Interview 1144 - Pearse Redmond Updates Us On The Epstein Pedophile Scandal

02/27/201628 Comments

From underage prostitutes on orgy island to political royalty and the "Lolita Express," the Jeffrey Epstein case continues to unfold. Today Pearse Redmond of Porkins Policy Review joins us to give us the latest on the ongoing court cases surrounding the case that might still ensnare Epstein and his rich and powerful friends in an even bigger scandal.


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  1. tim.m says:

    Glad to see this is still being investigated and covered. Hopefully it will all be exposed and the perpetrators/liars taken down. Dershowitz still has to pay for his part in the OJ debacle and Trump must be seen for who and what he is.

  2. bladtheimpailer says:

    What a sad sad story. The use of others like so much kleenex. This shows how the rich and their alter ego go fors take view of the rest of us. especially the vulnerable as they try to paper over their crimes.

  3. turley2u says:

    Chris Ruddy hired Dershowitz to be a commentator at NewsMaw. Ruddy is a pal of Bill Clinton but gained fame “investigating” the murder of Vince Foster and criticizing Ken Starr. Starr was the Independent Counsel who covered-up Foster’s murder, and later was defense counsel for pedophile Epstein. FBI agent Jim Clemente worked in Starr’s office of Independent Counsel. Clemente would later comment on Epstein as an expert on RT News. A curious FBI document concerning the Vince Foster investigation has a heading ‘Child Abduction and Serial Killer Unit.” Interesting collection of characters.

  4. Porkins Policy says:

    The Ken Starr connection is very interesting. Most of Epstein’s lawyers are from the firm Kirkland & Ellis. Based in Chicago and boasting such luminaries as John Bolton and Jay Lefkowitz, they also donated massive amounts of money to both Obama and Senator Durbin. Starr has also come out recently to defend his pedophile friend Christopher Kloman. Kloman has openly admitted to molesting multiple girls between 1966-1985. Starr said he should get community service because he took the time to chat and help their daughter and he wasn’t one of those “real” child molesters.

    So glad to not see a million comments attacking me for going after Trump.

    • turley2u says:

      The next generation is in place. Brett Kavanaugh worked at Kirkland and Ellis with Ken Starr and became a partner. When Starr became Independent Counsel, the 29-year-old Kavanaugh joined him as associate Independent counsel and Kavanaugh authored the first 114 pages of Starr’s cover-up report on Foster’s death. The US court of appeals 3-judge panel that appointed Starr ordered evidence of Kavanaugh’s criminal cover-up to be included as an appendix to the report. The press has ignored this fact.

      Kavanaugh was rewarded for his cover-up of Foster’s murder by being appointed to serve as deputy White House counsel for George W. Bush. Bush later appointed Kavanaugh to be a judge on the US Court of Appeals for the DC circuit. Lately liberal and conservative journalists have named Kavanaugh as a possible Supreme Court justice.
      Crime is rewarded in Washigton DC, especially covering-up a murder.

      The Corbett Report should consider doing a program on Brett Kavanaugh, Ken Starr, and Hillary Clinton.

  5. Sonex says:

    Other than alleged guilt by association, I don’t see that Trump has done anything wrong here. Am I missing something? Just curious.

  6. loftbat says:

    Would you keep a pedophile friend? The fact that Trump cozies up with such predators says a lot about his character. He’s also a professional politician and a liar. To top it off, he’s stoking the fires of public discontent and garnering support from racists. The ridiculousness of his recent statements leads me to conclude that his job is to pit people against each other, make alternative political ideas seem laughable, and clear the way for Hillary to become President. I could be wrong, but I’m not going to get behind a clown like Donald Trump just because the other options are untenable. I’m British so I guess it doesn’t matter anyway.

  7. Porkins Policy says:

    One thing I totally forgot to mention but I have covered on The Opperman report is the strange case of Sandy Berger’s connection. In some of the depositions victims lawyers ask Sarah Kellen (procurers of girls) about Sandy Berger, and the fact that he may have been the one to tip off Epstein about the initial investigation. She pleads the fifth and refuses to answer.

  8. anacardo01 says:

    Just want to observe how gangster Pearse’s new headshot is. It’s the sartorial awakening of the alternative media, taking place right in front of our eyes.

  9. bravemysteries says:

    Does anyone have additional information regarding the death of Alfredo Rodriguez (Epstein’s butler who held onto Epstein’s “black book” for approx. a year and then tried to sell it to the FBI)?

  10. lkocal says:

    No doubt that Epstein is a pig and should have to pay for his crimes. However, there is so much misinformation brought forth here that I feel I have to investigate this on my own. Lots of mistakes regarding the facts, some of them worse than actual, some better. At least have some notes to properly report.

  11. BuddhaForce says:

    Court Docket from 7/12/16 for Virginia Giuffre (Roberts) v. Ghislane Maxwell

    Up to date court docket (as of posting) on VR suit against GM, JE, others.
    CASE NO.# 1:15−cv−07433−RWS

    I coughed up the $2.70 for it, should help others in following the case.

    Maxwell has been deposed

    Epstein will have to answer questions under oath

  12. eshopper says:

    Child sex trafficking and pedophilia in Washington DC has been exposed through #PodestaEmails via #Wikileaks.  John Podesta is Hillary’s campaign manager and key lobbyist in DC.

    The FBI exposed part of this sex trafficking last month.  However, they are not exposing the links to John Podesta’s emails and DC elites.  Why not?

    Video evidence:

    Original documents and links are here:

    UK’s 60 Minutes program exposed the same thing last year.

    Please get the word out on this crime against humanity.

  13. MagicBullet says:

    Epstein should really be called a “sex offender”, not a “pedophile”. This is the definition as in the DSM-5:
    Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children. Although girls typically begin the process of puberty at age 10 or 11, and boys at age 11 or 12, criteria for pedophilia extend the cut-off point for prepubescence to age 13.

    His victims were almost exclusively 14 years-old or older. Even if there was an occasional 12 or 13 year-old, if they are physically pubescent then they are not prepubescent children in a medical sense. Epstein wasn’t seen or heard of being primarily or exclusively attracted to undeveloped girls, and all the girls he trafficked needed to be able to function sexually.

    I apologize if there is clear documentation that he was mainly or exclusively having relations with undeveloped children at elementary school age (not just hearsay or an unsubstantiated report).

    While his crimes remain the same whatever the name given to them, it’s a stretch to actually diagnose him as a pedophile from the public data known about him.

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