Interview 1470 - Financial Survival in the Everything Bubble Pop

08/11/20193 Comments

James joins Melody Cedarstrom of the Financial Survival radio show to discuss negative interest rates, derivative black holes, currency wars and other signs of the coming financial apocalypse. In the second part of the conversation, James and Melody explore the FBI's recent attempt to categorize "conspiracy theorists" as domestic terrorists.

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    James mentions an article by Charles Hugh Smith.
    I read one of Charles’ articles dated July 30, 2019.
    Charles is spot on.
    I can attest to that from experience.
    Main Street Small Business on the Precipice

    Following 9/11/01 was the bust (Enron, WorldCom, etc.)
    Previously, I had a thriving book business: wholesale, retail and online.
    And, previously I had been in contact with a business broker to sell my business, to cash out. $900,000 is what the broker said I could get.

    An example correlating with Smith’s article…
    I had a popular 10,000 square foot retail store in an affluent Addison, TX large shopping center.
    Shortly after the bust, my bookstore’s neighboring anchor stores started closing….the K-Mart, CompUSA, the Piggly Wiggly grocery store, etc. Pretty soon, my store stood almost by itself within this large shopping complex. Traffic to the shopping center was drying up. I was still paying around $10,000 month rent.
    You would not believe the variety of promotional actions which I took in order to try to maintain traffic flow to this store.

    The owners of the shopping center complex were in a pickle, just like me. And I liked them. They were pretty nice guys.

    Eventually, they sold the old K-Mart to Target Corporation.
    The shopping center owners called Target “the Big Gorilla”.
    Essentially, Target negotiated the purchase of a huge span of property for about the same price as one year of rent.
    Target knew they could extort the owners with a ridiculously low offer.

    By the time the Target finally did open, my business had already bit the dust.

    • ccuthbert2001 says:

      So sorry to hear this, HRS. Breaks my heart to see local small biz go under. I hope you’ve picked some other entrepreneurial project up and are doing well now.

  2. Duck says:

    RE the Occupy Movement…. it was at least partially run by the LUCIS TRUST, aka ‘the lucifer trust’ a Theosophical organization that believes Lucifer is the one to follow and which is the body that organizes the UN council of churches… (yeah… seriously) Venus is another name for lucifer so I kinda get creeped out by the Venus project which looks like a resource based economy thing….
    I have not found (nor looked for TBH) links to the Tea party and globalist organizations but would bet that such links exist.
    The people who are moving things behind the scene have been using revolutionary and ‘popular’ groups since the french revolution at least.
    I suspect that the rise in social ridiculousness where people are made to feel under attack is to provide energy for whatever ‘solution’ is desired by people with power. They dont care if the camps of the future are Red or Brown… as long as they run them sorry for the Youtube link… oh and BTW that is not exactly a ‘devils star’ as she says. The point would be DOWN to make it definitivly so. Gaurdian newspaper overview of OW

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