Interview 1271 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

04/27/201728 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: Obama’s $400,000 Cantor Speech Makes Him Wall Street's Newest Fat Cat
Complete 9/11 Timeline: Cantor Fitzgerald Securities

Story #2: Fmr. Trump Campaign Chair Just Arrested for Child Sex Trafficking — During the Campaign
Trump's Mythical Crackdown on Sex Trafficking
Pearse Redmond Updates Us On The Epstein Pedophile Scandal
Reminder: Trump's Lawyer Tried To Cover Up Trump's Deposition In Pedophile Epstein Case
Message Logs Of Trump Calls From Epstein's Phone Message Book
7 Things You Need To Know About Trump And Sex Slave Island
Victims Alleging Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Raped Them As Kids, Exposing Police Cover-Up

Story #3: Man Fined $500 for Crime Of Writing 'I Am An Engineer' In An Email To Oregon Government
After Challenging Red Light Cameras, Oregon Man Fined $500 for Practicing Engineering Without License
Related: Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, AG Ellen Rosenblum Blaze Oregon Trail Of Political Patronage
NWNW Flashback: Turning a Traffic Ticket Into Constitutional Trial of the Century (Feb. 23, 2017)
Flashback: Cities Shortening Yellow Traffic Lights For Deadly Profit (Feb. 23, 2010)

#GoodNewsNextWeek: Open-Source Textbooks Cut College Costs + P2P Medicine Sites & Tool Libraries

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  1. Mohawk Man says:

    Sorry guys-two items off topic–First re: Syrian war drums and Golan Heights massive N Gas find coincide with Israel signing N Gas supply agreement with Europe–suspicious timing for Assad to attack his own people.. Second–Bitcoin now moves to the implanted chip in your hand (hat tip, Abel Danger)Is Bitcoin a stalking horse aimed at the Liberty movement to accept the implanted chip? Story below CAF—-Catherine Austin Fits on the Syrian situation via–By Catherine Austin Fitts (had to copy and paste–apologize for length-no link to reference)

    On April 3, 2017, Israel signed preliminary agreements for a pipeline to Europe, a potential competitor for the Nord Stream pipeline from Russia currently seeking European approvals for an expansion.

    The Financial Times described the agreements as follows:

    “Israel on Monday [April 3, 2017] formally signalled its ambition to become an exporter of energy to Europe, signing a preliminary agreement with Cyprus, Greece and Italy to pump natural natural gas across the Mediterranean via a planned $6bn-$7bn pipeline…. The [Israeli Energy] minister said he had discussed the plan and other Israeli energy projects with JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and other banks and that potential investor interest was enough to “pave the way for a very good and speedy project””

    On April 4, 2017, the very next day, Syrian President Assad allegedly attacked his own people with chemical weapons in what could only be described as an irrational act of political suicide if true. Retired Congressman Ron Paul gave the chances that Assad was responsible as “zero.”

    There were no reports on the impact on the cost of capital or terms and conditions of the $6 billion project financing in negotiation for the Israeli pipeline, or agreements for the proposed Qatar-Turkey pipeline, although the subsequent strengthening in prices in the US Treasury markets as a result of the US response was remarkable.

    US President Trump then executed a dazzling series of U-turns in campaign promises and administration policies at high speed with little explanation inspiring global commentators to quip, “Will the real Trump foreign policy please stand up?”

    On April 6, Trump ordered 59 Tomahawk missiles fired at Syria (pricetag = $94 million) while the US military moved a small number of additional troops into Syria without Congressional approval. The actions assured the alienation of the groups whose ground forces are defeating or are needed to defeat ISIS.

    The order to fire these missiles was given over chocolate cake during a large dinner in Palm Beach with the President, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, numerous Cabinet officials and white house staff and Xi Jinping, President of China. This order was promoted as a move to demonstrate US resolve to deal with the North Korean nuclear program. The United States would no longer accuse China of currency manipulation and would offer sweeter trade terms if China makes North Korea toe the line.

    Trump then ordered a large bomb (pricetag = $314million) dropped on ISIS in Afghanistan, targeted at a cave systems built by the CIA for the groups that evolved into ISIS. At great expense, this bombing created media designed to look like the United States is doing something to rid the world of ISIS.

    For the first time since the US presidential election, the corporate media is cooing as if everything is suddenly right with the world again. The White House announced that visitor logs will not be made public during this current administration, returning immense leverage to the traditional Washington press corps.

    The attack continues on many members of the administration and media who were instrumental to a Trump victory and the MAGA strategy: Ailes, Flynn, Bannon, O’Reilly, Jones, Adams, Breitbart, Yiannopoulos, and Conway to name a few. Last week the US Department of Justice announced it is preparing an arrest warrant for Julian Assange of Wikileaks. The DNC staffer who was assassinated last year in Washington is, of course, not talking about where Wikileaks got its DNC documents.

    So what is happening? Is this pipeline politics and grand chessboard hegemony on the Silk Road? Or is something bigger afoot?

    Watch General Wesley Clark describe the memo from Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld immediately after 9-11 to take out seven countries in five years:

    Bitcoin chip?>

    The Mohawk

  2. Nevertheless says:

    It is important to understand why Trump being elected is far better than Clinton, because unlike Clinton supporters, it is far more likely that the right will hold Trump accountable, than Clinton voters would have held her accountable.

    When was remarkable was how UN LIBERAL Obama was, yet, everything he did was chalked up tot eh “evil right wing”. It was truly amazing how, with help from the Zionist media, Obama was able to have a conservative agenda and still be supported by the left.

    • Pablo de Boer says:

      Hola aloha Neverteless,

      I don’t vote anymore since 14 years. When I voted, I voted for a party and a politician, but never voted for the supporters of them. Your view of elections is very strange for me, but just like Larken says, voters are more dangerous than politicians.

      Message to the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose

      And you write about the Zionist media which supported Obama, but you forget to mention that Trump openly supported the Zionist state Israel at their Zionist lobby group AIPAC and this took place before the last elections…

      Donald Trump Aipac Full Speech

      And 2 important advisers and bot are also family members of Donald are die hard Zionists and Trump will listen more to them than to his voters…

      • mkey says:

        That’s an incredible speech by Larken Rose. Something the masses won’t take lightly.

        Didn’t appreciate much of the dogmatic stuff tossed in, but it’s part and parcel of what had to be said.

        • Pablo de Boer says:

          Hola aloha mkey,

          I love the whole speech and clip. Long life the voluntarily freedom of speech and choice.

          But in the United American Socialist States (UASS) since their foundation on stolen land the illegitimate government and corporations always control(led) and command(ed) the sheeple people which orders they have to follow and obey. When you don’t agree with the Fake United States of America, they will use violence against you. When we ask the illegitimate government of the UASS to solve problems, this will happen:

          Passenger Dragged by Force from overbooked United Airlines flight

          The street artist MEAR painted graffitis about the living conditions in the United American Socialist States in the 21th Century.

          Tomorrow’s Children

          Freedom For Humanity

          Nothing changed since the illegal arrival of the serial killer Christopher Columbus on October 12, 1492 in the United American Socialist States.

          • mkey says:

            I’d advise against posting any snopes links, that site has been discredited, they are very pro propaganda.

            As far as that speech goes, he makes one too many refences to religion and hops on cheerfully to the Hitler bashing train, when so much better examples of thugs exist in the contemporary form of Churchill and FDR. I don’t know if that’s out of ignorance or he simply wanted to raise an eybrow less among the targeted audience. Either way, it’s out there.

            Does one really need the ten commandments to understand stealing, murdering and coveting aren’t right? I think not. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have a world full of sheeple sticking to those ten blindly than what we have now, but if the point is to deconstruct the fake reality, one shouldn’t use abstract constructs which are firm tennets of said reality all that often.

            In the “It can’t happen here!” video these historical misconceptions are furthered. NB: Tito may have not been all peaches and roses, but he surely didn’t order extermination of 1.2 million people. Demonization is the word of the century for history tellers.

            What happened with united, and the whole of air travel after the 9/11 inside job is a direct result of the dehumanization effort we’re going through. One would have to wonder what was going on in those security personnel minds at the time and how do they explain away acting like common street thugs. In their defense, maybe they ARE street thugs and as such don’t have any moral barriers against acting like that, which I would find understandable

            There is also an excellent video of a man being attacked by an offduty cop doubling as a security personnel and abusing the power of his shield over some questions the man had on a school board meeting about common core. Nobody stood up, of course.

            The question is, how high is the percentage of such people among security personnel and police in general? People who like inflicting sorrow upon others and enjoy the immunity the badge provides are the biggest problem here.

            One of the tennets of the anti anarchy dogma is that mobs would take over. Well, mobs HAVE taken over, they are hiding behind fake authority and YOU DO NOT have the freedom to defend yourself.

            On a ligter note, that’s some beautiful art.

            • Pablo de Boer says:

              Hola aloha mkey,

              Some of our interpretations about the thoughts of Larken are different, but as I already quoted, Long life the voluntarily freedom of speech and choice. And you have interesting thoughts and interpretations and worth to think about

              I posted the link because of Larken’s speech and not because of the site self. And to be honest it was the first time I saw this site. Thanks for your advice about this site, but maybe I will first investigate this site self before I judge them and I also will think about your advice during my exploration of this site or maybe I will not investigate the site and consider your advice as trustful and spend my free time on other sites 

              You also mention historical misconceptions and I know it is very difficult to obtain trustful facts about the human history. Here in the Netherlands they teach at schools and Universities the Dutch Golden Age and they glorify it. The Dutch Golden Age (Dutch: Gouden Eeuw) was a period in Dutch history, roughly spanning the 17th century, in which Dutch trade, science, military, and art were among the most acclaimed in the world. But they do not mention the Dutch huge involvement in the slave trade, the Dutch poppies smuggling during that period and the Dutch cruel part in colonialism committed by the Dutch East India Company ( Dutch: VOC = Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie ). A big reason why the VOC was so successful was government sponsorship, governmental military support and centralization. And the money for maintaining this imperialistic behavior was obtained by levying taxes on the population of their colonial empire. Indonesia was in that period a colony of Holland and the indigenous people from Indonesia had to pay taxes to their Dutch slave masters… The same behavior as Trump who wants that the Mexicans pay for the wall..

              History is repeating itself and as Churchill said, history is written by the victors.

              And this time I will voluntarily place no link in my comment, so you will not have to advise me on posting pro propaganda links 🙂 🙂

              • mkey says:

                Hopefully you haven’t taken my comments on snopes site as derrogatory toward yourself. My warning was issued in a friendly fashion.

                Corbett did an episode on snopes and their lack of integrity. While there isn’t anything as is wrong with the site, one is supposed to believe two middleaged people sitting in their living room can prove or disprove various “facts” of the world.

                Of course it would be very beneficial to have one go to fact-or-not site just like it would be great to have one site which could warn us about fake news… gosh darn it, we do have such sites lol

              • Pablo de Boer says:

                Hola aloha mkey,

                I’ll be short this time ( and without links 🙂 )

                I appreciate your advices a lot.

              • Pablo de Boer says:

                And do you have the link of señor Corbett’s episode on snopes for me por favor???

              • mkey says:

                I can’t find the blasted thing. I can’t remember was it an episode regarding snopes in particular or just a segment mixed in with something else.

                Hopefully James can point us in the right direction.

              • Pablo de Boer says:

                Muchas gracias / thanks a lot for your attempt and as you wrote maybe señor James can mention the link. I’ll be patient

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Snopes – Could this be the episode?…
                Under Story #2 –

                …and there is this…(“search”)

              • mkey says:

                I think that was a QFC segment so it doesn’t appear in the search. It should be in a QFC episode from about 6 months ago. Ish.

            • Aron says:

              In Viktor E. Frankl’s book, “Man’s Search for Meaning”, which explored human nature under the most oppresive conditions, the “Capos” at the Nazi concentration camps who were higher level prisoners selected by the SS to help keep the common prisoners in line were reported by Mr. Frankl to treat the prisoners worse than even the SS officers did. Perhaps they were selected by the SS for their weak minded qualities, or worse, due to their sadistic or sociopathological tendencies. Either way, under oppressive systems, the shit will be allowed to rise to the top. The ray of hope in the book was that man’s ability to envision a brighter future was proven to be a motivating factor get through dire situations rather than to give up hope.

            • Pablo de Boer says:

              Hola aloha mkey and HomeRemedySupply,

              Thanks a lot both for your efforts and help.

              And mkey señor James recommends to view the link of Larken Rose in his latest article about Globalization 2.0 ….


              Recommended Viewing

              “The Circle”: One Button For Your Life Online
              The Coming Social Media Merge & Your Metadata Footprint Exposed
              Message to the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose

    • Mohawk Man says:

      Have to disagree Nevertheless-Constant war for MIC/Tel Aviv/City of London, violation of the Constitution by monitoring all citizens communications and killing is not “a conservative agenda”. It is a Neo Cohen agenda who bastardized “conservative” by Irving Kristol and his ilk–a Trotskyite—a Communist and zionist supremacist.

      “Conservatives” who used to be known as Classical Liberals believe in Freedom, Privacy and our Inherent Rights of Speech, Defense, Religion and Peace. Not rights given us by Men–but inherent rights–not to ever be disrupted. Rights we are prepared to defend and shall.

      Mr. Obama,Soetoro,et al is an ongoing Project for CIA/Mossad/MI6 and possibly The Soviet Union as is Antifa. Well funded and well trained like a damned seal. He’s the product of over 150 years of infiltration, indoctrination and thievery.

      Universities for many decades by Communists, Common Core education at primary level, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030–Global Communism-Totalitarianism is the goal.

      The Mohawk

  3. bladtheimpailer says:

    Here’s the deal with yellow lights. They are supposed to be timed so that either a person-vehicle can either break in a safe manner and not enter the intersection or be of such duration that a person-vehicle exits the intersection if they cannot break safely when the signal turns to yellow. This should translate to any speed as a vehicle approaches the signal, greater speed means more distance covered over a time frame and the opposite of course for slower speeds. A person will notice this if they are paying attention when encountering yellow lights….unless they have been tinkered with for ulterior motives.

    The same could be said of Continuity of Agenda no matter who the figurehead is or whatever they should tweet. A set sequence of events or legislative milestones are to be accomplished at or within the specified time frame description, such as seven in five or Patriot Acts passed after a set date, 9/11’/2001 in this case as just one example.

    As for the pedophilia as a control mechanism this cat is not getting out of the bag no matter how many Dutch bankers testify to these monstrous practices. Guard your children well is all I can suggest.

    • Mohawk Man says:

      Impailer, it’s much more insidious than that. With this sudden and recent LGBTQ agenda (which is obviously a Psychiatric disorder–not a “choice” sans a rare chromosomal anomaly) has now moved to adding a P as in LGBTQP–denoting a Pedosexual. An attempt to “normalize” peodophila is about as dangerous and evil as this gets.

      See, it’s now being framed as a “lifestyle” and not a crime. A read a recent piece in Salon along the lines of ‘I’m a Peodophile but I’m not a Monster’—-thats how sick these infiltrators have become. Normalizing sex with children. You can thank for one a Ruth Bader Ginsberg—-Supreme Court Justice/Talmudic atheistic Jewess–as lead counsel for the ACLU at one time she tried to lower the age of consent to 9 or 12. The Talmud says 3 for us Goyim but she must be much smarter and understanding than I. Her ticket shall be punched in the end.

      Yes, they will be uncovered and destroyed. We will not look away and hope. We have a moral obligation to discover who they are, hunt them down and destroy them. These are little children, babies–Not a chance we just hope OUR kid isn’t a victim. See the work of people like Honeybee and her channel. She’s done great work as has George Webb on the Brownstoning work the “intellegence” agencies have been involved in.

      They are attempting to dishearten us, break us and remove all hope. We Shall Not Be Moved!!!!! They’re not as smart as they believe themselves to be. Kill The Fed and their ammo belt is empty.

      The Mohawk

  4. fatso says:

    And to think that there are those who actually voted for Trump believing that he was going to make the necessary changes in representation of THEM. Not sure which is more of a concern, A Trump presidency or those who are easily fooled. Well they get what they deserve for believing as they do, and unfortunately the results or their beliefs will always affect me and you, regardless of who was (chosen) to be in the running.

  5. Pablo de Boer says:

    Advance of Autonomous Vehicles, Including Flying Passenger Drones, Threatens Countless Jobs

    • Pablo de Boer says:

      Like a scene from “The Jetsons,” commuters in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, may soon climb aboard automated flying taxis, soaring over busy streets and past the desert city’s gleaming skyscrapers, all — quite literally — at the push of a button.

      Passenger drones, capable of carrying a single rider and a small suitcase, will begin buzzing above the emirate as early as July, according to the director of the city’s transportation authority, part of an ambitious plan to increase driverless technology.

      Already, the eight-rotor drone, made by the Chinese firm Ehang, has flown test runs past the Burj Al Arab, Dubai’s iconic, sail-shaped skyscraper.

  6. Pablo de Boer says:

    New Form Of Censorship Emerges Through Algorithmic Copyright Bots and De-Monetization

  7. danmanultra says:

    When Trump emerged as the Republican nominee and shook hands with Kissinger instead of spitting in his face, I knew he was not what people were hoping for. Most likely attended the vile Bohemian Grove as all Republican hopefuls have since Eisenhower… they’re all despicable, greedy, callous monsters.

    So lets stop letting them run our lives and lead our own. Expose the truth and work towards something better in our own lives and those who wish to accompany us is our only path now. Caesar has always been a murderer, no matter which face he wears.

    • Pablo de Boer says:

      Bradley Charles Birkenfeld is an American banker and whistleblower whose disclosures to the United States government led to a massive fraud investigation against the Swiss bank UBS and other banks that had enabled tax evasion by U.S. taxpayers.

      But Birkenfield was sentenced by U.S. District Judge William Zloch to 40 months in prison (although the prosecution recommended 30 months) and a $30,000 fine. He had been incarcerated for abetting tax evasion by one of his clients. Many advocacy groups from around the world criticized Birkenfeld’s prosecution and sentence on the grounds that it would discourage financial industry whistleblowers.

      After spending thirty months in Federal prison, he was released and three weeks later, received a whistle-blower check for $104 million, the largest such check ever from the IRS Whistle-blower Office.

      Bradley blew the whistle because of the Bankster behaviour of UBS. And just like happened with HSBC, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced it had reached a deferred prosecution agreement with UBS that resulted in a $780 million fine, which is peanuts for Banksters…

      Meet Brad Birkenfeld: “Lucifer’s Banker”

  8. VoltaicDude says:

    The case of the “engineer”:

    The municipality is worried about the legal liability of how many accidents (including deaths) their badly programmed traffic lights may have caused over the years.

    Also, at this point (I’m not sure – I’m not an engineer!), traffic lights may run on hack-able programs; so theoretically you could target an individual driver with a temporary operating variance – hypothetically, is that something that as a corrupt city official you’d want the average good Samaritan to feel they have a right to poke around in?

    Plus, their is just the basic standard of doing what your told, which is a very serious offense to cross. Mayor Giuliani used to talk about that – if (for instance) a police officer tells you to do something, you just do it, and don’t act like a smart-ass. If you cross that line there are secret societies, especially through criminally controlled police unions that will come after you with a COINTELPRO-like vengeance.

    Basically the same circles that control much of the sex trade, child porn and child sex-slave “businesses,” including corrupt municipal police surveillance and intelligence dept.’s that also sometimes use those “assets” for related blackmail, extortion and entrapment cases using those industry “stables.” – so we come full-circle for this pod’s topics.

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