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  1. macro says:

    Thanks. I thought it was like this but now I know for sure 🙂

  2. calibrator says:

    What is slightly annoying is that I seem not be able to stay logged in.
    Once a week or so I have to log in again.
    Don’t know if it is something on my end or if the site is configured that way.

    Any hints?

    • mkey says:

      Sessions are probably cleaned sometimes during Sunday (local time over here, usually just as I get the newsletter reminder email) so you need to log back into the site.

      My login cookie is set to expire on “Thu Apr 25 2019 09:45:31 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time)” but I’m sure I’ll be logged out at least a few days before that. Erm, actually, I expect the be logged out in just a few hours.

      • calibrator says:

        Thanks – will have a look at it Sun/Mon…

        • CQ says:

          Whenever I find myself logged out, I figure it’s because I haven’t been actively searching/reading/watching/listening to/typing anything on the Corbett site within the past 24 hours or so. It doesn’t appear to happen on any certain day of the week. But then again, I’m not tracking it closely. One thing I do know: After hundreds if not thousands of logins, I can now type my email address and unique-to-The-Corbett-Report password with my eyes closed.

          Now, as to James’ promise that if we sign up to receive email updates we’ll definitely receive the latest scoop(s), does anyone besides me *NEVER* get a single thing? Something is preventing the service from working at my end. Maybe the NSA is messing with me? The way I find out what James has been up to is to click on my Firefox “Top Sites” icon for TCR at least once a day, if not more often.

          But I forgot to check in on Tax Day, hence my late arrival to this comment section. (A little birdie told me that James had made an appeal for new members this week; I finally found it by going to the drop down menu for VIDEOS. Et voila!)

          PS #1: Gbw, I hope your sweetheart has returned from Bern unscathed by the BIS and all the craziness in the EU.

          PS #2: I hope we’re all telling our friends and colleagues about James’ $1/month (or more, if one wants) membership offer. Everyone deserves to be in-the-know about the many important issues he covers and the sane viewpoints he offers.

          • calibrator says:

            Just a short reply:
            Not logged out, yet. Perhaps the Easter Bunny had a helping hand?

            Also: I don’t use the e-mail news service as I have a tab with the CR open all the time and do a manual refresh every day.

  3. generalbottlewasher says:

    My sweet heart is in Bern today , Notre Dame burned today. Trump fired off a tweet today. A lot of fire related things going on. I can count on Corbett to sort this all out in a fair impartial manner.
    If Mkey would finish coding that double down button I just might push it today. Thanks James for your tireless work and accepting all whose opinions we are so grateful for. Why ? Cause after reading them i know Im alive.

  4. klhop777 says:

    Thanks for this James! I’ve been a subscriber about 4 years I think and GOSH!…You keep me sane! (some may question that..humm!)…Even when I had cancer 2 years ago I had my family member bring me my lap-top so I could log in (I log in EVERY day) When I was asked ‘why?’..I said ‘For my sanity.’ Thank you for being the bedrock of Truth. I’ve learned so very much since I have discovered your news…and I go directly to your passing the junk.

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    klhop777 says:
    I’ve learned so very much since I have discovered your news…

    Hoppy, Ditto here too.
    And I learn a lot by reading the comments on this board.
    There are some really smart Corbett members. ..and some have a great sense of humor.

  6. Oscar says:

    Hi James,

    The reason a lot of people are upset about Patreon is probably that if you subscribe via Patreon you have to pay an addtional 21% VAT in Europe. That probably differs in other regions. If I support your work, I would like 100% of the money to go to you alone, and not an additional 21% to the government.

    I’m guessing you didn’t know this fact, since the Patreon-option is displayed life-size on you subcriber-page compared to the other options in which people can support your work.

    Thankfully I support your work through another option than Patreon, because giving another 21% to the government through Patreon is about the last thing I would want to do.

    In any case: I just want to say that I love your work and thank you very much for doing it!

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