Interview 1479 - Catherine Austin Fitts Explains the Financial Coup D'état

09/18/201935 Comments

Catherine Austin Fitts has been following the story of the black budget, the missing trillions, and the back door in the US Treasury for decades. Now, her tireless work on this subject has been published in a comprehensive report from, "The Real Game of Missing Money" Volumes 1 and 2. Today James Corbett talks to Fitts about FASAB 56, the missing trillions and the financial coup d'état which has liquidated the wealth of the United States and shipped it out the back door.

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Interview 1407 – Mark Skidmore on the Pentagon’s Missing Trillions

FASAB Statement 56: Understanding New Government Financial Accounting Loopholes

Caveat Emptor: Why Investors Need to Do Due Diligence on U.S. Treasury and Related Securities

9/11 Trillions

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  1. alexandre says:

    Can’t believe it. No comments yet??
    Thanks again, James. Surely good material for a long documentary.

    Two small points:
    1 – What did people think government was? If I told my old friends about the subject of this video, they would go “duh, really? So what’s new?” but my friends are all over 50. It was beyond any doubt that government is a pool of mafia pus and nothing else. Only in the US people seemed to believe in it – and that only third world countries were “corrupted”. Something happened maybe in the 90s that retarded everybody back to some pre-school level where now to discover the obvious is somehow a surprise.

    2 – There isn’t something wrong in government; that IS government, it’s how it works – I’m sure Larken Rose would agree. Maybe it’s becoming a bit more “in your face” now, because people are indeed in that pre-school level of “duh”ism, so they are free to be more “transparent”. Catherine, with all my respect for her work, seems to think that government was corrupted, suggesting that governments could be honorable, or at least that they can be fixed. It’s a mafia, always was, always will be. Diving into the infinite intricacies and details of that vomit could be entertaining, but it won’t solve anything because it is insolvable. It’s government. (Maybe that’s only one point).

    A question for Corbett; how would we coordinate Catherine’s work with Patrick Wood’s? Do they corroborate one and another? Is Catherine showing us the financial intestines of Technocracy, or maybe she would think Patrick is a lunatic?

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Alexandre, you make a good question in comparison of the two oricles views. Two Casandras wailing away a song of warning, yet no one listens. This question shows an artists abstraction of thought. I put it to you in much the same form of question, but different topic. Say music, how would we coordinate the grunge music of Nine Inch Nails and country music artist Johnny Cash. Well fortunately it has been done. Now it needs to happen between the very intelligent Catherine and Patrick so we move beyond hypothetical.
      As far as hypothetical goes into abstract. I propose Catherine can be found in the pews of the church with all the lay persons, speaking with authority to the pulpit and the inter chamber. Woods on the other hand is in the pulpit speaking with authority to the congregation. They may be geniuses but only ones is cut from the fabric of compassion , tolerance and love for the common pions. Will either one slay dragons to achieve equilibrium? Its a good metric for establishing ones camp. Abstract questions are jazz to noise as your lovers song is to music. What doesn’t run on money.?

    • NES says:

      #1 DITTO
      #2 DITTO — CAF has always amazed me with her hopeful attitiude that government can be fixed, as if the animal was just broken and needed a missing part. In a governing system where money is a tool of slavery? NO. It’s not broken. It works exactly as planned. An insider once told me that if he had to work for either the Mafia or the US government he’d choose the Mafia every time. He said, “They have ethics; the government does not.”

      (Don’t know if you saw Patrick Wood’s recent interview with CAF but it’s on his site. It was posted this summer.)

    • brokor says:

      Governments are corporations first. If you can accept this reality, then the criminality portion makes more sense. Search information on “Corporation Nation” for details about the “how” and “why”.

  2. Ukdavec says:

    One issue I have always had with the views of Catherine on this subject is as follows.

    If the government / banks / ‘powers that should not be’ can produce money at will with the press of a button, then why resort to accounting shenanigans to squirrel money away? Print and steal would surely be far more easier?

    If I have missed something obvious then not only will I not be surprised, but would love to have it pointed out.

    • Octium says:

      Well I’m far from being an expert on the subject but my understanding is that the money is produced (Well actually stolen from the existing holders of the currency) at the point when it is loaned out.

      Even though the banks may be free to loan out the money, at least officially there would need to be a record of who the money is loaned to. Easy to fake I know, but I guess this is the process in which the faking occurs.

      There also needs to be a level of obfuscation in the government so that your average shit kicking government employee can go home at night and not know that they are evil people!

      • calibrator says:

        > There also needs to be a level of obfuscation in the government so that your average shit kicking government employee can go home at night and not know that they are evil people!


        This is the very reason for the existing compartmentalization.
        It’s likely that lots of people helped in creating 9/11 without them actually knowing it.


        The common people *have* to believe in a fair system for them to function and not rebel.

        If too many citizens realize that they are being defrauded every single day of their existance then the chance of them becoming not only angry but willing to do something about it rises.

        “They” fully well know this.

        Ask yourself why large contingents of trucks are being stored in vast storage spaces in the US. What else do they store there? Tents? Food?

        Ask yourself why the modern Western police states are preparing their armed forces (army, homeland security, police etc.) in artificial towns training for close quarter combat.

        Ask yourself why more and more cities employ armoured police vehicles, even in countries like Germany which aren’t exactly famous for massive public onslaughts (anymore). Also in Europe: There were many articles about police(!) forces not only training in other European countries but actually being present at large events (demonstrations, possibly Bilderberg and other “leader” meetings).

        They are preparing.

        But they aren’t preparing for catastrophies of nature or the clash of “left vs. right”.

        They are preparing for the big fight of “us vs. them”.

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Calibrator; just as an anecdotal witness story to support what you have said. I play golf 2 times a week north of the city I live in. Outdoors 4 to 5 hours. The two courses I golf at are 2 miles from a Industrial Military Shooting range for civilians and city , county police, sheriffs , 3 tribal police, and federal marshals, Army , Air Force and TSA who contract with the private corporate range.
          Ok , today it was all crazy on the gun range. 60 cal., 50s 706, 45s and small arms, all, and people need to know this , all fully automatic. Yes there was constant single target shooting too. It was Louder than the Camp Gruber weekend weapons training we were subjected to next to the State Park we camped at last year.
          I was, all round, all morning, contemplating who and why they would be training with full auto weapons. Training for War or God forbid they unleash that on civilians carrying .410 bird guns. It was so loud and varied it couldn’t be ignored.
          Disturbing to me the whole round, the thought of how disconnected the gunfire was from me. Just can’t shrink that divided between them and us. We pay for them to practice, what or why is a secrete. They were practicing all morning and afternoon.

    • NES says:

      Octium is correct. There are rules to traverse even for thieves. The rules can be bent but not broken. Money laws interface intimately with public domain. Consequently, when theft becomes too obvious the elites can get themselves into trouble and must dig-out via favors from other elites who govern. As well, depending on their status in the elitist realm, any cock-up can put them in a position of being used for a fall guy so others can advance their status, position, wealth and ultimately their power over other elites through their mistakes, if desired. There truly is no honour among thieves.

    • Stronghorse says:

      I’m nobody’s expert on this either, but one thing I took from it was that they are/have, taking steps to more effectively hide the evidence from view. If anyone can get a court order, or whatever, to look into the books, then they can be exposed. This way, they are saying “You can’t at the books.” Period, end of story.
      It’s one thing to know they are criminals, it’s quite another if you can prove it using their own records.

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    The website contains all kinds of information.

    This “Solari Report Feed” piece quickly grabbed my attention Hero of the Week: September 19, 2019 – Robert Kennedy, Jr..
    The linked Wikipedia article is packed with information.

    I am a strong admirer of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
    I don’t agree with everything he advocates,(for example, we differ on our views about climate change), but I’ll stand by his intentions and many actions to make a better world.

    Activist Post had this article on September 17th, 2019.
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Claims to Know Who Really Killed His Father and is Out to Prove It

    The article discusses “…former Lockheed Aircraft employee and alleged former CIA operative, Thane Eugene Cesar.”
    Thane Eugene Cesar evidently died on September 11, 2019 according to the image on Robert F. Kennedy’s Instagram.

    James Corbett has discussed Sirhan Sirhan repeatedly.
    And one of Sirhan Sirhan’s attorneys is William F. Pepper. Corbett Report has an incredible historical record regarding William F. Pepper (another hero of mine).
    If you have never seen Episode 334 – Truth At Last: The Assassination of Martin Luther King, this one is a definite 5 STAR rating.

    • calibrator says:

      Ep. 334 is pure dynamite. Ignited. And exploding. Right into the face of the viewer.

      It should be mandatory viewing in political classes to teach people what f’ed up system their (grand)parents were brought up and lived in.

    • Collin says:

      HomeRemedy comments: we differ on our views about climate change
      Any who have looked into Climate Emergency and the rubbish that underpins that view will recognise the emotive dogma.

      Klaus Ekhardt Puls: Ten years ago I simply parroted what the IPCC told us. One day I started checking the facts and data – first I started with a sense of doubt but then I became outraged when I discovered that much of what the IPCC and the media were telling us was sheer nonsense and was not even supported by any scientific facts and measurements. To this day I still feel shame that as a scientist I made presentations of their science without first checking it. The CO2-climate hysteria in Germany is propagated by people who are in it for lots of money, attention and power.

  4. wylie1 says:

    Looking forward to when JCorbett gets to the bottom of WHERE the money is going. That may clear the fog I’m having about all this fraud, how it occurs, and the impact it has.

  5. NES says:

    EXCELLENT. Good job CAF and James.

    If CAF wants the distribution of the Solari end-of-year missing trillions money report to be in everyone’s hands, as it appears from her statement, why do we have to search out a subscriber?

    CAF–Just put the item on a splash page that can be accessed by the public for purchase on-line. Then, anyone can do their due diligence or just be better informed. (I realize you’ve had enormous and expensive problems with your site because of digital attacks. If that is the reason the report is not being offered in a one-time splash page purchase for non-subscribers, I certainly understand. However, it would nice to purchase it.)

  6. manbearpig says:

    Well this hamster’s scuttling as fast as possible behind the bus but…to no avail…

    back doors and taking it dark ok… but

    Epstein a laundry… !

    blackmail whitening green? talk about a shell game… or… so… underaged dirt was rubbed onto the black box to hide the bleach and avoid being caught red-handed thanks to seedy yellow journalism??

    I can’t wait to have time to inspect this shell game in slow motion

    to get a concrete understanding of this material event…

    gonna sleep on thissssssssszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • calibrator says:

      I still think Epstein had multiple roles.

      Perhaps he fuctioned as a money laundry.

      We don’t know how much money he moved – and from which accounts to which accounts.

      We also don’t have the slightest idea where his “own” millions came from. Was his investment strategy really good enough or was he helped – by getting the right tips?

      He surely wasn’t a simple blackmailer. That would make no sense at all as he gave people and (their) institutions heaps of money.

      He also apparently wasn’t really that busy as a money manager for billionaires in his later years. From what I read he had only one client (Wexner).

      If we discard the more ridiculous stories floating around (Epstein wanting to impregnate countless women to change the race etc.) we still have to acknowledge the fact that he had several locations that weren’t a) build for his pleasure alone and b) we know that lots of people went there (some on his funny plane).

      All in all I think he was more of a middle man, a provider of sorts. He provided the various helpful stooges with what they wanted so that they functioned well or he doled out the reward money (or girls) for people who helped in the past (Clinton).

      Perhaps he also provided the intelligence services with “home movies” but I’m not convinced at all that this was the main idea.

      Whatever the case – right now it’s pretty clear that he tested the goods personally, before he put them onto the shelves…

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    “Catherine Austin Fitts Explains the Financial Coup D’état”
    QUEUED VIDEO (19 minutes 6 seconds)
    Catherine Austin Fitts: ”…and what you realize is:
    It’s this very mechanism of pumping in secret money into U.S. corporations that has been driving the U.S. Stock Market higher. Now, if I am an institutional investor and I am looking at that, the question is: “How long can the game last?”
    And if you look at what is behind this…treasury market, in terms of credit and credit analysis…we are levitating on a very big bubble….”

    Then James Corbett teases this out.
    And we learn about the Standard & Poor rating and downgrade of the U.S. Treasury…and what happened to them for speaking out.

    I have a problem. I am severely handicapped. I have FADD.
    I have what is known as “Financial Attention Deficit Disorder”.
    I don’t speak the lingo.
    I know only a few words and phrases, enough to get me in trouble when I travel around the land of Wall Street, because I don’t grasp everything.
    There are so many words, and many contain significances which are beyond me.
    The mass between my ears fogs up, straining every muscle, until it cramps.
    Sometimes, I feel like I am missing out on the joke’s punch line as if I am in a foreign country listening to everyone at the bar telling jokes in a language of which I am not familiar.

    The pundits talk about bonds, treasuries, currency swaps, equities, repo market, securities, etc.
    I have nebulous concepts about these things.
    Often, I catch the drift. I know that pension funds are in deep…a house of cards with no substance underlying the massive inflows. Insurance companies and healthcare are in deep as well.

    I very much appreciate this Corbett Report Episode 1479 “Catherine Austin Fitts Explains the Financial Coup D’état”.
    I got a lot out of it.
    I wanted this type of interview. It is extremely important, especially with this current global financial scene.
    But I think I might not have grasped all the nuances and implications.
    As an aside: Today, Wednesday, September 18, 2019, the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates 25 basis points. The marketplace goes weird on this kind of thing.

    Another aside: These Financial Rating Service companies, like S&P, can make or break an entity’s bottom line. When I had some of my companies, being listed with Dunn & Bradstreet sure made a difference.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      So this week, the financial buzz news was about Repo Rates.
      I tried to read some of the definitions, but felt like I missed the nuances.

      Jason Burack gives a 7 minute (plus) overview of the Repo Rates.
      Repo Madness?! The Fed Injects $128 Billion In Emergency Liquidity To Banks In 48 Hours!

      In light of this Catherine Fitts interview, we really don’t know what amount of money is going where.

  8. Mintaka says:

    Great interview.
    But, wasn’t the Financial Coup D’état on the 23rd December 1913?

  9. Step says:

    In Australia all the money belongs to the Queen of England. Her face is on it so I guess it’s hers. All the coins and notes are her toys and she lets us play with her toys. All said and done she can ask for us to give it back at any time and she doesn’t have to tell us what she has done with it.
    Should we as ordinary workers make our own money and not care about what the kings and queens and governments do with theirs?

  10. jkr says:

    At 30:51 Catherine Austin Fitts talks about a fact that I have been thinking about for two decades: the populations, particularly of the far eastern ‘hemisphere’, the emerging countries on the one side and in the ‘western world’ on the other side are being played off against.

    Germany after WWII was a similar case. Populations that were suppressed for long periods (like during war time and/or by authoritative regimes), when ‘released into economic freedom’ are willing to work very hard and at low wages because even at low wages their until then poor material standard of living can quickly improve. This will produce enormous competition with the then established ‘spoilt’ nations that, simultaneously, have been building up a high standard of living and social security.

    Talking about the very much valued Catherine Austin Fitts I would like to use the opportunity to point the Corbett Report towards the broadly suppressed topic of space energy as it was discussed during three international breakthrough energy congresses that took place in the Netherlands and in the US from 2012, at least one of which Catherine attended as a speaker and thus ‘ennobled’ the topic through her excellent reputation. An interview with Catherine on this subject could be a starting point into this matter. Many of the breakthrough energy congress talks should be available on vimeo and/or Youtube if they have not yet been censured in the meantime. The subject is strongly related to the conservative, predominantly fossil sources of energy.

    As always, we have to separate the wheat from the chaff because I believe there are lots of hoaxes underway amidst some truly promising approaches. If required, I will gladly provide my views on which technologies I consider credible and convincing.

    • mkey says:

      Provide away. Or, maybe better stated, provide at free will.

    • wylie1 says:

      Nothing against CAFitts, well, except like many a professor, skipping the important forest, for what they deem as difficult detail trees, which one could understand far better if they had a clearer understanding of the forest.

      …but Never heard of CAFitts before seeing the video of her at the GlobalBEM (Breakthrough Energy Movement) 2013 Conference. For me and I would guess many others, she didn’t lend any additional credibility to anything. If she hadn’t been there, wouldn’t have made any difference, excepting to those few who could make use of what she was saying.

      One can see her presentation about funding for such projects at the GlobalBEM website in the Archives section, among the other presenters of technologies and whatnot. Sadly their website “improvements” made their Archives more difficult to access/find or even realize all that was once easily available and a fair bit (not all) of it fairly interesting to those keen on moving past fossil fuels.

  11. foggygoggles says:

    Given the scope and seriousness of the topic, was disappointed only a half an hour was devoted to same.

  12. candlelight says:

    Matt Tiabbi wrote a very informative article last January in Rolling Stone Magazine about FASAB’s new guidance “SFFAS 56 – CLASSIFIED ACTIVITIES”. He references Fitts’ grave concern over it.

    In the show notes above, James includes interview 1407 featuring Professor Mark Skidmore discussing his quest to find out anything he could about the missing and unaccounted for Pentagon trillions. Sadly, he, the good professor, and at least another researcher were completely stonewalled, and found out nothing. No what, no how, and no where. Nothing.

    Near the end of the present interview, James asks of Fitts a very pertinent question. It’s akin to the proverbial $64,000 question, but, of course, in this particular case it’s the $21,000,000,000,000 question. It’s the obvious question: WHERE did the money go?

    Well, folks, Professor Mark Skidmore couldn’t find out no matter how hard he tried, but, if you’d like to find out, dear listener, you’re going to have to subscribe to I suppose, Ms. Fitts’ website, and download the pdf file that will give you the answer to where all that missing money in that big black box went!

    I wish, instead of hawking her latest publications, accessible through subscription only (which practically seems to have been nearly the entire raison d’etre for the this interview), James could have gone beyond framing the next interview with solving the mystery, and simply spent the last seven minutes remaining getting the answer to it!

    ….Until the twain shall meet again, I guess!

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