Interview 1363 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

06/07/201825 Comments

Correction: Images of the "Collection" board game in this video are from a game distributed by TwoBats Gaming. They are not affiliated with the "CIA: Collect It All" Kickstarter project.

Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Bilderberg 2018 Hatches In Turin, Italy With “Populism” and “Inequality”

Onora O’Neill: “We have some very skillful faking going on”

Bilderberg 2018 Press Release

Bilderberg 2018 Participants List

Corbett Report: “Bilderberg” Archive Search

Media Monarchy: “Bilderberg” Archive Search

Story #2: Forget The GDPR, The EU's New Copyright Proposal Will Be A Complete And Utter Disaster For The Internet

EU Parliament Members Play Hardball On Terrible Copyright Policies, Article Highlighting Sketchy Tactics Magically Disappears

PDF: “Proposal for a DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on copyright in the Digital Single Market”

Julia Reda: How You Can #SaveYourInternet From Article 13 and the “Link Tax”

MEP Julia Reda On Article 13, The EU's Dangerous Copyright Proposal

Story #3: The CIA Made a ‘Magic: The Gathering’-Style Card Game for Training Agents

FOIA: Materials for the Game "Collection Deck"

Kickstarter: ‘CIA - Collect It All’

#MorningMonarchy: RFK Must Die, CIA Makes Card Games and Abnormal Sound Events (Jun. 4, 2018)

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  1. tunneller says:

    Couldn’t agree more on the futile nature of engaging with the corporate beast with the idea that it’s going to change anything. The ONLY hope of tackling official culture is to ignore/bypass completely, both in terms of technology and in terms of agorist-based community autonomy and self-sufficiency. You cannot beat the technosphere and the Elite designs, but we can creative something entirely outside of the system while still using its resources.

    • Duck says:

      Your are 100% right BUT two issues are a)most people will only adopt such tec when its easy and/or better then what the big corp’s offer and b)While banning such tec AFTER its widely adopted would NOT work making it illegal NOW when its small and keeping it so that only a tiny number of people are able/willing to use it would pretty much keep it from disrupting monopoly power
      In China you can get VPN’s if you really want to and such like, the aim of the gov thre is just to keep MOST people ignorant and behind their wall

  2. Duck says:

    First read about Bilderberg in a book by Jon Ronson (called, i think, ‘Them’) and back then the ONLY stuff on the net I found was some newspaper reporter (maybe Guardian…?) complaining that when he went to cover them the cops kept messing with him.
    Flash forwards to the one in England and while there is plenty of stuff online ABSOLUTELY ZERO PEOPLE IN THE REAL WORLD knew anything about it. To be honest most of them didnt care very much but only about 5 or 10 % of people care about ANYTHING in the news anyway.
    When Bilderberg is as famous as G7 (in about 15 years at this rate…. lol) there will be a news super secret club ‘no one’ has heard of.

  3. zyxzevn says:

    Better game inspired by CIA and 911:

    Iraq-veteran/ Journalist Crushes John Oliver’s Venezuela Episode: (Empire Files)
    There is no hunger in Venezuela, just big companies that
    want their oil.

    Russia was mentioned in the Bilderberg report.
    Can I remind people that there is still zero evidence for
    Hillary’s “Russian Hacking”.
    Nor for Soros’ “Russian Influence in Europe”.
    No evidence for chemical weapons in Syria.
    No evidence for Russian chemical attack in the UK
    (both “victims” have fully recovered).
    No evidence for connection with Wikileaks (it was a leak).

    But there is evidence for Isis being installed by the US.
    For a corrupt Hillary and Clinton Foundation.

    Will the Bilderberg talk about invasion of Venezuela and Russia?

  4. Gaslight says:

    Mr. Corbett wonders if decentralized solutions which “go around” the system can even come to fruition. I share the shades of pessimism there. I don’t see how any “pier to pier” internet platform could possibly operate completely outside their purvey. Not happenin’. Those who want to change the world had better be ready to toss social media, TV & internet right out the f**kin’ window and kick communication old school. Yes, that means face to face public gatherings and no TV between meetings until we get a rope around things.

    What do you know! That’s just the way the elite do it! Face to face, no recording, and no interuptions. Take a tip from the masters folks and prepare to unplug now, or pay forever. The hour of the time is late.

    Additionally, James C. (in reference to the closed, Bilderberg agenda) must have said “who knows” at least 12 times during the piece, and (of course) it doesn’t much matter. Any fool with access to a library can see what this group have been attempting for millenia.

    Do your homework folks, and avoid mind/body dulling materials. You’ll need ’em both in tip-top condition.

    As for the (red herring) CIA board game; Nothing they don’t wish us to see is ever released via FOIA requests in this modern era. (surprised it was even covered)

    The James gang opined: “Are they watching this forum?”

    Nah, no big stir here.

    Big Oil? …that won’t scare ’em enough to flash more than a passing glance.
    Try a one hour documentary on the true “conquerors of the world”.

    The history of Gnostics from the very beginning.

    That might raise a few antenna.

  5. manbearpig says:

    The Governor of Colorado…

    not quite sure why that caught my ear this morning…

    democratic governor of pot-mecca Colorado for president in 2020?… seems like it might be a smart sustainable choice after bling bling Trump… but I thought it would be a woman…?

    maybe kasich will desist and a woman will take the vice-presidency?? then the president killed and a woman in office?

    • manbearpig says:

      Stuff like this comes to mind…

      “…Our main job here is to bring forth a new civilization of humanity that is in balance and harmony with themselves, each other and nature –

      Thousands of children would seek refuge here – and to prepare for these children…”

      “…Standing at 32 feet (9.8 m) tall and weighing 9,000 pounds (4,100 kg) including its steel armature,[4] Blue Mustang is located in the median of Peña Boulevard.[5] Jiménez was killed in 2006 at age 65 while creating the sculpture when its head fell on him and severed an artery in his leg.[1]…”

      a little pre-hamster wheel fun…

      • mik says:

        Did you forget to mention Blue Mustang is called Blucifer by locals? 🙂

        Oh, ye, spirituality for spiritless children.

        Your comment and minor flood of mindfulness (meditation stuff) around me, inspired me to do little research.

        One of centers for mindfulness training is Kagyu Samye Ling monastery, the oldest buddhist center in the west, founded in 1967.

        It was founded by Akong Rinpoche and Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Both run away from Chinese to India and then:

        “In 1963, a sponsor paid for Akong Rinpoche and Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche to go to Oxford to learn English.”

        Samye Ling is a part of ROKPA trust, which was founded by Lea Wyler, Akong Rinpoche, and Veit Wyler in 1980.

        Veit Wyler was quite prominent and active Zionist, president of Swiss Zionist Association from 1941 to 1951.

        Disclaimer: I’m not proponent of Jews conspiracy theories.

  6. Mintaka says:

    Noticed something interesting on the supplied list of Bilderberg attendees.
    The king of the Netherlands Willem Alexander is not on the list.
    This is strange because he attended in the past, as did his queen mother Beatrix.
    Remember, the Bilderberg meetings were initiated by prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, the (German) husband of then queen Juliana (mother of Beatrix).
    Bernhard has, let’s just say, an “interesting” background.
    I really wonder why the Dutch royals were not invited (if the list is indeed complete).
    No need for royal attendance anymore? Have the corporate fascists taken over to such an extend that the royals are no longer relevant?
    Or did the Dutch royals simply leave it to PM Rutte to represent them on their behalf.
    He has attended for the past few years.

    Who knows, but it is intriguing.

  7. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Hello James & James,

    This is serious feedback, so please take it seriously….

    This month, and for the first time, i heard from the Arabic MainStreamMedia sighting numbers, that the “online” news via social media and website has surpassed “traditional” media……

    This off course will mean, traditional MSM will start invading the online space, and in their traditional way, they will start “buying” successful companies and teams, and convert them to their message, very similar to what they did with VICE News and I am guessing, “Newsbud”.

    So.. It is time to get off the pot. a one man team will no longer work going forward in the future. The Main Streamers are coming and planning on drowning the internet space with their BS, and will make a one man team disappear.

    So, my message is. With James & James, we already have a team of two that is working successfully. It is time to start growing this team, and growing this enterprise to something that I know you don’t feel comfortable in.

    Let us see the “i am a pencil” in action. if you feel you don’t want to lead this enterprise, then the task is on both of you to identify and bring on board someone who does… The alternative is, you guys will be drowned by the “NEW” online MSM.

    end of sermon

    • m.clare says:

      I nominate VoiceOfArabi to lead the troops. Do I hear a second?

      Sincerely and respectfully,
      William Hill

    • I Shot Santa says:

      He there VOA. I don’t think you’re going to get James to start playing well with others for extended times. However, we can have thousands of one-man (or women, I ain’t discriminating!) news shows working independently of each other in the decentralized model that he just espoused in this video. The internet beat the old model; which means the internet model is superior. JimBob who don’t think we need to switch horses in the middle of the race.

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        Hello I Shot Santa and Hello Duck,

        I agree with both of you and I might have explained wrongly. (and I like the “fighting in a corridor” 🙂 so, visual – thanks for that.)

        I don’t mean James and James should create a centralized broadcasting corporation.

        I mean keeping the same model, but expanding it to bring more people around this camp fire.

        So, Corbett has a certain style and topics he likes to cover (and he can only cover so many per month), and Pilato also has his style and focus with a mix of music, which is great as it caters for different people and style.

        What I am suggesting is.. expand that team to allow for…..

        1- Different styles and speakers to attract more people and followings:
        2- Different focus and specialties (like in Newsbud – someone focused on Far East, someone else is focused on East Europe, etc etc).
        3- and Most importantly, More Content in one location… (people in general prefer to go to one or two location for contents) and a one man team can only create so much content.)

        I am not suggesting a centralized system… Ideally it would be decentralized made up of one man “teams” that come together under the same umbrella.

        I understand leadership on this site is a dirty word, however, even in the “I pencil story”, someone needed to lead to make that pencil come to life. I personally like to follow a competent leader, however, when a competent leader is missing, then i will step in and lead until I find someone competent to take the job… leadership is hard work…

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Hello VOA! I feel that whenever James is going on another show, we are doing something very similar to having teams. Perhaps more guest appearances on other shows? But really, if you think about it, this system we have now; which is completely lacking in any sort of structure, common purpose, any commonality at all; is bringing the system to it’s knees. Order would supply the powers that cower with a target to take out. By not having any system at all, we provide only the entire internet as a target. And that is coming, one way or another. But I’m in no hurry for it. JimBob who’s got his musket primed and his powder dry, though all he’s got for shot is acorns.

    • Duck says:

      “… a one man team will no longer work going forward in the future. The Main Streamers are coming and planning on drowning the internet space with their BS, and will make a one man team disappear…”
      The internet news is (i think) currently like fighting in a corridoor- a huge team behind the presenter gives little advantage vs the expense when viewers see them thru the same platform.
      I think that will only change if they pass laws (like the so called ‘link tax” ) The internet AS IT STANDS NOW is a platform that lets people who have something to say compete because no amount of money can beat good content and smart people with low overhead costs.
      The more people an organization gets the more room there is for B players who cause a drag on it and make stupid decisions or bring it into disrepute or slow it down sometthing.

  8. m.clare says:

    I haven’t been tuning in here as much as I’d like… busy working… Have you guys been talking about Tommy Robinson? Why or why not?


    • Duck says:

      I have not read any comments about him on here.
      I suspect that most posters are in the New World…thats just an impression not something I know, People in the New world tend to not pay much attention to europan politics.
      personally I am interested to see how much the upswing in protest is steered in the UK and wonder if it will cause more division and anger as the muslim population would react negatively to an early release and the non Muslims (if they maintain their momentum) would react negatively to him staying in jail or suffering harm there.
      Either outcome could lead to more tensions.

  9. mik says:

    Excellent post-truth Gootube channel,
    Big Think (2,2M),
    sponsored by Peter Thiel.

    There is some truth in there, but I think normies are not able to see manipulations, framing, deceiving, lying…. in those videos.

    *Facts Don’t Win Fights: Here’s How to Cut Through Confirmation Bias
    (or how to use emotional manipulation)

    *Liberal vs. Conservative: A Neuroscientific Analysis with Gail Saltz
    (she is great, hahaha…..what she is doing… probably framing)

    *Revenge of the tribes: How the American Empire could fall
    (holy shit, title is self-explanatory)

    *Slavoj Žižek: Why There Are No Viable Political Alternatives to Unbridled Capitalism
    (sure, Slavoj, local solutions are no no, because you say so)

    *The death of democracy? Why unintelligent protest may wreck society
    (they also have representatives from Intellectual Dark Web )

    *Capitalism 2.0 Will Include a Healthy Dose of Socialism | Eric Weinstein
    (brilliant new way to pimp technocracy and UBI)

  10. mkey says:

    Sovereign Citizen Training For Law Enforcement *CLASSIC*

    Shit just got real.

    • mkey says:

      I’m quite full of impressions after watching this propaganda piece. People behind the onion news have some real competition here. They openly state, on several occasions, how these anti government groups are a threat to the government and its enforcement agencies. Aren’t these agencies here to protect the people? But people don’t appear to be in any danger of these sovereigns.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        The first deputy is from Alachua County, which is just a few miles away from me. I almost laughed when she described them as people who don’t trust govt, and all that. That’s EVERYBODY in these parts. Most fluoridians don’t give a rat’s patootie about what paper they need to do something; they just do it. But at least the sovereigns are doing one thing right for sure; they are making government afraid of them. That’s the smell of freedom. JimBob who’s a little less ethical than sovereigns as he don’t mind jacking with the system when it suits him.

  11. mkey says:

    Why isn’t the game called “CIA – subvert them all”? That’s all they seem to be doing, anyways.

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