Interview 1490 – Monkey-wrenching #2020 on Declare Your Independence

11/01/201990 Comments

James joins Ernest Hancock of Freedom's Phoenix for their bi-monthly conversation. This time they discuss the issues that will (or could) be part of the 2020 (s)Election cycle and how activists can use the (s)Election distration to raise issues of importance.

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  1. Won Fat Fuk says:

    In my humble opinion, If you have prepped with cash, gold, silver, goods, it’s only going to help you until the nuclear war, which will follow the economic collapse in short order. There is absolutely NOTHING YOU CAN DO to prepare for that event. You can tell me that nuclear war (better stated as a weapons of mass destruction war) will not happen, but you are burying your head in the sand. It’s going to happen, and will happen in your lifetime. You cannot escape.

    • Build your house out of gold to protect you from the radiation.

      If you are poor build your house out of lead and don’t lick the walls. Soon the radiation will turn the lead to gold.

      P.S. Beware the Leprechauns and their pot.

    • Aphix says:

      Eh, not willing to become a Jehovah’s Witness, yet.


      If ‘it’ doesn’t come, and I spent my whole life thinking it would, I’d wish it did. And we all lose, so who cares.

      If ‘it’ does? I’m better off enjoying the blissful ignorance, certainly in this particular type of case, until the time comes.

      Oddly enough, this is the core concept in Peter Thiel’s essay, “The Optimistic Thought Experiment.”

      It’s worth a read, and certainly overlaps quite a bit with JC’s…

      Aside: (Ha! James, I just realized your name fits the bill to be “J.C. Denton,” from the fantastic video-game series, “Deus Ex” — a solo character in a wild future filled with conspiracy and kakistocracy! Your alter-ego indeed!)

      …discussions on China, specifically the presentation, “China and The New World Order.”


    • Stronghorse says:

      Opinions abound, but I sincerely doubt that the powers that shouldn’t be would spend all the time and resources they have to build such an elaborate worldwide surveillance system, just to blow it all up.
      They need subjects to worship them. If there are no people left to worship them,then the are just ordinary people. They would never admit to that.


    I have little story that supports James’ theory of future tech.

    I was working on my Brave Browser. It had a memory leak and would crash from time to time. I would restart it confidently with a session restore.

    Until last week it didn’t. It insisted that I update my browser. I downloaded and installed the new version. Generally that’s nice because Firefox would fuck up your old install with the new one by replacing/rewriting/updating it. Brave does a whole new install to avoid that problem. However this time, Brave didn’t carry over my session to the new install and the old version of Brave would start but insist I update my browser.

    My old browser worked, but in a VERY limited state – and MY FUCKING SESSION WAS LOST. I posted my problem on the Brave Community forum and got some shitty unhelpful response, then they censored my comment (likely because I called them totalitarians while swearing).

    That was last week. Brave may be “more secure” (I’m no coder and can’t prove/disprove it) but I might go back to Vivaldi (at least they have good vertical tabs) if they’ve improved their memory issues.

    Side note:

    For all the Climate Change people I challenge you to reduce the abundant INTERNET BLOAT – from excessive web pages, excessive web traffic, excessive browsers, excessive spyware, excessive memory leaks, etc etc etc.


    And reduce your carbon footprint, save on electric bills, save on internet bills, save time, extend disposable-tech lifespans, etc etc etc.

    Let’s make computing more efficient than the “efficient economy”.

    • FYI: My posted forum outrage with their banal corporate NPC-responses and non-solutions:

    • mkey says:

      I experienced a similar issue when updating brave recently. I’m using a portable install, however, so I probably incorrectly assumed the issue was related to that fact.

      Brave seems less memory intensive than Firefox, which can get really leaky. Given enough time, my system will run out of RAM while browsing in Firefox.

      And I do get your point about efficient computing, believe you me, I get it perfectly. It looks like skilled coders have moved to Mars and the graveyard shift took over. Since I have first started coding in assembler years back this issue is particularly close to heart for me. Memory management is an afterthought for these people.

  3. sherry.a says:

    For the very first time had to leave the exchange–Mr. Hancock (with respect) may have thought we have hearing problems by yelling so much, interrupting James as often as possible and making the conversation a ‘monologue’…not best way to have an audience listen or even hear….imho

    • Mintaka says:

      I concur.
      He reminds me of Alex Jones and I don’t go there.
      But if Mr Hancock helps to spread James’s message in the right way, then I’ll take it on the chin, eehrr ears.

      • mik says:

        Hancock’s train of thought is a mess, level of discussion reminds me on Joe Rogan.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Regarding Ernie Hancock

          I like the guy.
          And I certainly admire his activism and desire to better conditions.
          He has an extremely strong intention to make things better, which he puts into action.
          The guy has more energy than the majority of folks.

          I understand how some folks feel…
          Hancock delivers a lot of communication.
          His loud voice volume combined with rapid changes of thought, while sometimes interrupting, can grate the nerves of some folks.
          Way back, when I first listened to Ernie, it took some time for me to warm up to his style.

          Ernie’s communication rate of motion is magnified by the loud volume.
          Actually, over the years, I have noticed that a lot of strong activists have a lot to say, each with their own style, often with exhilarating energy.

          “communication rate of motion”
          I have found that each individual has a preference band level for motion, whether it be the ‘exchange of ideas’ or physical body motion.
          It can be hard to tolerate a motion which is too slow or too fast for that person’s preference level. It takes some “warming up to it”, some understanding that others are different.

          For example: I recently was working with a young guy who was not the sharpest knife in the drawer. He moved extremely slow, not because he was lazy, but because he had mental strain of what to do next. His communication also reflected that.
          At first, it irritated me. It was hard for me to tolerate in our fast-paced environment.
          His motion was much slower than my motion.
          But I warmed up to it. I started to recognized where this fellow was coming from. I then became more understanding about the guy’s dullness.
          It probably was a relief for the guy also, once I understood. I started handling him differently.
          I’m not his boss, but I would give him simple orders, simple directions, instead of watching him just stand there mentally straining. Orders like, “Will you load the boxes on the truck for me? Put the bigger boxes at the bottom of the stack.”

          Anyway, I like Ernie.
          He is a dynamic guy. Maybe, he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but he’s one hell of a guy. Someone who I would like to have as a friend if I ever got in a pinch.

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            Thanks Homey.

            Style is not content! Programming over years will produce results. An actor on the stage has on a costume, on a stage crafted to set the scene. If any of these are off, off of what you have been programmed to accept you close the door to what is being said. For instance The actor sees a fire in the theater and states ” there is a fire” , half or more of the audience will ignore the warning.
            Listening past the programmed responses to your other 5 sences ect… Its hard to deprogram years of conditioning. The bias is placed there by others, its called learning and by some its called programming. I guess this could be a result of propaganda.
            I have seen some Shakespeare set in styles that would stop a clock. You have to ask if the meal is less representative of the chef if the waiter is a class clown? You don’t let the taste pass you by.

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              Around the 4:00 mark James go into this condition, conditioning.


              6th sence in action.

              • manbearpig says:

                I just dropped in to see what condition my condtion was in


              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Open the door
                Turn on the light
                Let the black cat out
                Make the clock stop the tic,
                Its Saturday night!
                Ohhhhoh into the mystic…


              • manbearpig says:

                well for the moment I’ll stay sober in thoughts of the harvest moon that was slim:


              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Does the same moon shine in Savoy,
                As the diamond shines in Amboy?
                Shine on, shine on you crazy diamond.


                6:25pm USA moon rise

              • manbearpig says:

                Wow. Thanks for that. Was completely unaware of this… rough diamond of random precision…

                “…Another account is that when he was 13, his schoolmates nicknamed him “Syd” after he showed up to a field day at Abington Scout site wearing a flat cap instead of his Scout beret because “Syd” was a “working-class” name. He used both names interchangeably for several years. His sister Rosemary said: “He was never Syd at home. He would never have allowed it.” He was a Scout with the 7th Cambridge troop and went on to be a patrol leader…

                …Once described as joyful, friendly, and extroverted, he became increasingly depressed and socially withdrawn, and experienced hallucinations, disorganized speech, memory lapses, intense mood swings, and periods of catatonia. Although the changes began gradually, he went missing for a long weekend and, according to several friends, including Wright, came back “a completely different person.”

                “…According to Waters, Barrett came to what was to be their last practice session with a new song he had dubbed “Have You Got It Yet?” The song seemed simple enough when he first presented it, but it soon became impossibly difficult to learn; they eventually realised that while they were practising it, Barrett kept changing the arrangement. He would then play it again, with the arbitrary changes, and sing “Have you got it yet?”

                Eventually, they realised they never would, and that they were simply bearing the brunt of Barrett’s idiosyncratic sense of humour.Waters called it “a real act of mad genius” …

                …”Other friends state that Barrett’s flatmates, nicknamed Mad Jock and Mad Sue, believed that acid held all the answers, thought of Barrett as a genius or a deity, and were spiking his morning coffee with LSD every day without his knowledge, leaving him in a never-ending trip. He was later rescued from that flat by friends and moved elsewhere, but his erratic behaviour continued…”

                “…Waters maintains that Barrett suffered “without a doubt” from schizophrenia…”

                “…Once described as joyful, friendly, and extroverted, he became increasingly depressed and socially withdrawn…”

                definately too much time spent on the dark side of the moon… a lunatic in the poetic sense of the word…


              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Thanks ya’ll for the old time great melodies as I read through the comments.

          • mik says:


            I admit, I was to harsh with my comparison.
            Ernie’s style of presentation is not for me.

            My critique goes for this presentation.

            Hats off to his activism.

          • mkey says:

            Your story about Ernie makes me reflect on a colleague of mine with whom I’m experiencing some disparity in band level for motion. I didn’t even realize that was a condition, mind you, but it makes sense and I tuned into it immediately as you were laying it down.

            Anyway, my Ernie isn’t dull, I’d say, he’s just used to doing things at his own pace. As am I, as well, but the problem is our paces are not very compatible. I get in this mentality where I want to handle as much work as can be done and get the hell out of dodge 8 hours later, so unwanted hurdles come unwelcome and are annoying, even excruciating.

            Combine this band level issue with his proclivity to misunderstand conveyed information (in dumbfounding ways) and more issues derived from these, hostility ensues and the guy gets on my nerves for, I guess, no other reason than being himself. Hopefully, now that you have brought the issue to attention I can continue carrying on with a bit more grace.

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              I’m tracking dude.
              Maybe we’re on the same band level of motion; or at least in certain areas.
              Regardless, I’m with you on this mindset: “…handle as much work as can be done and get the hell out of dodge 8 hours later, so unwanted hurdles come unwelcome….”

  4. HopefulOne says:

    I wasn’t sure where to post this-

    On the NBC nightly news tonight, during the coverage of the So Cal fires, they had a few seconds of the hills igniting almost as if zapped by something invisible- with a huge blast of flames erupting from the otherwise unaffected area, instead of spreading, as we normally have seen.

    Wondered what the other CR members thought about this-

    Perhaps I’m too suspicious- but perhaps that footage might be helpful for some sleuths looking into these fires-
    (I did not have the option to queue the video, as here the news is still playing).

    Certainly seems like all these fires are part of a larger agenda-

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      HopefulOne: check out Elana Freeland talk. At the 3:10:00 mark she speaks of Jamie Lee videos and the Paradise fires. This will fill the bill of what you ask. Well at least its a beginning. Certainly they are the display of a whole new arsenal of weapons by TPTSB

    • “As California goes, so goes the nation”

      Meaning that laws passed and practices adopted in California end up being adopted by the other states eventually.

      TPTB have decided that Californians (the ‘nation’s examples’) haven’t been taking the climate change threats seriously enough, so they’re having to take their climate change fear mongering & terrorizing up a couple of notches.
      They’re starving the state of rain to dry it out, then they’re igniting it.
      It looks like there could also be some directed energy weapon usage as well (or something else, like solar magnification), in the case of towns like Santa Rose and Paradise where hundreds of concrete jungle houses & buildings were catching fire and burning to the ground as if they were gasoline-soaked tinder sheds in the middle of a dry field.

      Note: I don’t think this is definitely what’s happening; just a very real possibility.

      • manbearpig says:

        with town names like that the symbolism is breath-taking… transforming paradise into an inferno… and saint rose…?

        “…the rose became a symbol of Mary, the Mother of God. The rose also has been used as a symbol for Jesus…”

        like Christian Hughes going up in flames in Midsommar…

        yea, it’s become somewhat of an obsession in the image of The Circle some time back.

        • That’s interesting. Quite a lot of people were trying to figure out why Santa Rosa was targeted and there was no consideration given to the name. I’ll be sure to keep your observation in mind.

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            AnimalsAren’tFood, gold could be the ultimate prize.
            The HAARP powered ground based tomography satellites have located a lot of new natural resources. Of course that information is a highly guarded secrete. The technology is not secrete but the information is. Paradise area gold was found visually in the past, however the estimates of the remaining veins that are believed to exist below ground were huge. They are now known to the keepers of that secrete information. Again TPTSB use of technology is denied to the populace that inhabit the land and own the mineral resources beneath their property. A Cecil Rhodes proposition repeats itself. Burn em out!Run them off. It will be worth it in the end.
            Santa Rosa may be in a gold barring area.

        • manbearpig says:

          Indeed AAF, I was replying idly in Halloween mode: the names of the towns are more of a testament of the original Mexican? population’s devotion to Christ, I imagine. Had it been Pope valley or Devil’s Elbow that had burned it would’ve created the same weird symbolic effect.

          Having said that, after taking a closer look, there are many fewer “christianity inspired” names than I would’ve thought… I actually had trouble finding any…

          Anyhow, it’s much more interesting that someone would secrete info (like leaking info I guess) that there’s gold in them hills as GBW asserts. The principle of bouncing hertz off the ground, as I understand it, has long been used to find petrol deposits and other stuff underground so why not gold? (it’s bouncing millions upon millions of hertz off the ionosphere and then perhaps back onto the ground that seemed rather disquieting to me back in the day…)

          Anyhow I don’t know anything at all about any of this so I’ll start by having a look at GBW’s link.

          come to think of it, I actually doubt gold deposits respect town boundries so… the two might not be incompatible, weird symbolism and gold prospecting… just a prospect…

          • manbearpig says:

            I shoulda said wildfires don’t respect town borders so the towns cited must be where most of the damage took place… haven’t had my morning coffee yet…

            Anyhow, it all reminds me of Notre Dame burning last April and folks saying that many Christian sites had been destroyed and gone unreported.

            Here’s just one link that discusses this:


            and, Corbett commenter Mintaka had also evoked the destruction of historical monuments recently on the “Something Big has just Happened” board:

            “…In essence, the same is going on there [Syria], the destruction of culture & history by an OUTSIDE force, or forces….”

            Someone or someseveral giving the planet a cultural facial? a historical monumental overhaul? or sending messages through targeted fires, explosions… anyhow…still in halloween mode apparently… maybe just creating confusion to make off with the resources… still… history’s important… controlling history… were santa rosa and paradise california two big gold mining towns in the past?

            time for coffee now…

          • manbearpig says:

            saw this little doc from the big brother corp and for some irrational reason I find it might confirm GBW’s gold allegations. I mean if it’s (God forbid!) Unsustainable (gasp!) and Bad for the Environment for individuals to mine gold in the hills, it could very well be that someone’s already got dibs on that gold…


          • mkey says:

            While we’re secreting information, keep in mind that HAARP is probably, almost certainly, legacy technology that serves as a perfect red herring, attracting attention and keeping it away from some other, a lost less eyecatching and probably a whole lot more efficient systems.

            The guy behind, now defunct, WeatherWar101 website (the youtube channel is still up) had a map of (I think 50) Nexrad installations strategically placed all over USA mainland which have, according to him, been used to facilitate, or downright make possible, cloud formation above said mainland.

            His claim was that these systems were crucial for cloud seeding since due to industry driven small particle pollution this process was next to impossible to occur on its own. He claimed this has been the case for decades now, a line of thought which could lead to the conclusion that contrails (coupled with massive evaporation) are maybe not part of a eugenicist plot but a sheer necessity, that is a desperate attempt to kickstart natural weather creation.

            • manbearpig says:

              Yea, I vaguely remember seeing those installations and the map(s)…
              Harping on HAARP as a distraction has crossed my mind.
              And the possibility for such installations contrived for life-saving purposes has occured to me and I’ve always sort of hoped that the eugenicists would not go so far as exotic technologies that logically would exterminate their own precious progeniture.

              I’ve also wondered if exotic weapons were some sort of technology designed to counteract the fact of our extreme vulnerability to galactic cosmic rays due to a historically weak geo-magnetic field.

              This is part of the war in my own mind that ardently hopes those controlling and using exotic technologies are doing so for laudable reasons.
              Like everyone, I want to believe in Daddy, but it’s hard when one examines the details of 9/11 as a single example, though Daddy maybe can’t protect us all from every boogey man, natural and contrived out there… there are so many…
              Even laudable intentions can lead to catastrophic conséquences when trying to counter colossal forces…

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                MBP;Mkey; you may find this interesting. Jim Lee live streaming as I type. Doppler not used to steer.

                On weather modification I had posted a video of an South African meteorologist describing to viewers how they do it in South African cape. I got it from and have posted it before. Alas it has been scrubbed by our Daddy for inappropriate viewing. Can anyone remember seeing it on TCR comments? I can recall where I put.

              • manbearpig says:

                uhh, summer open thread, scroll a little over half way down?


              • manbearpig says:

                er, on second thought, maybe you’re more interested in this:


                Hope that’s it. Can’t listen to it right now though…

                gnight and good luck.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                MBP; yes that’s it. From 0 to the 2:00 mark. The bloke was a South African . He makes it sound so innocent. “Colossal forces with catastrophic consequences ” such hubris.


                Thank you so much .Bon Noir.
                P. S. ” Daddy” has now entered the vernacular for use as a substitute for TPTSB.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                – BUMP –
                QUOTE “Launching Electromagnetics into the Atmosphere….”
                Weather Control

                generalbottlewasher says: “…MBP; yes that’s it. From 0 to the 2:00 mark. The bloke was a South African . He makes it sound so innocent….

                VIDEO – Listen to how this official details weather manipulation on KTN NEWS

              • manbearpig says:

                wow. now that’s a find. and you’d already posted that on the summer thread on 9/9 and I missed it. fairly typical of my attention span.

                …such hubris indeed. but a biosystem will make the necessary adjustments to reestablish equilibrium. and depending on the extent of the interference, certainly small on a cosmic scale, it might not be pretty on a human scale…

                shoot. glad I didn’t watch that before hitting the hay.

                thank You so much.

              • mkey says:

                Just more conspiracy kook stuff. If they coild draw in clouds from the ocean they would certainly use that over California. Amirite?

              • mik says:

                I don’t buy it either.

                Regarding California, to proceed in unfalsifiable style, maybe they have other plans. Maybe they want to torture it.

              • manbearpig says:

                I mean like DUH!! Like Of Course they’d save Paradise if they could just shift clouds around like that! totally tin foil conspiracy kooky! Duh! Feel like such a DUfus! I mean, you think they’d just let all those tanning beds and botox salons just go up in smoke like that?? If they could just make it rain by shifting clouds around, no like, HELLO!? Anyone HOME??, Come On! seriously. How could I fall for such a wacko conspiro-cracked idea!? I can be such a doofy DORK!

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              Mkey: your observations bring up a valid point. The source of our information is from the tower of Babel in most instances. We arrive at the depository of information and ask to search for answers to questions. Should we wonder why we are skeptical when the repository asks what is our level of clearance to those answers. The only reliable information available to us is that gained from our own observations gathered around what we access by our own will. STicking our nose in where it doesn’t belong has been informative but dangerous. Should we thank the repository for watching out for our best interest . Can we ever find a platform to share information that is free of the red herrings of greater stake holders? This could drive a person nuts in so many ways. This has been the case for a very long time with no solution.

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              Mkey, take a minute and view this nerdy goober who has compiled a lot of source documents. Yes he may be unauthentic and a hired dissimulator of science which would discredit all the topics he discusses as conspiracy kook stuff. He is only a concerned citizen, no academic credential. He can research and has good collating skills of information he collects. He certainly puts himself out there and may also be a hypocrite. But the evidence is there.
              Im going to draw on something Pearl has said.” That’s a little harsh” I hope you are kidding and it was lost in translation. I will be the first to support you in any free opinion you may have as a person but the evidence here should change your opinion from kooky to maybe.
              Also please explain who they are. You say ” if they could draw in clouds …” ?? The concerned citizens??? California is a whole other species. More of a laboratory of the NWO and the Rothschild syndicate.


              • generalbottlewasher says:

                AnimalsArentFood says, “As California Goes So Goes The Nation”. And ” I don’t think this is definitely what is happening; just a very real possibility. ”

                A definite maybe.

              • mkey says:

                By “they” I meant the people who can draw clouds across the sky, as it was referenced in the video.

                I did watch some of Jim’s video, I wish they were a bit more concise. So many hours in a day.

  5. joe.h says:

    Seriously here in America the vaccines are a huge deal. And educating yourself about the history of vaccines is not a task that is done over night. I would love to see more alternative media focusing on vaccines and health freedom. Now I kust watch Del Bigtree every week and he does a fine job but the guy could use some help. Robert Kennedy Jr has good things to say and tons of different doctors. But man I’d love to see some other people hitting on the subject of corruption in the CDC and health industry because it goes way back and very interesting

  6. joe.h says:

    Lol and Earnest Hancock the man. I need to start listening to all his stuff each week

  7. manbearpig says:

    Holy Connoli Man!! Now that was a HOOT!! Awesome! A Best Of!

    A wealth of historical one liners that would make WC Fields blush with envy starting with:

    -“Normal in a crazy system is Crazy.”

    -“Same old same old gettin’ pretty damn weird!”

    -“ya know, When they can’t get anywhere else, they get Creative!”

    -RVs? “They’re getting their bug-outs ready.”

    -“I call that “Quantum Reality”; if I take just one step towards it, it just starts happenin’, it’s everywhere!!”

    -“you tell me what it is and convince me it’s a good thing: Boom! It gonna be a issue James, so hook me up man!”

    -non-Lead Zeppelins: “Faster than the Titanic and it won’t sink on ya!” “Well, it won’t Hindenburg on ya, right..?” ta dah kling!

    -Low unemployment: “7 guys directing traffic around a little traffic cone” and Yakusa gets their share…

    -“I’m lookin’ forward to the future and I just need to get the monkeys off our back! It’s on the back of our cortex. I mean it’s here, the Revolution’s between the ears.”

    -1984 was literally memory-holed by Amazon; “God did that for us!”

    -“We need to be a tool to people so we can share your stuff at the right time, with the right people at the right place.”

    Ernie, totally!! You’re such a tool! 😉 but only with the right people at the right place!

    Selfish Ledger-style, we’ll be armed with nothing but vending machines meshed onto us that know if we’re vaccinated and if a family member in the last 23 generations ever committed a parking violation : like the good consumer sheeple livestock they think we are…

    That whole bit about everything being uploaded onto the cloud reminds me of that TV series based on Arthur C Clarke’s sci fi novel

    Childhood’s End

    where all the children are uploaded onto the cloud and thus survive the total destruction of the Earth.

    This platinum edition, still another tribute to Mr. Corbett’s genius as an interviewee speaking the language of the interviewer, spinnin’ straw into gold.

  8. manbearpig says:

    Reportedly last time it was the Russians. Maybe this time around it’ll be the Swedes? What foreign agent will be monkey-wrenching 2020 via social networks from now on?

    “…Yet Ms. Thunberg is finding criticism enervating, suggesting that those who oppose her crusade are “interfering with democracy” and should be censored by Facebook.

    The climate icon urged her fans to “challenge” Facebook to silence her antagonists, insisting that “if enough of us demand change — then change will come.”

    Thunberg’s social media issues do not end with Facebook, however, and she has similarly complained that Twitter has not done a good job protecting her, either…”

    It’s not censorship, just block the critics.

    • mik says:

      Last times I’m conducting a social experiment and I’ve annoyed some people pretty badly, some very emotional reactions also.
      It’s about The Greta, climate warrior.

      My thesis are:
      1. She has been abused, manipulated by elders and environmental organizations. I don’t see much authentic, grass roots about her.
      2. The whole charade was amplified by media in a propaganda campaign with emotional extortion towards parents particularly (kids don’t have future).
      Although one can find some drawbacks with my first thesis, second one stays very firm (field results).

      No one should allow himself to use manipulation of that magnitude no matter how noble, rightful, or whatever the cause might be. (sometimes I carefully introduced Machiavelli into debate).

      Results are interesting, not surprising, majority to some extent deny my thesis, no one saw any big problem with Greta.
      Climate justice, not just climate change is well entrenched. With just one exception, they don’t realize that we will pull the shortest straw with climate justice, the rich will be just fine.

      And concrete example of climate justice:
      I payed almost 1000€ one time tax (Croatia) for second hand car, CO2 tax, climate indulgence, because my car is emitting 139g of co2, and that is around 17% of the total cost.
      If you buy an old car it is very possible indulgence will exceed car’s value.

      • manbearpig says:

        (oh! so you mik and mkey both come from Croatia!

        hadn’t realized that!)

        “Greta’s Dilemma” as described by Tony Heller contains remarks similar to your own:

        • mik says:

          What Tony Heller is saying goes under my first thesis. One can have objection that she is not that much child any more (it’s true). And that she is willingly participating. She being brainwashed is also a slippery slope, it depends on which side of debate you are.

          Second thesis stands more firmly. You have to bend over backwards to disprove it and still, I see no way to escape machievellism.

          • manbearpig says:

            “…No one should allow himself to use manipulation of that magnitude no matter how noble, rightful, or whatever the cause might be. (sometimes I carefully introduced Machiavelli into debate).”

            Should and shouldn’t are highly subjective terms.

            Many operate on the principle that “all’s fair in love and war.”

            By most people’s standards, maybe they shouldn’t. Aside from the fact that, in my experience, most people’s standards are elastic,

            you can try to prove to people that such manipulation is immoral, they’ll tell you that if it’s designed to save the world, so what?

            At any rate, her being, in Heller’s words, a used and abused human shield does not stop him from using scathing sarcasm directed straight at her (via twitter) thus, in a sense, abusing her further himself, which might be considered both morally and strategically questionable.

            I essentially agree with your theses here but

            in a world where even simple scientific facts are of no interest to most, universally accepted morals are even harder to objectively grasp rendering them unreliable as ammunition in debate.

            So right doesn’t necessarily make might. But the appearence of right often does.

            The brain processes emotions many times faster than intellectual ideas. Appearences are thus first dictated by emotion.

            Hence the copious Machiavellian use of emotional manipulation.

            Call it The Nurse Nayirah principle.

            I guess the term “objective morality” is an oxymoron.

            You might try to prove it’s illegal though, by some country’s standards…

            but again, codified rules somehow no longer apply when a child’s future is at stake…

            • mik says:

              “you can try to prove to people that such manipulation is immoral, they’ll tell you that if it’s designed to save the world, so what?”

              If they recognized manipulation, that’s a response I got from most of the people and beyond this they were mostly closed/unable to debate. But at the same time I believe majority of people understands machievellism is deeply immoral.

              I’m aware topics like this are emotionally loaded and debate won’t make people to rethink their position. I believe I put some seeds of doubt in best case.

              I’m glad you pointed out Tony’s misconduct. I’ve noticed it but I was silent because I think I’ve been (over) critical on this thread enough.

              “I guess the term “objective morality” is an oxymoron.”

              Yes, sounds ok. But when I’m confronted with hard questions about morality I usually move even further.

              (forth part in particular)

              • manbearpig says:

                Ah, ok, mik, so, from what I could tell from your link and rewatching CS Lewis’ The Abolition of Man:

                subjectivity is not the problem: it’s the solution.

                Tao is intrinsically subjective and elastic; the elasticity is part of the strength of the Tao…allowing it to adapt to a variety of invidual circumstances without ever betraying its implacable underlying Human wisdom; i.e. “I intuitively know what is morally “right” in a given situation.” (eg: killing is wrong, but killing a person in intense and hopeless suffering is perhaps not wrong. Or killing someone attacking another person is perhaps not wrong etc…)

                So writing off moral principles as “subjective” is simply refusing Tao. And refusing Tao automatically negates any meaning at all. As erecting any meaningful principles with no inherent meaning is impossible.

                Machievelli rejects morality and the Tao for rulers. Thus the ruler himself becomes inhuman and therefore can no longer rule Humans in a way that serves Human needs and values.

                Perhaps, if I understand correctly, it’s that Humans have been taken hostage by those who’ve embraced a purely pragmatic and materialistic absurdity thus separating themselves from their own Humanity. How can a ruler constructively navigate total absurdity without resorting to purely instinctive impulses that betray Human Tao-driven societal values…

                Tao is the difference between Homo Sapiens Sapiens and the Gentleman/woman. But in the schoolyard, who’s going to rule: the Machiavellian inscrupulous bully who can manipulate emotions or the respectful scrupulous gentleman even if he possess superior fighting skills?

                Greta worship plays off of guilt which can be mistaken for an innate sense of what’s right and wrong – in other words misplaced guilt can be instilled in people and its hard to tell the difference between this suggested guilt and genuine or justified personal feelings of guilt existing within a moral person’s psyche…

                I just hope that Tao is something that can practically exist outside of religion which for me, at worst, encourages the ritualistic show of connection to conscience and often ultimately gets confused with any actual connection to conscience. And as your link points out “Ritual is the husk of true faith, the beginning of chaos.”

                I’m certainly not preaching, just thinking outloud…

                So thanks for the link.

              • mik says:

                I’ve watched The Abolition of Man. What a food for thought.
                Regarding schoolyard’s bully and gentleman, we don’t have a crystal ball to foresee any of such instances.

                It’s interesting to me how “scientific world” don’t recognize after so many decades that it is proven by Goedel Theorems there are true (or false) statements that can’t be proven. Also there are statements that are undecidable and know way of knowing whether they are really undecidable. Conclusion: Reasoning itself has Limits.

                Therefore, some juice is added to reasoning to get Human understanding.
                The Orthogonality Thesis, Intelligence, and Stupidity

                “I just hope that Tao is something that can practically exist outside of religion…”

                Tao already exists to some extent.

                We have Faith. Faith is essential for cooperation and we cooperate.
                We have some Morality.
                We have Goodness…..yee, true (maybe, for some folks), but sometimes some Faith is needed.
                But Faith is already needed at the beginning.

                Essential are also Humanity’s Terminal Goals, even more, maybe

                The Terminal Goal.
                The only thing that fits here is Freedom.
                Viva Anarchy!!! 🙂

              • manbearpig says:

                so I was postulating about certain types of homo sapiens sapiens having renounced their humanity (from what i understand of cs lewis’ definition fo Tao) being the necessarily ineffective architects of human society.

                but I hadn’t considered the possibility of these same creatures being the ones programming ai.

                a technocratic society wrenching humans twice removed from themselves. how to stay human?

                much to consider…

                hume’s guillotine…

                thanks for the video,

                now the sun’s up and i’m late for hamstering…

              • mik says:

                What about summarizing all of above? What does that mean?

                I think technocracy is just been beaten using their own tool set.

                Hard to believe. Is there a mistake? Is this reasoning rigorous enough?
                Can conclusions from one domain (mathematics) be drawn to other domain (Material World)?

                Material World and/or interactions in it are described, expressed with Mathematics. There is no field of science not using math. It’s somehow data + math.
                Mathematics looks like being limited only by imagination and its own rules (including Goedel).

                Using set theory, if we compare Set(Material World) and Set(Mathematics): which one is bigger?

                My intuition tells me they are equal in the worst scenario, or Mathematics is bigger.

                Therefore, Material World can be expressed with Mathematics + data. But in the process Material World gets Mathematics’ limits.

                Does the above make any sense?

                It’s hard to imagine how some things can be expressed with maths. Well, they almost crunched the language.

                Vectoring Words (Word Embeddings)


                Rituals are not that “bad” I think. Many people are not interested, some are also incapable, in discussions we are having here. It’s a huge strain on mind.
                Rituals are for them. Actually, we all need rituals, habits. They are useful.

                p.s. Goedel’s theorems are well presented in BBC documentary Dangerous Knowledge part2.

                p.s.s. I’ll be offline for next week.

              • manbearpig says:

                For the moment I personally have made no genuine attempt at rigorous thought… just flash musing during Morning coffee or between classes, alas…

                just watched this fascinating video as a quick bedtime story…vectoring words…, more or less large-scale “teaching” (programming) of associations, set theory, measuring how close or far words are to each other, allowing for simple calculations with “meaningful” results… gender sets among others…I wonder how mixed emotions will be encoded, how many vectors, moral values, reactions born of chaotic hormonal situations, fickleness will be encoded… the desire to pardon or not… is Ego a set of terminal values that can be mathematically modeled?

                or we’ll just keep AI on a leash of glorified stamp-collecting. AI or AGI?

                Material and immaterial nature described in mathmatical terms thanks to countless vectors… Quantum computer-generated vectors…?

                Tao-taught technocracy? as instrumental or terminal values…?

                I gotta sleep on this.

                p.s.: love the idea of technocracy being beat at its own game for the well-being and flourishing of Humanity… whatever that would be…

              • manbearpig says:

                In another random surge of enthousiastically fast and rigorously haphazard and approximate thought I must thank you mik for mentioning this BBC documentary “Dangerous Knowledge” which is the best pre-hamsterwheel breakfast I’ve had in a while! have a most gratifying week off-line!

              • mik says:

                The best explaining of Goedel, his meaning and consequences.

                Lectures in three parts, first two are MUST SEE as The Century of Self. Dense and thick food for mind.
                Third part is Goedel as human, he as a scientist.

                I think there is a support for my the above thesis in these lectures.

  9. mik says:

    Yeee, zeppelins and electric airplanes and mother technology almighty.

    Airships are susceptible to weather conditions way more than ships and airplanes.

    Article linked in shownotes is talking about airships carrying 3000 tones.
    If one apply minimal knowledge of physics one would find out that means displacing 2.3 million cubic meters of air just for cargo not counting the weight of ship. That means a volume 230m x 110 m diameter. Counting airship weight these dimensions should probably be doubled. I guess you can imagine the susceptibility of such a ship to crosswinds. Yes, it is possible to build it but it would be close to useless.

    This story is a nice example of technology being nowadays religion.

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I think James Corbett nailed the three issues.
    Economy, the new Technocracy, and Health.

    These past few years, it has become much more difficult to search for alternative health articles.

    • manbearpig says:

      Let’s see, I think an acronym might be in order here…have to add an issue though… maybe something like…

      ETHER = Economy, Technocracy, Health and Environmenal Radicalism

      Whadya think?

      A selection cycle filled with ETHER!

      anyway… seems fitting somehow…

      • manbearpig says:

        sorry; as usual, the “mental” in environmental lost me…

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        manbearpig says: ETHER = Economy, Technocracy, Health and Environmenal Radicalism

        I like that.
        Focus on the ETHER.

        • manbearpig says:

          On the “environmental radicalism” note this has just come in:

          “Breaking news: the British Conservative Government has just agreed Extinction Rebellion’s demand to form a climate change citizen’s assembly. 30,000 invitations will be sent at random, then 110 of the respondents will be chosen to sit on the assembly. The budget allocated for the assembly is £520,000. £120,000 will be provided by the government, the rest will provided by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and the European Climate Foundation.”

          This addendum was on the following WUWT article:

          Nigel Farage Exposes Extinction Rebellion’s Plan to Topple Representative Democracy
          Eric Worrall / 13 hours ago November 2, 2019

          “…Citizens assemblies would advise on the “grim” task of imposing wartime levels of rationing, and would decide what economic activity would be allowed to continue, to fulfil their paramount goal of drastically cutting Britain’s carbon footprint to address the climate crisis by 2025.

          Sarah compares citizens assemblies to court jurors, who once decided on whether people could live or die, before Britain abolished the death penalty.

          Extinction Rebellion’s intention is that “advice” provided by the assemblies would be very difficult for elected politicians to refuse…”

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            MBP; WOW this eerily sounds like two sides of the same coin arguing statism. James site will be overwhelmed soon when they{ someone} starts throwing truth bombs about English history. Milner, round tables and public propaganda. War on? Experts, citizen advisory boards then Technocracy!
            Ta !Da! Problem solved ! Now back to your regularly scheduled program.
            Is the tail wagging the dog here?
            I don’t like ending with a question but Im of high rank and low i.q

            • manbearpig says:

              not surprising a project favoring over-arching control in the name of fabricated emergency should be supported by all sides pushing for statism.

              the state’s got the army to force all those deniers to shut up and all those fabricating alarmists to back off.

              the left and right’ve always been that – two flying buttresses holding up the same religiously statist project that preaches trying to please the parishers and effectively and eternally pursues the interests of the richest architects of society.

              Your Truth bomb war sounds fun though… how to bring it about?

              The tail’s always wagged the dog and your questions belie your low iq as you well know. my questions compensate, as you well know. not the same.

              but I dropped out of the contests some time ago…

              • mik says:

                “the state’s got the army to force all those deniers to shut up and all those fabricating alarmists to back off.”

                We already had similar situation in history (unless it is just urban legend).

                During the great depression syndicalists went to Roosevelt. He listened to them. At the end he said:

                Ok, understand. Now go out and make me do it.

                The crowd will today ask for Climate Justice. Many believers think this is the way to get rid of capitalism, hahaha, or that we will all share the burden of changes, hahaha

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    ”THE NORMIES” – Real “Normies” discuss vaccines following South Park episode on vaccines

    Some weeks ago, the show “South Park” offended China. I thought that the South Park apology to China was wonderful wit.
    During the course of my research, the more recent 300th episode of South Park came out. It’s entitled “Shots!!!”.
    You can get a summary at www!!!

    So, I went online to try to watch the episode about vaccines.
    I found a crude way to watch it on “The Normies” YouTube channel.

    During the show, some valid scientific facts about the dangers of vaccines were brought up, especially by Liane, Cartman’s mother. Liane eventually becomes “artistic” after receiving a vaccine.

    The video is queued to where “The Normies” are discussing vaccines. They are so dramatically mis-informed, that it made me sad to see people that dumbed down.

    • mkey says:

      Give these people a gun, put a nefarious grin on your face, sit back and have fun watching the ensuing mayhem. If I had several hours to spare, that video could be broken down and correlated with MSM headlines (keyword headlines) to paint a very clear picture that describes how people are being informed in this day and age.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        mkey says: “Give these people a gun, put a nefarious grin on your face, sit back and have fun watching the ensuing mayhem.”

        The imagery of such a scenario hits my chuckle bone.

  12. Libertydan says:

    I met Earnest Hancock at the 2012 Porkfest in NH, and had a lengthy one on one conversation with him. Indeed, the guy is sincere and he gets away from his computer into the real world to see reality.
    Perhaps some Corbett Report subscribers can not relate to him and/or they are Trolls hired to distort the opinions of those who would read the comments. Note that the negative comments about Earnest are accompanied with an “all is dome and gloom” future which is expected to depress readers to do nothing toward making a better future.
    That said, I recall JFK stating that we must end the Cold War before it ends humanity, and (before my time) Albert Einstein saying that he did not know how WWIII would be fought,but that Wars after it would be fought with sticks and stones. Indeed, these men changed the future because they had a “Calling” to do so, and masses of people responded to their words. So it seems when all is lost, someone is inspired, beyond worldly motives, to save mankind from the evils it has created. Or, as James put it, “Water has a way of finding a path to level”

  13. The simultaneous industry-wide dumbing down of both hardware and software is some of the best evidence for shady tinfoil-hat-scale conspiratorial cooperation amongst CEO’s and deep state entities.

    1. There is a really hard, fast push to prevent people from looking under the hood, modifying/customizing what’s under the hood or even caring about what’s under the hood.

    2. There is an equally aggressive push to make consumers believe that new always means better & more secure, and that they are putting themselves, and society as a whole, in danger by using older hardware/software. The profit-driven corporations love this agenda because it means a constant stream of sales, and the deep state loves the agenda because people are being trained to have always-connected devices that always have automatic software updating enabled, which means an ever-present ability to install and access backdoors on people’s devices.
    Technically, corporations — especially software companies — love this aspect of the agenda as well because they can produce popular free software that pulls in millions of users (with automatic updating enabled of course) then sell it (or a degree of access to it) to the highest bidder, who will then proceed to install a backdoor or data-mining routine via the automatic updating channel.

    If you go to popular techie websites & forums they will literally tell you to go put on your tinfoil hat for pointing out these agendas, which is infuriating because the agendas are so in-you-face and clear as day.

  14. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Some good news in Texas …(and also the Dallas Water Fluoridation Issue)

    Dave Lieber is a Dallas, Texas “WATCHDOG” investigative columnist.
    Unlike many mainstream journalists, he often treads where other journalists fear to go.
    For example:
    On May 15, 2018, Dallas Fluoride Activist, Regina Imburgia, put together a large venue event highlighting the problems with North Texas water quality.
    On May 17th, Dave Lieber comes out with a wonderful article supporting the activism, entitled “North Texas Municipal Water District fights critics with a dirty web trick”.
    The WATCHDOG Dave Lieber even gets into the Fluoride issue and states: “Today’s debate is different, as it sounds like activists are worried more about chemicals in our water the same way many of us worry about chemicals in our food products. You thought maybe you heard the last of this fluoride debate. But I think it’s about to boil up again.”
    (See the top of this webpage for details, videos, and links: )

    By the way, on Wednesday morning November 6, 2019, activists will once again address the Dallas City Council about the harmful water fluoridation issue.

    Now for the good news…
    On October 4, 2019, Dave Lieber wrote this article: “A cool new Texas law you never heard of means they can’t shut you up at government meetings anymore”
    “The Watchdog loves it when folks get involved in their government by becoming fellow watchdogs and keeping a sharp eye on their leaders’ doings. I need the help. That’s why I’m pleased to tell you about a new state law that will change the face of all local governments in Texas. This new law has gotten very little attention, but it’s quite significant, even stunning. Meet House Bill 2840, which became law last month….”

    HRS’s short summary:
    In the past, often different Texas government bodies (city councils, public colleges, school boards, etc.) would limit or squelch the voice of concerned citizens, especially on items which were about to be voted on. This new law mandates that citizens have more of a voice.

    Repeatedly, in the past, the Dallas City Council has made all kinds of weird, new rules specifically targeted to stifle Fluoride Activists from speaking out, including censoring visual communications (video or charts).
    This new law should give activists in Texas, like Derrick Broze and Regina Imburgia, a better platform from which to be heard.

  15. generalbottlewasher says:

    The Sunday morning roundup. Brought to you by some sharp minds half a world away. First Texas . The Billionaire Buffet’s Berkshire Media Corporation newspaper in this Sunday edition is soliciting ideas for new laws for or esteemed Legislature. The last time this ” public lobby ” was asked to submit a new law was in 2000. Then Governor Frank Keating backed an idea submitted by a Sand Springs patrolman. “If its a misdomeaner and people elude police maybe it should be made a felony” Senate bill 1383 is now the result. The fine $ 5000.00 and up to 5 years in prison. The patrolman is now police chief.
    Homey , I will submit Texas State law 2840 as a bill Oklahoma needs. At least now, as of Nov.1st we can constitutionally carry a gun to our conformations with law enforcement officers instead of fleeing for our lifes.
    Mik and MBP illuminating discussions of Greta reminded me of
    Shirley Temple-Black’s abuse as a child. Maybe Greta will be appointed in the future to be an Swedish Ambassador as Temple-Black was here in the USA during another kind of war. As a side note; what’s in a Name when you represent the greatest power in the world?? ?.

    • manbearpig says:

      huh… considering the masonic symbolism surrounding the United States money and D.C.’s layout and monuments…Temple-Black would indeed seem to be an appropriate name for its ambassadorial representative and chief of ritualistic protocol… considering the first name and the host country; Shirley Ghana sounds like a threat or a promise…

  16. BbobKS says:

    With the documentary Vaxed 2 coming out now and the recent death of many of my loved ones due to weaponized virus technology I see the issue differently than many .
    During the past 100 years the Round table of Technocrats have weaponized our medical system and have now created a national database on all of us based on AHCA , this database collects all types of information including gun ownership , vaccination beliefs and practices that if not complied with in future may be justification to take your guns since you have to be insane to refuse government vaccines !
    The AHCA, AMA, NCI, and FDA need to be declared insolvent and banished along with any other government interference in the education and practice of medicine !
    This is the issue of the day since American healthcare system kills more people than all issues other combined .

  17. Aphix says:

    Re: Your notion of the future being in embedded, and/or wearable devices

    I was reminded of this concept video from Nokia, astoundingly released 11 years ago (doesn’t it always seem like ‘just yesterday?’):

    The whole thing was certainly a bit of a future’s pre-spect, but the “wearables” portion in particular still sticks with me: just slapping your phone on your wrist (and it becomes a bracelet!), should start at this timecode:


  18. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth premiers Wednesday, November 6, 2019

    Dr Jay Gordon with Bill Maher on HBO Nov 1 2019 discussed vaccines. They both acknowledged that vaccines had major issues which are not being talked about in the Press.
    Bill Maher is such a putz…he did most the talking and it was…well, I don’t know how to describe it when TV celebrities grandstand the podium.
    But I am glad that he discussed vaccines.

    Bill Maher’s script writers must have watched Corbett’s 10/19/2019 “Episode 365 – Lies, Damned Lies, and Government Nutrition Advice”
    I kid you not…Maher’s script seems to highlight points which Corbett made.

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