Interview 1484 - Ripple Effect Roundtable on Epstein 9/11

10/21/201917 Comments

On this special 200th episode of The Ripple Effect podcast, James Corbett, Jason Bermas, Sam Tripoli and Whitney Webb join host Ricky Varandas for a roundtable discussion on Jeffrey Epstein, 9/11, and all the other tentacles of the octopus conspiracy.

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Ripple Effect Podcast (Ricky Varandas)

Tinfoil Hat Podcast (Sam Tripoli)

Whitney Webb

Infowarrior channel (Jason Bermas)

Episode 045 – PTech and the 9/11 Software

These Scrubbed Reports Reveal New Secrets Into the Prince Andrew-Jeffrey Epstein Relationship

Microsoft's Kinect Spy System with Jason Bermas

Leaked document exposes pro-Israel lobby’s manipulation of US public

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Catherine Austin Fitts Explains the Financial Coup D’état

Jeffrey Epstein 'wanted to seed human race with his DNA'

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  1. EmmyA says:

    Wow!!! Dynamite round table!!!! Thanks James and crew for clueing me into the real story!

  2. GoodFolkBrendan says:


    Don’t use ETH.

  3. Ukdavec says:

    Reposted here for relevance

    Excellent twitter thread – Syria, Jeffrey Epstein, Larry Summers

    • pearl says:

      Yes, I neglected to mention my appreciation for your providing that link before; it’s a good one – abundant in damning info. One of them was an article going through each of the names in his little black book. It’s all so disgustingly rotten to the core.

  4. Ethan Hunter says:

    I wonder why the world technological security apparatus keeps pointing back to Mossad and other Israeli technology agencies while the Silicon Valley establishment seems to be more in line with China and the Eastern Establishment.

    Either there is a World Left (Socialists, Technocrats) or a World Right (Zionists, NeoCons) that are vying for control or supremacy for the establishment of World Governance of one kind or another.

    Maybe Technocracy is the synthesis of Socialism (Thesis) and Corporate Fascism (Antithesis)?

  5. Boondoggle says:

    Correction: the United States certainly DID have business in the Peshmerha Kurds’ homeland, which covers parts of Syria and Northern Iraq. The “Pesh” Kurds have loyally risked their lives to protect and assist, among other things, our efforts to salvage the Mosul Dam*.

    They would like to have their own sovereign state but really asked for nothing. None the less, when a good soldier fights at your side, to abruptly abandon your “brother in war” and watch safely out of range as he dies fighting alone, is a despicable treason beneath the USA – or at least it was until the advent of the orange Pump and Dump clown administration.

    I’m surprised that draft dodging cowards like you and pres Donald are so stupid and sheltered you can’t figure that out on your own.

    *My company is working to prevent the catastrophic failure of the Mosul Dam. It’s on the Tigris river in northern Iraq, Pesh country. it nearly failed under ISIS seige in 2014 which happened as a result of of United States aggression / interference in Iraq. And if the dam fails, the flood will kill a half million and leave another million homeless and without food or drinkable water in a big desert. This refugee crisis will majority suck for everyone and i assure you, we DO want to stay there and stabilize that dam.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I appreciate the insight of your first hand knowledge.

      I have some friends and past work associates here in the north Texas area who are Kurdish. They have told me some interesting stories.

  6. calibrator says:

    This is from 2003 (
    “While Maxwell’s ties to the Mossad are well-documented, Epstein’s connections are less well known. The London Sunday Times quoted a New York social observer describing Epstein as follows: “He’s Mr. Enigmatic. Nobody knows whether he’s a concert pianist, property developer, a CIA agent, a math teacher or a member of Mossad.””

    So, essentially, nothing has changed in 16 years.
    We still don’t know for certain what he was up to.

    I’m suspecting, and I believe I already wrote this in some comment here, that Epstein was a mover & shaker put in his office by intelligence to provide the various services needed. I’m still not convinced that he provided teenage girls for blackmailing people. This seems to be only the “official story” to make the public accept his death without asking questions.

    In truth high-powered pedos aren’t that stupid. They want to control the environment of their crimes but here they sit on Epstein’s island, surrounded with cameras and can’t control anything? Not plausible.

    I think Epstein very much was a pedo – and that he himself tested out the “wares” he distributed to the people that really should get them.
    As was said in the podcast: If your informant wants it you give it to him to get his stuff!
    Intelligence agencies are secretive because they are breaking the law all the time. That’s what they were established and Epstein certainly was their asset: A provider of sorts – whether teenage girls (and blackmail) or money services. He had the contacts, he could move in this circle. “He was a collector of prominent people!” Yeah, right.

    But are the people that were on the receiving end really the most important people? The men that really decide about war and peace?
    “Good people” like Bill Clinton? You don’t need to blackmail him. His political influence is now mostly gone. It seems to me that “gratification” was the name of the game – for services rendered in the past.
    Or that nasty piece of corruption, Bill Richardson? Who sits on the Genie board? This is all post-office bribery.

    And also they are much too visible.

    So who controls them? The intelligence services?
    Nope. Also only tools in the shed of the super rich.

    And who really is super rich?

    Epstein? Not even a billionaire. A fraud.
    Wexner? A symptom but not the illness.
    Bill Gates? With his billions, mostly consisting of Microsoft stock?
    When Microsoft comes crashing down (eventually), most of his “money” will be gone (he’ll still be a billionaire, but a very lowly one).
    Same with Bezos, Thiel and all the other clowns.

    Instead we have to research the folks that have lots of billions of “real money” and stuff – even if they only have clan wealth and not personal wealth.
    “Personal wealth” is also only a gaslighting effort (from Forbes et al) anyway.

    We need to know, how the power structure really works.
    Who is at the top?
    Who gave Soros his billions (of public money)?
    Who transforms creeps like Musk into billionaires?

    And, frankly, we all have an inkling who is at the top.


    Wikipedia had this about the wealth of J. P. Morgan:
    “Biographer Ron Chernow estimated his fortune at “only” $80 million (approximately $1.5 billion in 2015 inflation-adjusted dollars, or about $25.2 billion adjusted for share of United States 2015 gross domestic product), prompting John D. Rockefeller to say: “and to think, he wasn’t even a rich man.””

    But they fixed the article. It is gone now.
    Gee, I wonder why…

  7. pearl says:

    Just came across this handy-dandy graph of Esptein’s network via Cryptogon:

  8. andrew.s says:

    Great that you all are not letting this story die.

    Does anybody know what name was on Epstein’s Austrian passport? It might also be significant to know what address and birth date are on the passport as well.

    Fellow Canadian, Amazing Polly, has done some fantastic research on Epstein, especially the Maxwell aspects of this tangled web of deception.

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Late October 2019 Epstein was murdered

    Corbett Report Member “zyxzevn” gives links to Jason Bermas and other sources which discuss the strangulation, among other aspects.

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    October 31, 2019 UPDATE
    Interview 1489 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

  11. fer67 says:

    I am going to ask the obvious: Obviously the Deep State is aware of your existence, so why haven’t they simply taken you guys out like they do to most everyone else? And why would you investigate this and not remain anonymous? Are you worried about what happened to Michael Hastings, Julian Assange, and others?

    It’s great for me to be informed, but around where I am, most people will not even look at your websites, so I suppose that is protection. The conspiracy theorist propaganda seems to be working.

    It would be nice if there was a video of suggestions of what us ordinary people who aren’t online journalists or activists can do to at least slow the progress of these madmen. Covering up the cameras on our devices seems patheticallly useless. Do we have to give up using the internet, at least until we can stop this menace? Please advise on what us ordinary citizens can DO in our daily lives. Banking, housing, devices, software, avoiding surveillance (and if we do then that makes us more suspicious) etc.

    Thanks for your work everyone. Signed, is there any hope for truth?

  12. alexandre says:

    I know this is old, but I just remembered a scene in Woody Allen’s “Bananas” where a guy bursts into the courtroom and confesses, then he notices he’s in the wrong room. Anyone remember what he says?

    “Isn’t this Epstein vs Epstein”?

    Just a curious coincidence.

    • manbearpig says:

      The last name Epstein is most prevalent in The United States, where it is held by 23,093 people, or 1 in 15,698.

      Epstein Surname Origin, Meaning & Last Name History › surnames › epstein

      from wiki:


      Abraham Epstein (born 1841), Russo-Austrian rabbinical scholar
      Aryeh Leib Epstein, Polish rabbi
      Baruch Epstein, Lithuanian rabbi and the son of Yechiel Michel Epstein
      Greg Epstein, Humanist Chaplain at Harvard University from 2005
      Isidore Epstein, rabbi and biblical scholar
      Mendel Epstein, American rabbi and kidnapper, also known as “The Prodfather”
      Moshe Mordechai Epstein, rabbi and author of the Levush Mordechai
      Yechiel Michel Epstein, Lithuanian rabbi and author of the Arukh HaShulkhan
      Zelik Epstein, Rosh Yeshiva of the Shaar HaTorah-Grodno Yeshiva, located in Kew Gardens, New York


      Alex Epstein, Israeli writer
      Barbara Epstein, literary editor
      Brian Epstein (1934–1967), manager of the Beatles
      Daniel Epstein (pianist)
      Daniel Mark Epstein, biographer and poet
      Deborah Epstein, French-American singer-songwriter more commonly known as SoShy
      Dena Epstein (1916–2013), American music librarian, writer, and musicologist
      Edward Jay Epstein, author and early critic of the Warren Commission
      Howie Epstein, bass guitarist
      Jacob Epstein, sculptor
      Jake Epstein, Canadian actor
      Jason Epstein, publisher who popularized the trade paperback
      Jean Epstein, film director
      Joseph Epstein, American editor and essayist
      Julius Epstein, Croatian pianist
      Julius J. Epstein, Oscar-winning screenwriter, brother of Philip G. Epstein
      Kathie Lee Epstein (born 1953), maiden name of Kathie Lee Gifford, American television host
      Lawrence J. Epstein (born 1946), American author
      Leslie Epstein, novelist
      Mel Epstein, film director and producer
      Michael J. Epstein (born 1976), American filmmaker and musician
      Mikhail Epstein, literary theorist and Emory University professor
      Philip G. Epstein, Oscar-winning screenwriter, brother to Julius J. Epstein
      Rob Epstein, American director
      Steven Epstein (music producer), U.S. classical music producer with Sony
      Temi Epstein, child actress

      Science and medicine

      Alex Epstein, American energy theorist
      Charles Epstein (geneticist)
      Claire Epstein (1911–2000), Israeli archaeologist
      Edward Epstein (meteorologist), developer of statistical weather forecasting
      Fred Epstein, pediatric neurosurgeon
      Lenore Epstein (born 1942), birth name of Lenore Blum, computer scientist and mathematician
      Mark Epstein, psychotherapist
      Sir Michael A. Epstein, British pathologist, discoverer of the Epstein-Barr virus.
      Robert Epstein, psychologist
      Rose Frisch (Rose Epstein Frisch), biologist
      Samuel Epstein, doctor and professor of environmental medicine
      Samuel Epstein (geochemist), Wollaston Medal winner


      Bernard Epstein, American mathematician and physicist
      David B. A. Epstein, British mathematician
      Lenore A. Epstein, American statistician
      Paul Epstein, German mathematician
      Paul Sophus Epstein, American mathematician/physicist of Polish/Russian origin and California Institute of Technology professor.
      Richard Arnold Epstein, mathematician, game theorist


      Charlotte Epstein (1884–1938), nicknamed “Eppie”, American Hall of Fame swimming coach, “Mother of Women’s Swimming in America”
      Denis Epstein, German football player
      Hayden Epstein (born 1980), American NFL football player
      Kurt Epstein, Czechoslovakian Olympic water polo player
      Mike Epstein, nicknamed “SuperJew” (born 1943), American major league baseball player
      Theo Epstein (born 1973), American President of Baseball Operations for the Chicago Cubs


      Giora Epstein, “ace of aces” Israeli fighter pilot.
      Joseph Epstein, communist French resistance leader


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