Interview 1544 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

05/07/2020140 Comments

Welcome to the 406th episode of New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: UK Gov’t Scientist Neil Ferguson Resigns After Breaking Lockdown Rules To Meet His Married Lover

How Neil Ferguson, Architect of UK Lockdown, Was Brought Down By Failing to Obey His Own Rules

Six Questions That Neil Ferguson Should Be Asked

Story #2: Clinton Fdn Wants To Use AmeriCorps As “National Contact Tracing Corps”

Video: “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

Obama’s Fact Checks Obama’s “National Security Force”

Stop Calling It Contact Tracing! – #PropagandaWatch

Story #3: Oklahoma City Ends Face Mask Rule For Customers After Threats Of Violence

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  1. owen says:

    [SNIP – No links without titles or text explaining why people should click on them, please. -JC]

  2. Nick says:

    Hi James, as requested, a couple of links from our own version of Mr Ferguson in little old New Zealand. Health Minister David Clark breaking lockdown rules twice, then dubiously providing excuses for why he didnt break rules a third time. Difficult situation in NZ, no one wants to discuss anything like infringement of rights to freedom when in an all too familiar logical fallacy, we are all but clear of the ‘deadly Covid19’ so it must be the lockdown that saved us right?

    • weilunion says:

      More and more one can see this pandemic as a bio-psy-op apocalypse.
      Very well planned, extraordinarily well executed.

      For those who would like to hear a one hour radio show on this topic, Dave Emory couldn’t be better. He has been on the air for forty one years and I emphatically recommend you hear his recent show.

      His recent show can be heard here: The democracy killing virus

    • Leigh says:

      Kia ora Nick. Good to see NZ-ers on here – How do we feel about Mana Movement leader Hone Harawira travelling down to Auckland and posting pics of his breakfast while he was down there? He could have made himself a sandwich and took it with him, reduce ‘the risk’ a bit? Are we buying it that his trip was ‘essential’ or should he have stayed in his region like the rest of us were ordered to?

  3. FlyingAxblade says:


    Seriously, Garner, NC. I’m the janitor at FOOD LION grocery on 50 & Timber. I threw away 120 dozen eggs in one day. and 50 dozen eggs the next. Because the eggs were Touched on their Shells. I throw away 70 pounds of perfectly good food every day I work.
    It’s “sold buy” is the SAME DAY. It’s not even DAY OLD.
    I put it in buggy/wheeled basket…don’t take the basket please. I’m serving 3 food shelters currently. And I still have more food. Don’t take damaged packaging…I suppose…I did get food sick on ONE PIZZA, once. But I have sandwiches, packaged meat, packaged fluids (dented), I eat from there nearly every day, as do my parents, and my roommate, and all the people.
    Not garbage. If my cart is full, dumpster dive…it’s all packaged. Wash your package! Otherwise inside is AWESOME.
    Please only take one day of food, and tell others to take one day of food. I’m not selling it, it’s right there, and it’s packaged, often double packaged. Don’t take the Yogurt.

  4. robert.t says:

    Apparatchiks are caught popping in on their dachas and mistresses? Never mind. Unless the elites really want to feed Fredo Cuomo or Fergie2 to the media hounds the reportage can be kept low-key in every state organ…and every organ is a state one now.

    Hey, a new Netflix sensation or an influencer having a sneezing fit on YouTube could kill the Fergie2 story all together. Never know your luck. Miley, Meghan, peeing Russian chicks and Aldi specials have kept Yemen’s war and pestilence out of the news for years.

    I Can’t Believe It’s Not Communism!*

  5. FlyingAxblade says:

    1 time in 6 months. And it was because my mom, dived the dumpster. Dont take damaged packaging!

  6. FlyingAxblade says:

    for real, 170 x 18 eggs. Fed their entire church, took work. So WHAT?

  7. Fritzie's dad says:

    3 quick notes:

    Tucker Carlson recently aired a similar segment on our overlords not obeying their own cattle-driving rules – ‘Tucker: Policymakers just can’t stop breaking coronavirus rules’

    The 50th anniversary of the oppressive overreach of the Kent State University shootings just passed without much mention – “Four Dead in Ohio” … The times they have a-changed, but not a-much.

    Behind every “world’s busiest man” is a good Broc! … Many, many thanks – your work is superb! … Good on yer, mate! It’s fair dinkum!

    • fragen says:

      Came here to share that Tucker Carlson link. Regardless of what Tucker has said in the past, this clip is a great compilation of the hypocrisy of the elites. It includes Bill de Blasio, Justin Trudeau, Andrew and Chris Cuomo, etc.

      • ozdawn says:

        Tucker Carlson is just another Talking Head for the Elite just like Glen Beck was – it’s called Damage Control! They point out the obvious to make you think someone is doing something about it as the Powers-that-Shouldn’t-Be continue on with business as usual!

    • Broc West says:

      And many many thanks to you for the kudos mate!

  8. Foxlady says:

    A photo of German Health minister Jens Spahn and other high ranking politicians together with doctors and nurses in a lift of a hospital, where they have been visiting, was posted on twitter.
    As one of the twitter followers reported that to the police. They responded:
    “we investigate this and we also investigate if exceptions of the distancing rules can be applied”…

  9. SouloftheWhiteAunt says:

    Here’s one for your list James:
    First South African minister post apartheid to be suspended from cabinet. Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams contravened locked-up laws to visit her friend, ex-deputy minister Mduduzi Manana (incidentally convicted of gender-based violence)

  10. kperson says:

    This happened in my area with a local Justice of the Peace. I think the article says he issued an order and violated it almost immediately. Maybe he doesn’t believe what he ordered or maybe he simply feels that some animals are more equal than others…

    Regardless, it’s an example for you, James. Thanks for all that you do.

  11. larry.h says:

    From BPR “Former President Barack Obama has apparently concluded that playing golf is an essential activity during the coronavirus pandemic that has most the country quarantined.

    Last Saturday, according to Politico, he was spotted on the links at the Robert Trent Jones Country Club in Virginia, which is located approximately 40 minutes from his residence in an upscale Washington, D.C., neighborhood”

  12. manbearpig says:

    a 30-second check reveals this old article:

    “Trudeau, Rajoy: those politicians who do not respect the confinement
    By Author / Wednesday 15 April 2020 at 17:09

    …The Canadian Prime Minister and the former Spanish President, in particular, have been singled out for their relative conception of the principle of containment, one going to his second home, the other jogging through the streets of Madrid…

    This is a mania that is clearly appreciated by the leaders: to make the population respect a confinement and then to evade it, as if their political functions gave them immunity against the coronavirus. After Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Pantin (Seine-Saint-Denis) under the balconies of the confined inhabitants on April 7, it is Justin Trudeau’s turn, in particular, to be noticed for his nonchalance towards the confinement rules, reports L’Opinion on Wednesday, April 15…”

  13. Camille says:

    Good people of The Corbett Report, my new video fits in here.

    Experts Say: “We Can Actually Social Distance For Too Long”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      This was interesting.
      I also like hearing the term “herd immunity” being tossed around as it relates to the Cooties.

      Of course “herd immunity” might mean something different for Corbett Members…something along the lines of “we’re immune to being herded like sheep”.

    • Jed says:

      Nice work, those chicken pox party planners knew what they were doing after all. Put a mask on if you say the last sentence out loud.

  14. flammable says:

    I need to correct a very minor detail Mr. Pilato. The measures are to prevent the increase of COVID-19 deaths not the spread of the virus. The virus can spread throughout the globe within weeks so stopping the spread is too late. Official experts on pandemics have said for years that virus spread cannot be stopped only deaths reduce.

    All measures are to reduce deaths. This is through reducing the load on medical services and slow asymptomatic carriers from advancing to the next stage of the disease. Again this is according to public official sources. Media sources are incorrectly saying the mask and social distance is to stop the spread of the virus.

    Let me remind you I don’t believe this crap but we need to get this through to people in the MSM and two-party paradigm bubble. They are agreeing to these measures with the intent of avoiding the virus despite the fact that it is admitted impossible by their leaders.

    • eat my cake says:

      can you flesh out the logic of how masks and distancing slows down healthy yet already infected people from advancing to the “next stage”
      Ive worn masks for years as a boatbuilder trying to avoid bad dust and solvant fumes: they do restrict oxygen. The paper ones that most are using can minimizing large dust particle ingestion, but also efficiently chanel finer dust directly to the nostrils (evidnced by the tracks left on the face, visible when a mask is removed after working). I’ve heard (I’ve stopped counting after 10+) doctors say “there is no evidence that distancing will reduce infection”, which you also admit.

      • flammable says:

        Like I said, I do not believe this. I was trying to correct the official narrative of what our governments are saying about masks and social distance.
        They never said these measures are to prevent spread of viruses only that it would somehow reduce deaths and disease. Mask reduce breathing in harmful particles which can weaken our immune system and lead to disease. Social distance reduces people using health services. That’s it.
        The whole point of the pandemic narrative is that the virus spread globally so drastic action is taken to reduce the damage. If you are obeying orders and demonizing people with the intention of stopping the virus from spreading then you are sorely mistaken.

      • mik says:

        “….. tracks left on the face…..”

        Yes, cheap masks particularly. Therefore if you work in dusty environment you have to invest into proper protection like mask 3M6xxx series, where you can mount also dedicated filters for solvents and other crap. Such a mask will protect you against virulent aerosols.
        N95 type mask provides just limited protection and this is recognized by producers.

  15. paulsd says:

    The imperial College computer model used by Ferguson and the U.K. Govt. is apparently useless according to this analyst here, the Whole U.K. govt lockdown policy was based on this pile of garbage, it’s unbelievable, why wasn’t it checked ? The economic damage the policy has caused is massive. We are controlled by computers and algorithms, very dystopian.

  16. manbearpig says:

    Hey folks! Don’t forget to admire the month of May Super Moon tonight!

    GBW: Tons of chemtrails in the skies today over Lyon for the first time in while so I bought stocks of Vitamine C and Zinc. (Already have echinacea and spirulina).

    So you’re twice concerned by this NWNW: The Oklahoma mask law repeal and the rage over the hypocrisy of major influencers cavorting with their mistresses while husband and wife couples have been separated by the penalizing enforced lockdown that said influencers have helped set up and hardsell to the people. Any comments?

    • eat my cake says:

      big chemtrails over central east coast oz yesterday too. skies have been otherwise clear for over a month.

      The local general vibe here is a majority just getting on with the original manic consumer society, but also its a semi hyper-inflated zone, so the haves must spin wheels hard for the cash to have food & shelter, (or as many have over the last 10yrs of gentrification, just have to leave) at extortionist prices while the have mores latte about. thanks god the non essential boutiques and air b&b took such a hit.

      The masks and distancing is done strictly by about 20%, while the rest pay it no mind, ‘srtalians would rather not rave about it, theres a default running in the cultural persona that isnt interested in suffering fools, and simply denys it or them an iota of attention. The unfortunate flip side is the part of the aus mind program thats been punished so hard, that they will obey to a fault when theres a police presence. (these and those)

      All of the crap revealed over the past 19yrs, thanks to the internet of connecting dots, seems to be pointing to the divide/conquer modality (what JamesEP nailed today) as the overriding condition, almost as if the level of division gets to a certain blend, and then the next level of brutal domination can be foisted,,,
      the law enforcement universal oath, which people say includes the obligation to refuse to defend “unjust laws”. I asked a cop if he was trained in that, he had never heard of it. I remember MLKjr talking about it (keen for links if anyone has). I think being able to language the ethics of that could be a useful antidote for the soldiers that are just “doing their job” ffs.

      Job premise: predict the planned attack, and pre-empt with description of who and how and what. even though they also do this, they kind of do it while talking about something else (not fully overt). If we can get the language right, I bet the tyrrany will look smaller and smaller, and less will starve.

    • lovetodust says:

      THANK YOU for this! I almost forgot about the moon but thought I’d check into Corbett before heading to bed.

      The moon is GORGEOUS. Is it really a super moon or is that your name for it? Because it looks very very bright tonight.

      What a delight. And it wasn’t wearing a mask!

      • manbearpig says:

        Oh! Well thanks for thanking me lovetodust! I’m glad you didn’t miss this last “supermoon” of the year! The Flower Supermoon! And that you weren’t disappointed:

        “The term ‘supermoon’ was coined by the astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979 and refers to either a new or full moon that occurs within 90 percent of perigee, its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit,” NASA said in a statement. (As skywatching columnist Joe Rao points out, that was a somewhat arbitrary definition.)

        “Under this definition,” NASA continued, “in a typical year there can be three or four full supermoons in a row, and three or four new supermoons in a row. For 2020, the four full moons from February through May meet this 90 percent threshold.”

        Funny to note that it’s reportedly an astrologer and not an astronomer who coined the term. huh…

  17. manbearpig says:

    Ok, a little belated:

    “Coronavirus France: Cameras to monitor masks and social distancing”
    4 May 2020

    A testimony to the rebellious spirit of the French and hommage to the French Revolution.

    N’est-ce pas?

  18. loum says:

    The health advisor to.the Scottish parliament also lost her job over saying one thing a d doing a other
    She was caught traveling to visit relatives for a weekend

  19. GHT says:

    This is not related to this episode of New World Next Week but I wanted to share with corbett members and get their feedback on this.

    This is a Robotic Friend for children to help mold them, it can be controlled off sight since it can connect via wi-fi and more. It Cost $1500 + a $60 a month Subscription fee as well. Very interesting how I can see this tech abused and used by nefarious people.

    Meet Moxie – See How Moxie Works

    Makers Web site

  20. De Clarke says:

    Hello James,

    Some links for you showing failing in social distancing among politicians from Law and Justice Party attending anniversary in Poland.

  21. debra.b says:

    I was searching for examples of Ferguson overlord types not practicing what they preach and came across this which is not related, but speaks to those being tasked with “reimagining” as they move toward reopening. I’m thinking “reimagining” is gonna be the latest buzz word thrown around.

    Government by billionaires? Cuomo names former Google CEO to join Gates & Bloomberg in drafting post-pandemic ‘reforms’

    “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has appointed ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt to lead a panel on post-pandemic “reform” of health and education systems, despite criticism for taking other billionaires with conflicts of interest on board.

    Schmidt will head a ‘Blue Ribbon Commission’ tasked with “reimagining” New York’s existing systems of healthcare and education, Cuomo announced on Wednesday during his daily coronavirus briefing. The decision to place such power in the hands of another unelected billionaire has riled critics already uneasy about the governor’s post-Covid-19 plans.

    The panel’s initial priorities will be “tele-health, remote learning and broadband,” Schmidt announced, dropping into Cuomo’s broadcast. The former Google exec still receives a paycheck from parent company Alphabet in an advisory capacity, raising questions of conflict of interest given Google’s leading role in developing a digital contact-tracing platform for Covid-19. While Cuomo confirmed in the same presser that the state is partnering with former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg – another billionaire – in building a human contact-tracing network, any digital component will likely involve the participation of Google. At the same time, the tech giant’s insatiable hunger for health data, as evinced by initiatives like Project Nightingale and Google’s acquisition of Fitbit, is unlikely to sit well with New Yorkers concerned about the company’s privacy record.

    Cuomo was previously deluged by criticism after announcing on Tuesday that he would place the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in charge of developing a “blueprint to reimagine education in the new normal,” praising former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates as a “visionary” and calling for state schools to be “revolutionized.” Public schooling groups slammed the billionaire, accusing him of promoting “one failed educational initiative after another, causing huge disaffection in districts throughout the state.”

  22. Alchemist says:

    Best case scenario – “they left us”
    Making this happen should be our main objective. Time to ditch the duopoly in US and elsewhere and break down the power structure for good. We won’t have an opportunity like this again in our lifetimes.

    There are so many extremely bright and creative people within the movement, but I am troubled by the lack of strategic planning, organization, and clear goals. All I’m seeing are reactionary responses; which of course they are expecting and need in order to make their next move. I’ve tried and tried and failed to keep people focused on solutions. Hopefully good things are going on being the scenes that I don’t know about… fingers crossed!

    • eat my cake says:

      just and unjust laws: got any examples of good writing on that subject. I would hand law enforcement a leaflet that aims to educate and arm with info. a big piece to the puzzle is to get law enforcement back on the peoples side. even if only a critical number. when a soldier is standing, armed to the hilt, the fear that keeps them stupidly standing there is a vaneer next to the courage of tolerance to stand non-violent but firm and clear in principle of nurturing trust.

      we are trust.

      • Alchemist says:

        Reaching out to law enforcement is my focus for now. I like your idea of carrying some type of note to give to officers as needed and will get to work on that.

        If you or anyone else is interested in sending letters via post or email to sheriffs, here is an example (shortened from the version I posted last month. Edit as you see fit):

        There you will also find a leaflet to print and distribute to the general public, made by CR member Alexandre.

  23. minnie says:

    I am FUMING because Scotland’s mass house arrest is to be extended… and now THIS!! Neil Ferguson should be put in the stocks. What an absolute farce.

    I’m sure James will have heard of our former Chief Medical Officer in Scotland, Dr Catherine Calderwood, who instructed everyone to “Stay at home and stay safe!” in TV ads and was then photographed by the Sun newspaper visiting her second home in Fife with her family, one of two visits.

    They are laughing at us.

    I could hardly sleep last night for anger over the prolonged lockdown (which many here are celebrating). Now this! Seriously, I’m a peace-loving person, but for the good of my physical and mental health, I will have to fantasise about throwing rotten eggs and tomatoes at these people.

  24. pill says:

    So in Africa, they took samples from goats, fruit, birds and sent them to the lab as if they were samples of humans being tested for Corona. Many of them came back positive.

    Dtube link:!/v/covid1984infomaniac/QmUbL3aNhfzY3DMVWwRoR3gzq2XGksX4xKufbQEG9wPS2q

    IPFS video hash:


    IPFS web link:

    Can we talk again about why China stopped using PCR tests in February?

    • mkey says:

      This is hilarious. Of course, it doesn’t mean much because they would say these guys contaminated the samples taken (which is extremely easy to do) but still, hilarious.

    • Leigh says:

      I’ll talk about it Pill. Maybe it was because someone in China decided to read the instructions that came with the test and realised that they are completely ineffective in diagnosing ‘Covid-19’ . I have linked to The Instructions for Use (of the PCR tests) document issued by the CDC which explains this very clearly! It’s 56 pgs (if you have the time lol) so I refer you to pg 3, 2nd para and pgs 36/37 Limitations!

      • pill says:

        Fascinating, thank you for the link!

        I don’t have time to read the whole thing, but what I read on page 3 appears to contradict what I’ve been hearing from the media:
        “Positive results are indicative of active infection with 2019-nCoV but do not rule out bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses.”

        It may or may not play a role which country we’re looking at though.

        I have heard from doctors that those tests are always repeated and the results don’t always match what they would’ve expected.

        So, could that be related to the reported fact that the number of infections is still going up today (slowly)?

  25. debra.b says:

    Here’s some from the US violating their own rules.

    Ivanka Trump broke her own stay-at-home advice and traveled 200 miles from DC to a Trump golf club in New Jersey to celebrate Passover

    Beaumont, Texas Mayor Violates Her Own Stay At Home Order

    Chicago Mayor Defends Getting a Haircut amid Coronavirus

    Texas Judge Violates his own Stay At Home Order To Go To Grandson’s Birthday Party

    Illinois Mayor’s wife Caught In Bar Violating Stay at Home Order

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Good list Debra.

      • debra.b says:

        Thanks HRS! I wished I could find more from closer to where I live, but Ivanka Trump was the closest which is an important one. They’re really behaving more blatantly than ever before, but they’ve also drenched the populace with fear propaganda like never before. I hope the people can stop fighting each other because that’s the worst outcome. One of the worst anyway. 🙂

    • Jed says:

      “ Ivanka Trump broke her own stay-at-home advice and traveled 200 miles from DC to a Trump golf club in New Jersey to celebrate Passover”.

      Lolasp (laughing out loud, almost shit my pants).

  26. MaryD says:

    Five days after she issued a stay-at-home order forbidding residents from leaving the county to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper was at her cottage across state lines in Ripley, N.Y., playing cards with her family.

    Shocking spoiler alert!!! Kathy Dahlkempers million dollar landscaping business was deemed “essential!”

  27. johnmac says:

    Prime Minister Trudeau breaks lockdown.

    Scheer and Trudeau on the defensive over weekend travel during pandemic lockdown

  28. khalid says:

    To the Corbett Report media editor Mr “Brock West”, I salute you for your engagement supporting James in his journey. Your work is very much appreciated!

  29. eat my cake says:

    If the testing and stay at home orders aren’t about our health, which by example theyre clearly not, then of course, they are another not-so-slow bullet. I hear the trembling underground push, soon she’ll wretch, vomiting the ne’r-do-wells, the lot. may these threads help as an expectorant. life from 1001 graceful gazes

  30. Please consider promoting these that I’ve been trying to push for years to no avail (especially the first 2):


    Also feel free to browse my silly conspirophile memes. I recently discovered the joy of making them. Some I made are good, some not (especially when sleepy), and I’m not ever sure which will succeed, as with non-meme posts, because sometimes it’s almost random that people will actually find them in the torrent of new posts vying for attention.

    Search for JasonCarswell and avoid (a recent spammer).

    • mkey says:

      Here’s my personal meme selection, in no particular order. But I do put the emphasis on the last one.

      • Thanks for noticing. Many posts get missed here, as on, in the torrent of everyone’s comments. There are more since, for better and worse, though I feel like my meme-phase has finally mostly washed over me. I have a big project to finish a first draft of by September and when it’s ready I’ll share on SaidIt and here, and maybe, just maybe Corbett will give a little review, perhaps on a second or third revision. Before that happens I should set up some ways for folks to support the project.

  31. HomeRemedySupply says:

    May 7, 2020
    Via Health Impact News
    Project Veritas
    CBS News Faked a Busy Coronavirus Testing Line in Michigan
    (12 minutes)
    [Mamaroneck, N.Y.—May 6, 2020] A CBS News crew pulled medical professionals off the floor at the Cherry Medical Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to line up in their vehicles so a CBS film crew would have a long line for their COVID-19 coverage.

    ‘We Could Have Done Other Stuff,” Registered Nurse complains.
    ‘Apparently, the news crew wanted more people in the line,’ said a Cherry Health Supervisor.
    “We pretended. There were a couple of real patients, which made it worse,” Said
    Another Registered Nurse.

    “Our insider witnessed the whole thing and came to Project Veritas, because he knew we would protect him,” said James O’Keefe, the founder and CEO of Project Veritas.

    “The insider told us that medical personnel were taken away from treating patients and making the line longer for actual patients wait for the COVID-19 test,” he said.

    In an interview with the insider, O’Keefe asked the insider: “You’re telling me you’re a hundred percent certain that CBS News, CBS News Corporation–national, staged a fake event. They faked the news. They faked the reality and broadcasted that to all of their audience last Friday on “CBS This Morning.”

    The insider said to him: “A hundred percent. Absolutely.”

    Nick Ross, a corporate cleaning site supervisor at the Cherry Health facility, said he was there when the CBS News crew arrived and set up the video shoot at the COVID-19 testing site in the parking lot, “Apparently the news crew wanted more people in the line because they knew it was scheduled.”

    Maria Hernandez-Vaquez, a professional registration specialist, told the insider that Cherry Health Director of Quality and Informatics Glenda Walker helped to organize the facility’s workers into the COVID-19 testing line.

    “It’s just annoying cause we could have done other stuff,” said one registered nurse there recorded with a hidden camera by a Project Veritas insider.

    The nurse said personnel at the medical center were given the heads-up to expect the CBS News crew. “We knew they were coming. We had no clue that we’re going to have to, like, do fake patients.”

    Another registered nurse, Alison Mauro, recorded on hidden camera, said she and other medical professionals working the drive-through testing site did not administer the actual swab swipe as CBS News was filming, but the actual patients were made to wait longer because of the manufactured line. “We pretended. There were a couple of real patients, which made it worse.”

    • debra.b says:

      This isn’t surprising. They’ve likely done this everywhere. The health care workers look both weary and frustrated. Although, I’m sure they’re used to the profit angle. I’ve always seen and heard healthcare workers voicing the issues their dealing with as they work. Especially, in hospitals. I was in the hospital twice in January and both times they were openly complaining of having to use lesser quality items to cut costs or because some pharma company mandated it. One ER doctor outright told me that. I feel for them and for the patients. And, for those being shut out because they are willing to be honest.

      Okay, enough rant from me. Thanks for sharing this!

  32. Libertydan says:

    Below is a 30 min interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits
    It reportedly got over a million views before it was removed from GooTube.
    She exposes Dr. Fauci as a criminal against humanity. Fauci has “Served” under 5 Presidential Administrations. (In other words, He received Pay from the Federal Government and used his position to enrich himself as part of the Deep State no matter who is President)

    Dr. Fauci needs to be Indited

  33. KM says:

    “Criminal complaint filed against Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell after stay-at-home order violation”

    This is our local judge who issued our lock down order not following the rules, along with using tax payer funded property to impress his grandson:

  34. debra.b says:

    This video is some comic relief…. 🙂 Has over 1 million views, so YT will likely take it down.

    Titled: “What it’s Like To Believe Everything the Media Tells You“ Posted By AwakenWithJP

    • pearl says:

      That was great, Debra! I followed up with his “What Celebrities Are Like During Quarantine”. It’s the next best thing to laughing at tyrants. Thanks for sharing!

      • debra.b says:

        I watched that one too! Yes I thought the same… Laughing at Tyrants. I’m glad you liked it. I watched a few others as well. Definitely helps to laugh. Thanks pearl!

    • nexangelus says:

      Oh gosh debra.b that was fab! I have watched a few of his videos this morning and I think it was just the tonic I needed to pull me out of my mini slump. Thank you, thanks Corbetteers, James C, James EP and Broc for this wonderful space : )

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      Great HUMOR!

      Titled: “What it’s Like To Believe Everything the Media Tells You“
      Posted By AwakenWithJP

  35. Octium says:

    Never mind, Ferguson might have lost his cushy job as a COUPvid-19 expert, but now that he can add hypocrisy and the inability to come up with the method behind computer models to his Resume – he should be eligible for a nice job in climate research!

    Including all expenses paid flights to conferences on the other side of the world in a kerosene canary.

  36. nexangelus says:

    It isn’t just the big wigs “breaking the rules”, there are plenty of average joes and janes who are preaching government guidelines, bleating the daily statistics, clapping for the country’s key workers, pooping on and vilifying those who try and point out the tyranny of the lockdown with alternative news and views, yet are meeting with friends, family and actually doing the opposite of what they are saying and openly looking for people’s sympathy and empathy on their hypocritical positions (well they have learnt from their masters, no?). These are crazy making times folks, lots of slithery ditherers…I have to admit to feeling more than a little blue lately, this thing happens in waves, I feel so positive and proactive one week, the next I feel like I am trudging against/into a headwind…

    • manbearpig says:

      “…vilifying those who try and point out the tyranny of the lockdown with alternative news and views, yet are meeting with friends, family and actually doing the opposite of what they are saying and openly looking for people’s sympathy and empathy on their hypocritical positions…”

      Man, that is such a good point and so well expressed! Hang in there nexangelus!

    • debra.b says:

      Well said! I agree. I go through the same emotional ups and downs. More down lately though, I’ll admit. I tell my kids, when the actions don’t match the words believe the actions. It’s easy to be fooled and taken advantage of. Unfortunately.

  37. terence.s says:

    Good video James the truth, can’t beat it.

  38. KnowThyself says:

    The situation in “direct-democracy’ Switzerland with regards to the hypocrisy of the politicians:

    – the Swiss parliament was moved to the EXPO halls (at a cost of 3.4mio francs) to adhere to the arbitrary distance rules, where after each speaker, the podium and microphone was disinfected. Then in the evening, many met in a restaurant (which are supposedly still all closed) to wine and dine together:
    To be fair, “Blick” is a tabloid magazine like The Sun or Daily Mail. Nonetheless, no one has refuted their claims so far to my knowledge.

    – a critical politician (Roger Koeppel, see who was at the 3-day meeting, spoke of a “democracy simulation”. He also noted that the politicians would be very cozy in the cafeteria, not even trying to adhere to their own created rules for the plebs. See his channel, specifically this video (German only):

  39. ponder says:

    Lol thought this was hillarious and clear proof of Fergussons insincerity when read the article in zerohedge.New Zealand example is health minister breaking his parties rules and being caught twice once moving house this was threatened with police action for the grneral public I was helping friend move house last day before lock down He and his wife told they would be arrested and charged.Clark also got caught driving 20 km to go for a bike ride lol.

  40. ponder says:

    The NZ deputy Prime Minister also went fishing after Jacinda had forbidden this activity and yes I was accosted by Police at Eastbourne Jetty as they suspected me of fishing which I was not apparently due to risk of putting rescuers at risk bla bla bla so I think Peters did this as a joke I do not think he was on board with the lock down . THe Police then went to try out their new powers by moving on half dozen pensioners at Days Bay sitting in Directors chairs at the beach

  41. Jed says:

    Masks, with a steady supply of heat and humidity, grow bacteria, all varieties, like the bacteria that causes halitosis — if you were to analyze the bacteria on a mask that’s been breathed through for a half hour then compare it to the bacteria on the same subject’s drawers you’d find a lot more pathogens on the mask. If you’re gonna use one, use it correctly — change it every fifteen minutes, but keep in mind that the mask is filtering pathogens just as well as your drawers filter out farts. Also keep in mind that folks like me are doing all they can to not smash your skivied-face in with a baseball bat, you moron!

    • manbearpig says:

      Omg… that’s pretty much what I was thinking everytime I crossed paths with someone as I was walking some 8 kilometers round to trip to do soom food shopping. don’t prone violence OF COURSE n’est-ce pas, but the way you phrased that was hilarious.

      But then again, I guess that’s what “they” want… divide and conquer… hell, I don’t even know anymore…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Jed, Thanks for emphasizing this FACT…
      Masks breed bacteria with the heat and moisture.

      This fact really should be common sense, logical thinking.

      Plus, masks inhibit air flow, along with normal functions as a human trying to converse with others.

      No wonder so many folks who I run into that are forced to wear a mask on an 8 hour shift, look really bad. They look beat up.

      For a virus, a mask is like using a chain link fence to keep mosquitoes out.

      This study was comparing masks (N95 & surgical) and how long term wear affected the body’s nasal cavity even hours after taking it off. But the study also mentions other problems with wearing masks.

      • Jed says:

        Thanks HRS, always good to have some science to back up the rhetoric. Even if they worked, people look so foolish with them on. Not so much in say, an operating theater but driving? Walking? It’s akin to flipping around a supermarket with scuba fins for shoes. They won’t let me in a home despot or supermarket without a mask — they’ve guards at the door — so I do the bandana-bandit thing to get in. I’m ashamed doing that even — won’t go full fupa*-face. I’ve gotten some dirty looks for taking it off but no altercations as of yet.
        *fupa is an acronym for “Fat upper pussy area”, it comes from women in EMS and law enforcement who have to wear those poly para military pants.

      • mik says:

        “….wear a mask on an 8 hour shift, look really bad. They look beat up.”

        I’m using mask while working dusty things, sometimes that means more than 8 hours. No problem for me, but have to emphasize that is not highly aerobic work. It’s important to breath slowly, have proper tempo and make regular breaks. Yes, good mask also help me a lot.

    • mik says:

      Masks are the only measure in this covid insanity that makes some sense. I guess your hate probably comes out of denial how dangerous for some people this virus is.

      I think masks should be mandatory just for people with symptoms, for others highly recommended, but only in closed spaces.
      Every time I’m going out, there is at least one wearing a mask while walking or driving alone and that is really stupid.

      • Jed says:

        I take ppe seriously, I teach emts and paramedics and personal protection equipment is serious stuff, and it protects providers from all sorts of pathogens if it’s used right.

    • Fritzie's dad says:

      Speaking personally, the ‘mandatory’ aspect of wearing a face mask always leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But I didn’t realize it was halitosis! … Bad breath alone could rise to epidemic proportions globally! … Good news, though – this should help to make ‘social distancing’ self-enforcing.

      Instead of ‘Don’t tread on me!’, we’ll be yelling: ‘Don’t breathe on me!’

      • Jed says:

        Social distancing, wtf?! The usual distance for two people communicating here in the US used to be at about the distance where in one could reach out and put a finger in the other’s ear. Sounds like I’m being funny but it was true and if one broke that rule in either direction it meant something. That’s in the past now I guess, as I sit here sticking my fingers on this black slab to communicate.

  42. Octium says:

    Perhaps not what you were originally thinking….but Honk Kong law makers demonstrate correct “social distancing” technique!

  43. Jed says:

    For all those normies who ask “why”, and so we don’t loose sight of what the planned end to all this is:
    (link to the Georgia Guide-stones)

    This is old-hat, I know, but important none the less.

  44. MaryD says:

    PLEASE everyone watch and share this video before it is too late. A heroic police officer is telling all his brothers and sisters to STAND DOWN!! HELP get his message out to them ASAP!

  45. MaryD says:

    I hope people don’t just try to pick apart Officer Greg Andersons message he is doing his best for the moment and I would only hope that people see that and share his message so others in law enforcement hear it.

  46. HomeRemedySupply says:

    “They Live” and like Corbett has said, they plan to take down conspiracy realists.
    Note the “Doctor” keyword in article to give the script altitude.

    May 6, 2020
    NBC – article by Ben Collins
    (PHOTOS) Long article
    ‘What are we doing this for?’:
    Doctors are fed up with conspiracies ravaging ERs

    At the end of another long shift treating coronavirus patients, Dr. Hadi Halazun opened his Facebook page to find a man insisting to him that “no one’s dying” and that the coronavirus is “fake news” drummed up by the news media…

    …Halazun, like many other health care professionals, is dealing with a bombardment of misinformation and harassment from conspiracy theorists, some of whom have moved beyond posting online to pressing doctors for proof of the severity of the pandemic.
    ( “bombardment of misinformation” links to Coronavirus misinformation crosses divides to infect black social media
    “What you have are the same, often very dangerous, ideas repackaged in a way that makes sense to very different groups of people,” one expert said.

    And it’s taking a toll. Halazun said dealing with conspiracy theorists is the “second most painful thing I’ve had to deal with, other than separation of families from their loved one.”

    Several other doctors shared similar experiences, saying that they regularly had to treat patients who had sought care too late because of conspiracy theories spread on social media and that social media companies have to do more to counteract the forces that spread lies for profit.

    Dr. Duncan Maru, a physician and epidemiologist in Queens, New York, said he had heard from colleagues that a young patient had come into the emergency room last week with damage to his intestinal tract after having ingested bleach. The incident occurred just days after President Donald Trump suggested that “injection” of disinfectants should be researched as a potential coronavirus treatment…

    …Social networks have taken a variety of steps in recent weeks to thwart misinformation, such as providing dedicated portals for vetted information from public health officials and banning content related to conspiracy theories around 5G wireless technology…

    …some of whom claimed that “the hospitals are empty” and that the virus was part of a plot to vaccinate or microchip U.S. citizens — just two of the many conspiracy theories that have swirled around the coronavirus…

    …Dr. Maru also said he felt that tech platforms need to do more to deal with disinformation…

    …QAnon and anti-vaccination movements have gained new audiences during the coronavirus pandemic by coalescing around two primary boogeymen: Bill Gates and 5G towers….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      They Live

      Yes siree Bob! Broc West chews bubblegum and wears cool shades.

    • pearl says:

      Well that was depressing. You left out the best part!

      “We have to understand these [conspiracy theorists] are criminal organizations which really stop at nothing to get disinformation out,” Fernando said.

    • Jed says:

      Longest fight scene ever!

    • flammable says:

      This is like a murderer describing everyone else as a murderer. People are late to seek treatment because of the pandemic propaganda which is accepted as real. “No one’s dying” is what they say when we bring up GMOs, pollution, pharmaceutical drugs, hospital errors, processed foods, heavy metals, radiation, 5G. And the audience for mainstream scam has grown higher than ever before. The audience alternative and independent outlets has left for the scam. Spread lies for profit? Are you kidding me? Literally nobody else is making more profit except the globalist.

    • debra.b says:

      Geez! Yep, that was very depressing and disturbing. Of course they make no mention that patients have been halted from being physically examined by their doctors. All my follow ups have either been rescheduled for June or later. Or, I’ve had video visits with two, one of which is my psychiatrist.

  47. m1i says:

    Premier of Ontario Canada, Doug Ford, visited his cottage despite calls for Ontario residents to stay at home amid the ongoing “coronavirus pandemic”:


    This appears to be the actual reason for Neil Ferguson’s decision to step down at Imperial College. He finally released the source code he used (sort of) to arrive at the 2.2 million deaths projection. After review by coders, it was found to be fraudulent.

  49. mik says:

    what a man is got to do….

    I’m really disappointed….

    Like nothing else is happening beside corona insanity.
    And then, cherry on the top, Ferguson case and myriad of other monkeys from higher branches, such a low hanging fruit.
    Is this something new that those scumbag mf on positions are more or less worst kind of hypocrites?????
    I hope that indulging in this kind of thinking won’t result in forgetting that no one should be locked in the first place.

    What you might have missed

    Digital Yuan, penned by endorser of multi-polarity
    (China started testing digital yuan)

    BIS survey on central bank digital currency

    “A central bank issuing a CBDC needs the legal authority to do so which, as in the previous survey, about a quarter of central banks have, or will soon have, such authority. A third do not have authority and about 40% remain unsure (Graph 6). The continued high level of uncertainty is not surprising, given that most central bank mandates predate many forms of electronic money. Additionally, in the absence of any plans to issue a CBDC, central banks may not be able to prioritise a clarification of their mandates.”

  50. larry.h says:

    There are lots of examples of TPTSB violating the COVID rules. Just look at the Presidential Recognition Ceremony of May 01. Ironically, for ‘heroes’ in the face of the plandemic.

    Everyone, including the President is handling the microphone after speaking (spraying) into it. Maybe they are immune?

  51. sebadrude says:

    Something to mention next week: prominent catholic representatives are warning of a technocratic world government tyranny!

  52. Cambodia7 says:

    Seriously! Newsworthy in Singapore yesterday – a lady in a shop wasn’t wearing a mask. Public shaming, next will be a caning or even prison. WTF.

  53. GrowYourFood says:

    Here’s a few more examples of politicians not following their own lockdown rules:

    Ontario Premiere Doug Ford going up to his cottage, after telling everyone not to.

    Here’s one of Trudeau crossing the Ontario – Quebec border to see his family during Easter. Something he told everyone not to do.

    Much love to all

  54. Leigh says:

    Gather round everyone here’s some salacious gossip for you…Manc City football player Kyle Walker was caught with his pants down during lockdown. He got a bit too close & personal with a couple of escorts who then decided to grass him (and themselves!!??) up.

    Also. And I appreciate that this is most likely ‘fake news’ but i’ll carelessly spread it anyway! Barak Obama decided it was ok to go to his country club and play golf meanwhile his wife was busy telling everyone else to ‘stay home’

    Finally I too have broke the lockdown rules by having three sets of neighbours around for a BBQ all at the same time and we didn’t stand 2m apart. I’m sorry (not sorry) about that. I don’t have a link for that either, because i’m not famous.

  55. spartan says:

    Doug Ford admits daughters visited his home on the weekend, contrary to Ontario’s COVID-19 rules:

    From the capital of the Dominion,

  56. Jed says:

    Bill Burr explaining what the billionaires have in store for us:

  57. Steve Smith says:

    My wife, business partner and I were just refused service at a restaurant that had a sign on it’s door that said masks were required EXCEPT while sitting at the table.
    They insisted that we must wear masks in order to simply enter.
    I informed them that they have lost my business forever and walked out.

    But the experience got me to thinking. What could be another reason besides simply wanting to enforce compliance and submission, for such a big push for wearing masks? Especially since its pretty common knowledge that the approved ones don’t stop things as small as viruses anyway.

    Here’s a theory. Please let me know where I am off base.

    I know that masks stop droplets of virus containing fluids. So let’s say that I, living here in hot, humid Florida, put on a mask before I go out in the morning. Say that I sneeze and cough a couple times as I am loading up the dog and stuff.
    Then I get into the vehicle, crank up the AC (and a good podcast) and drive to work. The dry air from the AC dries out the little droplets leaving the virus particles which supposedly are able to survive on surfaces for some period of time.
    Then let’s assume that I now don my dry virus covered mask and enter another dry air conditioned environment and begin speaking.
    Wouldn’t a lot of those dry virus particles be blown through the mask and spread to others by my initial exhalations?

    Maybe the masks are meant to spread the otherwise normal behaving virus faster.

    Just a thought. What do you think?

    • Steve Smith says:

      Coincidentally, this was the most recent video on my Bitchute feed.

      Brian is highlighting a video that some fellow made where he tested the oxygen levels under a mask with a calibrated, OSHA approved monitor.
      You can probably guess the outcome but to save you the trouble.
      The levels behind the mask indicated a oxygen deprived environment.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Masks vs no Masks –
      It is election year.
      That is part of the dilemma.
      I have noticed that many Democrats are strongly pushing the masks, even when they look silly.

      For example:
      Dr. Fauci testified recently in the hearing entitled: “Oversight of the Trump Administration’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.”
      The Democrats sitting at the hearing would talk, sometimes taking off their mask. Then suddenly put it on, as if for display, as if for a public statement of the Democratic party.
      Some of the “testifiers” seemed not that concerned about wearing a mask.

      Tensions are high this election year.
      We see it leak over into other issues like BLM.

      I agree with you Steve.
      I made a printout of the Dallas County mandatory mask mandate for everyone.
      There is an exemption on wearing a mask.
      I carry that with me in case I need it.

      I also printed out the OSHA requirements, like your 5 minute video showed.
      I plan to give these to cashiers and other folks who wear masks.
      OSHA links

      Hypoxia and also Hypercapnia are two of the major health concerns revolving around masks.
      hypoxia – drop in oxygen levels
      hypercapnia – an elevation in blood carbon dioxide

    • mkey says:

      In my view, the whole mask thing is so far out there that there isn’t much point discussing it. Of course, I do not mean to lessen its political importance. I’m fully aware people have and will be losing jobs over it, will have to fend of public humiliation and whatnot to maintain integrity.

      I simply think that it’s completely insane to wear the mask while out and about.

  58. mkey says:

    Man Attacked for Not Wearing Mask at Giant eagle Grocery Store

    This battle will be fought with unconventional means.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I saw that last night. Geez! The Mask Nazi Gestapo is serious.

      Of course, I gotta give the right to a business owner to do decide how they want to operate their property. With that said, I despise the control which Wall Street corporations have on property…they own much of it.

      #WorldMaskWeek – August 7-14
      These folks should visit the Sturgis Bike Rally and unwind.

      • mkey says:

        As far as I understand, if you make your private business property available to the general public, you are not allowed to discriminate against the members of the public and not let people in based on any criteria. All of these authoritarian “measures” are in conflict with so many laws for a good reason.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          At the very beginning of my bookstore chain, with the first store which I started, I had a business partner.

          He would get kind of irate with customers.

          In those days, we offered these thick computer manuals (C++, Java, etc.) for $5. The normal retail would be around $50, more or less.
          My store location was not far from the IT & telecom business district with tens of thousands employed.
          I would roll out a 1800 pound pallet of computer books to the floor to unload on the tables and shelves. A massive crowd of guys would gather around, gathering books like women at a fashion sale. Finally, I would give up and just let the guys have at it.

          Some of my customers told me that their garage wall was stacked with our reference books.

          Anyway, my partner got angry and accused some fellas of reselling the books. So he banned them from the store. He got a legal form and took their name.
          Legally, you can do that, at least in Texas.
          He and I had a lot of firefight arguments. This was ban was one.

          In fact, this first store I negotiated rent for at the same cost as the electric bill, and the mall paid the electric.
          My partner said he would not support the idea. I told him that I was still going to do it, and spent two nights and a day setting up the store by myself. Opening day, he comes in very late, but it was so busy, we could not put the money in the register fast enough and threw it on the ground behind the counter.
          This store gave us more than 10-20k pure profit a month for years and is what rapidly expanded the business. Finally, after other repeated arguments, we split up.

          • mkey says:

            That’s very interesting, as usual. I’d just like to note that in my neck of the woods it is customary, with such cash flow “issues”, to use a big black back below the counter. But I guess that’s just one of those cultural differences.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Masks – Criminal Trespass on business private property
        (“Discrimination” contentions become civil law, not criminal law.)

        A property owner has the right under criminal law to forbid anyone from entering the property. Trespassing.

        Richardson, TX Sprouts Farmers Market grocery store – Mask argument – Police
        QUEUED VIDEO (30 seconds)

        Rewind the video for the full rant.
        This Sprouts store is about 25 minutes from my place.
        I’ve been there once before, but know the area well.

    • pearl says:

      Though I’m not a mask-donner myself, I find it difficult to sympathize with the people who are setting up a confrontation then filming the destructive fallout. There’s a better way:

      How to Be Exempt from a Face Mask at the Grocery Store Every Time

      • HomeRemedySupply says:


        I agree 100% Pearl.
        Retain our humanity; our empathy, compassion, good manners and respect.
        Be friendly.

        The enemy is Bill Gates and his Super-Friends. Not the employee of a store.

        I’m trying to think of some humor/lightness to say if someone says something about no mask on me while I’m shopping.
        “Oh gosh! I didn’t mean to let the germs out. Thanks for keeping yours on your mask and hands.” –nah…too smartass.

        (I may know that lady evening manager in the video. White people all look alike to me, so I’m not sure. But the name and her looks ring a bell. The store is in my neck of the woods. Evening managers are always low on the totem pole and get the roughest part of the job…closing the store when everyone is tired and hungry. If she is who I am thinking she is, we once had a conversation about masks at another store. She hated wearing them and they gave her headaches. She has been with Sprouts for years.)

        We can all have fun with disobedience.
        Kind of playful like.
        Teenagers do it all the time to teachers.

        By the way Pearl, I really enjoyed the last part of the article with the anecdote about Atoka, Oklahoma and gold. I have been there and worked there a variety of times.

      • mkey says:

        People can get combative on both ends of the spectrum. Going that route is right up the controller’s alley. Getting militant without being paid a dime and without a clear connection to the controller, with responsibility being lost in the mist is 100+% success for the planner.

  59. Steve Smith says:

    These are the kind of numbers that I understand. Unfortunately, the paper that I am quoting has been withdrawn as you can see when you click on the link. Which now says;
    “ 8/13/20 update:
    Unfortunately, I have to remove this paper for now.

    Some diligent and astute researchers who read my paper have now directed me to data and pages on the CDC website that I had not previously seen, which will likely adjust numbers that I published.

    My paper may have to be revised, and my revised paper will appear here when ready. Please know that many researchers are sorting through the data now, and will possibly post their information before mine is figured out. Thank you for your patience and continued interest in this topic.”

    (I copied this a couple hours ago)

    If COVID-19 is genuinely the deadly pandemic that it is widely thought to be, then total deaths would not only be a little higher than usual, but would be much greater during the period of its peak incidence and closely following weeks. It is not possible to have a deadly pandemic rage through a population without increasing the total number of all-cause deaths during the year of its peak incidence, because there is no reason for alternate causes of death, (heart disease, cancer, etc) to simultaneously decline. Therefore, if deaths are not significantly increased above previous years for a given region, then there has been no pandemic, nor even an epidemic there.

    On the contrary, what has been found is that so far there are fewer deaths per week in 2020, than in any other year since 2009. Although some of this lower death rate may be due to reporting lag, that lag is likely too small to explain the considerably lower weekly death rate in 2020 than in previous years.

    It seems that there is no pandemic in 2020 of COVID-19 or of anything else, at least not in the United States.

    © Colleen Huber, NMD

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