Interview 1178 - Jerry Day Examines the Science of Social Control

06/14/20163 Comments

Science is a method to help us answer questions about the physical world...but in this age of military/university partnerships, government grants and industry-funded research, who's asking the questions? Jerry Day of joins us today to discuss the new technocratic overlords and how the tool of science can be wielded as a weapon of social control.

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Our New Technocratic Lords

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  1. NoMeatNoDairyNoProblem says:

    Two of the best things you can do to remove the psychopaths from power are:

    (1) Closely monitor where your money goes to determine who is profiting; to determine who you’re making more powerful.
    When you buy a Coke, you’re voting to give more power to the Coca-Cola Company (a Monsanto supporter); when you buy a bottle of Tums, you’re voting to give more power to GlaxoSmithKline; when you keep more money in your bank account than you need to, you’re voting to give more power to your banking institution; when you work more than you need to, buy more than you need to or allow greater tax withholding than is necessary, you’re voting to give more power to the current establishment via your tax dollars and the interest earned on them.

    (2) Never, ever let your friends or family members join the military. Do whatever you can to talk them out of it.
    If the psychopaths in power don’t have our loved ones serving as militant pawns in their murderous world domination agendas (and coming home with damaged & re-programmed minds), they lose tremendous power.

  2. b4ruiser says:

    I believe that if you go off grid you are flagged and at some point you will be dealt with. The state will not tolerate anyone who does not comply. I agree it is a positive to get off grid but realize that doing so will not separate you from the evil that is coming. I agree with the prior comment not to join the military but the “draft” is an option for them. In several countries it is starvation or join the military. It seems the next step, for several reasons, would be not to have children. But some adults find happiness by perpetuating the miserable cycle of life by having children.

  3. VoltaicDude says:

    Another gem James, thanks. I have already checked out the following; a sampling of Day’s breadth through your central link above:

    Smart Meters

    You Can No Longer Trust Your Banker

    Cannabis Is In Your DNA

    Unfortunately, I’m not off-the-grid, but as a political activist I’ve recently experienced increasing levels of interference in my life (cointelpro-like stuff including vigilantism), so I can understand why some might be concerned that getting-off-the-grid is one more way to get oneself targeted.

    It is always a risk, but so is anything worthwhile in our incredibly corrupt society – you either hide from the truth or deal with it as constructively as possible.

    Day’s “Banker” video especially hit home for me – I’ve even experienced provocation and intimidation techniques (types of psyops) applied to me at my union bank! The arms of the B.I.S. octopus are long indeed.

    While it can be uncomfortable addressing these types of issues, living in denial of them only gives one a false sense of security.

    It would be fun to comment on my differences with Day regarding his comparison of people to ants (not from a humanist-chauvinist perspective, but on more practical grounds) and a few other relevant points, but I think it might distract from the bigger picture.

    Day’s general reporting and analysis on what’s going on is right on the money and important to get out there.

    I also happened across this old video from a while back. It’s a bit long altogether (four episodes) but relates to the foundational aspects of why scientific knowledge is always provisional:
    The Real Thing (1980) James Burke

    The abuse of scientific pronouncements is a very serious problem in the modern corporatist (fascist) state, and we must be as wary of the “religion of science” and authoritarian usurpations of science as we are of the outright rejection of valid scientific inquiry.

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