Interview 1497 - Catherine Austin Fitts on Where the Missing Trillions Are Going

11/26/201964 Comments

So we all know about the missing trillions by now, but where is that money going? And what can Americans do to reclaim that money that is rightfully theirs? Join Catherine Austin Fitts of and James Corbett of The Corbett Report for this wide-ranging discussion on the most important topic of our time that no one is talking about.

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  1. zyxzevn says:

    Broken link: First link on homepage does not lead to this page.

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for the tip. The link has been corrected.

      • danielsun says:

        Thank you for another great interview … and for yet again leaving me a little shocked … I mean it’s one thing to have an idea about the nature of the fraud in almost every level of society …
        but it’s quite another to get a candid inside look at the level of specific fraud from someone that’s been consistently knee deep in it … trying to sort it out … and make sense of it all
        Also James yet again you ask great pertinent questions and you always let guests finish their thoughts … and you help them remember their own trains of thought …

        So hello to all … so glad to read an intelligent comments section … finally … lol … cheers

  2. n4x5 says:

    The subject of the latest installment of Powers & Principalities on Our Interesting Times is the looting of post-soviet Russia, with parallels to what is currently happening to the United States.

    • alexandre says:

      Very good, n4x5, thanks for that. It really sumarizes the central problem of the last two centuries, or more. Very cool that they mention Catherine A. Fits at the end too. The only small problem I see, maybe, is that they bump a bit on that “it’s the Jews” stigma, which can throw people off. But I think it’s clear they mean Zionism. (Maybe James could do something deeper on Zionism some day? The whole Jewish business is such a mess inside a mess that we need some manual to figure it out. Khazaria this, Zionism that, and so on).

      I was gonna make fun that one of them says “supposably”, but maybe that word is – supposedly – correct?

      • brian.s says:

        You understand an identity can be marketised and weaponised?
        As a sense of possession and control set AGAINST fear of loss?
        As distinct from sharing in or aligning in That which identifies you perfectly?
        Then the manipulation of the identity is in a sense ‘returns with interest’.
        That is we have entered the realm of manipulated ‘realities’.
        The mind has no bound or border excepting its aligning and alighting in thought and consequence.
        Here we are with all sorts of areas of Consciousness set ‘out of bounds’.

        Narrative Control operates a collective as well as personal continuity.
        The power of the will is not actually opposable so much as given to ideas of opposition and power struggle. But do we know what we do or are we operating a reactive conditioning that ‘comes down the generations’ and that we acquire as part of our own ‘choices’ that of course may have been survival strategies in infancy.

        I am suggesting to look beneath the temptation to judge and to blame, shame and hate – for the express purpose of awakening or indeed healing the split of a mind set against itself – played out upon self, other and world.

        Britons are not ‘responsible’ for the ignorances and arrogances of the mercantile monopolists that became the ‘British Empire’. No more Jewish people for the use of psychological means by certain mercantile monopolists who use the Jewish identity – just as any ‘leadership’ uses it population’s identified hopes and fears to ‘incentivise’ them to compliance or support for what in fact they do not want – such as being induced to go to war under false pretences.

        On an individual level ‘trouble abroad’ also serves to divert from trouble at home and a deceit that seems to be paying off is defended and protected against exposure under all kinds of rational or enotion-backed justifications.

        Whatever ‘trillions are’ – the wealth and indeed life energy and life support is being sucked up to be evaporated.
        When destruction equates to profit – failure, conflict and terrible and toxic outcomes all become a new source of revenue – for the mind that can repackage toxic debt into instruments of deceits that others are cultivated and framed into WANTING – and therefore sacrificing their lives and their loved ones to GET.

        But all of this is about our own consciousness-responsibility for self-honesty and self-illusion. Whatever ‘They’ do – is not in and of itself framing your perception and response unless you give your consent. We may not see it that way – but that is because we are invested in ways of seeing that are gullible or gullibly cynical – as if that is where our safety lies.

        Judge not lest you be judged is also be aware of that which denies you as having a correspondence or ‘back door’ in some sense to part of you that you are not aware of and may be afraid or conditioned from way back when – NOT to look at it. Not ‘you are to blame for’ but that there are perspectives that can open new choices – that open greater perspectives…

      • Duck says:

        Winston Churchill was, like a large number of people at the time, well aware that the Bolsheviks were a highly ‘jewish’ group but was able to tell the difference between good and bad jewish people (loyal vs international)… the number of ‘jewish’ people who have any REAL power is small but plenty of people who DO have power are happy to hide from criticism behind calling it ‘anti-semitism’
        Churchills own words.
        Also, not all Jewish groups line up along the same lines- Dr Richard Spence (NOT the alt-righter of a similar name!!!) talks about how German jews in the USA were pro Germany for most of WW1 as well as touching on Trotsky’s rich relatives and how wall street funded the Red revolution
        if you like the link copy the vid because Youtube’s making it pretty hard to stumble across

      • Mintaka says:

        As others have commented, the Zionist faction of the Jewish race is but a small proportion.
        Most Jews are against the Jewish Zionist Terrorist (and terrorists is what they are) policies and are not afraid to say so.
        It does need to be made crystal clear: 𝐁𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐉𝐞𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐡 𝐝𝐨𝐞𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐦𝐞𝐚𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮’𝐫𝐞 𝐚 𝐙𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐭.
        It’s very important that this distinction is made.
        One of the best sources of information on Zionism is Ron Unz. And for the record, Ron Unz himself is a Jew! Christopher Bollyn is another good one.
        The Israeli state has been run by the Likud party since the 1970s. The Likud party is of terrorist origin, Menachem Begin (a terrorist) was their first prime minister. So were Ariel Sharon and Yitzhak Shamir. Perhaps not 𝐝𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐥𝐲 linked to terrorism, but you can add Ehud Barak and current PM Bibi Netanyahu to that list of radical Zionists. We always hear about radical Islamists, right? Why never about the radical Zionists?

        Reading the literature on Ron Unz’s website and you see the links between the Zionist cabal to international organized crime and the CIA (via the Mossad, a case of the tail wagging the dog). Explains the drug-running, etc for which the CIA is well-known.
        Also puts a whole new dimension on the murder of JFK. His murder wasn’t the coup d’etat as is often stated, that coup d’etat (regime-change) had already been done decades earlier. JFK threatened to undermine it by “splintering the CIA and scattering it to the winds”. A direct threat to the power-base of the Zionist cabal in the US. The rest is history, as they say.

        • alexandre says:

          Hi Mintaka. Thank you for the reply. I am aware of most (or some) of that info, read some Finkelstein, heard a lot of Said and Chomsky, even corresponded with them (Finkelstein and Chomsky) a bit – and the first time I saw a demonstration of Rabbis against Zionism I was quite confused, but then I understood, and recently I heard some other guy whose name escapes me that talks about Khazaria , explaining the origins of this fake Jewish gang etc.

          What I suggested, which JC is probably not gonna do, was a documentary about this problem, from its origins to now, because people like me – that don’t study the subject deeply – hears one thing here, another there and more or less get the point, but only more or less. Also to help to, not only define a bit more the line between Zionist and Jewish, but also clarify what I called the “it’s the Jews” thing. For normal people, when they hear “it’s the Jews”, they immediately think the guy is a nazi or something and turn off. I even had some suspicion at one point listening to the podcast above. So maybe to help change it to “It’s the Zionists”. The number of Israel connected people in power is indeed kind of “it’s the Jews”, only it’s this gang of thugs with a Jewish mask. So a clear history of this gang would be a great help – including for Jews I suspect. This issue shifts the focus a lot. Think 911 – you’re thinking the money trail, fake planes, the Bushes, nuclear demolition, directed energy weapon, war on terror or whatever, but when you think the Zionists, bam, suddenly everything shifts, it sounds like another story and you don’t know how to put it all together. You know when everything makes a lot of sense but you can’t put it all together because they’re kind of contradictory – and the issue is kind of verboten? I don’t know if I’m clear. If I’m not, there you have it how this issue scrambles the mind.

          I guess it’s indeed verboten territory anyway. If JC did something like this, the risks of being labeled antisemitic are maybe too great nowadays – and I have no clue what he thinks about this. I’ll make a search on “Zionism” here at TCR.

          Anyway, that’s what I meant, more or less. I think. I’ll check out Ron Unz, thanks for the tip and the explanations.

          • n4x5 says:

            The question of Jewish influence in the Western world is a truly vast topic, and it would be foolish to try to adequately address it in a sub-500-word comment, but I think articulating the basics would help to clarify what we are talking about here. That Jews are grossly overrepresented in banking, government, academia, entertainment / media — in short, the elite / powerful class — is indisputable. It isn’t inherently any less valid to question this phenomenon due to supposed “anti-Semitism” than it is to question the gross overrepresentation of males in the commission of violent crimes due to supposed misandry. This emphatically does not, however, somehow imply that all or most Jews are complicit in the malfeasance that occurs in these institutions. Now, a complication arises with the question of “true” Jewish identity — the idea that the Jews in the upper echelons of society responsible for various evils are not true Jews but are somehow “fake” in some sense; this is where the Khazarian origin hypothesis and the distinction between Zionism and other Jewish ethnocentric views / movements enter the picture. (Add in the demarcations between different subpopulations (Ashkenazi, Sephardic, etc.) and the situation becomes even more complex.) Much of this question of Jewish identity reduces to the question of ethnic identity in general. Specifically, how much of ethnicity is dependent on shared “blood” / genetics versus shared culture? To use a personal example, a friend of mine (Gentile) is married to a Jewish girl. Their wedding was Jewish. Will their child(ren) be considered Jews? What are the proper criteria to use to answer this question?

            Hopefully we can at least agree that what’s needed to explore this matter is a sustained, prudent approach driven by careful research and exchange of ideas. The intimidation that results from “anti-Semitism” smears and punitive “Holocaust denial” legislation and the like impedes this process of honest inquiry.

            • Duck says:

              ‘…. a friend of mine (Gentile) is married to a Jewish girl. Their wedding was Jewish. Will their child(ren) be considered Jews? …’
              Yes, its reckoned along the mothers line by Jews. Interestingly European Jews are so closely related that they are cousins

              • n4x5 says:

                I’m aware of the matrilineality. What I was trying to hint at are more penetrating questions. What is the source / justification for the matrilineal tracing of kinship? Are Jews who do not subscribe to it still Jewish in some meaningful way? We’re talking about Jewish identity and its manifestation as a force that explains — to some degree or another — what is going on in our world. Simplistic answers gloss over these subtler points. Giving a fuller answer to these kinds of questions would require a familiarity with genetics and anthropology, and therein lies a big problem, since most people are lacking in this knowledge (myself included).

            • alexandre says:

              Thanks n4x5, that was very good. So my idea of a long documentary is not so out of order, and indeed done carefully without any preconceived ideas as much as possible. What came to my mind that I could add to the confusion was Joseph Campbell making a parallel between Judaism and Hinduism, both being ethnic religions. You cannot “be” a jew if you’re not one. Very strict as well. A Jewish friend of Campbell’s went to the US and when he came back he couldn’t sit at the dinner table with his father because he “crossed the waters” to the goyem and so on. I went to see a lecture by a rabbi called Nilton Bonder that wanted to read Judaism more metaphorically, following a more Jungian or Campbellian view (I don’t think he went very far). I went with a Jewish friend to the Hebraic club in São Paulo where the lecture took place and I have to confess it was awkward to be there, as I felt like an inferior being – the looks, the antipathy etc. Maybe it was the upper class thing, but they made it clear that I was not very welcome.

              If a Shudra hears a recitation of the Vedas, even by accident, he should have molten lead poured into his ears. That’s Hinduism. So when you have a strict ethnic system like those, and you have a gang of terrorists hiding behind the mask etc etc, it’s really hard to understand anything. AND if you say anything, you go to jail.

              What you wrote was perfect, thank you. It is a big vast subject. Should we do a collective documentary? I could do the music and some editing!

              • n4x5 says:

                Glad that you found my commentary helpful. I didn’t say it explicitly above, but I tend to believe that these concepts of identity — and the ethnocentric behaviors that often stem from them — are more related to shared culture than shared genes, but again, it’s a complex issue, and I try to be aware of the limitations of my own knowledge.

                I would recommend Kevin MacDonald as a decent source. A now-retired professor of psychology, he’s become persona non grata in certain circles for daring to delve into the dreaded “Jewish question”. I won’t say that I stand completely behind all of his claims, but his work is worth reading. Intellectual and political schools of thought, immigration policy, the origins of the neoconservative movement, etc.
                Understanding Jewish Influence is a condensed version of much of the content from his longer books.
                The Culture of Critique goes into more depth. Recently removed from Amazon.
                He has other books, but I’ve only read these two.

                Sorry, I can’t say that I have an interest in doing a documentary. Thanks for your own anecdote from Brazil.

              • alexandre says:

                n4x5, hello, sorry for the delay.
                A collective documentary? Who would have such an idea?! Tks tsk..
                No, I’m not interested either. Things are tough enough as it is. I’ll check out Kevin McDonald, but won’t promise to read anything. As I said things are pretty tough. I can barely read in Portuguese!

                The subject, for someone like myself, seems impenetrable and way too complicated to even think about. Take a look at this site.

                In one of the trillion links there’s one to a book called “The Jews of Khazaria” with an intro that reads:
                “In the 9th century, the Khazarian royalty and nobility as well as a significant portion of the Khazarian Turkic population embraced the Jewish religion. After their conversion, the Khazars were ruled by a succession of Jewish kings and began to adopt the hallmarks of Jewish civilization, including the Torah”…

                So, the royalty “embraced” the Jewish religion? “Conversion”? If Judaism is an ethnic religion, you can embrace it all you want, that won’t make you a real jew. But only by the size and amount of links on that page alone, and the possibility that it might be biased, any idea of a documentary is out the window. Further more, to swim in this ocean of metaphors without understanding they’re metaphors – is it a Christian cross?? Is it a Jewish menorah?? – to me is a waste of time and only feeds the eternal misunderstandings about religion, mythology etc, furthering the separation, the errors, conflicts etc.

                Bottom line any group that proclaims superiority over others and start “ruling” is just a bunch of psychotic bastards, and the fact that people fall for their mythic tricks and follow them as Gods is another subject altogether.

              • n4x5 says:

                If nothing else, hopefully we’ve laid out here a crude outline of the basic questions involved even if clear conclusive answers are elusive. Your contribution is appreciated.

              • alexandre says:

                Indeed. I only hope we’re not marked as antisemitic for merely talking about it.

              • manbearpig says:

                n4x5: “…The intimidation that results from “anti-Semitism” smears and punitive “Holocaust denial” legislation and the like impedes this process of honest inquiry…”

                alexandre: “Indeed. I only hope we’re not marked as antisemitic for merely talking about it.”

                Chomsky: “…Even to enter into the arena of debate on the question of whether the nazis carried out such atrocities is already to lose one’s humanity…”

                Faurisson: “A communist is a man. A jew is a man. A nazi is a man. I am a man….I am not a nazi…”


              • alexandre says:

                Woody Allen:
                a) Socrates is a man.
                b) All men are mortal
                c) All men are Socrates.

                Sorry, my humorous soul couldn’t resist.

                After this talk, synchronicity is bringing me lots of stuff where this issue is present. Funny.

    • brian.s says:

      I haven’t listened to the podcast though I have some awareness of the ‘looting of post soviet Russia’.

      A parasitic intent takes over it host – and draws the life support for the host to operate its own agenda.

      Steal the mind and frame anyone to call anything whatever they are incentivised to act out.

      While we have biological counterparts for parasites, the biological world given CAUSE over consciousness is a symptom of an already operating fear of ‘possession’ from ‘outside’ – that operates a dispossession of the mind of its host.

      When fear of pain of loss – or indeed self-extinction – is reacted from as an already fact from which to rebel.
      (This is where a thought-reversal is actually invited in as a power or protection against the ‘FEARED’ – and so is now operating a masking over FEAR as a protection racket). The demand for unconsciousness is the NEED to NOT know that runs as the drive to know anything ELSE.

      Now to be fair – this has a symbiotic aspect – for the establishing and maintaining of a private sense of power – of possession and control – set over against a world of threats and assets in place of sundered and denied relations. For us LOSING Balance and Connection develops driven abilities that shall serve a different purpose when Connection and Balance are restored.

      But while the narrative overlay presumed that power or privilege were being gained in exchange for relational integrity of being – that narrative is itself a deceit of a Self denial in seeking a special ‘love’ – and giving worth-ship and with-ness to a fantasy of love or power that can never be more than idolised by the sacrifice of a true relational appreciation.

      By splitting off cause from effect – as the sense of self-specialness – is the capacity to use inflated credits to leverage against the debits catching up – and this can of course be a fantasy of lording it over or ‘getting away with it’ – acted out upon the body of your world.

      That this is self-destructive is not recognised by one who believes Self is Dead – or has never really existed and is a fiction of a weak imagination. Yet such is the nature of the belief and invested identity in self-specialness set apart from and in secret judgement over Life. It works fear by contagion to align in attraction to Guilt and fascination in conflict and horror – because such is in its hidden foundation – that must be kept hidden to ‘save you self’ from total pain of loss in a true reckoning of account.

      However, truth merely reveals Itself One in all its relational expression as the recognition of release of what can now be seen as without substance, or meaning in the truth of the heart of One and so all dreams and nightmares of vengeance are yielded up to a wholly embracing presence. Every moment of such a recognition is both a forgetting and a remembering in undoing the reversal by which a mind be-lived entrapment in its own thought – made real.

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. -JC]

  3. zyxzevn says:

    It is clear that the money went towards something.
    Let me list all my options.

    1. Back to the banks and bankers.

    2. To drugs, prostitution and illegal weapons

    3. To secret projects.

    __ a. Huge underground bases.

    __ b. Far advanced unknown technology (Like: Human made UFOs)

    __ c. Mind control via unknown chemical/EM technologies

    __ d. (?) Occult

    __ e. (?) Secret self-aware AI or even alien masters.

    4. Government and people control via bribes, media and tech.


    The amount of money is so large, that we would see a huge
    infrastructure grow around the receivers.
    This kind of removes possibility 3.

    • NES says:

      Your #3 choice is the most likely, not the least, IMO.

      Why? The public, even when inside the miliary, is not allowed, without special access clearance, to visit anything underground. The public is not invited to go onto top secret military areas such as the Nellis Range–BIG area protected by men with huge nasty automatic weapons. IT’S A SECRET. How would we ever know what is actually going on inside these facilities?

      Insiders and whistleblowers report many things, whether believable or not to anyone. The reports say one thing–a boatload of money is being spent on SAPs (special access programs) that connect directly to contracted corporations via the military–there is a revolving door policy between the two. This is not an exception but the norm. As well, DUMBs and off-limit areas like the Nellis Range are run by the US all over the world, not just on US soil.

      There is a huge infrastructure you just can’t see it.

    • barii says:

      yeah what has lockheed, raytheon et al been building up there in the outer space?
      I’m thinking that their cousins over in the medical industrial complex invested a “fantastic” amount of $$$ on the homunculus, for the betterment of mankind.
      They got multi generation TechnocRAT Musk pulling a con job on the public.
      Yeah smoke another joint an have another drink yo. we got your back.
      meanwhile, back at the ranch, we must launch 200 satellites cause its kool an stuff.

    • Duck says:

      I know a civilian guy who does some project management for the army and he has found that the literally FORGET about owning some things which would cost huge sums of money…. never underestimate how much money people can waste when its not theirs and no one ever stops them from being retarded.
      The OTHER thing to remember is that federal money is itself pretty much a ‘magical idea’ or ‘social construct’ at this point where the FED creates or destroys billions of dollars with a few button presses.
      As long as everyone is drawing a decent wage and looking forwards to retirement not one in a thousand will wonder if their sawing the branch they sit on off the tree.

  4. manbearpig says:

    What if

    a significant portion of those trillions have been earmarked

    for bribing the masses over the cloak of time

    into the new technocratic paradigm

    via a more or less hidden UBI-style distribution

    just to be sure everyone buys in,

    either through the common law “set-off” or “offset”


    being “paid” for their personal data à la Yang,

    to the ever connected ever monitored digital hive mind

    for example…


    IOW the ultimate smart carrot reward incentive coaxing humanity into NEOM?

    • manbearpig says:


      these trillions would be the next key investment in human livestock

      facilitating the highly critical transition into the fourth industrial revolution

      which is a phase leading to the total control over the Earth’s resources serviced and maintained by technocratically controlled and programmed transhuman slaves who own nothing in a so-called circular economy.

      that’s worth a few decades swindled dollars ain’t it?

  5. Excellent thumbnail choice. Few things draw attention as well as the patterns & colors of $bills.
    I can already see it drawing more eyes on the forums I posted it on.

  6. zed says:

    Great interview. Catherine Austin Fitts is one of the few people who actually has been digging into the missing trillions story and it’s always nice to see both of you discussing the issue.

    I also tend to agree with Catherine about where most of the money could be going to. I think what we are witnessing here is some sort of breakaway civilization that has come into existence within the last century or so. This happened when these secret organizations were allowed into existence and given nearly limitless powers over the economy, intelligence and military. What makes it worse is that they use a system of compartmentalization that is modeled after secret societies like the degrees in Freemasonry and which makes it difficult for the outside observer to investigate. There has to be countless useful idiots that have worked within the secret system without knowing the actual whos, whats, wheres, whens, hows, and whys.

    As for the spraying mentioned in the video, there was a recent article on the Activist Post that went into detail about the history of spraying coal fly ash:

    • Duck says:

      JFK killed the ‘Project Orion’ atomic bomb powered rocket ship that would have taken off, carried humans to mars and landed IN ONE PIECE… and the ship planned was as big as a medium sized building.
      It was literately star trek level stuff…. the ship was designed witha Barbers chair because weight didnt matter at all.
      Honestly… if they blew the money on something cool like secret space colonies it would be worth it but I bet they snorted it up their noses and spent it on hookers.

  7. Dephyant says:

    Great Interview, 2020 looks to be shaping up for everything its destined to be.

  8. Mintaka says:

    James, great interview (again) with CAF.
    At the 22:00min mark, absolutely 𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬 to see and hear Catherine’s reaction when you mentioned the name of that fraud Elon Musk.
    I suggest you put that clip as a separate tidbit on your site, just for people to have some fun.
    While you’re at it, expand the clip with names such as Gates, Suckerburger, Thiel, Page&Brin, Ellison and not to forget Bezos.
    All of them “on a leash” as Catherine said. All of them just mouth-pieces for the Technocratic Cabal.
    Indeed, they somehow seem be clones of one another.

    • Mintaka says:

      I would love for Broc to have a go at this, to mock these people, which is all they deserve.
      Show them on their leash, yepping away, with their pockets stuffed full of CIA/Mossad provided cash. Who will be the pack leader?
      Go to it Broc, let the imagination run wild!
      Just for fun.

  9. Mintaka says:

    And “the one continuous story” as mentioned in the interview that ties all events together over the past century (and centuries before that) is that same “thread” that I mentioned in a post on this website yesterday.
    It is indeed this tiny group of people that hold this power over the planet. A shame that neither James or Catherine mentions this tiny group by name (just as Eisenhower didn’t).
    Former British prime minister Neville Chamberlain mentioned it by name (which promptly got him forced out of office and the said tiny group installed their controlled, drunken puppet Churchill in his place, that was WWII guaranteed right there). Charles De Gaulle mentioned it by name (how many attempts were there on his life?). Nasser of Egypt mentioned it by name (USS Liberty anyone?).
    And the list goes on. All well documented.

    We have the situation where the villain has been turned into the victim and the victim into the villain. The ultimate deception. True to this day.

    This tiny group has been thrown out of country after country for centuries, because of their parasitic, destructive modus operandi. And as said yesterday, they do it by taking control of the target country’s financial system. All else follows from there. Media, education, health, politics, military, etc, etc.

    No doubt in my mind that some of the obvious infighting that we’re seeing in the US government hierarchy is the attempt to expel this scourge from the US system, so far unsuccessful. Unfortunately. And expelling this scourge is the 𝐨𝐧𝐥𝐲 way for Amerikans to take back their country. The rest of the world will follow.
    Throw the money changers out of your temple.

    I recommend the book “The Final Judgement” by Michael Collins Piper.
    Why I really rate this book? The unfortunate fact the Mr Piper is now no longer among us on this earthly plane. He mysteriously died in his motel room. His Wiki page is a tell-tale sign what happened to him when you read the section on his death, you just couldn’t make this stuff up. What, no autopsy?

    James, I think you should do a Requiem for the Suicided on Mr Piper.

  10. Jed says:

    I love how Cathrine August Fitts ties this all back to the Fed Reserve Act, connecting the dots to C. Rhodes and the gang. That scholarship he started I hear’s worth 21 trillion. I think I’ll head over to the lit. section of this site and give another listen to “Then there were none”, that’s an economic structure worth studying, and a great story too.
    Great work, thanks!

  11. wylie1 says:

    We the sheeple seem to accept The Powers that shouldn’t be(abbrev. TP), “legality” when TP change laws to benefit themselves. Examples are when Congress supposedly makes it legal to:

    1. Call someone they don’t like a terrorist so they can put them away indefinitely, no trial, no due process, via cough cough, Patriot Act.

    2. Allow corporations to lie on their financial statements via Mark to Fantasy Accounting standards (rather than long held Mark assets to Market accounting) implemented in March of 2009 after the 2008 financial crisis. Good luck doing due diligence regardless.

    3. Part of the Topic of C.A.Fitts interview: Allowing SECRET accounting of various agencies.

    Just like many of the Statutes implemented by your state legislature and Congress, this Federal fake accounting is either un-Constitutional or simply an abuse of power; which it is your job to make sure Congress corrects.

    If the Sheeple are unwilling to remove any Congress which doesn’t remove all laws which do not benefit the people, then they will get the negative results whether they deserve it or not.

    If you don’t have a copy of the list of 500 million, mentioned on the Georgia Guidestones, with your name on it, find a way to act or be slaughtered, your choice.

    Don’t vote for a lawyer for anything. A lawyer in any office is the fox guarding the hen house. If you believe you are an honest lawyer… who are the biggest crook helpers in existence, besides a govt full of lawyers? (and a lazy do nothing populace)

  12. Drazen says:

    Interesting conversation, especially interesting is the reference to Humanity and Individual Sovereignty.

    But what does this actually mean?

    I would like to offer a link to a blog I created.

    It went live about three weeks ago and it’s the result of a discussion in the comments section of the Gaslight – FLNWO #08 post here on the Corbett Report.

    Thanks to pearl, manbearpig, alexandre, cooly and scpat for contributing to this discussion and prompting me to finally create this blog that was brewing for quite some time.

    Thankyou James for providing this platform.

    Hope people find something of interest there.

    • manbearpig says:

      Just wanted to say Drazen, that I checked out your blog very quickly and it does indeed seem quite interesting as a tool for existential exploration…

      In addition to the attempt at making complex concepts (such as space/time) comprehensible for us laymenbearpigs, I appreciated the self-derision in the opening statements:

      “(Hey…!? I’m not a pompous buffoon…! Am I??)”

      My space/time universe being rather limited (I’ll have to admit that it’s a lifestyle choice) I can’t guarantee I’ll be a regular (Mr. Corbett’s material already being a lot to chew on)

      but I’m pretty sure I’ll be back to visit.

      Thanks for the heads up and congratulations on your new creation! (small c! or can we really make a difference between small and capital “c”s…? insofar as humans may merely be instruments of creation for Creation…?)

      ? 😯

      Now back to the hamster race…

      • Drazen says:

        Thank you for the feedback manbearpig.

        Your comment about Humans being an instrument for Creation misses the point a little.
        When Awareness is stuck at a shallow level it may seem that all you are is a Human.
        But allow Awareness to penetrate deeper and the realization comes that the Individual is not only a Human expression but an expression of Singularity itself.

  13. JonQ says:

    I think the first question to ask is how deep does this missing money go? To pay all the bribes and entrenched skimming necessary to keep whatever secret agenda we don’t know about going to all the participants we don’t know about either? Let’s say it’s $10 T.

    What does the other $16 T buy? Underground bases, secret space programs, other stuff that’s not so easily hid – that’s 8+ times the GDP of Canada? Human nature being what it is, are those that we paint as in the know as omniscient as we like to comfortable believe? E.g. the Bushes or the Windsors, Rothschilds, Rockefellers – or others who names can’t be spoken.

    I think Monty Python’s Mr. Python showed it best; we’re just a greedy lot who will stuff ourselves with more and more as long as we can until we/it explode(s).

    I’m not allergic to the conspiratorial view of history espoused by G. Edward Griffin and others, but I just don’t think there are enough minions to carry out the cabal’s directives without spilling the beans, so to speak. But then again trillions of dollars goes a long way…

    • Duck says:

      Just one wafer thin mint…. lol

      ‘…but I just don’t think there are enough minions to carry out the cabal’s directives without spilling the beans, so to speak….’
      One hand can drive a huge monster truck because you just need to move the steering wheel- a few guys in mid to high level positions in a government department and whallla- the public servants become the cabals minions without even knowing it.
      The majority of churches got turned around on theology by simply sending a few people thru the seminaries and letting them take teaching roles later on… the same with how Foundations shaped the way history is taught, education done and medicine licenced with a relatively small amount of money in just the right place

      • alexandre says:

        Hear hear.

        That’s exactly right. Look the size of the XR extinction bullshit advertising campaign going on. How the hell do you “contract” so many people for a psyop? You don’t need to. They “contract” themselves. One could argue that almost all societies in the world are now participating without knowing it, as Duck says. Mass madness warned Dr Jung. The Power of Myth, said Dr Campbell. To no avail.

  14. Octium says:

    Another good thing about being an Anarchist is that at least you know who is behind your government.

  15. Stronghorse says:

    Just a short note to any and all who want to try and understand the financial world, but don’t think it can be deciphered.
    I would like to suggest that you check out Alt-Market dot com. Brandon is good, real good at figuring things out. The kind of things that were discussed in this episode of the Corbett Report.
    I think almost anyone can benefit from his analysis and writing, but even if you don’t like it, you at least now know about it, and can take a look see at how the alternative of the mainstream financial gurus sees things.
    Hint, there is a lot more there than just financial mumbo jumbo, and he even converts the financial mumbo jumbo into English so it can be understood.

  16. Ethan Hunter says:

    Wonderful interview!

    I believe the “black budget” programs of the Pentagon and DARPA go beyond just a secret space shuttle.

    The MIC I believe has been behind much of the weird looking crafts that have shown up around the world known as the “black triangles” that some commentators have pointed out to be associated with the Lockheed Martin Astra TR3B crafts.

    Check out the patent for such a craft here:

    Also, if your curious, look up TR-3B as a YouTube search…granted, there are some fakes, but there was a series of legitimate reports on them in the late 80s and throughout the 90s in countries like Belgium and Russia.

    I believe a large portion of revenue is going to secret projects to set up the technocratic new world order that we have been talking about for decades since the early 20th century.

  17. zyxzevn says:

    From “The Hated One”
    How the Federal Reserve creates free money for big banks, CEOs and billionaires
    The U.S. Federal Reserve creates free money for those who are “creditworthy”, which artificially raises their wealth, indebts the poor, and inflates money on people’s savings. It’s time to have a discussion whether this is acceptable in a society of the greatest income inequality in history.

  18. Fawlty Towers says:

    Catherine talks about how much families could benefit if the $21 trillion was recovered ($65,000 per person).

    One obvious problem I see is that if the American population was actually able to get the U.S. government to do the dirty work of coughing up the $21 trillion, it is a given that they would NOT distribute it to all Americans.

    Rather they would simply tell the public, look we’ve been able to account for the $21 trillion. Most of it has already been spent and is unrecoverable, the remainder we will use to fund various government programs in need of money. In other words the public would not directly see a red cent.

  19. generalbottlewasher says:

    And a light came into being. And with that light the darkness was reduced and the fear of that darkness lessened.
    I would like to hear a discussion between Dr.Shiva Ayyandurai and C. Austin-Fitts on the ‘ hiding in plan sight ‘ area surrounding Cambridge, Mass.

    I read recently, here at TCR, about the small number of wealthy families ruling the cabal, in proportion to the large number of people being ruled. The choice of words was interesting in assigning a number to the ruling elite. ” one or two score… of them.”
    No wonder the mind is the battleground. There is a score to settle and we, the 6.99 billion subjected souls are paralyzed by 40 or so terrorized ruling families. The kind of terror characterized by Braum Stoker in Dracula. The illuminating of darkness has a huge impact on easing our fear but it intensifies their fear a thousand fold. A cornered beast is extremely dangerous but you have to wonder what occurs when the beast is free of his fears. The rampaging that consumes us today.
    C.A-F has such a positive attitude in trying to bring equilibrium back to our existence. The starting point seems to lack a clear beginning and momentum of the hoi-paloy to counter the measures put in place. Dracula was old and wise and cunning cause he plays for keeps. Why can’t I get any momentum? Up is down and forward is backward? I Think Not. Where are the vulnerabilities JC, C.A-F? Its me on this side but what of their side? Isn’t this article based on a us vs them?

    • alexandre says:

      Hi GBW, good afternoon.
      Just a thought. The illuminating of darkness is simple and difficult at the same time. Simple because it’s a matter of not participating in darkness, but difficult because that can only be done individually. En masse it’s impossible, as confirmed by the amount of information available and the zero effect it has en masse. That’s why all dictatorships are fed by masses and are always collectivist. Glenn Gould said he detested audiences, not the individual components, but the audience as a mass. That’s why he stopped giving concerts. The group thing is what feeds the darkness, so any solution that involves mass action will never work (actually it will work on the opposite direction), and that’s why the darkness always promotes such collective actions. They know that whatever the mass does is good for them because a mass cannot be free and its IQ is inversely proportional to its size. A mass of individuals becomes kind of an oxymoron, even though a mass IS made of individuals. In my opinion the central problem of any oppressive terror is somewhere around that issue. Individual X mass.

      But simple doesn’t mean easy. For instance, when I travel I have to pay the toll. The road was built with public money a long time a go, then they “privatizes it”, meaning they gave the road to their friend who built toll booths and now we have to pay to use it – so the road’s new owner can pay 40 million for his daughter’s wedding in Europe (an actual fact). Even after being advised by a policeman that told me that you don’t have to pay the toll because a)the maintenance of roads comes from another tax and b) it goes against our “right to come and go” as it is in the Constitution (so it’s actually goes against the law), even then I can’t not pay the thing. I think about telling the booth guy I’m not gonna pay and just go through the bar there etc, but I can’t do it. So I pay the toll. I’m afraid and weak, and after all it’s just about 2 dollars. If I was serious about “doing something about it”, at least I would go through the toll bars, but not even that I can do. So it’s very hard and the mass has great magical powers, which are used to maintain and grow the darkness. It’s a mass/darkness feedback loop.

      Makes any sense?

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Makes perfect since Alexandre. The over burden of lies hides the golden truths underneath. You are going to get wet going for those truths, either by tears or sweat. Can you tell the sign of artistic melancholy? What’s left to do, en-mass?
        Anecdotaly, about the toll booth, my Venezuelan friend’s Mother was the campaign manager for the white party for all of western Venezuela since the late 50s. The Maricibo bridge had a toll booth and was the most valuable prize in the elections. Every six years her choice of the vendor/ collector of the toll was hers to make. It was understood, one for Venezuela, one for me, whoever was in at the time. Both parties shared up until the greens won two in a row.

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Oops !Sorry meant to say every 12 years she owned that bridge. 6 years in power, 6 years out. Then someone did something and chaos ruled ever since.

          • alexandre says:

            Yes. Latin America; someone made it like that.

            Two friends of mine – musicians – were hired to play at this guy’s daughter’s wedding in Marrakesh. It was at some 6 stars hotel where George Clooney either were staying or also had his wedding, I don’t know. They played one night but stayed a week, all paid by the guy etc. He took, from Brazil to there, friends, family, cooks, musicians etc etc. So it was something like 20 or 40 million. Whatever the amount, he can live that life because the rest of us stay for 20 minutes to go through the booth paying for something done with public money. And no one even blinks. I know one fellow that goes through the booth without paying and nothing happens, he told me. Why then I’m so afraid to do it? Why am I such a coward? I don’t know.

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