Interview 1275 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

05/11/201773 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: Xi Jinping's New Silk Road Summit Will Step Up China's Endorsement Of Globalization

NWNW Flashback: UN, China Agree on Silk Road Initiative Cooperation (Sep. 29, 2016)

Globalization 2.0: China Ushering in Newer, Shinier New World Order!

Story #2: Florida, The First State To Arrest Anyone For Selling Bitcoin, Is Passing Laws To Imprison Them

Florida House Bill 1379: Defining Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Value Rises Over $1B As Japan, Russia Move To Legitimize Cryptocurrency

Study Highlights Growing Significance Of Cryptocurrencies

Story #3: NYC’s New Tech To Track Every Homeless Person In The City

Update: Second German Soldier Arrested In False Flag Refugee Plot

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  1. Nevertheless says:

    FYI “Media Monarchy”, many white people are homeless and on the streets too. That canard that all white people are rich is a zionist jewish canard, and as racist an idea as any. Millions and millions people of European ancestry are poor, homeless and subjugated. Sad that that is news to you.

    The goal of the zionist cancer in America is to create a narrative that promotes hate among different racial groups, not harmony. Making people of color and white people, believe all whites are “privileged”, is a great way to divide us.

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Corbett brings up an aspect which helps in understanding the Elite: — Restrictions and laws – “Why can’t I do this? Why?”
    …of course, “authority” makes the rules, the laws, the restrictions.

    I feel for the guy being prosecuted for bitcoin transactions in Florida. I am sure there can be many types of legal defense points (i.e. bitcoins can be like trading Swiss francs or gold coins, or this prosecution violates the Federal interstate commerce act.)

    Regardless, “they” can do whatever they want despite the legalese.
    The legal system is a ruse.

    (90 seconds)
    Jack Nicholson About Freedom in “Easy Rider” (1969)
    (Sidenote: All the actors really had been smoking pot during the shooting of this scene.)

    • danmanultra says:

      Asking “why” leads to great wisdom, I believe. If you cannot answer “why”, it can lead you to realize their is insufficient information. When you find the truth it can unveil many lies and false assumptions. The truth will set you free. But you have to ask why and have to keep searching for why. Some people just stop at “I don’t know” and never move forward from there. I am glad to see so many people here that continue to try and find “why”.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I agree completely, especially when it comes to policies and rules. Why? is an extremely important question.

        …except when someone antagonistic uses it to introvert another, to attack by covert verbal means, to denigrate.
        Example “Why did you do that?” or “Why didn’t you do that?”
        Often this phrase might be said by a spouse or coworker or boss. The intent of the communication is NOT to help the other party nor warmly seek a better understanding. It is a communication designed to introvert or make less of another.
        Many times an individual will do things, but may not know exactly “why”. A long list of possible reasons may come into the head as one introverts into finding the “why”. …and many times it can be hard to find the right “why”.

        One could respond to the covert verbal attacker by asking: Why did you ask that question?”
        If they get pissed off, most likely they do not have the other person’s welfare at heart. If they warmly respond with compassion that they are trying to understand, then it was a non-covert communication.

  3. Pablo de Boer says:

    While the deep state puppets as Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are following the orders from their Deep State master by creating the (Fake) Cold War 2.0, their Deep State masters are founding Globalization 2.0 as señor James always consistently clarifies on his webpage.

    The Global Deep State aka The power that shouldn’t be always use their banks to finance and create their dirty tricks as Globalization 2.0 and that’s why the banksters from JP Morgan has been ranked as the best-performing foreign asset manager in China.

    The US bank and asset manager topped the list for a second year running and has kept Switzerland’s UBS in second place, according to Z-Ben Advisors, the influential Shanghai-based consultancy that compiled the league table.

    As a pioneer in the China market, J.P. Morgan Asset Management launched its first China fund which invests primarily in companies of the People’s Republic of China in 1994. With solid business growth since then, the company established one of the most successful joint ventures, China International Fund Management (CIFM) in Shanghai to cater to the growing needs of international investors. Our Hong Kong-based Greater China team and Shanghai-based CIFM team combines the best of both shareholder companies, focusing on the design and management of investment funds.

  4. PeaceFroggs says:

    Instead of wasting millions of tax payer dollars on technology that will Track Every Homeless Person in NYC, wouldn’t the money be better spent on subsidized low income housing?

    Also why not hire these people to work picking up the garbage strung along the streets, cleaning the parks and rivers of thrown out trash etc…

    • mkey says:

      To believe in subsidies means to believe in state interventionism.

      Example: in this city in which I’m employed a few years back they started offering subsidies (state sponsored fixed rate credit) to young local married couples. My questions here would be:

      Who are these people building these appartments?
      Do they know for which purpose are these buildinga are being built and has the quality been adjusted to reflect that?
      What kind of deals have banks made with investors to offer “fixed” rate credit?
      How much credit will the have to be covered by the state and who will monitor this deal?

      Lastly, and more importantly, why should “the people’s” taxes be used to cover such frivolous expenses?

      Firstly they jack up real estate prices, then they get a lot of people into credit slavery, now they use state funds to loan shark more people into expenasive housing.

      I don’t believe into absurd state interventionism.

      • PeaceFroggs says:

        State interventionism??? The real-estate market is about as free market capitalism as it gets, and its a mess because it lacks government regulations.

        Some of you seem to forget that not everyone is born healthy or wealthy. Some are born with a disability, some people may become sick or injured later in life, or that jobs become scarce because of a downturn or transition in the economy etc…

        People born with a disability or people with a mental illness will need some sort of subsidize programs in order to house, feed and cloths these people, and
        I for one have no issues with governments imposing by-laws that help the poor, the elderly, the outcasts and downtrodden of society, do you?

        For example, I’m Ok with government imposed by-laws that require buildings having wheelchair accessible ramps, I’m also Ok with government run universal health care, nor do I have a problem with social security in order to help people live out their years in dignity.

        This is where I usually part ways with some of you here at the CorbettReport, its as if some of you simply don’t grasp reality. (that’s life, it’s complicated)

        A civil war was fought once already in order to abolish slavery, maybe now is the time to have a true minimum living wage of say $15/hr based on current inflation rates (cost of living) so we can abolish economic slavery for all people once and for all.

        People that work between 35-40 per week should be able to afford a modest home without having to rely on food banks or second hand clothing shops just to make ends meet.

        We (society) have a moral obligation to make sure people that have a mental illness or a disability have the same opportunities as everyone else.

        • mkey says:

          It appears we’re not living on the same planet.

          • PeaceFroggs says:

            Same planet, different realities.

            • mkey says:

              That’s damn right. Only caveat: there’s just the one reality.

              • PeaceFroggs says:

                That’s where you are wrong mkey.

              • mkey says:

                Wrong about what, mate? This thing we’re inbued in doesn’t have any perspectives, it’s just what it is. There are no sides, no ups nor downs, no opinions. It’s a pool of mud we’re thrown into and some people insist on arguing whether it’s ’68 or ’79 chardonay. It’s not wine, it’s mud.

                People’s experiences will vary greatly, but the reality is one and the same. That’s why I wondered whether or not we exist on the same planet because on this planet I’m living socialism does not work but it’s being invoked for its truth obfuscating potential.

              • PeaceFroggs says:

                Do you believe in Predestination as well? Men are born, then they are formed.

                Our childhoods are molded in our moral parental upbringing, and as we grow up we are defined by our own unique experiences.

              • mkey says:

                I’m not certain how you leaped to that conclusion from what I was saying.
                No, I do not believe in predestination, and yes, people’s experiences vary greatly.

              • PeaceFroggs says:

                Must have’d misunderstood “your perception” of reality.

                There are many different forms of reality, like for instance
                “Experienced Reality” and “Constructed Reality”, but there are others forms of reality as well, and whether you accept them or not, is up to you.

                For instance, if its true that we live on a ball earth, “mud” as you call it, that spins and rotates around the sun every 24hrs and every 365 days, then that would mean that our time is not only a human creation it also means it’s solely an earthly experience, therefore time as we know it is an illusion.

                Furthermore, if life exists outside our “mud” earth, that would mean that every other intelligent life form on other planets experience their own time, based on the rotation of “their planets” around “their sun” or suns, creating their very own unique “time” and their very own unique realities.

                Time is an illusion, we have our own unique experiences on earth, however there are many different realities.

              • mkey says:

                I think you’re nitpicking and posing strawman arguments over your previous support for failed social constructs. I kind of decided not to go into that because I know it’s completely and utterly pointless and somehow wondered into this, lets call it conversation.

                What I called mud is not the living itself on this planet, but the current situation, the reality; the swarm, the torrent of thoughts and events, the zeitgeist, whatever. I used it mostly to construct the point about how people will go on a tangent over anything and everything instead of looking at the problem head on. Won’t waste further time on this point.

                I don’t know whether or not alternate universes exist and I pretty much don’t care. I also don’t care particularly about other planets nor possible life on them. Nor do I care about their time measurement etalon. I also do not think the spinning of a planet creates time as is, it’s just a cycle. Length of a day on Earth could have been 24 hours plus change or closely 11 kibbles or exactly 1234321 myrons.

                Completely besides the point. You stated some things in favor of state interventionism, I wanted to indirectly tell you that I disagree 100% on everything that you said there. Now, in hopes of ending this exchange, I’m telling you directly. I disagree 100% with your post here and I really don’t see any point in debating about it. Granted, depending on where you live in the world these constructs may make some sense, but here and in many other places as far as I’m aware of, they do not work. As per the instructions on the tin.

              • PeaceFroggs says:

                What are you babbling about? So you don’t believe socialism works, that’s fine, if you’re looking for the “perfect” social construct then let me tell you; it don’t exist anywheres on this earth, and it never will!

                If your idea of “reality” is for all like minded people to move to one geographical location and use bit coin as your cryptocurrency of choice, and sing kumbaya all day long, it wont last, but hey, go ahead and show us how to live, I’d love to be proven wrong about this.

              • mkey says:

                You got me, I secretly try to coax people to come and live on my parallels and meridians so that we may dance and sing into the night while we trade in bitcoin. A total non non sequitur on your part.

                P.S. My beliefs have nothing to do with it, what I understand about socialism as is implemented in many countries of the world today is based on facts which do not support its efficiency in solving societal issues. If anything, it creates more problems and disparity than it solves. I have little doubt it could work a lot better.

                No, I’m not looking for a perfect socialist state. Kind of expected that would go without saying, but there. I’m not looking for perfection in anything, something that works most of the time for most of the people while putting the choice in their hands would do.

              • PeaceFroggs says:

                “…something that works most of the time for most of the people while putting the choice in their hands would do”

                — Well, that pretty much sums up the American construct since 1776, which most modern democracies are modeled after.

                I’d say it isn’t perfect, but it works rather well for most people most of the time.

              • mkey says:

                Yes, tell that to 1-3 million dead Iraqis (and counting), 3 million dead Koreans, about a million dead Vietnamese, who knows how many dead Afghanis and Libyans.

                Since its inception “America” has NOT been engaged in wars for something like 20 years. System works great, indeed. Had other countries followed its model more closely, we’d be all dead for a century or two by now.

              • PeaceFroggs says:

                Well, when it comes to foreign policy it’s a fail, I’ll give that, but we’re talking about socialism as a social construct, therefore I blame the citizens for being asleep at the wheel.

                Furthermore, wars have been part of human civilization since before we started recording time, wars have nothing to do with socialism.

                Interestingly enough though, all the wars you enumerated are wars that were fought after the Federal Reserve Bank was created, which by the way, 1913 America shouldn’t be confused with 1776 America.

                1913 basically signals the time when America went from being a Republic to becoming an Empire, and when Nixon stopped convertibility of the US dollar to gold in 1971, this action pretty much made it official.

                Lastly, although they seem to be interwoven, I don’t think we should mix monetary policy and systems of government. America today is an Empire, not because the way their government system was created, but because of the US dollar incrementally became the sole world reserve currency and Empirical wars for oil domination followed. (again I blame the citizens)

                Anyway, let me end this tete a tete with this…when you guys decide to break away from the system and start anew somewheres, I may just join you, just do it quick, I ain’t getting any younger haha!

              • mkey says:

                Yes, blame the citizens. There’s a lot of proof the citizens are being propagandised, brainwashed, mass controlled, kept uneducated and in a slumber. Or do you wish to separate government from the social construct as well?

                Name one country in history (other than “America”) which has fought wars 90+% of the time for over 200 years of its existence.

                You stated previously that “American construct from 1776” was used as a model. You appear to be in a conflict with yourself. Nominally, it’s been one and the same country for 240 years and being taken over talks volumes about systems of governance and the employed so called socialism.

                If anyone is mixing monetary systems with governance, that would be you. In the same sentence you appear to have nominally separated them, which you can’t, then mashed them up again. Important correction: American wars are not fought over oil.

                Spoken like a true statist: let someone else do the work and then decide wether or not to join them.

              • Pablo de Boer says:

                Hola aloha estimados mkey & PeaceFroggs,

                For my person Statism is the most dangerous religion and I didn’t learned that from Larken Rose, because I experienced itself in the past and I still observe it each day. We humans have to take the power & control back from the government and their narcissistic masters.

                And estimado PeaceFroggs governments don’t take care about the healthy people, let alone the needy people. Unethical human experimentation with healthy and needy people in the United States by the government are more common than most people know. Project MKUltra is one good example of that and there are much more sad examples of how states, also in the US, abused and abuses the needy people + the healthy people.

                Or see how elderly people in western societies are being dumped in Retirement homes by their own family and the governments don’t care about that. They (government) even see an opportunity to gain money from it just like with prisons. In a lot of other cultures family members take care for the elderly people.

                Here in Holland the government promoted intensively that women also have to work, being used as slave with a salary. The Dutch government subsidized kindergarten / child-care center for families with children. I even see mothers and fathers whom dump their babies of a few months old at such child care centers, which is in my opinion also a disgusting form of child abuse. And since a few years the Dutch government decreased heavily the subsidy on child care and now the parents are trapped, because they have to pay a lot of bills and therefore the parents became easy to catch prey for the government and their evil masters / the Kakistocracy just like what happened with their own children too.

                And estimado PeaceFroggs ask the native Americans how they are being treated by the US Government since the foundation of the US on stolen country. The natives always are being treated the same as the ancestors of the African Americans and the poor people from Europe…. And that still happens until today in the US, watch New World Next Week ..

                But this ALWAYS happens with concentration of economic controls and planning in the hands of a highly centralized government often extending to government ownership of industry aka STATISM

                Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion (feat. Larken Rose)

                Saludos and enjoy la vida ……


              • PeaceFroggs says:

                Pablo & mkey,

                1- Both of you are mixing monetary systems with governance.

                2- Regardless of the system of governance, whether its a Republic, Monarchy, Theocracy or a Dictatorship, the ruling class will seek ways to brainwash its citizens, propagandized them, use mass control, and kept them uneducated in some aspects or another.

                Republics are a little bit more sophisticated, meaning they are more likely to use the “Problem – Reaction – Solution” equation in order to corral the people to think a certain way, in order to pass legislation, whereas Theocracies and Monarchies will use religion.

                Obviously Television has greatly helped the ruling class spread their propaganda to the masses, but again this isn’t strictly limited to socialism.

                3- Can we all agree that America is no longer a Republic, that it has become an Empire, not because of its system of governance, rather because their dollar was used as the reserve currency of the world since the end of WW2 until now, and they used that economic domination to wage war globally.
                (Again, this has nothing to do with Socialism)

                4- As far as the Native Americans are concerned, I agree with you 100%, that their land was stolen, they were forced off their land (trail of tears comes to mind), not because of America’s system of government at the time, but because they decided to undertake a doctrine of expansionism instead of incorporating the natives into their new country, they pursued a racist ideology.

                Let’s not forget, America was founded in a time when slavery was an acceptable economic system world wide. Emancipation wasn’t achieved easily, it pretty much took the Napoleonic wars and the American civil war to bring about an end to the system of slavery.

                5- Socialism is basically redistribution of wealth, regardless if its a Republic, a Theocracy, a Monarchy or a dictatorship.

                If done right, then all people should benefit, and until now, socialism is the best way to lift people out of poverty, and to level the playing field.

                Socialist countries enjoy the highest living standards in the world. It isn’t perfect, but it works for most people.

              • Pablo de Boer says:

                Buenos dias PeaceFroggs,

                I thought I wrote clearly about governments, but you think I’m mixing governments with monetary systems. I offer you my excuse for being not so clear about governments and made you think I was mixing governments with money systems. But I will try it again and my person also never ever give up estimado Peacefroggs, I was commenting on governments in my first comment and in my perception governments and the monetary systems are interwoven and always with a disruptive relation. I hope it is obvious now for your person that I’m talking about governments, but I’m also aware as self you quoted towards mkey , we live on the same planet and have each different realities. But this is logical because we both lived and live in different geological locations and societies on the same planet. We even are being influenced by our surroundings and even when two individuals live on the same geological location and society on earth, they both can obtain a different perspective of life

                America never was and never will be an aggregate of people living together in a free community, because just like I already quoted, America is founded on stolen country. And you write that in that period slavery was normal, but I don’t fully agree with you on this, because what I read it was for the elitist like the founding father Thomas Jefferson, who owned hundreds of African-American slaves, normal to have slaves, but a lot of poor European Americans couldn’t afford slaves and I also read that they didn’t agreed with how the elitists treated the slaves, because the elitists treatment of African slaves was the same as how the elitists treated the poor European Americans. It is the same treatment and behavior as the elitists in the 21th century still practice and administer.

                For my person borders are imaginary, because they only exists in in the human mind and on maps. But I’m not a globalist, I’m an earthling without an exact definition.

                Just like your person I also want to help the needy people and I do not need a government or other people to mandate and obligate me to help the needy people. I like and do it voluntarily helpinng others and I’m not alone. But I will never obligate another person to act like me on this issue, because otherwise I will behave as a government.

                In a Republic, a Theocracy, a Monarchy or a dictatorship the power is centralized and administered by a few people and that will always lead to corruption. I read an article about anarchy and law. The author also mentioned an anarchistic society in Iceland from the past. This society flourished for some centuries until a few persons got so much wealth / money and with their wealth they obtained power and that led first to corruption and at the end to the collapse of that society.

                This week I saw Adam Kokesh and Vin Armani sharing their own thoughts on dissolving peacefully the federal government and for my person their conversation was an inspiration how they shared their own different opinions. Watch and judge for your self

                Adam Kokesh Discusses Plan to Peacefully Dissolve the Federal Government

                Saludos y abrazos,


              • PeaceFroggs says:

                Buenos dias Pablo,

                You wrote clearly about governments, it just difficult at times to respond to multiple people when my time is limited.

                I agree, governments and the monetary systems are interwoven, here in Canada like most western democracies we have a central banking system, and among its primary roles and responsibilities it is to hold the bank’s capital on behalf of Her Majesty (the Queen) in right of Canada, and print Canadian banknotes. So yeah, they are interwoven.

                However, in this modern era the US dollar became the worlds first international currency. Even the Roman Empire’s currency was limited to the lands it controlled (Mediterranean).

                You said “We humans have to take the power & control back from the government and their narcissistic masters.”

                –Ironically that is precisely what countries throughout the world have been trying to do since 1971, which is to take the power & control back from the clutches of the Anglo-American hegemony dollar.

                You said: “America never was and never will be an aggregate of people living together in a free community, because just like I already quoted, America is founded on stolen country.”

                –I fundamentally disagree with that premise. America was founded on stolen land, however it is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Where else do you find Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Natives, Asians etc…?

                Native Americans struggle with identity because they have been assimilated and are now considered whites. I consider myself “white” however my blood is a mix of French/German and Native Indian, and the the ones that have been assimilated are the ones that find themselves on tribal lands.

                Prior to the Europeans arriving slavery was practiced among the Natives in different forms. Native Americans enslaved war captives for labor, others were used in ritual sacrifices, some tortured and some were cannibalized.

                The Europeans introduced a more systematic form of slavery, which by the way some Natives Tribes adopted.

                Yes some Founding Fathers like Thomas Jefferson owned hundreds of African-American slaves. Like I said, this was the economic system of the day, used throughout the world. Important to note that some slaves were treated fairly well by their owners, some weren’t, while others were abused.

                Another important note is that hundred of thousands of good “white” men fought and died to abolish the system of slavery on both continents. The Napoleonic wars were just as much a part of abolishing slavery (emancipation) as it was during the American civil war.

                You said: “…lot of poor European Americans couldn’t afford slaves…”

                –If we were to compare todays economic system to that of slavery, we could say that the corporations are the slave owners and workers the slaves. Some of whom are treated well, while others…not so much.

                You said: In a Republic, a Theocracy, a Monarchy or a dictatorship the power is centralized and administered by a few people and that will always lead to corruption.

                –You knew that people were corrupt right? You don’t have to be a leader of a country or to be a King for you to become corrupt, any single human being is capable of corruption, which is why the founding fathers created a system of checks and balances, but as history shows, it to was corruptible.

                Anarchistic society can never endure, they too will become corrupt, or they will simply be overrun by invaders, much like the Roman Army conquered Britannia and Gaul.

                You know, if you really want to become true Anarchists, why not start by creating your own calendar(s)?

                Why not have 8 day weeks, or 12 day weeks with 8 months or whatever…why use watches? Why not become nocturnal, and commence your work day at sunset and go to sleep at sunrise?

                My point is, why do anarchists follow Gregorian calendar?

                Why do anarchists use roads that are paid with tax payer money?

                Why do anarchists pay property taxes?

              • mkey says:

                I said to myself that I don’t want to reply to you anymore, but your comments there come off so aggravating while I’m fairly certain that wasn’t your intention (unless you’re just trolling); here goes the obvious:

                Most people, willingly or otherwise, are part of the community. They work and live in a 7 to 15 society. They pay taxes as to avoid being jailed. They use roads because they need to go on and about and are certainly paying, very very expensively, to drive on potholes. We pay all the way.

                Being an anarchist does not mean (it could, but it isn’t the standard) “go into the woods and live with the wolf people”, no offence meant to the wolf people. Having to choose between statists and woods guys, the latter would probably prove better company.

                I really hope that you’re just trolling. This site needs a block user feature.

              • PeaceFroggs says:

                “This site needs a block user feature”

                Really mkey, muzzling free speech or anyone that disagrees with you…you are nothing but a dictator pretending to love “freedom”

                By the way, the comment you reply to was addressed to Pablo and not you. So if anyone is trolling mkey, it is you…leave me alone, seriously. Simply do not reply to my comments, it’s that simple.

                For those of you that are interested in free open discussion, tell me how did having no state help the Native Americans defend against the European invaders?

              • mkey says:

                Oh boy lol

                The “block user feature” is an option allowing users to be protected from other people’s opinions, it doesn’t prevent anyone from voicing theirs. On the internet, it’s pretty much a must.

                I wont engage you anymore, logic and common sense be damned.

              • PeaceFroggs says:

                “block user feature” is just another form of censorship mkey.

                And yes, please don’t engage me anymore, I would appreciate it.

              • mkey says:

                No, it is not censorship. It simply removes comments from a specific user in a specific users’ feed. It’s optional and dependent on user preferences. It’s like walking around a person you want to avoid for whichever reason, as simple as that.

              • Pablo de Boer says:

                Hola aloha mkey,

                I fully agree with you that each land on which a nation is founded is stolen land, that’s why I wrote that each nation / border is created by elitists.

                The European elitists are overrepresented in the list of most horrific and gruesome human behavior in recent centuries. The 2 World Wars of last century have arisen in Europe. But I don’t think this happens because they are Europeans, but through greedy behavior that arises if humans have too much money / wealth and as a result of that, they want to gain power to control and dominate the rest of humanity. Only with this kind of domination they can satisfy themselves, because money doesn’t satisfy them anymore. During the Inca – and Mayan empire the same human behavior also could be observed. Of course around the whole world this terrible human behavior occurs.

                And don’t forget the obedient sheeple, the patriotic people who vote and think they need a narcissistic leader and glorify their nation. The founding fathers / conquistadores of the US of A created with their We Are the People constitution a society with one of the biggest flocks of obedient servants aka nationalistic sheeple. This is also an important reason why the US of A became an Empire…. Which raises the question whether those who behave as sheeple, the majority, are the most dangerous humans or those who are in power, the minority…. Or maybe it is the combination of both!!!

                One thing is sure estimado mkey, both adore Politics and Politics is Fake and Staged just like señor James demonstrate in this vid


                Groetjes / Dutch saludos 🙂 ,


            • Pablo de Boer says:

              Hola aloha PeaceFroggs,

              I live now in Amsterdam and here there are a big amount of different nationalities living with each other just like in the US, but that is also a result of the Dutch colonialism in the past. So colonialism united us as humans, but it is a pity that we are united in such manner. For my person everybody has the right to live where she or he wants, because just like I already said, I’m against national borders, but I’m not a globalist. Borders are also artificially created by rulers / elitists and they are always the minority. That’s also for my person a main reason why I’m against the US of A and each other country beside that the US of A is founded on stolen land.

              I was born in Bogota – Colombia and I also lived in Caracas-Venezuela in my youth, later I went to Holland with my parents (RIP), because they were Dutch. When people ask me which nationality I have, I tell them what I just told you and I say to them, I’m not Dutch and also not a Latino. I tell them I am, live + feel as an earthling without borders. I have 2 passports, one Dutch and a Colombian, but I don’t identify myself with them, I only have them as travel paper / license. And I use mostly the Dutch passport because then I can travel to most countries without a visa and with my Colombian passport I will have more troubles to obtain a visa / green card from another country. This is very strange for me, because I’m always the same person, but when I use my Colombian travel papers governments will treat me different as when I use my Dutch travel papers…. Ai ai ai caramba que pasa 🙂 🙂

              My view about the intentions of the so called founding fathers / conquistadores of the US of A is not like the main stream / your narrative. As I already mentioned here before in other articles, I consider the founding fathers / conquistadores of the US of A as narcissistic thugs just like all politicians and persons whom think they may govern / rule over other persons.

              I’m not an anarchist, because I already told you, I’m an earthling without an exact definition 🙂 But I support the most parts of the anarchistic philosophy.

              The relation between a calendar and government is for me strange. And I read once, that the western society copied the calendar from the ancient Egyptians. I don’t celebrate New year, Eastern, Ascension Day, etc. because I’m not a Christian. I’m also not religious and also not an atheist, because I’m still searching who we are and why we are here. I follow the 4 seasons in a year and I watch out of the window when I’m leaving home if it is not raining J . And I’m also totally free if I want I to use a clock. As technician I also use computers and design software for my work. And I know the computer is invented in the US of A 🙂 O’ yes for my work I use a calendar to make appointments and other work related actions and that I don’t consider as a criminal act.

              Self I have no car and travel by public transport or bicycle, because I don’t want pay the giant Oil companies like the Royal Dutch Shell and their parasite owners the Dutch monarchy. But I admit I fly sometimes from Holland to South America. Nobody is perfect.

              I agree fully with you, that the corporations are the modern slave masters and the money makers are still the same evil greedy people just as been shown in this documentary made by señor James and his amigos.

              Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve

              We both agree that the world is being ruled by the kakistocracy and maybe it is better first to collaborate together against them instead of arguing with each otherand just like you I adore the freedom of speech.

              Saludos and I wish you all the luck with realizing your dreams estimado PeaceFroggs,


              • mkey says:

                To be fair Pablo, which land isn’t stolen land? Those guys that did most of the killing were Europeans anyhow, albeit the wildest sort of the bunch, the adventurous type. The only thing separating the Indian genocide from the rest is the fact it was quite recent when compared to other movement of peoples.

  5. erichard says:

    James Evan, to keep your health up and avoid sniffles, if you are not doing this already, I recommend juicing vegetables six days a week. The normal American simply does not eat enough vegetables.

    I will tell you my plan of a green and a red drink with over 16 ingredients if you are interested. It helps me a lot — I am sure I will probably never go to a dentist again, for one thing.

  6. Pablo de Boer says:

    Two Historic Media Events Created to Hide Top Secret Missions

  7. Pablo de Boer says:

    US hails China trade deal as sign relations are ‘hitting a new high’

    Commerce secretary unveils trade agreement in which China will allow US beef imports and the US will allow the import of cooked poultry from China

    Relations between the world’s two largest economies have hit “a new high”, Donald Trump’s commerce secretary has claimed, announcing a “herculean” trade deal between Washington and Beijing in the latest sign of warming ties.

    Trump frequently lashed out at China on the campaign trail, describing Beijing as an “enemy” of the United States.

  8. mkey says:

    Mass Hypnosis and Trigger Words

    Al Roker bit is damn interesting.

  9. mkey says:

    If you’re looking for a bit of a laugh, I recommend watching this, very humorous.

    Tucker Carlson Ends Bill Nye’s Career

    Fair usage warning: Bill comes off as an idiot.

  10. niamh says:

    Could this “cyber attack” be the beginning of the end for Bitcoin?

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    May 12, 2017 – ABC cancels “Last Man Standing” despite its very high ratings. Anarchist Tim Allen is the star.

    Two months ago on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, Tim Allen spoke about Hollywood. “You gotta be real careful around here,” Allen noted. “You get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody else believes. This is like ’30s Germany.”
    More Tim Allen…

  12. generalbottlewasher says:

    Brilliant give and take. Loved watching the links and will juice it. erich. And the good news James? Get well soon. By the by they sprayed again May 10th and we got another 2 inch rain. The corp.lakes are some 10 to 25ft. above floodstage on the Grand River system. Why? Anyone?

  13. mkey says:

    Dubioza Kolektiv – Triple Head Monster feat. Defence

    “Triple head monster” is a song about unsuitability of the Bosnian “three-state solution.” Like a time capsule it floats around and still holds true a decade later. I find it quite powerful.

  14. herrqlys says:

    Pablo de Boer: the tip-off from your friend was a true gift.

    The Economics of Happiness

    The film (1 hr 8 mins) contains some of the most uplifting thoughts that I’ve encountered in ages. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how we, the little people, could change our world into a better model for all the people of our planet.

    Not every thought expressed in the film is valid in my frame of reference (the use of the term “fossil” fuels, the demonization of CO2) but the concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH) is marvellous. The falsified accounting expressed in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is counter productive.

    The message becomes clearer and clearer the further you get into the video.

    A general overview of the concepts in the film are also available in the much shorter (18 mins) video from a TED Talk presentation (link below).

    One highlight: the correlation between drone strikes in Afghanistan (controlled from Nevada), and the effect of a commodity trader’s decision on the price of wheat futures (controlled from New York or Chicago) as remote decisions disconnected from, and in fact unconcerned about, the effects upon the local culture and economy is very illuminating.

    Una visión general de los conceptos en la película de largometraje anterior está contenida en una charla de TED que se ejecuta sólo 18 minutos:

    El subtítulo cerrado también hace que el video esté disponible en español y inglés.

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