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Bilderberg 2019, Army Twitter, Dumb Locks - #NewWorldNextWeek


This week on the New World Next Week: Bilderberg slithers off to Switzerland for 2019; the US Army pwns themselves on Twitter; and tenants win fight against smart locks.

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Interview 1444 - James and Luke Tackle Bilderberg 2019

05/28/201915 Comments

James Corbett joins Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange to discuss Bilderberg 2019. From the mysterious fact that this year's conference location is still a secret to the question of Bilderberg's importance in the online age, we examine all the latest on the elite confab. Also, in the audio interview we discuss the US-China trade war and what it really means.

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Bilderberg 2018, Article 13, CIA Card Game - New World Next Week


This week on the New World Next Week: Weed turns to crypto to relieve the cash crunch; Whole Foods backtracks on GMO labeling; and the police get ALPR help with digital license plates.

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What We Didn't Learn At Bilderberg 2017

06/06/201710 Comments

What do we know about the secret, behind-closed-door globalist soiree that was Bilderberg 2017 in Chantilly, Virginia? Only what the Bilderbergers told us, and we know they're lying to us about who is in attendance so why should we trust them about anything? This year James breaks down what we were and weren't told about what was happening at Bilderberg, and what other globalist conferences might be worth keeping our eye on.

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Bilderberg 2016: What's On The Agenda?

06/08/20168 Comments

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Medical Hack, Breaking Bilderberg, Nope and Change - New World Next Week

06/13/20150 Comments

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Interview 1053 - Marco Verheij Covers Bilderberg 2015

06/12/20150 Comments

Today James talks to Marco Verheij of We Are Change Rotterdam about their coverage of this year's G7 and Bilderberg conferences. We discuss WAC Rotterdam's infiltration of the Schloss Elmau hotel where the G7 was being held and their reporting from the ongoing Bilderberg conference in Austria. Stay tuned to We Are Change Rotterdam's YouTube channel and Twitter feed for updates and live coverage.

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How Bilderberg Works: An Institutional Analysis

07/13/20143 Comments

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Interview 912 - BWO #03: Bilderberg and Secret Societies

07/09/20140 Comments

In this episode of the BWO, we shine a light on the murky world of secret societies and clandestine gatherings of the world’s elite. We focus our discussion on the Bilderberg Group: what it is, who attends, how it’s structured, how it’s evolved, and why it’s significant.

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Interview With A Bilderberger - Julia Tourianski on The Corbett Report

06/04/20140 Comments

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