Fake News of the Year: Honorable Mentions

02/04/201828 Comments

As you'll no doubt have seen by now, The Corbett Report issued its REAL Fake News Awards yesterday to some of the worst fake news offenders of 2017. And if you haven't seen it by now, here it is.

But as you can imagine, it's impossible to cram in all the lowlights from the year in fake news into one measly podcast. There were plenty of other media outlets that deserve recognition for their terrible "reporting" over the past year. So, without further ado, let's look at some of the honorable mentions from the fake news awards.

Read more some of the runners-up for 2017's worst fake news stories of the year, and stick around for this month's subscriber-only video where James pontificates on the virtues of getting sick.

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Subscriber Video – The Natural Process of Getting Sick –

    James Corbett brings up a very important point. While I am a real advocate of having an arsenal of Home Remedies towards repairing & maintaining the body, Corbett is correct in that getting sick occasionally is a natural, healthy process (both physically and mentally).

    My wife and I were talking about this a few months ago. When she was a little girl back in the 1950’s, like all kids, she was outside most of the day getting dirty and roaming around the neighborhood with playmates.
    Her Mother would send her over to little Mary Katherine’s house to spend the night(s) when Mary came down with the Measles or the Mumps in order to deliberately catch the disease.

    Dr Wakefield (of VAXXED fame) talks about this very important dynamic to Herd Immunity and an individual’s own immune system. With the advent of vaccines, a perverted cultural meme has developed which implies that people should not ever be sick nor be exposed to ‘germs’.
    Dr Wakefield (13 minutes) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vlqyj_uyzBc
    (I had the pleasure of talking to Wakefield in September 2016 when he came to Dallas – http://www.dogsagainstfluoridation.com/vaxxed-movie )

    Eating dirt or putting pebbles in your mouth.
    This is very common with small children. I well recall my Mother trying to pry my mouth open to pull out the pebbles when I was in diapers at 2 years old in the early 1950’s.
    – Beneficial bacteria in soil – (90 seconds) – https://youtu.be/P_IVDz7GahU?t=14s

    – Flu and Health REFERENCE – I think that the Corbett Report “Open Thread” contains a wonderful open source list of Home Remedies towards combatting the flu and maintaining health.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Some good news…
      People are becoming more aware.
      This worries “The Powers That Should Not Be”.

      The Pro-Vaccine and Pro-Fluoride Camps are very concerned because they are less effective in their propaganda campaigns.
      Here is a talk at Harvard Medical School where they discuss ways to combat this “awakening trend”.

      • john.o says:

        I tried to watch this, HRS, but I will have to take your word.

        I am allergic to earnest health professionals speaking quiet arrogant middle class professionalese and believing their own elaborate lies. Being in that room full of them was giving me the flu.

        They all need their blood ozoned.

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I really enjoyed the anecdotes about Keanu Reeves.
    People naturally acting like this change the world.

  3. minnie says:

    The Prop or Not fiasco was a massive own goal for the perpetrators, in my opinion. It gave James Corbett quite a bit of attention in vegan circles – the YouTube channel Happy Healthy Vegan spoke positively of him, because also on the list of suspected Russian-supported fake news outlets was Dr Michael Greger of vegan-friendly NutritionFacts.org.
    Dr Greger joked that his inclusion on the list may been the result of his fondness for Russian kale.

  4. Mark44 says:

    New reports from several different sources all purport to show that Campos was not listed as an employee of Mandalay Bay at the time of the shooting and that no one of the tight-knit 20-man security detail at the hotel know either Campos or Schmuck.

    Love the typo on Schuck.
    Or was it a typo? 🙂

  5. philomen says:

    I agree with James that occasional illness is a normal part of life, helpful for our immune system and a reminder, of sorts, to change habits. I also played with mud and pebbles and enjoy good health today. I believe hand-sanitizers, disinfectant soaps, band-aids for everything etc. are harmful and I’ve seen the germaphobic manner in which some people use them while avoiding others with colds, sometimes suggesting flu-shots. Some avoid hospital and home-visits, while sending get-well cards for a restful and quick recovery. Is illness about inconveniencing others or a time for receiving nurturing and care? Same programming that caused the panic of SARS, WMD, false flags etc; same ole that got us into the American bacon and eggs breakfast and the pop-corn/film ritual and almost everything we do today. Too bad we are so gullible.

  6. manbearpig says:

    Yes, I often say, the only good thing about being sick is when it stops.

    Personally, I’m quite afraid of “germs”. Especially when I see chemtrails.

    As an asthmatic I spend much of the winter feeling as if I were going to drown in my own… bodily fluids…

    ‘Packed like lemmings into shiny’ subway cars, I cringe when other passengers blithely sneeze on my face without performing the most elementary of containment gestures.

    For various family and logistic reasons I live in a city enveloped in a poisoned, polluted wet cloud 4 months out of 12.

    Lack of sunlight, a high-speed, eclectic professional life and a tendency to worry weaken my immune system and exacerbate my ill-being for most of the grey season.

    Did somebody here say something about unnecessary negativity and making choices?

    Anyhow, I feel better now that I’ve barfed all over this comments board.

    Have a nice day!

    And thank heavens for Noni juice.

  7. VoltaicDude says:

    Glad you’re feeling better and are up and running again James.

    As soon as you started talking about your flu episode I was set to welcome you back to health and “suggest” that obviously you must have forgotten to get your flu shot this season, but as you continued I realized you were using this opportunity to say something much more interesting. (Sometimes you just have to leave a good joke on the cutting floor.)

    If a generally healthy person can take the intense misery of the average flu in stride, that is indeed a good measure of a balanced and healthy outlook, and the episode can indeed even be used opportunistically to reflect on and re-set the equilibrium of one’s lifestyle just as you described.

    A flu demands pause. If pause is denied, that represents a dysfunctional inflexibility.

    Sometimes that sort of inflexibility results in denial and further abuse of the self, which could actually unnecessarily escalate the temporary insult to one’s health to something more serious.

    Other times, when the demand is grudgingly granted its due, it can result in the inflated concern of an episode of hypochondria, which is probably indicative of an addiction pattern in one’s life (in itself a fact that could present a more long term risk) or a state of anxiety that has been suppressed over a long term rather than addressed more constructively.

    Regarding the honorable mentions, I found the Campos-on-Ellen story especially compelling.

    I knew almost nothing about this story, having tuned-out to it as a “breather” from all the nonsense as I do sometimes. I was not aware of the Ellen episode, but being introduced to it in this way actually makes it much more interesting and worthy of some attention and effort. It’s exactly the kind of media manipulation that really fascinates me. The Ellen Show – it’s so innocuous and “friendly” – of course. It raises so many questions about who knows what, and how it can be (can it?) that somehow some people don’t “see” certain things.

    It’s scary, but I can appreciate that it’s important to pay attention to these things. Generally I have absolutely no patience for the average horror flick – they just always leave me cold and feeling like I’ve wasted my time. But this is the real deal – life – and it’s full of (often scary) puzzles.

    • john.o says:

      Great post all around.

      I attempted to unravel some of the Las Vegas story on my own and must say I never found much clarity or any clear thinking guides to the issues without speculations, masquerading as facts, distorting them.

      In just a few minutes, Corbett’s analytical scalpel exposed the facts and questions in such a way as to leave me ten times more comprehending.

  8. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Normally, I feel that fighting the system from within (such as lawsuits against the government) is a losing battle from the get-go. The game is rigged.

    However, I don’t mind rubbing their noses in their own poop.

    Attorney Michael Connett (Paul’s son) gives a detailed overview of FAN’s current lawsuit against the EPA under Section 21 of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

    Amazingly, when the EPA tried to get a Judge to throw out the lawsuit, the Judge chided the EPA bigtime. F.A.N. has a good case.

    See other presentations during The 6th Citizens Conference on Fluoride, held September 16-18, 2017.

  9. Octium says:

    Certainly in the days back when I was forced to attend statist indoctrination camps I enjoyed getting sick.

    I actually learned more at home too!

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    – William F Pepper –
    The audio which is listed in Corbett Report’s “Recommended Listening” is well worth listening to.

    I found it almost like a “Book on Tape”, captivating my interest throughout with the way Pepper communicates the anecdotes of his life.

    Despite the tragedies and injustice, the stories were beautifully told. And at the end, I found myself uplifted.

    • john.o says:

      YES. The man is living history with a mature un-bitter dignity, extraordinary, given what he has actually lived, seen and personally uncovered in the deaths of his friends and the nature of the society he lives in.

      I sent it to my son with a “please listen!”

  11. NoMeatNoDairyNoProblem says:

    No, I do not like any aspect of being sick and I don’t want to be sick ever again.
    I don’t view being attacked by a virus as a part of being human any more than I view being attacked by a wild animal as a part of being human.
    Also it should be pointed out that people living in isolated tribes & villages don’t even have these viruses, and if one the viruses is introduced by an outsider (and doesn’t kill everyone) it won’t remain as there aren’t enough people to cycle it around. So these semi-frequent battles we have with viruses are a fairly modern (larger population) problem.
    In my opinion, our immune system is likely built for dealing with bacteria, fungi & foreign bodies and it is only thanks to its amazing adaptability that it can deal with certain viruses at all.
    There’s also the whole subject of where exactly human-contractible viruses came from and whether or not the majority of them are being manufactured in labs, but I’ll save that for another time.

  12. redrose says:

    I, too, feel getting cold or flu isn’t all bad. Yes, a pause can be good to reset. I do look at my sleeping and eating habits, and adjust to more healthy living. And I enjoy being forced to stay home alone with just my dog for a change, letting all the should-be-doing tasks wait a few days or a week. I usually have a dream or two that are different than my mundane ones, so I analyze and learn from them…

  13. scpat says:

    To add more fake news. This from the New York Times shilling for big pharma.

    Should You Get the Flu Shot Every Year? Don’t Ask the New York Times.

  14. jamd says:

    Check this fake news app out! BBC getting the brainwashing in nice and early. You couldn’t make it up if you were trying.


  15. scpat says:

    I suggest reading this piece by Moon of Alabama. More evidence of the nexus of intelligence agencies and MSM outlets.

    This Guardian Fake News Story Proves That The Media Can’t Be Trusted

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