Interview 1536 – Vince Perfetto on the Free State Project

04/14/202063 Comments

Vince Perfetto, Executive Director of the Free State Project, joins us to introduce the project to congregate liberty-minded people in New Hampshire. We discuss the origins of the FSP, its goals, and what it has accomplished so far. Vince also answers James' questions about the problems inherent in such a project and the difficulties any such geographically-located liberty community will face.

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Free State Project

Ron Paul at New Hampshire Liberty Forum 2008

Why is New Hampshire Considered One of the Best States for Education?

101 Reasons: Liberty Lives in New Hampshire (Full Length Film)

New Hampshire Governor Emergency Order #17 (coronavirus shutdown)

The New Hampshire Calendar of Liberty Events

Edward Snowden Speaks at New Hampshire Liberty Forum

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  1. James, thank you again for this incredible opportunity! Other links that might help some people out:

    • I plan to leave California soon.
      My list of destinations is being sorted by the degree to which the people of the area were able to see through and resist this ‘virus’ sham.
      I will be looking into New Hampshire and the Free State Project all day today.
      Thank you so much for coming on the Corbett Report.

  2. I’ll never forgive myself for not mentioning one of my favorite topics: GUNS!

    New Hampshire has:

    – A safe, pro-liberty, pro-gun culture
    – Constitutional Carry (you can conceal carry or open carry, no permit necessary)
    – Castle Doctrine (if somebody breaks into your home, you have the legal right to defend yourself)
    – Stand Your Ground (anywhere you have the legal right to be, you have the right to defend yourself)
    – No background checks for private sales
    – No central database of license holders
    – No restrictions on firearm action type, magazine capacity, or features

    And New Hampshire also has:

    The #1 Lowest Homicide Rate in the United States

    Truly, an armed society is a polite society. Peace 🙂

    • Matt.c says:

      Excellent podcast. You sound real positive about fsp and it has sparked my interest. As a Syndaclist I am constantly refining solutions to the core problems of this faded Republic most falsely label a Democracy.

      I digress the 2 statements one must agree to join fsp the 2nd statement seems a bit presumptuous in regards to Government and rights?

      I as well as many have a core definition of “rights” as being personal, coming from our humanity, making them unalienable? So these rights care not for a government or its doing around them for Government can do all it likes I will, I must defend my rights with my life if need be.

      It is today’s troubling situation in which the exceptionalism paradigm is propagandized so vehemently many believe rights are somehow gathered and bestowed upon us by government? I
      myself have no use for any authority to stand in place of or to defend my own personal rights or authority. So as much as I get where the sentiment and directives are coming from, and fully acknowledge the definite need for any and all alternatives to the current seemingly unending stream of human garbage that currently posts up in all its illegitimate self proclaimed glory(as if) what if any are the plans to make this psf government incorruptible?

      As I see things it is the powers that be expressing a sentiment such as “All you need to do is what we say and everything works out. You and your family will be taken care of for life? or If you don’t do as we say you won’t have to worry about anything the rest of your life!” Hopefully the latter expressed a threat? Anyhow just curious and if there is literature to be sought out No need to present anything but a link…

    • That is extremely appealing. Thanks for the additional info.

    • MagicBullet says:

      It would be great if all of the US was like New Hampshire, unfortunately it’s not so. But, there are more factors than gun ownership to low homicide rates: demographics, economics, population density, cultural norms, etc. For example where our host James Corbett lives in Japan where it is extremely difficult to get a gun:

      New Hampshire:
      Guns ownership 2020 14.4%

      Homicide rate in 2017 per 100,000 1.5, up in 2018 and in 2019 to 2.35 (homicide number) (population number)

      Guns ownership 2017 0.3%

      Homicide rate in Japan 2017 per 100,000 0.2

      (Can’t find newer Japan data so easily but I don’t think it’s changed much)

  3. Noahsark723 says:

    I wanted to post this even tough it isn’t relevant to this interview…

    This is something that jumped out at me from an interview another member left a link to in the comments section of another recent Corbett report.

    The Clade X exercise drill from May 15 2018:

    This is just the trailer I am sure the video covering the whole exercise is full of “coincidences”

    Segment 1

  4. Jed says:

    Great interview, feel like I just watched a boxing match. New Hampshire is a beautiful place, has all those lakes, mountains, forests, and a sea coast. It’s worth the ride up from NY for the tax free liquor, maple syrup and fireworks alone. All those freedom minded immigrants can’t be all bad. Hopefully I’ll still be able to visit after I refuse the vaccines.
    Now if I could just think of a way to coax all the drones around me to move someplace.

  5. Steve Smith says:

    I like the idea. But it seems to me that the FSP is a physical manifestation of what needs to occur in the minds of people everywhere.
    It would be great to have a secret handshake to be able to identify other free thinkers. Oh yeah. Forgot. No more handshakes.
    Seriously though.. I know that there are other anarchists here in my town. But I have no idea who they are. I know that there are other people who would fight for their rights but I don’t know them.
    As JC said, it would be nice to have friends and neighbors of like mind. Perhaps we all do.

    I have no one to blame but myself for not being more sociable. But it is difficult to find out how people think without running a real risk of triggering or offending them. Over the last decade or so I have tried with the result of winnowing my true friend list down to maybe two. I think. And neither of them will call themselves anarchists. Though I am the first to admit that my approach can be off putting to most. Larken Rose’s CITD helped a bit. A little late though.

    We need to find a way of translating the like minded people online into like minded people in real life somehow.
    After all, everyone lives somewhere.

  6. Libertydan says:

    I have been to a couple of Free State Porcfests, and even went looking for housing in NH. It’s a great place with a lot to offer. The Housing was a bit pricey though and rather than be indebted to bankers, I found cheaper housing elsewhere. Some people say Property Taxes are like rent payments to the government, and thus you don’t really own your land even when it’s Free and Clear. While they may have a point, it takes 3 years of not paying Property Taxes (where I am) before you can lose your Property. In contrast the Bankers can put you out on the street if you fail to pay for three months. From my prospective, that makes the local government about 12 times better than the Bankers.
    Freedom is a relative term. It is restricted by the Freedom of others who are expected to have equal Rights to their Freedom. Thus, those who wish to exercise Freewill must do so responsibly and take care not to infringe on the Freedoms of others.
    That said, does anyone have the Right to cause others to get sick? Perhaps, it’s a matter of where they are when they spread the Virus. I say people should stay home when they are sick, and thus not spread the Virus in public places. At home people can do as they wish and if a visitor becomes sick they should not be held responsible.
    Yep, it’s all Relative, eh!
    Face Masks in public places makes sense. Shutting down the economy does not!

    • Stronghorse says:

      The practice of local governments extorting taxes from home owners is unconstitutional. Government is only supposed to be able to tax you on profits. Obviously fighting them gets complicated, and I’ll let you know more once my current case is over.
      However, I can tell you that numerous people have been able to stop them from selling their houses by the fact that nobody can sell something that they don’t own. And they don’t claim to own your home.
      As for the bankers ability to foreclose on your house, that is also not legal, and numerous people have taken the matter to court and won due to the fact that banks and lending institutions are required to loan real money. Not credit. Since the coinage act of 1933 made real money illegal in the UNITED STATES, there is no real money for the banks to lend. They create new money with every loan by just typing it into their ledger. Therefore they put up nothing of real value toward the ownership of the property, whereas you did, by way of your labor expended to acquire the federal reserve notes you deposited into their bank. No, it’s not real money, but your labor is real, and has value.
      See: Memorandum: Banks Must Loan Lawful Money at
      Also see: Anheuser Busch Brewing Co. v. Emma Mason, 44 Minn. 318. 46 NW 558.
      For a more recent case, see: First National Bank of Montgomery,
      Plaintiff. vs. Jerome Daly, Defendant. A Minnesota case from 1969.

      I have beat creditors in court myself, as well as coached others in getting out from under mortgages, so I know this is true.
      Good Luck.

  7. Alchemist says:

    What we need to do is wait for real estate prices to tank, buy land in Central America (preferably a lush, hilly area near the water), turn it into a Micronation, and protect it with a force field. Easy peasy. Who’s in?

  8. Jake Lemay says:

    I love New Hampshire – used to escape there on the weekends (from Quebec where the military treated us like shit, on purpose).

    Live free or die! Indeed.

  9. ben.r says:

    Thanks for this. You challenged each other.
    Will check out fsp, but it is too cold for me to live in NH.
    Philosophically, am with you.
    This is the best of the CR. You are presenting a positive, actionable alternative here.
    In a similar spirit, I suggest that you research and then interview intelligent sources of alternatives to the dominant medical model of one disease-one cause-one virus, vaccines, chemotherapy, antibiotics, and radiation. This model often overlooks environmental toxicity and nutrient deficiencies. You could start with mercola, greenmedinfo, and doctoryourself, among others. All of them have something to offer everybody. Like yours, their research is open source. Like you, they can write and speak clearly. I suggest that you interview them also.
    I can only imagine that now more than ever their ideas about maintaining your own health yourself are of interest to your listeners.

  10. robert.t says:

    Hmmm. So we all come together to worship an individual with 500 cut-outs we don’t want to call masks because “mask” is such a strong word. Wonder what native NH punters think about this new-branded conformity to their non-conformity.

    Sorry, but friendly persuasion from activists like Broze and this guy – who are encouraging me to uproot my life and become a good joiner! – is setting off every alarm bell I’ve got. (Broze’s ponytail, medallion and slogan shirt brought on the first tinkles.)

    And so handy to have professional dissidents like Assange and Snowden who are vigorous speakers of all kinds of truth to all kinds of power…and who support the main 9/11 narrative and all the other main narratives dear to the spook community. As with the virus thingy, the real problem is a “failure to act”. Well…that can be fixed!

    I Can’t Believe It’s Not CIA*

    • friedrice says:

      Tinkles. Same. He seems to be willfully un-informed.

    • alexandre says:

      SShhh, they’re listening.

      But seriously, robert.t, I think you’re too kind. Absolutely right about your alarm bells, glad to see they’re sharp and working. Really anything like this is already suspicious, but when you throw Snowden in, forget about it. And the founder was a Harvard guy? (Did I get that right?) So, I say you’re too kind because what I thought was “Does anybody remember WACO?” IF this community goes on, you bet yer arse it’s OK with “The Kingdom” and it may well be a good “solution” for all. Everyone is happy, TPTSB with their AGENDA21 BNW and the people of communities like that thinking they’re “free”. IF it went really towards freedom, for real, it would have been WACO 2 already. Did they think twice before sending the military with tanks an choppers throwing gas and burning them alive, ON TV?

      Maybe time for a re-watch of the documentary:

      Unless that was a kind of Sandy Hook thing and I bought it.

      In defense of Broze, I’d say he’s doing his thing and whatever he accomplishes in terms of community won’t be anything close to this, which is a sign that it’s more real. I think Broze is genuine. And he wen to Mexico.

  11. ccuthbert2001 says:

    I’m sure this guy is a good person, means well and works hard, but James showed that the fsp has a loooooooooooooooong way to go with the usual tyrant in the governor’s mansion. (the fact that there is a governor’s mansion is most disturbing.) Wonder how much Gates money he has.

    Check out what the governor of South Dakota said about she doesn’t have the power to shut down the economy and refused to do it.

    Where are all these supposed libertarian and civil liberties groups, especially the legal groups, during this mess? Why aren’t there law suits all over trying to stop this bs on legal and constitutional grounds? I’ve only seen news about two so far, one for shuttering gun shops and one for stopping an Easter service. Why are all the Christians such utter pathetic wimps, allowing the cancellation of Easter services? This situation is so bad, I am truly afraid for my children.

    • Alchemist says:

      I think we’ll see more law suits soon.

      The People vs. Peter W. Roff. (pdf available in link below)

      Roff “knowingly and wilfully” broke a local quarantine regulation that Judge Lucien Birdseye (1821-1896) found problematic, in part because it “sentences all persons, well or sick, whether exposed to infection or not, to an unlimited imprisonment”

      “The Roff case suggests that we do not need thousands, hundreds, or even scores of Americans filing lawsuits or getting arrested. We just need to get one, backed by the best lawyers money can buy, before a judge who still understands the Constitution.”

      • wylie1 says:

        Therein lies the difficulty, the judges. Depending on a judge for truth, justice, and appropriate action, is unwise.

        If one can shop around for a judge like the lefties are able to do, then court action to slow the govt train coming down the tracks you are tied to, is good!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      ccuthbert2001 says:
      “Check out what the governor of South Dakota said about she doesn’t have the power to shut down the economy and refused to do it.”

      EXCERPT from Forbes 4/14/2020
      Gov. Kristi Noem (South Dakota) is one of five governors yet to issue a statewide stay-at-home order,
      saying that it is the job of individuals, not the government
      “to exercise their right to work, to worship and to play. Or to even stay at home.”

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
      The headline is a hyperbole of the overall situation.
      The article cites a breakout of 300 workers at a pork meat processing plant.
      South Dakota Refused To Shut Down, Now Faces One Of The Largest Coronavirus Outbreaks In The Country
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
      My take:
      An important aspect which the media and government deliberately omit to emphasize:

      A large proportion of the population will (or have already) get the COVID-19 crud.
      The shut downs slow down the spread,
      but it does not stop the spread.

      In fact, an argument could be made that wide exposure to the COVID-19 crud can help the society’s immune function response at large.
      Humans do get sick.
      Always have.
      I contend that “getting sick on occasion” is healthy for a species.
      But WHO, Bill Gates, the CDC say they want to eliminate “getting sick”.

      • wylie1 says:

        Good info in this video. On back half or so, PhD epidemiologist mathematician blows big holes in all the govt narratives, great stuff, I transcribed most of it but way too long for here:

      • Noahsark723 says:

        I agree – the immune system is the healer of all disease and it needs to have practice. Good heard immunity comes naturally through a healthy people who are eating right with a whole foods natural diet – not this fast food genocide they are perpetuating on the people. When the disease runs its course, the people would be stronger for it. Natural selection only begins to run a course when things are out of balance for some reason. It is a whole natural system – the earth – us and everything upon it.

        Eat the garbage and then they catch the sick on the other side.

        What they are doing with this corona virus is like they are reaping all of the sick and elderly in some great culling that is taking place.

        Just step back and look at the actions they are taking – they want this thing to spread a certain way. If you break down the way they are acting and see it all part of a great plan – you get the see the logistics of the operation

        It is a 911 type medical problem reaction solution on a grander scale!

        • manbearpig says:

          “…they want this thing to spread a certain way…”

          Reminds me of the Benin reporting of the following interview I saw yesterday:

          “Melinda Gates: Covid-19 will be horrible in the developing world

          Melinda Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, speaks to CNN’s Poppy Harlow about the coronavirus pandemic and the “crisis” facing countries in Africa.”

          When I watched her speaking, something just doesn’t seem quite genuine…

          What’s particularly interesting is one musician’s reaction at the bottom of this interview’s transcript:

          “COVID-19: “Africa will soon have dead bodies lying in the streets”, Melinda Gates

          By Vincent DEGUENON on 13 Apr 2020 at 15:43 Last Updated on 13 Apr 2020 at 15:46
          Billionaire Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates © E! News

          Melinda Gates, wife of billionaire Bill Gates, says the lack of testing kits in Africa is the reason why the number of Covid-19 cases on the continent is low, but soon Africa will have bodies on the streets.

          Melinda Gates, wife of billionaire Bill Gates, said developing countries, including those in Africa, would be severely affected by the deadly coronavirus pandemic. She told the U.S. news channel CNN that Africa will suffer serious consequences if the pandemic peaks there as it has in Europe, America and Asia.

          “Covid-19 will be horrible in the developing world,” she said. “My heart is in Africa. My heart is in Africa,” she said. The only reason why the number of reported cases of coronavirus in Africa is low today is most likely because people have not been tested extensively. The disease is going to be very serious on the continent. I see dead bodies on the streets of Africa,” said Melinda.

          Gates said her worst nightmare has been “seeing what China has done to isolate a huge part of its population. “My first thought was Africa. How in the world are they going to deal with that?

          “I’ve been in municipalities all over Africa and in slums. When you talk in a country about social distancing and handwashing, if you live in slums that can’t physically move away, you have to go out and eat your meals. You don’t have clean water to wash your hands,” she added.

          But if the billionaire’s wife is so worried, many Africans think she has no privileged perspective at predicting the fate of the continent. Gospel musician Sonnie Badu expressed his displeasure with Gates’ comments on Instagram.

          “You’re not God… you’re only human, just like us. Don’t exceed your limits, don’t worry, your time will soon be up … Africa is going to surprise the world, that’s why for the first time we are ahead of all of you … Madam, be quiet … my name is BADU”,

          As of April 12, 2020, Africa has recorded at least 13,686 cases of contamination for 744 deaths and 2283 patients cured.”

  12. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I really, really enjoyed this conversation with Vince Perfecto.
    He communicates well, in a relaxed and very real way.
    He is the kind of guy I would enjoy having at a group table in the restaurant.
    A friend.

    It was nice to see him interviewed.
    I first noticed him at the comment section of Interview 1535 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

  13. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Again, I want to emphasize that there are probably many like-minded individuals living in surrounding the area of Corbett Report Members.
    They may not be on the exact page number as you, but who is?
    The spectrum is probably much like Vince talks about in New Hampshire.

    It’s a numbers game…
    – Communicating to others –
    Corbett Report Member, Joe S. and I were talking about this around a week ago over the phone.
    Joe was telling me about how a renter had moved in to a place near him a few years ago. They got to chatting, and come to find out… the fellow knew about all kinds of things which were going down.
    That renter moved out and another moved in. Joe and the new renter got to chatting, and sure enough, the fellow was right in there hip to what was happening.

    During the “9/11 Truth Wars” (the era of 9/11 street activism), both Joe and I, each contacted well over 10,000 people individually, face to face, as we disseminated DVDs and literature.
    In the early years of 2006, not as many people knew.
    But as time progressed, more and more folks on the street were aware of the 9/11 cover-up.

    My point in all this:
    Talk to folks, start conversations, edge in a nugget here and there, and see how the other person responds.
    Some folks are extremely receptive.

    Just last week at a Natural Foods type grocery store, I was telling the cashier (and actually many others around the store) about “Ozone & Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy” for coronavirus.
    She was very receptive as we chatted back-n-forth.
    The lady customer behind me chimed in.

    That lady and I walked out of the store together all cheery and sharing stories about what a sham this coronavirus shutdown is, how the media neglects nutritional health, and the value of alternative media.
    Of course, as usual, I mentioned The Corbett Report.
    She asked, “what is that website again?”
    I had to spell it. James Corbett (not Colbert)

    It was a wonderful conversation. I could tell that it made her day. Mine too.

    • Noahsark723 says:

      It is good to come across people of like minds – it is an uplifting experience. But I also have had a falling out with people who know about this conspiracy.

      One of themread all of David Icke’s books, knew about the zionist part of the scam and fell for the trump psy-op. I keep trying to show her that her sources of information were mockingbird sources. She fell under the spell of hanity, limbaugh and clyde lewis who is certainly a misinfomationist. You know what she said to me when in one conversation about it – she said the most unreasonable statement to me – “because that is who I have to listen to.” What? wow – after that I stopped calling her. It was some form of stockholm syndrom. The fear of knowing what was coming caused her to give her mind away to savior complex – and they sold both trump and obama as saviors to their respective camps, what a joke!

      Then I have seen people who are in some kind of trauma and they relate to what this conspiracy is in a compulsive way – because it is something to reflect their pain upon where in certain instances they need to look with in themselves instead of projecting onto the conpirators – they have their blame for sure for things, but the people who don’t want to take responsibilty for their character is another thing.

      This one past friend was lying to me about his ex-girlfriend. SO i went and inquired with her and got a whole different story.

      This guy was breaking into her house and car, cutting himself and writing things inside the car in blood. Well I confronted him with it – he didn’t deny it – he was so enraged with jelousy because I was talking to her – it just blew up and he was trying to justify what he did. But all that time never telling me what was really going on – it was all her fault, she done him wrong!?

      There is a psychology to knowing about this kind of knowledge and it does attract certain people who look to project their trauma on it with out owning it to clear and heal it.

      I can go on but I will leave it at that, fear has a way playing on the mind.

      But yeah there are good people who know about what is going as well and it is a pleasure to come across them.

      Last time I went to the grocery store – I just told the guy at the door handing out gloves and letting people in the store – that it was all a psy-op. Maybe it will get him thinking and others who were in ear shot because I just said it out loud.

      What a circus they had going on in there…

    • Alchemist says:

      HomeRemedySupply – I agree. I’ve found that in person, one-on-one, people are very receptive.

  14. Jeremy says:

    The problem with libertarians and pushing into politics, is that everyone has a different idea of what liberty means. Ask a commie if they like “liberty” they will say they are all for it, but they do not understand “liberty” as I do. I do like the idea of being around like-minded people, but activities and politicking to build a free society will be ineffective without conceptual clarity. #ReadAynRand

  15. wylie1 says:

    Was waiting for JCorbett last words to Vince Perfetto, to be: “vote harder”. Admire Perfetto for trying to actually do something.

    I recall asking about the Free State Project last mid year? A lot has happened since then.

    Not everyone can move to another area, nor want to.
    So people will have to gather online or in person, lift a finger to find and screen honest folk who really want to dismantle govt and while they are waiting for others to join them, roll back all the intrusions they can. Bind them to a contract that makes it easy to get rid of them if they turn rotten.

    Find and run judges that will toss everything that violates a person’s inalienable rights. Put before them all the unconstitutional statutes. Find school board members that will hire nonMarxists and change the marxist curriculum to real money, free trade, and that most bad things enter via govt.

    Why not take care of your problems, where they are? Be sure to share the load. If you cannot find anyone to share the load or you live in Marxist-ville, with little hope of turning that around, then I would consider moving.

  16. alexandre says:

    Just a little something I didn’t know. Agenda 2030 is not the new version of Agenda 21, it’s a diversion. Agenda 21 is the same and still up and running. See Rosa Koire explaining:

    • Alchemist says:

      With all the talk about agenda 2030, I thought we had more time as well. Esp with state level laws trickling through.. I figured it would continue gradually and was caught off guard when it all came down in one big swoop. My husband and I discussed leaving CA after recent state laws passed and knew we had to time our move around the economic crash; which I predicted correctly would come before summer. Now it might be too late to sell. Not the best feeling to be living so close to San Francisco, the example city for agenda 21.

      • alexandre says:

        Sorry to read that. I was a big swoop, wasn’t it? I don’t know how fast it went down, but it feels now it was a lightning jab. I myself am having nightmares about this thing. Two already. Watching Max Igan today – he’s doing some walking/talking – made me feel a bit better but not quite. We’re being softly tortured by this Agenda Maligna. And if it’s the agenda for the century, we still have 80 years to go. How unhappy is that.

        • Alchemist says:

          We still have a small window of time to dismantle their plan, so I’m trying to focus on that and keep my eyes on the ball. Lots of manufactured distractions sending our people off course though. We won’t have a big army, but maybe we don’t need one…

          • alexandre says:

            That’s a good way to go. I don’t believe in it (windows of opportunities for me closed 20 years ago) BUT fortunately not everyone thinks like that, so I’m all for it. If anyone can do something to disrupt this nightmare it’s you guys up there.

    • haros says:

      Thank you for this link, Alexandre. I didn’t know that either but Rosa has explained it very well.

      About your comment below, it is awful that you can’t even forget about this stuff in dreams. Maybe you should take a break about all this story and rest a little bit! I did it a week ago (or maybe two… I don’t know, time is passing very slowly) and it went very well. I think that I will have to repeat it soon…

      • alexandre says:

        Gracias, Haros, but unfortunately the unconscious is not so controllable. It HAS to absorb and digest, and that’s what comes up in dreams, sort of a “working now” process (if you remember the old Macs). I’m saying how it is for me, not affirming this IS how dreams work. This night’s dream was very interesting and I woke up much better. It is processing, but the problem is WHAT we are now having to process. It’s not just a little problem, it’s a giant inconceivable possible collective nightmare, about which we cannot have a clear picture (specially about what it “means”, which is dream’s specialty). It’s similar to what must go on in the minds of people in an airplane crash, just before impact. Can you imagine? Whatever happens in the mind, it’s nothing like what we think. We are sure that we would behave like this or that, but at the moment, we probably start speaking Aramaic. So the dream world for me is a window into the processing room “down there”, so to speak. When there’s something to process, it comes, and helps me to think it through. Only the rational awake mind is not enough for big things. Not even close. I know people believe that information is everything, and dreams are bullshit, but it’s like trying to solve the Sphinx riddle with an old calculator. Or something.

        Sorry for the long answer, but it’s just to explain that the dreams (or worries) are not the problem; the situation is, and without the dreams, then I would be really lost. I did in fact give it a little break lats night, watching videos about painters, reading a bit, just to let the ego have a rest. But what happened is not easy to process. If we could really DO something about it, it would be easier.

        • haros says:

          You are welcome, Alexandre. Of course, I understand what you say. Thinking about dreams is probably one of the most underrated human mental processes and we should do it frequently. I have to say that one of the best feelings I have had in my life was while dreaming, so you can imagine how much I value it. In fact I felt kind of identified with your comment because this night I had a “corona-related” dream with a crystal clear meaning (although it wasn’t a nightmare).

          Yes, sometimes we think about how we would behave if something happens but then the reallity is very different. That’s one of the reasons why thinking too much about certain topics is useless. Your airplane example is very good to explain precisely that. Although, to be honest… now I am curious about what would cross my mind in that moment.

          But my point was more about your daily conscious mind. Something so simple like what you did watching videos or reading can do miracles. On that regard, do you remember that I recommended you to read Thoreau? James, in today’s video has quoted him. This is signal from the non-dream world 😉

          I love long answers (maybe the servers of the corbettreport not so much), so don’t worry.

          Alexandre, today I was searching about the lockdown in your country but I couldn’t get a real image of the situation of it because it seems that there are confrontations between the governors and the president. If you have time and you feel like, can you sum up what Brazilians are allowed and not allowed to do? At least according to them, because in reallity we are free (even if most of the times we do what they want)

          • alexandre says:

            Joder, I forgot about Thoreau. I don’t have any and I’m a lousy reader. But I wrote it down now. Will make an effort.

            About Brazil, you know more than me. From what sister tells me – I’m really out in another dimension and away from the city – there are no laws yet. People are policing each other (São Paulo people’s specialty) and self imposing everything (as they love to do), but no police, no drones etc … yet. You can imagine the worms in power are salivating to impose a trillion laws, as long as they don’t have to follow. But it’s still somewhat cool. They closed bars and restaurants so people don’t have where to gather, but last Sunday, I’m told, the Sunset Square (a square in SP) was full of people. My friends are all trembling in their cells and go out not too often. Fear is king. Here in my town the supermarket had a line outside, but the other day was normal. Some people using masks, but it’s still “your choice”. Not many buying it, interestingly. They’re not city people.

            Since Brazil copies everything from abroad, it’s just a matter of time. Bolsonaro is certainly set up to fail and when he goes, we’ll catch up quickly. (A Lula triumphant return, perhaps?) Not that I’m a fan of the Bolso-bastard, just that he seems to be delaying things a bit – which makes people even more furious – as MBP explained about reverse-psychology etc.

            Brazilians, to me, (thinking about São Paulo and Rio people – mainly SP) are a kind of new brand of people produced from the times of the military cup (1964) up to now (which could be read as coming from trauma base mind control). It’s almost like an artificial race, so they will, not only obey and agree with whatever “God” psychosis comes along, they will beautify it, adorn it, make it “their own” (like some are doing with the masks, putting smiles on it, making their own masks etc). I say God psychosis because none of them knows where the psychosis comes from, they only know it’s hip, it’s happening, it’s here and you should go along. They have no idea who Faucci is, what Bill Gates has to do with anything, nothing. They move like a flock that follows whatever Facebook’s trends are. Something like that. That’s why I’ve been practicing social distancing without knowing it for so long. They really give me the fucking creeps. Specially because I was one of them so…I know. And they don’t like me either!

            Thanks for the dream stuff. To me, thinking is not complete without them. It’s a co-production between ego and self, to use someone’s (who will remain nameless) terminology. And I agree with little breaks and rests. Shit can get unnecessarily overwhelming. Listening to Beethoven now.

            • amenetusien says:

              Alexandre, haros here. I changed my username to this random word that I thought that it sounded well, at least reading it in Spanish, while creating my new mail address. I am trying to delete everything I have with criminals like Google and Microsoft. Although I have to say that I am very dissappointed with Protonmail for sending me a message about coronavirus too. Anyway, I better stop beating around the bush…

              Thank you very much for this explanation! Very interesting. For what I see, people there are reacting quite similar than in Spain and other places in the world. How amazing is that people with different mindsets are behaving in the same way. I have to say that I haven’t seen drones and many polices either. In fact, I have driven my car twice because I was stressed and I needed to get out of home and I didn’t find a single police car on the streets, no drones, no controls… nothing. Don’t think that I live in the middle of nowhere. I even took one of the busiest highways in Spain. Not only that, both days I passed in front of the hospital near of my city and it was emptier than I had ever seen.

              It will be interesting how this story developes in your country, since everybody seems to be against Bolsonaro. In fact I have just read an article in ElPais (Spanish news website/newspaper) strongly critizising the President and saying that he is ignoring science (I get so mad when these human disgraces talk about science…).

              The thing about Brazil is that it is huge, so maybe the future is black for big cities like Rio and SP but not so much for rural areas. I don’t know what is the agenda for little towns or cities, but it seems to me that Governments are letting them die slowly (at least this is what is happening in Spain). Talking about Facebook, this madness would have been much more difficult without cancers like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or Instagram. And almost impossible without the older technological diseases named TV and radio.

              By the way, I have just taken a look at the Spanish news website that I have just told you and if citizens really believe this BS and base their information on it, then there is not hope for Spain.

              • alexandre says:

                So, amenetusien is it? I’m saying it in Spanish and I don’t get it. But it’s cool.

                Yeah, people behave the same all over, that’s our part in globalization.

                I didn’t go out to any roads, but I would guess it’s like what you described. I’m calling friends to come over, but they’re too afraid. A friend was going to come on Sunday but, wadyaknow, my sister is afraid. Of them! You see how potent is the psyop. It gets into your psyche, bypassing your reason, and works….hmm….just like … a virus!? The psychological virus is much worse than the non-existent physical one, and it’s working just fine. Anyhow…

                Brazil is indeed huge, it’s actually ridiculous to call it a “country”. That’s another arm of globalization, drawing lines and calling it countries. I’ve never been to Acre and will never go, and people there have no idea who or where I am, it’s absolutely stupid to say we’re “Brazilians”. But did’t we buy this whole scam since, I don’t know, forever?

                I went to El País now and, wadyaknow again, it’s in Portuguese here. I wouldn’t read that as much as I don’t read O Globo or any of the mainstream bullshit. It’s important for Corbett and others to know what the other side is saying, but don’t have the stomach. And yes, people do believe it and base their whole lives on it, so no hope for anything but the individual.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:


                “The Ibizan” publication in Spain has some cool news about Ozone Therapy successes with COVID-19.

            • amenetusien says:

              It has no meaning in Spanish because is a word formed by the initial of other words! I meant reading it with Spanish phonetics.

              Yesterday I went out to drive a little and, again, no police, drones or anything. Is media maybe inflating the numbers of controls, offenders and so on, to create the effect of Martial Law? Oh, your poor sister has completely fallen on the psy-op! My family too. I find myself explaining things to my parents to make them feel safe about “the virus” and my brother sabotaging my work on the other side (without bad intention). I find the odd situation in which my parents believe in me but behave as if the believe the Government (doublethink?). By the way, what is what your sister doesn’t believe about the non-mainstream point of view of the plandemic?

              I agree with you about what you say about countries. But the reality is that society believe in borders and, unfortunately, we “have” to play their game. Even if we wouldn’t want to belong to society and live in a forest, we would end facing the government.

              I guess that the website is redirecting you to the Brazilian version, but you can change it to see what is happening in Spain -just in the case that you want to get sick reading what Spaniards say-. I understand you. I rarely enter these pages and only when I search for something very specific (for example the surveillance measures they are introducing in Spain). But everytime I swallow news headlines that I didn’t want to see and I get very nervous and angry.

              • alexandre says:

                I’m trying with the phonetics, still….nada.

                Sister understands, and sees sometimes, the non-mainstream and accepts it. She doesn’t go as far as we do, but she doesn’t think I’m a conspiracy theorist. She only worries that I’m SEEN as one by others etc. The problem with the virus is that she did a “pesquisa”, how you say that, not exactly a research, but she called out people to tell about personal experiences of people close to them that died, not of corona, but of anything. She got something like 96 deaths, which are, in her view, too much and more than past years, so she says “something” is killing people. If not the virus, something. That’s what she’s afraid of. I don’t want to try do talk about the many ways a research like that could yield false answers. We would need to do, say next year, a similar research without any pandemic. Maybe a lot of people would also come back full of deaths, which would lead us to conclude that people die a lot, of many causes and all around, but we never see or know about. Something like that, but it’s a touchy subject. Yesterday she got fed up and said “fuck it”, which is a good thing. As an old friend used to say, fear has a limit, and by the way protests are going, maybe we’re getting there collectively.

                About government, I never understood why my life has to be controlled by bastards far away, idiots who don’t do anything but manipulate people and get very rich, while we have to struggle. And eventually this gang goes insane and you have a military dictatorship that catches people off the streets, take them do the basement of some office building and give them shocks in the genitals (This brought to you by…The School of the Americas!). I will never understand “government” and when I found people like Corbett and Larken Rose, I said “finally”, you know? Someone explained why I felt this all my life. It has nothing to do with social organization, how a tribe or village organize etc, nothing. It’s a gang of psychopaths that decided to be gods, period. It’s ridiculous and satanic and I will never accept any excuse for it, like “every family needs a mom and dad” and bla bla. No. It’s insanity, it’s what most kills people and destroys life on the planet, the end. If we accept it, we are it then, which is another conclusion. Governments are the reflections of people’s (or the “majority”) darkness, all that which no one wants to admit etc. That came after I learned how many are pro military, pro torture, pro this and that, fascists and nazis all around, to my astonishment. Just ask someone “are you a racist?” Obviously not, they are all perfect. But that’s another story.

                Sorry, I woke up in a very bad mood, so I’m trying hard not to go jimbob here.

            • amenetusien says:

              Don’t worry, it is an invented word, so you can pronounce it as you wish. You can also call me “Amen”, which is shorter and God will be happy with you!

              It’s funny. Short before you replied my comment, I also thought about Jimbob, because this afternoon I was in a terrible mood too.

              Oh, now I understand it. I guess that we have to deal with family caring about us. They do that with their best intention, so we can’t blame them. In my case, the one worried is my mother. I agree with you: she can’t base this fear in her “pesquisa” because she has nothing to compare it with. This plandemic is just making people to be aware that others die. The plan is so stupid that it is brilliant. And people have eaten it with potatoes (I don’t know if I can say this expresion in English). Anyway, this “fuck it” moment is necessary. Awakenings usually start after a moment like that.

              Absolutely. If others want to be slaves and waste their lives to make rulers richer, it is their problem. But why individials who want to be free have to suffer because these pusillanimous sheep? In the last days I have reached one conclusion: the only way to be free is to stop depending mentally on the material world. I guess it sounds spiritual, but if we base our freedom on the external world, it won’t be possible to reach this ideal because these psycopaths can jail us at any time if they want. Or even torture us, as you have mentioned.

              What an interesting thought about Governments being the reflection of the masses. I am not sure but I think someone said the same… Maybe Gustave Le Bon in “Psychology of Crowds”? I can’t remember. Reading “The Gulag Archipielago” made me realize how evil humans can be, and not only those with power. This is the darkness that you have described at the end of your comment.

              Let me finish quoting Nietzsche:

              A state, is called the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly lieth it also; and this lie creepeth from its mouth: “I, the state, am the people.”

              • alexandre says:

                Si, lo comieron con papa. Is that it? Here we say “harina” – lo comieron con harina. They ate it with flower, for the English reader.

                Amen, and what’s “tusien”?

                Good Nietzsche there, Paco, thank you. (Hola Paco, soy Pepe).
                Darkness we contain, yes, and it’s no fun dealing with that. It’s part of our nature, like the nose. We have it but are usually unaware of it. Great comedian once told of a guy that was constantly being followed by an UFO, and every time he looked at it, it disappeared. Latter he found out it was his nose. When you sum up the darkness of the group, you have a sort of group darkness, and since it’s unconscious, it gets projected and on it goes. But that is dismissed quickly as psychological garbage (kind of the same reaction as “conspiracy theorist”), and so, like the conspiracy, it continues to work unimpeded.

                To be really free, I guess, to the limits permitted by nature, you’d have to know how to hunt, kill and live like an animal. If you have that capacity, then a telephone would be a good thing, or any nicety that came along, a house, a Porsche or Camila Cabello playing the harp, but if that depended on your obedience to a corrupt system, it would be easier to say that phrase that starts with “fuck” and ends with “off”. Also “desire” is another thing we would have to at least control. Interestingly the three temptations of the Buddha were exactly fear, desire and social duty. The Buddha in nirvana means “not touched by” those. Not controlled by fear, desire or social duty. We would have to learn to be like that. Since we generally don’t have any of that, we’re in a big picle. Prey to sociopaths like meat to hungry wolves.

                I do have one tiny hope. Things sometimes move in unpredictable directions. Little that we know, something happens and changes the direction of what looked inevitable – like our future is looking like China more and more. Still, if the word “government” is involved, we’re screwed. Then there’s the egoistic last resort; I hope I die before it goes full China. Meanwhile we try to advise and educate. I thought about translating Corbett last video – about the numbers – because it’s so excellent and needed, but that’s so long I don’t know if I can do it. A friend asked me about that exactly today, so it would be a good one to do in Portuguese. Ufa…

                Viva Nietzsche!

            • amenetusien says:

              “papa” is said in South America and in some parts of Spain, but where I live we say “patatas”. Nice to see how it is said in your language and in English.

              Nooo. I guess that I explained myself very bad hahaha. A-M-E-N-E-T-U-S-I-E-N. Every letter is the initial of a word. What I said about “Amen” was a joke, because it is by chance that this word appears in my username.

              Yep, you are right. Even when we realize that we have this dark side there is not an easy escape from it because, as you say, it is a part of ourselves. Nice story by this comedian! Very good way to express it. Ah yes… The materialistic point of view of the world, an concretely of psychology, has destroyed the minds of society. Just expressing the possibility that we might be more than bones and flesh to someone, produces the same reaction that talking about chemstrails, alternative medicine or the antivaccine movement (and I am talking from personal experience in all of them).

              I agree with you. In fact we all should learn how to live in the most basic way for what might happen in the future. This is a knowledge that would make us automatically more free, even if it is just by lossing some fear. Regarding to Buddha, I have never read texts from ancient Asia but I should because I usually love what I have read from other authors. Alan Watts was the one who introduced me into these topics. Fear, desire and social duty… In fact fear might include the other two. Most of the problems in this world, if not all, come from it. Fear of dying, fear of pain, fear of loneliness and so on.

              Yes, who knows. Today I read that Italian lawyers were going to sue their Government, as well I read the same for their German colleagues. But at any rate, I absolutely agree with you: as long as there is a Government, we can delay things but the dystopia will come. If I don’t die before China model come to the rest of the world, I hope to find myself hunting and collecting fruit somewhere in the world where I can be free, because I don’t want to see this perversion.
              I had thougth the same than you about translating Corbett’s videos, but I could only do it if someone would transcript the whole video in English, because sometimes I lose some words (mostly when there is another speaker, like a guest or a fragment of another video).

              • alexandre says:

                I seeeee….initials, ok.

                I see indeeeeed…..patatas, completely forgot. Yes, in Argentina = papas. I like patatas better.

                Buddha things – these are symbols, metaphors, poetry. We could invent our own, or translate them to our times and places, once we get the substance. It’s not cutting off hair and sitting under trees saying “om”. It’s the message, the substancia. Then we do it in our own style and culture. Otherwise we’re just imitating something.

                I really hope I’m dead before the full China comes – if a miracle doesn’t happen first – because I’m already very close to hunting and picking fruits and, as an ex-pseudo-artist from the big city, I cannot adapt to this at all (and I’ve been living here for 13 years now). There’s a limit, so if my life depended on hunting, I’d die for sure. But I don’t think it’s gonna get to that. I thought life ended many times and it always goes on, and you along with it. It’s like Gal. Emilio Molina Vargas in W.Allen’s “Bananas” says: “I’ve been poisoned so many times I’ve developed an immunity!”

                Now, I’m a pessimist, by trade and talent. Lately I’m having these optimistic feelings, so that must mean I’m really really scared.

                Viva Patatas!

            • amenetusien says:

              Well, at the end of the day we should understand the truth by ourselves. It doesn’t matter how many books we read, how many teachings of Buddha (or any other) we study, they should be just like a guide. I would say that they are like little hammers which help us to destroy the kilometers of layers of manipulation dirt that surround us. Although we have to be careful because some books just add more layers of it…

              I wouldn’t say that you (or I) are pessimistic taking into account the events unfolding in front of our eyes. And we probably don’t even know the worst parts of all these events. But I am glad that at least you are having optimistic feelings!

              Let’s see how it goes. The next months will be extremely important to see how population reacts to the new laws, to the economic crisis, to the fear of “germs”… summing up, to the “new normal” that everybody is talking about. Depending on that, we could find ourselves taking very hard decisions.

              By the way, this morning I was looking up which countries were the largest in the world, in I was surprised to see how huge Brazil is! I knew it was big, but not THAT big! You have plenty of places to hide if you need it in the future.

              That sentence by Emilio MV has reminded me the video of germs by Carlin.

              Viva las patatas… bravas!

              • alexandre says:

                Oh, que lindas patatas. GIMME!

                Yeah, Brazil is up there with the US, China etc. As I said before, I don’t know what Brazil is. It’s so enormous that it doesn’t make sense to me that a guy in Santa Cruz in Acre is my “brother”. I mean “we’re all brothers after all”, as the old Indian said, but it’s just ridiculous. I’ve been to 2 or 3 cities, maybe 4 counting Rio, which is very close, but I’m sure if I went to some places in the north, it would be just like being in the Sahara or something.

                Intuition would be one of the tools, along with what you describe as “hammers”, at least for navigation through the ocean of truths, lies, tricks etc. Maybe I’m in denial, but I feel that this is not gonna stick. We’re not going into the full blown China thing. I have no idea what will happen, but something tells me this can’t be. On the other hand 9/11 also “couldn’t be”, so I still don’t know. For now just observing and fighting a certain depression that threatens to come in every morning. Sister too. When we wake up, there’s this exhaustion, this big “what for”. Then there’s the dogs I have to feed, so I get up and go to the sun, as suggested by Dr…what’s his name? The one that mentions Steiner all the time. Now those patatas would certainly help! What’s the orange sauce on top?

              • alexandre says:

                Found the recipe. Pimentón dulce is the pimentón or is it paprica? Gonna make it tomorrow, but, due to the a certain problem on the lower hemisphere, I’ll lose the cayenne. So they’re not gonna be “bravas”, but more to “boludas”,

            • amenetusien says:

              Did you cook these tasty “patatas bravas”? Yes, it’s paprika! Don’t worry for the cayenne, anything hot spicy will make the trick, I guess. This dish is one of the most famous “tapas” in Spain, at least where I live, and it is unbelievable the variability that there is between bars and restaurants. From hell to heaven, almost!

              Brazil (well, the area in the map that humans name “Brazil” :D) is one of the options I have thought about moving, depending on how this madness advances. For some reason it attracts me more than other countries of the area, although Argentina could be a nice place to go too. I think the same about Spain, and it is much smaller than Brazil. I have visited so few places that I couldn’t say that I know “my” country.

              Intuition… the price we have paid for living in society. At least in this kind of society. It has to come back. I also have doubts of what “the powers” want for us. The mid-long term is very clear (I think), but the next months or years… I don’t know. Maybe they are working mainly in children subconscious, so even if we can back to some sort of normal, they won’t. Just imagine kids seeing fear anywhere they look at, people with masks and gloves, almost two months without being able to hang out (in Spain at least), TV lies, hours and hours and hours of videogames/videos etc. I don’t think that most of these kids will be able to be like they were before.

              I understand you, I feel the same. Although I have “always” thought that depression can be really good for our minds, if we know how to take advantage of that. Do you mean Rudolf Steiner? I don’t know which Dr is! I started to read one book by him but I found another more interesting at that concrete moment and I left it unfinished. I have to retake decens of books…

              By the way, in the case that you prefer the email to hold the conversation, feel free to write me at (the username is the same that here -amenetusien-).

              • alexandre says:

                Amenetusien, I didn’t reply this one, sorry. I replied in other posts that I did the patatas bravas, no pepper, and it was delicious. I have to do it more to learn and experiment, but man, what a treat. (Ah restaurants, I remember…oh nostalgia).

                I would say don’t come to Brazil, but on the other hand I can’t project my experience on others. En una desa you come and find paradise, who knows, but I was taking a look at Cadaqués area and man, THAT looks like paradise. Is that like high class etc? For sure these days all places are starting to look alike – meaning the same total absence of taste (TVs high on walls, LED lights, I mean bleargh…)

                The owners of Earth (self appointed) I think it’s clear what they want. On the other hand it’s taking them so long that I’m starting to entertain the idea that they’re indeed aliens. Dumb aliens at that. Too weird to make predictions and plans. Let’s see what happens with the protests. Did you see anything about protests planned for May 1st all over the US? Let’s see how that goes.

                I always took advantage of depression, but to me it’s a process you have to go through, go down…stay there a bit, work it out, sleep, let it do its thing, come back up again. People are too soon to try to stop it, with drugs no less. Bad idea. It truly sucks, but so does the flu, whatcha gonna do? Have to go through it. It would be a kind of flu of the psyche, more or less.

                The kids of the future will be exactly like us. Imagine Goethe appearing at your house. Or mine. He wouldn’t believe how we live and would probably cry for hours. They change slowly, only now it’s a bit too fast so we can already see in horror what we wasn’t supposed to see.

                Speaking of Goethe, Steiner is a bit weird for me to read. But I like the line he follows. I go to an antroposophic doctor (used to go, used to go….gotta learn to speak in the past) and it’s all based on Steiner. Don’t understand anything, but the thing just works so well and softly that I don’t care. It’s great and hurrary for Steiner.

                More patatas! What other recipes? Ahora me convierto en español de España, joder, carajo.

                (My great grandmother was from Navarra. Basconia! Maybe I should get food ideas there.)

            • amenetusien says:

              Don’t worry! We all have a life outside internet :D. Actually I am surprised that this “tapa” is so well-known in the world since I have just seen that it was created in the 60’s in Madrid. In 60 years it has been spread around the world! Maybe we ask to some lost tribe in Brazil and they even know about it. Globalization.

              Can I ask you why don’t you recommend me Brazil? I mean, as you say it is crazy to call it “country” since it is so huge, but living in a little town or city surrounded by nature must be great! I feel that most of South America is quite wild, not like Spain which has been absolutely modified. If I am not mistaken the only place which hasn’t been modified by men in this country is an island of “Islas Canarias” (I can’t remember which one). Oh Cadaqués… manbearpig would surely feel like at home, since you can hear more French than Spanish or Catalan there. The place is purely high-class but it is very beautiful. In fact the whole “Costa Brava” is amazing.

              I have seen a little bit about these protests, yes, although I have been very disconnected in the last days from this whole topic. Nonetheless I have seen very interesting news, like that in Czech Republic they declared confinement illegal. In fact, after seeing these news I saw a couple of opinion articles stating that in Spain the whole lockdown is probably illegal, which I would say “surely” illegal after I downloaded the Spanish Constitution and read how many articles are being destroyed by these measures.

              I totally agree with you about depression. My mom has been taking pills for depression for years and I have achieved at least that she stops taking them little by little. Have you read “Mind Control, World Control” by Jim Keith? Noah from this website recommended it to me and there is serious stuff related to this topic in this book.

              Actually, after reading half of the book Faust by Goethe (I’m not sure why but in the last months I can’t finish a book), I think that Goethe would actually believe how we are living, at least in all related with human psyche. Of course I don’t think he could have ever imagined the technological madness we have today.

              At least it worked for you! The little I read by Steiner was very interesting, so I will read him in a close future for sure.

              You definitely have to check out recipes from País Vasco and this area! Spanish cuisine is quite good. The most famous is probably “Paella valenciana”, so you can try it. Jajaja, te veo viviendo en España.

              • alexandre says:

                A city like São Paulo has anything BUT nature around it. Favelas, misery and ugliness…plenty. Rio could be a place, if you survive the first 15 minutes. The small towns in nature, oh yes, including spiders of sizes only seen in Australia, the most poisonous snakes known and unknown, bugs of all sorts and sizes, mosquitos and scorpions, everything to delete any previous notions of the word “nature”. When you see a spider the size of your hand on the wall by your bed, you instantly feel an uncontrollable urge to move to Denmark. (I have a French friend who told me he has such an identification with the indians in the Amazon that he thinks in his previous incarnation he was an indian. A friend here said: “which proves that he is French”. ha ha).

                Interesting about Czech republic, illegal etc, but this only shows that “legal” and”illegal” are wee words that mean nothing, as does all “constitutions”, for when the time comes, they trash it and lock you up.

                Are you in Basconia? Are you basco (Vasco)? How are bascos seen by the Spanish in general? Animosities? Two places I regret not visiting in this life; Pais Vasco y Croatia (my father’s side). It was called Yugoslavia before they decided to complicate things. Well, maybe next incarnation.

                I don’t like paella, unfortunately. I don’t eat much sea food – mariscos etc give me the creeps. BUT…if there’s a recipe of other types of paellas, I’m listening. My sister has a big book of “Cocina de España” so I should just look at that.

    • pearl says:

      Thanks for linking to that, Alexandre. That was a good interview. I also didn’t realize that. I really admire her. To follow-up, I’m just now starting her talk at the Open Mind Conference 2013:

      James should get a follow-up interview with her in light of today, the brave new normal.

  17. Miss Terious says:

    He seemed genuinely proud of Snowden’s involvement. Unabashed. Oblivious.

  18. Shar says:

    James — Q4C: Could you do a thing on jury nullification? That’s a lot of power to the people.

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