Interview 1469 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

08/08/201938 Comments

Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: We’re All Enemies of the State - Draconian Laws, Precrime & Surveillance State

The Rise of the American Gestapo: Has It Already Happened Here?

Story #2: Kashmir Krisis - India Scraps Special Status for Kashmir In Step Pakistan Calls Illegal

False Flags Over Kashmir: Prelude to WWIII?

India’s Lower House Ratifies Bill to Split IHK

Jammu &Kashmir Reorganisation Bill-2019

Experts Question Legality of India's Changes In Kashmir

Pakistan PM Warns of War With India Over Kashmir Crackdown

China, Pakistan Slam India's Move to Change Kashmir's Special Status

“Everything Has Been Lost. Except Our Resolve to Fight Back”: Shah Faesal on Kashmir

Chinese State Media Blames CIA For Violent Hong Kong Protests

Story #3: First Human-Monkey Chimera Raises Concern Among Scientists

El País: Spanish Scientists Create Human-Monkey Chimera In China

Scientists Get Green Light to Create Human-Animal Hybrids In Japan

Japan Approves First Human-Animal Embryo Experiments

CDC Shuts Down All High-Level Research At Fort Detrick Amid Fears Of Release Via Wastewater

NY Resident Dies After Contracting Powassan, a Rare Tick-Borne Illness

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  1. cherub says:

    Drunk old terrorist threatens to beat me up!

    (extended old lady version)

    The Odyssey of the Drunken Old Man (extended old lady cut)

  2. cherub says:


    Mass shooting: questions, curiosities, statements and solution

    The most important part of this video shows that the closet video was indeed recorded approximately 5 hours before the shooting started. See the approximately 1:54 mark.

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    The continuing denigration of man’s humanity and worth is exemplified with this insanity of human-monkey hybrids.

    Geez! I am aghast.

    We are cattle in the eyes of the technocrats. Something to be herded and manipulated and discarded.

    • David Haag says:

      Planet of the Apes? Bueller, Bueller,Anyone?

      • cooly says:

        David Haag-

        From what I remember of that film and the original novel (which I read so long ago, I can barely remember it), the dominant simians were not a result of hybridization, but an irony of evolution. If I am incorrect on that, someone feel free to chime in. My delicate sensibilities will not be offended.

        That being said, “God damn you all to hell!” and “The horror, the horror” are two of the greatest final bits of dialogue ever.

  4. generalbottlewasher says:

    The old buggabu of Zionist Imperialism. Where could you possibly drop a nuclear weapon in the region without effectively ending existence of the Asian-Indian landmass? Can Dr.Stangelove remove that landmass like a Dr. removing a mouse’s pancreas without killing the rest of the world-body? That is craziness certifiably crazy.
    Thanks James& James and you also Homey, made my day a comfort.

  5. Joris says:

    Does someone have a link to “The Columbine Cause” documentary James mentioned? GooTube seems to have it scrubbed from the search results.

  6. dub says:

    The science fiction book “The island of Doctor Moreau” By H G Wells comes to mind when I hear the story of creating a part human part other animal being.

  7. cstrouss1 says:

    WEBMASTER: Download the MP4 link is broken — 404

    Wow, it seems like lately I’m turning into the link inspector.

  8. Amar says:

    James, the science fiction scenario you are referring to is captured in the
    book, The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells published in 1896. This books has been made into a number of movies.
    Best regards.
    Amar Deva

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Economy and unemployment in India (and the Globe)

    August 6, 2019 Reuters via Yahoo
    Slumping auto sector in India may have laid off 350,000 workers

    …Huge potential fallout

    The fallout from the auto slump could be huge. The sector employs more than 35 million people directly and indirectly, accounting for nearly half of India’s manufacturing output…

    …There is little sign of a revival….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Economies and War
      When countries get squeezed economically by other countries, it fuels conflict, whether physical confrontation or otherwise.

      I have been following the financial news more closely these past months.
      In my opinion, there are strong indications of rough economic times ahead.

      The current currency wars are nothing to ignore.

      Some folks talk about the “dollar milkshake theory” mixed with the currency wars. Regardless, the currency wars suggest a number of aspects, such as nations trying to stay afloat. And, perhaps, the currency wars could be setting the stage for a more global currency.

      There is no doubt that more and more folks are seeking an alternative and secure form of currency and/or asset protection.

      Not to hype gold and silver, but…
      Mike Maloney has some interesting graphs in his recent video.
      Does Gold’s Breakout Mean Silver Is On The Launchpad? Three… Two… One…

    • mkey says:

      Had the subsidies the auto-makers enjoyed not been there to prop up the industry, this would have happened decades ago. A large part of the modern “economy” is nothing but a travesty.

  10. liam.w says:

    Reminds me of Terry Gilliam’s “1985 Brazil” Government is terror!

  11. Ian Davis says:


    India moves in Kashmir seem to be at odds with their involvement, along with Pakistan, in the Shanghai Cooporation Organisation (SCO.) I am struggling to find a rationale to understand this.

    Given the current wider geopolitical implications of the SCO (see link) can you explain how these pieces fit on the Grand Chessboard?

  12. manbearpig says:

    Saw this in relation to the J&K reorganisation bill with relation to the CPEC:

    “…The government is looking to speed up strategically important hydropower projects in Jammu and Kashmir following the proposed reorganization of the terror-hit state.
    Hopes have risen against the backdrop of stepped up efforts to develop the infrastructure architecture in the state that has been hit by an unprecedented cycle of violence in recent years.

    The task is seen as strategically vital in the context of China developing the controversial China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), part of its showpiece One Belt One Road (OBOR) infrastructure initiative.

    …The 330MW project on the river Kishanganga, a tributary of Jhelum has significant strategic importance to India. While Pakistan had challenged the project under the Indus Waters Treaty of 1960, the International Court of Arbitration at The Hague ruled in India’s favour in 2013. According to the Indus Waters Treaty,

    whoever builds the project first will have the first rights on the river waters…”

    (considerable clout in negotiations with China?)

    • manbearpig says:

      exacerbating tensions with China as viewed within a longstanding “water wars” context? In north-eastern India diametrically opposite (in terms of Nepalese east/west poles)Jammu and Kashmir is Arunachal Pradesh. From a 2016 article:

      “…Third, Chinese observers are concerned about the ramifications of planned Indian hydropower and other infrastructure development along the Brahmaputra in Arunachal Pradesh. The fear is that this development will strengthen India’s “actual control” over the region by facilitating a large influx of Indian migrants into the contested territory. This would further complicate border negotiations and make it harder for Beijing to ever regain southern Tibet. China has even taken steps to try to complicate Indian development in Arunachal by seeking to deny international financing for these types of projects. Interviews with Chinese experts suggest that Beijing does not have much hope of being able to forever forestall India’s progress in this arena, though the projects themselves will probably continue to be an irritant in broader Sino-Indian political relations…”


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      China and “One Belt One Road”

      I am guessing here…
      I think that China is in a terrible financial bind. They are over-extended with ‘credit’.

      I believe that originally they were hoping that the “One Belt One Road” game plan would help them boost their economy enough to overcome some of their financial problems.

      Now, it seems that there are too many road blocks to their original “One Belt One Road” plan.
      I think China is in a pickle (a difficult position) across the boards.

      I don’t think the U.S. is helping, especially with the trade/currency wars.
      There is even speculation that the U.S. is fueling the Hong Kong protests.

      Who knows? Maybe the U.S. has a role in this India-Kashmir scenario.

      After all, the U.S. loves to cause confusion/conflict in other countries.

      • manbearpig says:

        “After all, the U.S. loves to cause confusion/conflict in other countries.”

        You mean

        “Murderous Supranational financial bullies using the U.S. as just another tool to their ends love to cause confusion/conflict!”

        We mustn’t fall into the Chomskian mind trap that the Neo-Capitalist U.S. is the top of the pyramid of everything reprehensible in the world!

        If we consider that on the multi-tiered chessboard supranational Financial powers have been building up China via U.S. diplomacy and deals

        we might also conclude that China is using the tried and true dependancy generating “debt-trap diplomacy” (debt for nature, debt-for-use-of-your-ports etc style of Investments in infrastructure development) in the image of the IMF, World Bank and other usurious mafiesque global bodies who have been doing so since time immemorial,

        and now Western built-up China

        is itself ostensibly building up trade partners that are both developed and developing nations across the world (continuing the work the now declining U.S. was ostensibly doing before her)

        In other words, the U.S. may be used as a stick of the globalist mafia

        (who ultimately wants to see this infrastructure built), to keep up illusory tensions, keep the Tiger tame etc.

        But the PBC like the Federal Reserve Bank are but Tools, willing signatories and members for the realization of globalist, technocratic

        BIS projects.

        So globalists, via the U.S. might throw spanners in the Chinese works to keep the behemoth in line but ultimately I think they want this BRI, this OBOR to become a reality.

        But do they want world war more? or both?

        Creative chaos to bring in AN OBOR ROBOTIC CYBORG TECHNOCRACY?? 😯
        Plus, Norendra Modi is like an Eastern-Style Trump with his wildly unexpected moves such as taking 86% of his country’s cash out of circulation overnight for weeks on end…
        And suddenly ending a region’s sovereignty with little if no forewarning…

        MOODY MODI !!

        gotta go swimming now.

        • mkey says:

          All of this boils down to funny money being used to bolster global control. People use it, covet it, will kill and die for it, but they don’t understand what it is.

          While understanding it is a matter of a two hour long presentation. And an open mind for the duration.

          • manbearpig says:

            ok so, cough it up! which two-hour long presentation are you referring to? Century of Enslavement is some 90-ish minutes long (as I recall, to lazy to check…)
            did I miss Something here??
            must be the campari…

  13. HomeRemedySupply says:

    A couple odd NEWS items…

    USA Today via Yahoo – August 9, 2019
    ‘Flabbergasted’: Chase Bank forgives all credit card debt for Canadian customers
    …The bank had offered two rewards cards – with Amazon and Marriott – in Canada, CBC reported…

    …”Chase made the decision to exit the Canadian credit card market. As part of that exit, all credit card accounts were closed on or before March 2018. A further business decision has been made to forgive all outstanding balances in order to complete the exit,” Maria Martinez, vice president of communications for Chase Card Services, said in a statement…

    …While the company could have sold the debt to a third party, Martinez said, “Ultimately, we felt it was a better decision for all parties, particularly our customer, to forgive the debt.”…

    …A 24-year-old university student, she said: “It’s kind of like I’m being rewarded for my irresponsibility.”
    ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~

    USA Today via Hattiesburg America – August 9, 2019
    Bank will pay customers to take out mortgages by offering negative interest rates in Denmark
    A bank in Denmark will effectively pay qualified home buyers who take out a 10-year fixed rate mortgage.

    Jyske Bank, the third-largest bank in Denmark, announced Monday that it would lend to prospective homebuyers at an interest rate of -0.5%.

    Other banks in Denmark are offering notably low mortgage rates: Nordea Bank will provide no-interest 20-year fixed-rate loans, Bloomberg reported, while some lenders are offering 30-year loans at 0.5%.

    “It’s never been cheaper to borrow,” said Lise Nytoft Bergmann, chief analyst at Nordea Bank’s home finance division in Denmark, to Bloomberg. “We expect this to contribute to driving home prices higher.”….

    • mkey says:

      Well, color me flabbergasted. What to make of these two news items? The second one will further enflate the bubble, that’s for sure. If those loans are not selling with low interest rates, if you pay people to take them, they will surely move.

      Why would a reasonable private entity pay people to use their services? Makes as much sense as any given Bush junior talk.

  14. Godava says:

    Mikhail Bulgakov’s allegorical “Heart of a Dog”, illustrates the horrors and dilemmas of such experimentation.

  15. m.lim says:

    The 2010 film `Never let me go’ with Kiera Knightly took it to the next level by creating sub-human class in order to harvest organs.

  16. mkey says:

    Unacceptable Levels

    An interesting documentary on chemicals levels in our environment.

  17. Qno says:

    So when we have a human-monkey hybrid, is that creature subject to the laws of humans? Does it have human rights? Or is it in fact a human who is not legally a ‘person’, and is therefore completely free, can cross any border and needn’t pay any taxes? Can the government shoot him/her without any repercussions?

    I suspect, of course, the worst of all worlds – no rights and no freedoms but all kinds of duties for the poor creature resulting from this, including the duty to submit to all kinds of gross experimentation.

    But there is another side to this.

    The thing is, if I am 95% chimpanzee, and even 50% banana, we don’t have to go very far blurring these definitions to create utter confusion and lawlessness. What lawmakers need to realise is that such tampering makes the corporate-government-person contract impossible, and is at the same time therefore a threat to the nation state itself.

  18. darla says:

    Im confused because china is already harvisting organs from humans in prison. You can call them up and tell you what day and they will deliver that day. So thats not why they do this. Or not the only reason. Why is there kkk in your America?

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