Interview 1538 - Kit Knightly on Off-Guardian's Corona Coverage

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Kit Knightly of joins us to discuss the site's ongoing coverage of the corona crisis. From experts questioning the panic to death figure over-estimates to pushback against the new normal, today we highlight the work of those who are speaking truth to power on the defining event of our age . . . and point out those who are cheering on the out-of-control police state.

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  1. idele says:

    Great discussion. I just want to point out that the NEJM article you referenced as Fauci’s admittance of low fatality rate was actually published February 28, so it’s not really a good example of his most recent position. But I do agree with your point that there seems to be a lot of deliberate confusion between facts and narrative.

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation with Kit Knightly.
    He communicates well. Real. He is a real guy.
    Ha!…and his bartender joke was a spot-on analogy.

    Public Perception Management – PPM
    I appreciate James throwing out that term.
    The words describe a lot.

    I keep going back to China. Not as a “blame” issue, but as part of a W.H.O. coordinated potential game-plan to implement a public mind-set.
    And it is not a stretch to consider that major corporations would be involved and benefit from facilitating this game plan.
    People forgot what happened back in January/February…when at that time, China was demonized for what the World is doing now.

    Mkey said it well:
    “China set some very important precedents, indeed.
    Precedents for many a world regime to follow as a blueprint.
    To consider any of these events as a series of coincidences would be foolish.”

    More on “Precedent”…

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      The world inFLUence of China is now unquestionable.
      We have entered a new paradigm.
      Now when China sneezes the world catches a virus.

      China was the first to implement a countrywide quarantine, the world followed in lock step.
      China was the first to implement technocracy measures to track its citizens, the world has already started to follow.
      China was the first to implement technocracy measures to limit its citizens movements both inside and outside the country, the world is destined to follow.

      First they laughed at the restrictive measures imposed in China.
      Then they ate crow and imposed them themselves.

    • mkey says:

      My dear Texan friend, the tenacity with which you weave the web of reference is only matched by determination of the propagandist scum weaving the web of deception. I tip my hat to you, sir.

      Fawlty, at least the Chinese got a chance to get used to the regime. We got a very bumpy crash course, instead.

  3. pearl says:

    Good interview! That joke told by Knightly, so spot on!! It’s exactly how I picture the elites, sitting back and smirking as greater humanity’s stupidity goes on parade combined with dutiful hero worship and stupid dance performances which must surely increase their contempt and eagerness to enslave us.

    James, the link which is supposed to link to the twitter exchange with the authoritarian MoA actually goes to another article at Off-G.

  4. lovetodust says:

    I really enjoyed this interview, James, thank you!

    Thoughtful, well-spoken and informative. Always good to discover a new independent news source.

    Can I say how endearing it was to hear Mr. Knightly not only ask permission to utter a curse word, but that the curse word was “piss” ? Love it.

  5. robert.t says:

    Off-G and Corbett are among the happy exceptions to the statist “zone-flooding” of all media planned and announced openly at Event 201 last October. I’m still stunned by the the way formerly respected (by me) sites like JoNova and Moon of Alabama have not just taken a statist position but have become willing megaphones of the pervasive state. Zero Hedge may as well call itself SERCO Newsletter.

    I started to become skeptical of dominant narratives in a vague way. The impossibly accurate and lethal feats of a backward, clumsy Martin Bryant at Port Arthur started me wondering, but just barely. The Twin Towers dustifying and the WTF Pentagon hit on 9/11 got me questioning more, at least in the back of the mind. Planes going at full speed near sea level were a bit of a head-scratcher…

    Was Building 7 the big turning? I was not so much amazed by the details of that as by the way it had been hidden in plain sight from the average Australian punter for over a decade. What sort of power can control information across all borders and political divides to that extent?

    Now I’m at ease with the fact that the Chicoms and the banksters and the Trots and the Neocons and the Norks and the Wahabis and the Tories and the Eurocommies can collude as readily as enemy footy teams doing a player swap or sharing home ground. And maybe it’s always been that way…

    But this is a big play by the globalists, maybe their biggest: a shut-down world with centralised media barking round the clock at billions of humans isolated from one another.

    They’ve gone full Huxwell on us now. We need every Corbett and OffGuardian we can muster. Well and courageously done, guys.

    • Miss Terious says:

      I am glad to find another Aussie who understands that Martin Bryant did not kill 35 people at Port Arthur. Meanwhile Martin Bryant, an innocent man with a mild intellectual disability (which was why they chose him as the patsy of course) languishes in Risdon Prison until he dies, with no voice to defend himself. I doubt he even knows what happened to him. I must admit it took many years before I reached certainty on this, but it’s just so obvious now, given everything we’ve seen in the last decade or two. The evidence was always there that he was carefully handled and prepared.

      • robert.t says:

        When I started belatedly to look into it I was staggered. There was what should always have been obvious without any investigation: the impossibility for anyone to kill with precision at that rate and speed. Two experienced Irish gunmen took 120 bullets to kill eight people in a pub. Martin must have gone from Forrest Gump to Arnold+Bruce+Clint in a trice…before reverting to Gump.

        The rest is beyond belief: the lack of basic ID and basic physical evidence; the crooked defense lawyer (since convicted) who’d been used to “represent” the gun shop proprietor (since dead); the pedo psych expert (since convicted); the months of solitary without trial; the non-confession on video absurdly presented as confession; and above all, the lack of any trial (still)…

        I could go on about the political crooks and bent authorities it took to pull this off. A trial would have been out of the question.

        Yet, as you say, there Martin sits, all these years later.

        • Miss Terious says:

          We were more innocent then. We could be deceived. Most Australians still can. Anyway, I have not forgotten Martin, who I believe is a gentle and harmless person. I think he was selected from government records as a likely patsy because he was involved with disability services as a child and he was framed by getting him to shoot guns and things like that. There’s solid evidence of a handler on the scene at the siege from recordings of phone calls and other things.

          A lamb to the slaughter.

          • gepay says:

            I’m an American but I looked into the Martin Bryant- Port Arthur incident years ago. The shooting skills just couldn’t have been there with Martin. Even a (I think right wing) former military man formerly in charge of Australian special forces in Vietnam said there was no way that wasn’t a trained shooter and a really good one at that. The many “coincidences” such as Port Arthur buying a special morturary vehicle for a large number of bodies shortly before the shooting. Marin Bryant having at one time having been treated by a psychiatrist associated with the Tavistock institute – associated with covert mind programming. If Martin had been as bright as Lee Oswald he also would have said “I’m just a patsy.”

            • Miss Terious says:

              He can’t shoot because he has very poor coordination skills. They got him to practise shooting cans on fences or things like that and had witnesses and photographed it. Supposedly credible back story thus created. The Port Arthur shooter was deadly accurate and definitely a pro. By an account I’ve heard, two ASIO operatives were on the scene and were killed (presumably) by accident.

              As you say, there are many things that don’t add up about Port Arthur. Australia’s guns were confiscated within a matter of weeks, as I recall. That’s what it was about.

  6. Libertydan says:

    Great Interview,
    I had seen some of Kit’s stuff but now I think I can appreciate him better. The story about the Pissing in the bottle bet, to cover the bet, I think shows a real under standing of how the elites cover their bets.

    We saw this after the Events of 9/11/01 as they paid off each and every family engaged in wrongful death Law Suits. Even the people that did not care about the money were forced to Settle because their Lawyer made it clear to them that they could not win. Simply exposing the Truth would have been a Threat to National Security, and thus the Truth about who was really responsible for the Events of 9/11/01 must remain hidden. (It’s kind of like rationalizing why they protect the Devil. eh!)

    In 2008 we saw the Central Government Bail-Out the Big Banks and Major Corporations while essentially pissing on the people. The Big Banks took the Free money that was supposed to be used to make new low interest loans to the people and used it to buy back their own stock, thus driving up the Stock Price and providing the shysters at the top with an even bigger bonus. Again, the Solution to the Problem made an even bigger problem.

    In 2019 their was this non-publicized Exercise known as “Event 201” (I did not learn of it until 2020), that predicted a Pandemic Virus (specifically a Corona Virus) would kill 65 million people. Interesting enough, is that within a month, a real Corona Virus is spreading throughout China, and it is allowed to spread throughout the world.
    The statement thus used to create a “New world of rationalized Tyranny” would be; “This could kill 65 million if you don’t do as China did”.
    Anyway, nearly every Government in the World has instated a “State of Emergency”, whereby basic human rights are “Suspended” until the “War on getting Sick” is over.

    • zyxzevn says:

      The pissing-bet example was a very good one.

      But it goes a lot further.

      In vaccines, rapes, environmental pollution, murders, corruption,
      and many other criminal acts,
      a lot of people are payed off with money.
      They always have to sign contracts to stay silent.
      They just take the money, because they don’t
      expect to get anything else out of it.

      I think these are more like contracts with the devil.

  7. scpat says:

    When faced with the fact that the novel coronavirus-related deaths are projected to be dramatically lower than previously projected, at around 60,000, New Jersey governor uses the excuse that we all predicted would be used. That is that without the lockdown measures and extreme restrictions, the infection and death numbers wouldn’t be this low. Here is a queued section of Tucker Carlson’s interview with New Jersey governor, Phil Murphy, using this exact excuse:

    NJ governor ignores Bill of Rights in exclusive Tucker interview FOX News – April 15, 2020

    • Libertydan says:

      I think Gov. Murphy actually believes he is doing the right thing.
      He actually believes; “The Means justifies the Ends”.

      In other words, he believes that depriving people of basic human freedoms can be rationalized, if you are doing it for the right reasons.

      He clearly does not seem to comprehend that he is being used as a tool of deception.

      I might add;
      The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions, eh!

      • scpat says:

        The road to hell IS paved with good intentions, I agree. But I don’t sense the good intentions with Governor Murphy here. He made several comments about the “blessed souls we’ve lost” or something like that. It seemed very ungenuine and like something someone who is out of touch with their emotions would say. It really reminded me of the characteristics of a psychopath, sociopath, or a megalomaniac.

        • mkey says:

          There are no good intentions with people on such positions. Imagine the trial of fire he had to go through to get where he is. I wouldn’t thrust him any more than any of his uttering.

          • onion says:

            Thank you for your interest in our leadership roles. Please submit your resume, references, and at minimum three photos of yourself with naked children. If selected for a debate, you will be asked to review a short script. Due to high volume, only candidates selected for positions will be contacted.

  8. zyxzevn says:

    On the question: why do people suddenly support the totalitarian “lockdown”?

    It is because of the technocracy.

    The technocratic totalitarian system has silently infiltrated
    and taken over most of the education and media.
    And has been completely brainwashed us into believing “experts”
    and “scientists” without critical thinking.

    The technocracy has nothing to do with real science, and is
    always pushing a totalitarian political system.
    It is all about pretending to be scientific.

    Some are easy:
    This goes for 9/11, federal reserve, vaccine safety,
    climate change, etc.

    People who see the measures, really understand that this is going
    too far. Most people do not want a totalitarian system.
    But they compromise for the idea of health.

    Health is more difficult, because our physics based science
    can not understand the non-physical factors in health.
    Simple things like love, or feeling well and happy,
    and especially consciousness are an alien concept for science.

    The technocratic movement has taught us to be opposed to such
    non-physical ideas. And to be afraid of alternative ideas
    on health.
    We are taught to always trust our doctors, and take our
    poisonous medicine.
    For people that are stuck here, it helps that experts in this
    field are also stating that the measures are not necessary.

    But generally..
    To overcome the fear of this virus, people have to overcome
    two layers of the technocratic brainwashing,
    before they can see that the virus is actually
    not that dangerous at all.

    • zyxzevn says:

      Medical corporate coup on the world

      Del Bigtree in the Ripple Effect
      Has a great answer..

      At 45:00 Del describes how covid is a takeover of the medical
      industry of all governments in the world.
      They have 2x as much money as the oil industry.

      The doctors are not allowed to do critical thinking, otherwise
      they will lose their license.
      The science journals are just propaganda for the corporations.

      Connects with
      Rockefeller Medicine

      Rockefeller medicine goes one step further and takes over the world.

    • onion says:

      I was thinking along a similar line of thought, but perhaps a little more paranoid. Maybe someone can refine the key elements a bit better.

      In this remote-work age, we can’t forget the implications of deepfake technology. It’s possible that people are being taken down, gag-ordered and replaced with deep fakes and US ARMY chat trolls. I’d be surprised if any legal precedents remained in the path of such actions.

      It’s also possible that we have been given a number of heroes to cheer along with us until the event was to take place, gaining credibility along the way. A bunch of Snowdens who act the part, but feed us nothing new, waiting for the excuse to go Total State Machine on their reader’s asses. Normally such organisation is beyond the realm of probability, but maybe not this time.

      I no longer trust people who dodge the “why are you only on [FAANG Platform]?” question.

  9. Libertydan says:

    Relative to CoVID19 Numbers being skewed;

    Without a reliable Test, it is not possible to even get a reliable “Random Sample” of the population to extrapolate guesstimates of the number of people infected. None the less, the “Number of Confirmed COVID19 Cases” is posted everyday, along with “Number of COVID19 Deaths”.
    We are also starting to see “Number Recovered from COVID19”.

    One could argue that, the only Number that can not be fudged is “The Number of Deaths”. Indeed, the number of dead people can be counted and You can go to places where the deaths are high and see that the deaths are real. I have been made aware of Hospitals in the Detroit area that are being overrun by people that work in them. Yes, many Hospitals are seeing an unprecedented number of people being admitted and dying of a Lung related Illness.

    I will assume that most rational people can admit that there is an up tic in the number of people being admitted to, and the number of deaths coming out, of many Hospitals around the world. Thus, the issue seems to be; how many are really COVID19, and how many are from something else?

    About the only thing I have to go on, is that Italy (with a Socialist Health System, and thus having no profit motives to fudge the Numbers), is reexamining their death data to separate how many died from COVID19 and how many died with it. It has been reported that about 90% of the reported COVID19 deaths in Italy had other life threatening issues. The Truth that seems to be emerging is that COVID19, SARS-Cov2, or whatever you want to call it, is extremely Contagious, but perhaps not nearly as deadly as some (those that control main stream media) would want us to believe.

    So, what do these people who control main stream Media have to gain by inducing fear?

    • ccuthbert2001 says:

      “I will assume that most rational people can admit that there is an up tic in the number of people being admitted to, and the number of deaths coming out, of many Hospitals around the world. Thus, the issue seems to be; how many are really COVID19, and how many are from something else?”

      Your assumption is not valid. US hospitals are empty with virtually all surgeries cancelled. That alone will reduce deaths coming out of hospitals. Also, many people are not going to the hospital who may have in normal times bc they are afraid of the faux virus. Again, they are saved from iatrogenesis. Medicine/hospitals kill upwards of 200,000 people in the US every year from correctly prescribed drugs and procedures. We aren’t even counting the mistakes.

      Further, you and nobody knows how contagious the faux virus is because the data are baloney and no one has purified the virus, and verified that it causes any disease by applying Koch’s postulates.

      Your final question is a joke, right? Are you that asleep? While the world is distracted by this pandemic theater, the banks have been bailed out with taxpayer money yet again, Europe is in financial collapse with the EU trying to overthrow Germany and the Netherlands, the stock market is collapsing, oil is at $14 a barrel which is threatening to set the middle east on fire and the left in the US is waging their 3rd coup attempt on Trump. All of that would have happened without pandemic theater, and in fact began before you knew anything about coronavirus (not that you know anything now).

      Some believe the people behind this world wide disaster are the lying global warming warriors who want to reduce the world’s population dramatically, and if businesses remain closed much longer, they will get their wish.

      But don’t worry, keep watching the pandemic theater.

  10. Jed says:

    Nice interview JC, thanks — thanks as well to Mr. Knightly. It’s great to see you keep pouring out this material, so important. We are under attack, our ability to live our lives is being systematically destroyed. We’re gonna suffer big time, here it comes. This is so obvious — people are so damm stupid I’m loosing my mind, these brainless, emotionless drones – wearing gloves and masks, I‘m having a hard time putting up with this horseshit and suffering these incredible douche-bags. I thought everyone’d see what’s going on by now. We’re coming to the point when disobeying these criminals will cause legal issues. Here’s what my brother in law calls fifty thousand dollars worth of legal advice — for all of you — when absconded by an agent of Baal of whatever rank, remember this and repeat it.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about, there must be some mistake”

    Never try to explain, or answer to, or teach one of these drone-minded scumbags. DON’T SAY A WORD other that the above, until YOUR help, your advocate, your lawyer, your whatever — until they arrive.

    • Jed says:

      Is it my delusion or do most of the top scum perpetrating this latest expressway to the slave-new-world play golf? The big clubs out here don’t seem to be affected — so while we’re trying to figure out how we’re gonna pay the house insurance, make the car payments, get food with no income, the elite architects of this mess are out playing.

  11. ronnie says:

    just FYI, the proposal to suspend trial by jury in Scotland didn’t go ahead as there was an outcry, including from some SNP MPs


  12. Drifter says:

    A very interesting conversation.
    I just came across another interesting view put across by Gilad Atzmon with his latest article:
    This link below will compliment the one with Gilad’s numbers.

    • manbearpig says:

      “…And the next necessary question is who decided to make the current crisis into a phantasmic apocalyptic narrative and why? Soon we will know the answer as it clearly backfired.”

      Well he got that part all wrong.

      • Drifter says:

        Perhaps he refrained from using capital letters so as not to point fingers at any one party that could have done it.

        • manbearpig says:

          Hey Drifter!

          Allow me a two-part reply.

          Part One:

          Sounds more to me like he’s punctuating his truth-telling article with the classic “incompetency theory” aka “the lack of imagination theory” (e.g.: the notorious Bushian ” I don’t think anyone in our government coulda imagined flying planes into towers)… Atzmon’s last sentence comes across as deflection to me…

          And in the following passages, more than proving that today’s corona measures are disproportionate, it almost seems he’s lamenting the fact we didn’t enact them in 2017-18:

          “…But, even more disturbing is the fact that despite the severity of the 2017 flu outbreak and its deadly impact, the enormous number of hospitalisations and the infectious rate, the World Health Organisation (WHO) didn’t see the need to alert the world or to close the planet for business as it did this year. Peculiarly, the WHO didn’t even bother to tag the American outbreak as an epidemic or pandemic. It was just an ordinary ‘influenza.’

          This makes me wonder, whether it is possible that what we now consider as ‘novel’ Coronavirus isn’t a novel event after all? If this is the case, how is it possible that America failed to respond to a lethal virus that attacked almost 11% of its population and left 80.000 dead? Was it silenced or is it a story of total dysfunctionality on every possible level?

          Questions must be raised with the WHO. Where were you in 2018? Why didn’t you warn the world? What prevented you from tagging the American influenza outbreak as a pandemic or epidemic? Was it the $400 million the WHO receives annually from the USA government or maybe it has something to do with the WHO’s intimate relationship with the American pharmaceutical industry…”

          especially in view of the fact that in an article he penned on April 11th he says the following:

          “Since we do not know its provenance, we should treat the current epidemic as a potentially criminal act as well as a medical event. We must begin the search for the perpetrators who may be at the centre of this possible crime of global genocidal proportions.”

          of global genocidal proportions…

          • manbearpig says:

            Drifter reply part 2:

            Atmon’s above linked article seems to be a classic use of the “Yes Set” technique in sales:

            “How it Works

            The Yes Set technique works by building a pattern of ‘yes’ answers that gets the other person into a habitual response.
            Once the pattern is established, and they’re automatically answering ‘yes’, you slip the question that you really want a ‘yes’ to.

            [i.e. “Soon we will know the answer as it clearly backfired.”]

            You’re building ‘yes’ inertia so that they say ‘yes’ to your real question without thinking about it. Psychology says that people do things and justify their actions afterward. In other words, once they say yes — they will justify that decision, rather than change their mind…”


            So, while taking in Atzmon’s demonstration, going down throughout the text, the reader says, yes right!, yes right! yes right! until the last line, the takeaway: “it’s backfired” to which he says “Yes right!”

            I’d beware of truth being used to sell lies, alarmism and DNA fragments of MSM narratives.

  13. ScottishFreedom says:

    Scotland hasn’t abandoned jury trials BTW. There was so much push back that the Scottish government had to u-turn. See, Scotland drops plans to suspend jury trials during coronavirus crisis: (ironically!)

  14. karlharvie says:

    OK, I think we all know by now this Kobe 911 virus thing is a distraction hoax. So, why hasn’t James reported on the new investigation of building 7, published by the university of Alaska Fairbanks on 25 March 2020? Let’s not get distracted by the latest fake news (virus hoax).

    • Jed says:

      Yeah, St. Kobe, taking his helo to a HS game, no carbon fucks given. RIP
      How many thousands watched the Soloman building (#7) collapse and never even questioned how or what?

  15. manbearpig says:

    “If outlets like The Washington Post had done a better job of consolidating their reputation as a reliable news source instead of constantly deceiving their readers about very important matters [Oh! Such as man-made climate change and “Conspiracy Buffs”?? -mbp], people would believe them instead of believing a “blinding avalanche of social media sorcery” (and web wizardry and internet incantations and electronic enchantments and net necromancy).”


    I can’t help but wonder if this is a case of the pot calling the kettle “black”:

    “…I personally believe there’s enough evidence that this virus is sufficiently dangerous to justify many of the significant precautions nations have been taking (though of course we must oppose and be vigilant against government overstepping into authoritarianism). The statistics are still very blurry and unreliable, but the mountains of testimonies by rank-and-file medical staff pouring in from areas where the outbreak is bad constitute enough anecdotal evidence for me to believe that this virus can very easily overwhelm our healthcare systems if we don’t collectively take drastic measures to contain it.

    That said, I certainly can’t cast blame on people who believe the threat the virus poses is being greatly exaggerated. Not because I think they’re right, but because you don’t blame a population who’s been constantly lied to for their disbelief in what they’re being told by the very political/media class which has been lying to them.

    It’s not the fault of the rank-and-file public that they’re believing conspiratorial narratives, erroneous Facebook memes, right-wing pundits and the US president over the mainstream press; it is the fault of the mainstream press themselves.

    I’ve taken a lot of flack in conspiracy circles lately for my relatively normie stance on Covid-19, but I also can’t really take it personally because it isn’t really their fault. Not everyone has the time and the resources to independently comb through many disparate bits of information about a single topic and synthesize a lucid understanding of what’s going on; that’s meant to be the job of the press, but since they’ve neglected to do their job time and time again they lack the credibility to demand that people believe what they’re reporting…”

    -Caitlin Johnstone

    Well then, thank heavens for Rogue Journalists who can help clarify and rectify MSM bunkum on matters of historic import.


    • lizzie says:

      I was has having similar thoughts on the situation, it’s like the boy who cried wolf. That is how I’m trying to open a conversation with normsters, to highlight the lack of trust at least.

      • Hotfoot says:

        Don’t be so cynical. Next you’ll be telling us the banks are about to wipe out our savings and rush in a new system for our benefit, which is nothing at all like the dying Fiat system. Conspiracy theorists, the lot of you.

    • manbearpig says:

      As is often the case, it seems my point was not clear in this post so I shall attempt to clarify:

      If you re-read Caitlin Johnstone’s spiel above you will notice the following:

      First the author establishes that it’s unfortunate that people don’t have a “lucid understanding” of the crisis, doubting its authenticity and that of the virus itself but she can’t blame them as the press have pushed people into buying into “conspiratorial narratives”.

      Then she goes onto reinforce the idea that the ones who don’t believe the virus narrative are the “conspiracy circles” and with oozing condescension goes on to assert that “it’s not really their fault”, that they simply haven’t had time to do their fact-finding homework to arrive at a “lucid understanding” as she purportedly has.

      Indeed, she hypocritically wields, like gatekeeper-par-excellence Chomsky did before her, the demeaning “conspiracy theorist/buff/circles etc.” epithet, (in reference to what she elsewhere calls “climate denialists” for example) after ostentatiously denouncing the manipulative and degrading use of this very term.

      Once again, based on what the author says here and in other works where she treats doubting the covid narrative as “escapism” and peddles the the overblown corona fear stats (just as she reinforces alarmism by peddling the utterly unscientific “sixth mass extinctions” featured in climate alarmism),

      AND as I consider so-called “COVID-19” and so-called “man-made Climate Change” to be the critical narratives of our present time for manipulating people into accepting the total-surveillance technocratic police state

      I believe Caitlin Johnstone is acting in the pure tradition of gatekeeper by stifling people’s dawning awareness of the fabrication and manipulation of critical issues through calculated misdirection.

      Just as Jon Stewart used the horrifyingly tragic condition of the 9/11 first responders, used and then discarded by and for this MSM psyop, to reinforce his own credibility and better control the emotionally charged 9/11 narrative

      so does Caitlin Johnstone appear to use the legitimate indignation of the anti-war movement to mislead her readers on the critical issues of our time, not Chomsky’s 9/11 “who cares”, but today’s climate change and the corona virus.

      Allow me to underline as well; may there be no repeated misunderstanding on the critical point that I am not attacking the person of Caitlin Johnstone

      but rather what she writes as a self-proclaimed “rogue journalist” because it’s important to understand how mind-control works and call it out when possible.

      • robert.t says:

        Yep. Another gatekeeper preaching against the gate. What’s doubly worrying is the emergence of climate skepticism leaders as covid consensus bullhorns. Was that their role all along? Suddenly, potty extrapolation, dodgy models and wobbly stats have become “settled science” when applied to the bug. What fudged the climate is strict truth for the virus.

        Like the same globsters who brought us Holocene denial and sucky renewables become founts of truth on a matter which serves globster goals twice as fast as the climate beat-up.

        Yeah. Very reminiscent of Jon Stewart posing as disheveled Mr Average to defend the working stiffs of 9/11. Mark down “rogue” Caitlin as a statist nanny. As another gate clangs shut…

        • manbearpig says:

          Oh no! I didn’t catch on to those climate skeptics hardselling the MSM corona crack! How discouraging but not the least bit surprising and what an unfortunately appropriate question:

          “Was that their role all along?”. Sigh.

          When my stomach isn’t hurting I’ll try to look into that.

          The gate on C.J. clanged shut for me a couple years back already. Wish I’d been able to effectively communicate my suspicions earlier.

          Thanks for your message.

      • Miss Terious says:

        Great summation there. Gatekeepers are insidious. It’s impossible for the average person to identify them because their deception has subtlety.

        Regarding the same idea, I’m always told “oh, come on, it can’t ALL be wrong, people are dying!”. Sigh. Everywhere I go I’ve got people trying to gaslight me these days. “Cheer up,” they say to me, “the lockdown will be over soon!” and give me that big knowing grin while I try not to vomit all over them.

        • manbearpig says:

          You made me spit out my diet tea in a totally unexpected but nonetheless therapeutic guffaw with your last sentence!

          Sincere thanks for raising my serotonin levels, working my abs and forcing me to give my screen a quick and very needed cleaning!

          (allow me to stipulate that though I too often have the urge, I did not vomit on the screen, just a mirthful tea spray)

          • Miss Terious says:

            Thanks for the laugh. I did wonder whether it was a bit too confronting, but what the hell, I’m just like that I guess.

            • lovetodust says:

              Well, I was wondering how you see the grin behind the mask.?

              • manbearpig says:

                Excellent point!?!


              • Miss Terious says:

                I did not say anyone was wearing a mask. Have I missed something?

                Where I live, (almost) nobody wears masks, but gaslighters and snitches and virtue signallers are everywhere. Every day, two ladies walk around my neighbourhood carrying a two metre pole. One with the right hand the other with the left. They walk with this kind of entitled, arrogant strut, as though they own the world and are utterly beyond criticism of any kind. I find this revolting.

                Other people it is my misfortune to encounter regularly know that I question the narratives. They pretend to listen to me, but I know their divided loyalties only too well, and I know who comes first for them. Thus they are fake: they pretend to listen or be interested, but in fact their loyalties lie with the government, with statism, and with the money bribes most of them are taking. Sure enough, when they hear something on the news they think is “good”, all of a sudden out comes the big smile and the “I’m feeling great” swank, and that’s when the abovementioned nausea strikes.

              • manbearpig says:

                lovetodust was joking.

                And you must be too, with this two-metre pole thing! For heavens sakes tell me it isn’t true.

              • manbearpig says:

                a lightening fast search only unearthed this:


              • Miss Terious says:

                I did miss something apparently! Sometimes jokes go over my head! As for the two ladies, no, I am not joking, I took some discreet video of them which would prove the matter. manbearpig, I suspect they watched something like this BBC thing you linked, and imitated it. Every day they are out at 5.30 am. As I go for a walk around the same time, I pass them on the other side of the road.

                In my local shopping centre they have these HUGE 7 foot tall line images depicting the 2 metre distance between two stick figures and ordering shoppers to obey social distancing rules. Australia is over the top on this social distancing.

  16. Libertydan says:

    Below is a link to a very interesting Video that I pulled off of Dr. Mercola’s most recent News Letter. It is about 41 min in all, however if you just watch the last 5 Min, I think you can relate to how the “Plandemic leading to a Coerced Economic Crash”, is in fact the issuing in of “The New world Order”

    • Libertydan says:

      Facebook has been running TV Adds instructing people to bang pots at 7:00 PM. I don’t do Facebook, yet I can guess that they are getting to people by way of their Platform as well. (brain washing)

      Microsoft is also running TV Adds for their product which connects Professionals on line. (more brain washing)

      The following Banned Video sums up a lot in 4 min 21 sec. (a glimpse of reality)

  17. Just wanted to share an anecdote that relates to the seemingly legitimate comments from people with this insane snitch/witch-burner mentality.

    I don’t know how many of you spend time on the conspiracy subreddit.
    For those who don’t, it’s a forum of sorts on initially dedicated to truth/conspiracy research but now dominated by anti-conspiracy-research bots, brigaders & shills/astroturfers.
    Conspiracy/truth researchers now have a minority presence there.

    Well, on at least three different occasions over the past couple of weeks, those bots, brigaders & shills/astroturfers all disappeared at the same time for many hours (10+ hours) then returned at the same time.
    Every single one of them gone, at the same time.
    While they were gone, legitimate conspiracy/truth researchers were suddenly able to post just about anything they wanted without anyone trying to bury their posts or downvote, insult, belittle, gaslight & politically polarize them.

    Many of the front page posts (of the conspiracy subreddit) quickly went from being the usual detraction, distraction, division and establishment-narrative-pushing posts to being posts from legitimate critically-thinking conspiracy/truth researchers.
    It was comparatively a ghost town but a ghost town composed of legitimate conspiracy/truth researchers.


    In order for all of those bots, brigaders & shills/astroturfers to be gone at exactly the same time, they’d have to all be coming from one source (maybe a couple of closely married sources).
    That one source was able to produce a very convincing illusion of conspiracy/truth researchers being a vastly outnumbered, and greatly hated, segment of the population.

    My point?

    From now on, every time you’re observing online activity and feeling vastly outnumbered by seemingly insane people desperate to support official narratives and surrender their freedoms, give very strong consideration to the very real possibility that they largely aren’t even real people. All of those downvotes you receive (or upvotes you don’t receive) could absolutely be controlled by vote bots.

    No doubt there are some insane pack followers in the world who do beg for their freedoms to be taken away, but, for all we know, they are the minority. With such strong control of both television and Internet, TPTB can make that minority look like a majority.

    This could very well be an Emperor’s New Cloths situation in which most of the people you encounter in the workplace, in the stores and on the streets are just as worried that you’re a freedom-hating snitch as you are worried that they’re a freedom-hating snitch.

  18. bladtheimpaler says:

    Dr Fauci’s Mar. 26 written statement that this event is really equal to or not much more of a concern than the seasonal flu is the tell that the disease portion of this event is the cover for much more important agenda advancement. No one seems to want to speak to this. Is this a third rail Sandy Hook Hoax topic no one dares touch? A former senior FEMA administrator, expertise in planning, has publicly stated that she believes the CV ‘outbreak’ is the start signal for the beginning of the fast track rollout of Sustainable Development/Technocracy. Re education centers to come with the easily re educated saved the rest to be euthanized. Looking at what is taking place in the real world it is very difficult to argue with the warning. Bailouts, the end of markets, hydro energy production decimated with rationing for essential services mostly the likely post event situation, the rapid collapse of other sectors to be taken up post event by the ‘sustainable’ only. Bloomberg is busy with this oversight at the UN now, and legislative law long passed being pulled out of a top hat as if by magic now eviscerating the civil liberties of the people. This as many of them cheer this situation on as the final securing of their Hive minds is carried out through the propaganda industries. Jame’s ‘Letter to the Future’ is prescient while almost all alt media is transfixed on the feint while the dagger is plunged deeply to mortally wound the old market systems of whatever capitalistic stripe.
    Caveat emptor on CV 19, the diversion for Technocracy’s introduction.

  19. manbearpig says:

    Kit Knightly I’d discovered when looking back at the history of the reporting on OPCW and found his excellent stuff at the same time I’d found Whitney Webb and Vanessa Beeley’s early reporting on that whole fiasco.

    And concerning today’s pickle, I agree with him, of course, that it’s nauseating to watch people who must have some faint nagging inner questions about this contrived covid crisis clapping away every night with seemingly blind gusto; all the feel-good virtue signaling is…mystifying and deeply troubling…

  20. irene.b says:

    Where did we all learn such obediance and submission? The elite have always provided more than one “compelling” reason for what they do, and schools are no exception. We are convinced that our children will never learn anything unless they submit to the tyranny of schools – in spite of the fact that by the time they start school they have demonstrated an amazing ability to learn for themselves.
    Schools that leave children free to continue to learn for themselves are ignored or abused.
    Professor Antony Sutton said that he read the entire teachers college manual and nowhere did it mention helping children as individuals.
    It was all about submission and obedience.
    It is not surprising that after years of this we are unable and unwilling to think for ourselves and can be led to wherever the elite want us. So we continue to believe what they tell us and obey without question.

    • Miss Terious says:

      I think humanity has been in a state of hypnosis or sleep for thousands of years. “They”(the ET beings involved in our evolution) have gradually increased the specificity and effectiveness of their MK techniques. I’ve spent so much time thinking about this lately. It does seem that our assent gained under hypnosis really is all they need. This might seem unfair, but what is hypnosis but a lack of wakefulness? In other words, at least in a limited sense, in the cosmic legal arena, having allowed oneself to be hypnotised, just like ignorance of the law in my country, is not regarded as an acceptable excuse. We are all responsible for our state of consciousness and it’s absolutely critical to what happens to us.

      Let us determine to be awake from now on.

      If anyone has anything to add, I would gladly hear it, as I am trying to collect my thoughts about this subject.

      • mik says:

        “We are all responsible for our state of consciousness and it’s absolutely critical to what happens to us.”

        Yes and no, well considering your commentary no is more appropriate.

        How can one be responsible for unconscious part of psyche? Unconscious and limbic system exist, we don’t have complete control over them. If they are in bad shape because of bad influence, bad experiences from other people or society, how can one be deemed responsible?
        Even one might had “perfect” childhood but being highly agreeable person for example, might result in being conformist and as such would most probably refrain from looking into topics we are dealing with here at CR.

        I don’t want to deny personal responsibility, just want to put it into proper context.

        • Miss Terious says:

          I am asking the question, because it is the dark ones who themselves make this claim: essentially that “informing” us before an event, via predictive programming or whatever, absolves them from the law of karma, and indicates humanity’s consent for the atrocity.

          • mik says:

            Interesting logic from the dark ones, kind of circular deception for all, makes no sense to me, it’s just totally wrong.

            Consent is so abused word.

            In my opinion, the only consent acceptable as Consent is an actively expressed will/volition.
            Anything else is manipulation and/or/exor acquiescence.

            • Miss Terious says:

              I absolutely agree, but I still want to understand how and why this view is formed, and, by all accounts, does seem to apply. I believe this is the source of the immediate “denial” state people go into after these events. I am digging as deep as I can. I want to get to the bottom of this.

              • mik says:

                Informing-karma-consent “conundrum” is just an excuse for them, so they can easier look to themselves in the mirror. Eugenics has similar function. As far as I understand, karma doesn’t function like: I’ll deceive myself and my karma will be deceived.
                People’s denial comes mostly from inability to acknowledge to themselves that the world is not like they’ve been thought, indoctrinated and that to many major things on the world are outright evil and nasty.
                Cognitive dissonance, shortly.

  21. lovetodust says:

    I just found out from my downstairs neighbor that school will not re-open on May 4 as planned in our town. School’s will not reopen this year.

    I am heartsick thinking that the endgame really will be a long stretch “until we can get a vaccine”.

    OK, am I crazy? I am not a medical professional but I just don’t believe that people who are NOT SICK can spread a deadly virus.

    If I have a cold I will stay home. I will not sneeze on you so that you MIGHT catch the cold (and that will have to do with your own immune system) I will not visit your grandmother in the nursing home and sneeze on her.

    But I’m not sick!! Do I have the corona virus? Probably!! So does everyone else. But I don’t have the viral load enough to make me sick. Or make YOU sick!

    This is insane!

    I had a rather heated discussion last night with a family member. “People are dying in ICU. My friend is a nurse. People under 80 are dying. 40 year old people are dying.They’re putting them in trucks…”

    I just can’t argue that. I try. “Well, there are many scientists, virologists, epidemiologists who think differently…” It’s useless. It is ingrained in people. My sister is highly educated but I am no match for NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, NPR and all the rest.

    I am just absolutely amazed that people are going along with this. And NONE OF THEM have a clue about The Fed, The US Treasury, ID2020, Event201, Biometric vaccines, corrupt foundations, corrupt governments, the cabal…

    You know, I think there was an existential void that people wanted to fill. I think the world has become such a s-show that people deep down wanted something to come together over. Once upon a time it was Woodstock. Now it’s Covid 19.

    Someone mentioned golf and country clubs. They’re on the Essential list, aren’t they? That’s just par for the course.

    • Jed says:

      There’s a golf club out here, world famous, that sits at a narowish part of this 120 mile long sandbar. Years ago a highway was going to cut through part of it just like it had cut through other spots. business and homes, along the south shore. Nope, it didn’t cut through Shinnecock, a movement was organized to save the “local businesses” — now every morning there’s a line of traffic that stretches for miles and miles, in the afternoon it goes the other way. Thousands of people sit for hours wasting their lives, go home frustrated, drink – fight – cry, and they’ve no idea why or who.

  22. lovetodust says:

    CBS: “The Swine Flu Fraud of ’76” Covers U.S. Gov’t Vax Campaign and Lawsuits by Vaccine-Injured Americans

    I watched the above video today. I don’t know if CBS had it out for the CDC but Mike Wallace sure made these guys nervous.

    This is a good watch. You wish a mainstreamer would tackle Fauci the same way.

  23. Octium says:

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that there are many in the so called alt media cheering the draconian plans.

    After all, how many secret moon bases do you really need to build with all those missing trillions from the budget? a lot of that money is going to go towards paying off journalist.

    Once it starts quacking like a duck, I’ll switch on the oven!

  24. lovetodust says:

    I want to recommend the Swiss Propaganda Site that is linked in the above show notes.

    I have been reading this for the past few weeks.

    Today I watched their latest interview with Dr. John Ioannides. He’s been on a few sites during this crisis. He’s the most diplomatic Doctor. Even the interviewer kidded him.

    WHY don’t they have these interviews on mainstream????? I mean this guy is so thoughtful and intelligent. He’s not trying to push his opinion or an agenda.

    He really IS all about the science. The most dye-hard mask wearers could not find fault with him.

    And he really speaks to the detrimental societal effects that this lockdown is causing. I appreciated that he addressed that several times.

    It’s a good watch.

  25. Ukdavec says:

    How a Blood Test Can Save the Global Economy
    Tempering the Impact of COVID-19
    April 9, 2020

    Now that we’ve turned the lights off on the economy, how do we flip the switch and turn it back on? How do we shift from stay-at-home and lockdown to getting back to work without spreading the virus again?

    One strategy is to identify the people who are non-contagious so they can safely get back to work and engage in social activity. Testing people for SAR-CoV19 (the virus that causes COVID-19) to see if they have the virus has been difficult, as there is a limited supply of testing kits, the results are not immediate, and testing needs to be done by a healthcare professional.

  26. Ukdavec says:

    Swedish expert: why lockdowns are the wrong policy

    Well worth listening to first half – then it does get a tad repetative

  27. zyxzevn says:

    Bill Gates’ Vaccine Crime Record: 496,000 Paralyzed Children in India and More

    I found this link:
    Oral polio vaccine causing paralysis in kids: Study

    It would be nice to have some more evidence to back this up.

    example of vaccine injury

    We see the result, but sadly not a lot of evidence.
    Maybe it is covered up as soon complications arise.

    Can we flood the internet with these movies to show how bad it is?

    Corona is not caused by 5G
    At least in France, because there is no 5G there, while they
    have outbreaks.

    Air pollution may be ‘key contributor’ to Covid-19 deaths – study

    5G is completely safe (funny)

    Or maybe not

    Prof. Martin Pall – Cellular Effects of Wi-fi and 5G via VGCC
    EM radiation interferes with the Voltage gated calcium channels,
    disturbing the sensitive biological functions.

    And here is some research from the CIA:
    WARNING: CIA site
    Effects of non-ionizing radiation
    The effects of superhigh-frequency EM radiation on Electrophoretic mobility of erythrocytes
    These show how calcium and sodium ions are forced through membranes by the electrical fields, and cause damage.

    These experiments show that non-ionizing radiation can cause severe damage to biological tissue, and explain why:
    ions are forced through the membranes, damaging the membranes.
    In most literature and most safety-standards, only the heat
    aspect of non-ionizing radiation is considered.
    In the above studies you can see that it is clearly not
    the heat, but the EM fields that cause the damage.

    • Miss Terious says:

      I was watching some clips of that Gates thing the other day and every time he speaks of death or population reduction he smiles and laughs. I am absolutely convinced that this is not a human being. Inside of him is not just one but a multitude of demonic entities.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      That Dr. Robert Rowen Ozone video of vaccine injury in Africa stands out.

  28. Geonopoly says:

    I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this either in this comment section or others of James’s offerings. But recently I watched the film ‘Network’ (1976) and there is a scene where Peter Finch’s character goes on TV and asks people to shout out from their windows, ‘I’m as mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore,’ and sure enough tens of thousands of viewers do exactly that. This scene was so eerie because it was so reminiscent of the tens of thousands of people clapping their support for nurses and doctors from their windows. Predictive programming anyone?
    The film is a powerful critique of the power and influence of the media which is probably even more influential today than it was 44 years ago.

    Oh, and going back to predictive programming, has anyone mentioned the dollar Vigilante’s video linking the London 2012 Olypics opening ceremony NHS segment to this plandemic?

    • Miss Terious says:

      Yes, both of these topics have been discussed here recently, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be more.

      That London ceremony was an eye-opener for sure. So diabolical.

  29. lizzie says:

    Just read this article, it goes into length about how the numbers have been fudged in Ireland and how it’s grossly being mismanaged.

    • lovetodust says:

      This was a good read, lizzie. Thanks. He seems to be echoing most of the doctors, scientists, epidemiologists and virologists on independent and alternative news.

  30. Fritzie's dad says:

    A little humo(u)r …

    “Bring out your dead!” (scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

    Good to the last drop! … Listen to the final line of this snippet.

  31. zyxzevn says:

    Gates Foundation, World Health Organization and Wuhan Institute of Virology have all been hacked
    ..thousands of emails, passwords, and documents have been leaked online.

    A lot of information dumped at 4chan (so could be false/limited hangout).

    A quote seems to indicate a deliberate release of the virus via
    dry ice near an air vent at the fish market.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Good post Zixy Zeven 67,

      I bet we will see a trendline of rising incidents of hacking across the world.

      In fact, we may see an upward trend of a vast array of unorthodox behaviors across the world.
      For example:
      With many small businesses going bankrupt, theft and break-ins might escalate.
      It is not uncommon for a bankrupt small business just to abandon its assets on the property.
      Attached to the above…Activity in online selling sites where you can sell your stuff will probably increase.

    • mkey says:

      I’ll go out on a limb and call bullshit on this hack job. The whole “patient 0” thingy is so contrived it’s ridiculous. Almost lke they are lining up milestones for book and movie deals.

      “This is the market stall where it all started, where the world stopped to be what it was”

      Books, DVDs, postcards, shirts and shorts; keychains for some and plain chains for others.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        mkey says:
        I’ll go out on a limb and call bullshit on this hack job.

        It could be that way. We’ll see what develops.
        Derrick Broze and Jason Bermas go over this lightly…
        QUEUED VIDEO (April 21)

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Derrick Broze makes some excellent points at the QUEUE above, about a balanced perspective on this entire world scenario.

          Personally, I think that much of the alternative media is being led down a sensationalist storyline.
          They are being gamed.
          Don’t ya think that the planners of this Plandemic-Economy-Crash knew what to expect in the alternative media… …that everyone and their dog would go on rants about what the Authoritarians are doing and what is “behind their curtain”.

          As far as WHAT IS NOT BEING REPORTED…
          To me, one of the most real & validated important stories,
          extremely relevant to the well being of everyone (health-wise and “fear wise” and “Authoritarian lockdown wise”)…
          is the FACT that there are very viable solutions for people who get sick.

          One example of many:
          (We all know that the Medical Mafia Complex thwarts any scientific studies on non-profitable open source decentralized health practices.)
          In ITALY – Current NEWS even with “officialdom” –
          ~~ Miraculous success with first study of 36 COVID-19 Patients with Ozone Therapy
          ~~ New larger Ozone Therapy study involving several hundred patients has been started.

          Like the lead Doctor Amato De Monte points out:
          ~~ With Ozone Blood Therapy, there are no adverse side effects. Never. – It is completely safe.
          ~~ It is extremely simple and very inexpensive.
          ~~ It is non-patentable.
          ~~ It has been shown to improve many, many health conditions, along with a person’s general well being.
          ~~ Veterinarians and Dentists also utilize it with incredible results.
          ~~ …and much more.

          From this SUB_THREAD which leads to other SUB-THREADS

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Why “Ozone and Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy” is
            The IDEAL TREATMENT for COVID-19 !!

            – Ozone and Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy –
            Explained, Summarized and Demonstrated in 4 minutes

            April 11, 2020
            Dr. Clifford Fetters, MD of “Health and Wellness of Carmel, LLC” Indiana
            Treating COVID-19 with IV Ozone therapy
            (4 minutes)

  32. mik says:

    Chomsky embraces Corona fascism.
    He self described as an anarchist, didn’t he.

    Noam Chomsky: Coronavirus – What is at stake? | DiEM25 TV

  33. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Universal Worker Testing?
    Amazon building its own Testing Lab to target employees

    RT’s “Boom Bust” of 4/21/2020
    (a couple minutes)

  34. red_hat says:

    Hi! New here.

    Speaking of the Coronavirus I came across an interesting video of an interview of Aajonus Vonderplanitz and his opinion on viruses and contagious diseases. I’m totally blown away and don’t know what to think about it.


    Has anyone else heard of this theory? Please do let me know if you have and you can point me to where I may be able to get more information.


  35. pearl says:

    MoA published a response to Corbett’s interview with Knightly:

    “A second wave will then come during the winter. It will be worse as it will start everywhere at the same time and will come on top of the yearly flu season. We will then likely again need some harsh control measure like temporary lock-downs and case quarantains.

    “Now back to the Off-Guardian and Corbett critique. My view on the epidemic was always based on science. You can follow how it developed through the list of posts attached to this one. As I watched how China defeated its outbreak I had hoped that other governments would take similar measures. With globally concerted action we could have completely erased this disease!

    “But one slips into a pandemic with the governments one has, not with the ones one wishes for.

    “Will our ‘elites’ use the crisis to further enrich themselves. Sure. Will they abuse some of the control measures? That is practically guaranteed. And it does not change a damned thing with regards to the pandemic.

    “It is now too late to defeat it by eradicating its source. Social distancing measures like lock-downs are needed to keep the epidemic under control and to not overload our health care systems. Should the next outbreak wave be worse than the current one we will need even harsher measures than we currently have. I will support those because I know that they will save lives.

    “If that makes me an ‘authoritarian’ in the view of some then let it be so.”

    • manbearpig says:

      Jeez! Wonder why he’s supposedly been doing alternative journalism all these years when he’s so obviously a prophetic expert virologist who knows exactly what’s going to happen when other life-long world-renowned health professionals have no idea!

      “Will they abuse some of the control measures??”

      abuse SOME of the control measures…???

      You mean will they lie completely about mortality statistics, destroy the world economy and use this crisis to make everyone financially dependent on “government” handouts, establish mandatory vaccines and quantum dot medical passport tatoos, shut down free speech and set up a total surveillance tracking system on smart phones in the name of protecting us from supposed viruses that appear out of nowhere??

      “abuse some control measures??”

      • pearl says:

        Just for kicks (‘cause we know no amount of reason will change their minds), it’d be a delight to have you visit the dimly lit caves of “rogue” Caitlin Johnstone and MoA and watch you rip ‘em a new one.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I like the way you ladies talk.

        • manbearpig says:

          OMGosh!!!!!!!!!! Pearl!! dawn’s just broken here and I’m howling with barely stifled laughter!! trying not to wake the neighborhood!! Gracious, please, don’t do that to me so early in the morning…. the imagery… “rip’em a new one”…that one’s new to me!, had to look it up…omg…hysterical. now I can’t see with the tears in my eyes…jeepers, what a way with words you have…

    • mkey says:

      No, not to “some” but to “those who see clearly through my bullshit”.

  36. rcast says:

    THE FAUCI FILES: The IL-2 Antiviral Hoax, U.S. Patent # US1995000452440 – October 1, 1999

  37. Cu Chulainn says:

    Andrew Mather is putting out compelling evidence that Cuomo’s numbers are fake, and nobody is picking up on it

  38. cu.h.j says:

    Does anyone here know if anyone is trying to sue the US government for this violation of constitutional rights? Does anyone have a legal background or know the steps it would take to initiate a lawsuit?

  39. asavetmd says:

    None of this tracking stuff, there aren’t any Police checkpoints, I can ride the Rail Trail, nobody is turning in their neighbors, there isn’t any enforcement of masks, or any of what you talked about. Gainesville is a City in a Park just like Philadelphia where I was born and raised. I live a mile north of the football Stadium and have a fair amount of privacy in my back yard so I don’t always have any clothes on so I get as much sun as I want. Sun and fresh air are preventive of COVID-19, TB and other illnesses. so that alone argues against Lock down in your house/apartment.

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