How To Beat The Banksters At Their Own Game

06/18/20166 Comments

As events in Cyprus, Greece, Brazil, Zimbabwe, and elsewhere in recent years have taught us, the euros or real or dollars or yuan in your bank account are only as secure as the bank that holds them. In fact, the lesson is deeper than that: The money in your bank account is not cash at all, not pieces of paper sitting in a bank vault waiting for you to withdraw them, but mere digital ones and zeros in the bank’s database, capable of being subtracted from your account at a moment’s notice, or even less. Cash that is not in your hand, it turns out, is not cash at all.

As opposed to this system of financial control by a few bankers, heading as it is toward a seemingly inevitable financial collapse that threatens to crash the entire world economy, there are many alternate ideas for facilitating transactions. These alternative systems do not require a resolution to be passed in congress or parliament and do not require any wholesale change in the international financial order. These currencies already exist and are already thriving in numerous localities around the globe.

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  1. mammique says:

    Thanks James. You forgot to mention this Corbett Report Subscriber (me)’s solution: ! 🙂

  2. jo-ann says:

    I lost my breath while reading the below book when the author stated that the Stock Exchange would be eliminated after about 400 years. I am retired and am already aware that my retirement plan is screwed.

    “The New World Order” by H.G. Wells (Jan. 1940). Free PDF download (one of many):

    He rationalizes the need for world-wide collectivism and provides his assessment of the shortcomings of capitalism, socialism, and communism.

    There is a 2-part discussion of the book on YouTube that I have yet to listen to (just started).

    • Duck says:

      HG Wells was a Globalist who was into what became Technocracy…. I guess that makes him the Great Grandpa of the Great Reset? LOL
      He goes into a lot of that kinda stuff (when you get past the skits and humor section…) in the “Writings of the Elite” playlist on YT

      His site is linked below

      • Ethan Hunter says:

        It is amazing how H.G. Wells wrote about all of this in New World Order and The Open Conspiracy.

        Of course, he used the term “scientific socialism” or “world socialism” but upon closer analysis he did mean technocracy.

        I wish this would be emphasized more because even Marx recognized that a true socialist system would have to accomodate capitalism to build up the technology and innovation for such a system to take place. This is why I think globalists wanted some sort of synthesis of socialism and capitalism to foster a technocratic system – as evidenced in China.

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