Interview 1323 - Chuck Ochelli Sorts Through the JFK Dump

11/15/201726 Comments

The squirt of JFK documents from the government archives that I reported on earlier became a veritable dump last week when 13,000 more documents were released. Joining us to sort through this mess is host of The Ochelli Effect, Chuck Ochelli, aka The Blind JFK Researcher.


Corbett Report Radio 017 – In Search of Lee Harvey Oswald with Charles Ochelli

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The 5 Most Amazing Documents From The JFK Files

"Hitler in 1954" document

CIA A Study Of Assassination (1953)

Memo about Surgeon General and second shooter

Richard Helms asked about Oswald/CIA (document cut off)

G. Edward Griffin Debunks the JFK/Fed Myth

Moorman photo

JFKLancer 2017 conference

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  1. LenZoo says:

    Hey there,
    Yesterday I stumbled upon some very interesting new realizations (at least for me).

    I was doing some research online on Project/Operation Paperclip or Operation Overcast…. it gets a bit confusing. Going through the names I could find online of the Nazis brought to the US under these operations, a name popped up that you may also find interesting. Richard Lindenberg. He was not a very high ranked officer during WWII, yet he was of great interest to the US as an expert Neuropathologist and such.

    He made a life in the States with his family and worked on many papers over the years. Yet, the most amazing work I found on him was, that he was one of the experts at the Rockefeller Commission of 1975. He was tasked to evaluate the JFK assassination!

    Another strange thing that came to my attention is that Zapruder was a Freemason and an Inspector-General 33rd degree (Scottish Rite).

    Have you heard of Ralph Schoenmann? He seems to have solved the JFK mystery already in the 90’s. This guy blew my mind with his trilogy on YT. Why does he never get mentioned?

    That’s bout it,

    • herrqlys says:

      What does the .m. version of Wikipedia in that Zapruder link mean? The layout is entirely diferent from what I tried to get at:

      This layout anomaly just heightened my sense of awareness when I then tried to find other versions of Wikileaks. I was operating on the belief that all Wikipedia was from a common database, modified in its variants only by translation. It appears to me that this might not be the case, exactly.

      It’s bad enough that I’ll probably now be tarred with the brush of being “mired in minutae”. Perhaps doing away with minutae is a good thing: we’d not need gaggles of lawyers anymore, and by extension we’d cull the politician pool.

      Following along with the theme of “what internet are YOU looking at?”:

    • herrqlys says:

      In looking at one of the documents you provided a link for

      The letterhead for the US President’s Commission On CIA Activities Within The United States (1975), contained a Commission member name that caught my eye: Ronald Reagan.

      Some of the other names are only vaguely familiar to me, but I’ll have to search for more on those people to get some sense of why they might have been selected. At the time, Gerald Ford was President and the Commission chairman was sitting Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller.

      Reagan was a conservative, part of the Republican right wing, and a fervent anti-Communist. He was finishing his 2nd term as Governor of California in 1975 and declined to run for a 3rd term, so he was available.

      On the 1981 Republican Presidental ticket, former Director of the CIA George H. W. Bush was his running mate for Vice-President. It would appear Commission work didn’t cause things CIA to leave a bad taste in Reagan’s mouth.

      Some Reagan humour: “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Classic lines!

    Chuck Ochelli
    “…the blender full of marbles that seems to be the news cycle anymore…” (around 12:25)
    “…I am an independent thinker and I do independent media for sure. And it is certainly not mainstream. BUT PLEASE DON’T CALL ME “ALTERNATIVE”, because I am watching the circus move to that part of town….” (around 16:00)

  3. herrqlys says:

    Great interview. Chuck Ochelli does it right, and is articulate and eloquent in explaining the nuances. I definitely want more of James and Chuck.

    Incidentally, I hadn’t known about the recent additional release of 13,000 documents until I read the preamble to this episode. I don’t do MSM, but none of the sites I’d visited today had made any mention of this at the time of my visit.

  4. asavetmd says:

    James, I heard only one vital fact and that was that JFK was leaving Vietnam which should be common knowledge. NSM 263 has been reported by James Douglas and Ryan Dawson is unaware of this for some reason. Ochelli is mired in minutae and I became suspicious of Lancer from the day I heard of it. Paul O’Connor told me to stay away from them. My wife went to HS with Judyth Vary and in order to get a better understanding of her story you have to interview Ed Haslam the author of Dr Mary’s Monkey and read his book and Me&Lee by Judyth.
    There two keys to understanding why JFK was murdered: the plan for World Government that is revealed in Tragedy&Hope and Halford Mackinder’s Heartland Thesis. I am glad he mentioned Lincoln because that is key to understanding the reason for the assassination.
    Lincoln and Alexander II had a close relationship and Russia came to his aid in 1863 when the Baltic Fleet came to the east coast and the Vladivostok fleet came to San Francisco. Webster Tarpley has a lecture on it and this visit was a very big deal. There is a statue of them shaking hands and this link shows a political cartoon of them:
    McKinley was a Civil War vet and he was assassinated for the same reason. Prescott Bush did the “Business Plot” to FDR because he recognized the Soviet Union and had a good relationship with Stalin. Henry Wallace was booted off the ticket by Wall St & Southern Democrats because he would have continued the alliance with the soviet Union. JFK was assassinated because he and Khrushchev along with Castro were going to end the Cold War. Eisenhower’s meeting with Khrushchev on the Test Ban Treaty was sabotaged by the U-2 Incident. Nixon was brought down in a Palace Coup because he was going to end the Cold War with Brezhnev. Ford continued this plan and Sweeky Frome tried to assassinate him. Reagan had an assassination attempt because he was going to do the same thing with Gorbachev and now we have Trump being brought down for the same reason. Every war we have been in from Korea to now is in the Inner Rimland that Mackinder’s Thesis on how to control Eurasia and THE WORLD. Zabig’s book says Eurasia must be controlled. Eastern Europe is a “moat” per Mackinder and Ukraine is the Vestibule to the Heartland. this is why NATO has a massive force on Russia’s border and why Russia and China are surrounded by Military bases and it is why we are in Afghanistan and won’t leave. It is why we never made a Peace Treaty with DPRK and that is why they keep demanding a Peace Treaty. Everything revolves around Eurasia and World Empire. Putin threw a monkey wrench into this plan in Syria and is why Russia and China have a symbiotic relationship that cannot be broken by anyone. The Deep State appears to be hell bent on Nuclear war with Russia. Huxley and Orwell were whistle blowers. Read the Goldstein Essay in “1984” and compare where he says the endless war is to Mackinder’s Thesis.

    • manbearpig says:

      Fascinating thesis… will definately try to explore this as soon as vacation…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      A few blocks from “The 22nd JFK Lancer Conference” is the The 5th annual JFK Assassination Conference being held on the same dates of Nov 17, 18, 19

      I have been to both conferences.
      One of our group members often shoots video for the “JFK Assassination Conference” which is MC’d by John B. Wells (who has helped with some of our events). By the way, Wells did a voice reporter audio for the Oliver Stone JFK movie. And back in his youth, John B. Wells helped Sam Houston in “Gone to Texas” as seen here… (one minute)

      In my opinion, both conferences are good to have. But an individual needs to form their opinion of the speaker and validity of the information.
      For example: After talking to Russ Baker at Lancer several years in a row about 9/11, he avoids the topic like vampires to crosses. On the other conference, I personally don’t think much of James Fetzer.

      Joe, the founder of our 9/11 Group typically would line up our table rental for the JFK Lancer Conferences so we could distribute free DVDs and Ae911truth brochures to the attendees.
      Surprisingly, during the first few years of our table set-up at “JFK Lancer”, many attendees did not want to know about 9/11 and snubbed “9/11 Truth” as ridiculous. Really. I am not kidding.
      In later years, the attitude changed.

      For many years until he died, John Judge would hold a Dallas “JFK Conference” during the same dates as “JFK Lancer”. John Judge, in no uncertain terms, refused to let our 9/11 Group rent a table at his JFK Conference. We were surprised by his attitude about it.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        JUDYTH VARY BAKER – Chuck Ochelli – “JFK Assassination Myths 12 Staring Judy Baker”
        via Corbett Report’s “Recommended Listening” from the article “When Robots Rule the Markets…”.

        From shownotes:
        … Her medical fabrications , alleged attempts on her life , silly behavior , unrealistic descriptions , and many other easily dismissed fiction in the ever-evolving Me, Lee and everybody else JVB can think of to include , universe of simply misleading disinformation that is Judy Baker. Hard to believe she had anything to do with the C.I.A. in 1963 but if the agency wanted to create a Disinformation agent from scratch , their best efforts might not come close to the skill set Judy has. Food For Thought….

  5. Mark44 says:

    Here are some PHOTOS and articles from the huge JFK 50th Anniversary…(I am behind JFK with glasses/blondewhitegray hair.)

    Not too many people living today can say they rubbed shoulders with JFK! 🙂

  6. Mark44 says:

    I was just a little kid when JFK was shot yet it shocked me to the core. I knew instinctively that Oswald was just a patsy.

    I never thought that I would say what I am about to say. It is not meant to dissuade anyone in their JFK research.

    I as much as anyone else would like the truth to come out for all the public to see and hear.

    However, given what I know about how people live their lives today, the general masses and politicians alike…

    It is my belief that if in 2, 3, 5.. years all of the important details of the assassination came to light (the truth, who done it, how it was done etc.)
    the public would yawn and not give it much thought.
    Politicians would pay lip service but no disciplinary action would be taken nor changes made to the departments that were complicit in the crime.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I agree. It can be expected, predicted, forecast, that “the public would yawn and not give it much thought.”

      …unless it becomes a “media message” to be outraged.
      Unless, the public’s perception is that “the public” is actively outraged and throwing eggs at government offices.

    • john.o says:


      “if in 2, 3, 5.. years all of the important details of the assassination came to light (the truth, who done it, how it was done etc.)…the public would yawn…Politicians would pay lip service but no disciplinary action would be taken nor changes made to the departments that were complicit in the crime.”

      Let’s break that muuy important point down. Your “the truth, who done it, how it was done etc.” is key. What do we mean by that? I think this touches on a HUGE weakness in Ochelli’s approach, which to these ears sounds dangerously like:

      “We must keep pressing on these documents and releases and martial an army of smart people who keep parsing all the details, the trajectories, the alphabet codenames, the witness accounts, and making the concise, factually informed arguments to determine what really happened, who did it and how, on Nov 22…then we will know and even perhaps have a new official inquiry into THE CASE and bring perpetrators to justice.”

      I sympathize here with those who see attention on the assassination as one blind alley after another. I am an amateur, but have studied the assassination, mostly following the research of others, for 35 years. “THE CASE”, as pointed out by Ochelli and Corbett, is a minefield. I too have my puny “specialties”in the “THE CASE”. But I doubt that these essentially “scholarly” clarifications and disputes will result in some final “TRUTH”, and if it did, such truth would hardly lead to “justice.”

      I now study the history of the 19th, 20th and early 21st centuries with a focus on the growth of intelligence apparati all over the world, but especially in the USA and its growing empire. I do this so I can talk with my son about very powerful vectors shaping his environment. The details are sketchy but the outline is clear: 911, The Patriot Act, endless war, the innumerable black ops and Gladio-like destabilization efforts everywhere, the solidification of banking elite power, preparations for depopulation and an eventual Platonic Republic (with robots and genetically compliant slaves), the very forces driving all these, seized and solidified power by way of the JFK assassination.

      Bullet trajectories and Mexico City mysteries? Sure, but more important are: what was going on in the Halloween Massacre in 1975? How does it tie back to JFK and lead right to 911?…and what does that says about how “government?” Scholarship and “justice” aside, stop arguing with the Warren Report. What changes people is when responsible researchers assemble lots of trustworthy historical facts and CONNECT THE DOTS to form a picture that many will recognize as more trustworthy than what they are being told to trust. Corbett’s own best work is a fine example of that.

      This ties into a major faux pas by Hornberger too (if I heard him right): to dismiss research into the Reagan and Carter assassination attempts as somehow “lesser.” I’m out of word count. Maybe on that thread, but he is not the only JFK researcher who tends to isolate the JFK assassination. Probably unintentional, but that’s gatekeeping.

      • herrqlys says:

        You raise some very useful considerations, john.

        In hypothesizing an endpoint of some sort, you then look for data points (suspicious significant events) that fall along a projected vector towards that endpoint. These events can then be researched to see if they do in fact relate to other points along the vector. New epiphanies.

        By creating a new, believable paradigm it may be possible to spark a public consciousness that throws off the shackles of the old, conditioned ideas and intentional distortion of facts. A new approach that might be capable of invoking and sustaining more logic, rather than old emotive responses, in discussions.

        9/11 has already done something like that for a lot of us, although there’s still a lot of the old disinformation stigma attached to it. People keep getting dismissed as conspiracy theorists, tin-foil hatters, etc.

        But great strides have been made in general awareness since 2001 when compared to 1963. The internet has played an enormous part in that. Although we may not always have a document such as the Project for a New American Century to kickstart things.

        • herrqlys says:

          I should clarify that I was talking about new ways of viewing how the world works in general, rather than limiting it to single subjects like the JFK assassination or the 9/11 false flag.

      • manbearpig says:

        Yes indeed. Allow me to add my voice to the chorus of those fascinated by your historical research methods.

        This “Halloween Massacre”, for example, as broadly summarized by wikipedia does indeed offer tantalizing perspectives on past and future events.

        I’m not much of a “JFK researcher”, (wasn’t born when he was assassinated, (not that that’s a prerequisite)) but very interesting indeed.

        As you my know, I’m more obsessed with the creation and implementation of The Institute for Policy Studies and the role it’s played in recent historical events…

        You make it abundantly clear, however, that I need a more panoramic vision if I care to make any real attempt at understanding the world.

        This is a good example of why I love this website.

        Thanks to you yet again!

        now time for hamster wheel…

  7. Mark44 says:

    Yes very useful considerations indeed john.
    I like your approach. If I had the time, it would be the one I would adopt to study the mess we see ourselves in today.

    There are probably far too many JFK researchers who get stuck in the minutia and fail to see the forest from the trees.

    Although the CIA and other intelligence/military departments pass from generation to generation and leader to leader, somehow, somewhere there is an established code that is followed by the elite. I think it this code that you are interested in finding out more about.

  8. Nevertheless says:

    The powers that be have created the meme “alternative media”, so they could push people to trust the “alt media”, which of course are often owned and run by the same people who own the MSM. Trump is a Zionist owned asset, yet he is painted as “Mr America first”, even as everything he does follows the elites playbook.

    • herrqlys says:

      After the not-so-subtle shredding of the US Constitution and curtailing of individual rights by 8 years of the Bush/Cheney adminstration, I think the power players decided that the arrogance and swagger of uncontrolled power had become unseemly for the public’s perception of the White House, and the office of the President, as an institution.

      Enter Barack Obama as the next selected one. This was to be a change of tempo to inspire hope, and some sense of “equality” in society, to bring people back to the faith. Yet at the end of another 8 years it was obvious it was same old, same old.

      So of course there had to be a new flavour for the next selected President. The only problem is that the modus operandi has became fully exposed. I do believe what we witnessed in the election dynamics was an internal civil war among the power players. And it continues as I type this.

      • john.o says:

        one qualifier: “it was same old, same old”

        You are generous by nature, I bet! I think you probably know well that, as documented thoroughly, the erosion of the constitution under Obama was much more severe, and easily accomplished with the backing of the Rockefeller liberal class and the distractions of race, sexual identity and a few bones tossed to some of the masses.

        By the way, to me these are NOT distractions as human concerns at all. They are distractions in the sense that the forces eroding these liberties care not a whit about any of them or anyone. Without freedom, we won’t even be able to despise each other! Let’s hink about that!

        • herrqlys says:

          I tried to keep the post short and on point.

          But since you mention Obama, further to Constitutional law (and he taught that subject for 12 years at the University of Chicago Law School), let’s not forget Obama’s elevating the Executive Order to a point that almost made the legistlative branch redundant.

          His biography at Wikipedia reads like a hagiography, and persists in perpetuating lies about the “killing” of Osama bin Laden and a Russian “invasian” of the Ukraine. His post-election actions in fouling the water before Trump took office were spiteful and childish, and every bit as repugnant as Killary’s (and she hasn’t stopped yet).

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