Interview 1273 – Newsbud Launches New Funding Drive

05/03/201763 Comments

Sibel Edmonds and Spiro Skouras join us today to discuss‘s third round of Kickstarter funding. We discuss the amazing team they’ve managed to put together for Newsbud over the last year and what they hope to accomplish with the next round of funding. We also delve into different funding models for the alt media and how non-advertisement-based, non-foundation-funded media can exist in the current economy.

Newsbud Kickstarter page


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  1. Mohawk Man says:

    Re: Sibel’s comment on Foundations. I whole heartily agree–in fact I’d like to see the current Foundations all shut down for tax evasion (many–even I know it’s theft–just making a point) and crimes against humanity (eugenics, deadly vaccine programs to sterilize native peoples et el among many other horrific practices).

    I did suggest in Questions to Corbett that a community/company be setup to capture online alt-news as many cannot afford to join all of these sites (and many not worth being a part of). This site wants $4 bucks, another wants $14–it adds up–it just can’t be done by the average guy. The global mainstream media is collapsing (good) but the alt media is being strangled by the fascists/communists at Google Youtube etc via demonetization because they’re fearful of us. Thats a good sign.

    I unwisely suggested a Foundation simply from the standpoint of taxation(or not unwise–a castrated Foundation)—-not influence. X-alt media company collects negotiated revenue and that will be taxed up to 40%–just getting around that. An alt news Drudge Report if you will. An aggregator or network of worthy alt news sites–thats what I was getting at. But this alt news aggregator would need to negotiate a rate for these alt news sites and make access for more available. Friends–we’re losing this thing because the corporations are too big and powerful. I was brainstorming a solution. The tide is turning in our favor but roadblocks are being setup. We gotta think around these fools and brain storming I find useful. One site with many channels would help our chances and cause. Freedom and truth is the theme.

    It would have to be a third party because James and Sibel are way too busy. I get that. The Outlaw Network. I hope I made my message clear in few words. Kind of hard to articulate my idea in a short, poorly written proposal. Be well. We love you Sibel and James. Keep it up.

    The Mohawk

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I agree with your concept of a website listing other alternative news stories or contributing writers / video feeds.
      There are variations of this around, such as SOTT or or related to health, Natural News.

      I have many interests and it would help me spot those topics which strike me. Of course, I hate some of the click-bait sensational headlines of some places. Mainstream online news is full of click-bait.

  2. ADDspeaker says:

    RE: Paywall

    I would rather pay Newsbud (and Corbett) $10 in monthly subscriptions, and get INDEPENDENT balanced news with references to its sources, than a ‘free buffet – were you have no idea if the cook even washes his hands’

    Love your project Sibel et al. and I’ve pledged what I can afford and made a subscription as well.

    Also I’ve shared this video on my social platforms to help spread the word!

    Best of luck!

    Peter ‘ADDspeaker’ Vang

  3. ADDspeaker says:

    BTW RE: Short Attention Span …
    I’m clinically diagnosed with ADHD (which is my speciality on my blog) and even I prefer in depth analysis to volume information 🙂

    /Peter ‘ADDspeaker’ Vang

    • RobinHood77 says:

      Hello Peter,

      I don’t know if any “clinical diagnosis” for ADHD is really valid.

      You have probably already seen this documentary, which I found to be very


      All the best.

      • Working in NYC in 1998 or 1999, I had the opportunity to animate the Zoloft depressed character in it’s first commercial. I desperately wanted to redesign and improve the ugly boring character, but the “creative” agency had tested it extensively and weren’t going to change it. I passed and Pitch Inc. (our animation studio) either passed or lost the bid on the project.

        7 or 8 years later, I was living and directing in sunny Oakland – the best years and health of my life. Then Janet and I moved to cloudy rainy Victoria (where she had friends and relatives) and I commuted to Vancouver to direct. The whole situation was terrible and I left my friends and Burning Man community in San Francisco.

        The doctor didn’t take a blood test, ask me about my life, my friends, my career, relationship, or problems. She just gave me pills and another appointment in 4 months. 3 months later I failed to kill myself. 5 doctors, 18 different medicines, and 4.5 years later I quit all their poisons cold turkey because it was EXTREME TORTURE and after a few attempts I had researched how to end it and was ready with several proper methods. Since quitting Big Pharma poison, it’s been several long years of gradually getting myself back, with lots of vitamin D.

        I was always manic depressive but didn’t know it. I also have ADHD and OCD. I’m chronic now. I had problems, but their prescription guessing experiments fucked me up beyond the max, and now I’m broken crawling back to a shadow of my former self, like a bad country song, without my girl, my career, or my savings. If it ain’t broke…

        Also, FYI, ketamine was the only thing that ever worked well for me. Ketamine has a very fascinating history of interesting uses and abuses (much safer than so many others), but because it’s not patented and not profitable… like marijuana, it’s forbidden.

        • ADDspeaker says:

          Jason, this is exactly what I’m working to educate both patients and professionals about.

          The problem with ADHD is that 80% have co-morbid depression or anxiety and 60% have depression AND anxiety, which makes it so difficult to treat if you are not being treated for all of these, and in the correct order.

          OCD and Anxiety is related to our ‘older’ parts of the brain (like TICS and Tourette’s as well), and these needs to be treated BEFORE any ADHD, since ADHD medication can trigger psychosis if you have undiagnosed Bipolar and if this not treated first of all.

          The ADHD itself is presented in the ‘newer’ part of the brain, as lack of impulse and self-control, inhibition and emotional self-regulation.

          This is due to immature development in the physical brain that cause an ADHD brain to be 30% slower to develop into maturity.

          E.g. An child with untreated and unmedicated ADHD at age 10, will have maturity of a 7 year old WITHOUT ADHD.

          This is due to the lack of age appropriate development of neurotransmitters in this case dopamine which causes the brain to lack connectivity and hence the above mentioned disabilities.

          ADHD medication increases the production of dopamine in the brain, which then in turn creates an increase in neurotransmitters and this what elevates our disabilities:-)

          I myself was born with the ADHD gene, but was not visually symptomatic in childhood and its was first discovered in my 40’s when I was struck by stress which triggered a depression, which in turn triggered anxiety and worsened my ADHD.

          After 5 years of intense research I have now found my medicinal equilibrium and have all my disorders in check.

          It’s a process since your GP is often ignorant or have no updated training and that coupled with the stigma, discrimination and ridicule that we receive from society makes ADHD a real killer, where you are 3x more likely to be dead before age 45 (suicide, accidents, substance abuse), and finally to have a life expectancy which is 10 years shorter than average.

          Sorry for the lecture, but I hope to enlighten others on the topic!


          • Very enlightening.

            Far more in the above than I ever got from my 1 GP and 4 shrinks.

            I don’t know if any of it is true or not, but I trust you faaar more than them and their pomposity of fucked up systems. However they burned me so bad with 4.5 years of utter torture that I’d rather kill myself than try any more poisons from anyone. I’m not afraid to kill myself, as long as it’s painless, and preferably if I can make a good statement or something.

      • RobinHood77, I liked that video.

        There is one blood test they don’t do and should: Vitamin D !

        But the drug companies would not profit much.

        I wish I had started with that. After 4 years my 5th doctor finally took a blood test and was shocked to see my vit D “in the basement”.

        Now I take 2x what the bottle says is max, daily. Maybe I’ll die soon. But at least I won’t feel shitty like I used to.

        The worst was that they had me hooked on Dexedrine the whole 4.5 years. That’s close to meth speed.

        My dad is a doctor. I had blind faith. My near fatal mistake.

        I won’t even start talking about the TERRIBLE hospital situation for people with mental health issues. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest has not changed at all – for decades now.

        • ADDspeaker says:

          Exactly my point – inadequate understanding and diagnosis can often lead to improper medication which is very serious in the case of ADHD meds, since your non-ADHD brain will overproduce dopamine, creating both a state of intoxication and dependency, which my ADHD brain do not experience.

          Sorry for your past troubles which I hear all too often.

          BTW: when I lived in the US I was treated with Desoxyn, which is methamphetamine and which is 10x more potent than Dexedrine and that without any side-effects, just to illustrate the difference.


          • Minor mood problems I’ve always had. Looking back it’s likely why I jumped from studio to studio so often.

            My big problems came after I came back to Canada and trusted the medical industry to help me. I lost everything thanks to their shitty process.

            One other thing they should have done besides a basic blood check and ask about stress in my life – they should have started me on CBT (cognitive-behavioural therapy) which might have given me the tools to cope.

            CBT is self-training of your own mind. No drugs. Just a book full of exercises to help you build up better habits and practices, etc.

      • Is there any industry or field that cannot be corrupted?

      • ADDspeaker says:

        RobinHood77, thanks for the link, I am familiar with it. If you research CCHR abit, then it becomes pretty obvious that this is propaganda from Scientology and have no basis in reality.

        I’ve been studying ADHD research for the past 5 year, as a citizen scientist and have worked with key scientists in the field, which has made my able to relay the newest scientific research to everyone with an interest in the topic, as per

        Feel free to ask, it’s my favorite subject 🙂


        • mkey says:

          I always felt like I had some sort of mild disorder (which weened of as I grew older and changed my diet) but according to your diagnostic criteria I managed to score just a few points. I mostly had problems ingesting information and processing it, going through the process of “sleeping on it” usually helped me out quite a lot.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Ditto here on the diet. Also for me, some types of supplements and the anti-aging smart drugs (e.g. piracetam, hydergine, etc) along with memory and mental exercises have made a huge difference on my focusing/retention. And no pot nor pharma drugs.

            • ADDspeaker says:

              Diet do play a role, but the main aspect is TIME. Since a brain with ADHD grows at a 30% slower rate than ‘normal’, our brain reaches maturity later than others, around age 30’ish.

              But 2/3 of us, still experience impairment in adult life, and here drugs do play a vital role in ‘connecting the dots’ that our brain have left unconnected, and that combined with knowledge and behavioural modification therapy, makes a big diffent, in particular in social settings, like work or home life.

              My story is the reverse, I had ‘no’ learning disabilities as a child and did fairly well in school, although I wasn’t interested in playing with the other kids, and preferred reading books alone instead. My ADHD is a subtype that used to be called ADD (no hyperactivity, physically, only in my mind).


              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Back when I was in school during the 1950’s and 60’s, ADHD as a term did not exist. But neither did the symptoms…I kid you not. For real.
                Classrooms then were relatively well mannered, but in classrooms today a surprising number of students have behavioral or learning impairments.

                Another comparison is body weight. In the 1950’s and 60’s very few kids were overweight. Kids who were slightly chubby were called “fatso”. In today’s classroom they would be seen as having normal weight.

                These are not only my observations, but also my age-group of friends noticed the same.

                ADDspeaker, I am extremely skeptical of Pharma mind altering drugs. I know about the bio-chemical actions of some of these because of my science background. Often supplements can achieve better, more stable results with no side effects because supplements are nutrition which fills the void that is missing. Having personally worked with thousands of people, I have seen some great results with nutritional supplements.

                In your opinion, what is the deal on why in the 50’s and 60’s ADD wasn’t around?

              • mkey says:

                Not even during the 80es was there such a problem, not to this extent, not even close. Maybe we’re mixing terms here, but “hiperactivity” wasn’t an issue at the time, not so long ago.

                Today, even in my area where there is no percivable drug overuse, there a lot of kids showing this behavior.

                There were kids with “learning problems”, whatever caused it.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      RobinHood77 is right. That CCHR documentary has some valid information.
      In fact, Jim Marrs (of JFK fame) has contributed to some of the CCHR information and is in a CCHR documentary.

      And yes, CCHR is directly connected to the corrupt Church of Scientology run by the psychopath David Miscavige.

      I have spent an incredible number of hours researching Scientology and can speak with some authority on the topic.
      To be balanced, there are some facets found in Scientology literature and techniques which are valid, but some which are nutty and have a basis in manipulating/controlling parishioners. L. Ron Hubbard did summarize some successful techniques or concepts, but he also stole many concepts which others came up with. So, the whole subject matter and Church behavior has a lot of muddy water.

      Hubbard was fixated on “Psychology as the enemy”.
      This fixation is prolific throughout the Church of Scientology’s “doctrines”. Almost all evil is the result of psychology and psychiatry. Hubbard even assigns far distant past life “priest psychiatrists” as the ones who deliberately “screwed up people’s minds” by stressful forces, hypnosis and drugs.
      It is called Implanting Behavior or Implants. This is the term for Mind Control Programming.

      Corbett and many others talk about mind control, which can also include the aspects of making people unhealthy / eugenics.
      Jim Marrs has a book out “Population Control: How Corporate Owners Are Killing Us”. Marrs lives in my neck of the woods. Our local “North Texans for 9/11 Truth” group sponsored an event put on by him a few years ago. The room was overflowing with people, many who were newbies to 9/11 and such.

      • ADDspeaker says:


        Interesting facts, thank you!. I am only objecting to CCHR in regards to their understanding (and preaching) on the topic of ADHD, since it is not based on widely available and scientifically sound studies, but on beliefs which are being doctored, to suit a purpose. There are more than 30,000 studies on ADHD on PubMed which gives us a wide base of knowledge on the topic and which I personally prefer to adhere to.

        Gotta read up on Marrs, since I am not remotely knowledgeable of Eugenics etc.



        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Peter, it may be a worthwhile exercise to see who is behind these published studies, especially the ones which have ties with the pharmaceutical industry. It also is worthwhile to note, that much of the psychiatric industry relies upon government funding or subsidies or “insurance coverage”.
          For example: Drug rehab is big business as are prisons. So, there is incentive not to destroy these industries.

          I am not saying all of psychiatry is charlatans, but this industry is propped up like the mainstream medical industry.

          Tons of Scientific Studies showing natural solutions, not pharma.
          For many of the biochemical mental “disorders”, there are tons of published scientific studies on natural applications such as supplements, nutritional aspects, light therapy, etc. which relieve the symptoms commonly found with many of the terms found in The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). The problem is that these are never highlighted and are difficult to find a journal which will publish them.

          About 5 corporations control most of the Academic Scientific Journals. Some of these corporations also are big-time into the military-industrial complex.

          Psychiatrist Dr. Colin Ross is an internationally renowned clinician, researcher, author and lecturer. Do a search and watch one of his videos. He has tremendous experience with mind control and he talks about the myths created in the psychiatric community.
          (His office is about 10 minutes away from me.)

          • ADDspeaker says:

            HomeRemedySupply, thans for the insight on Colin Ross, i’ll check it out!

            Regarding ADHD and scientific research:
            Since I myself is of a very inquisitive nature (read: suspicious), I’ve actually had to learn to read scientific studies, to understand what they say, and who is behind them. In this process I’ve had contact with all the scientist of which I refer to and discussed their findings with them (and build up a quite good network in the process), to make sure that I had understood them correctly, before I’ve translated the results into ‘plain english’ and written articles on various subjects on ADHD. Among my primary sources are Dr. Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D. who has studied ADHD for 40+ years, written numerous books (including being the editor of The ADHD Handbook) and who have been the driving force behind more than 200 studies, in his career. This is that book:

            Therefore I am pretty confident that I’ve rooted out the not-so-scientifically-based studies and have arrived at some equilibrium on what ADHD is and what it is NOT. But as with all science, it is only truthful until we discover something new, right?


  4. n2abstract says:

    I have mixed signals from this interview with Sibel and Spiro. On the one hand they want a large turn out of pledgers/subscribers, on the other they want to screen out their clientele. How would that help their goal? I would think you would just want to put out content that is true to you and let your viewers decide whether or not they want to learn more, and not keeping people out?

    I had donated money to Boilingfrogpost before and I like Sibel’s ideals, but I think Newsbud will take a lot of funds to keep going. It would be some pretty lofty goals if they turn away too many potential customers/subscribers who could help them in the long run.

    Sibel said she “rather not have a million subscribers?” Wow! I would think twice about that. Especially when you’re trying to raise enough money to keep the organization going.

    In addition, isn’t the whole goal of the news to inform our fellow humans as to what’s going on? Paywalls are big speed bumps keeping people out. I have to admit the reason why I’m Corbettreport’s member is because I feel the level of exclusive content is just right. James doesn’t keep too much hidden behind the membership wall. I rather have content that all can see. That, I feel, is the only way we could inform all who are still asleep.

    I like Newsbud, Sibel and Spiro, and wish them well in their endeavor. That said, I originally was considering membership but now I am just the opposite… I’m undecided after watching the video.

    • ADDspeaker says:

      n2abstract, I believe that the keyword from Sibel was ‘that she would rather have 5-6000 subscribers who where Open Minded Critical Thinkers, than a million subscribers’

      Admitted, Sibel has a lot of words in her (even more than my wife) which sometimes can be a bit overwhelming, but her intentions are pure and her heart simply overflows into her speech, which I find refreshingly positive.

      I get your abrehension toward subscribing and I hope that my comment may have made their message more clearly.


    • scpat says:

      That is why I am a subscriber to the Corbett Report as well. For me, the way James operates is the better model, although Newsbud functions on a different system. When someone humbly offers the type of information James does and doesn’t ask for a handout, that makes me want to donate to the cause to repay that generosity. That generosity can be seen and gets repayed.

  5. john k says:

    I’m happy to hear newsbud is blooming. I wasn’t sure it was going to make it. Nice to know there are a few independant thinkers out there that understand the model and see the value. And James, FYI, my friends (that follow alternative media) refer to you as one that should be “mandatory viewing”. Your effort is appreciated. Many thanks.

  6. VoiceOfArabi says:

    OK… My two cents on Newsbud.

    for full disclosure, I was asked to leave Newsbud last week because my points of view did not agree with Newsbud editor.

    Thats said, let me put the positives and negatives about Newsbud for those who did not have the experience.

    On the positive, Peter Lee and Jeff DeRiso are the two stars of Newsbud, followed in second place by Prof. Philip KOVACEVIC, and between the 3 of them, it is worth a lot more than $10 subscription per month. Add to that, the Daily Newspick, which is a single source to get all your news that really matters, and you have a deal that you can not refuse.

    Peter Lee presents a brilliant segment on China and the far east, and his analysis are invaluable for anyone who cares about the future and politics.

    Jeff DeRiso presents a segment on technology, that will prove addictive to anyone living in the 21st century.

    Prof. Philip KOVACEVIC presents a segment that will answer any questions you have on Russia and east Europe.

    But, allow me also to highlight the negatives of Newsbud.

    Three major issues.

    They lack business leadership, and completely in denial about understanding Newsbud is a business (whether they like it or not – they are in the business of providing News were integrity matters)

    The membership only segment is unwatchable by around 20% of the community due to lack/bad of technical competence. (when i highlighted this fact, I was asked to leave 🙂 )

    The last issue is, the “community” at Newsbud resembles the community in Saudi Arabia, and if your “points of view” upsets the “king” (ruling elite at Newsbud), you will be disappeared 🙂 .

    In conclusion, I suggest you go and watch any of the mentioned above segments, and I am sure you will be part of Newsbud soon.. Well worth the money, but if you want your views heard, then you need to come to Corbett Report. 🙂

    • ADDspeaker says:

      Thanks for the insight!

    • pearl says:

      “… (when i highlighted this fact, I was asked to leave 🙂 )”

      Not too long ago I corresponded with “Admin” behind the scenes regarding my inability to partake of member’s only content where we learned that my internet speed is quite pathetic (that being said, I don’t have problems viewing/hearing Corbett’s media platform). Knowing how busy they must be, I truly appreciated the one-on-one attention to my issue and said so.

      But I am concerned by the “suffer no fools” (or “jerks”) comment environment recently exhibited there. Having previously come out from living under a religious orthodox rock, I discovered Boiling Frogs just as it was announced that Newsbud would be the next challenge; the lively discussion threads that took place before my arrival were no more. For me, that’s half the appeal of any learning environment. I wouldn’t be where I am today were it not for the brave/”foolish”(?) voices challenging, questioning, debating all things, regardless of how a certain person communicates. As long as there isn’t blatant verbal abuse going on, what’s the problem? I have little regard for “tone policing”. Been there, seen that.

      • ADDspeaker says:

        Pearl, respect for your journey!

        Personally, I am all for freedom of speech, and I do not censor myself (or others) but try to comment with facts and stipulate when my ‘own personally views and beliefs, are being displayed’. This have worked as a valuable tool for me to get information from many diffent sources and correlate them, in order for me to build up ‘my model of the perceived reality – my truth’ 🙂


        • pearl says:

          Thank you, Peter. Respect for your journey as well.

          If only every one would communicate with such grace and sensitivity. The person I had in mind when I wrote my comment did not necessarily have those qualities. He’s an outspoken person, a bit rough around the edges manner-wise, but passionate about his own journey, eager to share, and had valid input, observations, questions, and complaints. In fact, were it not for his and a handful of others’ commenting, the place would be buzzing with crickets. Given Sibel’s firsthand experience with oppressive governments, and the very nature of her existence in this alt-media terrain, I found her rebuke against him disproportionate, thin-skinned and a betrayal of foundational ideological principles. In fact, Voice of Arabi spoke up to question Sibel’s desire to banish the guy. But, nothing to see here; all’s well. The guy repented for being himself and as far as I’m aware, he remains a paying subscriber.

          • ADDspeaker says:

            Well, welcome to my world of ADHD – the first word I ever learned to say was: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you, I was only speaking directly from my emotions” 🙂

            Take care,

  7. NewsBud,

    I hope you are reading this. I’ve tried several times to contact you (even through the KickStarter site, but was denied). I cannot contribute money and that may be why. Regardless, the reason I wished to contact you is to offer my skills as an illustrator, designer, and animator. In the 1990s and 2000s I was animating high-end 3D commercials, music videos, movie effects, and even some TV in Toronto, New York, San Francisco, and Vancouver. Manic depression always plagued me but became chronic in 2009. I’m extremely skilled and still useful part of the time. You said you were going to feature political cartoons, yet I’ve seen none. Please contact my address using [SNIP – I’ll pass along the email if they ask. JC].

    Porkins and Corbett have expressed interest in developing animation, but have yet to offer ideas or wishes. Perhaps we can all collaborate on concepts I can bring to life. Or you can give me conceptual ideas and I could riff on them. Or I could work solo. Animation or cartoons. I’m flexible. I’ll never decline money but that’s not why I’m offering. I’ll do it for free until we agree that I’ve earned it.

    I’m not ashamed of my commercial work selling unnecessary stuff to millions of people around the world. I preferred making shorter better quality pieces over quantity. I excelled at my craft. But I’ve learned much since my paradigm shift and won’t participate in unconscious efforts anymore. I’d rather reflect a “MK Awakened Revolution” back at them.

    ~ Jason

  8. willrock says:

    First, I was very excited about Newsbud because of Sibel’s connection with you, Corbett, and some news I got about Edorgan, Russia and the Muslin Brotherhood.

    Then, when I was about to sponsor the project, I saw some news about the impeachment of Dilma Roussef in Brazil and noticed that she doesn’t have the slightest idea of who that woman is.

    Dilma Roussef was a member of the most prominent terrorist groups in Brasil in the 60s and 70s (POLOP, COLINA, Var Palmares). Her job, as a president, was to bankrupt Brazil and indirectly other countries in South America in order to make them available for sale when the FED starts QE4.

    I was on Paulista Avenue (Avenida Paulista) on March 15th 2015 and 13th 2016, together with millions of Paulistanos demanding a new government. All other cities in the country were full of people in the streets doing the same thing.

    Of course there is a lot of manipulation which is making people lost. The new president after the impeachment Michel Temer, together with Lula and Dilma, is one of the fathers of Foro de São Paulo, project which aims to unite the whole South America into a “Pátria Grande” (Big Country), called UNASUR (Temer is the father of Parágrafo Único do Artigo 4º da Constituição de 1988).

    The only real solution would be an intervention by the Brazilian army, just like the one we had in 1964. When I say that, you have to consider that in Brazil we didn’t experience the awful interventions that Argentina and Chile experienced in the 70s (there are many lies that are easy to dismiss). The people really went to the streets in the “Marcha da Família” and pleaded for that. The USA intended to provide support, but General Castelo Branco refused to receive any help. In 1965 the globalists funded the creation of Rede Globo de Televisão, because they got scared about what was going on in Brazil and little by little the TV shows convinced the people that the country was in an awful situation (though there were always new presidents and the GDP in 1973 was 13%!) and inserted the idea that it was crucial to demand “democracy” which now is in the hands of the terrorists that were exploding airports in the 70s. About 90% of the congress and senate is involved with corruption scandals and Petrobrás, for instance, became the most INDEBTED company in the world!

    I know that the whole idea of “impeachment” was only a painkiller to keep the country in its awful situation until QE4, when the global elite will use the fiat scam to purchase almost every company around the world, but that is not an excuse for Sibel and Pepe Escobar to say that Lula and Dilma are “the good guys”.

    I tried to explain the situation to her a couple of times, but since I was completely ignored, I believe that Newsbud is not really so concerned about the truth.

    I have the impression that you are, James. That’s why I decided to support your work. Please, be careful with the sources you’ve been connected!


  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I really admire the crew at Newsbud. In the past I had contributed funds and also repeatedly promoted Newsbud to others at other forums.

    That said, personally I am gonna have to pass on Newsbud. Not only because of a monetary budget, but of a time budget. There are only so many videos and news stories that I have time for. And I also have a wide variety of interests besides geo-politics, such as health or new technical advances or money or solutions or local activism. So, I have to delegate my time…and there is also life and family and work and R&R.

    A couple of folks pointed out the business model or marketing plan. There is a lot to be said about the importance of marketing and business structure.
    While every media has its own category audience, being in tune with what that audience is looking for is important. It does take feedback from one’s audience to survey what people desire. And people like to give feedback or comment if something strikes a chord. Participation invites involvement and interest.

    For any business, “number of people in the shop” times the “average ticket” equals gross revenue.
    One could increase revenue by increasing the “number of people in the shop” …or by increasing the “average ticket” …or both.

    Customers will always fall off the line, so it is important to drive in new customers continually.

    I’ll shut up here…after more that 30 years with my own businesses, I am like a grandpa who won’t shut up.

  10. generalbottlewasher says:

    Dear Mr.Corbett, There is a story by Clifton Adcock from titled ” DAs scrambles to offset state cuts, revenue losses”.It has it all;you just can’t make this crap up. Deep state insurance scam, statist surveillance program, police state seizures,you name it. Believe me you have covered it all. What could go wrong? Only in Joklahoma!

  11. Anders.n says:

    Hi everyone
    I got a negative feel about this taking no ads talk.
    I would gladly accept ads even as a low or high price subscriber.
    Pls your fans here should be regarded as grown up.

    They, Corbett and the like, should just put a disclaimer bla bla and have a quality check.

    Especially on

    My monthly support by patreon I can withdraw any second if not happy.

    Finally, there are of course many good products out there. Which are impossible to market via mainstream media.
    Sybil and James are blocking those.
    Best regards

  12. Anders.n says:

    About ads continuing from above.
    I think the trust for you guys is extremely high and you should accept quality selected and moderate placed ads.
    I think nearly everyone of your readers would accept that. Especially those who already pay to you and want you to speed up and survive.
    Best regards

    • I’d be impressed to see open-source marketing and research.
      Imagine a controversial product or service that people could praise or poop on.
      Trust would be built and maintained within the community.
      Research could be done about how effective, practical, etc, or to improve, etc.
      Products that don’t want to be challenged wouldn’t put themselves skeptics and critical thinkers.

      Of course it could be a slippery slope. But I think JC has good footing and doesn’t need to push snake oil vitality drops.

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