Interview 1407 - Mark Skidmore on the Pentagon's Missing Trillions

12/18/201848 Comments

Dr. Mark Skidmore of Michigan State University joins us to discuss his research with Catherine Austin Fitts into the $21 trillion in unaccounted transactions on the books of the US Department of Defence and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. We discuss what we know and don't know about the subject, the Pentagon's nonsensical and inadequate excuses for the debacle, the new accounting guideline that legally allows every department of the federal government to create fake and altered books for public consumption, the recent failed Pentagon audit, the government's refusal to provide any information about the problem, the failure of congress to pursue the issue, and the failure of the press to report on it.

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The Missing Money at

MSU scholars find $21 trillion in unauthorized government spending; Defense Department to conduct first-ever audit

David Norquist "Explains" Missing Trillions in Journal Vouchers

Has Our Government Spent $21 Trillion Of Our Money Without Telling Us?

Is Our Government Intentionally Hiding $21 Trillion In Spending?

Exclusive: The Pentagon’s Massive Accounting Fraud Exposed

MSU professor shines spotlight on Pentagon’s massive accounting irregularities

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  1. beadbud5000 says:

    The question that this leads to plays right into the “secret space program” and the whole Alien existence questioning.

    It touches both the real and the surreal.

    HUD affects me directly too.

    This is an excellent EXCELLENT interview!
    Thanks MSU and James!

  2. says:

    Seems a good bet that the money was spent purposefully but secretly held from public view. There’s a limited number of possible end-purposes and this video covers them well. The public is not stupid; what’s probably going on leaves clues that have been impossible to hide.

  3. mkey says:

    Look at this guy. I couldn’t say, I can’t be certain, it’s difficult to answer… what is this, a congressional hearing? Come on!

  4. Jeffa says:

    An obvious question is, why are these astronomical discrepancies even mentioned in the first place? If no one can make heads or tails of any of it, even after it was “identified”, albeit vaguely, then why do they report it at all? Are they just wagging it in our faces, or are they simply gaslighting. I couldn’t continue watching, very frustrating, did you ever start supposing where all that money was going?

    • wah says:

      It is like fake terror attacks they play a funny game (to do with free will plus sometimes they just f up) where we have to be able to know if we genuinely think about what we are seeing. Thought is your real power. I had exactly all of the same questions and now i know the answer (sort of) I have many more.

    • thrillthis says:

      The name of the base I dont know. It’s a base on the moon. I don’t have the evidence yet, but if you rewatch the Apollo missions, that was the mission; to explore certain areas of the moon and bring geological samples back FOR A MOON BASE. As they state multiple times.

      That is my hypothesis at this point. It would explain the mass spending. The war is the cover.

  5. scpat says:

    My eyeballs opened wide when he said Lockheed designed the financial systems for the Pentagon. I mean that says it all. These people don’t take any of this seriously. They know they can get away with it so why would they even pretend to hold an accurate accounting book?

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      My eyeballs opened wide when he said Lockheed designed the financial systems for the Pentagon.

      Which probably required a budget of at least $1 trillion.
      But of course we’ll never know, will we? 🙂

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      scpat says:
      “…These people don’t take any of this seriously.
      They know they can get away with it so why would they even pretend….”

      So true scpat.

      The new “‘October’ Rule” mentioned in the interview…
      It kind of tells the summary concept about this whole scenario.
      The ‘Powers That Should Not Be’ will do as they please. They make the rules which work for them. Everyone else be damned.

      The common everyday Joe can’t pull that kind of insane behavior.
      But the Elite can.

  6. Fawlty Towers says:

    Great interview James!

    It’s funny you mentioned Stormy Daniels near the end.
    Because I was thinking along the same lines.
    Something like this…

    If the U.S. public was given a choice:

    1. Watch/read about Trump and Stormy Daniels for the next two or three months or

    2. Watch/read about $21 trillion that is unaccounted for in the D.O.D. budget, for the next two or three months.

    and they could choose only one, I am certain that +99% of the public would choose the first option. 🙁

    Reason? They would be bored to tears hearing about budgets and accounting. They wouldn’t know the significance of such sums of money.

    This smells a lot like the transparency we have on 9/11.

    • scpat says:

      This speaks to the reality show-if-ication of American politics and politics in general, if I can steal a phrase that dubya Bush might say. The built up drama over petty issues and the purposeful ignoring of important issues is very similiar to a lot of reality TV shows. It’s mostly for entertainment value and conditioning people to think a certain way.

  7. pauldmeyer616 says:

    This is a small fraction of the fraud. FDR signed over the property of the U.S., its citizens labor, in 1933 in order to satisfy the debt (payable in gold) to the holders of bonds (surely mostly by the banks constituting the Federal Reserve). The STATE now “owns” everything; we merely have USE of it (no longer “allodial” title).

  8. Jeffa says:

    Yeah, because fifty of trillions dollars doesn’t even fit into global accounting. The most common insight has been it’s wholly ridiculous, and i think thats all it is. Throwing big numbers around to keep us quaking. When the amount of “dollars” starts approaching the amount of grains of sand there are, well …

  9. 4TLeser says:

    what did these missing, misappropriated yes stolen funds buy?

    Loyalty to shut up and move “forward”?

    Forward to what?

    All those who hold still and actively implementing certain agendas no sane would fall for ?

    Is DoD really the strong arm of the ugly Banking Behemoth as the DoJ has been indicated?

    Watch out and stay out of trouble…Cheers

  10. manbearpig says:

    International elites with international projects…

    The countries of the rest of the world live within at least the illusion of relative accountability, often accountability to “world” banks and financial institutions…if not to their “people”…

    Only the United States is a Hollywoodian surreal place of outrageous, immeasurable and unequalled precedents in every domain…

    Trillions can disappear from american coffers for international projects precisely because the US is an entity of absurd proportions…

    Lockheed Martin designing financial systems in total flagrant violation of conflict of interest…? Just Standard Operating Procedure

    in a country whose most sensitive and supposedly secret infrastructure is being designed and funded by alleged “terrorist” PTechnicians…

    I’d wager Americans would not even attempt to wrap their minds around this as they’re probably both vaguely frightened and strangely proud of the surrealistic proportions of their exceptionalism…

    Perhaps these legendary trillions are helping Klaus Kleinfeld make good on Neom…? (when good ol’ wild west inter-family “kidnap and torture” methods provide only mediocre results for Future Investment Initiatives…)

    I tend to agree with PaulDMeyer616 that this astronomical abusurdity is rooted in history – when we watched without realizing as long-gone presidents and governments absconded with our rights and property via such atrocities as Federal Reserve and Gold Confiscations Acts et al…

    that this accounting monstrosity is simply the stinking smoking pile of evidence of long ago heists

    committed by international elites who’d artificially engineered their American Goose of Golden eggs…

    anyway. Just tried to take a shot at grasping 21 trillion wispy trails of smoke and flashy reflections of …reality? …

  11. peter64 says:

    Just putting a note here to say that I’m subscribed to James’ youtube channel with notifications turned on. I received no notification of this video and it doesn’t even show up on my subscription feed. Not sure if it’s just me or if something is going on. Will be curious to see if it gets a lower number of views than his videos normally do.

  12. Hyroskope Caduceus Ètude says:

    Get your tinfoil hats ready… I was just doodling around with a calculator to see what would happen, and um, well…

    21 Trillion Seconds = 666 Thousand Years
    (Rounding to the nearest 1,000)

    That offers two perspectives to this whole military fraud situation: scale* and symbolic potential.
    As Ian Fleming put it: “Once is happenstance, Twice is Coincidence, Three times it’s Enemy Action.”

    *scale of the financial fraud, if it is a remotely true and accurate number, which I have no trouble believing.

    Sounds as if DOD accountants are trying to send a message, but what is it & to whom?
    Is it a cry for help?
    Is it their way of saying in a loud whisper, “GET OUT?”
    Or is it a dare? “What are you gonna do about it, anyway, you bitches. We own the world.”

    Or perhaps it’s saying ‘Caesar Lives, may the “1000 year reign” unveil itself.’

    Either way, scary shit. Spooky fuckers. Not good. Totally not cool. Much bad karma.
    Shame on them. It’s not funny. If they’re reading, they shouldn’t do it. “Don’t do it, brother or sister.
    All monocultures stagnate and die; they are unresilient by definition, no matter how perfect the one in your vision happens to appear now.”

    I was thinking of anyone in the military or associated industries, who may feel somewhat proud of the humble-brag aspect of the audit. Each officer, at least, ought to ask him or her self: if our entire system were to have been undermined in a shadow coup by monopolist financiers and Nazi scientists, leading your identity to be transformed into an expendable tool for the construction of the universal fascist oligopoly, Vatican 3: the Singularity, at any time or by increments over the last 70 years, would you know it? Could you even know it? Might they make movies about what they had done to you and rely on you to call them fiction? (I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that you believe you’re supporting the Constitution and that you have the capacity of free will, of course.)

    Maybe the “slaves who built the Pyramids of Giza,” maintained the belief that they were building electro-magnetic power-stations to emancipate humanity, when in reality they were suckers only building tombs for the king, after all.

    If someone chimes in and says these coincidences mean that Q-Anon in involved, I’ll come personally to your house to build you a float tank for you to meditate in, so you can get your crooked head straight. xoxox

    • manbearpig says:

      The three times seven is twenty-one aspect had occured to me but

      “What are you gonna do about it, anyway, you bitches. We own the world.”

      was precisely what I was gonna type early this morning before getting side-tracked by words and ideas…

  13. Nick Weech says:

    It’s madness James. Nobody can stand up because the whole thing is unfathomable. Even an expert says he doesn’t know whats going on. The biggest part of this story is that it is NOT being covered – at all by any of the so-called media.

    “Transactions that can’t be supported” or even if they’re supported they’re just signed off by a designated signer-offer.

    You don’t have to make it up- it is as mad as it looks. We must be sunk and is Lockheed connected to that PTec and Promis software from decades ago?

  14. manbearpig says:

    The “three times seven is twenty-one” aspect had occured to me but the essential symbolic message:

    “What are you gonna do about it, anyway, you bitches. We own the world.”

    was precisely what I was gonna type early this morning before getting side-tracked by words and vague ideas…

  15. Gefaat says:

    There’s much that has been recently disclosed over the web just two months ago over this matter, offering direct testimony on living experiences that give direct accountability where a chunk of those trillions have gone & why, as reported on the documentary “Above Majestic” just released.

    • Hyroskope Caduceus Ètude says:

      Quick! Someone call Blink182! We have a disclosure emergency (that only Peter Levenda interviewing Hal Putoff, Norm Kahn, Steve Justice, Luis Elizondo and Christopher Karl Mellon can solve by ghost writing) for Tom Delonge.

      Pardon my snark, I couldn’t resist. This film looks like it was written for the ‘To The Stars Academy’ to star in, but after initial reports in the NYTimes fell on deaf ears and Joe Rogan singed Delonge’s credibility, the producers decided to populate the talking head roles instead with re-incarneted mediums and abductee subjects, who, after all, both market-test better than scientists from CIA and Skunkworks, anyway.

      You’re correct, though, to surmise that these subject areas are probably the domains, in part, toward which the missing trillions have flowed. I agree with that.

      But I think it’s more likely that they’re planning to melt Antarctica in order to – among other things – build their utopia (and even turn on the ancient power stations buried beneath the ice) than it is that they have, will or can colonize the moon or mars. Why mine the moon, when there’s a whole untouched continent left, one where you can still breath the air… and build a new luxury waterfront riviera designed by Herzog & DeMeuron after the tropics have been turned into a hotted up PKD dystopian prison also designed by Herzog & DeMeuron?

      • wah says:

        film is probably a psy op like to the stars but there will be some truth and fiction will be used to cover it up like usual. the actual amount of money is probably enough to fund India 7 times over (or about 8 billion people) for 20 years including spending a large amount on corruption.

  16. Octium says:

    What can we conclude from this for sure?

    That government is a kind of cancer that grows on civilisation.

  17. generalbottlewasher says:

    James you might want to review “Azra comment # 28392 in Maurice Strong is dead, link to Able danger”. You will find it interesting to say the least.. GBW.

    • Hyroskope Caduceus Ètude says:

      At some point over the last 3 years, since that comment was posted, the ‘able danger’ domain that’s linked in that comment has been simply abandoned or not-so-simply sabotaged, and now links to a cyrillic-text porn site.

      Here’s the restored page:

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Thank you Hyroskope: and the village people sing “In the Army now”

        • Hyroskope Caduceus Ètude says:

          Thank you, General, but no, thank you.

          I neither volunteer, nor consent to be enlisted, conscripted, or even databased by anything remotely resembling an army, nor by any other institution going by any name that might be construed to imply military or violent intent, even by virtue of metaphor, nor playfully. I loath even to be identified with any so called ‘community,’ as such a term implies in-groups and out-groups, and result in the psychological atomization of myself from humanity, at large.

          I do like to participate, however, in open and free information sharing, particularly as it relates to the nature of reality and its opposite. I’m happy to share in that.

          Anyway, why did you think to recommend that comment in this thread? It appears unrelated.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            I think the General’s comment is part of his Oklahoma humor, and Texans are corny that way too.

            There is an old song (and also a comedy movie) entitled “In the Army Now”.
            The lyrics include…
            A vacation in the foreign land…
            …You’ll be a hero of the neighborhood
            Nobody knows that you left for good…
            …Smiling faces on the way to ‘Nam
            But once you get there no one gives a damn…
            …You’ve got your orders to shoot on sight
            your finger’s on the trigger but it don’t seem right…
            …Is this illusion or reality?….

            But top it off with “The Village People” singing the lyrics in their style…

            Is this illusion or reality?

            Things are pretty insane on this planet.

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            Hyroskop: the why? Relates to James’s business. Getting thur to James is dicey at best. How do you report such skulldugery? Where else but here and Now. Reality! Saw it as a malicious attack with all kinds of outcomes for a Canadian blogger in western Japan. Who knows, Japan is very conservitive in the law. TPTSB do this in Oklahoma, to the tune of 25 to life, on some people who are targeted.. You seem to know much more about it than I so thank you for the corrected link, much appreciated. Can James clean up the original attack code? Hope so!.This must keep him up some nights.
            HomeRemedySupply was spot on. I was laying the blame for this devilish work on one of the Pentagons Branches. With no inference toward you, those Branches, while cheering their own handywork must be viewed, much the same way as the video Homey links. Dancing Israelis like. Could be anyone. I do agree wholeheartedly with your good points on exchange of ideas.

  18. keith.w says:

    I am waiting for the number to reach 27.5 Trillion, at which point I fully expect Leo Wanta to pay this off with Regan cold war leftovers. Has anyone else dug into this guy? The second link is the court transcript. More insanity.

  19. wah says:

    Lets start with some logic here. If there was an explanation (that was not intentionally being kept secret) the books would be opened up and all explained so this is not an option. Unless some sort of other psy op is going on which is always possible but in this case extremely unlikely. We all know how evil government is and if you watch James film on WW1 there is a clue to what i believe is going on Ill get back to it later.

    Every person who is ever likely to get involved in the investigation knows what happened to the last investigation teams (sort of anyway 911). The missing 21 000 000 000 is only part of the money missing from the pentagon in the USA as was clearly already stated. The whole actual amount from the pentagram and other state departments world wide and other sources almost certainly has at least one more zero maybe more.

    We are talking enough money to run a country the size on India (over 1 billion people for 50 years probably a century. Imagine if that was used effectively, you could easily fund an entire planet the size of earth for 20 years.

    I only have 3000 characters to use so ill jump ahead. What other things of such great significance are treated with such disdain by the media and gov (pretty much everything really). The sightings of UFOs and evidence to go with put them beyond doubt but they are never looked at seriously in mainstream (almost certainly some of this money goes toward that but a TR3B apparently only costs 1 billion to make we would be looking at a lot of them). ESP, mind kontroll and near death experiences and consciousness get no serious attention probably also involved (star gate project and MK ultra are not the only things ever done by a government (or corporation same thing really)in this field. Why have we not been back to the moon or to another planet if you believe we have ever been into space which I do you can not believe we have not been back (especially for financial reasons).

    I would assume that we are funding another civilisation and not just the official COG underground one on Earth.

    Anyway I don’t watch Corbett much anymore but i still think it is very good for what it is and obviously i still pay my subs. And I think James must be very careful about exploring the secret space program, mystery schools and consciousness leave that for others or just help someone else research the topics. Corbett Report is an excellent gateway for stateists to begin their evolution and learn to take responsibility for themselves. These very important but fringe topics mentioned above will scare them off nearly as fast as a David Ike Lizard Man.

    • wah says:

      probably missed a lot of things including at least 000 just too big a number way too big even if it is going to another civilisation they would be making a lot there own stuff (surely) the money would only have value buying from this world. Is it mostly there to just keep people down and out so they cant help others. I still dont really get it.

  20. wah says:

    Many people have now tired of the whole war footing economy spoken of in the WW1 film made by James. They no longer want to give up all of their resources freely to the powers that should not be.
    This is why the cold war was ended and the covert policy of accounting errors and ridiculous taxation and over governance for “peoples own good” was taken up. Terrorism replaced wars because the threat to the individual can be achieved much easier and more effectively while they continue to be productive (plus at no notice with no real explanation and no approval from the public an invasion or air strike or other attack can be launched anywhere around the world, including allied countries or museums in neutral countries and it also makes it possible to wipe out ancient tribes using the terrorists at anytime).

    Just remember that in the official (Rockefeller sponsored)history of WW2 there was not allowed to be any mention of the NAZIs and the occult or secret societies (which is what they were mostly about). Look at NASA connection with NAZIs and Jack Parsons and Alister Crowley, Elron Hubbard. Even the Orphic circle and British prime ministers.I would also look at people like Rudolf Steiner (founder of bio dynamic farming waldorf schools and anthroposophy who got assassinated between Wars and Rasputin who was also assassinated Edgar Cayce is also interesting (he was not assassinated)as is Marconi and Tesla.

    Lastly remember it is(or was) easier to find info about and in America than almost any other country in the world. Who know what is being done in the Gobi Desert or Sahara or outback Australia or Canada or Brazil or Antarctica or islands I don’t even know exist let alone the rest of the universe. Our attention is kept very focused and even when we gain control of our five senses we can not see very far.

  21. says:

    Great interview! Love this topic and should continue to be in conversation in 2019! Thanks so much!

  22. zyxzevn says:

    The Pentagon has stolen $70,000 of every US-citizen.
    And they are not going to tell you.

  23. MEFF says:

    I think that it will sound weird, however, we may find something interesting in the whistleblowers that Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot have interviewed. I remember have watched one episode where it was mentioned that 3 trillions were lost, but I don´t remember which show specifically. Why I mention this? Because despite I only heard the 3 trillions in one episode, in many episodes the whistleblowers that worked for different departments in USA (ex-Supersoldiers, CIA, NSA, NASA, Pentagon, Underground bases, Blackops, Caltech, DARPA, etc.), those people have something in common, they mention constantly the secret operations and the blackops, and someone clearly said that the Blackops are really blackops, meaning it “doesn´t exist” for anybody, no records, no registrations of the reports or money spent on that operations. Maybe not 100% of the affirmations of the whistleblowers are true, however, my theories are that the money maybe went to 4 places: 1)Blackops like secret “police” that are not record, like the P2P budget of the CCP, meaning money given directly to people to spy, or to kill, etc. The super top secret operations that nobody knows about.
    2)That money may went to the space war, bases in Mars, Moon, Jupiter, wormholes, time travellers, many secret space programs. Those whistleblowers mentioned the MJ12, you may know that it´s Majestic12 and there are documents proving this. It may not exist MJ12 nowadays, but for sure must be something similar today. And that space programs included the robots, the clones, those that they sent to the space to fight wars (they said that, but we can´t prove this, we only have the whistleblowers and the only way is to keep investigating on declassified files).
    3)Experiments like the paperclip ex-Nazis ones that came to America to keep the Mengele projects, Darpa, etc. that too have secret project that are very diabolic too like genetics, robots, or maybe even with UFOs or ETs, but we can´t prove about ET´s, but the whistleblowers talked about this. And even I remember it was mentioned that above the president there are 17 more top secret levels.
    4) Just disappearing the money cause some bankers or criminals just were so clever to stole them and that nobody said that or nobody discovered them.
    I will try to find where, in which episodes, if I have something, I´ll let you know.


  24. MEFF says:

    Me again, in some way I have the feeling sometimes that those whistleblowers, the ones that had top positions, were justifying that they participated on those many secret projects related with the secret space program or with ET´s or in wars because they were working with ET´s. They said for example that they sent people to Irak or to Vietnam as the alien races were going to open some portals on those countries and that they had to send troops to fight them….
    They have many “secret” underground bases too, one was close to in some island in the Bahamas where they were making experiments in an underground base udner the sea.

    So, all those dirty, suspicious, weird experiments spent most or part of the money.

    And nobody says nothing about it , I mean the authorities don´t say anything about the issue cause it´d be son dangerous for the ones that know this or suspect something about where the money went.

  25. MEFF says:

    Me again, the other possibility where the money went is that I saw this episode was on 2018, so it could be possible that the money or part went to finance the Q movement for the Trump elections race.And now that we know more things about Q or Trump, it´s evident that they could not accept that they gave money directly to people, like I said, it was kind of Chinese P2P budget (person to person), for all the people moving the Q and the puppets alternative digital soldiers of Q……

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