Festival, I thought of this April 14, 2020 Corbett Report Interview 1536 – Vince Perfetto on the Free State Project

      Vince Perfetto, Executive Director of the Free State Project, joins us to introduce the project to congregate liberty-minded people in New Hampshire. We discuss the origins of the FSP, its goals, and what it has accomplished so far. Vince also answers James’ questions about the problems inherent in such a project and the difficulties any such geographically-located liberty community will face.

  18. Hans Verbeek says:

    I would have gone for Bio-Moloko 🙂

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