Interview 1452 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

06/20/201957 Comments

Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: All the Cyber Attack Stories from the Past Few Days Can’t Be Linked…Can They?

4 Times the US Threatened to Stage an Attack and Blame It on Iran

Declassified: The Sino-Russian Masterplan To End U.S. Dominance In Middle East


'Chernobyl' Breaks HBO Record And Thoroughly Beats 'Game Of Thrones'

Russia Hates HBO's ‘Chernobyl’, Decides to Make Its Own Series

Story #2: Trump Executive Order Makes Simpler Path for GMOs

White House Issues Executive Order to Streamline Regulatory Review Process for Genetically Modified Farm Products

“Executive Order on Modernizing the Regulatory Framework for Agricultural Biotechnology Products”

Bayer Asks Judge to Overrule $2 Billion Monsanto Roundup Verdict

Bayer Calls $2B Monsanto Roundup Jury Award “Unhinged”

Bayer + Monsanto = A Match Made in Hell

“Too Much #Monsanto In…The Brain?”: Donald Trump Just Blamed His Intern For This Controversial Tweet (Oct. 22, 2015)

Alex Jones Interviews Donald Trump (Dec. 2, 2015)

Trump: "I Think I Know" Who Was Behind 9/11 Attacks

Alex Jones Denies CP Allegations, Accuses Lawyer of Frame-Up

Story #3: Facebook Announces “Libra” Cryptocurrency

Libra White Paper

The Bitcoin Psyop

Report: Facebook’s Calibra Digital Wallet Will Not Be Available in Its Largest Markets

Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency Has Its Uses, Says Bank of England Governor


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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:


    You caught me. 😉
    The YouTube link for this “Interview 1452 NewWorldNextWeek” of June 20 goes to last week’s NewWorldNextWeek, June 13.

    Bitchute link is copacetic.

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    So true!

    “…World War 3 is already underway….”
    QUEUED video

  3. zyxzevn says:


    Zucker Bucks is very good already, I like it.
    Bucks for Suckers.

    Social Credit Coin
    Liberal-only Coin
    Notify-everyone Coin
    Assimilation Coin

    Or the alternative: Goo-Coin

    Generally the big-tech companies are working together
    to implement a technocratic similar environment.
    They monitor and control all information, mark alternative information as bad.
    Monitor and control all (official) science.
    Google & FB monitor all contacts and the information that you see.
    Amazon monitors all the stuff that you order.
    Now Zuck/Google wants to monitor and control all money.

    It looks like they are just filling in the holes of information that is
    necessary to create a totalitarian system. That is of course “good for you”,
    in a technocratic-like way.

    Make America GM Again
    Make Swamp Rule Again

    Peace Prize = Eternal Peace Prize


    Anyway. I collected some information about Chernobyl on saidit:

    I am not sure about the Russians trying to create an alternative story.
    Original article seems:
    We may need the russian-newspaper monitor from newsbud to understand if this is a hit-piece or real news. Some newspapers in Russia are aligned with the US.
    All other reactions from Russia were kind of positive towards the series.

  4. manbearpig says:

    The Chernobyl TV Cold War part reminded me of a talk by Micheal Crichton entitled:

    “States of Fear: Science or Politics?”

    where he explains that he wanted to write a thriller about Chernobyl, which was to him (in pre-Fukushima times which occurred after his death) the greatest man-made disaster in human history:

    “…Some of you know that I’ve written a book that many people find controversial, called State of Fear, and I want to tell you how I came to write it, because up until about five years ago, I had very conventional ideas about the environment and the environmental movement. This book really began in 1998, when I decided to write a novel about a global disaster. That was one of the first books I’d written, and I thought, well, I’m old now. I’ll write another one.

    And in the course of my preparation for this book, I rather casually reviewed what had happened at Chernobyl, because I regard Chernobyl as the largest manmade disaster that I knew about. What I discovered stunned me. Chernobyl was a tragic event, but nothing remotely close to the global catastrophe that I was imagining. About 50 people had died in Chernobyl, roughly the number of Americans that die every day in traffic accidents. I don’t mean to be gruesome, but it was a setback for me. You can’t write a novel about a global disaster in which only 50 people die.

    I was undaunted…
    …But the shock that I had experienced reverberated in me for a while, because what I’d been led to believe about Chernobyl was not merely wrong. It was astonishingly wrong. Let’s review that for a minute…

    …Now, to report that 15,000 to 30,000 people are dead when the actual number is 56 represents a very large error.

    …But of course, you’re probably thinking, we’re talking about radiation. What about long-term consequences? Unfortunately for the media, their reports are even less accurate here…

    …But most troubling of all, according to the UN report, was that the largest public health problem created by the accident was the damaging psychological impact due to a lack of accurate information.

    This was manifesting as—they said—negative self-assessments of health, belief in a shortened life expectancy, lack of initiative and dependency on assistance from the state.

    In other words, the greatest damage to the people of Chernobyl was caused by bad information. These people weren’t blighted by radiation so much as by terrifying, but false, information…

    “…This suggests that Ukrainian invalids are not unique in their response, but the large numbers of what we might call information casualties represent a particularly egregious example of what can happen from false fears…”

    Watch his slide-supported presentation:

    starting at 11:13…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks for this.

      Something striking around the 17 minute mark…
      “pointing the bone”

      • manbearpig says:

        they just gave up…

        dehydration…the adrenal effects of fright and hopelessness…

        …hex death…

        is that what the media-assisted authorities are up to, you think…?

        • HomeRemedySupply says:


          ManBearPig says: “Is that what the media-assisted authorities are up to, you think…?”

          Yep, you are right.
          They try hard to shape our reality.
          They shake that bone at us until the hex starts working.

    • Camille says:

      That is what I logged in here to post, manbearpig!

      I’ve been finding that Michael Crichton sure did say a lot of interesting things. I’m on a bit of a kick with him lately.

      Have you read State of Fear? It is a powerful book! I only just read it myself about a month and a half ago. It painted such a great picture of all of these things I’d been looking at. In fact, it’s so powerful, I got my father to read it, knowing he has always been a supporter of the CO2 driven AGW argument, and he called me just the other day to tell me that he no longer believes their CO2 lies! Not just in the story, but in the parts following, Crichton just blows that whole idea out of the water.

      I have a lot more to say on all this, and I will, but not now.

      Thanks for sharing the Crichton transcript!

      • manbearpig says:

        I never seem to really start and finish books anymore…

        I just ordered Estulin’s “Deconstructing Wikileaks”…with some skepticism but thinking there might be some revelatory detail grounded in hard reality that I wasn’t aware of…

        But I must say, your father’s reaction must’ve been immensely gratifying and encouraging! My family’s hopelessly hermetic to anything even vaguely “conspiratorial”…I’m fascinated by “communications” but apparently not very gifted in the domain…too emotional I think…

        Also, I thought of you yesterday while I was speaking to a student about the four Brazilian towns whose school cafeterias are going vegan: We spoke about SuperMeat and their totally mendacious cutesy advertising: “…stop global warming; check!” argh! “reality check” would be in order! …using fake crises to coax well-meaning masses into enslavement to lab-produced frankenfoods…

        and I spoke to him about rather prophetic “AntiViral”, Brandon Cronenberg’s first frightening full feature film where the “meat” of glamorous stars has been cultivated for consumption and is sold in specialized underground “butcher shops”… as I recall…?

        anyhow, gotta hop into the hamster wheel now!

        You keep up your good work!

        • Camille says:

          I read a lot these days. State of Fear would be an great way to get back into reading! Crichton was a good writer, makes it easy. Anyone in your family like to read novels? People know his name, maybe they’d be interested without even having to know it’s being shared for a reason.

          And, Dang! Where that SuperMeat video is cutesy and annoying, the trailer for the AntiViral film was so disturbing! Oh my! I have heard the celebrity meat thing mentioned, at least once, it was in a survey question for the audience at some future “food” event. It’s all so sick.

          You keep up the good work, too! Talking to people about this is important, too many are unaware, and it is so much bigger than food. It has to stop.

    • pearl says:

      Great link, mbp. I’m settling in to watch now.

      Funny how things don’t change. Protestant orthodoxy has its own version of the bone. It’s called the “power of the keys”. Want to go to heaven? Gotta join the church, and as long as you obey and don’t piss off the elders by thinking too much, you’re in! Says John Calvin’s “Institutes of the Christian Religion”, Book 4, Chapter 1, Section 22:

      It is dispensed to us by the ministers and pastors of the Church, either in the preaching of the Gospel or the administration of the Sacraments, and herein is especially manifested the power of the keys, which the Lord has bestowed on the company of the faithful. Accordingly, let each of us consider it to be his duty to seek forgiveness of sins only where the Lord has placed it. Of the public reconciliation which relates to discipline, we shall speak at the proper place.

  5. manbearpig says:

    wait … wait…LEMME THINK!!!

    uh…. Creepya coin! bribe-ya coin! no uhhhhh Asleepya, NO Deceiveya coin!! ummmmmm

    nooooooooo….nooo… let’s seeeeeee…. ummmm CEREBRA-coin! (the world’s minds closed block-chained together!)

    uhh, don’tbelieveya coin! dust-heapya-coin! no? gullibra coin? (free to be gullible?)


    they’ve already got calibra… calibrating humanity… no, come on! let me think… uhhhhhhh……………….damn.

    student’s here…

  6. NES says:

    WWIII–I agree. We are looking down the barrel of a cyberspace event, likely a set-up. TPTsnB have been hard at work promoting a mishmash of confrontational MS news stories informing the public of as much. Cyberspace is the field, the soft spot. It appears the controllers are gearing-up for something big. Of course, they will control the fallout and have THE answer to save the frightened, demanding Normies.

    …in comes the i9/11 (LINK in NWNW show notes) lawmakers to fight the bad guys by curtailing freedom of the internet and further controling the public. What a neat little package that fits right into the puzzle — “Lessig also revealed that he had learned, during a dinner with former government Counter Terrorism Czar Richard Clarke, that there is already in existence a cyber equivalent of the Patriot Act, an “i-Patriot Act” if you will, and that the Justice Department is waiting for a cyber terrorism event in order to implement its provisions.” (Unfortunately, we’ll all be affected.)

    Labels? MAGMA–Love it! Swamp Thing is the perfect name for our country’s figure head. Who ever thought he would ‘clean up’ anything had to be completely dillusional. He can’t clean out the Swamp. He lives there! He’d destroy his own environment.

    Alex Jones? Man! Does the MSM/TPTsnB hate Alex Jones or what? This pedophile/porn accusation is a very common frame-up used by the alphabet agencies to eliminate people they can’t get rid of by other means. They usual send prone to the person’s business computer. When they open it all bets are off. Alex just won’t go away. Sooooo…they want the Normie internet/MSM/et al to judge and try him in public without cause. They will, of course.

    Libra? For several years now I’ve been trying to figure how the banksters were going to move the public to a cashless society, monitor every individual’s movement via the chosen method and make the Normies believe they are safe. The mechanism was obvious–cryptocurrencies, but how? LIBRA is the plan, apparently. The Bank of England’s representative as much as confirmed it.

    I’m not like some of you who have a clever marketing mind. So I’ll pass the baton on the naming of Libra for the internet to those who have a knack for such things. I do like the start of it here, however.

  7. pearl says:

    A newly fledged hummingbird’s criss-crossed beak caused me to go online a few weeks ago and learn that round-up treated sugar cane may very well be the cause. Other studies suggest the increase in overall bird beak deformities nationwide is due to a virus. Riiight. Couldn’t have anything to do with glyphosate.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      That is interesting.
      My bet is that the cause emanates from glyphosate, even if the hummingbird has a virus (because glyphosate weakens the immune system).
      Where were all the crooked beak hummingbirds many years ago prior to glyphosate?

      — Central Bank bought Bayer debt —

      I should mention that the amount of general-across-the boards corporate debt is staggering. It is way more than previous years. It reeks of the same stench as the 2008 housing crisis.
      Many corporations are in hawk up to their eyeballs. Many corporations are issuing bonds, borrowing out the ying-yang, doing weird things with their stock, fibbing on their financials, etc.

      I always wondered why Bayer would pay so much for Monsanto knowing that Monsanto had pending potential lawsuits…Enter CENTRAL BANKS.

      BLOOMBERG NEWS – April 4, 2019
      The ECB Proves Central Bankers Are Bad Capitalists
      The Corporate Securities Purchase Program has distorted the cost of money, allowing companies to make questionable decisions.

      …Consider Germany’s AG Bayer, which agreed to buy Monsanto in May 2016 for $66 billion in what was then the largest all cash merger ever announced. The deal was controversial from the start as Bayer was going to need to raise billions of dollars. Traditionally, this means a company must go on a road show and explain its plan in great detail. Without evidence of a credible plan, capitalists will not part with their money.

      But not the ECB. It just so happened that in June 2016 the central bank began a new effort to stimulating the region’s economy by purchasing corporate bonds under an initiative dubbed Corporate Securities Purchase Program, or CSPP…

      …The ECB left those issues to the credit rating companies. As long as a company kept its investment-grade rating, that was good enough for the ECB. The last time investors delegated investment decisions to ratings firms in this manner was mortgage securities in the early to mid- 2000s. This was before housing collapsed, leading to large defaults on mortgage securities and ushering in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression….

      • pearl says:

        Well, the ultimate blame falls on me for not having used organic sugar. It honestly didn’t occur to me until I saw it. We’re somewhat isolated, so I feed LOTS of birds. The good news is that the crooked-beaked hummer is thriving, feisty and performing jaw-dropping aerial maneuvers just as well as the others. Since 80% of their diet requires protein (small flying insects), I know that bird can hunt!

        • HomeRemedySupply says:


        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Near me, I have blue birds, cardinals, mockingbirds, blue jays, various sparrows and wrens, swallows, doves and yellow bellied flycatchers.

          I love the acrobatics of those flycatchers. Amazing. They often chase and radically scold those dang grackles, cowbirds and starlings.
          The grackles and cowbirds and starlings have become prolific in urban areas. In the 1960’s and 70’s, one almost never saw them. Grackles, cowbirds, and sometimes starlings will hijack the nests of other birds and grackles evidently might eat the young from other nests.

          Often when I am in the garden, the mockingbirds will land 10 feet away and pick the ripe blackberries. I’ll get on to them, “Hey! Those are my blackberries!”, but they just look at me and keep pecking away. I just can’t get too mad at ’em. I didn’t net the vines this year…its my fault.

          I enjoy the birds. Even, on occasion. the cowbirds. There is a quiet soothing beauty with birds.

          One day not long ago, about 15 feet away in a parking lot, a red tail hawk swooped down trying to grab this cowbird standing on the parking lot. The cowbird ducked under a ‘shed’ next to him. I swear!…10 minutes later the cowbird re-emerges with the look of fear and caution in it posture. The “look” on that cowbird was almost comical. Timidly, slowly, it made its way to another area.

          • pearl says:

            What a great read! Yes! Flycatchers are amazing! A few days ago, I had some old eggs from our chickens that I dumped out in a field just down the way for the buzzards, ravens, and whatever other scavengers might come along. Within a couple hours, I noticed a big body right where I dumped them. My binoculars revealed a Caracara eagle enjoying his findings while being dive-bombed, pendulum style, by a scissor-tail flycatcher. It went on for several minutes while the eagle ignored it. Awesome.

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              Gosh! I don’t think I have ever seen a Caracara, but I know they are around here in Texas. So cool!
              Those scissor-tails sure can dive bomb.
              Many years ago, I watched a pair chase my cat down the path.

              Like you, I really enjoy these types of aspects in our lives.

  8. Duck says:

    Libra coin… I THOUGHT it was ‘Libre’ coin but it really is LIBRA…. lol, motto should be “Your heart weighed in our Balance”
    name comes from ‘the scorpions claws’ which i guess makes sense since a scorpion needs to hold its prey so it can sting it to death… littler claws mean more toxic venom… also the ruling planet of libra is venus which makes me think venus project but maybe its just lucifer… lol

  9. UseLogic says:

    I worked for Con Ed in New York decades ago, before the Internet existed. Con Ed supplied 8 million people with power without the Internet being involved.

    I have to ask – why are command and control systems attached to the Internet when it is blatantly obvious that doing so compromises security? The solution to this issue is to disconnect the generating plants control systems and the grids control systems from the Internet.

    Power has been supplied since Tesla invented Alternating Current. There should be no Internet access to these systems.

    • Duck says:

      I list5ned to a guy talking about some of the things he found internet attached with shodan… crematoria ovens(like WHY????) webcams, ect.
      All those people with cams that feed on the internet are making a huge spy grid. I suspect that the add ons are by money counting types who really dont understand or are not paid to care when something goes wrong and just worry about a quick buck saved today

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      My nephew is a “White Hat Hacker”. He works for a firm which consults on cyber security, and he tries to find the weak spots. He tells me stories when I see him. Or I hear stories about him from my brothers. And yes, at some meetings, a guy from the NSA is there. My nephew tries to sneak peaks at what the NSA guy is doing.
      The following is a short rendition of a few tidbits.

      Maybe about 4 years ago or so, my nephew hacked into the Power Grid for Canada. My eyes got as big as saucers when I heard this.

      While sitting in his car of a bank’s parking lot, he will be on his laptop until he hacks into the banking protocols.

      Once, my nephew flew to Europe to an airline company. A supervisor was giving him the tour. They stopped by the “Cockpit Pilot Training Flight Simulator”.
      My nephew says: “I want to do the simulator.”
      The supervisor responded “No. No way. That is off limits to you.”

      Evidently, that evening, the company’s CEO’s email account was hacked.
      The next day, the supervisor comes up to my Nephew and says: “By the way, you can fly the simulator if you want to.”

      Those simulators are fun. Back in the late 1970’s, very early 80’s, I worked as a bellman/driver for a big 14 acre, castle-looking hotel by Dallas Love Field airport. I would take the pilots and stewardesses to their destinations and also pick them up. One day, I came to pick up a couple pilots doing their flight cockpit simulator checkout. While the navigator was doing his checkout, the pilots were playing around and flying through downtown Dallas Buildings and having all kinds of fun. They let me fly and try to land. Well…I crashed the plane trying to land.

  10. InsectInPixel says:

    JEP: I saw your record selection on New World Next Week. LARD! Jello Biafra! WaxTrax! Records.
    Good selection buddy!

  11. ura says:

    Libra is a rip off of Steem in many ways – even the logo is almost identical. The upcoming anti-monopoly class action lawsuit against Facebook and Google now has even more ammo. Google and Facebook just got served their first papers in the case. I help run the Steem blockchain, if you’d like to talk – James – then I am available. Name? How about ‘Lie-brah’

  12. WagTheQ says:

    Great content as usual! You say you want the comments on Corbett Report. But even though I’m paying to support your great work, all I get is announcements by YouTube about your latest videos because I could sunbscribe but none from your website itself. How about sending emails about new stuff directly on your website? Under the YouTube video I didn’t even find a link to this article with the shownotes on your website! Keep going though!

  13. BbobKS says:

    Name it a Borg, Assimilate This !

  14. I absolutely love this report, thank you so much! Yes, it is the (f-)Borg and yes, it tries to assimilate, and yes, the question why would anyone buy that is excellent.

    This time to my surprise I found more concise critical view on f-coin at SeekingAlpha rather than Cointelegraph (which I’ve grown too much used to) ->

    I’m eagerly expecting upcoming hacks on that chimera-coin “blockchain”. All the open-source decentralized real blockchains have been very much battle-tested and hardened by efforts of a lot of people. No single center of authority can ever secure that kind of database, and the more centralized – the more hubris, stupidity and vanity in it’s security department.

    I see there are new public talks rolling out nearly just now at Chaos Computer Club the notorious hackers club, and I just can’t wait for the next time the f-Borg becomes *the* laughing stock of the net.

  15. Libertydan says:

    I have a winning name for the new Facebook coin.
    “Zucher’s Suckers Coin”

  16. Ken says:

    A chain for blockheads…. An interesting side note, spell it Libre, then spell it in reverse, Erbil. Not but a few moments of research, and just tripping. Erbil also spelled Arbil, is the Kurdish capital in Iraq. A 6,000 year old city. Named a world heritage site on 6/21/2014…. summer solstice five years later the same week, this Libra is introduced? The organizing hand of civilization, has been enslaving all they can for that long. Outside this ramblin’ of mine, seems like a new form of corporate script. Like from the good old days. Can’t redeem for real gold or “money”. Only goods at the corporate store, on their plantation. Paying rent on their housing, from your paycheck.

  17. manbearpig says:

    Fascinating explanation of Libra coin by Daniel Jeffries on Hackernoon:

    “…Unlike other cryptocurrencies with a fixed money supply that’s slowly released over time, Libra’s currency gets created or destroyed as money comes into the system. If you exchange $50 for Libra, the equivalent amount of Libra coins are minted. If you take money out of the system, the money gets destroyed.

    Here’s how it works. Libra is backed by a reserve of fiat money. That will work out to a beautiful ROI for the validators. Fiat money will flow in from all over the world as people change it out for Zuckbucks. The validators could hold that money, invest it, swap it and trade it. If they hold it in the traditional banking system the interest alone is enough to make their original $10 million dollars look like chump change.

    In other words, the validators keep the interest and you get nothing.
    Your Internet funny money won’t increase in value like many other cryptos, so you won’t get interest and you won’t get new value…

    …And that’s just the beginning. This isn’t just a blockchain with some stable money. In fact, it’s not even a blockchain at all despite them using the term over and over in the whitepaper. It’s a post-blockchain, federated database….

    …But blockchain or no blockchain and new smart contract language or none, what Facebook built is a complete platform and that is what matters most and what the crypto community is missing as they build the future piecemeal.
    Platform is the key word here. It all functions in perfect harmony together like a well rehearsed orchestra.
    Beyond pulling in huge swaths of fiat money to earn interest, the validators will develop apps and programs to run on the system, as well as goods and services. In other words, it’s a place to buy and sell things….
    …Ecommerce is the essential component in the mix. Without that, all you have is monopoly money but nowhere to spend it, which is why most coins remain the darling of speculators but almost nobody buys coffee or Playstations with crypto.
    The choice to peg Libra to a basket of currencies is fascinating as well. By pegging it to a flurry of other currencies they’ve started the planet down the path of ditching the dollar as the default world currency.
    The flip side to this argument is that it may actually cement the dollar as the world currency once and for all. As the Association mops up all the fiat in the world they’ll likely turn it into dollars on the back end anyway, so Euros and Yen become Dollars and cents…”

    • manbearpig says:

      and in the above article:

      “…gamified money, because validators can give away Libra as rewards…”

      the ultimate carrot reward for social credit…

      reputational scores and ratings are already rampant throughout the net and particularly in the world of “sustainability” I’ve noticed…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Wow! ManBearPig!
      Thanks so much for this.
      It really does provide insight into how this agenda may roll.

  18. anonymint says:

    James my highly expert analysis of the situation with Facebook Libra:

    Also published on Steemit:

    I hope you make a special report on this asap.

    Also please be aware what is happening with the fake Bitcoin that everyone
    thinks is the real Bitcoin:

    Also please understand the stock-to-flows model which provides Bitcoin’s

    I wrote some other very important blogs recently:

  19. colosseum says:

    Interesting parallel between Facebook and an independent nation with its own currency:

    The idea of comparing the Internet to a nation (with the usual unaccountable and unelected bunch of oligarchs at the top of the pyramids) has also been echoed by Jack Dorsey:

  20. Ukdavec says:

    John Batchelor and Prof Steve Cohen go in depth on the NYT article re the malware attack on Russia – 45 minutes of good info.

  21. colin786 says:

    Libra, apart from being the astrological sign of balance, is also Latin for “pound”, as in ‘pound of flesh’. It is very clever marketing, tying it in, psychologically at least, with one of the strongest currencies in the world, the Pound Sterling.

  22. It looks like the big dogs don’t like any competition in dollar virtualization:,39799.html

    US Govt wants f-Borg to cease and desist any f-coin activities. We’ll see who will bring a bigger stick to the discussion, given that Mr. Z. has already been doing tournee that looks very much like an unofficial pre-presidential campaign.

    • manbearpig says:

      yea, or it could be a way of victimizing Facebook to make zucker the underdog so people will want to participate more… reverse psychology type thing…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Good catch Roman.
      I also like seeing your source, i.e. “TomsHardware”.

      It is interesting to note that Democrats sponsored the letter. Maxine Waters et al.

      We can sure tell that “ELECTIONS” are coming as people are preparing to “VOTE HARDER”.

      Thus, politicians are “LYING HARDER”.
      Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says that detained illegal immigrant women were told to drink out of toilet because there was no running water at the hot, dry Texas border facility.
      (at the 2:11 video mark embedded in article)

  23. manbearpig says:

    Aug 21, 2019 9:17am
    Facebook’s Libra faces EU antitrust probe: Bloomberg

    “…EU officials said they were concerned about how Libra may create “possible competition restrictions” on the information that will be exchanged and the use of consumer data, according to Bloomberg.

    The EU regulators are also examining the possible integration of Libra-backed applications into Facebook services such as WhatsApp and Messenger, said the report.

    Last month, US lawmakers said Facebook had not shown it could be trusted to safeguard the world financial system and consumers’ data…

    …Facebook’s Libra project head David Marcus told US senators earlier this year he expected the Swiss authority to be Libra’s privacy regulator, yet the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) had at that time yet to be contacted by Libra’s organizers…”

  24. manbearpig says:

    Enter LIbra:

    “Facebook’s vision for a new cryptocurrency gets watered down as it attempts to woo regulators
    Published Thu, Apr 16 202011:13 AM EDTUpdated Thu, Apr 16 20206:08 PM EDT
    Lauren Feiner

    “…“I keep on thinking about all the people and small businesses that could benefit from the Libra Network already being operational — especially now during these times of unprecedented hardship,” he wrote.

    Marcus said the group is now fully funded by its members, with less than 10% of that funding coming from Facebook.

    The Libra Association has seen a significant change in its makeup since the project was first announced. A slew of payments companies, including Visa, MasterCard and PayPal, abandoned the project following government scrutiny. After losing eight of its original members, Shopify and crypto start-up Tagomi joined the Libra Association in February…

    …FINMA said in a statement Thursday that Libra’s application “differs considerably from the project originally submitted.” FINMA said it’s committed to coordinating with international partners during its evaluation of the project due to its global implications. It said it has been working closely with the Swiss National Bank and more than 20 supervisory authorities and central banks around the world.

    “FINMA will give special consideration to whether strict national and international standards for payment infrastructures and also for combating money laundering can be upheld,” according to the statement…”

    • manbearpig says:

      The times would seem increasingly ripe for this:

      Facebook weighs Libra revamp to address regulatory concerns

      Last Updated: Mar 04, 2020, 09.28 AM IST

      By Joe Light, Ben Bain and Olga Kharif

      “…Eight months later, after the idea ran into a wall of opposition, Facebook and the Libra Association, the consortium behind the digital currency, are looking at a revamp, said three people familiar with the matter. They are weighing a recast of Libra as mostly a payments network that could operate with multiple coins, two of the people said.

      The coins could include those issued by central banks and backed by the U.S. dollar, the euro or other currencies, the people said. The association will re-introduce Libra soon, said the people, who asked not to be named because the redesign remains in flux and the plan could change…

      …But if the revamped Libra becomes more of a payments network than a single, global cryptocurrency, the average U.S. consumer might not see much difference between Libra and existing payments systems run by PayPal Holdings Inc. or numerous fintech startups that aim to seamlessly move funds around the globe…

      …Even as some left the project for dead, representatives of Facebook and the association have continued to meet with officials at the Treasury Department, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and other U.S. regulators to address their criticisms, the people familiar with the matter said.

      Treasury officials, in particular, have continued to focus on how the project will ensure the payments network isn’t used for money laundering, one of the people said…”

      I received an ad on my phone to invest in the project. If it’s anything like the privatization of France Telecom or of the Eurotunnel probably not a very promising investment somehow…not for anyone who receive such an ad…

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