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04/27/2020224 Comments

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What's in a name? Everything. Find out about the latest attempt to package the Orwellian total police state surveillance grid as something wonderful and wholesome—and why you should never, ever say "contact tracing"—in this week's edition of #PropagandaWatch.

CGI U 2020: Combating the COVID 19 Crisis (Full Recording)

Gates warns this is "Pandemic I"

Contact Tracing With The Clintons

Lawmakers warn coronavirus contact-tracing is ripe for abusive surveillance

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  1. terrorstate says:

    ‘Future crime evidence log’ ? I’m sure somebody can do better. I like to use ‘nuclear encouragement’ where the powers that shouldn’t be use ‘nuclear deterrent’.

    • dennis.m says:

      i’d consider surveillance state, medical martial law, invasion of privacy, loss of freedom, etc. The substitution of terms doesn’t have to be 1:1. James’ “Big Brother” substitutions didn’t always work well for me.
      On another note, I can’t seem to post an original comment, only a reply. Not sure why. Anyone know?
      Sorry if this is an imposition.

      • mkey says:

        Scroll way down to the bottom, you’ll see a box. If you don’t click any reply buttons, that box will create an “original” comment… I’m afraid the originality of the content is up to you 😉

    • mkey says:

      How about “sycophants ratting on the neighborhood” or SRON?

      • CQ says:

        mkey, what I’m about to say goes pretty well with your crazy “SRON” meme on imgflip.

        When I look at/listen to the word “contact,” I see/hear “contract.” That word, in turn, makes me think of “contract killing.”

        So that’s the phrase I’m mighty tempted to insert.

        A scenario I’m envisioning:

        C.T. company rep: “Wanna be employed full-time to do some contract killing? We’ll pay you big bucks to murder the privacy of your neighbors!”

        Would-be snitch: “That sounds fun — and REWARDING in all sorts of ways! Do I get a fancy slave-capturing-and-privacy-killing device for free? When do I start?”

        (Observation: How odd that C.T. now stands for two “bad” things: (1) Conspiracy Theory and (2) Contact — oh, no, can’t say that word . . . alright, ContRact . . . Tracing — um, TracKing.)

        • mkey says:

          c0nt4ct tr4c1ng
          rats patrolling
          tower burning
          sycophants rising
          privacy penetrating
          obsessive screening
          other people’s business is my business and business is good or OPB3G

    • sophie.d says:

      Hi James,

      This is just an idea, and if it’s not a good one, feel free to tell me.

      The majority of people, even those who know what’s happening and want to resist, will wait for guidance or a plan of action – I include myself in this.

      So, how about we decide on a 3 or 4 points plan that people can adopt if they will, and pass on the 3 or 4 points to other people/researchers they’re in contact with?

      The idea is to have a decentralised structure that’s able to send a common message to the powers that shouldn’t be, in sufficient numbers for them to notice.

      For example, I propose we start from next Monday:

      1) Leave our mobile phones at home, get a dumb phone for emergencies (kids, appointments, etc..) if need be.

      2) Refuse to download any Big Brother app (demand instead to carry a written certificate/permit if they insist on it for work – so people avoid getting fired for refusing instructions).

      3) Refuse to shop where they don’t accept cash, and tell the retailer why they lost our custom.

      These are manageable steps that could get the ‘ball rolling’.

      This could be organised similarly to when we sent a list of videos for ‘The Corbett Challenge’ a few days ago.

      • De Clarke says:

        I second this idea.

        Small and manageable steps is what we need to resist this nonsense.

      • lovetodust says:

        Along the lines about the phone –

        Is there any kind of material you can cover a phone with that would block a tracker?

        I read that if you put your phone in the microwave it can’t be traced Is that true?

        If we wrapped the phone in tin foil (excuse the reference) could it still be tracked?

        As you can tell I am technologically clueless – but just wondering.

        Thanks for the suggestions sophie.d

        • mkey says:

          That depends on the microwave. My microwave appears to be “leaky”. It probably “protects” only in certain directions.

          Also probably depending on the foil contents, I noticed that a double layer of foil was required to kill my full strength 3G signal. But it was killed.

          You can probably make due with a metallic box of some sort. Or you can maybe line any box with some foil on the inside beneath the existing lining.

        • mkey says:

          This looks like a good deal for a conductive phone case. Only $350.

        • endthefed says:

          Aluminum foil works, or a faraday bag/case. The phone cannot be tracked if wrapped in foil securely as no signal can get to or from the phone.

          • Truth seeker says:

            There are rfid phone cases that work to block signal. A good one that seems to work is Monojoy.
            You can also take battery out. Turning it off wont work.
            Aluminum foil works. Tin foil should also work.

            • alexandre says:

              But that means you can’t use it. if you want to talk to someone or get a signal for something, you have to take the aluminum or cage out and bang, you’re tracked. Doesn’t make sense.

              • Fawlty Towers says:

                Well yes and no.
                It doesn’t make sense for when you turn it on, because then they can trace where you are.
                But the phone won’t know that you visited ten different friends at ten different locations prior to turning the phone on.
                So TPTB will only get partial tracking.

              • alexandre says:

                I see. As for me, I’m gonna try to get an old one, something you can take the batteries out. I don’t go out much anyway, but just for my psyche. The iPhone gives me the creeps. (No, I didn’t buy an iPhone, I got it as a present, so much they insisted I had to have wasap. Who gives a tracking fascist device as a present? Only us…)

  2. RobinHood77 says:

    Hi James,

    I’ve noticed that your work hasn’t appeared on Bitchute recently.

    There is a 404 message instead. (Page Not Found)

    Great work on the CV crisis.

    All the best,


  3. fabrizio says:

    In Italy Big Brother is called “IMMUNI” which means immune poeple.
    I’m prone to bet that in US they will try to market something similar such as “IMMUNE”. But also “STAYSAFE” is not a bad idea.

    • Chapati says:

      Saw your post and due to your nationality (or place of residence) thought i`ll seize the opportunity to ask:
      Do you know of any further details to the death of Giulietto Chiesa? Considering his age, a natrually occuring stroke is surely highly plausible

      • fabrizio says:

        the death of Giulietto is a big loss for indipendent media in Italy.
        He was a great journalist with a great ethic. I’ll miss him.

        Regarding his death, he was almost 80 years old; I’ve read speculatations about his death but acutally, there is no official information regarding the cause.
        I watched his last video, recorded just few hours before his death, and he seemed to be fine.
        I’ll try to ask Margherita, one of his collaborators, if she knows anything.

        • Chapati says:

          My sincerest condolences!
          So i`ve heard. Strange thing seems his wikipedia article was edited with his death pretty early. Hope many indipendent journalists will follow his footsteps and may continue what he started as PandoraTV

    • CantBelieveEverythingIHear says:

      James (Corbett) & Fabrizio,

      I was freaked out when (way back when) I read George Orwell’s 1984, never for a moment thinking that, some day, the world that I live in would get so dangerously close to reflecting that book. James, I like the substitution of “Contact Tracing” with “Big Brother”. That substitution really brings to light how serious the times currently are and exactly what is at stake right now (what we all could lose forever). Fabrizio, I’m thinking that IMMUNI (and the scary possibility… because I agree with you that your suggestion of STAYSAFE is very possible given the current propaganda trends) should (or could, if one wanted to refuse to “play” or “join” or “spread” the MSM propaganda “game”) be replaced with something like BIG-BROTHER-IS-ALWAYS-WATCHING-YOU or PRIVACY-BE-GONE-FOREVER or 101-WAYS-TO-CONTROL-YOUR-LIFE or (because shorter names are always much more catchy) PRIVACY-THIEF or STALKER-APP or BROTHER-SMOTHER or FREEDOM-EXTRACTOR.

      • Ella Bella says:

        I live and work in Saudi Arabia.
        Look at the text message I just received: “We are delighted to inform you that you have been chosen to be in the first group for registering individuals in Tawakkalna app, issued by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) and in cooperation with the Ministry of Health in its second pilot version.”

        I’m not taking the bait!!!

        • CQ says:

          Why not, Ella Bella? The bait has no hook, so it’s harmless! 🙂

          Reminds me two emails I received from my city health officials:

          The first email, sent two or three weeks ago, informed me that testing centers are now open to everyone and I will be welcomed with open arms at any of the convenient locations around the city.

          The second email arrived three days ago. It’s actually from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services but was sent through city and county health authorities:

          What is the All of Us Research Program?

          “At the moment, health care is often one-size-fits-all. But imagine a future where your health treatments are tailored to you. This is called precision medicine, and we can make that future possible.

          The mission of All of Us is simple. We want to speed up health research.

          “To do this, we’re asking one million or more people to share their unique health data. This information will be added to a database. Researchers can then access this data to conduct thousands of studies on health and disease.

          Why one million?

          “The key to the All of Us Research Program is diversity. Diversity of people, data types, and ways of life.

          “The more we know about what makes people unique, the more customized health care can become. That’s why we’re asking one million or more people to join us.”

          Why should I join?

          “It’s simple. You’ll contribute to research that may improve health for generations to come. There’s no one exactly like you. Your unique health data may help researchers find the next big medical breakthrough.”

          [continued in my next comment, for those of you who are gluttons for punishment. . .]

          • CQ says:

            [continuation of my previous comment]

            How do I get involved?

            * Download the app
            * Visit our website []

            There are many ways to participate.

            “You may be asked to:

            * Take online surveys
            * Share your electronic health record (EHR)
            * Give blood and urine samples
            * Have your physical measurements taken”

            It just occurred to me that maybe one of the many agendas of false flag live shootings is to lure more compassionate citizens to the blood banks so their blood type can be stored in some national registry and later used against them in some way. I don’t know if this is an accurate guess, though, since I’ve never given blood.

            It’s safe to say that I won’t be among those million (or more) folks. Instead, I’ll do my best to explain to friends, who may have received the same invite, the many reasons why they might not want to act upon it.

            P.S. Ella Bella, a friend of mine has a best friend named Stella Bella!

  4. lovetodust says:

    OK, I am still in a catatonic state after watching Clinton and Newsome. Actually, I had seen the same conversation between Clinton and Cuomo over the weekend so I even have some of that catatonia left.

    I mean REALLY??? AMERICORP??? Sure, let’s get all those idealistic 20 somethings to stand on street corners and in airport terminals making sure you are SAFE – from yourself and everyone else.

    I think they used to call them Moonies.

    No “contact tracing” for me.

    I’m calling it Gestapo-gram. Or SS Waffenapp

    I’m not as concerned about the phone app which I would never get in a million years, and I leave my phone at home a lot, myself.

    I am concerned about the proof that we are going to need that we are SAFE in order to work,shop,travel,breathe….

    Well, as Roseanne Roseannadanna would say “It’s always something” (look it up you under 60’s)

    Thank you James. I got a lot from both the interview with Jason, and this latest propoganda watch. Big thank you for not using the F word.

  5. zyxzevn says:

    STASI = Social Tracking App to Stop Infections

    Or Sex Tracking App to Stop Infections
    Was very popular in East-Germany.

    Anyway, I got a nice vid for you all:

    The “New International Economic Order.” Patrick Wood, “Technocracy News.”
    He was a previous guest on Corbett Report
    (with Kevin Shipp)
    The interview is about the connection with “Sustainable development”,
    which appears to be a (Rothchild) plan to take over
    all the world’s resources.
    A plan that comes into action now, due to the problems caused by
    the covid-measures.

  6. ccp says:

    “contact tracing” is being replaced by the big monstrous tech alliance – apple + ggle – with “exposure notification”. This new speak will probably appear soon in the “public sphere”. A full army of PR-ists probably told them they need to twist it (together with people’s minds) as it raised bells. Thus, while I agree with you James that we should not use their language, I think the word “tracing” should somehow be there when we speak about it, as it raises bells. I’d call it “people tracing”.

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    As aside:
    This morning when I went to YouTube, this Corbett video was at the top of the “Recommended”.
    Of course, in the past, that never happened.

    Like Corbett pointed out previously…it’s coming. They are setting the stage.

  8. Camille says:

    Thank you, James!

    I have seen this Big Brother mentioned once before. I talked about it on a couple shows. The other day I made a 6 minute clip from one of them that includes that part.

    You can see the clip and links to the documents here (it’s on youtube and bitchute too):

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Camille, you are my American hero…in a new paradigm way. You deserve our help. How can help be given to the service you are providing?

      Let me explain the American part. A unified effort in this country to oppose this fascist take over needs to occur from the bottom up. That is the potential Nationalism Im referring too. God forbid a Nationalism should occur top down from what exists today. We are perilously close to the tipping point.

      • Camille says:

        Oh, generalbottlewasher. Thank you. I sure would appreciate the help! I’ve spent oodles of time on what I’ve done, some videos more than others. The time feels especially well spent when people share and upload the videos and sources on other channels and platforms and the message gets out there.

        My mom showed me earlier today some mirrors of the Clinton video that have gotten crazy view counts. That makes me happy for sure.

        Thanks for asking!

  9. J-Smoove says:

    You really can’t make this stuff up. They already had the technology to do this and now they can just attach it to the plandemic. Make it sound so elegant and inviting to people, because we all know that they are just doing this for the safety of the public. Right? It insults my intelligence when they say things like “citizens will have to change their way of thinking about privacy and understand that these measures must be done”. It’s just filler and B.S. They essentially want the public to accept this as the new normal. No thank you.

    On a lighter note, that thumbnail makes me want to watch “They live”. Lol. I usually watch it every few years or so. I guess I’ll be adding that to my agenda this week.

  10. scpat says:

    This term “contact tracing” isn’t all that mysterious and dressed up anyway. I think people can pretty easily understand what it is. But regardless, I would just called it “surveillance”, which is very straightforward and simple, yet not conspiratorial sounding like “Big Brother”.

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Big Brothers (plural) may not work well in the U.S.

    I’ll think of another term.
    My employer sent out another email recently, trying to gauge when to put us grunts back to work.

    We collect donations for Big Brothers Big Sisters. They are all across America, but pretty big in Texas.
    The donations are sold or recycled or reused, using a vast number of streams. Our company collects the donations for Big Brother, then buys them from Big Brother.

    The term “Big Brothers” just won’t be the descriptive that will work well in my circumstance. My co-workers would think that I am getting way too old…and I probably am anyways, as I could be a Grandpa for most of ’em.

    Perhaps some Corbett Report Members could suggest some alternative names for me, besides “Big Brothers”.

    A__holes, Turdbrains, boogerbutts, etc. is not exactly what I am looking for.

  12. robert.t says:

    Bill Clinton. He still believes in a place called Grope.

  13. A few ideas for alternative names for “Contact Tracing”:

    Global Personal Information Harvesting,
    Individualized Universal Tracking,
    Unilateral Population Monitoring,
    Eye-of-Sauron System,
    All-neighborhoods Watched Protocol,
    Universal Virtual Ankle-braceleting,
    The COV-opticon.
    Global Medicinal Metadata Monitoring.

    I could keep going, but if any of those resonate I offer them free of any copyright or intellectual property licensing to any and all who want to use or modify them.

    • Two more—because they are just too tasty not to share:

      Medicinal Mass Metadata Monitoring,

      Or simply,

      Medicinal Mass Monitoring

      • CantBelieveEverythingIHear says:

        designheretic: Since this invasion of privacy had absolutely nothing to do with medicine or health (well, except that it also wants to monitor and control your health, too), I like “Mass Metadata Monitoring” (which could be shortened to M3). Or, you could call it “Heinous Mass Metadata Monitoring” (or HMMM)…LOL

  14. dehaan says:

    this is a good idea… we should use this tracking and tracing method on the traitors (congress and governors) that are selling us out to the Private international central bankers to see how many backroom deals are made against the interests of the people. maybe ankle bracelets as well

  15. Fritzie's dad says:

    Invasion of the Privacy Snatchers

  16. Thomas says:

    Those of us who’re targeted with an extreme form of surveillance abuse known as “organized stalking” or “gang stalking” have been trying to warn the world for 30 years that this was coming… Not enough people heard the message due to the very limited platform we had to get our message out and media blacklisting and those that did hear mostly didn’t listen or didn’t act… Well now it’s really here, it really really is, and its being rolled out on everyone. We tried to warn you all, we tried… We explained that the ultimate intention of the organized stalking program wasn’t the specific individuals targeted so much as steering the public’s social political and worldview orientation in a fascist and satanic direction and finally to roll out these unthinkable surveillance and political control technologies on ALL people the world over…

    For those that don’t know there exists and has exited for 30 plus years a diabolical program of covert unconventional warfare run by globalist secret soceities, intelligence agencies, police and low level security service industry goons and first responders . This warfare involves an extreme form of surveillance abuse known as “organized stalking”. There are millions of people targeted with this extreme form of surveillance abuse worldwide.

    We only have a few years left to expose and end these war crimes and the interrelated underlying war crimes that allow them.

    See my article with a comprehensive yet short description of what organized stalking is in unison with numerous videos of TV News reports from Californians that explicitly ADMIT these surreal crimes are occurring here:

    Also, former Hollywood star Stephen Shellen who has been subject to organized stalking since 1995 and has been totally blacklisted from Hollywood since, released a stunning film of autobiographical fiction in 2018 called “The Spark” that’s an AMAZING depiction of the life of a targeted individual. This film is worth seeing both to better understand how targeted individuals are targeted and simply as just an amazing work of cinematic art. Stephen deserves the support too he’s an amazing artist.
    “The Spark” is now playing on Vimeo here:

    If people continue NOT to get this message OR not act when they hear it… Well you can’t say we didn’t try to warn you.

    • lovetodust says:

      This is very interesting Thomas.

      Catherine Austin Fitts has mentioned this – particularly the electromagnetic weapons. That 5G technology was originally developed and used as weaponry.

      I believe she has experienced it herself. She has quite a story.

      I will check out The Spark.


      • Thomas says:

        Thanks Lovedust for taking the time to check out The Spark. Also, see my article with a comprehensive yet short description of what organized stalking is in unison with numerous videos of TV News reports from Californians that explicitly ADMIT these surreal crimes are occurring here:

        • lovetodust says:

          Oh Thomas, I did watch your video. That’s what I meant by “this is interesting”

          Because, as I wrote, I have heard Catherine Austin Fitts, the economist, talk about this. She experienced it first hand.

          She is the first person I heard talk about 5G as a weapon. Not as in nuclear weapon, but something that you can feel individually.

          If you have not read her story or heard her on alt news I would suggest. She has been here on Corbett, on Dark Journalist, and on USAwatchdog. I am link-challenged so you will have to look it up on your own.

          She has a site called The Solari Report but you have to be a subscriber to read the articles. Nice site to visit though.

          She has a twitter feed,too.


  17. empathy says:


    I’m a huge fan, and thank you for all you do…

    I DO agree with you that the term “Contract tracing” is being pushed as propaganda/marketing…


    I live in MA, and I think you should take a look into the details of the actual program:

    It is ALL voluntary and confidential. You are asked to provide a list of people with whom you have been in contact with for the 2 days prior to your symptoms appearing (or your diagnosis if you are asymptomatic). If you do not wish to disclose certain individuals, one would assume you could simply omit them from your list if you so desired.

    This is NOT a technological tracking system. This is a far cry from the panopticon they are erecting in other parts of the world.

    I think this is a rare miss for you.

    • lovetodust says:

      Oh dear Lord, empathy, I live in MA, also. I do not read or watch mainstream news so I had no idea about this new collaboration. I just read the link.

      I am horrified.

      I read the Boston Globe obituaries every day. I have read them every day for 25 years. (I guess I missed the 15 pages Jason refers to)

      I will say that at least once or twice per week for the past month there has been a very sizable uptick in death notices, particularly after the weekend. That is an undeniable fact.

      The largest amount of notices are in towns with heavy retirees. I did some personal investigating. I clicked on just about every obit. I did not record exact figures but I can report that surprisingly few said “covid 19 related”.

      The majority of the obits were people in their 80’s and 90’s. A few were 100 or a bit older. A number were in their 70’s.

      There was a mix of alzheimers, pneumonia, cancer, or “natural age-related causes” (someone actually listed that).

      A number of people lived in nursing homes or some type of long term care.

      What did draw my attention was the number of people who “died at home surrounded by family”. I very rarely read “died at home”.

      Were these people who died at home people who feared going to the hospital for fear of catching the virus or going on the ventilator? Were these people who, had they gone to the hospital, would still be living?

      Those are rhetorical questions of course but it does make you think.

      From these obits, and from what I have heard from friends of friends in the medical profession (like Jason’s cousin), there is a virulent strain of something going around.

      But my feeling is the same as Jame’s. Quarantine the sick. Give them all the protection they need. Hold off on visiting. Take every precaution.

      But shut down the world? No.

      That is why I have such a very strong reaction to this “contact tracing”. It is a violation. Even if it is voluntary. And how voluntary can it be if someone reports me as a contact without me knowing and I get a phone call?

      If I find out that anyone I know has reported me as a contact – if I get a phone call from Partners health care – well, I won’t write what I will say or do. I am sure they will use my tape-recorded phone call for training purposes “How to handle a lunatic on the other end of the line”

      Empathy, I have to disagree with you. I think this is a huge invasion.

      But thank you for the link.

      • mkey says:

        Do you have a URL for these obituaries?

        • lovetodust says:

          Oh dear, you are asking the wrong person, mkey. I don’t know how to link. Just type in Boston Globe Obits and you will get the site.

          Check the obits for yesterday for instance. If you are not a daily Globe reader you might not notice the spike that I was talking about, but just the same – if you look at individual notices for the towns with the most listings I think you will see what I am describing.

          I’m not sure what Jason Bermas was referring to when he said “15 pages in Sunday Globe” Maybe that was a Sunday I didn’t read. I may have missed it because I was reading the Corbett report all morning.

          Today’s obits are back to normal.

    • deltammon says:

      empathy, just my two cents but I would be livid if someone from work gave my name and number to someone for this purpose. It doesn’t sound voluntary to the people who are now on the radar of medical officials (and who else) and may now be subject to either a test, vaccine, or mandatory quarantine because someone else volunteered themselves for the test and tracing.

      In a way, this is worse, because in the end we all know our phones are being tracked and traced 24/7. However, in this case it’s the same positive coercion to say “please give us the information of anyone you MIGHT have come in contact with within the last 14 days, you could save their life.” Then bam, they’re all labeled as potential and if they don’t submit to testing they won’t get their internal passport stamp. Slippery.

    • mkey says:

      This is pretty much the same deal as the communist scare in the 60es. It’s just 60 years after privacy used to mean something and it’s powered by omnipresent techonology.

      • empathy says:

        Telephones, text messages, and one-on-one phone calls are “omnipresent technology”? I’m going to guess you didn’t click the link.

        • mkey says:

          Big brother omnipresent surveillance is your way to impact the lives of many in our state and beyond.

          Sounds great.

          The Big brother omnipresent surveillance team will be reaching out via phone to both confirmed positive COVID-19 patients and their close contacts to help shut down virus exposure points before they happen.

          By pulling families apart? Sounds great.

          First, if you test positive, we make sure that you are getting the medical attention you need and support through quarantine.

          Test “positive” to what? What does “positive” mean EXACTLY? “Positive” sounds like a great moniker, but what the fuck does it mean?

          Once that is taken care of, we move onto contact tracing. Contact tracing is a proven, effective weapon in the medical arsenal to stop the spread of disease

          Once BBOS destabilizes the life of your family, it proceeds to do the same with all of your contacts. Which you reported yourself. Sound AWESOME, how the fuck can I sign up for this thing? Can I join from thousands of miles away? Oh please, can I? PLEASE?

          Text and phone calls, I stand corrected. Nothing nefarious going on over here, no sir. They’ll probably use texts and phone calls to send MILITARIZED POLICE TO YOUR FUCKING DOORSTEP.

          I really HATE when sycophant idiots tick me off. Good job. I sure hope you’ll get your pleasant one to one call, you’ll enjoy it.

          • empathy says:

            Hahahahaha, I’ve never been accused of being a “sycophantic idiot” before. There’s a first for everything, I suppose! Yes, followers of the Corbett Report are known for their sycophancy! Enjoy your frothing at the mouth. Mmmkay, mkey?

            I like how you glossed over the fact that you could simply _not pick up the phone_ when they call you. What nefarious consequence does that have?

            • mkey says:

              Yes, you won’t pick up the phone when they call. That’s only because people like you will had a dedicated hot line waiting to rat out on EVERYONE lol

            • Fawlty Towers says:

              Sorry empathy but I ‘feel’ compelled to weigh in here, and not on your side. 🙁

              “I live in MA, and I think you should take a look into the details of the actual program:…
              It is ALL voluntary and confidential….”

              You miss the point!
              You are not supposed to voluntarily snitch on who you came into contact with!!!
              Not if you are a true Corbeteer.

              “This is NOT a technological tracking system. This is a far cry from the panopticon they are erecting in other parts of the world.”

              No it is very low tech ie. old fashioned wired telephone.
              It doesn’t matter what you call it, you are still snitching on others you have contacted!

              “I think this is a rare miss for you.”

              Um, no I don’t think it’s a rare miss at all on James’ part.

    • empathy says:

      Of course this is all slippery. All I’m saying is _relatively_ speaking, MA’s lack of immediate embrace for total technological invasion is a qualified win. I think Baker deserves a little credit where credit is due. If you choose not to provide a single name of someone you’ve been in contact with when you get these calls, I completely support your right to do that. But at least they are not TAKING the data from you, with no recourse, and without your knowledge.

      • lovetodust says:

        But empathy – they shouldn’t even be asking names. What happened to HPPA laws?

        I’m suspicious of “well,it’s not as bad as….” That’s the way they rope us in.

        Already Bill Clinton is promoting the Massachusetts thing to NY and CA.

        This IS bad. Just as bad.

        • lovetodust says:

          By the way, the mkey empathy show is hilarious.

          Thank you. Much needed.

          • empathy says:

            I’m glad you’re enjoying the show! 😛

            HPPA protects doctor/patient data. This isn’t that. I suppose we’ll agree to disagree that this is just as bad as the global panopticon we’ve been seeing slowly erected around us. But I appreciate your willingness to have an actual discussion, without temper tantrums or epithets. Refreshing!

            • lovetodust says:

              Yes! It’s why the I am a member of Corbett Report.

              Thoughtful intelligent discourse where you can agree to disagree and have a laugh while you’re at it.

  18. manbearpig says:

    MKEY!! BS TEST PLEASE! I need your exquisite nose to evaluate this:


    • mkey says:

      Exquisite nose? Coming from a French? Oh là là.

      She hits all the main points. Ventilation, hydroxychloroquine, vitamin c. She provides some internal perspective and seems to talk like a professional.

      If they fire people speaking out, of course what’s going to be left are those who are too scared to talk and the riff raff (see Pearl Harbor). I’ve seen extremely poor hospital conditions before so I can imagine what she could be talking about.

      While she’s talking she’s mostly looking to the left, checking her notes on a laptop while recording with a phone. At times she looks up and to the side which would indicate she’s accessing information instead of making stuff up. In this case, it’s probably just how she expresses herself.

      Doesn’t sound like bullshit to me. Maybe a bit too heavy on the evil nurse aspect.

      I’ve backed up the video. Lately quite a few have lost their way.

    • hoff says:

      Conclusion…… Never go to a Hospital,
      they are being PAID to mark you down as having this fake virus, and they will kill you to get it.. 50 Grand a body and Gates gets another tick on his fake plandemic virus and to push his vaccine, ready to make the next wave, which will be activated by 5G in all the right densely populated cities.. population cull Agenda 2030 coming fast and furious, and still many have not read what that agenda is, pure evil and all online to read.
      They have to have you welcome EVIL in, and by not saying NO to it, you are saying yes by Acquiescence.

  19. mkey says:

    Have you guys seen this?

    A worldwide live streamed round table with 16 expert panellists

    The Conscious Resistance
    16 hours ago
    Hey everyone don’t forget that Thursday is Event 202! Event 202 is a propaganda opposition exercise meant to imagine how the people of the world will respond to the plan being rolled out around the world. How can the people respond and manifest a better reality than the one envisioned by the planners of the Event 201 simulation, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Event 202 will be a live 3 hour event streaming across many channels.

    What does a planned worldwide pandemic really mean for us?

    We will run a short video of 3 scenarios showing what might play out at 6, 12 and 18 months. The panel will be invited to discuss the various elements and what solutions there are to prevent or delay these things coming to pass. What choices do people have? How can we overcome and overturn the challenges that lie ahead? The round table will be an interactive storming session with real time participation from the audience. Each panellist will contribute with specialist sector knowledge and research, and suggest alternative solutions to discuss how these might be implemented and adopted by the masses.

  20. FormatLatimer says:

    How about a little switcherdoodle on the starting constants with an added pinch of rhyme play. Adoption of desent against ‘contact tracing’ can also be subconscious. A tongue twister trap planted in the minds of the many…


    “Did you see the segment BBC news were showing last night on tyranical chasing… sorry, I mean contact tracing!”

    One could say that the Patriot Act’s Bracing was in preperation for Contact Tracing 😉

  21. mkey says:

    Fair use warning: EXTREME heaving potential ahead.

    Billionaires in Space: How Musk, Bezos, and Branson Could Save Humanity

    Reason’s sellout person:
    Do you think it’s fair to say, the fact we have billionaires is why we have a private space industry?

    Some engineer guy:
    It’s why we have a lot of things. There’s nothing wrong with uuh aah folk making huge amounts of money.
    It’s OK for a guy to make horrendous profits… you know why? Look what they do with them. I just create jobs, but they create the future. Elon musk said what he’s doing on rocketry is 100 times more important than curing cancer.

    Idiot woman with an idiot sellout ear to ear grin:
    Is he right?
    Well, if you cure cancer you saved, what, 14% of us. If you can colonize another planet and humans can learn to survive there you could save all of us.

    … I really need a moment here. So 100/14 = 100? And this guy is an engineer?

    *Unsubsrcibes reason*

    • lovetodust says:

      Oh my lord, I don’t think I could stomach this rocket science after reading about contact tracing in my own hometown.

      Maybe they’re trying to drive us so insane we’ll jump at the chance of buying one of their condos on the moon.

  22. hoff says:

    When you look back at how everyone was horrified when we were aware they were spying on us, and the push back from the people and the about governments doing this with out permission etc etc , and here we are, they cause a situation where they will get the sheeple to cry out to be spied on and tracked and MARKed.
    What better way then on their device many now CANNOT survive with out, I ditched mine several months ago, hard at first, true ,but now not at all,It is NOT essential to have it with you 24/7 to see who has so called ‘befriended’ you or is ‘following’ you, all so ego padding very reptilian and soul less, Oh we cant talk to people anymore they are all INFECTED… and THAT will last for years with the WOKE crowd, you see how they cower back if you dare to come too close, as they tighten their masks and goggles and furiously wipe their hands with a bottle of sanitiser hanging from around their neck… JUST LUDICROUS, if only they were to seek the truth of actually what VIRUS actually is, and can ONLY be past on by INJECTION, GATES’ next wave…..and they will rush to have this poisoned 5G activated death sentence..

  23. deltammon says:

    The more honest individuals are (with themselves and others), the more problems would cease to exist. Although, that requires individuals to live a thoughtful existence which is another can of worms…

    But YES let’s call a spade a spade! It’s the same with using that insufferable term – CXX**-19 – in day to day life, especially at work (where the majority of people are least honest). If you were to analyze most peoples communication it’s obvious they haven’t even fired up a second brain cell.. ie: “All of our construction jobs are now cancelled because of C*X!d-19”
    -when, if you were being honest it would be:
    “All of our booked jobs are now cancelled because the government mandated shutdown. Someone decided that new home construction isn’t essential.”

    Almost every single dollar my company has lost was not caused by the RONA, but by the government ‘orders.’ (Cancelled meetings are about the only thing I can currently blame on FEAR of the rona)

    And I make sure I’m 100% honest with all customers and business partners because it is VITAL. “sorry, you haven’t received your materials because the government is threatening our ‘nonessential’ drivers.”

    • lovetodust says:

      Love it. Your right.

      It’s not “social distancing”. It’s ANTI-social distancing.

      • deltammon says:

        Good one!

        Another one, when I’m in conversation with family (who are like half on the fence) and they ask “why would our government ban selling seeds? it just doesn’t make sense.” Call it like it is:

        “It is an ATTACK mom. Plain and simple. Feeding your family to the best of your ability is a human right and no one can tell you what methods of doing so are ‘essential’. There is no other descriptor of what is happening. The individuals’ ability to sustain themselves and family independently, has been removed. It is an attack. This is violence being initiated against the innocent.”

        Dark, I know, but people need to understand the gravity of that right now rather than when those effects are felt and it’s too late.

      • CantBelieveEverythingIHear says:

        I’m going to have to remember that one: “ANTI-social distancing”… I love it (and it’s SO true)!!!

    • mkey says:

      Depending on how this rolls out, that is if we don’t kill each other while trying to beat a highscore in a very photo realistic gory action video game playing in our mind, I’m afraid we’ll be listening how crappola-19 screwed us good.

      Oh, was it not for con-19, we wouldn’t be rationing our golden rice right now, they’ll say. Yes, there are producers and yes, there is demand, but alas, it’s an insurmountable conundrum.

  24. De Clarke says:

    Thankfully, so far, I noticed general hostility towards this idea, however, I am sure when’pushed’ people would be happy to be part of the Big Brother !

    • lovetodust says:

      Are you kidding?? I just read the Massachusetts State Govt Partners in health contact tracing site(I keep wanting to call it Constant Contact – remember that??)

      They are offering jobs as Contact Tracers!!! Look at all the unemployed! They will jump on it. And you can do it from home so you don’t have to take off the pajamas you’ve been living in for the past 6 weeks.

  25. pearl says:

    Commenter “gordon” over at off-guardian posted the following 25 min. youtube video (sources cited in the description):

    “Morgellons, 5G, and Charles Lieber’s Brain Mesh. Transhumanism (MUST SHARE)”

  26. Martin2040 says:

    I suggest we call the disease Covid-1984

  27. Epic A+++ video!

    I know I’ve been throwing a lot of those high grades around lately, but these in these times folks just gotta wake up to this great info.

    While most of you may be upset with this “big brother panopticon” term rebranding, whitewashed now as “contact tracing”, I sympathize with you all and feel your pain.

    However, a part of me absolutely celebrates this new term!

    In writing my “Bittersweet Seeds” epic subversive near future hard-sci-fi story (a work in progress), I won’t have the burden of actually having to explain this whole thing and my audience will already be aware of it. THIS is a HUGE relief for me.

    Even before I started going deep into conspiracy theory and historical revisionism in 2014-2015, I was _VERY_ well aware that there would be vastly superior surveillance systems in 25-30 years from now and that escape from surveillance would be nearly impossible. “They” will always get you, or so we’re told. Even that lone shooter in Nova Scotia got nabbed, if we are to believe that story. We don’t know about all the lone shooters and serial killers that actually get away with it, with or without help from authority and the deep state.

    At the half-way mark in my story, starting with Act 2B “Fugue”, after narrowly escaping an assassination attempt, my protagonist escapes on foot and must evade surveillance not knowing who to trust or who’s out to kill him. This has been fundamental in my story since about 2007. I liked to consider the latter half of my story a mashup of _The Fugitive_, _Children Of Men_, _The Bounty_, and _2001: A Space Odyssey_ – vaguely. I don’t know how to describe or compare the first half, which lays out the foundation with a _LOT_ of ideas in “normal” circumstances before switching gears.

    Maybe I should ignore this corona thing and SaidIt for a while and just finish the damn story.

    As always this video was shared on SaidIt, and this comment above was copypasted from within the SaidIt post comments here:

    Inspired by the transparent and open process of Corbett, I too am developing my story, a work in progress, openly here:

    Eventually, when a first draft is refined and ready for feedback I will promote the hell out of it, ask for feedback to improve it, for support and help in the next stages (storyboard/graphic novel + web store + feature film), and submit it to James to consideration if he likes it enough to promote and/or criticize/review it. All of this has taken years and will take more to come.

  28. seth.w.h says:

    I submit:

    Cattle Tracking

  29. Libertydan says:

    “Big Brother” was a term used (unofficially) by Postal Workers after the Events of 9/11/01. I became aware of this when I was living in Commy County WA and a friend of mine got behind on paying for his Postal Box. I went into the Post Office with him, and we were thinking that all he had to do was pay it up to date, but the lady at the Counter said that she could no longer do that because they (the Postal Workers) had to satisfy “Big Brother”. Who is “Big Brother”, I asked? She said that it was some kind of central commuter that monitored everything they did. She said it was also the reason all Mail had to go through Tacoma instead of going from one small town to the next like it used to. So that’s why it takes a week to get Mail from less than ten miles away, I said. Yes, the old Box Number had to be closed out and a New one issued in order to satisfy some damn commuter they called “Big Brother”.
    Perhaps, “Slave Tracking” fits the bill, eh!

  30. ben.r says:

    Thanks for your insights.
    You have a point about terminology and confusion.

    How about re-thinking the term “infected”? The fact that they can DETECT a genetic sequence in you, which is called corona virus, does not mean that this genetic sequence is causing you any disease nor that it presents a risk to the health of anybody else. In fact, this cluster of viruses referred to as the “corona virus” is not new. There is no evidence that detection = disease nor that detection = contagiousness. None. If you doubt this, then I offer a reward of a thousand dollars to you or to anybody who can prove that detection of the “corona virus” causes any disease or that corona virus is contagious.

    How about re-thinking the term “asyptomatic carrier”. This is, in fact, a healthy person, but under medical martial law, as you aptly call it, a healthy person is no longer healthy, but is merely suspected of being an “asymptomatic carrier”. This is nonsense. There is no evidence for the theory of the “asymptomatic carrier” of the corona virus who causes resîratory illness in someone else.

    In fact, there are no unique symptoms of “covid-19”. The cough, the fever, respiratory failure, and pneumonia are not unique. Some have mild symptoms. Some have severe symtoms. You do not need a PhD, an MD, or even a degree in biology to see through the nonsense of the terms “infected” and “asymptomatic carrier”, yet they are part of the pretense for the lockdown. This is the work of psychopaths.

    Regarding predictions, you were spot on, but what about mandatory vaccinations or vaccinations required to use public transport or to buy groceries? I’m not wishing for this, but if we are trying to foresee, then along with suppression of dissent and free speech and blaming or even framing the Chinese government, then unfortunately, forced vaccinations of adults is what seems to me possible, maybe even forseeable.

    Thanks also for pointing out that the Japanese government did not impose a quarantine on healthy people there. Let this be a lesson to us all, because what is also forseeable, it seems to me, is that they will soon proclaim, “ok, eveerybody, or at least some of you go back to your work and income and freedom, but look at all that we did for you; be grateful to us for the quarantine; if we had not quarantined you, then there would have more losses to this deadly virus.” The gullible will believe this, but the absence of a lockdown in Japan, Taiwan (from what I hear), and Sweden may prove otherwise. Perhaps they understood that the CCP may have been trying to cover up the severe air pollution in Wuhan. Hope this is not too wordy.

    • Libertydan says:

      Looks like you got it all in in under 500 words.
      NBC Nightly News just did a clip on Sweden and how they are handling COVID19. They have about 2100 deaths as opposed to Michigan with over 3400 COVID Deaths.
      Both have populations of just over 10 Million, however Sweden does not have a Whitless Governor.

  31. Jed says:

    Good vid JC, words are important things — pre-made thoughts, best not to let other’s thoughts do the thinking.
    Bill Clinton should know a thing or two about “C” words, and not just from Hillary, he learned all about “Contact Tracing” from what he left on Monica’s dress. So thanks for the advice
    Bill, you steaming, freshly dropped, corn studded turd.
    Here’s one, a new word for Rhode Scholar, I’ll use “Scumbag” and that’s the Queen’s English (Queens County NY) .

  32. alexandre says:

    THANK YOU, James, for telling people not to carry the digital handcuffs with them. I’ve been suggesting this for ages, which is surprising because it’s so freaking obvious. Actually I suggest throwing them in the trash, but I guess it’s a bit too much – I wonder for how long.

    Idea for a protest. Around the world, on a given date, thousands of people gather on a square to BURN their cell phones on a big fire. THAT would be something. Two messages in one: a) We don’t want to be slaves and b) You can shove yer COVID up yer arses.

    Of course IF some triple miracle descended from the Heavens and people did get rid of the device, then they would probably chip everyone, but at least the message would be clear. We don’t want your fucking handcuffs. Up to now the message, to me at least, is the opposite. We WANT the freaking tracking device, because we care more about our own addictions, entertainments and social-cloning (hey, a new term I just invented), than freedom and life. Much more. That’s the message we’re sending whenever we use these suicidal worse-than-heroin machines.

  33. Libertydan says:

    An alarm on my damn Cell Phone went off the other day. I had never heard it that loud. What the hell was is going on, I thought as I flipped it open (yes it’s a flip Phone). There on my Phone, is a text message alerting me that Governor Whitless has extended her Emergency Stay at Home Orders for another 15 days through May 15th. I think I figured out how to turn off the Alert Alarm, but I was a bit pissed because I never asked to be “Alerted”, eh!

    • ben.r says:

      Could you posssibly ditch the smartphone and go back to a fixed line?
      Am thinking about doing this myself, but have not yet.
      Others I know have.

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        Yes at least that would give you an alibi when you are out and about doing your thing outside when a cop pulls you over.

        “No officer I don’t have a cell phone. No officer I don’t watch TV.
        No officer I don’t read the MSM news. No officer I don’t check my mail. I’m a hermit.”

        • mkey says:

          You’d probably have a better time by sayin “no hablo ingles”. Might not work so well in te US.

        • ben.r says:

          You don’t need to be a hermit to ditch the smartphone, stop watching tv, and stop reading the papers. You might even start to free yourself.

          • Fawlty Towers says:

            Yes of course you are right ben. That didn’t come out sounding right at the end. 🙂

            I was trying to make it SOUND like I was a hermit, just for the police.

            I personally (for all intents and purposes) don’t have a cell phone, don’t watch TV and don’t read the MSM news.
            I must confess that I do check my community mailbox once in a while (not everyday) and am not a hermit.” 🙂

  34. Libertydan says:

    The Local News out of Lansing (The State Capital), just said that the Governor’s Orders expire on Thursday. So, the Cell Phone Alert was Bogus, eh! I have to wonder how many other people got that Bogus Alert.
    It gives me good cause to leave the Phone at Home.

  35. Alchemist says:

    Exactly.. and we can’t win by playing the wrong game. This is a marketing match! No doubt they’ll be tough to beat. They have every detail covered, right down to Gates’ signature pink cashmere sweater, but we have the TRUTH. Transforming their fallacious language into truth is key!

    On another note, I noticed something today on the back of the 2020 US quarter—BATS. Like this is all some kind of big joke? And CV was first reported on Dec31, sooo……

  36. Libertydan says:

    60 Minutes did a Story yesterday on “Mapping Technologies” (see link below)

    Good old Canada to the rescue, eh!

  37. Jed says:

    What’s with all these assholes honking around in their cars? It’s like their cars are now their clothes — and they’re having parties, funerals, I don’t even get to see what the hell they’re honking about before they’re past. Bizarre behavior.

  38. Libertydan says:

    NBC Nightly News just did a Story on COVID19 and how Sweden is handling it. No Lock down, and they have about 2100 deaths.
    Note that Michigan has nearly the same population as Sweden and has over 3300 deaths.
    The Draconian Measures in Michigan are not “Saving Lives” relative to the Virus, and in the long haul, Governor Whitless has created a Depression that will likely last for years, and cost many more lives than the Virus..

  39. endthefed says:

    Normie: blah blah blah contact tracing blah blah.

    Me: Oh you mean Contact Spying?

  40. perkns says:

    Perhaps Brock can come up with an image of a human with a cattle tag stapled through the ear. Tax Cattle Tagging.

  41. Viv Aldistaw says:

    If you don’t already know this song I’m honoured to make you aware of it. I actually bought the vinyl back in the 80s! Check out the “911” during the clip too.

  42. Excellent point, James! Two can play at the marketing game 😉

    Instead of “public schools”, call them “government schools”.
    Instead of a state “seceding”, say that a state “declares its independence”.
    Instead of “the official story”, say that it’s “the government’s story”.

    …and so on!

    • Alchemist says:

      Good ones. I’ll add some others:

      Homeschool – personalized or custom education

      CDC – Center for Disease Creation (got this one from James)
      Vaccines – Vaccine “products” (a reminder that they’re man-made and not magical potions sent to us from the heavens)
      Doctors – glorified drug dealers
      (too much?;)

      Contact tracing & facial recognition could both be called “location stalking”

      Shelter in place- lockdown or solitary confinement
      Social distancing – isolation torture treatment

  43. joe_r says:

    🐑 ‘ Sheep Scanner ‘ 🐑 comes to mind…minding the flock for our own well-being. Like a lamb to slaughter. The SS is watching 🐑

  44. Octium says:

    Personally I would avoid using the term “Big Brother”

    Due to name space pollution, the average sheepie thinks “Big Brother” is a dumb reality TV show. Indeed that is what comes up in a Google search. The only negative association would be that the show gives free airtime to amateur narcissists, but other than that they will not think much of it.

    I think Nanny-State, Orwellian or Spyware still retain their original meaning for now.

  45. отец says:

    “Nor do they put new wine into old wineskins, or else the wineskins break, the wine is spilled, and the wineskins are ruined. But they put new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.” (Matthew 9:17, which is also found in Mark 2:22)

  46. Clearmoon says:

    Leave it to the nerds like Gates to co-opt a motherboard troubleshooting term, to mean invading your entire private life.

  47. scpat says:

    Bill Gates has been getting reamed by the YouTube comments sections lately! Watch this creepy video of Bill smiling as he discusses vaccines. Look at the like/dislike ratio and the comments. It appears many people have caught on to him.

  48. Antonio says:

    As Mr. Knut Wittkowski has said, contract tracing for a respiratory infection is impossible. It’s about surveillance, of everyone, all the time.

  49. Antonio says:

    I guess I now know where all those people who have been thrown out of work will go – to Americorps and the CCC. Sign me up!

  50. Antonio says:

    Community health workers – another term that James would insist we don’t use.

    It’s amazing how glib these people are when discussing things like this. The words just roll off their tongues, like they were reading poetry or something.

    Creepy doesn’t begin to describe it.

  51. mfxj says:

    Hi as suggested already I like “surveillance state”.

    It just calls it what it is; without unnecessary emotional tags of “big brother” etc, which just serve to polarise people.


  52. alexandre says:

    I have a good one: “Pimentinha”. The problem is for English speakers to pronounce the “nh”, similar to the Spanish “ñ”. Maybe when you say “nah, nah, nah”, so “pimenti-nah”.

    Pimentinha was part of a thing called “Dragon’s Chair”, which was a kind of electric chair used to torture during the military era. The pimentinha was the dynamo manually operated with a crank that generated electricity to the chair, where the tortured sat totally naked and wet.

    Too much?

    • manbearpig says:

      You’ve just introduced new and unexplored dimensions to the word “overkill”!

      …I hope…

        • manbearpig says:

          but..aren’t you sleeping??

          • manbearpig says:

            that was a dumb, inappropriate question; please ignore it.

            oh, wait. you did!

            • alexandre says:

              I didn’t see it. I went to …. sleep.

              Woke up, started cleaning the house, since the woman that used to come once a week is afraid of the virus, so the house was starting to speak Azerbaijani. Worked for a bit, but my hips started giving me jip. I’m seriously getting old. My home will decay. I’m depressed. Then again, who isn’t?

              • manbearpig says:

                Sleep’s cool! Remember your dream??

                Whaddya mean depressed?… don’t you love life?? How can you be depressed?? You’re immensely talented and accomplished with a loving sister who’s a good cook, lots of people think you’re funny, insightful and interesting and you can smoke cigarettes and drink milk an everything! You have a prodigious avocado tree and speak at least 3 languages. You’ve translated Corbett Report material… and you’re capable of making music live in front of people and… and… all the rest!?

                Who isn’t depressed? I’M not depressed! Angry, frustrated and a little…marginalized, perhaps even stigmatized and isolated in my views but not depressed!

                Plus, you live closer to the Atacama desert than I do!

                It’s times like these when I wish I had a good knock-knock joke to make things right…

              • manbearpig says:

                so d’ya like my blog?

              • mkey says:

                You should put the URL to in the wordpress profile, how will people find it otherwise?

              • manbearpig says:

                Um… good question!! Thank you for pointing that out!

                so… uh where exactly is the wordpress profile again…??

                at any rate, it’s just a mirror of some of Mr. Corbett’s work…

                I’m not really trying to have a blog so much as put the unproofread “French” translation of Mr. Corbett’s “Letter to the Future” somewhere since Pearl’s idea of making a blog’s the only suggestion I got.

              • mkey says:

                You could have sent it to le monde or maybe to le CNN.

                The link to profile is on the top right. Where it says “howdy halfmanhalfbearhalfpig”.

              • alexandre says:

                Erm….I should put my blog there also. Never thought of that.

                I remembered my dream vividly, but then I forgot. It was too complicated. But later I’ll remember. I wrote a book many years ago, don’t you know. It’s called “100 Dreams”, which are 100 dreams I had in my notebook, with commentary. BUT…since the majority of the dreams are so personal, it wouldn’t be interesting for other people – it’d need a whole description of who the people are etc, too personal. Further more the only response I got from a publisher was “Sorry, it has too many bad words”. My analyst at the time got interested, though. Good material for the psychoanalytical society. But it never went anywhere.

                You’re not trying to cheer me up, are ya? Thanks for the kind words. Maybe I’m not depressed, but I think I am, which is fine – at least a sign of lucidity. When you keep a fish in a bowl of mustard, by force, and he feels good and happy, it means he’s totally mad. AND he forgot what water is. So it’s ok, it just goes up and down. A bit neurotic maybe. I went to the market – some old job I had forgotten about paid me – so I could buy some steaks and chocolate, and cheese. Had my “esfiha de calabresa” with my coconut water in the car driving, and that made me feel much better. Going out and coming back home is a circle that is part of humanity since the first protozoário woke up. Funny how they cancelled exactly that. This fuckdemic is absolutely “anti-life”.

                So a thought occurred to me while driving. Since happiness is so easy to achieve, and since the Illuminati bastards already have the whole Earth for themselves, why do this? The only conclusion was genocide. They want everybody dead, minus the few in the castle. Let’s say Technocracy is what they’re installing by force. Ok, then what? What’s the end result? 1984? BNW? I don’t think so. It will never work, unless … it’s meant not to work. It’s meant to kill. Not an easy task to kill 6 billion people. And how do you catch fish? A web, a net. No wonder I’m depressed. Well, you know, not depressed, a bit neurotic. And so sad. But ok. I’m ok! Stake and pasta for dinner. And Corbett video. I’m happy. Happy AND depressed? YES!

              • manbearpig says:

                well hvala puno mkey for the practical info! and that other great idea! I’ll be contacting Le Cnn during my coffee break!

              • manbearpig says:

                “…Going out and coming back home is a circle that is part of humanity since the first protozoário woke up…”

                love the way you write.

                “…since the Illuminati bastards already have the whole Earth for themselves, why do this?…”

                I’m thinking some of “them” are trying to create a consciousness that will outlive humans and be able to travel at light speed.
                Out of a profound sense of responsability; a sort of… Astronomically exacerbated White Man’s Burden thingy…

              • manbearpig says:

                “…I’m happy. Happy AND depressed? YES!…”

                yea, I can identify with that…

              • alexandre says:

                “Astronomically exacerbated White Man’s Burden thingy…”
                That’s one hell of a thingy.

                Entering the process of deep alienation now. Sister sent me news that in a city nearby there’s a fine now for people NOT using masks IN THEIR CARS. Inside the car, you know, in the internal locale of the automobile, even when you’re alone. Soon this will get here and I’ll be forced to use a mask. I told sister that I will never, ever, use a mask, so I think now I’ll stay inside forever. Since the supermarket – my only errands in life – does delivery, that’s that then.

                Maybe I feel things too much or something (maybe I can’t forget real life enough), but the mask for me has been a tremendous symbol of something like the David’s star on the chest. It’s the ultimate humiliating, self-loathing-etc symbol to use as an emblem that says “I agree”, I don’t know, something like that. I will not use that thing. A friend brought us some masks – cool ones, kind of jeans with a metal adorn near the nose – and sister, after saying “I don’t care, I’ll use them” – put the mask on and immediately said “I can’t breathe in this thing”. Really? If breathing was the only problem. So, I’m off. Alienation heavy metal. Let’s go to the deep profundities of the alien-nation and see what’s for dinner there.

                “Blues for Modern Times” coming soon. If people like it, I will have failed.

                This is really happily swimming in the vomit of a salesman, with the positive sign on our faces. This has got to be a bad dream.

              • manbearpig says:

                “…there’s a fine now for people NOT using masks IN THEIR CARS. Inside the car, you know, in the internal locale of the automobile, even when you’re alone…”

                well, like YEA! DUH! C’MON! GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!
                You wouldn’t want to infect yourself now would’ya??

                Indeed, this would seem to be irrefutable proof that these masks are merely a sign of total submission.

                “…the mask for me has been a tremendous symbol of something like the David’s star on the chest…”

                Yea exactly.

                I saw a little child wearing one yesterday and it looked like a muzzle.

                Children are growing up finding it normal to muzzle themselves.

              • alexandre says:

                You up already? It’s 2AM here.

                I do want to infect myself, yes! With anything, preferably fatal. In fact I’d like to get me left arm caught in a concrete grinder while listening to Kenny G’s last album. That would be paradise compared to CORONA.

                “Indeed, this would seem to be irrefutable proof that these masks are merely a sign of total submission.”

                Baby! My words exactly, when sister told me. Perfect. I think, MBP thinks the same, therefore I am.

                Had to look up muzzle. Yes. In Brazil, apparently – after a long chat with sister – there are no signs anymore of anything like self-respect, or any type of respect. In the name of security, literally anything goes. There’s simply no limit. She had to remind me what I said when I got back from Paris the first time, how I was treated like an adult individual, and how shocking that was, since I was never treated like that – that kind of thing. So what’s a mask? What’s a mere muzzle? They’re “saving lives” – vomit jet.

                Thank you.

              • manbearpig says:

                “They’re “saving lives” – vomit jet.”

                …and the victim drowned in his own vomit dutifully collected by the surgical mask with a nose ring plastered to his face…

                One down and seven billion three-hundred and sixty-three million left to go, give or take a few ambiguous cases.

                At any rate, you’ve raised neurosis to new dizzying heights.

                You’ve left Woody Allen WAY behind! IN THE DUST!! Put him to SHAME! He can put his clothes back on as the French would say! (translated approximately as “he can go back where he came from” or “he can crawl back into the hole he crept out of” or something along those lines)

                Your very unique brand of hyperbole (that, unfortunately for you isn’t even hyperbole) is SOOOO gratifyingly, mirthfully therapeutic for us rodents!

                so no venturing into TOTAL alienation please, thank-you.

              • alexandre says:

                That was almost poetry. And how can I do something I don’t know?

                hyperbole …. flip, flip, “exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally”.

                Well you’re right when you say in my case it’s not even that. I could say many things about what seems exaggerated, but isn’t. Or it is when you lost some nerves, when some cables were disconnected. It has something to do with the linguistic phenomenon – that must have a name – which is for example saying that Atila the Hun was inadequate, or that the Inquisition was not cool. When you diminish the importance of something with inadequate words. Hypobole? BUT…the reply button would catapult out of sight, so I’ll stop.

                I’ll try not to alienate too much. TCR will probably be my only wanderings. Digital errands.

                Loved “He can put his clothes back on”. I shall use it eventually.

                A question of the upmost importance: why the hell are there two “g”s in exaggerate?

              • manbearpig says:

                “…the inquisition was not cool…” “hypobole” as a form of extreme understatement… I like it! come to think of it, it probably exists…

                “why the hell are there two “g”s in exaggerate?”

                Probably for the same reason Attila has two “t”s, hon. A sophisticated form of intra-verbal hyperbole.

                I really oughta be careful with these lacanian slips, though…

                Attila has to tease hun…

                ciao bello! off the reply button and into the hamsterwheel with me too!

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Aleksandr and HalfManHalfBearHalfPig, You two Knobs have come to identify and use quite successfully BACON ENGLISH.
                You make me proud! Continue.

              • alexandre says:

                As in FRANCIS Bacon? OR as in bacon en eggs?

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Alex, Now your Egg-saggeratin’ . Im talkin’
                King James’s former Lord Chancellor Francis Bacon. Master of language transformation. Ole English into Bacon English for perfidious use by Kings, Diplomats and House of Lords.
                Its Saturnday night. Got any new moon music for the gang?
                PS.. Did you post the Fred and Dave article on QinetiQ? Relating to Pribian Bo.

              • alexandre says:

                As per words escaping me, yours again do. What post, what article, Dave and who? Maybe I did and forgot. It’s common at my age – 6.587. I’ll be 6.858 next year!

                No new songs, as I’m working on a masterpiece (ha ha ha ha) still called “Ravelism”.

                Lord Francis, ah yes. Do you welcome the theory that Shakespeare was actually him? I saw some documentary long ago with pretty convincing writers and poets that were quite sure that the real Shakespeare couldn’t be “the man”. Was that debunked yet?

  53. jonathan.d says:

    Yeah so I’m down here in freedom-loving Australia where the Government is well on the path to introducing a “contact-tracing” app. They’re going to use an app developed in freedom-loving Singapore. Great. But it will be voluntary. Until pandemic number whatever rolls by, and then I’m pretty sure it will be slid on over to the mandatory column. The absolute apathy in this country about freedom is sickening.

  54. Steve Smith says:

    I can’t even send photos with my stupid flip phone. And it costs me 25 bucks a month!

    I love it more everyday.

  55. nexangelus says:

    I have been renaming and using my own phrases for a lot of the new language that has arisen during this plandemic, that others have just learned and now parrot, because I refuse the propaganda. I did forget to rename Big Brother and have no clever quips to replace the original words. Maybe something along the lines of snitching, cos it is, but you are telling on yourself and others…oh I am no good at this, am I? Another link to the UK version (they were doing it, ditched it and now have plans to boost the Big Brothers to 18000 from 290, yikes!)

    The “second wave” will be blamed on those not willing to download the Big Brother app…the comments on the article, eek!

  56. Nick says:

    Hi all, has anyone seen any evidence that phone manufacturers are actively and publicly assisting govt in advancing BIG BROTHERing in the wake of this craziness? Only asking as i find it coincidental to say the least that my android phone has system updated several times in the last month or 2. “Security Patches” are something im sure no one looks twice at so would be an easy way to go under the radar with this.
    Also, does anyone have opinions on Dr Rashid Buttar? Credible? I recently watched a vid on Goo-tube channel Next News Network where he was pretty outspoken and wide reaching on his conspiracy talk, part of which was suggesting the main reason for the social distancing is because the resolution on the phone tracking with current technology is not good enough to track individuals when they are close to each other, so by conditioning everyone to maintain 13feet or whatever it is now, this ensures accurate tracking of everyone. Thoughts?

  57. Fawlty Towers says:

    Contact Tracing = Contact Spying = Police State

  58. cu.h.j says:

    Has anyone here been organizing or going to any protests? I am in California but would travel to take part in one. A group of people I know is interested in protesting in the SF Bay Area, if anyone is in the area would you be interested in learning more? I think people need to keep speaking up and I do think protests help. It doesn’t matter if we are vilified by the media. I think there are large numbers of people who are against this, even in the medical profession, like me who want to come forward and voice dissent but it’s hard to stand alone.

  59. HomeRemedySupply says:

    April 28, 2020
    Health News Florida (NPR related)
    By Selena Simmons-Duffin
    We Asked All 50 States About Their Contact Tracing Capacity. Here’s What We Learned
    (AUDIO also included in article – NPR style)
    (coded map in article)

    …An influential group of former government officials released a letter Monday calling for a contact tracing workforce of 180,000. Other estimates of how many contact tracers are needed range from 100,000 to 300,000.

    NPR surveyed all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia to ask them how many contact tracers they currently have — and how many they were planning to add, if any. We got data for 41 states and the District of Columbia and found they have approximately 7,324 workers who do contact tracing on staff now, with plans to surge to a total of 35,582…

    ~~~From GRAPHIC
    How Many Contact Tracers Does Your State Have Per Capita?
    Estimated need: 30 workers per 100,000 are needed during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to estimates from the National Association of County and City Health Officials. In nonemergency situations, 15 workers per 100,000 population are needed. ~~~

    … Numerous groups and experts are calling for more action and funds from the federal government. The group of former federal officials who wrote a letter Monday calling for increased contact tracing hires also say $46 billion in federal funding is needed to pay for the hires and resources to help infected and exposed people stay isolated.

    Scott Gottlieb, a former Food and Drug Administration chief for President Trump, told NPR on Monday that although assembling as many as 180,000 contact tracers nationally may be daunting, it’s doable….

  60. BeaverBill says:

    “Big Brother” has been popularized mainstream around here through an absurd “game show” with absurd people, it is effective but I often wonder how much of the gravity of the concept has been lost along the way through populist over use and how many understand, or even want to understand its historical significance…. its still one of the best options in my mind, but can be bolstered with some simple variety within conversations, keeping it super simple is a key for me. (Don’t want to self isolate too much, it’s counter productive.)


    “Total Surveillance App”
    “Privacy Surrender App”
    “Privacy Capitulation App”
    “Privacy Subjugation”
    “Another Dictatorship App…”
    “Privacy Hacker App”

    Semi formal:

    “Peeping Tom app” (sexual deviancy implied , a commonly shared emotional trigger, more so for women)


    “Wipe My Arse app” ( “What!? Now they want to know when I go to the toilet and when I wipe my arse?!”)

    “Wipe my arse Counter App” (“An application I just invented to count how many times a day you take a dump and wipe properly. Centralized data management to track and inform you of which one of your friends has properly wiped their arses before shaking your hand. I’m going to make a fortune!!”… icebreaker/ humor…keep it simple)

    For almost two years we’ve refused to sign our daughter’s privacy rights away to the school to hand specific data to Google. The waiver came, in the beginning, upon the incorporation of Tablets into the class which has shoved everyone into the digital age,. There is some ill feelings amongst the parents, and resentment of putting an uncontrollable “toy” into such a young persons hands, but in the end we, as a family, stand alone with only one parent , in my older daughter’s age group, removing her children from this particular school. I added a caveat to the signed paper, that they could sign her on to Google as long as they use a recognizable (not a terribly great effort, still incorporates her name , with initials) but far less specific “username”, which I added to the agreement, I refuse to hand everything on a silver platter to Google. They refused and “asked” us to sign it again, claiming that they could only use her full detailed name . We had a teacher/parent meeting but it led to “passing the buck”, we still haven’t signed it, have worked our way around it, with some pain , but the paper has recently raised its ugly head once again. The school doesn’t want to deal with data protection, austerity will continue to bolden and undermine us, as if the 2008 crisis wasn’t enough . Our only real option is to pull the children out of the school but as you can imagine pretty much everyone is on the same page nowadays, and even more so with the dependency of online/home school learning….. you can imagine the never ending cornucopia of data that the technocrats now have ,now that the entire world is online, they’ll be feasting and growing obese on us for years to come.

  61. WithInSight says:

    I like Big Brother Surveillance because it’s direct, while not seeming too dramatic. Another point thought about was that the implementation of Big Brother Surveillance might warrant the need for more infrastructure, which means that they have a way to pitch a supposed benefit of 5G.

  62. panthera says:

    I find it’s a great idea to replace the terminology with more factually accurate words and there are already examples of that, such as plandemic vs pandemic. However, I think if we came to a consensus on the exact words/phrases to use and strictly adhere to them, over time these terms become established and more widely used. Maybe Contact Tracing should be called Communist Tracking, FBI could henceforth be called Fascistic Bureau of Intimidation, WHO could be the World Gates Organization, Department of Defense becomes Department of Offense, etc. James has already come up with a few good replacements, like Center for Disease Creation and Propaganda. These are the methods the establishment employs to influence the human psyche, why not give them some of their own medicine?

  63. lyne says:

    You can tell this boils James’ piss as it does mine. I’d say its more of a stasi flavour then facistic. The army of informants we’ve seen before.

    James, do you have any bumper stickers? My entire street is full of these creepy rainbows and I’m a shade away from printing off big brother and sticking him in the window. I don’t have a printer availiable right now though

  64. mrsoapdish says:

    Here is a good real-time discussion clearly outlining the degree of severity and polarized element surrounding this move:

    I’m still quite amazed that people correlate this to measures of safety and saving lives. I mean, we see how that all worked out with TSA and this really is fundamentally no different on the receiving end. On the giving end, there would then be the capability for full, real-time exploitation of this data. The next step would be implants, as far off as that may be from now as it’s all by subscription at this point.

    I really have to give it to them, this is a ruthless and exacting science at this point.

  65. robert1983 says:

    What about “Faucism”? Can we just call it that?

  66. robert1983 says:

    And maybe we can start referring to this as a “WHO-dunnit”, and the “Gates-way to Hell”. Tons of bumperstickers. As if those matter. Tons of “Don’t Tread on Me” bumperstickers out there on the backs of F-150s parked in driveways with their owners sheltering in place, worrying about where they can buy N95 masks. Still, it’s funny.

    • CQ says:

      robert1983, your three phrases are among the most clever — and accurate — I’ve seen: “Faucism” and “WHO-dunnit” and “Gates-way to Hell.”

      Seems like creative, witty, and memorable lines are dreamed up — and light up most brightly — when times are dark.

      • robert1983 says:

        Thanks. Let’s destroy the bastard’s name. Let’s say his name, and drag it through the blood and guts.

        • robert1983 says:

          Fauci is nonchalantly committing mass murder, and in a fashion characteristic of all true despots: fastidiously. He’s squeamish, exactly like any other fascist dictator. He abhors grime, refuse, pestilence, dirt. He’s so possessed by the animating spirit of revulsion that he would sooner kill the host to exterminate the pathogen than taint himself with the blight of human frailty. He’s a man possessed, and he has been given the power over human life. If he would prefer to stand aloft his ivory tower lest his feet be anointed with the blood of his countless victims, then let us write his name in that blood, so that at least that might be brought to justice.

      • mkey says:

        Yes, yes, excellent work. I think that’s what James was relying on, having someone come up with something really good instead of going gansta with “Big brother”.

  67. Octium says:

    COVIDslave – COVIDsafe is the name of the Orwellian App in Oz.

  68. alexandre says:

    I got one!


    Oh sorry, I guess it’s the wrong post.

  69. mkey says:

    “We Need An Army Of Contact Tracers” – Meet The Enforcement Arm Of The “New Normal”

    Derrick Broze for The Last American vagabond.

  70. alexandre says:

    I’ve got another one:


  71. Hang Em High says:

    Hi James,

    New member, but I’ve been following along for a couple months now (Thanks BTW). As someone who completed 2 years in AmeriCorps, I can’t begin to tell you what a kick in the nuts this was to watch.

    First off, I am saddened to hear of the sexual misconduct, & to see the program painted as a “mismanaged failure”. I never witnessed, heard, read, or knew about any of that. Not to say it isn’t true, as it probably is. However, I can tell you that the work our AmeriCorps crews performed in Northern California helped positively shape who I am today, and just about everyone I worked alongside. Further, the outreach projects we performed had a major impact not only on the people in the communities we worked in, but also the environment.

    To be clear, I am not minimizing anyone who fell victim to the aforementioned misconduct. I am only painting a different picture of the program, because it made such a difference to myself, & to so many. I saw, and continue to see it with my own eyes today.

    Having said that, it disappoints me to see the program potentially being used to implement a new era of privacy invasion. It contradicts what I believed the program stood for & my experiences with it. The program I knew was meant to help people get back on their feet, educate them, build thriving communities, protect the environment, & try to “un-do” some of the careless behavior our predecessors had inflicted upon the world. It was meant to raise people up so that they could make their own educated decisions, not turn us into a race of mindless whistle-blowing automatons working to help “Big Brother”.

    Frankly, this potential misuse of the program is a slap in the face to anyone who did something meaningful in AmeriCorps. I compare this video to watching one of my parents catch the other cheating on them. That moment you find out you were deceived, and nothing will ever be the same. But, it is Bill Clinton, I suppose…

    • CQ says:

      Hang Em High, I have been acquainted with only one person who worked for AmeriCorps. Our meeting was brief; we spent the evening serving homemade dinner to the houseless in downtown Houston. That young woman impressed me as compassionate, dedicated, and effective.

      It’s easy to understand how startling it must be for you to be exposed to the underbelly. Your analogy of seeing one parent catching the other parent in an adulterous act is apt. Ugh.

      Based on what you said, it occurs to me that the AmeriCorps conceivers/creators had a host of ulterior motives when setting it up.

      In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if it were organized for the primary purpose of training — grooming and conditioning — the very young people who would one day be needed for the noble public service work of “contact tracing” aka “Big Brothering.”

      Doesn’t the initial planning stage of any NWO “event” precede its rollout by three or four decades? I see that AmeriCorps was formed under then-President Bill Gates . . . I mean Clinton . . . in the early 1990s: How appropriate then, that Mr. Clinton should be selling contact tracing’s wonders to the world in 2020. He surely tries to avoid being surveilled in his guilty private life, and yet his career, from the presidency to now, is book-ended by this most egregious privacy invasion of the innocent.

      By the way, welcome to the Corbett site, fellow member.

  72. Hang Em High says:

    Thank you for the comment and warm welcome, CQ!

    Definitely a possibility, and also food for thought. I was always bright enough in my youth to know the BS we were being fed by mainstream media. My father often warned of the “Police State” that was coming during my lifetime, and here we are.

    I was a punk rocker, metal-head, and raver, among other things, and saw first hand how the media outright lied on a regular basis. My service with AmeriCorps stemmed from when I volunteered to join the California Conservation Corps. AmeriCorps was offered as a program where you could earn college financial awards while performing meaningful civic and environmental services and coordinating volunteer projects. I saw a plethora of projects being performed, and not one (that I saw anyway) were even close to being this sinister. Quite the opposite, in fact. Not to say that they weren’t happening elsewhere, or there weren’t underlying ulterior motives.

    If they were planning to “groom the youth” from inception (which may be true) to perform this particular project (and others like it), I hope it backfires horribly. I know there are a lot of sheople out there, which is unfortunate. But, anyone with a brain that worked for AmeriCorps and embodied the true spirit of volunteerism and community outreach should be disgusted by this attempt to strip your rights away. I hope it only brings further awareness and raises more eyebrows, as it has with me.

  73. doublek321 says:

    Now there’s a “#PassTheMic” hashtag where celebrities let Dr. Fauci take over their accounts to address their audience. Check out Julia Roberts phony excitement about 8 seconds into the video.

    “How rad that we have maybe the coolest man on the planet right now? Wow, and there’s the room. This is intense!” (followed by phony “extremely excited” reaction). It sure seems like they’re trying to get people to model Julia Roberts’ behavior and think “I should revere this man!”

    • alexandre says:

      My God,what a fucking disgrace. Just when I was starting to think things were getting better.
      No I wasn’t.

      • candlelight says:

        Why? Were you in to her?

        I’d take Gere in a heart beat. Ha ha

        • candlelight says:

          I’m cracking myself the fuck up. I was starting to think you was dead. Like covid got you, or something. Isn’t Brazil getting hit hard?

          Anyway, don’t take it all nonchalant and macho. Just keep on your guard. And remember, you ain’t no spring chicken. Covid like guys like yoU!!!

          Anyway, glad all’s well.

          • alexandre says:

            I AM COVID, man! (spoken in Dart Vader’s voice).

            I have no idea what’s happening here, but I’m sure it will be a delayed copy of the US, so whatever was happening 2 months ago there, is what’s happening here now, in a very mediocre malcopied way. I can say the level of ignorance is incomparable to any other place in the solar system. A friend asked me “so, you conspiracy theorist you, was it the son of Batman or was it Jiraia?” I don’t know what jiraia is, but by Batman you can deduce it has to do with … a bat? The virus came from a bat in China? It’s not even the same dimension. I just replied “No, the man was dead when I got there”. If it’s the case of surrealism, let’s go.

            So there you go. Alive and well, just working and tired of commenting.

          • alexandre says:

            And I’m not into her at all. I like girls with substance (mental and carnal), not bicycles with lipsticks acting in government promos with gangsters. I have no idea how this woman can be sexy, but then again I’m a latino, right?

    • pearl says:

      (Gag) I could only make it one minute and six seconds, at which point, did he address her as “Miss Robertson”? Ha! It was worth it just for that.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Fauci is 79 years old.
      I know that he thrives on technocratic authoritarian rule as an energy boost, but I can’t help but to think that he is doing some kind of anti-aging protocol.
      Listen to him talk about sleep.

      There already are some anti-aging drugs out there which are relatively very safe.
      Example: (I have taken this.)

      If there were some other anti-aging drugs which were safe and very effective (in a real way), then Big Pharma may not want to put them on the marketplace.
      Big Pharma makes money from sick people, not healthy people.
      Fauci would be one of the first people to see trials.
      Who knows…he may even be doing the very effective stem cell therapy as an anti-aging protocol.

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