Interview 1345 - Fake News Breakdown on Financial Survival

02/16/20187 Comments

James joins Dave Allen (taking over for the retired Alfred Adask) for his bi-monthly appearance on Financial Survival. This time they discuss the latest drama on the Korean peninsula, James' fake news awards, and the Japanese government's attempts to alter its pacifist constitution.

Can South Korea’s Leader End Trump's North Korea Crisis?

BOJ's Kuroda warns against premature plan of stimulus exit

The First Annual REAL Fake News Awards

Fake News of the Year: Honorable Mentions

The White Helmets Are A Propaganda Construct

An Open Letter to Olivia Solon

Critics point to flaws in Constitution referendum system

Yoshioka Tatsuya Introduces the Global Article 9 Campaign to Abolish War

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  1. mkey says:

    I find this relevant to part of the topic at hand.

    Lysander Spooner – No Treason – The Constitution Of No Authority

  2. FlyingAxblade says:

    The book after this is in 2 parts “That Hideous Strength” in the 2nd part is quite the stunning tirade against TECHNOCRACY very near the beginning. Published in 1945, should we be provoked today? or is it 60 years too late… I didn’t want to go straight to the video because sometimes I feel that seekers should only be shown the target not the bullseye.

  3. wingsuitfreak says:

    Hello Everyone! This seems like a fitting article for me to post this comment. I have written Mr. Corbett on this subject, but then I remembered a comment he made concerning how impossible it was for him to ever catch up on his email. So, here I am. I am a fake member at this time. I attempted to re-join the Patreon Community with my fat cat donations (One whole dollar per month EACH!), but Patreon both accepted and rejected my offer. They accepted my entry, but informed me that my bank has decided to over-react to it’s being hackable and that it has decided to keep the actual risk (Chip) and instead prevent the card from being used on internet sites whose very dependence depends upon their possessing software programs that actually prevent theft. You’d think they would look to Patreon as an example of how to conduct security on credit/debit cards; but you would be wrong. And this is how I was able to hack into the Corbett Report comment section and spread my Russian propaganda. Cheers, Jim from fluorida, where he is glad the zombies are slow here as I’m getting on in years.

    • wingsuitfreak says:

      And I’m Back! Apparently, I can use my card on this site. However, it also seems that every single time I want to purchase something off the internet, where I spend well over half of my money, I can expect it to be declined initially. All it takes to clear this up is a simple phone call. Each and every time. The joys of central planning! Plus, I get to keep my chip! But at least I can comment here on this site with a clean conscious (whatever the heck that is)knowing that I have not broken any rules (unless you count grammatical and taste). So, I apologize for my earlier assumption that I actually had a problem. It is clear that I must be the problem. Oh joyful day. Jimbob: just a simple country boy trying to learn all these slick ways. Please be patient.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Jim Bob,
      Maybe “Them” guys are fixing to turn off your chip.

    • mkey says:

      You can check with your bank if they offer a prepaid debit card. Visa electron usually works well, even if your mileage may vary. You may need a token or a card reader as means of another layer of authentification for the transaction to go through.

      • wingsuitfreak says:

        I don’t want to hog up all the comment boxes, so I’ll just answer both of you at once. 🙂

        HRS, As a veteran, I always laugh when someone tells me “They” are going to …… I’m sure you’ve noticed yourself that “They” ain’t really that good at anything “they” do. It’s just so hard to take them seriously since they ain’t gave me no good reason to believe they are the boss of me. We rednecks are funny like that.

        Mkey, My how quickly we are forgotten. If you really remembered me well, you would have known that I am way too lazy to do all that! For most of my stuff, I just use a burner card anyway. Patreon was one of about 3 sites I would use it on. Besides, I don’t think my bank really wants me to call them any more than I have been. I think they suspect that there is something wrong with me. I guess people ain’t so stupid afterall. JimBob, Redneck Anarchist (Straight from the Department of Redundancy Department)

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