Interview 1009 - Benny Wills Introduces the Joy Camp

03/07/201518 Comments

Benny Wills is one of the faces of Joy Camp, the YouTube truth comedy sensation that has been poking fun at the fearmongers of the New World Order for years now. In this one-on-one conversation he joins James live and in the flesh from Acapulco, Mexico to discuss truth, comedy, culture creation, and the past, present and future of Joy Camp.

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  1. whateverittakes2 says:

    Thanks so much for this! The latest on N-Yahoo has really put me into a reflective funk on Comment Sections, what to say and how to say it. The ones with wit and humor always carry the day — I’ve decided that since I’m deprived of both qualities, I should stick to the peanut gallery and not stray into the brouhaha with my pen.

  2. whateverittakes2 says:

    This piece on comedy brings to mind this from, excerpts from pieces there on Vladimir Putin.

    “The wisdom of the East, specifically from THE ART OF WAR by Sun Tzu, would prescribe fighting fire with water. Of course, Sun Tzu goes on to delineate the precise terms and conditions of such an approach, if it is to be successful.  The water must be applied at the right time, in the right place, in the right measure, in the right way, and with the right intention.

    “At the risk of starting a full-blown World War III, Putin knows that fighting fire with fire in the military arena will only prematurely bring on Armageddon.  He also listens closely to the likes of China’s Xi Jinping and India’s Narendra Modi.  For it is from the East that such vital wisdom is now required to harmlessly slay the fire-breathing dragon.  The wise men from the East know that the extremely aggressive Yang of the American ‘Yankees’ will only succumb to the discreetly gentle Yin of the Orient.  There may be no other way.  Of course, it may be required that the out-of-control, fire-breathing AAA dragon will only acquiesce to the classic and colossal firehose treatment.”**

    Water in the form of wit and humor as a repellent to raging flames (and anger). I have to watch very carefully for the latter because the situation that obtains today most of the time just makes me very incensed. Did people always lie with such chutzpah and disregard for the intelligence of their listeners?

    That aside, the reflections here on the value of humor—who genuinely provides it, who doesn’t,—-have been very helpful. I know you’ve written, James, on Putin and I know that you have a much more guarded opinion of him than what is being suggested about him in many places elsewhere in the alternative press. I would say that people today (or maybe I’m just speaking for myself) are desperate to find something/someone to trust and to believe in. And it’s been rather amazing to watch how much Putin appears to be willing to take from those in the West who are so determined to pull his strings, and if not, just push his buttons.

    Thanks, again, for all you do at

    **Read more:

    • phreedomphile says:

      Whateverittakes2, have faith in yourself and in the larger Truth and Freedom community. There are no good oligarchs! Keep in mind the self appointed “masters of the universe” are quite good at staging geopolitical theater, they’ve been doing it an awfully long time and know well what the hard-wired and conditioned responses will be. Please don’t fall for it.

      My “Yep, there it is” moment seeing the Putin Sexy James Bond, Bad-Ass Nemesis psy op meme blossom was when it was “leaked” that Bandar Bin Sultan, in a private meeting with Putin, allegedly threatened he would unleash Chechen terrorists on Russia if Putin didn’t stop supporting its satellite Syria. This was followed by a Hollywood style swaggering response from Putin. As if that’s how the global elite conduct their high level mafia negotiations – comic book or parody-of-themselves style. LOL Might as well laugh at their clownish skits. Which is why I love love love Joy Camp, brilliant comic relief! As good or better than classic SNL skits. Dial P for Paranoia is probably my favorite, it’s perfect.

      • whateverittakes2 says:

        Thanks phreedom but I’m already hooked. Please see my response to candide below. I tend to believe that crooks come in layers — some are much worse than others; this depends, I suppose, upon what sorts of crimes most inflame you.

    • candideschmyles says:

      I said to someone recently that “I am furious at not just our hypocritical and overt support of fascists in the Ukraine but that the world is so crazy that I find myself on the side of Putin”.

      • whateverittakes2 says:

        If the truth be told, me too! I didn’t know anything about Putin until last summer when MH17 made headlines–immediately accompanied by the framing of Putin… “Putin Did It” — everywhere and especially in the Journal of Foreign Affairs — and this even before the bodies had been gathered up. It felt claustrophobic — a replay of 9/11 and completely phony. So I began to watch lots of YouTube on the Russian Oligarchs.. if Putin is an oligarch, he’s second generation. I applaud him for getting rid of the first generation who with the help of seasoned hands in the West, beginning with George H.W. Bush, who helped these Russian non-patriots to savage (privatize) all of Russia’s most valuable assets. They thought Putin was their man and they could continue their plundering but he abruptly began to slap hands and send out huge tax bills. James, is Vladimir Putin anywhere on your agenda in the near future? A balanced account of who this man really is, what he is up to, and especially how Russia fares under his control would be most welcome. One of the guests on corbettreport recently… Richard? Grove has an excellent website at… He did a series of mesmerizing interviews on RedIce? on 9/11 and explained how securities that had been floated to cover the savaging of Russian assets (George HW Bush and son, Neil? Bush were in on this) in the early 90s were coming due on 9/11 and part of that enterprise was to destroy the records and allow all these crooks to reach home base completely free, all records of the transactions purposefully destroyed during the conflagration in Manhattan and in Washington DC. Lastly, one of the embittered oligarchs, Berezovsky, linked up with Bush Junior in the aftermath of being forced out of Russia by Putin and directed a good deal of his animus at making trouble in the Ukraine…

  3. whateverittakes2 says:

    Sorry for the run-on message above — it needed some editing.

  4. lincolnlea says:

    Sadly, this is the only site I cannot open a video. Now, they open everywhere, but here I get a black screen and an error message. Nothing works, and it only happens here, so I can only assume there is an issue on the CorbettReport site that affects some computers if not all. (I run a Mac – could it be that?)

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for the update, lincolnlea. I’m on a Mac, too, so it can’t be that. What happens when you use the “Download” button to save the .mp4 to your hard drive and play it from there?

      • meighenrussell says:

        I’m having the same problem. Just started a few days ago. I can watch videos everywhere else. Weird!

      • lincolnlea says:

        Hi James, I can get sound. Like, I get a black screen with the audio line, and I can hear the conversation, but no vision, no video.
        This is now for all the vids. posted on the site. Of course, given that many are the conversation, that’s 99% of it, soI am getting the meat of it, but should you have a vid. with contributory visuals, that would not work for me.
        Weird. Thanks for trying to help.

      • meighenrussell says:

        The newest video is working fine for me. The older ones do not.
        Whatever, eh?

      • Collin says:

        Hi All, have been watching it all on a Mac since last year. With Apples frequent OS changes it is hard to keep up, but having used Video Box for a number of years i can see it/hear it all.

        Perhaps look at your plugins or settings. Of course ISPs could also feature in the equation – so if i may suggest, unlikely to be an issue with this site.

        FWIW – i continue to languish on 10.8

  5. whateverittakes2 says:

    One more thing on Putin: Paul Craig Roberts is a staunch defender of Vladimir Putin. Here’s PCR’s newsletter of today with a video documentary of a Putin address on national security and what it means to the world. Angela Merkel looks lovingly on…

    I find myself on the other side of that fence where I believe many of the world’s oppressed have stood, listening to stories, perhaps about America, what it stood for, what it could do for world peace — and now today, knowing that much of that was always hype and lies, I see instead in that hallowed space V. Putin, hoping that he will be able to cure the world of its precariousness. So yes! Phreedom! you’re right about this malady of having stars in one’s eyes… At the same time, Putin speaks right here about the principle of national security, how by extending it to one, we extend it to all — and we all know what America has meant for that problem in the last number of years. So if we don’t see Putin as someone to lean on, who then?

    • I don’t think it’s a matter of “leaning” on anyone. It’s precisely this idea of searching for a savior by, through and from within political systems that inevitably gets us entangled into these quandaries. Putin, while he may have less culpability on a moral level in the current Ukraine conflict, is still a player within the globalist Machiavellian two-step. Putin is not going to deliver us from evil. Neither is Syriza. Neither is any other politician or political party. Politics attracts the most vile and psychopathic tendencies in a given populace. Everyone else has to labor for their wealth. The only entity and people that do not are governments and politicians, who by virtue of having the monopoly of force in a given geographical territory, are simply “owed” money in the form of taxes. Think about what this does in the minds of politicians, who, corrupted by the power that comes with political office, begin to see themselves as entitled. Subconsciously, I believe this changes the nature of the relationship between them, and how they view the masses, or the “Tax cattle.”

  6. lincolnlea says:

    James, Simon, thanks for your offers of help. Whatever the problem was it seems to have mostly resolved. (I try the “keep doing it until it gives up” method !! ) The download takes a long time, every few minutes theres a few minutes download, but I have sight and sound now. I hope it’s resolved for the others who had / have the same problem.

  7. captjrab says:

    James, thanks for turning me on to Joy Camp. Funny and smart stuff.
    If you get a chance check out Twit Wit Radio. It reminds me of the Fire Sign Theater.

  8. Sonex says:

    Are there any links to joycamp videos about 9/11?

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