Episode 045 - PTech and the 9/11 Software

06/08/200842 Comments

Running Time: 1:07:28

Description:Indira Singh explains about Ptech, the company with numerous investors and managers with direct links to terrorist financing. Ptech's clients included the CIA, FBI, the White House, the Department of Energy, the Air Force, the Navy, the FAA, IBM and Enron...Yet Singh learnt they were a CIA front company and their software could gain control of the most sensitive computer systems in the country.

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Documentation - Ptech
Time Reference: 0:10:10
Description: Some basic information about Ptech confirming their impressive client roster.
Link To: Wikipedia
Documentation - Indira Singh, PTECH Researcher, Interview from Guns and Butter
Time Reference: 0:12:39
Description: Groundbreaking interview with 9/11 corporate whistleblower Indira Singh.
Link To: Archive.org
Documentation - Ware-Withal: Wrongly suspected Ptech, CEO bounce back slowly
Time Reference: 0:49:17
Description: Whitewash from MassHighTech that reads like a press release more than a news story in praise of this company with investors on the global specially-designated terrorist list.
Link To: MassHighTech
Documentation - The Business of Terror
Time Reference: 0:52:02
Description: Details the links between Ptech and global terrorist financiers.
Link To: Archive.is
Documentation - Ptech owner's assets confiscated in Albania
Time Reference: 0:55:42
Description: More about the links between Ptech owner al-Qadi and terrorist organizations.
Link To: The American Monitor
Documentation - The BMI Octopus
Time Reference: 1:01:00
Description: Information on Governor Kean and BMI, the corporate parent of Ptech.
Link To: Total911Info
Time Reference: 1:01:39
Description: Report from JudicialWatch about FBI Agent Robert Wright and his stifled investigation into Ptech and global terrorist financing.
Link To: JudicialWatch.org
Documentation - Michael Chertoff and the Sabotage of the Ptech Investigation
Time Reference: 1:01:49
Description: Chertoff managed to divert the Ptech investigation...
Link To: 911CitizensWatch
Documentation - Operation Greenquest unresolved
Time Reference: 1:02:31
Description: ...and despite the massive multi-agency Operation Greenquest to track down the global terrorist financiers, there has yet to be a single conviction related to the operation.
Link To: CounterTerrorismBlog
Documentation - In Memory of Michael Corbin, Who Kept Watch, Held The Light.
Time Reference: 1:03:30
Description: Memorial of Michael Corbin written by Indira Singh in March 2008.
Link To: RememberingMichael
Documentation - Indira Singh- Ptech, Bohemian Grove, 9/11, Child Slaves & Bush
Time Reference: 1:03:33
Description: Another groundbreaking interview with Indira Singh from later in 2005 where Singh goes in even greater detail into her research into the Ptech web.
Link To: AboveTopSecret

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  1. Nate V says:

    This morning I was relistening to the full interview of Indira Singh with Bonnie Faulkner. And an interesting tid-bit was noted during the portion of the interview where Indira Singh is discussing her interactions with the Boston FBI. In a specific reference to Boston FBI malfeasance, she notes that a good source for further research is the book, “Cover Up,” by Peter Lanza. Previously, this comment never stuck out to me because the topic of Ptech itself is quite overwhelming. But this morning it was glaring, and I immediately recognized that the father the Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza, was named Peter Lanza. However, I was unable to find any relatable information regarding this specific book itself, or any written works by Peter Lanza. Infact, any search I enter with Peter Lanza is flooded with misques and misdirection.

    While this note is clearly a tangent when it concerns the topic of Indira’s interview, I wanted to leave some sort of thread for anyone who finds additional information regarding the source she mentioned, and any connection between Peter Lanza and the Boston FBI.


  2. Kaiser says:

    Hello Corbetteers,
    Listened to this podcast today for the first time. Feel like I have been hiding under a rock for ever, just this huge weight off my mind. Following up on the last link to Indiras interviews:

    Another groundbreaking interview with Indira Singh from later in 2005 where Singh goes in even greater detail into her research into the Ptech web.
    Link To: AboveTopSecret

    It no longer works.

    And I cant find anything on Michael Corbin either.

    Anyone can help?

    Thanks for keeping this stuff up there all these years later!

    Barb xx

  3. manbearpig says:

    So happy to see BuddhaForce and Phreedomphile back around here.

    I may have no more neurons firing properly, but the colossal importance of this episode is not lost on me.

    I repeat,

    God bless and protect Indira Singh wherever she may be, and God bless and protect The Corbett Report and its founder and family.

    Follow the Money.

    This site is of immeasurable and unequaled importance.

  4. Fawlty Towers says:

    Thanks for bringing this story (PTech and the 9/11 Software) back to life James almost 10 years to the day after you first published it.

    It is a story that I find extremely fascinating.

    First I’d like to say if anyone has any info on the whereabouts of Indira I’d really like to hear about it.
    She dropped off the 9/11 radar screen around June 2008, shortly after Michael Corbin was “stroked”.
    I am very curious to know what she is doing, where she is and if she is well?

    If you read/listen to everything she made available to us you will be left scratching your head. (More on this in a moment).

    She had ties with PTech, various U.S. government agencies, J.P. Morgan Chase, Sibel Edmonds, Michael Ruppert and other 9/11 name players.

    Granted a lot of the pieces of the 9/11 puzzle were put together after 2008, just a few years prior to that she was making statements such as “Well the terrorists knew that there were war games scheduled for this day and they took advantage of it and called 9/11 the particular day…”.

    Another person has summarized Indira’s position as follows:

    “The bottom line is this: Indira Singh has publicly called Ptech “Effectively an Al Qaeda corporate cell”, if this is true then Al-Qaeda is for real (as in wanting to penetrate america to bomb it), is not US (as in government) connected, and the Saudi’s did 9-11 because they financed Al-Qaeda. This is not our reading of the situation, so why would she say this, and why would she be supported in saying it?”

    This is the part that leaves me scratching my head about Indira.
    On the one hand she knows there were CIA connections to PTech.
    On the other hand she talks about Saudi funding of the terrorists and Osama Bin Laden. As if the 9/11 masterminds (perps) needed Saudi financing!!!

    Can you make sense of that? I can’t.

    • manbearpig says:

      The trap, I believe, is to think in terms of nationalities: Saudis, Israelis, Americans etc.

      Thinking in terms of longstanding criminal business partners (banking, technology, drugs and war)

      allows for a more nuanced understanding than Saudi box cutters, hijackings and human shields.

      This is often the smokescreen: the illusion of national alliances and interests.

      Think longstanding criminal business partners including, of course, Bushes and bin Ladens…

      What Indira Singh uncovered was much MUCH more important than mere funding, it was shady Networks:

      cash flow networks, yes, but more importantly:

      longstanding criminal business networks

      that demonstrate that the fundamental infrastructure of the international kakistocracy is run using the technology of

      longstanding criminal business partners, of a variety of dual? triple? nationalities…

      making it possible to create the conditions necessary for a violation of protected space to occur, producing the shocking events justifying the ” War against Terror”,

      “the Terror” being a convenient intelligence services creation named ‘Al Qaeda’ fueled by criminal business money and the harnassing of fanaticism, and personified by a

      longstanding criminal business partner and intelligence asset,

      Osama Bin Laden who may, or more probably may not, have wanted to play this role, like many witting and unwitting players in this deus ex machina crime/tragedy.

      Indira Singh’s story is a tale of gradual disillusionment as to the depth and complexity of the ambient corruption and had she hung around long enough she might have come to the sad realization that

      Sibel Edmonds, whose story hardly overlapped with her own beyond pointing the finger at the intelligence services, was herself a ‘corrupt’ intelligence asset designed to at once deflect Indira Singh’s ‘MIHOP’ findings towards Turkish players, using Singh’s findings to reinforce the “LIHOP” Osama Bin Laden fairy tale as Edmonds gilded her fictional image from the authenticity of Indira Singh’s concrete revelations and credibility.

      Probably welcoming Edmonds’ story as partial confirmation of her own, but also in a desperate search for an ally,

      Indira Singh was in fact much more Alone than she imagined.

      Singh has disappeared. Edmonds has not.

      On another final note: it’s ironic that in the early 20th century the Bin Laden family first built their fortune on building construction…

      only to ultimately be associated at the dawn of the 21st century with the most spectacular destruction of iconic buildings in modern history.

      • manbearpig says:

        With regards to:

        “…It was contracted to install and manage control system software at the White House and critical government agencies, including the FAA, where it was in operation on 911….”


        and ‘not thinking in terms of nationalities but longstanding criminal business partners’

        I thought the following was interesting:

        “…Dr. M. Yaqub Mirza is President and Chief Executive Officer of Sterling Management Group, Inc. Sterling negotiates mergers, acquisitions, and sales of various sized companies located in different parts of the world. Sterling and its affiliates operate in the United States, Canada, Chile, Egypt, Malaysia, Turkey, and Zimbabwe. In addition, Dr. Mirza has more than 35 years of experience in stock investments and portfolio management, involving assets ranging from $10–$110 million in the fields of Agro-Industrial and food processing, real estate (residential and commercial), and Information Technology.

        A prolific writer, Dr. Mirza has published numerous articles in magazines and scientific journals and is the author of the book: “Five Pillars of Prosperity: Essentials of Faith-Based Wealth Building,” now in publication. He is also President and CEO of MarJac Investments, Inc.

        From 1987-1995, he served as Executive Vice President of MarJac. MarJac makes proprietary investments in U.S. and foreign securities and provides international business management services. MarJac and its affiliates operated in Canada, Chile, Egypt, Malaysia, Turkey and Zimbabwe.

        Dr. Mirza is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Amana Mutual Funds, which is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an open-end investment company and managed by Saturna Capital. He also serves as Chairman of its Executive Committee and is a member of its Audit and Compliance Committee. Assets under management are nearly $3.5 billion.

        Dr. Mirza is a member of the Board of Directors, University Islamic Financial Corporation (UIF), a banking subsidiary of University Bank regulated by FDIC, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
        In addition, Dr. Mirza currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sterling Agricola, S.A., a Chilean company. He also serves on the boards of numerous other organizations, including several for-profit, not-for-profit, as well as academic institutions.

        Dr. Mirza is a member of the Boards of Advisors for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, and the Institute for Entrepreneurship, Byrd School of Business, Shenandoah University, Winchester, Virginia. He is a trustee on the George Mason University Foundation, serving on their investment committee…”


        Incidentally, George Mason University is Sibel Edmonds’ alma mater:

        she holds an “MA in Public Policy and International Commerce from George Mason University”…

        • manbearpig says:

          Probably inconsequential but I hadn’t caught this incidental little tidbit about Sibel Edmonds’ career:

          so after her short stint in 1993 as “…Project Director for the [Washington DC-based] Rostropovich Foundation (founded in 1991)…

          [Current activities of the foundation]
          RVF supports children’s health programs focusing on vaccination, screening and prevention and deworming and has been active in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan and the West Bank and Gaza.

          In addition to its headquarters in Washington, D.C. the foundation maintains offices in St. Petersburg, Russia; Baku, Azerbaijan; Tbilisi, Georgia; and Ramallah, West Bank. These offices liaise with local health officials and provide oversight of the programs.

          The strategy underlying RVF programs is to create mechanisms of sustainability by strengthening the existing health care infrastructure and avoiding the establishment of parallel structures…]



          “…she worked as the Executive Director & Co-Founder of Edmonds Industries, a Consulting and Holding Company, investing in international business and residential real estate development…”


    • allister says:

      ONE POSSIBLE EXPLANATION: “Saudi” is a cell or asset in the NWO network, although this is likely an over simplification.

      One way of understanding this network besides identifying its physical manifestations is to recognize them by their characteristics, behaviors, “modus operandi”, thereby a type of criminal profiling.

      Psychopathy is one trait which James has covered, Machiavellian ideology Fascist tendencies another and this should be no surprise given the history of “paperclip” and so forth. We might even imagine the “you are with us or against us” ideology linking Theodor Herzl, Hilter and the Bushes as being no coincidence.

      There are many ways we can characterize the “modus operandi” of this “NWO” network, one is their seemingly innate ability to maintain continuity of a purpose/goal/plan over a extraordinary long period of time. This phase of their plan I believe is well advanced but has its roots going back to the 1890’s.

      Another trait, or one that perhaps allows them to be more successful than they might otherwise be, is to control both sides of any situation. When it comes to making war this is no exception, James eluded to this in his echoes of WWI, the relationships that where built prior to WWI, the “triple entente” for example.

      James also mentioned in his presentation sic “what if they plan for war and no one shows up” of course this would be a disaster for their plans so everything must be well planned in advance to ensure we do. For many decades now we see the portraying of Islam (& Russia) as the enemy. They have created a number of “False Flags” leaving an underlying level of anxiety in the west and much more besides. A similar Psyop has been carried out in the Middle East on Arabs/Muslims, at the center of those efforts have been the Saudi asset.

      However even after all of this ordinarily declaring war would take a pretty large “straw to break the camels back”. It is likely all of the real or perceived Saudi connections to 9/11 will be that collective straw, the backdrop to this will be ISIS/Yemen/extremism. My guess is a tactical nuke on Jeddah or Riyadh just because hollywood has said so, predictably Saudi will respond to any such declaration.

      This Saudi response will come in the form of a number of attacks on western soil, building on the base level of anxiety already created.

      Likely though to bring the rest of the Muslims (mainly ME anyway) to his conflict an allied collation force will land in Northern Syria or Southern Turkey at either al-A’maq or Dabiq where they will be met by a Saudi force. Why these places? It is Islamic prophecy so its a way for the NWO to ensure Muslims turn up to fight.

      If this happened, it will likely spell the beginning of the end for Arabs and the US as a hegemony. Both these outcomes I believe the NWO would see as being favorable to their goals.

      Regardless of their machinations in summary the deep-states of Saudi/Israel/Britian/US/France etc are all assets in the same game.

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        I’m sure your intentions were good.
        But I must admit rather than simplifying things,
        you have made them more complicated for me.
        Especially by going forward and predicting a new war and its outcome.

        All I would like to know is who were the players behind 9/11 (specific names aren’t necessary). James has talked about this. I’m referring here to Indira’s take.
        Because for all of Indira’s talks/writings she is never really clear about this.

        She states it was an inside job. OK there.
        She talks a lot about PTech and terror financing. This is where I can’t make the connection.
        Where do you see the funds required to pull off 9/11 coming from?

        If you were at the heart of the operation would you rely on Saudi businessmen to be in charge of the financing? What operational tasks would you assign to them?

        Of all the people in the world who were tech savvy, why would you choose Saudis to work on the software that was to be at the heart of the operation over any other nationality???

        • manbearpig says:

          Fawlty Towers says:

          “-who were the players behind 9/11? (according to Indira Singh)

          -why would you choose Saudis to work on the software that was to be at the heart of the operation?”

          Again, I believe you’re concentrating on “Saudis” and not on their deeper ties with other powerful non-Saudi factions.

          To oversimplify for the sake of space, as I understand it,

          longstanding criminal business partners going back to at least the first world war gradually came together or were created for geopolitical purposes.

          These included:

          the Rockefellers and Warburgs, the Rothschilds and thus the Zionists and the Muslim Brotherhood (at odds with moderate Islam) born in Egypt but which would ultimately find refuge in Saudi Arabia.

          These factions would all more or less cooperate to achieve their various objectives: the creation of Israel, the balkanization of the Arabic world and generally a world-wide geopolitical order that suited the longstanding trans-national crime family partners, designed to keep them in opulence and power. (There may be wierd esoteric elements involved, not sure.)

          These families largely create the horrors against which the ambient politically correct thinking (and nations) may violently react (problem, reaction, solution): Nazism, Radical Islamic terrorism and on a smaller scale, Hamas for example.

          The players behind 9/11 are these longstanding partners in crime: the zionist (nazi-collaborating) neo-cons, the (nazi admirative) muslim brotherhood (such as murzi), the (nazi-collaborating) Bush crime syndicate.

          Why a Saudi company in charge of the most sensitive infrastructure of what was supposedly the most powerful country in the world ? Longstanding partners in crime, Enron etc…and (key elements of) the Saudis have been playing “the Boogey man” in today’s engineered paradigm of terror.

          They are all first foremost longstanding transnational business partners in crime and

          they use their ostensible nationalities and religions to mislead and confuse the ignorant masses

          to achieve their transnationalist,transreligious goals.

          • manbearpig says:

            Just as the Zionists sacrafice Jews hiding behind the cloak of Judaism to accomplish their geopolitical goals,

            Indira Singh states in her interview with Micheal Corbin

            that the violent and political Muslim Brotherhood has no affinity with the vast majority of Muslims.

            She also cites Loretta Napoliani at around 11 minutes and 50 seconds in part 4 of 10 that it seems

            “we’re no longer living in countries… we’re run by terrorist shell organizations”.

            So what does it mean to a Rothschild or a bin Salman to be Saudi or British or Israeli or French or American??

          • allister says:

            I don’t disagree with any of your comments, lets (for the sake of argument) assume the highest level of criminal relationship exists between all the parties you have mentioned.

            Lets now take it a step further. We assume given what we already know about 911 that the US deep state, elements within various US agencies, certain individuals already mentioned by CR were also involved in 911, we know Israeli intelligence almost certainly had prior knowledge of 911 all these parties collectively had the means, motivation and opportunity, none of what I have said so far is I believe a stretch. Yet the criminal party least likely to have had the means or opportunity (Saudi the country) is the one with their name painted all over the crime scene because of alleged hijackers, programmers, “terrorist mastermind/s” & investors.

            Lets assume Saudi has been setup and postulate with some urgency why that might be because it appears to me that “fall guy chip” has not been cashed yet and I imagine it has a shelf life.

            • manbearpig says:

              Hey Allister! Thanks for your remarks! I’m running out the door and won’t be able to give you a complete, well-thought out clarification of my stance but I believe it boils down to this:

              “The Saudis” (certain families) have willingly, collaboratively set themselves up to play the fall guy

              actively helping the secret services of other countries to create Terrorism around the world.

              Yea the “the saudis did it” card will be played

              and certainly to great and tragic effect

              but that doesn’t mean they weren’t complicit

              and some even benificiaries. Look how bin Salman recently treated his own cousins…

              TPTSB are international and use stereotypes to manipulate perceptions. Their own kids won’t be marching off to war in whatever nation’s uniform.

              gotta run.

              • allister says:

                Oh I agree completely, they are very likely complicit as mentioned in my first post, setting the Saudi people up for a major fall.

                IMO “The Saudis” are batting on the same “NWO” team. Not surprising given the history of British/US/Zionist involvement.

                But this comes to my main point….. Many of us who have been watching all agree on this, it looks like a set up …. So when?/where?/how?….We have an opportunity to potentially expose their play, there is power in this even if we fail to stop it … Hence why I lead with one scenario but perhaps I got ahead of the conversation a little.

                1/ The 9/11 setup,
                2/ The Muslim bogey-man setup, the undercurrent of terrorism anxiety built on false flags.
                3/ Pending financial “instability” (understatement)
                4/ The Saudi madrassa Network, false flags, PSYOP’s, western black-lash & the Jade helm response.
                …. there are other crumbs on this trail too

                I recently heard “The Saker” on GunsandButter say it wasn’t over in Syria, I agree, he was considering both Ukraine and Syria as possible hot spots for a US versus Russia confrontation.

                I don’t think Russia will be their play directly, too many downsides assuming (as I do) Putin is not their man. I believe their default will be a scenario where they can control both sides going into the conflict, ie a massive political/geopolitical/military shift away from Saudi on the pretext of “the Saudi” setup.

                I do agree it will end up in Syria though for the reasons mentioned in my first post, its the scenario most likely to bring Muslims to the fight, a clash of civilizations.

                God I hope I’m wrong…. But “Can Chaos be Good”?


              • manbearpig says:

                ok, so from whence the following?:

                “allister ( User Karma: 0 ) says:
                I don’t disagree with any of your comments”


              • manbearpig says:

                OH Pardon! I’d misread your comment! I don’t DISagree! Always doing things way too quickly!!

                My hasty but heartfelt apologies!

                (my acute persecution complex showing through again…)

                ps: I shall reread your comments accordingly as soon as possible!

              • manbearpig says:

                Hi again Allister,

                It’s not of central importance but just curious why you suppose Putin’s not “their man”?

        • allister says:

          Hi, sorry for any confusion.. there are some good responses below highlighting the corporate and family ties. James has covered this also in many of his videos “Why Big Oil Conquered the World” etc. As well James has made mention of many guilty parties in the 911 coverup.

          My motivation for highlighting the Saudi Scenario was not to highlight Saudi as the perpetrator per se, but explain why I believe much of the “paper trail” leads back to Saudi, I believe as many commentators do that this has been intentional.

          My explanation above goes on to explain how that might be used, in the end, to achieve the goals of say the various families and corporations trying to shape world affairs.

          According Noam Chomsky in a BBC (four) interview these families/corporations now call themselves “Masters of the Universe”.

          • Fawlty Towers says:

            As well James has made mention of many guilty parties in the 911 coverup.

            Yes I was very much aware of those parties and agree with all of James’ findings with regards to them.

            My question was with respect to Indira. I wanted to know “who were the players behind 9/11 (specific names aren’t necessary).” from Indira’s point of view.

            Well after spending many hours listening and re-listening to Indira’s web interviews and watching and re-watching her video presentation to the Citizens Commission on 9/11 (Sep 9, 2004) and also watching James’ ‘PTech and the 9/11 Software’ podcast from (Aug 6, 2008) and transcribing the most important parts from all the forementioned I have discovered the answers to the questions I posed earlier in this thread.

            In a nutshell Indira believed the terrorists of 9/11 were Bin Laden and the 19 hijackers and that they received financial help from Ptech’s financiers. She also believed deep state insiders allowed 9/11 to happen (LIHOP) and that Ptech’s software played an important role in the operation.

            She tried to alert U.S. government and J.P Morgan officials of the PTech link to 9/11 (OBL/hijackers) but met stiff resistance and was told to back off or risk personal harm. Despite saying she held data implicating the Bush Administration in the events of 9/11 she never released it to the public.

            • Fawlty Towers says:

              Indira’s entire case against PTech and its founders/financers is based upon her knowledge that Yasin al-Qadi (a former Ptech investor) was placed on the U.S. terrorist list (Specially Designated Global Terrorist and Specially Designated Nationals List).
              She reasoned that since he was placed on the terrorist watch list, with suspected financial ties to Bin Laden, he must be a very bad person!

              So in the end, was Al Qadi linked to OBL and Al Qaeda?
              Not according to world government opinion including the United States.
              This is what started Indira’s whole investigation into Ptech’s dealings (her learning that Ptech’s Al Qadi was on the U.S. terrorist list.)

              One by one, governments around the world freed up Al-Qadi’s previously frozen assets and removed his name from terrorist lists when they determined that he hadn’t been involved in any terrorist activities or sponsored any terrorists.

              In August 2006, Turkey’s highest court overturned a government order that had previously frozen Al-Qadi’s Turkish assets.

              Al Qadi’s listing as a terrorist was overturned by several European courts and his name was removed from blacklists by Switzerland in 2007,
              the European Union (2008 and 2010) and the United Kingdom (2008 and 2010).

              On Sept. 13, 2010 all the civil claims brought against Al-Qadi in the United States were dismissed.
              On Oct. 5, 2012, the UN Security Council committee removed Al-Qadi from its blacklist.
              And on Nov. 26, 2014, the United States Department of the Treasury removed Al-Qadi’s name from its Specially Designated Nationals List.

              It should be noted that on June 2016, less than two years after Al-Qadi’s name was removed from the U.S. Terrorist Watch List, it contained 1,877,133 individual identities.

              It should also be noted that Al-Qadi has never been indicted or charged by a court of law anywhere in the world including the U.S.

              Was Ptech software used in some capacity to pull off 9/11? Quite likely in my opinion.

  5. amos.p says:

    James, Christopher Bollyn has taken Singh’s work and expanded on it. His research, over and over again, bring his back to a Zionist network behind the 911 murders, cover-up and the War-On-Terror. He says, in his book, Solving 911 The Deception That Changed The World, that the Lebanese/Muslim Brotherhood/Arab financiers are just a front. He has plenty of documentation to back his research and would make a great guest on one of your reports.

    • manbearpig says:

      Yea, I’d say religions are like nations: smoke screens and pretexts.

      9/11: Cui bono? Greater Israel? Neutralizing Iran? Israeli-Saudi NEOM?, railroad projects? Destruction of Palestine and Yemen, off-shore petrol, maritime routes, longstanding partners in crime…

      thesis-antithesis-new world order?



  6. pearl says:

    To echo Kaiser, this report was new and mind blowing to me as well. Thanks to James for re-posting this “old news” for us who are quite green. Also, great work from Mr. Broc West. Audio alone would’ve been torture for me and my wandering attention span.

    Lastly, thank God for Wayback Machine, because the bulk of the links here are dead, but plugging them in at Wayback yielded results which I include here (crossing my fingers before I push the “post” button in hopes I’ll escape moderation by leaving off the https part):

    Ptech Owner’s Assets Confiscated in Albania:


    The BMI Octopus:


    FBI Agent Robert Wright Says FBI Agents Assigned to Intelligence Operations Continue to Protect Terrorists from Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions:


    Michael Chertoff and the Sabotage of the Ptech Investigation:


    Operation Greenquest Unresolved:


    Part 1 of Corbin interview with Indira Singh from later in 2005 (NOTE: the audio broke off a couple times – the farthest I got was Corbin introducing Singh; maybe others will have success playing it in its entirety. Parts 2 and 3 were not archived and I’ve not been able to locate them):


    • manbearpig says:

      Is this the right interview Pearl? :

      Part one of Micheal Corbin and Indira Singh interview at 8 minutes:


      part 2:


      etc. (these play ok for me)

      Edmonds’ story and Singh’s story may have more in common than I thought : I’ll have to listen to these 10 parts to know more…

      Incidentally Karl Rove’s alma mater is George Mason University as well for what it’s worth…

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for that, Pearl. The links in the show notes have been updated.

  7. Octium says:

    Some interesting points claimed by Alex Constantine about ptech and Indira Singh.


    What I’d like to know is if ptech was just a smokescreen and some other company was doing the system interference on 9/11?

    • manbearpig says:

      Quick reaction to Constantine article:

      From what I can see from the Constantine article he oversimplifies what Indira Singh says to the point of deforming her conclusions. If you listen to the entire interview with Micheal Corbin for example, it’s quite clear she is not toeing the simplistic Al Qaeda did it fairytale.

      Also he says he could find not info on her prior to 2001.

      “…I should note that she says she is a lifetime New Yorker, she does not speak with a foreign accent, but I can find nothing about her prior to 2001…”

      In about ten seconds I found the following link:


      Born in London, City University, Biology, Mathematics degrees, a PhD in some “clinical field” etc. Naturalized U.S. citizen, strategic management consulting, economic and political risk applications of IT solutions…

      One might find her ties with DARPA, banking and possibly the City of London (via her alma mater) suspicious and worthy of further investigation, she’s also an EMT hero and fairly charismatic à la Edmonds which could also be seen as suspicious

      but she does not say bin Laden did it, and she certainly does not disculp the Bush-Cheney cabal, but goes down a very tortured and documented rabbit hole before disappearing permanently.

      And incidentally anyone saying the “Bush administration orchestrated 9/11” as Alex Constantine does, is oversimplifying the incident to the point of deforming it.

      Which is suspicious as well.

  8. whaugen says:

    Trivial comment but original air date is transposed at the beginning of the video. It should be June 8, 2008 but is listed as August 6, 2008.

  9. Dephyant says:

    Wooah! Explosive. How did I miss this one. What an explosive interview. Going down the rabbit hole now and revisiting 911. Thanks for the repost James. Its good to get back to some ol’ conspiracy classics after all this Covid. Feels like a breath of fresh air. Its amazing they got away with 9/11 when the web of deceit has been exposed.The threads are all bare.

  10. RickMcCarthy says:

    Just gave this another watch. This is a truly brilliant detailed breakout from the 911: Follow the Trillions and I remember watching the two of these on GoobTube when you first put them out, James. Stunning work.

    Though I had been first begun opening my eyes to 911 a few years before with the work of Dylan Avery, Christopher Bollyn and Dave VonKleist, I must say that it was work like this and Follow the Trillions that truly peeled the onion back in a way that helped me (and woke up my brother-in-law; thank you, James) better understand the depths of the 911 crime.

    Shame you weren’t in the room with the 911 commission to provide guidance counter to that of Wolfowitz.

  11. BbobKS says:

    They always throw facts and connections in our faces and chuckle at their wit, like the name of the company !
    I have been reading a book by Michele Metta ( Accomplishing Jim Garrisons Investigation in the Trail of Assassins of JFK 2021 ) and after reading a large portion I am seeing cross connection between entities , and names . For example the Italian Masonic lodge that was formed and managed by the CIA, NATO, and former OSS was called in Italian Propaganda Duet lodge or P2 , the name of this tech co is P T (two) e ( electronic ) ch , PTech they both had major roles in two separate conspiracies that I have witnessed !
    Then theirs the connection between WTC in NYNY and CMC in Dallas and cross connections between people and organizations !
    If now we play riddle me with these and the scamdemic !

  12. Kati says:

    Mel Rockefeller got a blog called hidden tax on humanity
    (son of Nelson, calls himself black sheep of the family)
    he got alot bits and pieces on 9/11 on his articles, very good reads.
    The reader can connect some dots there.


    I read the whole sections and it is sure worth the time.

    • Kati says:

      A snippet from here

      “Computer pioneer Gus German and I met with Jim and Carlos, a Cuban friend with whom Jim had developed software to support Barr Engineering mapping services for dams, waste water management, mining, structural engineering, etc. After the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center, Jim told me that he received a call asking if their mapping software could be adapted to map the mechanical and structural engineering components of the World Trade Center towers to depict floor plans so that clients could custom-design their office space. Jim called me to ask if he was contacted because of me.

      After 9/11, Jim called to ask if I thought the software he developed had been used to place explosives at key structural points, enabling both towers to be dropped into their footprints. Based on my experience, I assured him that would be consistent with the behavior of those I was profiling who typically operate in plain sight. That analysis is also consistent with how World Trade Center Building 7 collapsed into its footprint at freefall speed despite no impact from airliners and no structural damage.”

  13. sgvegan says:

    Has anyone happened to look into a company called Apptek? Founded by Mudar Yaghi and Mohammed Shihadah. Biographical background includes a rather extreme example of a hardline ‘champagne socialist’ (millionaire Marxist-Leninist heavily into PFLP politics back in the day), and Apptek is a major player in speech recognition, translation etc. and nicely positioned to do a LOT of surveillance and analysis of ordinary citizens’ discourse. It should certainly be on someone’s radar. I think I’d be very surprised if it isn’t an asset.

  14. HomeRemedySupply says:


    On Sunday July 3, 2022, The Corbett Report HomePage featured
    FLASHBACK: PTech and the 9/11 Software

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