Did Soleimani Kill 600 Americans? - Questions For Corbett #050

01/10/2020115 Comments

Everyone has heard by now that Soleimani was responsible for 600 American deaths . . . but where does this oddly specific number come from? Today on "Questions For Corbett," James finds the answer at the bottom of a barrel of neocon lies.

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Interview 1506 – Ryan Cristian on the Assassination of Soleimani

State Department briefing on 600 deaths report

Iran killed more US troops in Iraq than previously known, Pentagon says

Lies About Iran Killing US Troops in Iraq Are a Ploy to Justify War

Episode 002 – WWIII Starts in Iran

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  1. Tobias Fünke says:

    Is this the beginning of the end?

    • phreedomphile says:

      It’s another marker on road to the end of national sovereignty because the wheels of NWO globalism continue to grind on and with added urgency, very much so in Iran as well, the context of which has been utterly lost in alt analysis of the latest Kabuki theater drama. As this all unfolds Australia, as yet another case study, is being HEAVILY targeted for radical Agenda 2030 takeover and the Uighurs are being culturally destroyed by China with the UN publicly endorsing the concentration camps. But the biggest and most effective process to end sovereignty is an increasingly aggressive privatization agenda sweeping the entire globe, again to include Iran. This is why scandals were reported by the Iranian press of the Revolutionary Guard corruption followed by large public protests only to be ‘remedied’ with a plan for privatization of the Guard’s role in maintaining Iran’s infrastructure.

      Let us not forget the Masons went into Iran over a century ago and this continued dominance is clearly reflected in the architecture of Iran’s parliament building (a large pyramid with 33 windows) and its central banks.

      Iran has been fully captured by BIS, IMF, the UN and other powerful global entities which is the reason Tehran is a UN SMART City with Big Brother biometric smart card tracking. Rouhani, a diehard neoliberal who received his PhD in Scotland, has pledged to end Iran’s use of fossil fuels by 2030 and billionaire Khamenei rolls over as UN Education 2030 curricula with its heavy social engineering is adopted by public schools despite the outcry of parents.

      • manbearpig says:

        Justifiably or unjustifiably (what do I know?) I found your comment to be extremely refreshing as usual.

        This agenda 21 thing in Iran is actually something I’d noticed some time back. I believe I even vaguely recall something about the occult symbolic buildings…

        The fact that Iran seems to be eye-deep in the new “green” world order would seem like a Toto-esque dead giveaway concerning this latest shadow theater show.

        anyhow, thought-provoking and clarifying to read you, as always 2PH!

        • manbearpig says:

          A Persian shadow fairy-tale:

          An American-Iranian “cleansing our souls”? “bringing the world together”? Maybe this fairy-tale reveals whether Soleimani killed 600 people?


          • alexandre says:

            Yep, MBP. Beautiful stuff, but those terms do give us shivers, don’t they? “Bringing the world together”….brrrrr….

            Maybe this WW3 thing is just a last show to entertain old men like me, while the others are already living in the other Technocratic dimension, together and happily biometricking their souls away.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            “FEATHERS OF FIRE”:
            Persian shadow puppetry with global appeal

          • phreedomphile says:

            Wow, MBP, a “cleansing of the soul”. Inspiring yet the allusion to the shadows of Plato’s Cave (and The Phoenix) lingers and begs the question could this be akin to a view that simply moves one’s seated position in the cave?

            So many layers in the Matrix, one can easily lose count.

            Thank you kindly for the share!

            • manbearpig says:

              yes, glad you caught the allusion and the phoenix. a new perspective on shadows is still shadows, several times removed; just an analogy for the soleimani shadow dance and the quotation marks do not mark my own words…
              my perspective on the flickering soleimani shadows is enhanced by the light of this poignant translation I’m doing about Dunkirk during WW2… talk about shadows…

              • phreedomphile says:

                Can you imagine the set up for the poor souls sent as cannon fodder to clash at Dunkirk? Major Jordan’s diaries comes to mind as does MacArthur’s realization in Korea.

                I assume you know the strong affinity the National Socialist Nazi leadership had with the occult. Blavatsky used the swastika and the term master race before the Nazis came to power. She was closely affiliated with high level Masons and Fabians. There’s also Francis Bellamy, a proponent of National Socialism running in the same circles and he gave the US the Pledge of Allegiance complete with an outstretched arm salute. The Thule Society integrates into this group. And finally, historians peg the Nazi regime as the first example of a proto-Technocracy because Hitler wanted “experts” to decide the social ordering of his government (e.g. a PhD chemist in charge of the Labor Department because in the minds of some people humans are not a whole lot different than atoms).

                Why did the Nazis seem to make a strategic error in Dunkirk? Could it be Hitler was another pawn and knew the war had to rage on? Something to consider is the notion that the world wars and Cold War were desired not only for the toll they took on humanity and the debt that was accrued but also to drive the development of technology. That’s why there is such a powerful nexus between academia, the military industrial complex, and the seeds of what became Silicon Valley. There’s a good presentation on this nexus in the link below if you’re interested and can find the time to watch it.

                Also explains all of the classified advanced technologies transferred to supposed enemies by the likes of Henry Kissinger and Hillary Clinton and, of course, the endless transfers to Israel which passes it off to China and Russia.

                Just food for thought, MBP.

                The Secret History of Silicon Valley
                youtube (dot) com/watch?v=ZTC_RxWN_xo

              • manbearpig says:

                Just saw your comment. Your link is the next priority when filling the void of a well-earned break or bout of insomnia.

                Blavatsky…theosophy… didn’t Ghandi hang out with her and her ilk? Would offer new light on his letter to Hitler…

              • manbearpig says:

                Meant to mention, I admire your eclectic knowledge and in this case concerning Hilter’s fatally unstrategic Halt Order of May 24th, 1940. “Unstrategic” appearences are deceiving and it’s a widely debated mystery but one, in my characteristic ignorance, I was unaware of before this translation. (cultivation is one of the perks of this job if I could just remember what I discover…)

                Your “dragging out the war” hypothesis (like the one described by Mr. Corbett for WW1) would seem to be a highly defendable one…
                now I can’t procrastinate any longer…

                oh rats! missed the wolf moon… might explain the insomnia though… beautiful moon on this morning horizon!

      • candlelight says:


        Is there something wrong or evil with Iran seeking sustainable energy?

        Maybe they’re just being forward thinking, no?

        I found a link to back up what you’re saying:


        I’ve only skimmed through it, but I can’t see how or why you’re seemingly painting this awful picture of their desire to keep up with the rest of the developed world in an economically sustainable manner.

        It’s obvious how desperate the United States is in wielding sanctions against an otherwise, or erstwhile, independent, competitive, sovereign, country such as Iran, who have been having to deal with Western imperialistic, colonial intervention for the last 67 years – Masonic architecture, notwithstanding.

        And what about this “heavy social engineering” adopted by Iranian public schools?

        Here’s an interesting link on 30 facts about their educational system:

        [Here’s fact No. 9: “According to 2015 estimates, the literacy rates of total population age 15 and over is 86.8% of which 92.1% are male and 82.5% are female.“…. That’s pretty damned good if I have to say so, myself.]


        But, here’s an 2019 article outlining some of the reasons for teachers protesting. Seems for better pay and working conditions…Sound familiar? Others are unhappy with the state mandating (unconstitutionally, so it would seem) that schools teach the national language, Farsi, rather than various regional languages, as a first language.
        I’m not quite sure that would be my definition of “heavy social engineering” as you mentioned. Perhaps there’s other details you could share to justify your comment?


        The truth of the matter is Iran has been trying their level best to hold on to their national sovereignty, and not the other way around, despite every effort on the West’s part to hold it down, stifle its development, and still more recently, since at least Bush the younger, to set off on a campaign to demonize, demoralize, and economically isolate it, with the goal in mind to ultimately crush it. Or, in neocon parlance, liberate it.

        On another note….

        Interestingly, Trump’s war crime message threatening to obliterate cultural and historical sites among “52” chosen targets hearkens back to symbolism of the CIA’s calling card placed on their hits. Trump obviously would love to use the whole deck. I wonder if that statement was actually Pompeo’s dumb-ass idea.

        • candlelight says:

          In rereading the above, I’m actually trying to decipher “Fact No.9” which I had highlighted:

          [Here’s fact No. 9: “According to 2015 estimates, the literacy rates of total population age 15 and over is 86.8% of which 92.1% are male and 82.5% are female.“…. That’s pretty damned good if I have to say so, myself.]

          I’m questioning, mathematically, its statement that of the 86.8% literacy rate, 92.1% are male and 82.5% are female? That adds up to 174.6%. lol I’m hoping at least that the article got the 86.8% correct. Because that is pretty impressive. It reminiscent of the high literacy rate that Libya achieved under Gaddafi. Of course, Libya’s since been torn asunder.

          • Fawlty Towers says:

            “I’m questioning, mathematically, its statement that of the 86.8% literacy rate, 92.1% are male and 82.5% are female? That adds up to 174.6%. lol I’m hoping at least that the article got the 86.8% correct.”

            86.8% was the percent of the population aged 15+ that was considered ‘literate’.

            92.1% was the percent of the male population aged 15+ that was considered ‘literate’.

            82.5% was the percent of the female population aged 15+ that was considered ‘literate’.

            • candlelight says:


              You may be right.

              The only thing is, if that were the explanation, shouldn’t dividing the sum of the male and female percentages equal the overall average percentage?

              92.1 + 82.5 = 174.6 / 2 = 87.3

              It’s close, but not exact. 🙂

              • Fawlty Towers says:

                “The only thing is, if that were the explanation, shouldn’t dividing the sum of the male and female percentages equal the overall average percentage?

                92.1 + 82.5 = 174.6 / 2 = 87.3

                It’s close, but not exact. ? ”

                Only if the percentage of males in the population equals the percentage of females.

                I will give you two examples to clarify this:

                1st has a total population of 1000.

                500 male 92.1% = 460.5 literate.
                500 fem 82.5% = 412.5 literate.
                873 male+fem are literate.
                873 / 1000 total = 87.3% literate of total pop

                2nd has a total population of 1000.

                700 male 92.1% = 644.7 literate.
                300 fem 82.5% = 247.5 literate.
                892 male+fem are literate.
                892 / 1000 total = 89.2 % literate of total pop

              • candlelight says:


                I’m going to consult my resident mathematician tomorrow, out of curiosity, to find out what percentage of the total were males and what percentage were females.

                Unless you can handle that, too, Fawlty Towers? 🙂


              • candlelight says:

                Fawlty Towers

                450 males @ 92.1% = 414.45

                550 females @ 82.5% = 453.75

                868 / 1000 = 86.8% literacy

                But, no matter how you slice it, for the region, that’s a very high literacy rate, especially that the rates among males and females are practically identical.

                I once saw an Iranian made movie, with all the expertise of a Hollywood production, e.g., cinematography, directing, etc., centering on the affairs of a middle aged, upwardly mobile doctor in Tehran, and I marveled at how Western it was! In other words, the movie could have been French, and been no different in the character’s psyches, and their basic concerns, etc.

                An Iranian once told me – and he was being very matter of fact, he wasn’t trying to sell me on anything – that there’s nothing wrong with Iran, except for the Mullahs. If Iran could get rid of their Mullahs, it would be a great country….

      • alexandre says:

        Very good, phreedomphile, thanks for that. The world seems to be in two simultaneous dimensions now, very weird. In one, Iran is this terror boogeyman, in the other it’s a “sustainable” idiocy just like the rest. Maybe it’s a “trans-world”, although it sounds like the name of an airline.

        • candlelight says:

          No, alexandre, Iran’s not in simultaneous dimensions, other than in ones head, as such claptrap paradigms, like worms borrowing into the skin, have been embedded into a collective (un)consciousness from left, right and center.

          Above I have a post that’s “awaiting moderation”. But, in it, I basically asked phreedomfile, among other things, what’s wrong with Iran, or for that matter, any country, desiring sustainability?

          Why the level of disdain? Idiocy? I don’t see why the concept of “sustainability” especially if simply taken on face value, that is, by the meaning of the term, itself, stemming from “to sustain”, can’t be mutually exclusive with rejecting Al Gore’s embellished and highly questionable theory of CO2’s role in climate change.

          Unless you want to take up John McCain’s heady presidential campaign mantra of “Burn, baby burn!”, without a thought, without a care, without a concern, then, cool. Then that which is “sustainable” could be viewed in someone’s light as idiocy. Maybe by the light of the campfire, eh? 🙂

          PS: I remember we left off on a conversation a while back where you mentioned something about knowing, or have met spiritists. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the context.

          • alexandre says:

            Hi candlelight. Unfortunately my memory, when it comes to computers, is getting worse by the minute. We’d have to look for that conversation.

            I say idiocy because it has nothing to do with sustainability in the real sense you describe. It means something else altogether, mainly Technocracy, which is a gigantic idiocy. Nothing wrong with anything that is honest and genuine, but the word “sustainable” today means Technocracy. I was contemplating solar energy (photovoltaics etc) in my house, following an enthusiastic friend’s suggestions (“hey you can pass on left over electricity to your friends bla bla”), but it’s Agenda 21, sustainability, Technocracy. Nothing wrong with solar electricity, but not when it’s part of Technocracy thank you very much. Iran has already fallen into the UN arms like every other country, that’s what I meant. To add to this, just read phreedomphile response below. (or above? – the one that starts “You’re most welcome”), where he talks about “n-dimensions”.

            Let’s finda that conversation. Spiritists? I’m intrigued.

            • candlelight says:


              Fair enough. Technocracy is some scary shit, absolutely.

              By nature, and how I live my life in general, tends to favor the Luddite mentality and I get called out for it all the time. Friends want to buy me a fucking smart phone and I tell them don’t bother cause I’ll just throw it in the trash. My office has a 50 plus yr old rotary dial phone connected by copper wiring. If someone’s in the office when it rings, the response at times is – is that thing for real?? That’s because they’ve never heard a fucking real phone ring before. Lol You know? That is, a phone that actually has a set of fucking real bells….

              But, anyway, I’m not crazy about multi-dimensional chess boards. It looks cool on Star Trek, and probably the only one who would or could possibly be half way proficient playing it would be a Spock-like character, not the half-baked, would-be evil pricks out there. I’m of the opinion that those who would babble on about it probably play a lousy game. In other words, describing reality in unnecessarily complicated jargon only makes matters worse, and for all their supposed noble intentions, basically creates an untenable, unknowable confusion. The game of chess is complicated enough. We don’t need to capture Brzezinski’s queen in three dimensional space. For attempting a winning strategy, a flat board will do. Imho.

              Yeah, we’ll have to get to the bottom of the spiritists thing. I know we were talking about jazz at the time.

              Be good.

              • alexandre says:

                Ha. Congratulations. I also have a real phone, although it’s much more modern. It has an electronic sounding bli-bli-bli-bli which would be the equivalent to the bells, but it has a hand set (no dial, only buttons unfortunately) and it’s connected to the wall with a real cable. People also think it’s strange, but when the lights go out, it’s the only thing that works to call the el. company etc. Wi FI tower is a bit far and signal here is very poor, to my sister’s despair, and to my loving happiness.

                The multi-dimensional thing, I agree it’s a pain in the arse, but is just a rational conclusion when you observe reality, or in fact the many simultaneous realities that appear to be going on. So no one, I think, is trying to complicate things just for the heck of it. It’s just like that; Iran is at the same time an archaic terrorist whatever country and a modern UN Agenda 21 Technocratic society. Brazil is the same. The problem, I would suggest, is terms like “Brazil” or “Iran”. What do they mean? I’m 3.000 kms (three thousand kilometersss) from Acre, which is a state in Brazil. I mean, what do I have to do with those people and what do they know about me? Nothing. I’m much closer to Argentina or Paraguay, for fuck’s sake (about 800kms). So in this you already have this multi-dimensional illusion called “Country” or nation. Maybe if we start to see things from the human perspective – much less vast and far reaching – we could understand some of these weirdnesses. (Weirdnesses?) The premise of the premise of the premise, you know? Maybe it went wrong way back there when “we” started thinking that maps represent reality. I dunno, something to think there. In any case I don’t think Corbett speaks of 3 dimension chess just to be a smart-guy… (whoa, that expression suddenly acquired a strange meaning today: “smart-guy” – ha ha, shit…)

                Jazz + spirit, yeah, starting to make sense.

              • candlelight says:

                Well, after thinking about what I wrote above, I almost thought to post a short note to explain that I was on a bit of a rant…. After coming home four in the morning after a night out, I was still in a rather “spirited” zone….ah, yes, lots of spirits!

                So, I herein make a retraction, that life and it’s strange affairs aren’t two dimensional, and what’s playing out can and does occur on multiple, convoluted levels. To be sure, most, if not all the time, what we see ain’t exactly what we get, as we know. The back stories, the agendas, hidden or masked in plain sight, historical connections, etc., etc., constitute quite the job to piece together, to find and connect the dots, to make objective analyses. It’s a Herculean task in the truest sense of the term. And, far from making light of the work Corbett does here, I find it quite admirable…. And guess what, as a smart guy – and Corbett is a very, very smart guy – he would no doubt probably play a pretty mean game of 3D chess against the likes of a Spock, or even a full fledged Vulcan, for that matter. Not sure he’d win, but, who knows? 🙂

                The most important aspect and key issue of digging into and seeking the truth on any given subject, or in the linking of subjects, is the process and manner of validating the facts – evaluating and weighing all the bits and pieces of information researched and gathered up. No sense connecting dots to create a picture if the dots are false. And I think Corbett is careful about weighing information based upon its source, and the degree to which it is documented and/or speculative, as the case may be.

                The other crucial aspect is in interpreting said facts; that is, figuring out what they mean, and determining if there’s enough facts to form an objective understanding. The process, unfortunately, is fraught with an existing minefield of misinformation and disinformation, as well as missing and/or incomplete information, which can lead to just as false a narrative as one derived from disinformation.

                And I think you’re perfectly right about how we label our world in “terms” and how those “terms” may not necessarily reflect our world with any accuracy. You touch on a very philosophical concept here. With the human intellect, or to qualify that a little further, with the Western intellect, we’ve managed to have chopped the world up, and have spat it out in our own illusional and imaginary image.

                I’d like to know what the Spiritists would say?


              • alexandre says:

                No need for notes, man, please. No problem with rants also. As long as they don’t develop into one of those adolescent fights, we’re totally ok. I know well that spirited mood – even though I don’t drink – where we just blast out. Don’t forget – and I must not forget- that to communicate in writing is almost an art form, so for writers its a piece of cake, but for me, for instance, it’s very hard and I often come out totally different from what I intended, then when someone responds in the same coin (as we say here) it surprises me. If we were talking face to face it would be completely different. So…rant away whenever you’re spirited enough.

                In fact, now that I think of it, many many people must be suffering from a variety of disorders just for retaining the anger. Rants, swearing etc is verboten, so where to you put the aggression? And with these subjects?? End of the world, wars, lies, tricks, Technocracy etc? My god, people must be pissed off and having to smile and repress all the anger – which is a NWO command, by the way. So…I like rants. We need more rants. Corbett should do a rant! (You see when he’s about to rant when his ears and nose start to go red). Rant, Corbett! Rant more!

                I know some spiritists but can’t remember mentioning them here. Maybe the portuguese word “espírita”…nope, still can’t remember.

              • candlelight says:

                Rant, Corbett! Rant more!

                That cracked me up!

        • phreedomphile says:

          You’re most welcome, Alexandre.

          Yes absolutely, these programs are run in parallel. More than two could be described as n-dimensional ‘chess’, a very old concept certainly pre-dating the Trump-Q psy op co-option of the theme.

          About a year ago I saw an interview of Martin Armstrong. As an adviser to several central banks around the world, including China’s central bank, he is privy to high level managerial class points of view. In the wake of the war drum crescendo that was the North Korea geopolitical flare up that eventually brought the image of Kim Jong-un back to the pleasant Disney World photographs of his youth, Armstrong was told by this same managerial class that Trump’s showmanship was fantastic and really molded the outcome beautifully. Interesting, they knew it was a theatrical script.

          Makes me wonder how many different themed compartmentalized points of view are already staged and waiting.

          • alexandre says:

            Thank you PP, you corroborate my feelings more and more. Theatrical scripts indeed. This whole thing is like being inside the mind of a madman, a psychotic. Try to parse anything, analyze, understand the many levels, it’s just … well, madness. The thing to do would be to get out of the maniac’s head as fast as possible. But how…? I admire guys like you, all the corbeteers here and Corbett himself for understanding so much of this whole lunacy that just gives me the profound creeps.

      • manbearpig says:

        Hey 2PH! I was wondering wht you thought of these links HRS posted some three years hence on the Corbett report comments board:


        HomeRemedySupply says:
        06/09/2016 at 5:00 pm

        — CIA sponsoring Khomeini —
        (Keywords – Sean Stone, Margot White, Khomeini, CIA, Bush Sr., Chase Bank & Rockefeller)

        Sean Stone (Oliver’s son) interviews Margot White who was in Iran among the people during the overthrow of the Shaw.

        At the 11 minute mark for a few minutes how the CIA & Khomeini worked together in Paris.
        (YouTube preset @ 11 minute)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cp8VQfi45OM&feature=youtu.be&t=11m

        Khomeini’s grandson talks to Margot. CIA & Bush Sr.
        ( 35 min preset )- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cp8VQfi45OM&feature=youtu.be&t=35m1s

        (2:30 minute clip from the 15 minute mark) CIA & Khomeini
        CIA agent confession – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRfnKWmX4oc

        At the 31 minute mark, the Chase/Rockefeller/oil money connection.

        In the midst of an enormous translation, I haven’t actually taken the time to view or review them. Be interested in your enlightened remarks though!

        • phreedomphile says:

          Yes, I remember that Corbett Report well, it was very helpful confirming the larger patterns.

          I hadn’t seen that very interesting Margot White interview. Thanks for that. Notice White confirms the CIA’s hand up Khomeini’s robes yet doesn’t realize the US embassy hostage ‘crisis’ was a joint US-Iran false flag as was discussed in another Corbett report regarding the whistleblowers on both sides and the orders high level embassy officials and CIA assets were given to leave Iran right before the event. White is not wide awake thus wouldn’t also understand that the reason Carter had to go was to put Team Globalism B in the US executive branch to begin the process of dismantling the US manufacturing sector after Brzezinski in the Carter admin tagged China to be the future large scale model Technocracy. The Trilateralists were coming into their own at that point with a full takeover.

          As well, apparently the Shaw had become increasingly irritated with Zionism dominance in geopolitical affairs. Perhaps he had to go. Khomeini had already been picked and groomed in Paris. Voila! The Strategy of Tension gets another shot of oxygen.

          Fire in The Minds of Men. Billington essentially traced the m.o. back centuries. In the words of Pink Floyd: “What did you dream? It’s alright, we told you what to dream.”

          …BTW, on yet a deeper dig, there is a lot of evidence the very old ruling bloodlines prominently feature a strong Persian component. Perhaps a topic for another thread someday. 😉

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            Phreedomphile, going back to 1953 the removing of the democratically elected President ? Of Iran, who in that era can be connected to industries,mining,ect. ownership,to the Paris faction of supporters that brought forth the Khomeini path to power. The Shaw came from Paris too, didn’t he? Was he (K) one of the ‘n’ backup to the Shaw route chosen by the CIA,MI6 ? Should the Shaw get too accustomed to power and forget who was running the show? The Populace get out of control? Ms.Whites revelations of the primary role of the CIA to vet corruptible people. So in the best reductionist fashion, Who was running the show? Who assigned the CIA to this control? Dutch royals,Anglo royals, German royals, French royals, American royals, a cabal of all?. It gets confusing. But the patterns are there and I can’t agree more that we have forgotten the source of the Nile. Blood lines and a thread for another day, definitely!

  2. paul6 says:

    Thanks James for disecting another imperial lie. Excellent work as always.

    But I would also also ask the following question:

    What would Americans do with Iranian troops occupying Mexico, committing horrible war crimes in Mexico and gearing up to attack the US?

    They would give them hell, wouldn’t they?

  3. generalbottlewasher says:

    RealNews out of Baltimore added some collaborating information about the buzz words that masks the truth of the matter. That matter still seems to allude us. It seems both parties are desperate to throw both cultures under the elite power bus. The caps of the pyramid want to jettison the body in the worst way and turn a profit in doing so. And clear the way for a technological ordered universe for better administration… Too many inmates screwing with the asylums wardens. Both parties have common desires.

    You called it James back in 2007.


  4. calibrator says:

    Thank you James for being extremely explicit in your condemnation of US imperial geopolitics and their methods of scheming!

    Of course they are spewing out one lie after another because the truth wouldn’t work.

    So the ONLY group directly responsible for putting American soldiers in harms way and thus the resulting deaths is the American administration that sent them into countries where they didn’t belong in the first place!

  5. Libertydan says:

    I like the way James concluded this video with Trump’s Secretary of State, and former CIA Director, Mike Pompeo laughing about having completed Courses in Lying and Deception at the CIA.
    You can bet that this clip will never be seen on Main Stream Media. It is being censored like the video of WTC Building #7.
    Yep, If you want the Truth, you have to seek it out, and The Corbett Report is a good place to do that.
    I noted on a “Best of The Corbett Report”, “PTech and the 9/11 Software” that Indira Singh said that it was a NO NO for former CIA Director Bush to hold the VP Office in 1980. Indeed, Bush set a new Precedent (and I thought LBJ was bad)
    Note that Prescott Bush (father of Bush #1) was President of Union Bank when they funded the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany. Hitler would have never come to power without outside funding, which Union Bank helped provide.
    I believe it was former CIA Director Casey that can be quoted as saying “We will know that we are successful when everything the American people believe is a lie”.
    Indeed, good people are being deceive into doing bad things for these evil people that work behind the scene. More American Veterans die of suicide today than on the battle field (if you can call it that). Yes, the cost of being deceived into signing up for the U.S Military ( The Empire’s forces), and following Orders can cost one their Soul.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Libertydan says:
      “I like the way James concluded this video with Trump’s Secretary of State, and former CIA Director, Mike Pompeo laughing about having completed Courses in Lying and Deception at the CIA.
      You can bet that this clip will never be seen on Main Stream Media. “

      I agree. It was the perfect wrap-up!

      James Corbett says:
      “No rational, SANE, Human Being wants this war!”


  6. jackbc says:

    Clear as crystal! Thanks.
    Who needs Errol Morris to figure out
    these rabid Yankee dawgs?

  7. decti says:

    you are so knee-jerk determined to NEVER accept that the US military ever tells the truth… you totally BLOCKED OUT the evidence that Soleimani WAS OPERATING THAT WHOLE RANGE OF ‘WARRIORS’ FOR HIS OWN POWER BASE….

    So the idea that the proficiency of Hezbollah in using the roadside devices was proof that it wasn’t iran is so laughably deluded as to warrant LOSS OF any interest in the rest of the trail of WHICH OTHER PROXIES OF SOLEIMANI were producing them…… you are such a disappointment…..


    Try this for example of not so narrowminded insider’s knowledge……. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhaWGLAW2Hs

    • calibrator says:

      Attention: “Patriot Radio” is broadcasting again!

      And it found the CAPS LOCK key…

      • HomeRemedySupply says:


      • decti says:

        Apparently, you failed to check the alternative intel, from a genuine insider who happens to know WHEN to trust the Pentagon, and WHEN NOT… not the knee-jerk RULE: always believe the opposite of what the Pentagon’s saying.. EVEN WHEN IT REQUIRES SWALLOWING THE WORD OF THOSE WHOSE RELIGIOUS PHILOSOPHY SAYS EXPLICITLY TO LIE TO THE INFIDEL [you!]… so you’d join the leftists democrats in spite of their own record of lying [prevaricating, if that makes you happier than just 2 boring syllables] as long as what they saying opposes the military geniuses of the pentagon…

        How totally disappointing that you’ve all just switch allegiance and become mind-controlled by a programming model of simple anti-pentagon everything..

        As for the CAPS, these topics are not the boring ideas of academic discoursing, so yeah, just as in any such heated conversation, the tempo, the color and the volume go up…. otherwise it’s just flaccid, like you are………

        • candlelight says:


          I had quite a bit of a shock listening to Dr. Steve Pieczenik on the link you provided.

          Man, did he get old…. For years he was a regular on Alex Jones, touted as a guy who could. with his “insider” information, properly analyze what was going on at any particular time, much like Alex’s other purported CIA and Pentagon “contacts” whose identities were left undisclosed.

          But, what a mouth piece! A propagandist of the highest order!

          Pieczenik truly makes me now wonder what Alex Jones was, or still is, all about?

          Pieczenik, as a former State Department Official, educated at Cornell, Harvard and MIT sounds like he could have been a very high level something or other. lol

          I’m listening to what Pieczenik has to say with guarded laughter:

          “…and we are now in the process of trying to minimize our own intervention in Yemen, and in fact it’s Mohammad Bin Salman who’s made the overture to the Iranians to say, look, we want some sense of peace in our area, in the Middle East…”

          That’s Mohammad Bin Salman, the murderer? Looking for a sense of peace. Wow, Pieczenik, really?

          Though, some of the comments in your link say it best:

          “Love your work, views – not buying this, stinks to high heaven – US get out of middle east”

          “Dr….after you get done “splaining” it to us, please tell me again why we (the US) are in Iraq.”

          “Please don’t assign any original thought to this buffoon game show host.” – (my personal favorite)

          “I am afraid McCain is singing from hell his favourite song: bomb,bomb,bomb, bomb Iran….”

          “”Surgical Strike” ????? Those CIA royalties must have doubled in value.” – (another good one)

          “Steve you’re sounding like a NeoCon here.

          You might as well just advocate for killing Generals in every single country that the United States has made into enemies in the middle east. Since you know as well as I that Trump can use the same excuse to justify taking out virtually anyone in the middle east.

          You sir have failed all of us here. Thanks Steve.”

          “What kind of BS is this? I used to like your videos when you discussed Epstein and Mossad….looks like you’ve been compromised.”

          Yup, his words and background say it all. It’s not that he’s suddenly compromised, it’s that he’s 76 yrs old and he’s slipping.

          Anyway, decti, thanks for the link! It was highly informative!

    • Mintaka says:

      CAPS LOCK alert! CAPS LOCK alert!
      The ADL Trolling Force is strong on this one.
      So let’s change subject and talk about the Golan Heights.
      Oh wait, same result.

      What was it again?
      Turn the victim into the villain and the villain into the victim.
      Ah yes, that’s the one. Thanks. Got it.

      They just don’t get it that they’re giving their own game away.
      Seemingly thinking that we have the mental capacity of a six-year old.

      Now I’ll watch the video.

      • decti says:

        Yeah, thank you for stating that clearly you didn’t watch it yet when writing the above… actually, i happen to dispute your nasty remark about 6yo’s mental capacity…

    • alexandre says:

      Decti, with ALL DUE RESPECT, I don’t think you or Steve are informed enough about how things really work in this world. However strong your feelings are, if the Ayatollahs of the world had any real genuine patriotic power, by the numbers alone, Washington and New York would already have been converted into a big Semsom. (https://semsom.com/) Real power is another thing and lives elsewhere, and this power not only has other plans for the world, but they also don’t give a damn about Ayatollahs, Soulemanis or Trumps, who only follow scripted orders like actors in a play, so unfortunately your text doesn’t say much. The feeling is very impressive, but the info not so much.
      This is, of course, JUST MY OPINION.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      This CAPS LOCK Thread

      I just want to remind everyone to keep the conversation civil with no mean-spirited name calling.
      Jokes are acceptable.

      (10 seconds)

  8. wylie1 says:

    Anyone talk to Sibel Edmonds the Iranian gal of Boiling Frogs Post / Newsbud? It is an oddity I’ve noticed over the years that folks often avoid what could be some of the best sources.

    I don’t agree with the way Trump, Obama, and others just snuff people. Should at least have a fair trial. Should have detained him and let multitudes of Iranians try him for killing their relatives who were protesting their own govt; as well as any Americans if they had any evidence.

    It would go over like a flying pig, if a usa general was visiting some other Middle Eastern country and Iran forces snuffed him. The usa would claim that to be justification for war. And I’m sure Iran, Iraq, etc. could find evidence of usa military killing people they shouldn’t have been … like many of Obama’s drone killings, or most of those killed for that matter, since no right to invade Iraq in the first place.

    State of the Nation/Millenium Report had it right, Trump’s hat should read: Make Israel Great Again. Despite that no informed person favors the Hildebeast Clinton.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      “Anyone talk to Sibel Edmonds the Iranian gal of Boiling Frogs Post / Newsbud? It is an oddity I’ve noticed over the years that folks often avoid what could be some of the best sources.”

      Ms. Edmonds and Mr. Corbett are not exactly on speaking terms at the moment. 🙂

      Ms. Edmonds did say something about Iran as recently as Jan 9, 2020.
      She released a video entitled “The Coming Cooked-Up Dossier on Iran”.

  9. alexandre says:

    This QFC almost pissed me off. People, all over, even here, are falling for the novela script thinking they are thinking or talking about anything. I said in the open thread that it’s a novela and I wasn’t being funny. It is a script that has nothing to do with reality and discussing its details means only that you’re falling for the script. “Did Soleimani kill 600 Americans” is an absurd question when you consider how things work. Following the script then yes, it’s a valid question. Like “Did Thomas really marry Susan for her money?” Soleimani was (or is?) just another bastard like all of them, so what if he killed people? It’s what they do for a living, they kill Americans, Portoriquenhos, Africans, French, their mothers, whoever they want. It’s like asking “Does Corbett speak English?” Chenney, Bush, Obama, Trump, Bush I, Jimmy Carter, Israel etc etc etc are responsible for how many deaths exactly? No Soleimani can even come close. Atila the Hun would not even be in the fucking list. What kind of question is that? And Corbett has to do a whole episode about that? To say that “it’s a lie”? What’s going on? Is the IQ going down that much that quickly? Are we really gonna spend time discussing the details of Thomas and Susan – thinking we’re engaged in political analysis? Sorry for the rant, but my god…..did Soleimani kill Americans…? Seriously?

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Alexandre , you got that right. Every chance he got cause he was a professional ! Professionals are not immune from correction by civilians, professional citizens. Here is a naturalized ” citizen” trying to be as real as possiable too that dream of what this country use to be. Even Portoriquenhos know how precious the story is, the story that has not been written. This dream is the never ending story.
      I really like this guy for believing in the long game. The 3 part trilogy of birth of a nation, modern treachery new world alliances and finally ???? That part hasn’t been written. It just takes a spark to get that immigrant fire going, throw in a pitchfork and get this correction started. It is just as easy one way or the other, depends on your perspective. This guy knows burning desire. It can be a beautiful novella if you work at writing it beautifully. Its not writing itself, is it? If all murderous tendency’s of human nature gets written out of the script all the better. The rest will organize spontaneously warts and all. Lifes what ever the author writes.
      Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai on the long game. Vigilance


      • alexandre says:

        Hi GBW. I’m sorry to go on on my pessimistic subjective un-academic train, but in my view (feelings) the long game is actually Technocracy. This WW3 novela is old stuff, phonograph stuff, TV sopa-opera etc and Technocracy enters as the new cool evolved thing to save us all. Dr Shiva had my eyebrows up after a long speech some time ago. He has everything right – a Shudra, coming from the bottom etc and his anti-vaccine stuff is fantastic. Still he has something that makes me believe even more that Technocracy – with whatever name it comes – is the “solution” to all this phonographic old stuff. Trump himself is like, I don’t know, Cheops coming back and ruling like old times. Old stuff. Heck, the Russian China thing and all the “nations” stuff sounds like James P. Johnson being released as the new music. If this ends up in disaster, all the better. Bloody “global” wars with millions killed, all the better. The worse and more spread the outcome, the more Technocracy will be welcomed as “finally” the right path.

        About the trilogy, hmm…the “Birth of a nation” itself is questionable, isn’t it? I remember Joe Plummer talking about Quigley’s book, how everything was a scam right from the start. And you can’t write a beautiful text if every second a black hand comes from the sky and rewrites everything in the opposite. So I don’t know. I’m not pissed off like the CAPS LOCK guy up there, but it’s hard to see bright people going into the details of Oroonoko as if it’s actual reality. I know it involves real events, but it’s a fiction designed to manipulate our emotions, and we shouldn’t fall for that. I’m probably wrong and with my emotions manipulated like a bastard, but it’s what I’m thinking right now.

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Alex , did you ever view ” Birth of a Nation” by D.W Griffith. An old 1915 three hour silent film. Powerful film. It sounds like you have. Somebody has to die for you have to be born. Who is immune from that nagging emotional manipulation we are exposed to daily? Is this proof you are no schieden-freude psychopath.?
          Voce pode me dizer, what is Oroonoko?? The Royal Slave? Good point. I Get it now. What isn’t fiction based anymore? The arts? The sciences? The energy we consume? The news?
          How ’bout a song to take our mind off our troubles. Got any new ones? Im in the mood. The world spins around and around.

          • alexandre says:

            No, never saw Griffith film.
            I looked for the oldest fiction book and found this Oroonoko. Of course I never read it, what am I an educated fellow??
            Why do I feel I was talking out of my arse when I read some of your responses? You have to remember English is not my language, so some times I get things wrong. Me estúpido, no sabe nada.
            Whatever is in your reach isn’t fiction based. How’s that. Maybe….everything that is not “the news” is not fiction. Nah…doesn’t work.
            Ok, try this one to take your mind off troubles. The greatest jazz guitar that ever lived. Our Lord Wes Montgomery.

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              Thanks I can smell the warm air off the pampas with Wes blowing through my ears. Im watching it snow here.
              Its now another Saturday night, here is one more.


              • alexandre says:

                Pampas? That’s about 1700 km from here! And about 8300 km from Indana! Wes in the Pampas, that’s a nice image. He would have loved it. I love that tune. Played it some times, but not too often unfortunately.
                Here’s one more for this Saturday night.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Alex, where are those giant armadillos from. I want to have a little of their warmth. People don’t get the fact its summer down there. Its a balmy 24 degreesF. here So the whole planet is cold in there minds.
                I would have to ask a Canadian what that is in cellulose. All I know is its cold and Im ready to drive the 8trillion centimeters to somewhere warmer.
                Thanks for the music.

              • alexandre says:

                What giant armadillos? Would it be Tatu-Canastra?
                Here it’s hot like a motherscrewer. Really uncomfortable, the constant sweat, the sleepiness, argh, and I’m far away from the north / northeast where is really hot. Macho hot. I prefer winter, which over here would be what you call warm? If it’s 8C here, holly shit, people dying all over the place. That’s 46F. I only saw snow twice in my life.
                Warm giant armadillos?

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Alex , its in the pantenall. Yes the Tatu-Canastra. I don’t know where the pampas came from. Excusa. Que voy. Anywhere warmer.

              • alexandre says:

                Right. Never saw one. Never been to Pantanal, and wouldn’t be surprised if it’s some sort of “world resource” now, verboten to humans.
                Pampas not so warm. Try o “Cerrado”.
                Shit, it’s an “ecoregion” now. God forbid…

  10. oeo says:

    More lies to justify taking out the most effective anti ISIS fighter. Thats all.

  11. flammable says:

    I changed my mind on this topic regarding war with Iran. I fell for this trick because I still believe in the rules of what “legally” allows wars to happen. As if who specifically gets killed should determine the lives of millions of innocent people. Me like many others played by the rules of the elite and found holes in their argument. When really I should have supported not going to war regardless of what a psychopath does or what rule gets broken.
    We don’t need to go a prove Soleimani didn’t kill that contractor or Assad didn’t gas people in Douma. We have the same independent researchers and journalists that also proved all side are the same. It’s the elites and controlled opposition fighting for more power. Whatever the result the people lose.

  12. sherry.a says:

    ”Let us now move on to the next lie, which is being widely repeated, this time originated by President Donald Trump, that Soleimani was responsible for the “deaths of hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans”. This lie has been parroted by everybody, Republicans and Democrats alike.”
    Soleimani was a solider. The duty of soldiers is to defend their countries against its enemies, even if this meant killing them. Period. If Soleimani did that he was only doing his job. He didn’t pick a fight with the Americans and Israelis, they picked one with him. So I really don’t know what they are complaining about. Terrorist indeed, pah!
    Did Americans ever complain about Curtis Le May fire-bombing of Tokyo and the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Did the British complain about about Arthur (Bomber) Harris fire bombing Hamburg and Dresden and killing tens of thousands of German civilians? Yes, but that was war comes the expected retort. But isn’t there war going on in the middle east?
    So who are the terrorists and who are the patriots?” Commentator

  13. sherry.a says:

    The sight of millions upon millions in Iran and Middle East at the funeral processions of Soleimani was enough to frighten anyone off their wits. Did anyone get the chance to see the many millions mourning Soleimani?…can we get 100 people in America to come together even if we offered free pizza and beer?

  14. Not Another Not-Bot! says:

    If only someone would hack into Fox “News” during one of its 2 men and a bimbo chats, and stream this video. How I’d laugh, reading the comments from those jingoistic Ever Trumpers, to such a show in its You Tube account!

  15. Joris says:

    Hi there James,

    The latest developments surrounding the Iran situation, the downing of the airplane, seem all too familiar.. Don’t they?

    I wonder if there were some significant passengers on the plane. Maybe heading to a significant event?

  16. sTevo says:

    I the early moments after the hit, I was thinking, ‘Here we go, WWIII’.

    Then I observed the mainstream media people losing their minds over this.

    I’m typically on the other side of the MSM on certain stories, where I’m not buying what they are selling.

    Then I saw the post by a Iranian woman that said this guy was a very bad man, She coulda said, “Jerry, you’re a very bad bad man’.

    So now I’m OK with the this hit because sometimes evil has to be met head on. This was a bad dude and when average Iranians are happy this guy was taken out, I’m OK. It’s the world we live in.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      “So now I’m OK with the this hit because sometimes evil has to be met head on. This was a bad dude and when average Iranians are happy this guy was taken out, I’m OK. It’s the world we live in.”

      Oh really?
      So you’re OK with macho U.S. taking out whoever it pleases, whenever it pleases?

      You don’t think Iranians are capable of taking out their leaders?

      • sTevo says:

        Ordinarily, I denounce myself in advance for statements that might be perceived hostile, trolling or looking to start a flame war.

        To put my comments and perceptions of the event into perspective, consider watching this woman’s video:


        • candlelight says:


          Apparently, this video went rather viral with some 10 million views, especially among right-wing circles. This Iranian-American woman, Saghar Kasraie, or “Erica” as she says she’s known by her friends, has an interesting background, which is critically explored in the following link:


          Personally, I tend to agree with Richard Silverstein, the author of the foregoing link, concerning this woman, as immediately, she seemed to be a straight out, professional propagandist. Indeed, to be sure, some of the best actors and actresses out there, are not necessarily to be found on the silver screen.

          At the very best, this viral video is woefully biased, and must be appealing to only those who might still believe in American financed benevolence, spreading democracy (at the point of a gun or tip of a missile, mostly) to hoards of enslaved souls who they believe will offer by the hundreds of thousands, fig leaves and flowers to heavily armed, kick-your-front-door-down, American and Coalition emancipators that come to the rescue.

          That’s really been working out well up until now, hasn’t it?

          But I mean, really, as far as “Erica” is concerned, baking cookies and cakes out of the shear joyful reaction to Soleimani’s assassination? C’mon, man. Did she have a couple of twisted, girlfriends in Tehran do a little cheerful baking in solidarity with her far-right views? Her notion simply doesn’t jive with the millions throughout Iran who gathered in Soleimani’s funereal honor, in a vast show of their solidarity…. “Erica” is also pretty descriptively loose with her exhortation that protesters had “taken over the US embassy” in Baghdad. Hardly.

          Anyway, the most important take-away from all this turmoil in Iran (as well as in Iraq and elsewhere), is the fact that US sanctions have been taking its toll on the lives of ordinary Iranians, just as it had on Iraqis years earlier, adversely so, deadly so, before they were “liberated” by the 2003 US invasion.

          There’s just no getting around this hard, brutal, perverse and very undemocratic truth.

  17. Arby says:

    James: Thanks for that excellent presentation!

  18. cooly says:

    candlelight and alexandre-

    I’m not replying in sequence because it wasn’t possible.
    Your posts sent me down memory lane. I grew up in Silicon Valley, before it was called that. A little place called Cupertino. Our family had one landline of course, a rotary dial that went Ding-a-Ling. I remember when we got this newfangled thing called an answering machine. We were so excited. My sister and I were in junior high school and high school respectively, so phone calls were a big deal. When we would come home and see the little red light flashing we would almost stab each other with forks to see who the message was for. How things have changed. To very loosely paraphrase M Python, you tell the youngsters about that, and they wouldn’t know what the fuck you are talking about.

    • alexandre says:

      He he he, indeed. I, even I, forgot about the answering machine. What about the coolest message? I remember spending some time recording that, trying to make it oh so very cool. But there’s much more than nostalgia here. I’m alone on this but I defend that there’s a huge, gigantic cosmic difference between all that and the “new” age. The difference is digital. I affirm, confirm and stomp my feet that digital is not part of real technology. I couldn’t defend that in the courtroom, but I’m absolutely sure of it. Digital is NOT evolution of technology. It was a TAKEOVER (sorry the caps lock) by this weirdest of things where you make a copy of reality in a dimension that can only be described as “nowhere”. I worked with samplers since they arrived – you know, you play the keyboard and a violin sound comes up? – and I never understood, why this if we can call the violinist and have it much better? Control of the work force comes to mind, automation etc, but there was something much more strange about the whole thing, and continues to be – see the CGIs we have today, some of which I make myself. It’s ridiculously real and even Terry Gilliam asked “why?” when Final Fantasy came out (a billion years ago). What for? If you want it that real, film the fucking thing. So we’re talking much more than simple old guys nostalghias here. We’re talking real vs simulacrum. I don’t just miss the old times, I miss real. Reality based on reality, not this bullshit, no matter what impressive goodies it brings – leaving aside all the mass control/ social engineering issue which is its real and only raison d’être. Too philosophical?

      • candlelight says:

        Not too philosophical at all. In fact, if I’m hearing you right, that’s pretty much how I’ve always felt about over-reliance on the Moog synthesizer, or keyboards with the various simulated instrumentation. I was always like, why bother with the fake shit? Laziness? Easy? Or, just because it’s been invented and now they can. Okay, fine. But, I still wasn’t crazy about it. It didn’t float my boat, and never will

        But, this is not to be confused with say, the wah wah pedal, or speaker feedback. I’ve never heard a more masterful sound from each than when Hendrix did it. Or Clapton.

        I did have a musician friend who was also a computer scientist and he produced a couple of CDs of his computer compositions which he really got off on. But, that was his thing, he was making his code sing.
        God bless him.

        But, I’m afraid they’ll not be walking back digital anytime soon. It’s here to stay and will probably be here after all the vibrations of the strings are long gone.

        Real? In a few more generations real’s passé.

        Call in that old violinist? Hell, no, we got an app for that, man.

        • alexandre says:

          Yep indeedee. Wah wah = real and super cool. Samplers = simulacrum and boring. Moog was cool as George Duke played it. Synthesizers used to emulate at best, like the old organs had a key named “flute” which sounded anything but. From that you had interesting sounds that didn’t want to imitate reality. Samplers, on the other hand, ARE reality recorded. What you hear when you press the key is the actual digital recording of a string section of a big orchestra. I don’t know how the musicians went along with that bullshit (money, for sure). They record the entire violin section, note by note from the bottom G up to who knows, and they do this in various dynamics, from pianissimo to fortissimo, something like 5, 6 layers or more. So you record all the notes, one by one played for some seconds and repeat the process for 6 times or more for each layer. Then you do it for the violas, then the cellos, the basses, all the woodwinds, brass, the drums, bass, guitar etc etc etc … I mean WTF?? Didn’t they know what that was for? They recorded their own unemployment. Do you have to be a genius to know why they want to digitalize an orchestra? Or an image? To replace them perhaps? Duh…But there we are. Everyone – including that old violinist – now are either dead, coding, driving ubers or doing youtube videos starting with “HELLO EVERYBODYYYY…”. I tried to say no in my time, but you can’t stop a volcano from erupting. What else are “they” trying to imitate and replace? Humans? Food? The whole world? Why? That’s why I say it’s a takeover. Just like those B science fiction movies, “The Stuff” etc. Aliens? Madness? And by now who cares…Real’s passé = very good.

    • candlelight says:

      I have cousins in Cupertino 🙂

      • alexandre says:

        Save them at once!

        • candlelight says:

          Ha ha, funny.

          They’re okay.

          It’s me. I’m still trying to save myself…from myself!

          But, somehow, I haven’t managed just yet.

          Getting back to the sampler. Not being a musician, just a consumer of vinyl, 8-track, cassette tape, compact disk, and now, last but not least, simply a youtube listener, I never heard of the sampler until you mentioned it. But, I certainly see what you’re ragging about, for sure.

          But, in all seriousness, the “real” will still be here for the long haul, even as it gets pitted up against its digital copy.

          Music is so primordial and basic to the human spirit and the embodiment of freedom, that if NWO, trans-humanist geeky fucks manage to strip that off us, then we’re truly fucked….

          It would mean we got fooled, again.

          Let’s “pray we don’t get fooled, again!”

          “No, no!”

          • alexandre says:

            Well, orchestras seem to be doing well – since they were taken over by technocrats – and musicians (the ones lucky to get hired) must be doing ok as well. Hollywood also is still recording the big soundtracks with orchestras. (Curiously they almost always record with the London Philharmonic, and you could ask why, since there are good musicians in LA, right? … RIGHT?!)

            So, I just say that I saw – and was partially responsible for – musicians losing their jobs because of these machines. When the LYNN DRUM came (hear Michael Jackson 80s stuff) two drummers we used to call lost their jobs. One got lucky and went on to play with some famous singer. The other became an English teacher (he is an American). The string guys as well, we used to call a small group of strings all the time, but after the sampler came, never more. And I was too young and too much of an idiotic wee bourgeois to know anything and fight against it. So there are many markets, smaller than orchestras or Hollywood, that simply disappeared and these smaller markets, I would guess, supported a lot of people. Hey, looks like it’s always the small world that gets fucked by the big guys, eh? Maybe similar to the “regulation of the internet”, or agriculture etc. It’s always the small guys that get killed. Competition must indeed be a sin.

            I just hate digital with all my guts. I have to use it for work, for life and even here, but I hate it with a passion. If I woke up in the middle ages, I’d be glad. – Just remembered, I think it was Buñuel in his book “My Last Sigh” that said “I was lucky enough to have grown up in the middle ages”. Something like that. O aye, no digital! That’ll do me.

  19. Ukdavec says:

    9-11 insider dealing redux

    When you write a story that suggests that people may have had access to advance knowledge of momentous events and then managed to make huge amounts of money trading on that information, you get a lot of criticism.

    …. he noticed the unusual trading in the stocks of Raytheon and Lockheed Martin in the hours before the drone strike in Baghdad and wondered why their stocks began to “surge” an hour before the hit. “If it is insider trading it would be fairly gobsmacking,” he wrote, “not to mention brazen, and while the implications of your previous [V.F.] article are egregious, behaviour like this involving assassination and the prospect of armed conflict is on another level altogether.”


  20. Ukdavec says:

    Latest from Pepe Escobar



    Iranian radars disabled. Coordinates of a civilian Ukrainian aircraft changed – so it would look like an enemy aircraft.

    The downing of the Ukrainian Boeing might have been the result of a US cyber attack.


  21. zyxzevn says:

    Some new information about the retaliation attack by Iran

    Partisan Girl

    5 Lies about Iran’s strikes – debunked

    She shows evidence of how most missiles did hit the intended targets.
    And that the US did not strike back, because Iran threatened
    to attack Israel.

    • manbearpig says:

      Well, off the cuff, haven’t listened to her podcast and perhaps Iran really did threaten to attack Israel…

      But at first glance that statement would seem quite convenient for Israel,

      a nuclear country… who’s always looking for justifications for having an undeclared nuclear arsenal and for picking a fight with Iran…

      And almost every other country in the middle east…

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        MBP , right again, you know how well a cold war works for everybody. Me I am cutting off the cuffs and going short sleeved. Then Im joining the VXR and end it voluntary if you don’t cough up that cup cake recipe.

        If that wasn’t the spookiest Gia worship thing, right up there with flat earth, couldn’t believe it if I hadn’t read it.

    • zyxzevn says:

      The Plot to Attack Iran – Myths, Oil & Revolution
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8Zb8615ib0 Empire Files
      Abby Martin sits down with Dan Kovalik, human rights attorney and author of the book “The Plot to Attack Iran,” to discuss the context to Trump’s recent attacks, the most common myths about the country, and the history of US plots.

      Explains how the country is not so bad as is portrayed.
      Even moderately liberal. But it has Oil.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I loved this interview.
        Fundamentals were addressed.
        Iran – history, religions, demographics, condoms, etc.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Iran Armenian Anecdote

          While the Dan Kovalik interview paints Iran in a much different light than John Bolton would, I am sure that just like any nation, it can be a mixed bag when ascribing characteristics to a nation.

          Back around 2007/2008, Alfie (not his real name) was a strong activist in his early 20’s who was helping with our “North Texans For 9/11 Truth” Group. I worked closely with him on a variety of projects.

          Alfie was of Armenian decent. He was born in Iran and spent his first years of school in Iran. His family moved to the U.S. where he completed his education. Alfie had no foreign accent whatsoever to his English.

          Alfie resented Iran. He told me why.

          During those early childhood schooling years, the instructors would often beat him with a switch / stick. He expected the daily swats. He was Armenian, which implied that he should be beaten daily. At the time, Alfie thought that this was ‘normal’, that this was how it was when a person was Armenian.

          So, like many countries, some places have their prejudices against race, creed or ethnicity.

          Alfie’s Father was in his early 70’s or late 60’s. He must have been a tough guy. Rather than go to the Dentist(in the U.S.), his Father got a pair of pliers and pulled out his own teeth.

      • alexandre says:

        Erm….yes, some fundamentals were addressed, but….yeah, ermm..Abby, hmmm….She’s like the Pilgers and Fisks, I mean, grave, strong, pointing the horrors very seriously etc, but still way too mainstream. Still speaking of presidents as if they’re the ones making the decisions “because of the elections”. That has to stop once and for all. It’s old and quite pathetic by now. Portraying that world “not as bad” is old as well, see Orientalism, Finkelstein, Said etc. Nothing deeper about Israel, nothing about Technocracy – which is alive and well in Iran, right? No mention of the whole universe above these “presidents”, so it comes out like “meah”. Certainly a big shocker for The Times readers, but come on. Still, ok, some good things there. I wonder when she’s gonna interview people like Corbett. Maybe only after he writes a book – that is accepted and published by the “normal” world?

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Alex you never cease to amaze the artist kindred spirit in me. Yes, we are either caught in a spiders web with what we know and what we are being told or we have found the holy grail of knowledge in the Corbett report. That maybe why Abby Martin goes main stream. Exposure to this stuff is limited to so few people. I have asked all over this little city and only 5 or 6 even know The Corbett Report or any alt media exists. Its a small number.
          You are so right on the book thing. ( cap lock warning) EXPOSURE EXPOSURE EXPOSURE. TO THE NORMIE WORLD!
          Your an Ad Man how would you make James as attractive as Abby Martin? Open the flood gates . At least 100 million people are here and waiting for someone to tell them why they have so many doubts. I know there is no venues to expose the masses to what’s really going on, or is there? Hum…you make me want to think laterally.

          • alexandre says:

            Thank you, but….hold yer horses! I ain’t no ad man, I just did music for ads and knew the insides of that world. (Ok and my father WAS an Ad Man). But I get your point. I can happily tell you that Corbett will never roam around the Abby Martin world. For starters he hasn’t got the figure – or the figurine. Second, he is genuine – nooot cool. Third, he is beyond that feared line written “conspiracy” that no normie will ever cross. On the other hand James does something with his head sometimes that looks like the black funk hip hop girls, you know, that swinging with the head from side to side? Maybe we could use that in some videoclip. But no, he’ll never be a Martin.

            You have 5 – 6 people in your wee town? Champagne! I got NOTHING. My sister doesn’t count, I guess. She’s updated frequently, but even she goes “come on, enough!!” if I go a bit closer to Cecil Rhodes.

            The other day a friend told me, first that anarchism is for rich people (wah?????) and then that the stuff I talk about is too far away for people to understand. That doesn’t mean he’s right, only that the normal mind is already made up. The only time I could convince someone about something was my mother, when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. We watched the documentary about Royal Raymond Rife together and at the end she said “Incredible”. Triumph. I found a guy here that did something like Rife (frequency etc) and she did the treatment – because she had watched the thing with me. If I had just told her, she would probably have said “I know BUT….” like everybody else. People don’t LOOK at the stuff. (By the way, mom ended up dying, but the lung cancer was gone, to the astonishment of every doctor. Not that one of them even asked about it. Habits again, I guess)

            So Corbett, thank god, will never be mainstream and super cool. If he comes to be someday, we’re screwed. He already does his best to stay centered and with the feet on the ground as much as possible. Hey, he even did the TED gig (yuk!!!)

            Abby Martin makes me nervous. And it’s a pity because she’s so close. I actually thought about sending her an email with a link to TCR, but when I saw her sites I changed my mind. She would never read it, let alone come here to learn anything.

            Did you mean literally think, of think literally?

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              Alex. Lateral thinking. I don’t know , esta sabor nada , but it seems to be necessary in this prison planet. However nothing good ever comes quick. The assembly of spontaneous order , say in creativity, say music, comes pretty quick when you change an approach to a goal. Think differently, act differently to the established order for something greater than the sum of , the goals individual parts. It seems to be in conflict as It relates to the law of Conservation of Energy. It borders between two realities. Spiritual and Physical. Anarchy favors the spiritual in my small thinking because it breaks the established rules.
              To design a future Ad campaign, as Bernaise did , out of the box thinking broke all the rules. And wah-la! We have the reality we have today. Now, how to construct a new reality and move out of inercia without all the habitual resistance to change that will occur. Im saying think like Bernaise. Isn’t Jazz lateral music? The change we are looking for is the million dollar question. Why don’t people in general view their imprisonments differently. Learned hepless

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Alex , I forgot to leave this definition of lateral thought.

                They used some very normie topics as examples of problems. The problem i would pose show do we tear down the matrix prison walls. It will take minds like yours.

              • alexandre says:

                GBW, ha ha, so funny. “Esta sabor nada” actually means – in Spanish, by the way – “This taste nothing”. Ha ha…good one. I think you meant “saber” which is “to know”. Sabor = taste. Saber = to know. There’s your PortuSpanish lesson for the day, now go and study, my boy!

                Lateral thinking? Never heard that before. Will check the video you sent below, thank you.

                As for “think different” – the Apple slogan, by the way – IF I understood correctly, I would suggest the contrary. Do nothing, thing oldly, go back to the middle ages, stay put, don’t change the form of the totem unless proven absolutely necessary, revisit pessimism, read Schopenhauer, things like that. What you say sounds exactly like what they do – again IF I got it right. And they – the infamous they – formatted our minds to do what they do, i.e. think different, new this and new that, upgrade, be modern, a NEW way, a NEW system and so on. What we need is to throw ALL OF THAT (sorry the caps lock) in the garbage bin. “They” must serve as a reference point; whatever they do, you do the opposite. Think different? I’ll think provincially – or something like that…erm..think obviously. Be up to date? I’ll downgrade until I’m rubbing stones again. Refuse their mindset, at least a priori.

                Wow, I just remembered a dream from long long ago, if I may bore this forum with it.
                I was trying to follow a group of people, running after them on a coastline, but every time they crossed a corner of stones, the sea came up and I had to wait for it to go back, so I never could catch up. At some point I thought “well, fuck that” and decided to stop following them, and suddenly this beautiful hotel appeared and I went in. It was my grandmother’s hotel. I sat down with her, we had milk-coffee with buttered cookies and just stayed there talking – in Spanish, my parent’s tongue – and I told her “I have to visit Buenos Aires more often” (grandma was from Buenos Aires). I woke up in paradise, never felt better and I was in “another time” for lack of a better expression. Much slower, MY own time, not the world’s time. SO…the suggestion of the dream is…? STOP trying to catch up with “them”. Fuck it, let them go, sit down and have a chat with your friends. (That dream is from circa 1992 or so…the power of the unconscious! – thunder).

              • manbearpig says:

                awesome dream sequence, felt like I was in it…like flying and serene sunshine…I forgot how much I miss gramma…

                and then we jump from Bernaise’ sauce into masonic logos

                in the collective Corbett subconscious…

                wanna pay attention but

                gotta go back to Dunkirk and Oradour-sur-Glane translating the indiscriminate horrors of WW2 with children in uniform dropping their bayonets and clinging to candy jars in a deathly embrace…

              • alexandre says:


              • alexandre says:

                Hello GBW, I finally took a closer look at De Bono and regretfully I have to raise my flag and sound my alarm. “Technocrat ahead!” I tried my best but, even with some good stuff in it, he sounds just like a technocrat, i.e. an expert giving ideas for designing democracy and so on. “Design” is a word he says a lot. And his ideas of better designs and positive creative thinkers (terms that give me the creeps) are based on the most mainstream foundation, so the results could be quite catastrophic. Lateral thinking could be a good idea, but I think we have better sources for this kind of subject.

                Reminded me a bit of Dr Shiva in the sense that, after a very good talk about some subject, one where you get all excited and optimistic, when the solution, or the alternative comes, it’s quite in line with Technocracy, so…big disappointment. The ideas may be great, and Shiva’s talk on vaccines is fantastic, but we must not lose sight of the drive behind. They probably are falling for the trap, meaning they’re not deceiving people. They’re honest, but mistaken on the premises. “Finding a creative solution for climate change” is a good example.

                Ok, just wanted to comment on that.

            • candlelight says:


              Good point, Corbett would first have to get a lot more attractive to be on Abby’s level, eh? Not only figure-wise, but maybe grow some hair? I don’t know….

              Well, they do have RT in common. Corbett, even very early on, somehow had the eye of the RT producers and was interviewed a number of times, if I remember correctly.

              But, Abby’s reaching a different sort of audience. She doesn’t probe as deep as Corbett. In a way, the fact that she reaches a wider audience sort of compensates for her lack of depth: deep and narrow vs wide and shallow….

              But, to follow your narrative concerning the real puppet show before us, as it’s rather obvious that, as you intimate, presidents aren’t the ones making the decisions, the question becomes, then, who, behind the curtain, are making the decisions? For instance, who is it, exactly, who tells the CIA what to do? Who to kill, who to go after? It’s one thing to realize the CIA killed Kennedy, but who was the individual or individuals who sanctioned it? Select members of the Bilderberg group? Others? Trilateral Commission members?

              This still remains a very shadowy question, the answer to which truly hasn’t been pinpointed that I know of. Hinted at, speculated about, but, not answered.

              This elusive truth is not ready for prime time, or Abby, as darn pretty as she is.

              • Fawlty Towers says:

                “But, to follow your narrative concerning the real puppet show before us, as it’s rather obvious that, as you intimate, presidents aren’t the ones making the decisions, the question becomes, then, who, behind the curtain, are making the decisions? For instance, who is it, exactly, who tells the CIA what to do? Who to kill, who to go after? It’s one thing to realize the CIA killed Kennedy, but who was the individual or individuals who sanctioned it? Select members of the Bilderberg group? Others? Trilateral Commission members?”

                Dulles is a prime suspect for directing the CIA to make the kill, even though he had already been removed from the agency.

              • alexandre says:

                Candlelight – Ha ha, NOW….the hair thing was very low. And yet….funny. Let’s not start with jokes like “give my piece a chance!” and such. I forbid it!

                As for Abby, wait a couple of more years and see how darn pretty she’ll look. Grandma Abby Moses. All Abby needed to do is watch Corbett’s videos – understanding them preferably. And some TruthStreamMedia as well. And some Rosa Koire. Then she would be very big, maybe even prettier. I just wonder if she’s consciously or unconsciously locked in that place and can go no further, like Pilger and other greats, that get so far but not enough – or they may fall in the “conspiracy theory” division and lose their credibility.

                The “who” is of course unanswerable. The best we can do is speculate, but with Corbetts, Patrick Woods, TSM and the like, it’s more than enough to know, to have a clear enough overall picture, to stay clear of those bastards and don’t fall for the banana in the tailpipe. So we don’t need to know exactly who makes the decisions. It’s “them” and when we say “they”, “we” know “who” “we” are talking “about”.

              • candlelight says:

                Fawlty Towers

                When I wrote the above, the name Allen Dulles slipped my mind so, even though I was temped to say “what’s his name”, I didn’t bother. Had I remembered his name, I would have said the Kennedy assassination was directed by the CIA in the personage of Allen Dulles, etc. But, what my question actually was and still is – under who’s direction did Allen Dulles take his orders from? Of course, if it was the chiefs at the Pentagon, the question remains, who does the Pentagon work for, etc., the ultimate answer being the naming of names at the very pinnacle of this unholy pyramid.

                Ironically, James’ very next podcast touching on Logos may have pointed a very fickle fated finger in the direction of the Freemasons as a very likely avenue to explore, being that their symbology adorns virtually the entire globe. So, unless 2 + 2 = 5, it stands to reason that part of the puzzle is associated with that not-so-secret-anymore society, whose members, apparently, had the poor judgement to allow Freedman Fly into their inner chambers. They couldn’t possibly have foresaw Fly’s exposé…. They ain’t that good.


                “Thinkin’ out of the box”: I thought GBW’s introducing Dr. Edward de Bono was interesting an informative. It led me to watch one of his longer lectures. I liked his “blonde” joke: There were two 90 year old friends, and when the second to die meets up with old pal in hell, he sees him sitting with a young gorgeous blonde on his lap. And he says to his friend, ah, are you sure this is hell? The friend replies, yes, it is. This is her punishment….

                Yet, as interesting as de Bono is, I’m more with you. I liked very much your reaction to the creative problem solving out of the box meme. It’s earthy.

                Check out this “banana in the tailpipe” link. Oddly enough, scrolling half way down, it features some of your Brazilian compadres and how they deal with the modern world….Now I know precisely where you’re coming from!


                That was a low blow about the hair, ostensibly. Though, If I can tell you a little secret…I think from that comment I could be excused. lol

              • alexandre says:

                Candlelight – yep. The “piece” thing is from a Corbett’s compadre in Canada, the great Colin Mochrie. Certainly James can take a joke. Or we’re in for some digital spanking.

                The Indians throwing arrows at planes, yes, I love that. That’s me with digital, yes sir. Thanks for the image.

                The lateral thinking – interesting, but I’m not so sure. I’d have to check more the E. de Bono lectures you mentioned.

              • Fawlty Towers says:

                “When I wrote the above, the name Allen Dulles slipped my mind so, even though I was temped to say “what’s his name”, I didn’t bother. Had I remembered his name, I would have said the Kennedy assassination was directed by the CIA in the personage of Allen Dulles, etc. But, what my question actually was and still is – under who’s direction did Allen Dulles take his orders from? Of course, if it was the chiefs at the Pentagon, the question remains, who does the Pentagon work for, etc., the ultimate answer being the naming of names at the very pinnacle of this unholy pyramid.”

                In his book “The Devil’s Chessboard – Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government” David Talbot posits that Dulles did not take his orders from anyone. That it was Dulles himself who made the decision to eliminate JFK.

              • candlelight says:

                Fawlty Towers,

                The premise that Allan Dulles was top dog making the decision to off JFK simply doesn’t work for me.

                I didn’t read the book, but let’s go to Talbot’s Wikipedia page where it has a synopsis of his book, and copy a line from it:

                “According to Talbot, Dulles orchestrated the assassination of Kennedy at the behest of corporate leaders who perceived the President to be threat to national security, lobbied Lyndon B. Johnson to have himself appointed to the Warren Commission, then arranged to have Lee Harvey Oswald take sole responsibility for the act.”

                Dictionary meaning of “behest”: A person’s order or command.

                That makes a whole lot more sense. So, I want to know who those fucking people were who gave Dulles the fucking Command.

                Do we read The Devil’s Chessboard to find that out, or does Talbot keep that info to himself? Or does he even know?

                Will Talbot suffer another stroke before we find out?

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              Alex, Puedo saborear lo que dices. Gracious!

              • alexandre says:

                Saboreie com moderação.

                Now, just a little mystery. I was kind of surprised to see the next video called “Going Viral” after we had our discussion exactly about that and Abby Martin – I think Fawlty Towers started saying:
                “Your an Ad Man how would you make James as attractive as Abby Martin? Open the flood gates . At least 100 million people are here and waiting”…etc.

                So at first I thought James had read our discussion, but the timing was wrong. He was already doing the video as we were discussing. SO….was it coincidence? Synchronicity? Had other people suggested the viral thing already? I don’t know, I found it curious, but in any case James gave a good response also to Fawlty Towers initial suggestion. I’m not sure the “embryonic” thing will catch up, though. Not very “catchy”.

                Meah, just a curiosity. Maybe I should post this on that video’s comment?

          • Fawlty Towers says:

            “Your an Ad Man how would you make James as attractive as Abby Martin? Open the flood gates . At least 100 million people are here and waiting for someone to tell them why they have so many doubts. I know there is no venues to expose the masses to what’s really going on, or is there? Hum…you make me want to think laterally.”

            I was thinking about the ‘going viral’ thing ever since a comment I made yesterday.

            When we think of an idea or action going viral these days what immediately springs to mind?

            Gootube, or Twitter or Fakebook etc.
            All mainstream dribble outfits.

            None of them would ever permit an important Corbett video or message to go viral. That is, flood the world in a matter of days or weeks.

            Therein lies our conundrum. Can you think of any alt-media that has the power to go viral, truly viral?

            We (in the alt-media) need to start developing platforms that can do this!

            • alexandre says:

              Good point, Towers, but I think the conclusion is that “viral” is antithetical to….truth? If anything the truth must work slowly through individuals and we can only hope one day it has an effect of the collective. But in my view anything that is collective from the start (viral etc) is already anti-truth (truth in the sense we mean here – how the world truly works etc). To make Corbett viral seems a contradiction, even though his 911 was viral, but it was short and necessarily superficial. Enough to raise eyebrows and have an impact, but not to make people go deeper and have their worlds shattered, a sine qua non of what we’re talking about here.

              If we think that “they” (see above) do evil through good (internet, PCs, iPhones, digital, art, technology etc), we should invent a way of doing good through evil. Is that possible? Or it doesn’t work both ways? James is the philosopher here, let’s ask him. I’m starting to get confused.

              • alexandre says:

                I meant “…an effect ON the collective”. Sorry.

              • Fawlty Towers says:

                I had the same thoughts as you, just after I made my post.
                So just how does Mr. Corbett reach a wide enough audience to make a really BIG BANG in this world?

                (I haven’t seen his latest ‘Going Viral’ video but am looking forward to it.)

                The MSM/deep state channels would never permit one of his eye-opening videos to gain substantial viral momentum.

                There currently doesn’t exist an alt-media venue that can achieve the ‘viral effect’ and even if one eventually surfaced, you can bet your bottom dollar that TPTB would find a way to pull the plug on any video that was too ‘truthful’ and threatened to go viral.

                It would be a crying shame indeed if 10-20 years from now (assuming Mr. Corbett is still plugging away at this) his worldwide impact remains the same as it is now, in relative terms.

      • herrqlys says:

        That was a really good Abby Martin interview, so thank you zyxzevn for providing that link. Dan Kovalik is very well researched and has in-depth knowledge about Iran and the greater Middle East.

        I’ve followed Abby Martin, from time to time, ever since she was at RT, then at TeleSur where she started the Empire Files, and now continues the Empire Files format as a freelance investigative journalist. Abby has always had a distinctive vocal stying which I find very engaging, and she chooses excellent interview subjects.

        She appeared naïve, however, when terminating her presenter role on RT over the situation in Ukraine, post-Maidan. I have never seen or heard Martin step back from her reasoning at the time but her subsequent actions suggest she grew up after that.

  22. farrur says:

    Looking at the disastrous weather conditions around the globe, I’m wondering if weather can be man made? Meaning:
    Are some people at work to create earthquakes ,tsunamis ,drought,rainfalls etc ? It is said the next wars are going to be fought by manipulating weather,is it true?

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Farrur, Possibly, locally crops can be destroyed for war or for economic terrorism and profits. Elana Freeland has 3 books out on the subject. They are full of information, references and sources. True may not be the word, but probable and possible are more likely .

  23. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Benny Wills (a veteran Joy Camp guy) says:
    “I want to show you a video….”

    An English fellow visits Iran and drives across it on a motorcycle.

    Spoiler: Ya probably won’t go hungry in Iran.

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