Interview 1464 - James Corbett on Defending Utah Radio

07/22/201912 Comments

via Defending Utah interviews one of the leading voices in exposing what's underneath the news and focusing on what the mainstream would like to distract us from, James Corbett from The Corbett Report.

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  1. manbearpig says:

    Enjoyed listening to this.

    Still think we’ll be seeing more stories like the Nurse Wubbels story where ubiquitous cameras will be shown to guard the “ordinary” citizen’s rights in heart wrenching newscasts.

    Come to think of it…

    Alexa will probably be portrayed saving our constitutional rights… wait for it…


  2. cooly says:


    Absolutely, Ma’am.

    I didn’t see it but a reliable source told me that when the local Utah newsreader was reporting this, he was slowly dangling a watch back and forth, and in a soothing voice, saying. “Total surveillance is a good thing…good…..good……….good………………you are getting very sleeeeeeeepyyyyyyyyyy………”

  3. Libertydan says:

    Another great interview, with fans in Utah that James didn’t know he had. Yep, James is the go to guy for good, well documented, information on things that the elites would rather you not know. Interesting enough though, is that these Radio guys said that and yet were not familiar with the Corbett Report documentaries and/or interviews on the Oklahoma City bombing. Well, I guess that will have to wait for another show, eh!
    The idea that the events at Ruby Ridge and Waco were part of an FBI program called PatCon which was to rid this country of true Patriots, and that the Oklahoma city Bombing was planned as a means to blame the Patriots and thus bring public opinion against them would seem to interest these guys. The shocker would be that Timothy McVeigh is likely still alive and well because the CIA helped fake his death. The documentary “The Noble Lie” shows how local government and even a Jury was corrupted by The United States Inc.. People were killed, including a good cop who was suicided (killed and documented as a suicide by the coroner).
    Indeed, there is an Agenda/Conspiracy shared by many of the elites to control the world, and they think nothing of leaving millions of people dead in order to achieve their goals.
    The fact that they have taken control of the United States Inc. and it’s military makes this a monumental problem, yet who would have thought that 13 colonies could unite to throw off the tyrannical British Empire?
    So, how do we beat the elites, and what form of government, if any, can keep them at bay once they are removed from power? I don’t know either, but I do know that we have to try!
    PS The Federalist Papers and much of the writings of the Framers of the American Revolution will likely provide a solid foundation for freeing the world from the latest Banker controlled Empire.

  4. FlyingAxblade says:

    Question for Corbett: Can You have a dog in Japan? As in, a real dog not a toy or robot dog.
    Comment for Corbett: I hope you watch Mike Morales occasionally, he’s got the goods on Climate Changer corporations, pretty much just revealed these last two months.
    Petition for Corbett: I know it’s gross, but I’d like to see “Global Fat”, I got fat these last two years when I quit smoking, but the crazy thing is, is everyone (scene from Leon: The Professional ~~ EVERYONE) is fat now and I know they all didn’t stop smoking. I live in NC, America and 75% of the people I see at the grocery look like malnourished African children from missions videos at church. Except they are all over 20 years old. I’ve never been fat in my life, until November 2017 & it was MAGIC. Lost muscle gained fat. I don’t even eat a half a pound of food a day. My 55# Muttweiler eats more food than me, sleeps more than me, and I can feel his ribs. I’d also like to see you on China Uncensored, ReallyGraceful, and Central Happenings Network 2. A lot of us lost our YT channels in April for having Christian content. Minor Question: did the YT TOS really change that much today the 22 of July? and Microsoft TOS is changing August 30, the same day that Publisher’s Clearing House is having the drawing for the 5G$/week for Life. My dad got a 5G booster for his computer last November and my body, which had already been fat for a year, suddenly turned into a mass of pimples and itches and I look like the Baron Harkonen (from Dune movie 1) now. I’m not making a video of that. I mean I bleed from my pores. Anywhere that doesn’t get sunshine is totally disgusting. I get pimples on my eyelids. I want to smash his 5G projector, when I go dog sit at someone else’s house, I feel sooooooooooo much better. Anyway, I’d like a health video from you and James some Thursday. Thanks for all you do!

  5. Duck says:

    All people DO NOT believe that hurting and stealing from people OUTSIDE their own group is wrong… very few cultures have taught non-aggression and the idea that they do is a dangerous conceit of western arrogance. Generations of Christianity have thinly veneered the idea on top of our savage nature.
    The Aztec, maori , romans, muslims, and probably almost every culture have GLORIFIED taking resources from ‘outside’ groups and killing…. those who did it best for the group were lauded.
    It is silly to imagine that natural law can exist without a God because any natural law in a pure materialistic system would be the law of evolution… which means if one CAN do something good for the self,even at the expense of others, one ought to…..THIS kind of natural law is what the average psychopath follows.
    Natural law that prevents humans from doing what humans like to do because its bad for someone who has no power to strike back is a religious idea, and can not survive when cut off from that root.
    PETER Hitchins has spoken at length about this kinda thing

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Towards the beginning of this interview, there was discussion about what James does.

    He writes. He communicates.
    His ability to write and to convey profound concepts to the common person is a skill rarely seen.

    If I were ever to pick one label for James Corbett, it would be “James Corbett is a writer, one of the best.”

  7. cooly says:


    Very true. I first came across Corbett when he randomly showed up in my Themtube feed. He stood out for me immediately.

    His essays, in whatever various form, are always clear, tight, to the point, and easy to follow and understand. Same goes when he is just talking. The occasional sarcasm is a bonus.

    You are good at what you do, Mr. Corbett.

  8. madmovond says:

    Marker 35:20.

    Maybe he’ll “commit suicide” in jail, indeed… Very apt, gents.

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