Episode 090 - Our Leaders Are Psychopaths

06/14/2009104 Comments

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Description:They walk among us. On the outside. they're just like you and me, but on the inside they are unfeeling automatons who care only for themselves. They are the psychopaths, and they are in control of our governments, our corporations, our military and all of the positions of power. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we delve into Political Ponerology, a diagnosis of our politicians and a brief look at the bigger picture.

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Description: Clinical diagnosis (PCLR) of personality of corporation by Dr. Robert Hare, founder of the psychopathy diagnostic test.
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  1. dougj says:

    Well done as usual James, thank you. I earned a Masters in the mental health field from Argosy University so am hip to many points made here still there were times I was in over my head. You are a very deep and obviously responsible person, best.

  2. zyxzevn says:

    Famous sceptics behave like sociopaths.
    (From a post of mine on reddit, and I think it fits here)
    They usually defend the psychopaths in power.

    “I don’t want to offend people, but I can see some famous sceptics behave exactly this way. Some scientists are pushing certain ideas in similar ways for profit or status.

    The behaviour leads to personal attacks, lies and more. Any normal discussion is interrupted and observations are ridiculed.

    Other people often copy this behaviour, and even believe that it is normal. Usually these behave like trolls.

    To defend against these attacks, some people that oppose the sociopaths become more religious about their ideas. But they still respect other opinions. In scientific discussions this is often seen as a signal for pseudo-science, but now I think it is a normal respond to sociopath attacks.

    I think that sociopaths are pushing science in the direction that they want. Many scientists are not strong in social interactions, which makes it harder for them to spot and oppose this kind of people.”

    See also: http://www.skepticalaboutskeptics.org/

    Or this on a famous sceptic: https://freethoughtblogs.com/pharyngula/2013/08/08/what-do-you-do-when-someone-pulls-the-pin-and-hands-you-a-grenade/
    (I think he also defended a child rapist by claiming false memories, but I have no link yet)

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I am so glad that this 2009 podcast was made into a video. It is crucial information.
    James does an extraordinary job of culling the fine points of different sources and organizing them into an easily assimilated whole.
    Thank you James and thank you Broc.

    (Broc, stay warm and dry) 🙂

  4. nosoapradio says:

    During the Corbett comments board discussion about minimum wage a few days ago a certain ‘Rara Avis’ (appropriately meaning ‘a rare or unique person or thing’) left an exquisite description of how the psychopaths have reshaped society and redefined its members into their own image. Extracts:

    “…If humans are nothing more than fungible economic units, and if they have no cosmic significance or inherent value AS HUMANS, then why SHOULDN’T they be allowed (or forced) to become extinct by automation as technology becomes available?..

    …Without a world view that sees human beings as having inherent dignity, why SHOULDN’T “useless eaters” be exterminated?…

    …Absent a widespread global reversion to a world view that sees all human life as having intrinsic value regardless of economic productivity, I don’t see much hope for humanity before most of us have shuffled off this mortal coil…” -Rara Avis

    As a population we’ve been coopted into robbing ourselves of humanity, reshaping ourselves into “fungible economic units” via our participation in this “godless technocratic society”…

    Read Rara Avis’ articulate and insightful comment in its entirety on the comments board of “The Ugly Truth about Minimum Wage”.

  5. PeaceFroggs says:

    Allow me to nitpick a little bit.

    First, not “all” leaders are Psychopaths.

    Second, there’s a reason why countries have Constitutions and Supreme courts. It’s so that if anybody, including psychopathic leaders come to power, and try to subvert the laws then the people have legal recourse in order to get rid of these so called “leaders” legally.

    Not that long ago, the Bush administration not only had to pull 9/11 first and then lie about Iraq’s WMD’s in order to get enough support at home to wage war on a sovereign country thousands of miles away, they also had to make their case to the UN.

    NATO countries had little choice but to follow the US into Afghanistan after 9/11 because of article 5, however most leaders of the world did not follow America into Iraq, simply because they knew the Americans were lying about Iraq’s WMD’s, and because most leaders aren’t psychopaths!

    To sum it up….the US has become an Empire. Regardless who becomes President, the ends justify the means will rule their day to day decisions.

    • scpat says:

      To play Devil’s Advocate on your comment,

      In response to your first paragraph:
      The leaders of the U.S. (And other countries, but I will use only the U.S. in this example) subvert the Constitution and the Rights of its citizens all the time through new laws, Acts, etc. Also as anyone has seen, the “leaders” and the citizens are treated under different standards of law. The Supreme Court hasn’t done jack shit to bring these maniacs to justice and probably never will.

      In response to: “however most leaders of the world did not follow America into Iraq, simply because they knew the Americans were lying about Iraq’s WMD’s, and because most leaders aren’t psychopaths!”

      – The decision of a leader not to go to war does not exempt them from being a psychopath. Psychopaths are interested in serving their own interests, and not going to war logically has many self-serving benefits.

      • PeaceFroggs says:


        The leaders of the U.S. subvert the Constitution and the Rights of its citizens all the time through new laws, Acts, etc.

        — I sorta agree here, it’s true that some Senators and/or Congressmen will attempt to subvert the Constitution on occasion, however they do not always succeed and when they do, it is always challenged and the supreme court usually overturns it. (exception: Patriot Act)

        Like I said, the US has become an Empire, it’s no longer a true Republic.


        a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.

        — Common, lets be real here, most Presidents from 1776 until 2017 cannot be considered psychopath.

        I’m Canadian, and I can tell, in our history, starting from 1867 till 2017, I cannot think of One Prime Minister that could be considered a psychopath, not one.

        • scpat says:

          My point still holds true: The decision of a leader not to go to war does not exempt them from being a psychopath.

          In my previous reply I did not say psychopathy is a condition of Presidents who choose not to go to war, as it seems you have interpreted by your reply. What I was doing was pointing out your logically fallicious argument (If A, then B; not A; so, not B).

          • PeaceFroggs says:

            Sure, the decision of a leader not to go to war does not exempt them from being a psychopath. Ok, point taken.

            The point that I’m trying to make is that just because someone has been elected leader of a country doesn’t automatically qualify them as being a psychopath, which is what James is kinda of alluding to here.

        • richardVZ says:

          I am also a Canadian. In the 55 years I’ve been in this Country I can say we most certainly have a Psychopath running the country right now! If you can’t see that I would take Jame’s advice and stop staring at the brush strokes.

  6. Nevertheless says:

    First of all, Obama, Trump, Clinton, Reagan, are all puppets, they are not the originators of the evil that rule us, just the face of the establishment. a tool to foment the “right vs left” paradigm.

    The rulers are the banks, Wall Street, Hollywood, Zionists, who look at US as sheep, but do feel for their own kind.

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Scientology … Psychopaths = SPs / Sociopaths = PTS

    Fortunately, Mr. Corbett brings up the topic of Ponerology. This is important information.

    We have all heard about the Church of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard. For decades the Church has been ruled by a psychopathic runt, David Miscavige, often called “little Hitler”.

    Witch Hunt
    Using Scientology’s own phrase (“witch hunt”), Scientology and David Miscavige employ an interesting mechanism of control.
    If a Church member or public person poses a threat to David Miscavige or Scientology, (especially for exposing their sins), the individuals are then labeled a psychopath (SP) and forever denied “Scientology’s techniques of enlightenment & ability”.
    In short, a person is formally labeled an SP (Suppressive Person). No Church member is allowed to communicate to an SP. If a family member is declared an SP, then no further communication is allowed. No Church member is allowed to look at information which denigrates Scientology because that source is “Suppressive”.

    SP or Suppressive Person or Anti-social Personality
    Suppressive Person is a term used in Scientology to describe the “antisocial personalities” who make up about 2.5% of the population.
    PTS or Potential Trouble Source
    Scientology defines a PTS as “a person who is in some way connected to and being adversely affected by a suppressive person”. About 18% of the population.
    (My comment – In this case Wikipedia has a good synopsis)
    Scientology’s website – “Anti-Social Personality” (see attributes)

  8. HomeRemedySupply says:

    ‘The Hare Psychopathy Checklist’: The test that will tell you if someone is a sociopath
    (Read article for point system.)
    The list of jobs with the highest and lowest rates of psychopathy

  9. Pablo de Boer says:

    Hola aloha señor James,

    The present PM of your country of birth Canada Justin Trudeau is a diehard psychopath just like his father Pierre Trudeau and both are / were whores of the kakistocracy.

    Trudeau sr. was interested in Marxist ideas in the 1940s and his Harvard dissertation was on the topic of Communism and Christianity. And señor James I have a question for you, was Pierre Elliott Trudeau also a member of Skull and Bones when he studied at the Harvard University? I know that Trudeau sr. was a member of another psychopath society “The Club of Rome”. The founding meeting of The Club of Rome occurred in 1968 at David Rockefeller’s (another psychopath) estate in Bellagio, Italy.

    The Club of Rome and beyond: How the socialist religion of environmentalism was born (National Socialism / Nazism 2.0 (quote Pablo))

    Pierre Trudeau was a pedophile personally and directly involved in Monarch mind control and is Justin Trudeau a Product of Illuminati Mind Control?

    When I see this pictures of the Canadian Psychopath Justin T aka the reincarnation of Ted Bundy, it is for me obviously that he is controlled by the kakistocracy and also narcissistic like Donald T and Ted Bundy.

    And Justin like his daddy has also an affection with pedophiles and some of his pedo buddies he gives $20 Million, but not out of his own pocket because he pays them with …

    Trudeau To Give Clinton’s $20 Million To Advance Gender Equality

    And to complete the Trudeau Psychopath Deception I link as bonus this vid

    The Trudeau Deception

    Saludos para todos,

    Pablo de Boer

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Pablo’s no Boar: excellent gathering of information and insights that forces me to ask your opinion. Con permiso? My worry is real for mi amigos in Caracas. Am I correct to consider the deconstruction of the Venezuelans county a test for the upcoming deconstruction of the countries farther north from their? Seems to be a study for understanding the management of the controlled demolition of a society very similar to the USA. Are the power elite practicing or perfecting the art of nation reconstructing/ deconstruction? Is it Cuban, Vatican, Rothschild ? Cannot figure this out,Que sabor ? James? Anyone?

      • Pablo de Boer says:

        Hola aloha generalbottlewasher,

        A few days ago I already placed this link under a comment of yours. In this video you question are answered.

        Empire Files: Abby Martin in Venezuela – Supermarkets to Black Markets

        Saludos y abrazos,

        Pablo de Boar

      • Pablo de Boer says:

        Hola aloha generalbottlewasher,

        Lot of Americanos are becoming addicted to prescription drugs and most of them are made just like heroine of poppies aka Opioids. Heroine is illegal but Opioids not… That’s how the kakistocracy works, they always will find a way to stay in power and enslave the rest of humanity. And psychopath Donald Trump will always serve the kakistocracy and in this case it is Big Pharma

        Trump misses the mark with opioid crisis plan, health advocates say

        That’s why America invaded Afghanistan and not because of false flag terrorism..

        Despite 15 years of occupation, Afghanistan’s opium production has only gone up

        The same tactics the kakistocracy also applied in 70th in Jamaica, if you want to know more about this, I can suggest you to listen to this interesting podcast on this topic.

        Casey Gane-McCalla on the CIA’s Secret War in Jamaica

        And people who defend politicians aka the voting cattle are in my view also (ignorant) psychopaths ..

        Saludos y abrazos,

        Pablo de Boer

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Pablo De Boer: thank you very much. Valuable time invested. Much appreciated. Great information for my reference. I like Martins work. From there I perused other sites, quite contradictory, framing the political story/ truth of the matter differently from hers. Martins reporting had balanced observations not garbage propaganda. Thank you so much.

          • Pablo de Boer says:

            Hola aloha amigo/a generalbottlewasher,

            lo hago con mucho gusto y viva la independencia .

            I noticed how negative the western propaganda machine writes, talks and Bullshitsssssss about that situation of Venezuelan people. After 911 I don’t trust MSM anymore and even some groups in the alt media are also broadcasting mierda del toro and fake news on Venezuela, because I heard the FAM (Fake Alt Media) saying that the people in Venezuela were eating their pets, dogs and cats, and that is nonsense and unacceptable journalism. Señorita Abby shows that the real situation In Venezuela is different than the MSM and FAM portrays .

            As Miss Martin also shows, in the Venezuelan society there are an amount of people who oppose the state and agencies like the CIA will (ab)use these internal affairs for their own benefit and to achieve a regime change. News propaganda is a powerful weapon for the CIA. Señor james made some excellent reports on the CIA Media and the weaponization of information

            How the CIA Plants News Stories in the Media

            The Weaponization of Information in the War of Terror

            And if you want to inform yourself more on this topic, on the left side of señor James his page you have the “SEARCH BY TAG” app and here you can choose for the option “media”

            Even though señor James is a great independent journalist, I self not only depend on him and search for other sources on the internet just like señor James also always pronounces on his page, don’t believe anybody and also not him and always investigate self.
            Here in Holland I have also some Arab amigos / friends / habibis and one of them is from Libya and he even took part at the civil war there before he fled. He is for me also great source of information on what happened in Libya and still is occurring in his country of birth. And his information is also colored like all information

            Propaganda 2.0

            Sigmund Freud’s nephew Eduard Bernay made propaganda and public relations more sophisticated and evil people like Paul Joseph Goebbels were big fans of Bernay’s tactics and Goebbels based his tactics on Bernay’s theories. Also big corporations use Bernay’s theories to mislead their consumers. Politics and corporations are both ruled by psychopaths aka the kakistocracy

            Edward Bernays 2: Selling War

            Edward Bernays 1: Torches of Freedom

            The Century of the Self

            The Corporation

            “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play”

            — Paul Joseph Goebbels – Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany —
            * Note Pablo, the real government are not the puppet presidents and politicians

            Last US elections the propagandist of the kakistocracy applied the divide strategy on the US voting cattle as usual. But these elections were about which candidate was the most hated person and not about which candidate was the most qualified to be the next president. Leftist feminist hated Trump, because Trump said something about grabbing women “by the Pussy” and Hiltlary C was despised because of her spirit cooking with Marina Abramović and other sick satanic stuff. And we both know now who won the most hated candidate contest and the loser became the new President of the US of A. Both serve the deep state and both candidates are not qualified to be a president, because nobody has the right to govern others and even not to rule the sheeple people, even though the sheeple are begging and voting to be ruled by others.

            On the American TV you also can observe the same tactics, because the Right winged Americanos watch FOX and the lefties MSNBC. Here also as usual both news medias are controlled by the kakistocracy just like the news agencies as AP and ANP, who are also controlled by the same kakistocracy and these news agencies deliver almost all the news for the MSM. And as I already wrote, these days you also even can’t trust some parts of the Alt Media aka FAM..

            As last I can suggest you to investigate the Gladio reports made by señor James and a lot of them with Sibel Edmonds. Sibel Deniz Edmonds is a former translator who worked as a contractor for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and founder of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC).

            Señorita Sibel and señor James on Gladio

            When Sibel talked and blew the whistle with the leftist from Democracy Now about the Republican party fraud, they (Democracy Now) considered Sibel as an hero, but when Sibel told them about the same fraudulent behavior done by the Democrat party, señorita Sibel became persona non grata for Democracy Now….

            And be aware amigo/a generalbottlewasher that power corrupts and that is why the kakistocracy is not a homogeneous group, see as good examples this List of conflicts in Europe from BC until 21st century


            Be careful because Wikipedia is controlled by ……

            Saludos y abrazos,

            Pablo de Boar aka Pieter Jan de Boer

  10. generalbottlewasher says:

    Brilliant, right as rain,utterly brilliant James ! Calls em as he sees em.
    I do wish people would read more. Books are the place where ideas and concrete history can be found. We live better and can manage our affairs better when we have the understanding of what shapes our future. You all know the cliché. But as printed in stone in 1964 by an contempory Texas historian J. Evetts Healey.
    from page 83 of “A Texan looks at Lyndon” Chapter VI.
    ‘ Except With Friends,” the power to tax is…”‘
    ‘ When Lyndon ran for the Senate in 1941, and again to steal the election in 1948, Brown and Root, having spread their operations extensively, primarily on government contacts, really laid the cash on the candidate’s line.’ ‘With ready access to the best Washington sources, with advance information on proposed public works from which to estimate and figure, and with ready and telling influence when the contracts were let, they where in superb position to skim off the gravy, and did–especially at ” cost plus.” ‘ in a liberal Texas way there was nothing criminal or illegitimate about it.’ ‘ It was open federal policy, approved by the great white father and sanctioned by a representative Congress elected by a people who obviously did not give an infinitesimal part of a damn.’
    Questions for Corbett . are you a bit sociopathic in spreading the dictium of ” we need more central control( cop on the corner) or are you promoting anarchy to phyicaly stop the psychopaths. Cause as Haley says ” infinitesimal part of a damn” suggests inaction as opposed to action. Your report is suggesting action against the psyops of social thought or action against the actual players. It obvious you intend action in one of the two. This goes round and round and as Carl Cooker once told me ” its mental masturbation if you don’t the action”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      There is a famous photo of LBJ’s Ballot Box 13 and stealing the election.
      In 2005, even my college Texas History Professor talked about it.
      …LBJ seemed certain to lose, when a protégé of George Parr, the “Duke of Duval” and political boss of the heavily Hispanic counties in southern Texas, “discovered” 200 allegedly uncounted ballots in Box 13, Alice, Texas. These 200 “voters” cast their ballots 198 to 2 for Johnson, putting him over the top. The election, of course, was stolen: the added 200 names were written in a different colored ink, and….
      PHOTO and story

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Brown and Root later has business ties to Haliburton.
      The evil of LBJ and the evil of Dick Cheney.
      What a Kakistocracy! CorbettReport Episode – https://www.corbettreport.com/meet-the-kakistocracy-tjeerd-andringa-on-the-corbett-report/

      In the 1970’s, I went to work briefly for Brown and Root when they were building the Nuclear Power plant near Glen Rose, TX.
      I was young and had never really been around seasoned roughneck older men.
      Here I go trampling through mud to get to the Hiring Trailer. I walk into the space and all these old guys are playing craps on the floor, with dice rolling against the wall, tobacco spit, loud testosterone cursing and yelling as dollar bills wafted along the floor. It was a bit intimidating.
      The memory stuck.

  11. collin.s says:

    If the anarchist ideal is freedom of association, one cannot blame other social entities for practicing game-theoretical situations better in real-life with their occasionally advantageous neurological wiring.
    If one observes a social-economic model prohibiting violent crimes and public deception, then it’s the pure social-physics-model of deviated behavior that’s of interest instead of the bio-physics constantly going on within an entity.
    To segregate people because of still ill-defined neuro-psychology terms, whose biological origin and intended functionality in the social game of evolution have not been mathematically proven with rigor, is counter-productive like witch-hunt. It limits the prospect for individual/collective social engineering, the term of which is neutral, that is vital for a healthy and robust peer-to-peer economy.

  12. X. says:

    Thank you, it’s an incredibly needed study, but this time I have to add a few bits and disagree a bit on one point.

    First of all – and this is constructive, during the days of my studies at resocialization (where I had spent a couple of years after I dropped out of maths) I learned two important things:

    Why psychopathy is a ticket to personal hell, and why Greeks warned every wanna-be tyrant, that if gods want to punish someone, first they pump his/hers grandiosity? There is a simple equation taught to students who later on work with all kind of social deviations:

    neurotic personality traits + psychopatic personality traits = schizophrenia

    … and this is not your mild creative or religious madness, that is very actively defended by antipsychiatry movement (remembering that diagnosis of “asymptomatic schizophrenia” was a tool of destroying political dissidents in USSR, and still is till this very day an easy road for all populists to respond to criticism in the lowest kind of “ad personam” eristic attack -> check these: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_abuse_of_psychiatry_in_the_Soviet_Union and for those who had to learn Russian like me reading it in Russian adds a lot of depth: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Использование_психиатрии_в_политических_целях_в_СССР )

    Also, we know that the more intelligent a person is, the more predisposed to all kinds of neurotic traits. As Freud said, the most real and impossible to fake or distort emotion of all that human can feel is fear. Therefore to give an example of (not only Greek) gods’ punishment – just look for schizophrenia in the high circles of power, there’s plenty.

    Not that you have to believe in Greek gods, it’s just a metaphor and an intelligent reader will get it anyway.

    Grandiosity is superbly covered by Robert L. Moore, PhD especially in “Facing the Dragon: Confronting Personal and Spiritual Grandiosity” as well as in his excellent numerous lectures. Also, as a Jungian he analysed his own psychopathic traits that are typical for every intelligent person that tends to examine the world without emotions from a distance, as he defines it: inflated narcissistic grandiose self-organization of shadow part of universal Magician archetype.

    He also warns, that these inflations (not just shadow Magician, but also King, Warrior, Lover of both symbollic sexes of course) cannot be just blamed on a “black goat”, whether an individual or a group of individuals.

    The source of grandiose inflations is extremely illustratively depicted in mythological wisdom, like in myths of Orion, Icarus, Phaeton, Bellephoront and many, many other pieces of ancient wisdom and culture, that is a common, universal fundament for modern civilization on all continents – in one form of another of Eternal Hero/Hero of a Thousand Faces as Joseph Campbell had put it.

    Second of all: saying that suddenly some half a century ago just one man had a break-through epiphany is – sorry to say it – just marginalizing a literally epic amount of work of a great deal of researchers, that didn’t just start with Jung’s departure from Freud.

    It is necessary to emphasize importance of common cultural ground of Old World and New World – Europe and America. Jung’s studies on archetypes, early reflections on psychological problems that their unconscious influence creates, his dreams of a storm coming (that later on revealed themselves to be synchronous with Hitler’s nazi Germany) and vigorous will to do something about – well, I believe it is absolutely needed here.

    During my resocialization years I was taught to my great sadness and terror, that psychopathy cannot be psychotherapeutised, only contained. Luckily it stands contrary to (PhD) Stanislav Grof’s successes with treating psychopathy with his method, which is documented in this book: https://www.amazon.com/Psychotherapy-Healing-Potential-Psychedelic-Medicine/dp/0979862205/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1500445500&sr=8-1&keywords=lsd+psychotherapy and there we go: Power to the People and never underestimate the wisdom of John Lennon, David Bowie, Lou Reed and many, many very wise artists-philosophers that rised out of ashes of Second World War and early Cold War. And there I can wrap.

    • wingsuitfreak says:

      Also, as a Jungian he analysed his own psychopathic traits that are typical for every intelligent person that tends to examine the world without emotions from a distance, as he defines it: inflated narcissistic grandiose self-organization of shadow part of universal Magician archetype.

      I don’t pretend to understand the later part of your statement, however, it is the part about examining the world without emotions that got my attention. After all, in order to get a more accurate view of it, one has to remove their emotions from it (conversely, one has to do the absolute opposite as well in order to get a well-rounded solution. I can only do one at a time!)

      Thanks for that input.

  13. brian.s says:

    I have skin in this game, but also wise to that it masks the light. It uses a mind that is not my own to tell me who or what I am.

    The very structuring of this ‘mind’ is the evasion of Intimacy associated with terror of pain of conflict and loss. Backwards!

    The fragmented and dissociated mind of recoil from terror is associated and entangled in loss and lack, abandonment and rejection, heartbreak and shame, rage and impotence.

    The ‘entanglement’ of a dissociated displacement is not in someone ‘else’s mind – but the insistence on seeing and attacking it there is the primary orientation of blame and guilt as the manipulative ‘mind’ of self-survival – within the terms (the game) of of a split (off) consciousness – at war with Itself but flagged up as at the hand of an ‘alien will’ or ‘blind and hateful adversity and enmity’.

    As I see it, in personae, we all carry all of the parts (archetypes) for each other in unique but also generally recognizable configurations. What is triggered in anyone within any given situation is not really a continuity of ‘self’ so much as an assertive and imposed continuity of a personal and collective dissociation from direct open relational communication.

    A terror-driven sense of existence in search of an identity is every kind of human exploration of identity – including the cognisance and manipulation of identity as a conscious deceit. Thus as someone commented here, the more ‘intelligent’ the more the self-specialness of grandiosity, supremacy and elitism is given power over true relation under the personal belief we know – or that our perceptions and conceptions of reality are validated by ‘power’ to influence the outcome.

    The cost of the corruption of power is the loss of life to fantasy gratifications acted out upon the lives of others – but no less upon our own original or true nature. So ‘denial’ consciousness is a negatively defined sense of self and life masking in a positive sense of justification – regardless the form it takes or the apparent intensity of hate masked in righteousness.

    It may be helpful to consider consciousness made by and of denial as an ‘operating system’ or indeed ‘matrix’ or ‘game’ or ‘dream turned to nightmare from which can we not escape – (because the attempt to escape limitation and division IS the setting of the belief in it).

    Action and reaction are a version of cause and effect but in psychic-emotional terms the cause/effect is a synchronicity UNTIL the dissociation and displacement of a fragmented or partitioned ‘consciousness’ via personality construct generated by attack given (assigned) power.

    The nature of the false flag originates in …

  14. woody says:

    I have been fascinated by these words for some years, I have always felt the “definition” of them just do not seem to reveal the meaning behind them. Based on what I have learned here it seems to be possible that I may be a psychopath, I have many of the flaws associated. This does not concern me, I have been somewhat aware of it since my childhood, but I did find this story to be unusually intriguing, thank you James for this publication.

    Is it ironic that a possible psychopath, who is all too aware of how those in power think through his own motivations and feelings, attempts to save the unsuspecting populace simply because he has next-to-no self-motivated drive, but is primarily community-driven? ie. a wolf who herds the sheep to protect them from the other wolves. Granted the actions of this wolf are sometimes psychopathic in nature, even if they have community-based intent.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Of course I don’t know you and only oneself can best know oneself.

      However, I doubt that you are a psychopath by virtue of your own words…
      …it seems to be possible that I may be a psychopath, I have many of the flaws associated.

      A true hardcore psychopath can not afford to find fault with himself. He can’t do it.
      It is impossible by his very nature because it makes himself less while elevating others.

      • woody says:

        Thank you for the reply, that does seem to make sense, however, some years ago I did have to force teaching myself to think about myself, my thoughts and other things from perspectives other than I am used to. The term at least seems to fit me better than narcissist, which I previously thought of myself. I need to think of myself in a negative way to keep myself honest, to be able to learn and grow, and at least appear humble and likeable to others. I will likely remain uncertain if I am psychopathic or not, I think it would be a good thing to think of myself as such.

      • wingsuitfreak says:

        Glad you cleared that up for me. I feel so much better since I know I once made a mistake. Yep, I thought I was mistaken on something. Turns out I was wrong. 🙂

        • woody says:

          Not sure if sarcasm, otherwise such a reply seems anomalous to my online experience. This brief exchange has been thought provoking, thank you.

  15. HomeRemedySupply says:

    In my opinion…
    A common theme of Psychopaths

    Psychopaths are obsessed with elevating self while making less of others.
    Like an OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), they can only function in that mode of evil intent.

  16. Richard Ran says:

    At 51:25

    “..and unfortunately 1 in 25 of my listeners might understand this at an entirely different level”.

    Now that’s a shame James. Here was I hoping that I might be the 1 in at least 50 or more, since the CR public might be expected to not quite represent average society 😉

    Now for sure, the whole 1 in 25 number is just what it is, a simple number. Yet, given the emphasis on it, let’s just establish the source, which is the stated prevalence of the so-called “antisocial personality disorder”. Equate that with “psychopathy” and bingo, you have a big pile of well.. BS actually. The APD is simply a DSM label and the way it is derived should raise a big red flag (3 out of 7 items suffice and will mostly put people with offence histories in this category). Where on average 50 to 80 percent of prisoners qualify for APD, only 15 percent are assessed as “psychopaths”, using Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist (PCL-R).

    So no worries people, the number of psychopaths seems a bit inflated. No need for a witch hunt 😉

    Kind regs from Amsterdam,

    P.s.: also, interesting to note that after contributing, Robert Hare himself didn’t seem all that pleased with the way the featured documentary (The Corporation) portrayed corporations as inherently or generally “psychopatic”.

  17. Richard Ran says:

    But seriously,

    “They are the psychopaths, and they are in control of our governments, our corporations, our military and all of the positions of power.”

    Me thinks the “positions of power” are a greater problem than a few psychopaths. The state is the problem. Not the “corporate state” but the state. To further complement the canvas for the bigger painting here, attention should perhaps be given to some mental issues among the general public as well, because who created these positions of power? Let’s talk widespread obedience and voluntary servitude before concentrating on the psychopathic 4%.

    Here’s Mr. “Enemy of the State” Murray Rothbard on Étienne de La Boétie:


    • wingsuitfreak says:

      I find that undeveloped people who have otherwise been denied positions of power are worse than psychopaths as I understand them when they do acquire some position of power. These people are usually of lower education (I’m not talking schooling, that’s different), and are motivated by envy and laziness. While they are easily manipulated by a true psychopath, that is not the fault of the psychopath. It is the fault of the undeveloped person. While it is easy to blame the psychopath for all our ills, it is important to remember that submitting to them makes you an accessory to that evil. If you do not educate yourself, if you are too lazy to question the authority of conformity, if you give in to fear; then you are the problem as well. Rule is always by consent.

  18. HomeRemedySupply says:

    IMPORTANCE of understanding Psychopaths
    I don’t think that it can be overstated: If we are to understand our World and its situation, we damn well better understand Psychopaths.

    Currently, I am listening to Corbett Report Episode 213 – Revisiting Psychopathy https://www.corbettreport.com/episode-213-revisiting-psychopathy/

    One of the resources which James mentions is the documentary I am Fishead.
    Excerpt on Corporate Psychopaths…

    QUOTE from a big bank investment executive:
    “At one major investment bank for which I worked, we used psychometric testing to recruit social psychopaths because their characteristics exactly suited them to senior corporate finance roles.” http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/comment/brian-basham-beware-corporate-psychopaths-they-are-still-occupying-positions-of-power-6282502.html

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      One of my takes on Psychopaths

      Evil aberrations or virtuous characteristics can be contagious within a society.

      This aspect can cause many shades of gray.

      We all have probably seen many examples of this contagion.

      One example is movie characters. I well remember when “Shaft” came out around 1971. Some of my close Black friends took on a different “Shaft” mimicking character personality.
      Of course, that Isaac Hayes beat had some impact… (“Shaft” Intro Video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFlsufZj9Fg

  19. Richard Ran says:

    In the follow-up episode 213 Revisiting Psychopathy, at 08:30 there’s mention of a peer-reviewed paper:

    The corporate psychopaths theory of the global financial crisis.

    For anyone interested in the full text article (not provided in the show note), just google the title and the first result will take you to it.

    In my opinion, this article amounts to reducing systemic economical problems to psychopathology (of a questionable kind, see post above), while also neglecting/distracting from the fact that the financial crisis was predicted and thoroughly explained by many Austrian School economists.

    Just read Tom Woods’ book “Meltdown” for a sound analysis. No distraction by psychopaths needed.

    Here’s Peter Schiff once more (sorry for the crappy YT quality):

    Cheers from Amsterdam,

    • wingsuitfreak says:

      Personally, I don’t find corporations inherently psychopathic. However, the tax structures do encourage psychopathic behaviors. They are, understandably, concerned with their quarterly reports to the shareholders to whom they are accountable. However, this is mostly due to the tax structures which are set in place by the true psychopaths in government. Though ideally all these taxes should be removed, if they are going to have them, they should be set up in favor of the real investors (long-term holders) and punish those short-term holders. In short, real psychopaths have set up the structure in such a way that non-psychopaths are forced into psychopathic behaviors. This is an over-simplification of an overly complicated tax problem, but it should work for these purposes.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks for mentioning that paper The corporate psychopaths theory of the global financial crisis.

  20. wingsuitfreak says:

    On the bright side of things; I just learned John McCain is battling brain cancer. Media Monarchy source. Personally, I didn’t know he had a brain. Lindsey will be devastated.

    • Richard Ran says:

      Hi wingsuitfreak,

      The McCain brain, undoubtedly hacked by the Vlad himself 😉

      • wingsuitfreak says:

        Wonder if he’s using the medicinal marijuana he wants to remain banned to help him with it. Hope not. Putin had to work so hard to hack into such a tiny organ. Hate to see hard work go to waste! 🙂

        • Richard Ran says:

          Thanks for the laugh man.
          Will be preparing a fairly large batch of “homegrown” Simpson oil ourselves over here pretty soon..

          Cheers from Holland,

          • wingsuitfreak says:

            I make my own vape solution. Helps me to tolerate the Florida zombies! 🙂 Have thought about making an extract as well, but that would take about six weeks to finish. Don’t know if I have that much patience. Take care, Jim

  21. mik says:

    I haven’t watched/listened the episode but I would like to say something about episodes’ title and other commentaries.

    ‘Our leaders are psychopaths’ is misleading in my opinion. Psychopath is psychiatric diagnose for people with a lack of empathy.
    I read about a research (lost link) looking for psychopaths between top management. Although increased presence was expected, research found average presence of psychopaths. Strange?

    Not really. Most of leaders actually just behave like psychopaths. System rewards such a behavior. One has to be “like psychopath” to climb the ladders. Plasticity of human nature.

    On the other hand, there is no difference if one finds himself in crosshairs of a psychopath or a person with psychopathic behavior.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      The title might throw people off like you pointed out. When James discusses Ponerology it makes the title more clear and well explains our kakistocracy.

  22. normic says:

    Hi James, once again you have gotten to one of the major pieces or the puzzle. I ran across another video which fleshes out your ideas even more.
    great stuff!!

  23. wingsuitfreak says:

    I just remembered a History show called “Psychopath or Visionary” that came out some 7 or 8 years ago. Attila the Hun was labeled as a psychopath because he didn’t leave a bureaucracy behind in order to continue his psychopathic legacy. I nearly soiled my pants in laughter when they gave this reasoning.
    I don’t really feel too much remorse myself for people who vote for, and support in so many ways, these psychopaths. We can blame public school all we want, but I went through it myself. I even went to grad school, which should have really dumbed me down. However, one must take responsibility for their own actions. They led me to the waters of conformity, but I did not drink from it. While it’s true they took advantage of the greatest frailty of humanity; our laziness: whose fault is it if we fall for the trap? Life is fair. Those who are lazy and weak will be taken advantage of by those who are not. It does not justify the actions of the psychopath, but one should not exonerate those of whom it takes advantage. Stay alert, stay alive. Lerts live longer is still true. Another interesting book on the subject is “Memoirs of a Sociopath”. Though I think the writer would have been a psychopath. I’m glad you made the distinction. So few do.

  24. NES says:

    I missed this 2009 report/review on psychopathy. Excellent, excellent, excellent. The information herein has prompted me to purchase both of the books you mentioned for my own education as well as a second copy of Political Ponerology (PP) for a history buff friend who reads continual reiterations of the mainstream’s version of where to focus one’s attention. I’m sure, if he actually reads PP, he’ll need a chinstrap to hold his mouth shut.

    I went to the links provided. I needed a chinstrap for the article about England. I must admit that during this period of news on the torture that occurred in the detainee prison I avoided the articles and images because I just could not bear the information. It is so intensely horrible. Bush and his cronies need to be hung up by their thumbs for their obvious war crimes. IMO the author of the article excused England too often as a victim. I do not see any of her actions as “understandable”. She is clearly a psychopath who exhibits the typical traits of: blaming, irresponsibility, poor behavioral control, lack of empathy, lack of remorse and so on. She complains of being a victim and not to blame while we see her posing for her famous “detainee shot” as a torture master with a leashed, prone and naked prisoner. No victim. Undeniably a psychopath.

    Mostly, I pity the unlucky child she bore who is now stuck with both psychopathic parties’ genetics. This unfortunate cocktail is being reinforced by a nurture component within his home environment. So sad for him and for us all.

  25. Eliz Anti-Panic says:

    I feel very sick after watching this show about a half hour ago. A person from my past that gave me quite a bit of trouble immediately popped into my mind, and I realize now that he fit the profile of a psychopath.

    This show has a big effect on me.

    The part where it discusses that people assume that everyone has empathy… this can cause a person to disregard his or her intuition when dealing with someone who is actually not trustworthy.

    These past years, when I see images, especially videos of Tony Fauci or Paul Offit or the U.S. presidents, etc., I search their faces and watch them closely to try and see into how they really feel. I guess I’m searching for a sign of their caring, even though why would I do that? It’s time to stop doing that.

    This topic is extremely upsetting, but an important one to face.

  26. dgardener says:

    Thanks for restarting psychopathy. The malignant narcissism becomes transparent. Just keep pedaling 🚴🏽‍♀️.

  27. Duck says:

    The bad things about the psychopath label are

    A) It gives an ‘out’ to normal people, who make believe that they are somehow immune to acting this way, and able to externalize evil onto the “psychopath”. Humans do not need special brain chemistry in order to do horrible things (the Stanford prison experiment being a soft core example).

    Human behavior is full of horrible acts- soldiers who raped and/or murdered civilians do not appear to have had much shame about it. Romans used to watch people getting killed FOR FUN, and until recently no one thought there was anything wrong with dog fighting or gander pulling https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goose_pulling

    It took centuries of veneering christian ideas onto culture before people thought anything was wrong with the strong taking what they wanted from the weak.

    The NATURAL STATE of society is ‘psychopathic’, head hunters, rapists, slavery, conquest and genocide. The psychopaths are not ‘Shaping Society Into Their Image’ , society is REVERTING to its natural state because people have rejected the last 2000 years of moral progress

    B) Secondly the setting apart from the self of traits identified as “psychopathic” basically puts most people into the mindset of cattle. This is actually very useful to the ruling class, who find it much easier to rule over people who cripple themselves mentally by creating a false image of themselves as passive, weak, non-violent, kind and gentle.


    Every single person alive today is alive because their ancestor killed someone else, took something from someone else, and dominated and displaced someone else. People who did not have the ability to be this way have never, and will never be , anything other then someone elses slave or dinner. They are totally unable to stand up to the system that is, as Mr Corbett says, “remaking them”.

    “The Creeping Darkness” is a rambling essay that touches on Empathy in nature and society (via a rather unpleasant story at the start) and how dark the future is looking on the front

    • catie says:

      Also, some of the traits of Psychopaths that Hare lists are common in everyone depending on situation. His take on someone with behavior issues – could include so many people who are not psychopaths. So, many people are Irresponsible – doesn’t mean they’re psychopathic.

      So, I think the less traits that are superimposed on Psychopaths the better – the main one is simply they have no feelings whatsoever in doing terrible things to others and show no remorse, as well as no care about consequences to others. If someone is doing that consistently, they are a Psychopath.

      • cu.h.j says:

        Psychopaths and sociopaths lack a conscience and I think that is the defining feature. Psychopaths I believe are more likely to harm others and/or “enjoy” exploiting and harming others.

        You mentioned below a “spectrum” of people who may have some traits that sociopaths and psychopaths share which is accurate but most people have a conscience and consider consequences.

        If someone has a shred of guilt and remorse they are probably not a psychopath.

        I think sociopaths and psychopaths tend to lack fear and can be impulsive but the primary feature is lack of empathy. They just don’t get it, can’t feel it or understand love or deeper emotions. It’s really weird to try to understand that state of mind.

    • cu.h.j says:


      Thought provoking post. I’ll have to cogitate on it…

      We are probably also alive today because our ancestors loved someone else too.

      You mentioned killing and rape and pillaging in war and it’s a good point because there have been people who are not technically psychopaths who have done horrible things. Why? What would make a person of conscience do such a thing?

      I don’t know. I have been curious about this and have watched some documentaries about war veterans who described some of the terrible things they have done. There was an audio book I listened to that had a story of a Vietnam Veteran who had raped and killed civilians to get back at them for friends who were killed. This person had PTSD and regret. But I don’t understand why or how someone could get in a state of mind that would cause them to behave that way if they had been good people of conscience.

      I think some people can redeem themselves by doing good though and forgive themselves. It would be terrible to live with such awful guilt. This is one of the reasons I suspect there is a high rate of suicide among veterans.

    • Gavinm says:


      “Every single person alive today is alive because their ancestor killed someone else, took something from someone else, and dominated and displaced someone else.”

      One could also say

      Every single person alive today is alive because their ancestor and someone in their life now chose love, courage, compassion, kindness and integrity over fear, bullying, cowardice and violence.

      The man or the woman, or the couple that raises the orphaned baby that is not their own out of compassion and love, the individual that chooses to protect the helpless from harm (putting themselves in great physical danger) because in their heart they knew/know it was/is the right thing to do (independently of any institution or dogma telling them to do so), the mother or single father and their unconditional love, to gently and lovingly hold their baby and nurture not only their body, but their heart and their mind, by singing them a lullaby and telling them they are loved. The young child that sees another has fallen and chooses (without any expectation of selfish reward) to extend a helping hand to help the other up.

      Also, humans are not the only beings that choose kindness and selflessness. Photosynthetic beings also choose to help others near them through underground mycorrhizal networks (sometimes trees of a completely different species) https://mothertreeproject.org/about-mother-trees-in-the-forest/ . Animals sometimes adopt an orphaned baby of a different mother (and even sometimes of a different species all together as well).

      You choose to look at this world “through a glass (mirror) very darkly” but this skewed vision you choose to hold in your mind and in your heart is incomplete and does not accurately describe the living world inhabited by many various beings (a great range each possessing their own potential to use their free will for to be guided by love, or fear) that live around you.


    • Gavinm says:

      (continued from above..)

      The dark vision you attempt to push on people about your fellow humans (that puts centralized institutions and dogmas on a pedestal and portrays humans as “bad, nasty, dirty children in need of fixing and saving by some mommy/daddy figure(s)”) is a great way to attempt to justify one’s own deranged and depraved thoughts/behavior (as one can always say “its not my fault I chose that, after all I am just naturally a dirty, mean, nasty human in need of fixing my some external force”) and it is a way to outsource one’s responsibility to rise above our selfish, cowardly, dominating and violent (learned) compulsions to being ‘someone else’s job’.

      After all, one can always think and/or do something totally selfish, without honor and something that is depraved and then go repent and do some hail marries and everything is all better and you get your ticket to the 4 season sky resort redeemed again! It is so much easier than all that pesky introspection, and honestly assessing and taking responsibility for one’s choices and inner landscape… why get involved in all that tiresome inner work when one can sign up for a church that absolves us by telling us we were born nasty and selfish!?

      Each of us is capable of choosing to recognize the love, kindness, symbiosis, caring, courage, compassion and hope in this world as much as we are capable of looking into the shadows (allowing ourselves to be consumed by that darkness and adopting a skewed vision of the world from the shadows). We can acknowledge and be fully aware of the shadows (and avoid the pitfalls of cowards, parasites, psychopaths and selfish humans) without adopting the darkness they dwell within as our own.

      You appear to have internalized all the institutional and Hollywood propaganda that attempts to normalize selfishness, malice, apathy, violence, fear, learned helplessness and despair. I invite you to instead internalize that which nourishes, heals, empowers and uplifts you.

      Each thought and perspective we chose plants a seed for our future and the future of those who will call this place home after we are gone. Choose your seeds wisely and consciously, for you are the gardener that will reap what you sow in this life.

      • Duck says:

        Gavin M
        “…..“Every single person alive today is alive because their ancestor killed someone else, took something from someone else, and dominated and displaced someone else.”
        One could also say
        Every single person alive today is alive because their ancestor and someone in their life now chose love, courage, compassion, kindness and integrity over fear, bullying, cowardice and violence……”

        THOSE ARE NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE, and I agree with you.

        So, yes, I agree that my “….vision you choose to hold in your mind and in your heart is incomplete….” But so is the one YOU are presenting.

        You are misunderstanding me if you think that knowing the natural state of man to be vioelnt and selfish FREES one from
        “…..that pesky introspection, and honestly assessing and taking responsibility for one’s choices and inner landscape……”

        IN FACT, I would argue that YOUR philosophy is an attempt to do that since by my reckoning a human being MUST do that work and then reform their behavior so that they DO NOT do evil.
        The worst evils have often been done by the people who profess their love for ‘humanity’ the most, while (as CS Lewis says in ‘Screwtape letters’) not giving much thought to the actual humans around them.

        If you imagine that KNOWING people are selfish “…. attempts to normalize selfishness, malice, apathy, violence, fear, learned helplessness and despair…..” the you are rather silly. I also have no idea why you would think that I am saying
        “….(as one can always say “its not my fault I chose that, after all I am just naturally a dirty, mean, nasty human in need of fixing my some external force”) and it is a way to outsource one’s responsibility to rise above our selfish, cowardly, dominating and violent (learned) compulsions to being ‘someone else’s job’…..”

        I have quite clearly stated that knowing human proclivities is why one should work to OVERCOME them. Here, well worth 9 min is the Great CS Lewis “on the Importance of Chivalry”


        • Gavinm says:


          Thanks for the clarification.

          While we may have different opinions about what the intrinsic qualities of a human being are (and what is the best way to encourage behavior that is life affirming, integrous and non-violent) I appreciate your clear and candid way of expressing yourself.

          Thank you for the response.

      • Steve Smith says:

        “After all, one can always think and/or do something totally selfish, without honor and something that is depraved and then go repent and do some hail marries and everything is all better and you get your ticket to the 4 season sky resort redeemed again! It is so much easier than all that pesky introspection, and honestly assessing and taking responsibility for one’s choices and inner landscape… why get involved in all that tiresome inner work when one can sign up for a church that absolves us by telling us we were born nasty and selfish!?”

        I find your imaginary, inaccurate, insensitive, inconsiderate, ignorant and immature inference of what it means to be a true Christian offensive and reprehensible. And it causes me to lose respect for you.

        • Gavinm says:

          Hey Steve

          I am not sure what exactly “true Christian” means in the context in which you are using that term (since there are so many different flavors, sects and various versions of what people call “Christianity”) but I gather that the version you are talking about does not involve/allow people to make deplorable choices and then just repent and all is forgiven?

          I did not intend on insulting you (nor anyone else that identifies as “Christian”, or subscribes to any of the other dogmatic religious belief systems with similar tales of cosmic/eternal punitive measures that are enforced by an anthropomorphized deity to enforce good behavior) as I respect that all people must choose their own path, but the attitudes I described in my comment above are based on what I have observed in people’s behavior who identified themselves as “Christian” in my immediate personal life. Those attitudes do not necessarily represent an average nor majority of the attitudes of other humans that identify as “Christian” (however, I have heard from other friends elsewhere that they have observed similar behaviors in those close to them regarding treating their claimed subscription to Christianity in a sort of superficial ‘it is better to ask for forgiveness later than’ way so that they could ‘hedge their bets, incase that heaven and hell stuff really is true’).

          I am sure that many humans take the commandments very seriously, they strive to do their best to avoid so called “sins”, and share their beliefs with a genuine intent to help others find “salvation”. I imagine you are such an individual, and I admire your genuine intent to choose a path that you feel is aligned with God’s will and the betterment of your fellow humans (and non-human beings).

          On my own path, when someone says something about a belief I hold dear that really offends me and makes me feel deep emotion and outrage, it has often served as an opportunity for me to understand more about my self, my own doubts, why I am feeling so defensive about a certain thing and why I allow myself to be triggered on that topic.

          While I find it unfortunate that you have lost respect for me, as I do have respect for you, I stand by my comment above in the context of which it was expressed (describing an attitude that has been prevalent in people describing themselves as “Christian” in my life and then extrapolating that to comment on Duck’s attitude about how he often describes humans as mostly murderous, raping, pillaging, dominating, callous, selfish creatures).

          I wish you good health, peace, fulfillment and many bountiful harvests in the garden in 2023 and beyond.

          • Steve Smith says:

            Okay, I guess that I’ll just put you into the same environmentalist basket that Greta and Al Gore are in since they and their ilk are the prevalent and prominent examples of those who claim to care about the environment.

            I’m not feeling defensive by the way. I’m feeling insulted, offended and disappointed in you.
            You should at least be willing to educate yourself about what genuine Christianity is before talking about it.

            • Gavinm says:


              Point well taken.

              Though, to be fair, I never identified my self as an “environmentalist” nor a “climate change/global warming activist” etc.

              I am willing to educate myself (as time allows given my current work schedule and prior promises) but one challenge I see in educating myself about this particular subject (through the particular lens in which you would like me to look at this subject through) is that I may end up coming across another ten separate people that subsequently declare their own view and lens to be “genuine Christianity” (and they could say things that are radically different than you and/or the sources you might recommend to me).

              Also, I do not remember even using the term Christianity in my comment to Duck above, so technically I was not talking about “it” (regardless of what ever you associate with “genuine Christianity”) rather, I was talking about a set of hypothetical behaviors and believes (which were extrapolated from my own personal experiences with people that claimed to subscribe to specific belief systems) which I outlined in my comment above.

              Thanks for speaking from the heart and being true to you Steve.

              • cu.h.j says:

                Glad you mentioned the term “genuine Christianity” because I have never heard that mentioned by any Christians I’ve known. What does that mean?

                My husband who’s baptized in the Orthodox faith has never used the term. He does differentiate between what he calls Evangelicals and Orthodox Christians (specifically Greek Orthodox) and does have a bit of a bias towards his own religion.

                He has said that Orthodox Christianity is very old and has makes up a large percentage of non American Christians. I’m sure he’d consider Orthodox Christianity more authentic, but I think everyone’s connection to the sacred is legitimate and I’m not some judge to say who’s religion is better, who is “genuine”

                I strive to not be elitist and judgmental of others but admit that I have biases and prejudices. But I’m willing to admit it and try to learn.

                I view religion similar to language. People have different frameworks for understanding what things mean and how the world works. So long as people aren’t hurting and exploiting others, my opinion is that they can do what they want. If there is a final judgment or whatever, the person will make their case to the creator/creators, etc. It’s between them and “God”.

                I really don’t know and I don’t think it’s something I can know with any certainty, nor do I believe that anyone else knows more than I know about this mystery.

            • cu.h.j says:

              Everyone is capable of making generalizations and has prejudices as every human being is imperfect.

              I have a lot of assumptions and prejudices about people that I interact with as I’m sure most people do.

              I never thought that Gavinm or even James Corbett is above those human failings.

              As long as people aren’t trying to kill me or poison me or infringe on my rights, like our psychopathic “rulers” are, I give people on this board the benefit of the doubt. Even the ones who have obvious prejudices. Maybe they will find someone like me who surprises them that does not fit into their preconceived notions of what type they think I am.

              • Duck says:


                “……but I think everyone’s connection to the sacred is legitimate and I’m not some judge to say who’s religion is better, who is “genuine”…..”

                So you think that an Aztec cutting the heart out of a POW is morally equal to Mother Teresa helping the poor? BOTH were done out of a devotion to “the Divine”

                “….I view religion similar to language. People have different frameworks for understanding what things mean and how the world works….”

                Language must have an objective meaning in the real world….other wise I can define “a woman” as anything I personally wish and you can define it as anything you wish and the word ‘woman’ is just a nonsense sound without meaning.

                Religion likewise is either true or not true…. either Jesus rose from the dead or He did not, either Thor makes storms with his hammer or he does not.

                Humans can not live without a respect for objective truth, which is why the current civilization is dying

              • cu.h.j says:


                You failed to read the other portion of my comment, but I will reiterate it for you

                So long as people aren’t hurting and exploiting others, my opinion is that they can do what they want. If there is a final judgment or whatever, the person will make their case to the creator/creators, etc. It’s between them and “God”

                You tend to take bits from posts and misconstrue the meaning of the post. I’m not sure if you do that just for arguments sake or because you are not really listening/reading.

                But I stand by my original point which is that if someone isn’t hurting others, they can believe in whatever they want and it’s no ones business, not mine nor yours.

                Eating someones heart is not not harming, thus it doesn’t meet the criteria I mentioned, so that is not what I meant nor stated.

              • Duck says:


                How you FEEL about something is not relevant to IF IT IS TRUE OR FALSE

                If you believe the moon is made of cheese it does not hurt anyone, but it is still either True Or False.

                Your attitude to religion can only mean that you believe it all to be possibly therapeutic but not true. The issues with that idea are

                a) All religion becomes meaningless therapy (leading ultimately to nihilism and death IMO)

                b) IF a religion is true NOT warning people about the dangers of eternal punishment is just about the same as watching a person wander off a cliff edge and not calling a warning because ‘its not my business’

                ALSO 😉 Its kinda FATAL to have your heart cut out with a stone knife, I do not recall that they ATE them though. Pretty sure getting sacrificed = harmed

              • cu.h.j says:


                Correction from “Eating someones heart is not not harming, thus it doesn’t meet the criteria I mentioned, so that is not what I meant nor stated.”

                Eating someone’s heart IS harming, thus it is wrong. My bad (I didn’t re read before posting).

                If people are not harming others have the right to religious belief (even if it’s not Christian). It’s a natural right and it’s not my business to dictate what people believe or practice so long as it’s not harming me or others.

                On the other hand, slavery and stuff like that (you know stuff that was discussed it the bible), I find morally reprehensible. Why? Because it violates the rights of others.

                I’m a huge believer in consent between adults that is. If someone doesn’t want to be a slave, they shouldn’t have to.

                But one thing I’m sure of is that no one on this board has any more insight than I do with regard to what lies beyond. That much I’m sure of and I’d wager my life on that one.

              • Duck says:


                “…But one thing I’m sure of is that no one on this board has any more insight than I do with regard to what lies beyond. That much I’m sure of and I’d wager my life on that one….”

                Its actually a lot more serious then that.

                But that aside I have spent some time reading about religion. I can tell you flat out that

                a)Mormonism can not be true, because its holy book is fake and is not supported by archaeological evidence

                b)Islam can not be true, because it claims divine revelation that the texts of the New Testament were altered later. This is provably false

                So simple HUMAN reasoning can eliminate at least some religions as false because they are not Internally Consistent or the events they describe are false. People are free to do what they wish, but it IS possible to get closer to the truth

              • Gavinm says:


                Since you brought up the Nahuatl speaking Aztec (aka “Triple Alliance”) people I thought it would be fun to share this “Aztec” recipe! 🙂 (don’t worry human heart is not in the ingredient list 😉 )


                I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the “Aztec” horticultural techniques I also described below the recipe in that article linked above. Human sacrifices or not, I find their “Chinampas” cultivation system to be quite advanced and full of untapped potential. What do you think?

          • cu.h.j says:


            I do think that people can do terrible things and learn from the mistake and try to make up for it and use what’s rest of their life to do good.

            There have even been people who have killed others who have taken responsibility and tried to do good. I am a believer in “restorative justice”

            What I mean by that (not how this idea has been corrupted, like “environmentalism”) is that some people have made horrible mistakes and choices, sometimes as young people that have caused the death of others. Like young gang members who have shot people as teens who later learned how and why this is wrong and have tried to redeem themselves.

            I believe that a creator would forgive them. And even families of the victims have forgiven them. Everyone makes mistakes and some people’s mistakes are much worse than others but if someone admits it and tries to make up for it, I think sometimes they are deserving of a second chance.

            It’s a case by case basis but some people are worthy of forgiveness.

            • Gavinm says:


              Thanks for sharing your thoughts and speaking from the heart.

              Based on my own experience with interacting with “the mystery”, I have come to the conclusion that the ideas humans have about a Creator being that has human-like qualities (involving judging, wanting to punish, or hand out “forgiveness”, or special prizes for good behavior) are not accurate. I do not sense any judging or “forgiving” for “bad things” from the Creator being, just absolute acceptance and unconditional love. Perhaps we (as eternal spiritual beings with a “soul” that lives beyond these individual lives on Earth) are the ones that judge ourselves after we leave these bodies? I am not sure about that part, but I do not sense any requirement for begging for forgiveness from the Creator.

              Regardless of what role the Creator plays or doe snot play in “forgiveness”, I am certainly glad that people seek out, act upon and cultivate restorative justice (and healing) in their lives and I am glad that humans are able to let go of pain and hurt because of such courses of action.

              “It’s a case by case basis but some people are worthy of forgiveness.”

              I see what your saying, I personally do not claim to be capable of accurately making that distinction as I have not walked in their shoes, though I can relate to not being able to let go of hurt, mistrust and animosity towards others that have violated my trust and/or lashed out at me in some way.

              This is something I am working through with my blood family now (given how they ostracized me for not injecting myself with the genetic slurry injections in the last couple years).

              I have faith that with God’s help I will get there and be capable of letting go of the hurt and negative feelings to heal and be ready to have some kind of relationship with those in my family that are interested in time.

              Thanks for the comment.

            • Gavinm says:


              *Creator plays or does not play

              • cu.h.j says:


                I understand your difficulty forgiving people who have not apologized and I have the same difficulty letting go. It’s hard and I don’t know how people do it if the person has not sought forgiveness and/or tried to make amends with the person they have hurt.

                I do know that forgiveness lifts a burden of pain and hate, at least this how it has been for me.

                I have also had to ask for forgiveness from family for smaller things that I have said when I was younger. It’s much less bad then what some people have done, but nevertheless have said things to cause pain without considering my actions.

                There was an interesting documentary I watched about Jeffry Dahmer and there was one family member of one of his victims that had a relationship with his family in the aftermath. His parents were not bad people and the sister of one of the victims actually went to see Dahmer on death row and he apologized to her even though he probably did not “feel” remorse and she forgave him for murdering her brother.

                He was honest with her about his actions that they were wrong. In fact he put himself in the general population in prison probably knowing that someone would kill him there which did happen. He told the police during his confession that he deserved to die for what he had done.

                I’m not defending him and think he was a very sick person and what he had done was evil and at the same time tried to redeem himself. He actually was later baptized as a Christian and believed he was forgiven by the creator/life force/cosmic intelligence.

                To be honest, I don’t know if I could have forgiven someone like this but was amazed that one of the family members had forgiven him and was kind to his family. She had a big heart and that to me is an example of the goodness in humanity.

                With your family, I think giving it time and giving yourself space to heal from their bad actions might help. And I’m not sure I could forgive in that circumstance, but I would try nevertheless even if they never apologize. It doesn’t mean you forget, or even that you have to have a relationship but the burden of pain can be lifted from you.

              • Gavinm says:


                They definitely have not apologized, they mostly seem intent on pretending the last three years never happened (and I am going to my sister’s wedding this summer where all the family members who were aggressive injection pushers that called me a ‘danger to my community’ and a ‘crazy conspiracy theorist’ etc will be, should be interesting! 🙂 ).

                I agree that making the conscious choice to let go of the hurt and/or animosity is a powerful act of healing and lifting a burden. I believe the Buddhist saying that says something about how “holding animosity towards someone in your heart is like drinking poison and then hoping it will hurt someone else” is very true. However, knowing the truth of something and being able/willing to act upon it can be two different things sometimes, so, like I said, it is a work in progress.

                Thanks for the documentary suggestion.

                I agree that giving it time and space could help for my family, but a wedding ceremony (potentially and hopefully) only happens once in someone’s life, so despite my sister’s (and the rest of my family’s) disturbing cult-like behavior surrounding the biosecurity state and synthetic mRNA genetic injections I want to try and be there to show my love and support for my little sister at this important time in her life.

                I will meditate on it, go to my ‘church’ (the forest) and ask God for guidance.

                Thanks for the comment.

            • cu.h.j says:


              Have fun at the wedding! You could talk to them about it when a moment presents itself. Sometimes a heart to heart or at least telling someone how you feel is a good start.

              If someone shunned me and told me I was the one that was a danger to people I’d be pretty angry. I think I’d have to talk to them about it to clear the air.

              I don’t like being angry about something and pretending like it doesn’t exit with people who I want to have a relationship with or who are family.

              I think an honest conversation is the prerequisite to making amends.

              For me what I have been able to do with people who I want to some day have a relationship with or to have any kind of authentic interaction with is being honest about my feelings.

              It might even be a situation where I want nothing to do with them, but at least I’ve let them know why and that I hold no grudge but that I don’t want to pretend to be okay when things aren’t okay. This way I am being true to myself and to them and not pretending and being fake. To me that is worse and makes the hard feelings even more toxic.

              Sometimes things will never be okay but if I am honest about it to myself and to the other person can then move on.

              The people who shunned others for the Covid scam were wrong. Even if the danger had been real, to shun family is wrong and it is hurtful and for me personally I don’t have room in my life for cold hearted people. I could certainly be civil with people who I needed to interact with, but would need to discuss the matter before any real interaction could take place.

              Anyway, I hope that you are able to clear the air with your family at the wedding. You’ve got to be true to yourself as well and your ideals. You’re worthy of having people in your life that respect you and are willing to have an honest discussion with you.

              • cu.h.j says:

                I suppose what I mean to say is that forgiveness does not mean that things will be as they were before and that sometimes there are natural consequences to doing something hurtful.

                I’m fortunate that when I have had to make amends we could let the past go. But sometimes that’s not possible, but it doesn’t mean that some type of healing can’t take place but also that that things may be different.

                It’s sort of like when people get a divorce, they may never be best friends again, but can have some time of interaction that has put the bad past to rest.

                Sometimes friendships end and relationships end and cannot be mended as they were before, but the hate and anger can be let go and a respectful parting of ways is the natural consequence.

  28. HomeRemedySupply says:

    April 16, 2023 – FLASHBACK: Our Leaders Are Psychopaths (2009)

    March 27, 2023 – (#3 CorbettReport article in series)
    Dissent Into Madness: Projections of the Psychopaths
    [You will notice direct quotes/references in this article which are also presented in “Our Leaders Are Psychopaths” 2009.]

    For added Spring 2023 context…

    4/7/2023 Interview 1797 – GMOs For Thee, Not For Me! – #NewWorldNextWeek
    Story #1: Finland Formally Joins NATO, Doubling Alliance’s Border With Russia
    *****5 Stars -> Story #2: Disbelief As “Green King” Gives Royal Assent to New Gene Breeding Technology
    Story #3: US Senate Votes to End COVID-19 National Emergency

    4/14/2023 Interview 1798 – Shh! Don’t Report On Pentagon’s Secret Leak! – #NewWorldNextWeek
    Story #1: White House Says Don’t Report On Pentagon Leaks
    Story #2: JP Morgan Chief Says Seize Property To Build Wind, Solar Farms
    Story #3: Trilateral Commission Calls 2023 ‘Year One’ Of New World Order

    It was great to revisit this FLASHBACK in the spring of 2023 prior to the coming recession, and it fits well for this era.
    Look at officials and entities like Fauci, Collins, Dr. Deborah Birx, Pfizer, Rachel Levine, Rochelle Walensky, Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Mainstream Media, Davos, WEF, WHO, Big Banks, et al.
    The entire “waking” world is very aware that the vaccines/lockdowns were a murderous disaster. However, these psychopaths not only have no remorse, but they wear an attitude that they are untouchable for their crimes.

  29. catie says:

    There has to be a spectrum for this, right? Maybe I’m wrong. Does anyone know. just like some people are on spectrum for autism, there must be a spectrum where sociopathy and psychopathy are broken down?

    • dmay says:

      You have to be a little (maybe a lot) sociopathic to give money to the U.S. government while knowing what it will be used for. So most adults in the U.S. are ‘on the spectrum’.

      • cu.h.j says:

        Taxes aren’t really “given” to the government, they are stolen from US tax payers under threat of prison time. People have went to court and won (I think) for refusing to pay. And others have done time in federal prison as felons for failure to pay. This is how the government took down the Italian mob.

        However as a massive rebellion US citizens could maximize deductions and refuse to pay and they probably couldn’t arrest us all.

        Some of these jobs that are off the books are not readily abundant in the legitimate sector.

        This is why people need to wake up the people pretending to be asleep.

        I know where my tax money goes and am not thrilled but at the moment don’t have much of a choice if I want any kind of comfortable existence. It costs money to develop land, etc. It sucks but I don’t see an alternative at the moment.

        And American’s aren’t the only ones with a dark side. I think most people are capable of good and evil, but people with a conscience can try to mitigate the harm they may cause and manifest the good. Do some soul searching before doing something regretful.

        There was the case of the sweat shop/child labor that Apple was using for iphones or ipods. Everyone who bought one were in a way complicit in that karma. The system is based on exploitation and even the best people contribute to evil in one way or another.

      • Jetmab says:


        Yes…and yes again…and yes in the US but, not only in the US…

        Can I add – in the majority (all) the colonial countries please!?

        I was sure the colonial era was over and done with but,….that security was ages ago I’m afraid…😪

  30. dmay says:

    Sheepdog is a thankless job. The sheep may nail you to a cross, but most likely will just ridicule and scorn you as they line up for their injections. And they’re not entirely wrong. Isn’t being a ‘sheepdog’ mainly an exercise in ego? You have to see yourself as superior to the sheep. Are you? Deep down, don’t the sheep feel the truth as well as you do? They have the right to choose their life as sheep, even if it’s a nightmare, right? People who would identify as ‘sheepdogs’ seem to be people who didn’t consciously or semi-consciously choose to be sheep and were ‘awakened’ by increasing cognitive dissonance. These ‘restless sleepers’ are the people we should be trying to reach, not ‘sheep dogging’ sheep who have zero interest in our ‘help’.

    • Gavinm says:


      Why are sheep and dogs the only two options to choose from? 🙂

      If we are taking on the role of non-human lifeforms I think I would prefer to go with being like a moss or lichen over a four legged herbivore or carnivore creature.


      If I had to chose an animal I think I would take on the role of the Lynx, the Osprey or the Hawk myself. They mostly ignore/avoid sheep and dogs and just do their own thing.

      How about you? What non-human lifeform(s) do you aspire learn from and/or emulate (if any)?

  31. Jetmab says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this again James.. – brought a year to my eyes…

    Your video popped up in my email a few minutes after a comment I wrote in another debate, about people from a certain country, who constantly blame and/or give others the responsibility for their own actions.

    My comment in there, – it was immediately deleted..and I now try to assume it’s all my fault, Greenlands fault or others fault. ..

    So, so sad….

    Thanks so much for keeping, what in my world, is sane!!

  32. TruthSeeker says:

    Another way to look at “Psychopaths” is people without a Soul and/or people whom have sold their Soul to the Devil. I was only three years old when I met my first Psychopath. He was only a few months older than I and lived across the street from me. He was adopted by a very nice couple that treated me very well (otherwise I might not have wasted my time associating with him). Anyway, having 6 brothers and sisters, it was easy for me to see that something was different about this guy who was apparently born without a Soul. Yes, he could lie and steal from his parents, Grandmother and even me, without any feelings of guilt. He had no sense of right or wrong, and I recall him asking me, if it was OK to steal money from his Grandmother’s purse. It was like he didn’t know. Indeed, when caught he could pretend to be sorry, and he could even say that he was sorry, but in reality, he was sorry that he got caught. Yep, you could say that he was a born deceiver, a person without a Soul, and no matter what his adopted parents did, they could not give him a Soul.
    I recall,(sometime after I disassociated myself from him), he got caught stealing a car, and his adopted father took a Heart Attack, and died in his forties. He had no remorse, yet I knew that he had caused the death of a good man that took him into his home. I knew that he was a reckless driver and I would not get into a car with him, and as it turned out he did end up killing another person in a crash. As a result, he was Diagnosed “Schizophrenic” which allowed him to take a plea bargain and get out of prison in far less time than a normal person being convicted of Manslaughter.
    Indeed, the world would be a better place if we could rid it of these Parasites.
    When we allow such evil people, who have no soul, to attain positions of power, they obtain the ability to influence others, by way of bribes and manipulation,to Sell their souls to them and the world becomes a Darker Place.
    Exposing these bastards for what they are, is a good place to start.

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