Interview 1508 - Declare Your Independence From the New World Order

01/13/202038 Comments

Recorded December 18, 2019. James joins Ernest Hancock for his bi-monthly appearance on Declare Your Independence to discuss the New (multipolar) World Order, the false hope of the BRICS, and how to overcome (not weaponize) learned helplessness.

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  1. fer67 says:

    Zero comments on this one? Wild. I think a study of learned helplessness and MK Ultra would be in order. With your thoroughness, it would be very revealing. I am convinced that the early Disney movies, and possibly others later on, worked to create hopelessness and learned helplessness in kids that watched them. Just watched one of Disney’s new shows now, the Mandalorian (Star Wars) and it’s got animal cruelty, torture, robot soldiers that are invulnerable and terrifying, satanic symbolism and more. And how many Disney stars coming forward now telling stories of rape and pedophilia?
    Learned helplessness is a part of all of the global control system. I know I have problems with it. Let’s find out more about it. Thanks for your great work James.

  2. minnie says:

    25.52 mins in Ernie asks: “What are we up against?”

    My answer is this: We’re up against ourselves, against our own laziness. Most people are terrified of taking responsibility for their own lives, so they search for someone “in authority” to do the difficult things for them. It could be a government, and/or a lawyer, a movie star, Jesus, the aliens – anyone but themselves! Someone to put on a pedestal and take away the tough job of running their own lives.

    Then we’re surprised when unscrupulous people come along and take advantage of our laziness.

    • alexandre says:

      That’s a good answer, and I agree; it starts with ourselves. But the issues raised by it are very deep, no? Remember the film “The Warriors”? One guy tries to bring together all the gangs and take over New York. One guy kills that guy and the plan fails. Well, it didn’t fail with the big gang up there – and we didn’t have “our” guy to kill, I don’t know, Cecil Rhodes…and screw up their plan? They did come together and took over, so now what? When the aggressive cancer is too metastasized there’s not much one can do. Let’s say the liver fails. Even though a lot of individual cells are healthy, the body still dies – and kills all the good parts. Now, that means the collective body is dying, so we have no more society / community. Still we can do things individually and go on… without going back to the dark ages? Difficult questions – certainly to be answered individually.

  3. joe.s says:

    A large percent of the ARCHONS who are steering humanity were born into a culture that teaches if you are not of their religion you are not human and have no soul. Makes it easy to fall into psychopathy. Without conscience you can lie, cheat, steal- Blueprint for worldly success. Perpetuating the self deception is paramount. Maintaining their cover is next. There is an ideological agenda driving this runaway train.

  4. Libertydan says:

    OK, so James says we need to have a “Community” to combat the Evil that is always present. Indeed, allowing evil people to take power is the root of the problem, and there needs to be a way of making them harmless. Ebay has a decentralized means for rating Sellers that might serve as an example. Cardano is a Cypto Currency that is working on becoming internationally decentralized money.
    Anyway, when an evil person collaborates with other evil people and they take up arms to pillage, rape, and steal, others must defend the masses against them. When the Evil becomes as big as the British Empire, a Government (Union of States) was formed. It worked for a while, perhaps 100 years, but eventually it succumb to the Banksters that it was created to defend the people against. I don’t think that makes all government bad, but it does say something about unlimited money creation by private Banksters and the evil it can unleash.
    End the Fed!

  5. generalbottlewasher says:

    25:52 mins. in Ernie asks ” what are we up against?” Eerily quiet reply.

    I asked a similar question, name the industrialists, mining, oil and whatever’s monopolist financiers name and that would be a good start. Seems the Milner group hid in plan sight for 40 years. Here’s the question from the other day.

    Who directed the CIA to action? Seems easy enough to ask. Paris ?
    Alan Watt suggests you have to be somebody.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      What are we up against? And the meek called to the gods to come down and intervene in the wretched affairs of men which had befallen them.
      New Jersey Jan. 13 , 2020.
      Lets see what tomorrow brings.

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        I must tell you that HighWire was almost 4 hours live streamed. Please skip ahead to the closing comments around 3:44 mark to get the jist.

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Now its the next day . Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai on the 4 lessons learned in New Jersey on Vaccination exemptions. I like his decentralization approach and his bottom up organizing. Then we will talk Fluoride Action Network news.

          Dr. Shiva analysis ;

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            This should be of some encouragement, this has been a week of small victories. Thanks to a reminder from HomeRemedySupply I was motivated to act, as it connected with the past, In my youth when the mother of my children and I acted on procreation. We, with malice and forthought decided to act against establishment guideline and had children using The Bradley Method of natural child birth.
            No drug em up drag em out for us. Nutrition, clean Water and natural birth. We were told then of fluoride dangers and drank filtered water for years.
            Today I received a hand addressed thank you, news letter and reciept via snail mail from the (F.A.N.) Fluoride Action Network. Grass roots all the way. The thank you and news are genuine. The news is, final total was 1024 people gave almost $ 138,000. Their goal was $ 250,000.
            Down in the body of the news was this ” More than anything else we need to warn pregnant women and parents of the dangers to both the fetal and the infant brain from unnecessary exposure to fluoride.”
            The TSCA lawsuit will be heard on April 20th . The webpage for support and news is.
            Thank you Homey for remindinding me of what was and always will be my duty as a father. Protecting children.

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            Now its the third day . While driving back to Boston Dr. Shiva gets the news the New Jersey Senate has re-introduced the vaccine exemptions denial bill. He gives an off the cuff response. He decries where all the troubles come from.


  6. weilunion says:

    “Take away people’s hope and their chance for a livelihood for themselves and their families and what we see is the rise of the psychopathic mind and authoritarian personality. One need to only witness the horrific weekly shootings: be they at Malls, schools, military bases, post offices, the streets or within families. This and rising suicide rates are all a result of a sociopathic system and a tiny psychotic minority who rule like corporate monarchs.

    The American people are literally going mad due to the labyrinth of despair they are forced to trek. Time to wake up America and expropriate the expropriators before they create civil war and fascism.”

    Trickle down economics & the rise of the new sociopathic class

  7. altittude says:

    Well personally i know of one way things have been manipulated in the bigger picture of the NWO (recently rather than the historical total agenda of the psychopaths)
    Corporate personhood, corpocracy, Admiralty law, all living men women and childrens birth certificate making you a trust of the corporation, the slow extinction of public courts replaced by private courts and Unidroit…once we again learn the laws of the sovereign man and women and the rights we have we can most certainly have a way out of the corporation called “The psycho rings of power that should’nt be”
    It again is logically looking at the craziness of the world in general and then disecting the info to come to the conclusion that everything we are living in is a complete fiction once that has been unveiled its pretty easy to see how they got control and how we make sure that we do not get on the bus ride from hell that stops at ELM STREET…in this case the TRUTH really will set you free.
    unforunately i find most people do not want to hear the truth or are afraid to admit they have no interest or desire to admit they are ignorant to anything outside mainstream media ..sadley
    For more on corpoate personhood and common law case studies going through a court right now in canada check out christopher james on u tube at his channel A Warrior calls or for canadas deceptive historical anomally.

  8. Arby says:

    Ernest is wrong about a benevolent, pro people early US.

  9. Arby says:

    What’s driving the Godless world? A paradigm, or operating principle, that I call ‘riches for the strongest’. Benjamin Netanyahu was bold enough to state it publicly and clearly: “Netanyahu’s credo, ‘weak are slaughtered, strong survive,’ echoes Hitler” /

    It’s a free universe. We can choose to be evil and many do. For now, evildoers, or criminals if you don’t like the word evil, are free to destroy themselves and create havoc in society. That’s why our world is a manmade hell. In the real new world order to come, we will still possess free moral agency and will be free to choose to reject the Source of life, but we won’t be free to disturb the peace or upset the new world order to come. If it were otherwise (as in Star Wars where there’s always got to be darkness in order to achieve balance), there’d be no God of love. But, Believe as you wish.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Arby, Phillip Weiss makes a thought provoking statement in your link.
      “Does this mean that the obvious juxtaposition of Netanyahu’s words is antisemitic? Put otherwise, whose fault is it if Netanyahu sounds like Hitler?”
      I never heard it expressed in that way and without apology. Bibi’s undeniably driving a chariot of death through Palestine.

  10. Arby says:

    My view, James, is that there is only a death drive once you make certain choices. God didn’t create our first human parents with a death drive in them.

  11. chris.g says:

    “Curt Richter already in 1957 had described the “hopelessness” phenomenon in rats (“a reaction of hopelessness is shown by some wild rats very soon after being grasped in the hand and prevented from moving. They seem literally to give up,”) and even how to cure their hopelessness, by allowing them to have an experience of escaping once (Richter, 1957, 1958). Rats which would normally be able to keep swimming in a tank for two or three days, would often give up and drown in just a few minutes, after having an experience of “inescapable stress.” Richter made the important discovery that the hearts of the hopeless rats slowed down before they died, remaining relaxed and filled with blood, revealing the dominant activity of the vagal nerve, secreting acetylcholine.”

    Extracted from:

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Chris, Thanks for the link!

      Of interest to me, and on a “what we can do to better conditions for ourselves and children” perspective…
      …this experiment shows that an environment can provide both limitations and opportunities for expanding the inherited potential…
      …An opportunity to be complexly involved in a complex environment lets us become more of what we are, more humanly differentiated.

      A series of experiments that started at the University of California in 1960 found that rats that lived in larger spaces with various things to explore were better at learning and solving problems than rats that were raised in the standard little laboratory cages (Krech, et al., 1960).
      Studying their brains, they found that the enzyme cholinesterase, which destroys the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, was increased.
      They later found that the offspring of these rats were better learners than their parents, and their brains contained more cholinesterase. Their brains were also larger, with a considerable thickening of the cortex, which is considered to be the part mainly responsible for complex behavior, learning and intelligence.

      These processes aren’t limited to childhood. For example, London taxi drivers who learn all the streets in the city develop a larger hippocampus, an area of the brain involved with memory….

      I often will take supplements, such as acetyl-carnitine which can not only help increase energy for an old man like me, but also help with mental activity.
      And there are other mental facilitating supplements/nutrients, such as phosphatidylserine. phosphatidylcholine, etc.
      Lecithin contains these to some extent.

      Anyway, it all really clicked with me when I saw the choline and it’s breakdown enzyme, cholinesterase, in the link you mentioned.

      • artemis says:

        very interesting….so, what do you think about getting enough anti inflammatory fats for bran function, and balanced electrolytes for neuro transmission? Lecithin is great.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I agree. The whole array of proper nutrients (e.g. fatty acids, minerals) plays such an important role in how beings function.

          While the “nicotinic acetylcholine receptors” information clicked with me, actually what I found very relevant from a non-nutritional aspect was…

          “…rats that lived in larger spaces with various things to explore were better at learning and solving problems than rats that were raised in the standard little laboratory cages…”
          “…These processes aren’t limited to childhood.
          For example, London taxi drivers who learn all the streets in the city develop a larger hippocampus, an area of the brain involved with memory….

          My personal take-away is that there is tremendous value in exploring the REAL WORLD vs the virtual world.
          Lots of real distance space and real objects.
          Not the 18 inch arm length, confined view and small print space of a phone.
          Just taking a walk can be very therapeutic as it extroverts a person to notice objects at distances, far and near.

          Back in the 1950’s, my Mother would let me and my younger brother roam and explore all over the place.
          Catching horny toads and lizards, building forts, digging holes, playing Cowboys and Indians with fellow kids around the block utilizing makeshift ‘spears’ and ‘arrows’, climbing cliffs in ravines, etc.
          The main rule: “Just be home before dark.”

          Anyway, I think that there is great value in exploring the real world.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      James Corbett mentions:
      Martin Seligman first observed learned helplessness when he was doing experiments on dogs. He noticed that the dogs didn’t try to escape the shocks if they had been conditioned to believe that they couldn’t escape.

      Here is the QUEUED VIDEO where James talks about this…

      I look forward to a Corbett Report episode about this topic.

  12. Arby says:

    I picked up from Naomi Klein, years ago, that our Western hi tech companies were helping China to set up its surveillance system. Her Rolling Stone article (which seems to have been removed from the net) is titled: “China’s All-Seeing Eye.” (I am not a fan of Naomi Klein, but she has done some good writing.) I very much appreciate James researching showing something that I already believe, namely that there is, already, a world order, more or less. I refer to the wild beast of Corporatocracy (which equals the Christian Bible’s ‘wild beast’), which is led, by chance, by the US. I’ve felt for some time that elites like the idea of nation States that lulls people into thinking that they have democratic representation. We vote for our leaders, locally and so on, all the way to the top of the political system where the kings, prime ministers etc reside.

    An isolated article – such as Andre Damon’s WSWS article, below – that suggests a different reality won’t change my mind, but I do find it interesting.

    “White House and Google launch technology war against China” /

    “China’s All-Seeing Eye” by Naomi Klein /

  13. Fawlty Towers says:

    1. More and more Corporations doing away with humans you can talk to on the phone…
    2. Corporations forcing you to do their work… self-checkout machines
    3. Governments forcing you to lose your dignity and health with body scanning machines in the name of national security…
    4. Governments forcing you to be vaccinated so big pharma can become richer, you become genetically weaker and more compliant…
    5. Governments forcing you into social credit systems to take total control of your life.
    6. Corporations seducing you to install surveillance equipment in your homes on a ‘voluntary’ basis.

  14. manbearpig says:

    There were many little points that struck me during my quick, choppy listen to this “interview” between classes yesterday (learned helplessness, the flash of jealously in the little Japanese girl scribbling on her classmate’s painstaking beauty, the “Raising (sociopathic) Cain” Lithgow movie and Walden 2 and how we’ve all certainly been perverted by living in a perverted system conceived and run by…perverted death-driven or compromised minds)

    what intrigued me the most was what seemed to be a certain ambivalence about community. The monetary/technology cart before the horse idea : the horse is community… contrasting with collectives…

    the notions of collective vs communities “of intention”…

    you need pragmatic goal-oriented people who want various forms of centralized
    control but it conflicts with the “no compromise” total voluntaryism ideal…

    can’t live with’em, can’t live without’em dilemma of anarchy?

    But perhaps I should take a better listen…

  15. HomeRemedySupply says:

    In 2017, Corbett recirculated Episode 090 – Our Leaders Are Psychopaths.
    I would love to see it revisited again.
    It is a must-watch episode.

    In Corbett’s Corbett Report Episode 213 – Revisiting Psychopathy , one of the resources which James mentions is the documentary I am Fishead.(VIDEO)

    Excerpt on Corporate Psychopaths…

  16. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Who would go Quail Hunting in south Texas with a Psychopath?

    I couldn’t help but think of this…

    On February 11, 2006, United States vice president Dick Cheney accidentally shot Harry Whittington, a then-78-year-old Texas attorney, with a shotgun while participating in a quail hunt on a ranch in Riviera, Texas. Both Cheney and Whittington (birdshot in the face, neck, and chest) called the incident an accident.

    Poor, non-apologetic Cheney.
    Get the victim to apologize.

  17. cryogen says:

    Hello Mr.Corbett! You, as well as your subscribers might find this book interesting.
    Reading it, one might find a answer to the question: why there is such a high percentage of individuals in the society exhibiting sociopathic as well as psychopathic behavior patterns. It also proves beyond doubt that there is a easy solution. Old but great read in my opinion, and possibly very usefull for parents.

    The book:

    Summerhill by A.S. Neill

  18. brian.s says:

    You could say – we are up against the ‘deceiver’

    Perhaps the clearest perspective for me in terms of a tool or companioning is A Course in Miracles.
    But no one will relate to it who is invested in the ‘struggle against’ until there is a recognition of pattern that runs beneath all sorts of otherwise seemingly different issues.

    Lets say readers here are generally or somewhat aware of the various devices of deceit and so instead of living in what used to seem real – they are in a broken worldview that they cant go back to nor see how to move forward in terms of the impossible situation they/we are in.

    This is a call for a new perspective – rather than rebranding a variant identity in persistence of a futility or perhaps frustrating and vacillating sense of conflicted self and world.

    A Course in Miracles – can of course be whatever anyone brings to and receives – as with anything in this worl – but its intent includes deprogramming a mind that has so much in common with the loveless and deceitful world we say we want to change – but often as a way to resolve our own conflicts on someone else – even as corporates dump their toxic consequences on anyone else in order to profit, survive, defend against threat, prevail.

    However the Course is not about making the error real and then being framed in the attempt to change it as a captured opposition or fuel for the conflict of fear, division and defence (attack).

    Understanding why our world is like it is is not healing it – but War on ‘whatever’ is always a sure way to make and identity FROM the persistence of what ostensibly one is purported to be ‘against’.

    Regardless whether people use the Course or any other guide and support for a shift from fear-framed reactivity to a discernment within life that brings the underlying truth from its filtering and distortion so as to live from it instead of from what someone called ‘lazy’ in a comment above. But its not merely lack of focus but lack of care. The belief that no one – including yourself is wholly worthy.

    We tend to seek worth ‘against evils’ or by challenges, or simply by association with others or ideas that seem ‘right’ – but often in contrast to a wrong.

    Conflicted self works its own self-sabotage – regardless how the negative synchronicity lines up.

    To come from a New Place is to become aware or notice when we come from the Old Place – under the recognition it doesn’t work and costs us our joy and peace in life and relationships – as well as participating in a world of deceit that in some ways works like a captured botnet of unwary fools who are easily phished into an identity theft.

    My direction here is to persistenty uncover the present – regardless Big Brother’s Boot – which again has its counterpart in our own narrative dictate.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. -JC]

  19. artemis says:

    Some of the The Native American Tribes, called it “life affirming” and “Non life affirming” ….I think the ancient people had a better understanding of this than we think.

    • manbearpig says:

      which would seem to indicate that better understanding does not necessarily lead to better survival…(but nobody said it was supposed to, I guess)

  20. a822 says:

    Great discussion.
    brings to mind a Clockwork Orange
    where Alex eventually secures what we guess is gonna be
    a high position within the power structure because of the bad PR
    one politician got from the Ludovico treatment scandal.
    The end hints at his sadistic instincts being allowed to deploy
    on a much larger scale than when he was a mere street hoodlum.
    Ironically, his former droogies have become cops, their behaviour
    is much the same, they’ve just donned a new uniform.
    so this bunch ends up within the state structure, as they
    have been all along actually(council estate, prison…)
    except they had no real position of power
    The movie hints at governement being some kind of a laundering scheme,
    a way to get a blank slate for past nefarious actions while being able to pursue them under the cloak of legitimacy.

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