Interview 1189 - Spiro Skouras and James Corbett on CIA Geoengineering

07/11/201618 Comments

via Newsbud: In this episode Spiro is joined by James Corbett to discuss Geoengineering (ChemTrails). We cover multiple documented aspects of weather modification. This Video Will Challenge even the most skeptic people out there on this topic. We also talk about CIA Director John Brennan’s recent speech before the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) promoting stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI), and a 2016 study on the health effects of stratospheric aerosols.


YouTube-  A Conversation with John O. Brennan (CFR)

Guardian- Spy agencies fund climate research in hunt for weather weapon, scientist fears

NCBI- Assessing the direct occupational and public health impacts of solar radiation management with stratospheric aerosols

CIA- CIA Opens Center on Climate Change and National Security

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Regarding the blatant lack of studies on the public health effects of geoengineering.
    “…that alone exposes the fact that fundamentally they are not concerned about humanity….”

    • peace.froggs says:

      I’ve been noticing chemtrails in the skies where I live for about 20 years now, going from memory, I believe they started in and around the mid 1990’s, and nobody is dropping dead from them just yet.

      Now, I’m not saying there isn’t some sort of nefarious reason behind chemtrails, maybe there is, maybe there isn’t, and I’d sure would like to know what kind of chemicals they are using and for what purposes, but to assume whoever is behind chemtrails is not concerned about humanity is a bit of a stretch, because we just don’t know why they are doing it.

      Surely, whoever is being chemtrails, if it is for geoengineering, then they must be keeping all kinds of statistics, including how it effects humanity and other animals, like birds, fish, livestock etc…

      Pilots must have taken an oath of silence, surely they must know more than the average person, yet barely any have spoken about chemtrails…

      I’m more concerned about fracking and its effects on our drinking water than chemtrails as of right now, however the lack of disclosure is somewhat worrisome.

      To be honest, I just don’t what to make about chemtrails. All I know, is that they are there, on any given day.

  2. twrman83536 says:

    I”m in albuquergue they do a crisscross effort that defies all air routes it is real and extensive …it comes and goes at times it is intense then subsides for a while …it is an all day operation when in effect

  3. twrman83536 says:

    the bastards have been doing it for at least five years since i started looking up

  4. jemave says:

    It is not just human health, we should also be concern of the impact on the overal eco-system. Other consideration related to this subject, is the fact that there is a depopulation target, so maybe that’s why there is no concern for the people health

  5. twrman83536 says:

    yes they can should they look up …..just so you know James if I submit a comment while the video is running it goes back to zero haven’t noticed that on other sites just fyi

  6. twrman83536 says:

    Why is Monsanto developing crops that can with stand the effects of these chemicals in the soil

  7. BuddhaForce says:

    SPACECAST 2020. Volume II, June 1994

    Newly declassified, not sure where to put the geoengineering stuff…

    • nosoapradio says:

      Wow! The glossary alone (at the end of the doc) is interesting (at least for naive novices of my genre).
      And the last sentence?:

      “…However. one must pursue an on-demand weather observation system
      (technically possible today but not currently programmed), the requisite weather etiects modeling capability (req]uiring massively parallel computer capability and further modeling development dependent on the EOS),

      the demonstration of space-based weather modification by laser, microwave, or harnessed energy (in the early phases of feasibility
      and dependent on an adequate power source), the necessary spacclift: to deliver the system components. and substnntial comnumication capability to integrate and command the
      system …”


    • nosoapradio says:

      The following part is sort of cute and coy as well:

      “…Developing a space-based weather control system for
      military applications enormously compounds this already difficult problem The costs and risks are extremely high

      However, the potential benefits to military powers are even

      subsequently, military powers will periodically be inspired to investigate the
      feasibility of a \veather control system…”

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks as always for the links, BuddhaForce. I think collecting the geoengineering links here would be fine for now, unless there is interest in an open source investigation on the topic.

  8. phreedomphile says:

    According to a paper written by Arthur Petersen of the University of College London, geoengineering has been a consistently discussed topic in IPCC reports since 1996. This suggests the steady buildup of a global geoengineering governance system under the IPCC with ongoing testing being performed by intelligence agencies, overseen by unknown power centers.

    A 2015 academic paper from China admits to ongoing geoengineering experiments “supported by National Key Basic Research Program, [a] coordinated geoengineering research program in China [that] will systematically investigate the physical mechanisms, climate impacts [in particular, on the Asia monsoon region], and risk and governance of a few targeted geoengineering schemes.”

    China is identified as one of the four countries, “US, Russia, China and Israel, who possess the technology and organization to regularly alter weather and geologic events for various military and black operations. …[Professor] Clive Hamilton suggests in his latest book Earthmasters: The Dawn of the Age of Climate Engineering that China might be one of the most likely candidates to go it alone [due to its high vulnerability] to water shortages in the north, with declining crop yields and food price rises expected, and storms and flooding in the east and south….a major source of social unrest.”

    What groups are coordinating this research globally and who backs them? For example there is the SRMGI group with a number of partners listed on its website. “In late September 2011 an international group of scientists involved in the Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative (SRMGI) traveled to China for a series of high-level meetings with Chinese scientists and government officials.” China is said to have an unrivaled [overt] geoengineering program.

  9. phreedomphile says:

    A bit of info on the timeline of manufacturing consent for a global geoengineering program. In a 2010 Nature opinion article, the authors suggest that a global engineering research study program “should begin urgently” before “a rogue state begins to act alone”. In the paper it is said that the only nation at point that had done any field studies on SRM was Russia (Russia’s published study results in second link).

    In 2013, Russia formally asked the IPCC to consider sanctioning the use of geoengineering, as reported by the Guardian.

    Sept 2013 The Guardian published an article by Professor Clive Hamilton titled “Why Geoengineering Suits Russia’s Carbon Agenda”. In the article, Hamilton describes a decades long ambition in Russia to use geoengineering to master the planet and conquer nature, reflected by the enthusiastic championing of two Russian meteorologists, the authors of the 1960 book Man vs. Climate… paralleling an American Pentagon paper projecting a goal of “owning the weather”.

    Incidentally, Yuri Izrael, Director of the Research Institute of Global Climate and Ecology at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow and one of the authors of the Russian SRM published study referred to in the 2010 Nature piece, was an IPCC vice chair until 2008.

    While Corbetters have a sense that geoengineering proposals related to climate change and military applications for defense of the homeland are merely covers for a deep desire by oligarchs and technocrats around the world to control the weather and terraform earth, the average person has no concept of the scale of experimentation being done or why. Thank you James and Spiro for tackling this enormous and important issue – much appreciated.

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    LINK to recent Corbett Chemtrail interview…

    “Interview 1185 – Peter Kirby Explains the New Manhattan Project”

  11. graviv says:

    Has anyone else just learned about public law 97-105-85 ?

  12. AuntJennie says:

    [No links in the comments section without descriptive text. Please repost the link with a title and/or explanation of why people should be clicking on it. -JC]

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