False Flags Over Kashmir: Prelude to WWIII?

03/10/201914 Comments

In response to a suicide bombing in Kashmir that killed 40 Indian troops last month, the Indian Air Force struck targets in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.

I imagine that many readers around the world today would read that sentence the way that readers 105 years ago would have read the sentence: "A Bosnian separatist shot the presumptive heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne in Sarajevo today." Many would have been saddened by the news or shocked at the outburst of violence and the senseless death . . . and then went about their day. After all, that was way over there in the Balkans. "How could that effect us?"

Similarly, many might be tempted to write off the latest news from Kashmir—the disputed territory between India and Pakistan—as just another regrettable flare-up of violence. But it is not. As two nuclear-armed nations with deep-seated hostilities sitting at the crossroads of a new geopolitical order, India and Pakistan represent the Balkans of our day. We ignore the events there at our own peril.

So let's take a closer look at what just happened (or didn't happen) between India and Pakistan, and what it means in the bigger scheme of things.

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  1. zyxzevn says:

    I think most people know this already, but his analysis is very good
    and thorough.

    Bill Binney. Russiagate is a Worse Hoax than You Thought

    In this interview, former National Security Agency Technical Director Bill Binney demonstrates that the most important premise for Russiagate, that Russian military intelligence conducted an internet hack of the DNC and then provided the purloined files to WikiLeaks for publication, is a fraud. If the Russians hacked the DNC, the NSA would be able to provide specific and detailed information tracing that attack as to times, dates, places, but no such proof has been provided. Binney created or supervised the NSA programs that provide this capability. Binney has now conducted two independent forensic studies of the DNC files: those released by Guccifer 2.0 and those published by WikiLeaks. Both studies, based on insights gleaned from file metadata and internet transfer speeds, point to the files’ having been downloaded to a thumb drive or a storage device rather than transmitted over the internet in a Russian cyber attack. Binney’s findings support the WikiLeaks account of how the files were delivered to them. Former British Ambassador Craig Murray has stated that he met with someone who was not a Russian state actor at American University in Washington, D.C. and received a thumb drive of files. In this interview, Bill Binney also discusses his 32-year career at the NSA where he was known as this nation’s premier codebreaker. Binney invented the NSA program that automates collection of internet based data world-wide and invented a program, Thin Thread, which used targeted acquisition methods for analysis while protecting the Constitutional rights of U.S. citizens and the privacy rights of others. When it became apparent that the Agency was engaged in bulk acquisition and massive constitutional violations following September 11, 2001, Binney left the NSA. After he left, Binney and his fellow whistleblowers proved that Binney’s program, Thin Thread, could have prevented the 9/11 attacks. When Binney and others blew the whistle on the NSA corruption and Constitutional violations by going through appropriate government channels, they were subjected to a years-long FBI investigation based on bogus and fabricated information

  2. Where exactly is the false flag in this story? India lied about a military operation against Pakistani targets, not about killing its own soldiers.

    • 9tH says:

      maybe i should add, india is planning to re-locate over a million people. Genetic testing concludes who can stay and who must go, based on descent. This fits into the agenda 21, since the area is considered valuble nature. Read: rich in mineral.

      I saw this a week or 2 ago, when the trouble between pakistan and india started to really escalate. May seem un-connected, but take in consideration India has at least 80 million people, displaced by natural catastrophe already. A conflict like this could serve as a false flag operation, not too much for the outside world, but very much for the indian people themselves. Nationalism is one of the best lightning rods there is. N’est-ce-pas?

      • 9tH says:

        forget about that number i foolishly used *80 million displaced. The high number may be a hoax and i have no time to double check. I should not have used it..

  3. generalbottlewasher says:

    Looking back in history through Carroll Quigleys Tragedy and Hope we find Much of what is happening today was born many years ago. James Corbett with the help of many friends has outlined much of what created the world we live in today, the motives, the methods and certainly the madness. Quigleys goes into great detail in Chapter 17- Nuclear Rivalry and the Cold War: American Atomic Supremacy, 1945-1950. American Confusion, 1945-1950. Pgs-953, 954.

    ‘ The chief aims of this elaborate, semisecret organization were largely commendable: to coordinate the international activities and outlooks of all the English-speaking world into one ( which would largely, it is true, be that of the. London group); to work to maintain the peace; to help backward, colonial, and underdeveloped areas to advance toward stability, law and order, and prosperity along lines somewhat similar to those taught at Oxford and the University of London( especially the School of African and Oriental Studies)…
    More to come…

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      ! Now you know their motives.
      The next part from Quigley describes what they have done. The alphabet soup of institutes and foundations, all related to the Round Table Group,R.I.I.A, Morgan et.al .
      “‘ These organizations and Financial Backers were in no sense reactionary or Fascistic persons, as Communist propaganda would like to depict them. Quite the contrary. They were gracious and cultured gentlemen of somewhat limited social experience who were much concerned with the freedom of expression of minorities and the rule of law for all, who constantly thought in terms of Anglo-American solidarity, of political partition and federation, and who were convinced that they could gracefully civilize the Boars of South Africa, the Irish, the Arabs, and the Hindus, and who are largely responsible for the partitions of Ireland, Palestine, and India, as well as the federations of South Africa. Central Africa, and the West Indies. Their desire to win over the opposition by cooperation worked with Smuts but failed with Hertzog, worked with Gandhi but failed with Melon, worked with Stresemann but failed with Hitler, and has shown little chance of working with any Soviet leader. If their failures now loom larger than their successes, this should not be allowed to conceal the high motives with which they attempted both.’

      Quigley speaks a warning to future generations that they have compulsion to continuing to keep tring no matter what the failure rate may be.
      See how its working for India and Pakistan. India and Pakistan are a continuation of an old gameplan. Make money from conflicts and maybe mold the shattered remains into new realistate for
      Don’t over look the chapter headings nod toward the nukes. The whole chapter is about nuke use

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying Corbett’s “Recommended Video” Richard Grove on Entrepreneurship, Whistleblowing and Cognitive Liberty.

    It kind of sparks an uplifting personal energy and feeling of controllable independence.

    • mkey says:

      Most of what they discussed sure made a lot of sense. We’re indoctrinated into this mindset of a slave from the very early age. Combined with the urge to “belong” our individuality is as good as dead.

      Grove makes also another good point, just imagine getting the right skillset and information from the get go, instead of that bludgeoning bullshit for 8 to 18 years.

  5. mik says:

    Fatal Flaw In Climate Change Science (recommended video)

    When I’ve watched the video first time I got occasionally bad feeling about some facts presented.
    But after watching doom-porn:
    The Next End of the World | C.I.A. Classified
    from the same youtube channel I had to do homework about the first video.

    ‘Fatal Flaw In Climate Change Science’ is a good example of mixing good science with fake science (maybe psy-op). Let me elaborate.

    Huge increase in X-rays, solar wind and particles during Sun’s coronal mass ejections (CME) is presented. X-rays increase up to 100.000 times doesn’t mean much if you don’t know what is the base level. Actually it is very very low and that means no huge increase in total energy received, what they would like you to believe.

    Occasionally some satellites broke down because of CME, but it is not like Fukushima where all robots died of huge radiation (ok, satellites have better chips but still).
    CME affects cloud formation, but that means cooling.
    Btw., in the same graph you can see exactly that water absorbs much more energy than co2.

    You can hear a claim that cosmic rays can trigger volcanoes.
    What a preposterous claim. Cosmic rays particles can have extremely high energy but they are rare, total energy of cosmic ray flux received by the earth’s mantle is insignificant.

    Global electric circuit (GEC)
    Looks like tornadoes are caused by GEC. It’s really strange that electric current is going up through the eye of cyclone, but when it goes down it doesn’t produce the same effect.
    Then it comes to resistive heating caused by GEC for which they claim it is in the range of 10-12A/m2(WTF).


    ” In fair weather conditions, there are about 3.5 microamps per square kilometer (9 microamps per square mile)”

    The video is making a good case against climate fake science. But while doing so some very fake science is also included.
    A mixture of truth and lie that is very common this days.

  6. tezla says:

    I’m looking for the open-source investigation into the probable false-flag New Zealand shooting

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