Interview 1503 - Jerry Day Provides an Update on 5G Implementation

12/18/201980 Comments

Jerry Day of joins us today for an information-packed presentation on the status of 5G implementation in the US and around the world. We also discuss what people can do to protect themselves from RF radiation and its associated concerns.

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Jerry Day on The Corbett Report

The 5G Dragnet

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  1. ztaco says:

    I was hoping to be a teacher some day, but schools nowadays are overran with dangerous EMFs. It literally seems like a dangerous job, and the worst part is the children literally walking through THICK electrosmog multiple hours a day for the majority of their developmental lives. I want to protect myself and there seems to be options of how to individually protect yourself, but trying to protect a school seems impossible. Any ideas of what to do? Approach the principal? Contact the district? The state? Just protest outside of the schools? I literally am rethinking my future career because of this shit being pulled on us, and now I can’t stand the thought of millions of children trying to learn lies being taught by the state just to get bombarded with dangerous frequencies all day long. Sickening.

    • mkey says:

      I’m a bit perplexed, the lies of the state part of the issue was there way before 5G, was it not? Children are the most difficult to protect, that was so since the beginning of time.

  2. jarmstrong says:

    As far as I listened this seems to be completely inaccurate. I was waiting for the punchline like you were with Sacha Baron Cohen.

    • Hotfoot says:

      jarmstrong, how far did you listen?

      Would you care to share what seemed inaccurate to you?

      Is there some research into the effects of 5G radiation and higher doses of 4G radiation you are aware of which you might point me to?

      It seems this subject matter is becoming increasingly relevant, yet little is understood about it. Any information and/or links you can provide which suggests Mr Day is on the wrong path, I’d be very grateful for.

    • geisha says:

      The important thing is that the antennas they put up in my neighborhood (hundreds in different forms and shapes for the different carriers), have pushed me into EMF sensitivity. Not pleasant. Not avoidable, unless I stop walking the dogs and going from/to the car. A little after the EMFs from all those antennas hit me, one of our dogs also got sick (immune system, anemia,…). And the bees fall where they haven’t fallen before while displaying strange behaviors (flying into me or the dogs or cat; tumbling around apparently confused and or partially paralyzed). Viva Smart City – the Pride of San Diego’s Planning Department.

      Can you please point out the inaccuracies you’ve found? Thank you!

      • jarmstrong says:

        Taking into account reflection of radio waves off buildings has always been a standard part of deciding where to put a transmitter. For the short range parts of the 5G network, using the higher frequencies, reflection off buildings could be a bigger consideration relative to reflection off other landscape features and other RF propagation factors but it is not something new.

        Standardized active beam forming has been around since 2G.

        Full duplex is already used in mobile networks (and all telephony, as it is what allows both parties to talk at the same time). 4G in most of the world uses Frequency Division duplex and China typically uses Time Division duplex.

        Small cells already exist in cell networks and have for several years.

        Where he talks about blocking of 5G signals I think he is very ambiguous. “5G just passes straight through metal screens”, “a thin layer of aluminium foil will effectively shield 5G”, “curtains will block 5G if they are sufficiently dense”.

        He should explain the effect of different materials on the attenuation of EM waves of different wavelengths in an understandable way as his claims don’t seem at all consistent.

        • geisha says:

          Thank you. Do you understand how 5G signals (radiofrequencies) will be able to make it from orbit to the Earth’s surface?

          I saw one study where mm waves made it 10km in a rural NY setting (where it passed through/around vegetation; on a dry day; study was sponsored by telecom as far as I remember; study can easily be found online).

          • jarmstrong says:

            I’m not sure what you are asking me.
            Terrestrial 5G networks won’t affect how RF communication with satellites in orbit takes place and if someone decided to point a 5G antenna array towards a satellite in geo-stationary orbit 20,000 miles above the earth for some reason the radiation wouldn’t be a threat to anyone on the ground.

            • geisha says:

              Thank you again. My question is:
              How are those tens of thousands of proposed 5G satellites supposed to work? What EMFs would they receive from/send to Earth (not mm waves as they can’t make it, so what frequencies would they send/receive)? Do you know/have an educated guess?

              Arthus Firstenberg has concerns with the effect of further electrosmog pollution in our magneto/ionosphere. What do you think about these concerns?


              • jarmstrong says:

                5G is just the introduction of higher bandwidth, shorter range communication between user equipment and its local radio base station.
                For a given signal power the higher the frequency the shorter the range so it is only feasible in urban areas. Typical applications is things like internal cells in shopping centres, office buildings or public spaces in city centres.
                I turned off the interview after the first 10 minutes because it appeared that the interviewee was vastly misinformed about the basics of telecommunications so I didn’t know he went on to talk about 10s of 1000s of proposed satellites being part of 5G telecoms.
                EHF communication with satellites is actually possible because signal attenuation is lower when there is line of sight and less dense atmosphere.
                Communication to and from satellites takes place on a variety of frequency bands and some are EHF frequencies like the high bandwidth 5G frequencies but this is a separate development from 5G.
                Point to point data links which are terrestrial but point to point with line of sight also use EHF frequencies and these microwave links have been in use for over a decade and are not part of 5G either.
                If the interviewee has general concerns about EHF frequencies being used in communications in general he should educate himself a bit more about their various uses before making extravagant claims specifically about 5G. These millimetre waves have been widely used in line of sight applications for some time both terrestrially and for satellite communication.
                I don’t know anything about ionosphere pollution.

        • geisha says:

          thank you, Jerry for sharing patiently!

        • mkey says:

          To be consistent, Time and Frequency division duplex are considered as emulation of full duplex.

          Day’s point about attenuation has been very poorly made.

          It is empirically understood that any conductive material that has apertures not larger than one tenth of the EM wave wavelength will act as a solid obstacle for passage of EM waves. With millimeter wavelengths this makes any meshes that could delineate a solid Faraday cage for 3G or 4G virtually useless against millimeter wavelengths.

          Everything that stands in the wave’s way will attenuate it to a certain degree. Be it walls or curtains. Conductive materials should stop it completely, however for that to work one would need to be completely encased.

          • jarmstrong says:

            That’s a far better explanation. Day seemed to be saying that millimetre waves went straight through metal. I agree that for higher frequencies a closer mesh would be required.

            Is there anything in the 5G specification for duplex implementation other than FDD or TDD? My understanding is that 5G duplexing would have to be isolated by time or frequency for the same reasons of interference that necessitate emulated duplexing in 2/3/4G

            • mkey says:

              I haven’t dealt deeper into 5G specification and I don’t know the answer to that question. Generally I’d say that it’s technically more feasible to have emulated full duplex than actual full duplex.

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            Mkey, can you explain or describe the basics of a Faraday cage. Once you run a current or charge through the mesh will it block all EMF and EMR waves. All the help you can give will be appreciated. Thanks.

            • mkey says:

              Faraday cage is a conductive structure which doesn’t let EM waves through. That’s because it represents a short circuit for establishing a standing wave so the electric field has to be 0 on the conductive circuit.


              Depending on the frequency, a Faraday cage can be approximated with a mesh. Higher the frequency, denser the mesh has to be. On 5G frequency the mesh basically needs to be as dense as woven fabric.

              You don’t have to run anything through the cage to get it to stop the waves. A good conductor will stop it dead in its tracks. To test, you can put your mobile phone (up to 4G) in a microwave oven. That phone shouldn’t be able to access the grid, unless the over is leaky. If you look at the oven glass door, it will probably have a metallic mesh of some sort to prevent the EM waves to leak out.

              Microwave oven blasts EM at about 2.4-5GHz. That means a wavelength of about 10cm, allowing for holes in the mesh of about 1cm. If you raise the frequency 10x, the wavelength will go down 10x.

              Good news is, higher the frequency, less durable the wave. Bad news is, with that many emitters you would be absolutely soaked. It’s important to remember that power of the wave emanating from the emitter goes down with the cube of distance. 10x the distance, 1000x less energy. Closer the emitters are to your body, and especially the head I’d say, worse off you would be.

              Every material will attenuate the wave, some more than others. A simple way to combat EM wave I’ve seen people employ is to get a conductive blanket and put it over your head while you sleep. That’s a quarter up to a third of your life and you get to protect your brain while it’s regenerating.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Mkey, thank you so much!

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Mkey, Im to have a quiet moment and wonder, so please forgive me if the question goes in your direction. Ignore if its too far out there. Questions for Anyone.
                You got me at standing wave. That pushed me toward the ‘anything conductive’ stoping the EMF/EMR. Human blood is conductive and Im assuming is a natural Farreday cage up to a point. The protective barrier is good up to a point? 5g goes beyond that point where our natural abillities can protect, damaging the essence of life at the core?. That makes it a weapon then.
                This is where I came across Ulrik Grannogger piece from the Solari Report.


                Why her work was picked as important was puzzling. Ulrik seems to be materializing spiritualality.
                How to conceive a test for this got me to wonder. The proof is in language and memory use. It appears first in sequential and linear form but our mind puts it together all at once, zero point multi-directional EMR/EMF bringing it to life as conscious thought ? Not material being? Is Ulrike proposing life is creating its spiritualization simultaneously / automatically out of the DNA EMF receiver/ transmitter? Has 5G been chosen for this destroying characteristic?
                Organizational force? Do we get our organizational force from zero point energy? Say my name. Under any name it still has the same outcome. We become , and become equal.
                Must be what drives the weapoizationer to unequal the weaponless . Madness to expect anything other than equailization. “Lay another name on them until they figure it out. It will give us more time to fulfill our desire.”
                Equalization would mean To organize a better Farreday cage, or organize a ” no need for the Farreday cage .”
                Is this what life is, a never ending equalization?
                I suppose this is what this string of sequential linear zero point thought, site question was about. Why am I here?

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Wait! I’ll answer the last question but feel free to address the others. I would love to hear more about Ulrike Granogger ideas.

                “Why am I here?” For the BIG GULP! of course.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                And here is Russell Targ and the big Gulp.
                The sources he sites, the company he worked for and the anti-royal message? … Almost to much…


              • mkey says:

                While living tissue is conductive and it could “protect” from EM waves, you probably wouldn’t want your tissue to be the protective barrier. Blood will do it, but skin as well. In fact, higher the frequency the lower penetration depth is expected. That’s one of the reasons these 5G waves face troubles getting around obstacles.

                One of the issues is that changing magnetic field will induce electrical currents in your brain, for instance, while you are entertaining a phone call. These currents, at its very basic level, will produce some extra heat in your brain. This is something you probably don’t want done to your body.

                All the while, it’s the only effect taken into account with the human body as barrel of water “model”.

                What also needs to be taken into account is the intensity and the shape of the beam with which your would be 5G mobile device would be targeted. With some proper understanding, that’s something that, to the average end user, would look like an “energy beam” i.e. a weapon.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      From my perspective, regardless of potential or provable adverse health effects, it becomes insidiously evil to control and manipulate the population through “The Internet of Things” (or through any other means).

      As was pointed out in the video: 5 G is not here for the people’s benefit.

      For me, that is a key take-away from the video.
      To heck with any contentions regarding the technical details of how these EMF operate.

      • geisha says:

        HomeRemedySupply: Definitely a good way to control people. I can observe it on myself. Whatever the 5G antennas transmit in my neighborhood can radically change me and my behaviors. Pain, discomfort, avoiding to go outside or into areas with WIFI or where people are using cell phones (or even places in my home where strong EMFs are), low vibration, no desire for social contact, no ability to do serious work or let’s say demonstrate against 5G in an irradiated area; I know that’s for a newly EMF sensitive person who hasn’t managed to control symptoms, but still; this does affect everybody at some level, and at some point most of us will have symptoms that hamper our usual activities/behaviors.

        I think the avoidance behaviors play well into the wanted 5G goals incl. Smart City goals and online shopping, as IoT will provide everything one needs without the need to get up from ones seat. If more people get symptomatic, small stores, coffee shops restaurants etc will die out as the population orders in. Quiet streets (and if somebody gets out, they’ll be monitored via street lights and other cameras or recording devices. A dream of a population/control.

        • ledhead1789 says:

          How do we fight this? How do we stop it? Spreading awareness is obviously key, but most people don’t want to talk about this and it’s a buzzkill to bring up in polite conversation. I’m at a loss for how to affect change as it relates to 5G.

          • geisha says:

            I think, we can keep educating ourselves and others. And we have to learn to protect ourselves so that we can keep standing up as good as we can against the powers. 5GCrisis has nice info materials, I write the link for the local 5G antenna map on these and hand them out, leave them at neighbors’ doors; starting with those doors where I know there are inquiring minds behind the doors – in the hope that there’ll be more aware/alert people which will be a better counter weight to the telecom industries/FCC/rulers.

            I’ve shielded the inside of our house the best I can (without going to the paint or metal shielding), I reduce dirty electricity with filters, removal of dimmers, etc. I am wearing a shielded t-shirt or hoodie if I have to be outside (isn’t perfect but at least reduces some EMF impact).

            I also supplement with iron as I have always been on the lower side of the red blood cell spectrum and hemoglobin level and we know now that EMFs mess up our blood (search for: cell phone/smart meter and live blood microscopy), and 5G robs the oxygen which makes everything worse esp. for an almost anemic person. Taking care of my iron/RBCs seems to make a difference. I use organic black strap molasses, beets, and every other day, also a whole food based iron supplement.

            • ledhead1789 says:

              Awesome, thanks! Where do you buy the shielded shirts from? I currently use boxers from for protection.

              • geisha says:

       They are amazing in their selection (although they’ve also been out of stock for some items after 5G got more people got concerned.

                They have abundant videos on how things work and educational info.

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              Great points in your comment!

  3. ktrammel says:

    James, why do you suppose it is that the fools that so recklessly want to saturate the world, every living individual, with high frequency pulsed EMF, do not consider the effects it will have upon them personally, and their progeny? No one is immune. It seems utterly insane, the kind of insanity that was apparent in George C. Scott’s character General Buck Turgidson in Dr. Strangelove.

    • ahoeltje says:

      Loved that movie!

      Back to your main point, my thought as well: where do the children of the elite grow up and live? Don’t the benefactors of this New World Order technology realize that they too are in this toxic EMF soup? Do they have some kind of shield that protects them from what they inflict upon us?

      • geisha says:

        Some try to survive in bunkers. Million dollar bunkers. And I am sure there are those underground cities for the elite. What they will do when the nuclear power plants or ozone layer go, is unclear. Maybe move off Earth.

    • ledhead1789 says:

      I agree. Wouldn’t the powers that shouldn’t be also be subjected to all ill effects caused by 5G??? My only guess is that they have some grade A bunkers haha.

    • cooly says:


      I have posed this very question in the past. It does seem utterly insane.
      I know it’s a simplistic thing to say, but there’s some truth to it: Too much money or power can cause insanity.
      I suppose “they” are looking forward to hunkering down in their well-appointed underground lairs, rolling around in their piles of money with glee, just like Mr. Green at the end of The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three. (I’m referring to the original. Never watched the remake. You don’t re make a perfect film, for fuck’s sake).

    • wylie1 says:

      Video here or elsewhere? described wireless (emf smog?) free zones. I recall there being one in some section of the state of Virginia. Can’t recall the other places around the country.

      Supposedly several of the so called elites have already started moving to those anti EMF bombardment zones.

  4. scpat says:


    Is Jerry inferring that because 4G and 5G must work together that the 4G towers must also be physically connected? Because it seems at least possible that 4G and 5G could work together remotely, using the existing spread out placement of 4G towers.

    • Hotfoot says:

      Good point, scpat. That makes sense to me, too.

    • geisha says:

      I think that longer wave length are sent up and down to satellites and mm waves on Earth. And they will keep using 3 and 4G until everything is set for 5G (infrastructure). But, I may very well be wrong…

    • mkey says:

      I think his conclusion was that, there were 4G emitter is not available, you’ll have 4G on the same spot with 5G to save installation cost. But there would be a need for far more 5G emitters than 4G ones.

      It doesn’t seem this point holds much merit.

  5. Ukdavec says:

    Hi James

    The mp4 download link is pointing to the wrong show.

    Have a peaceful holiday.

  6. Ukdavec says:

    These are worth reading for a deeper dive into 5G

    The Geopolitics of 5G and IoT

    Behind the complicated technology lie significant geopolitical forces that drive the current development of 5G and IoT standards, as well as selection of 5G spectrum. China wants to be a leader, and the U.S. thinks it is ahead in mmWave. Japan and Korea lean toward supporting the U.S., and Europe is more relaxed but practical. A deeper look at the tech explains the geopolitical landscape, and supports view that China will roll out 5G fast and big.

    5G: Why We Don’t Believe in the 5G “Cycle”

    Jefferies believes the ROI for 5G investment in the U.S. is significantly less attractive that it was for prior 3G and 4G investments, largely because wireless is more mature, with higher smartphone penetration now relative to history and peaking average revenue per user (ARPU). While some cutover from 4G to 5G is likely, Jefferies does not expect overall capex to grow due to 5G technology availability over the next two years. Further out, applications such as autonomous vehicles should make for a better case for 5G.

  7. bladtheimpaler says:

    This was all very interesting and while the deleterious effects on health by wireless and 5G are becoming well known what isn’t as far as who gets to pay for its roll out and the Trillion dollar scam associated with it has lead to a lawsuit of the FCC beginning in January 2020.

    This video explains what that lawsuit looks like:

  8. Nusuth says:

    The U.S. infrastructure doesn’t get fixed but there is money to install radiation boxes across the U.S.? Sounds like someone is buying into holocaust bonds.

  9. Hotfoot says:

    Anyone watched ‘Better Call Saul’ in which the character Chuck claims to have EMF sensitivity?

    Throughout several series of this show it is drummed into the viewer that Chuck (a highly successful lawyer) is imagining his symptoms.

    Occurred to me at 31m15s in this interview, that there’s predictive programming going on with that storyline..

    • ahoeltje says:

      My thought as well. Vince Gilligan, the creator of Better Call Saul, also did a short lived series called The Lone Gunmen, in which the pilot show (March 2001) depicts plains flying into the World Trade Center. This was just a few months before the actual event. Predictive Programming? Preconditioning to shrug it off as “conspiracy theory”?

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Thanks ahoeltje. I did not know…

        George Vincent Gilligan Jr. (born February 10, 1967) is an American writer, producer, and director.
        He is known for his television work, specifically as creator, head writer, executive producer, and director of AMC’s Breaking Bad and its spin-off Better Call Saul. He was a writer and producer for The X-Files and was the co-creator of its spin-off The Lone Gunmen.

        X-Files 2016 – Worth watching!! – 4 minute video
        (Thanks Tom Secker! …his links, transcript, and other short video clips here…

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Tom Secker’s links, other short video clips and transcripts…

          • candlelight says:

            Hey HRS,

            Interesting Secker links. I have to say that besides binge watching selected TV programs from time to time on Netflix (for instance, condensing 5 years of Breaking Bad into 2 weeks), I’m not familiar with, nor have I viewed many TV programs, including the X-Files, so these short clips of the show were an eye-opener.

            Pretty funny, indeed, to hear in the 4 minute video you linked above, the characters, Mulder and O’Malley, rattle off in approximately one minute, nearly the entire gamut of Alex Jones’ Infowars’ grab bag of conspiracy theories.

            That’s all well and dandy, exposing the TV viewing world to the notion that 911 was a false flag event used to justify militarism, surveillance, the end of Constitutional rights and privacy, and the setting up of a New World Order/One World Government, etc.

            However, this short, concise, conspiracy-dense diatribe of sorts, is prefaced in the same breath with another “truth”, the visitation of aliens to our planet brought about, literally, by the advent of detonating nuclear bombs. And said “truth” is accentuated by graphic visuals of the aliens, themselves, however conjured by the program producer’s visual arts department.

            Unlike Secker, who weighed in on this conundrum, and who concluded that on balance, however absurd the mix, the programming was positive and supportive of conspiracy theory, I tend to disagree.

            In essence, I believe it is simply a corollary to the earlier predictive programming of pre-911 “entertainment”. Such dialogue as in this 4 minute clip, takes pains, in what amounts to a subliminal blip of a sound bite, to muddle fantastic, phantasmagorical accounts, with 911 Truth.

            So, from my perspective, X-Files is programming of a bad sort, and most likely highly vetted by the same conjurers who conjured the false flag of 911 in the first place.

            • candlelight says:


              On the other hand, if conspiracy theory for conspiracy theory’s sake is your game, then sure, X-Files and its ilk are the programs to watch, especially if you want to keep conspiracy theory just that – a theory, and wish to keep and maintain fact and fiction forever entwined, with any truth therein hopelessly obscured.

              Of course, we all know and realize one of the most outlandish and laughable theories out there, rotting at the bottom of the barrel is “flat earth”. Thankfully, no one here on the CR promulgates it. I mean, hopefully not.

              But, there’s another theory that has resurfaced and is promulgated by heretofore respected 911 Truthers, which I find to be unnecessary at best and thoroughly counter-productive at worst. And that is the theory that the moon landings were a hoax. When a prominent proponent for 911 Truth such as Melissa Dykes giggles her way through her justification for such a moon landing hoax theory, as if she knows something about astrophysics that hundreds of astrophysicists, rocket scientists and engineers don’t know, I think it constitutes an unfortunate and unnecessary bane on the Truth Movement. It begs the term “agnotology”.

              Here’s an informative link to the genesis of the moon landing hoax theory:


              It’s a very disturbing question to ask why Melissa Dykes would spend time on it? What would she have to say about every program since Apollo? Martian probe landings – fake? Saturn’s and Jupiter’s moons flybys – fake? Asteroid landing? Faked by the Japanese?

              It’s a stupid rabbit hole to dive into that only diminishes the voracity of the Truth Movement.

              Even more troublesome than Melissa’s rendition, is the sources from which she derives her point of view. The style in which these conspiracy theorists conduct their investigation, picking apart video and photographic archives of the moon landings in support of their theory is nearly identical in a way and/or certainly reminiscent of earlier 911 Truth documentaries.

              The slew moon landing hoax documentaries, therefore, cast an appalling, detrimental light upon 911 Truth, or any other truth, and essentially accomplishes the same thing that X-File type programming stealthily accomplishes. And that is the melding and intertwining of ridiculous, unsubstantiated accounts – be it aliens worm holing their way to earth in altruistic response to our playing with our own annihilation, or touting with celebratory ignorance the denial of obvious scientific expertise – with fact-based underpinnings of logical deduction, dedicated to unwrapping and exposing true malfeasance.

              A nonsensical rabbit hole offers nothing but distraction, plain and simple, and no doubt is, in many an instance, orchestrated blindly, or with cunning foresight.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Occasionally, “flat earth” comes up on the comment boards.

                Fortunately, there is a Universal Physics Law…
                “The Law of 7 Eleven ”

                EXCERPT below
                Just from an observational perspective…

                Like a drop of water, it seems that particles of mass tend to attract each other.
                When particles freely clump, spherical shapes make sense.
                Pizza shapes don’t.

                I can just picture this huge pizza floating in space, gathering more and more crust on its outer edges (not toppings). Eventually the Universe becomes threatened by the Super-Sized Pizza ready to pizza-ize-disk anything near it, until finally the Universe ends with the Big Gulp.
                It is the Law of “7 Eleven”.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Candlelight that was beautifully stated. It made me realize our relation to our overlords (fill in the blank here). Malthiesence and cunning foresight applied to us daily because we engage in the sin of matching wits with the (fill in the blank). In my understanding here we have become Sisyphus to our nemesis Zeus(fill in the blank). Our dedication to our work is no vice. We struggle to free ourselves from them(fill in the blank)and it has become a sin. This is the source of the propaganda. I hope, this is the message the CR strives to expose? If it isn’t, what is its purpose and how does it differ from the rest of the noise(rabbit hole). Is this what you are concluding? Seems to me you present a compelling idea in support of something good. That makes it all the more hopeful for us Sisyphus’s out there with your cautionary ideas.

              • candlelight says:


                First off, thanks for the compliment – I’ll take it whenever I can get it. 🙂

                You pose some excellent questions that aren’t easy to answer.

                When you say “we struggle to free ourselves from them, (fill in the blank), and it has become a sin”, I’m assuming you mean that on account of our struggle to see through all the lies and deceit, we have been vilified by those very same individuals, entities, groups who do the lying and deceiving? That is to say, they, the (masters)(overlords)(TPTSB) slander the messenger and in so doing, we become the bad folk. We become the sinners.

                If that is what you’re saying, then yes, the very essence of the CR at its core, is to expose those individuals, entities, groups, institutions, governments who lie and deceive and maintain the status quo.

                That’s certainly one of the purposes of the Corbett Report. But, you ask how does the CR differ from the rest of the noise.

                That’s a good question. That’s really the same as asking how do we know the CR, itself, isn’t a rabbit hole.


                I’m making a joke. But, in a way it’s true. In a way, it does boil down to what you believe, can believe, what you can accept as feasible, and what you can’t.

                For instance, I believe that the Government’s version of 911 is a lie. So, investigating every aspect related to 911 is important to me and doesn’t constitute in itself a rabbit hole. However, it would seem there’s plenty of disinformation out there to discern. That the CR has delved extensively into 911 as a false flag event, with an emphasis on disseminating verifiable information, is important and I support the effort. Yet, even still, said support is a consequence of my belief system.

                Less controversial, or not controversial at all, are the facts surrounding the founding of the Federal Reserve System which the CR has disseminated in detail. However astounding this bit of history is, there’s literally nothing to disbelieve. But, again, that’s another judgement call on my part.

                Same goes for the Apollo moon missions. My belief that they were real is a judgement call.

                If the CR took a position that the moon missions were a hoax, I would be disappointed. But, I wouldn’t find it cause to throw the baby out with the bathwater, either. I would simply think it was an unfortunate mistake, because this particular hoax theory forms a deep, rabbit hole to sink into and is a waste of time.

                There do happen to be some positions expressed by the CR, here and there, that I don’t fully agree with, but that’s okay, that’s what makes horse racing.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Candlelight, it is funny you should mention, use, horse racing to describe the truth movements ahh…
                I can only say with an allegorical statement how right you are.” you hit the nail on the head and driven home what holds the shoe to the hoof”.
                You don’t have a true horse race unless everyone is cheating in the race. But alas the parodoxes we must face to run the race. Faith keeps the true horseman from doping an animal to cheat nature and fate if he chooses to race. Facing the fact others have no faith temps fate and presents the truth with the paradox. To cheat faith and fate to create a truer horse race? Is that ok?
                Our dedication to faith is no vice. If this is what we are up against than HRS deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for The Law Of 7 Eleven. Which I truly belive is valid, as, there are many truths, all different.

              • candlelight says:

                Ha ha, cute, HRS.

                So, it all started with the Big Bang and the Universe finally ends with the Big Gulp, eh?

                Meaning one thing: On an extremely long shot, Mike Bloomberg is going to gain the White House, whereby his first executive order will be a ban on all over-sized sugary drinks, including the largest one of all – the Universe! “GULP!

                The TV show Jack Ryan is another show I missed in its entirety. I ask, is there any conceivable way propaganda can possibly be any more blatant than that claptrap?

                The CIA must be a very modest organization to have left their name out of the title of the show, don’t you think? It’s also doubtful they roll any credits either before or after the show such as “This has been a presentation of…”, or “Brought to you by the…”.

                On another note, in another post you mentioned meeting Christopher Bollyn in Texas at your 911Truth organization. I’ve listened to him, but I’ve never read any of his books. Certainly he’s been victim to a smear campaign to paint him as an anti-Semite, which is a ridiculously meritless accusation, based as it is upon his claim of Israeli involvement in 911.

                If I had to guess at this point, it seems as though 911 was a joint operation between US, British, Israeli and Saudi intelligence agencies.

                First, US and British agencies are like siblings, while the Israelis and Saudis seem to be coalescing their priorities, and have developed a mutual relationship. A good example of this is their shared vision of creating the super modern megalopolis, Neom, envisioned to be built on Saudi land very close to, or on the border with Israel. That should be, by anyone’s definition, a partnership. They are like two formerly estranged brothers, who have come together, and with mutual goals have formed a pact. Maybe 911 was their blood oath….

                Nothing would surprise me.

  10. Libertydan says:

    Great interview. I have been familiar with Jerry Day for some time as he is among the greatest sources of good information concerning the health effects of Radio wave pollution and how to safe guard oneself from it. It appears that Jerry is broadcasting from inside a granite cave. I want one too!
    No sooner did I get rid of all my 2.4 Gz wireless phones, and replace my WiFi with hard wired CAT6 cable to my Desktops, than the bastards at the power company put a “so called” Smart Meter on my house. I have friends that have gotten off the grid entirely, and it ain’t cheep, but likely worth one’s health eh!
    To be fare, that 10 million watts per meter of microwave radiation allowed by the U.S. Government (seen in the chart) is likely reserved for those that have been facially identified as throwing wrenches in the web of lies and deceit that is used to control the masses. Jerry likely has good reason to be broadcasting from inside a granite cave.
    Additionally, I would like to note that the Desk Top Computer that I watched this Episode (and nearly every Episode) on is hard wired, and has no camera or microphone (unless I decide to plug them in)

  11. Libertydan says:

    Opps, so that was 10 million “Micro” Watts per sq meter which is only 10,000 watts per square meter. My guess is that this will heat water, but perhaps it takes more than a minute to heat it more than a few degrees and thus won’t kill instantly. (I know for certain that my cell phone gets hot when it is on for a long time.)
    I did not see Japan on the Chart, however I would guess that the legal limits are closer to those of Germany than of the USA. Perhaps a granite cave for broadcasting is not a necessity there.

  12. BbobKS says:

    We are exposed to constant radiation with or without wireless technology ! The fact that modern medicine is no more than a poison pushing for profit arm of the big oil and pharmacologic industry is why modern western medicine considers study of these areas pseudoscience ! No profit in managing and diagnosing electrochemical physical conditions to prevent illness when there is so much money in watching patients die !
    I am a poor dumb plumber and know more about how nutrition and H2O effect on the electrochenical body of the human than 99 % of so called medical professionals !
    As far as sensors go perhaps a nationwide system of rooftop honeybee production facilities with electronic monitoring of bees and dances would help ? they are very sensitive !
    Another Idea is that some people who have been espoused to massive electric fields have Tinnitus that is really just being able to hear electric noise !

  13. HomeRemedySupply says:

    A must-see, must-share video!
    This was an EXCELLENT presentation by Jerry Day!!

  14. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Duck Duck Go Advertisement – courtesy of YouTube’s tracking and this episode.

    Tuesday Dec. 17th, at work, on breaks, I watched the YouTube rendition of “Interview 1503 – Jerry Day Provides an Update on 5G Implementation” via my EMF fondle-slab.

    After I finished, I went to watch another YouTube video about finance, but was greeted by this “Duck Duck Go” advertisement: “Why Your Privacy Is Worth More Than You Think “.
    This was the first time that I ever saw a Duck Duck Go ad.
    (2 1/2 minutes)

  15. a822 says:

    Panopticon updates always engrossing.
    Nothing changes, it’s still survival of thEM Fittest.

  16. ledhead1789 says:

    It was mentioned in passing during this interview, but it seems like they’re already in the process of putting satellites for the purpose of emitting 5G waves into orbit. Anyone have thoughts on this?

    I’ll also add that 5G scares me more than anything else as it relates to the NWO. One can opt out of fiat currency, GMO foods, choose the media they consume, etc. But how does one opt out of 5G if it saturates everything, everywhere?

    We can obviously address the demand side, as James alluded to, but even he looked somewhat mystified and scared of what we’re up against. Permanently damaging my DNA and ability to procreate seems to dovetail perfectly with eugenics and population control.

    It’s like we’re watching the matrix being constructed all around us and people are too uninformed or lazy to care.

    • Octium says:

      5G Satellites are more of a risk to privacy than health. The reason is that satellites have limited power supplies and will only be able to produce a limited number of beams of high energy for a limited time without dividing the power of each beam down.

      People use the Satellite excuse to say you can’t escape the health effects of 5G by moving out into the country, which is wrong.

      As long you are living in the country, away from a cell towers, have an iron roof on your house and don’t invite a 5G beam to you by having 5G devices near you, you should be OK.

      Privacy on the other hand is much harder to achieve. A device would only have to communicate with a satellite on low power for a brief time to relay your position and activity. They can also monitor the country side passively as spy satellites already do, except that there will be many more of them in close orbit.

      • ledhead1789 says:

        A delayed response on my part, but thanks for the info! Do you have any more info on the efficacy of an iron roof? And/or why iron is preferable to other metals? I’ll also note that it’s not exactly deep into the country, but I’ve noticed plenty of 5G towers in rural areas when traveling along the interstate in my state.

        Also, it’ll be much later down the line, but thinking that their plan is to deploy 5G everywhere, unless we do something to stop it. So basically, living in a rural area is only a temporary solution. Obviously better than the alternative for now, just wanted to point that out.

        Thanks again.

        • Octium says:

          Nothing ideal about iron, any continuous surface that conducts electricity will do, it’s just that iron (galvanized) roofs are already common and if you are moving you might be able to buy a house that already has an iron roof. If your are surrounded by hills, even better. The hills will stop the signals from the satellites when they are low on the horizon and the roof will block the ones from above.

          It won’t stop the signal from rural towers, however if you are not close to a town or main road and you have a good bit of space on your land you can plant trees between the roads and your house.

          There’s a certain species of tree that grows like weeds in my area and you can have a dense forest of them with 2 or 3 years of planting them, just need to find something similar for the area your looking at.

        • mkey says:

          I think you can pretty much forget about 5G being deployed “everywhere” with technical limitations and population density being what it is.

          On fast growing trees

          Also don’t forget about the possibility of using materials such as conductive ink.

  17. xzbd says:

    I was surprised he didn’t mention that the current standards are based off of the mechanism working like a microwave oven where 2.45 GH frequency waves the microwave produces resonate at the same frequency that water vibrates thus increasing the waters vibration measured as heat. That takes on the order of 5 mw to bring something to a boil in a few seconds. Of course water interacting with other substances and the other substances themselves will vibrate at other nearby frequencies that fall within the 4G spectrum and be subject to heating, but the real issue is VOLTAGE GATED CALCIUM CHANNELS that our cells use to regulate the ions involved in metabolism and cell signalling. These can be triggered at several orders of magnitude less energy and have been shown to be involved in EMF sensitivity and damage. This video is a place to start learning:
    Our bodies are amazing and can repair the DNA damage and oxidative damage if our diets are full of all the antioxidents and micronutrients found in plants and veggies, but the repair mechanisms will only kick in after all our immediate needs our met and it is just fulfilling these immediate needs that the current nutritional standards are based on, so often repair is neglected. See the work of Bruce Ames:

  18. John Lothe says:

    I’m a welder by trade and I fear that my work is probably damaging my DNA. I’m curious is there is anyway for us to test for these effects.

  19. hellofriend says:

    Fake news? Or an apologetic puff piece?

    MSM are claiming 5g frequencies are no more harmful than visible light?

  20. generalbottlewasher says:

    Bombardments? This is fantastic , Rhode Island pioneers legislation in another but just as important bombardment of human rights. Could just as well be 5G as Geoengineering.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      (Some great video in that link. EMF with a meter was discussed and demonstrated.)


      May 13, 2019

      PROVIDENCE — A hearing for a bill that would make Rhode Island the first state, and perhaps the first government in the world, to regulate geoengineering revealed the scope and complexity of the controversial issue…

      …East Greenwich resident and House Geoengineering Commission member Rachael McIntosh noted the aerial release of chemicals to control global warming. Through testing, she said, her property has shown increasing levels of barium, sulfur, aluminum, and strontium.

      The Geoengineering Act (H5992) requires the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management to regulate and license geoengineering in its many forms…

      …The bill was the culmination of a House commission to study geoengineering. It has gained international and national attention from countries and states looking to adopt similar rules, according to the seven-member House Geoengineering Commission. The commission included three representatives and four members of the public…

      Rep. Justin Price, R-Hopkinton, chaired the commission.
      He noted that geoengineering is no longer a conspiracy theory but happening out in the open
      , through programs funded by research groups, academic institutions and the Department of Defense….

  21. Aphix says:

    Just to add a minor correction to Day’s claim that wireless full-duplex, MIMO, and Beam-forming technologies are unsolved problems, all three of those claims are false.

    Here’s a (mid-end) consumer-grade wireless router (WiFi) which has all of this tech, from Linksys:

    This has been around for a few years now in the consumer world, so I assume business/industry-backbone-level tech is far superior, and most-certainly solved.

  22. gregory.j.bell says:

    This interview was an example of why “authority” matters. Too often we dismiss any value placed on authority as “appeal to authority”. But researchers aren’t wasting their time – they’re working, and gaining knowledge that, if we’re lucky, they digest and distribute to us.

    As detailed above, Jeremy Day got several aspects of technology flat out wrong, then went on to get basic aspects of physics and biology wrong. That was plenty of evidence that this was poor quality information – I quit listening at the 28 minute mark.

    James, please vet!

  23. fer67 says:

    ha ha tinfoil hats! yeay!!

  24. miahallen says:

    Wow! Have you guys seen this?!? Remote CT scanning with 5G:

  25. altittude says:

    I am surprised that only one person in this thread has brought up the 17 page booklet written by Arthur Firstenburg called The Invisible rRainbow. This clearly points to many correlations to radio waves and electro magnetic effects on all life on earth. The studies included in the article are staggering in their statistical analysis. This clearly says to me that 5G is and will be the way they finish humanity off. With the help of a pandemic crisis and impending vaccine comprised of enough Aluminum or glysophate and its game over in my opinion. Here is the link for the booklet in PDF format. A very Sobering book indeed.

  26. biek says:

    To me as a UK resident US smart metering is a scare story. I have 2nd generation European-made gas and electricity smart meters installed that run on 230 Volt mains (we do not have 115 Volt mains, so the US meters cannot be used here). I checked the meters out for safety before allowing them to be installed. Both meters contain a cellular modem and a Zigbee mesh network transceiver. The gas meter has a single C-cell Lithium battery that lasts the life of the meter (10 years), so if it can it piggybacks via Zigbee link to the electricity meter’s cellular modem instead of use its own.
    Via Zigbee both of these meters chat with the In Home Display so that I can track energy use from anywhere in my home, and by which the utility company can also send me messages, or I can enter a prepaid receipt code if my payment didn’t automatically update the meter.
    Yes these meters do surveil me and they track my gas and electricity usage from hour to hour, day to day, month to month and year to year. If I am away camping for a few days, my absence will show on the meter, and it can be remotely read, and the supplies remotely disconnected if the authorities want that.
    Once the meters are better rolled out, demand-levelling can be implemented where for example during the cup final half time when 20 million people are expected to turn the electric kettle on,the IOT house machinery -fridge, washing machine could have been remotely commanded via Zigbee to draw less energy at this moment in time. That reduces the requirement for peak-demand spinning energy generation.
    I am studying the published research on bio effects of EMR and will buy a monitoring meter (thats over £200 being invested just in tracking safety).
    For myself I turn off WiFi and my own cellular radios when not using them – no transceiver is left switched on.
    I am also asking my neighbours to switch off their transceivers at night time – pointing out that as a radio ham I could transmit many tens of Watts if I want to…

  27. biek says:

    On the topic of cellphones eavesdropping on you without your knowledge that could only be prevented by removing the battery.
    About 10 years ago I met a guy who said he had sold eavesdropping technology to police and to GCHQ.
    Every phone’s manufacturer when submitting the model for approval to Ofcom, has to provide full circuit details, and full source code. Ofcom then passes this to the Board of Trade, which passes the information to Israel.
    Israeli software people then devise patches that at need could be sent to this model of phone. (The model type announces via the IMEI number which is transmitted together with the current SIM number).
    The patch is sent as a form of text message and the recipient does not even need to know that any patch had been sent.
    Thereafter swap SIMs all the user likes – the patch operates via the IMEI…
    One patch sends a ping that links to cell towers even when the phone is switched off, that tracks where the user is.
    Another type can turn on the microphone, camera or gps to eavesdrop without the user being aware of it.
    Another type can remotely destroy the phone so that nothing that was in the phone can work again – not the battery, not the display, nothing. (This gets used by service providers by request of the user if the phone falls into the wrong hands).

    I also heard back in 1980 that all phone calls were monitored and recorded, with computers listening for keywords. If target keywords were used the recorded phone conversation would be passed for human attention. That was every phone call, right back in 1980 and earlier.

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